The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 27, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1818
Page 4
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INSOLVENTS, ADVERTISING FOR THE ' BENEFIT OFTHE ACT IS THIS 8TATE. ts rtOM the AtiAWT Aactjs, rat orrioiAL fafie. ; i - ArrtV - SeWi iikWs! Asfer. Rer. r Timothy Woodrtjfl, nd Pbiletiis U. Wood ran; Ai s. . . - Jabex Harrison, Aug S Jaraetl. Ryan, Jaly 31 . , Wil.iam Kids, Aug. 15 - llnniid Turner. Autrl William 8, Hotebhii & Stephen Hotchkis, Jul; 84 . ; Isaac Treat, July 14 - ' Pimin filarr. nrt Thorn ni Morton. Aug. 8 Am Taylor aud Thomas U. Goddard, Jul 18 Peter Towntend, Aug 6 - . Frauklia Greene ft Samuel W.Grteoe, Aug 1 William Baker, July 11 . . , , V Thoma Sitkworth, and John Le Roy, iwj H Jame liurrtinstoe, aojb FranKlin Green, aod Samuel VY. Green, Aog I ' Andrew Bache, Jury i Alfred P. Edward, July 14 ' FiraBelden, JulyS ; Ricbard Gildertrere, June 50 t ' . - Robert Nichols, July 3 Augqste Baton, June 30 Jftartji county Brfore Phslip S. Porker, IU . , . tfder, in Albany. Johu 0. Wlieelock, July 84 Ishmael L. Wilwn, July 17 , Henry lOstroro, Ju'y 10 ; GikaKrlloK, Aog 6 , KumcI P. Conde, July 3 ' - jSetfre Ei Howe, Esq. - Reuben Lunmoree, Aag. 5 John Thompson, Joly 28 . , . . Madison cvunty Before Peter Smith, first judge in Peterboro''. Adam Borer, J air I J . William Spencer, Ant. 15 Charles Adams, July 25 Ricbard G. Imeson. Jaly 18 L John Ph.4p, Jaly 4 - . himeon Southwick, Joly 4 ' Otsego Cewniy Brfore Joseph lPhite, Jirtt " '. Judge in the Unm of Cherry Falley. - Srvncer Esmond. Jllv S5 Civ ef Troy Before William L. Marty, Esq Samuel U. rhiinpt, July au . v Jnthue L. Robbies, July 11 OnantMg Coir 'y Before Jothua Formanjiri Judge tn OnrmJnga, NicholM Milierman, July 14 i Jesse Johnson, July 14 '. t - William Hutchinson, Aog 14 , W.herLoe, July . Michw.l B. Hatcbina, Ant. 4 Jnae Johnson, and Peter Uygert, July 3 t'.ikiel ChftDmiin. July 1H Cheater Ballard, nod Nathan St. John, July 10 VtKtnglaCMtiy Before AtiUumy I. blanch . ar4, tn Aaiem. . Simeon Crnndall, July SO ' - J una M. Blirea, and David L. Fowli, July 8 : Befnrt II. C. MarliiulaU. ' Joacob Wickc. Ass 15 Count eovntTtBcforo John II. Jmet, Jin - Judge, t I.rtcertrr. Milton Fox, Johnaon Bedall, and William Parker, Ana. 15. IJom Peck, and Alfred Pemben, Sept. 19 - Steplien Moon, July t . bimel Sherwin, Auj 10 - ith Cook, July I ' Jacob Van GaUer, inn. July 1 Jinx - i Oamfon. JTv A iaralog ctunty Before Salmon Child, Jtret , Judge, tn (irtrryula. William Smith. July 95 ' . Abraham Duezan, and John Scott, JnlySO Jamea Partridge, and John Scott. July 13 lludion Citv brfore J. U.Meneil. ' Fmitb Caatle, July 31 'Air Trowbridge, July 84 . Cbarlea G. Irith, Aug IS . John Hunt, Aug. 6 , Titui II. Crandel, July 3 David Coloo, July 18 ,'ulumbia County before John I. Mtlier, Ei. Peter Yager. Aaj 8 Peter Jacohic, July 6 H .fyP. Groat, July 18 Chenan ;o county - Before Obadiah German, Erq. tnjVbfiru - ft. Arthur N. Deaene, Sept 3 Aaa Mav, July SO Jot.n Hotkin, Jaly 11 JtLmgomery county Be fori Alexander Sheldon, 'irel Judge in Charlatan. Henry B. Vroomao, Aug 8 John Montanye, Au. I St - .uben eounttfe - Bcfore ThtmmM'Bwmey, Jirtt judge, m Painled - Puit. . Fenn Robintoo, July 11 , David Cbace, Aug. 8 Oneida tvunty Before Xorrit S. Xiller. Robert Dyer, July $5 Juttin Cooler, jun. Joly 1 1 Before Sathan William. Firmer Hasen, Sept. IS Elijah Adtit, fcept & . Joaeph Turner, Aug. 15 Kathauiel Kent, July IU n ... n.r. - . rr Tn . r - wrung rvuiuj vyvrw wwim . n nue, cj, si 1 tromrn. James M. Mares, Aug 1 Ebw - :r S.M'Garrah, Aug 1 Jacob A. Trynn, Aug 1 ' Tliomtw Ecball, Am 3 ' Jiroes Walker, Aug I Joel Wheeler, jun. July S3 Rynear Quackeobutk, July 3 ScWiari County, before Km. at Sharon. Btekmatu JCiol , Joseph M'Deniel, July 18 Jefferun County. ..Before JF. D.Ford. Mortis Burtch. Sept. 10 Nathaniel Whitney, Aug 1 John Young, July 2? Farrington Wood, July 88 ' Bamuel Case, July I Solomon Rich, July 19 Before W. Robinson, Esq. Woodard Siisbey, July 6 Before Judge Coir. AagtMlo Sacket, Sept. 14 Dutchess County Before James Emntt, Esq Henry Pettit, July 1 Joseph Ogden, July 15 Ifarrm Countv be fart Wm, Rohards. Mitto Hmtwick, July 18 Suffolk County 61 ifore T. Strong, Esq Phineaa Whitaon, June "JO Sullican Ceimfy, before IVtUiam A. Thompson, , Esq. at Thompson. Benjamin Rumsey, Aug 8C Henazer Edwards. July 27 8ee E. Bower, and John Marshall, Aog. 31 Vfi"iri Count., before Atom Man, Esq. Robert Cooper, Aug 10 Ontario County, before Judge Nicholas. Henry Eltworth, and James Eltworth July 7 Before Jf. IV. Howell, Est. at Canandaigua. Atahel A. Hard, July 18 Jsmei Stoddard, July 31 Perry Rnaell,'July SI Clinton County, before Pliny Moore, Esq. Pliny M. Rogers, Aug. 11 Before R.H. H'aiuvuth, Esq. Marrn Heading, July 31 Cnyuga County, before Judge Miller. Diogenes M'Keniie, July 7 Jared Week, JulyS . Timothy Mother, July 14 CorllaruU CauiVt, b'fore Judge Keep. Wil'.iara Morton, July $9 J senh Brush, July C. Ultfer Ceunfy, 6fore judge Elmendorf. Joseph Steward, July 11 Zachari&h Decker, July 7 Before .Ibraknm Urffman, Esq. F.benexr Strickland, jun. J u!y 7 WitliHia A. Hussell, Juy i Lett Patterson, July 10 Before J. lf..Vmdton,Esq. , iiiibui i. ruvH - n, juiy 11 Asa P. Harris, July 6 CaaaoMt county, hi fort Zeltu Cashing, Esq. .' WHUamOlney, Sept 1 Joha Keeny, Aug. 35 Joseph li. Akiu, July 15 Queens County Beftre f jfingham Lawrence. John Griffin, Aug. 3 ycaii County before Silas Stow. Jared. Tupping, JulyS! x ha hie any to iog at in (he all aod cood one iimnd bouie in nine in ly Ihe side ol in unit Mijlh lOlli. Pine place Citv tailh are "ii 54 I will the the last (aaac ftPCre. July 6 BonjaiBia Rich, July 9 ' ' , . , . Kixgt etunly, before Wm. Forma, SUf. Peter Baatioo, Aug. 3 - " John.Scboofunaker, July ' - - Jiroome County, afore fudge Drake. Jamca Williami jr. Sept. 6 William Cooper, Aag 15 - Aaa Smith, JalySO w , , St. Urrtnct Cnmly, brfore Judge Ford. Anna Underwood, Sept. 14 John Tbomaa, Aug 8 . Esekiol Kimball, Aag. 15 Putnam Before H. Oarruon, ttq. Peter Beyea, July IT f nenttelaer county, before Judge Mattcre. Henry A. Lake, Aag IS WilUm Forkarn, July S5 Caularougui Before Timothy U. Porter, Enoch Marah, Sept 14 Schenectady, More O. Cleveland. Jamea Sward, Aug 15 rrf - aefer Cmauy, Ufxrt Ctdeh Tompkins. Itaac Brown, Aug 1 MAHOGANY SOFAS. t:HAIR A AD CABI NET FlIRMTUKF - Jh. 49 BUSHMAN - STREET. rpHK tabacriber brg leave to return hi tin - cere thank to thnee ladiea and centleraen who have been kind rnoozb to honor him with their command, and to iaiorm them, and the admirer ofhandaome faroitare in general, that he on hand tome very elegant ofi, chain, card, Pembroke and extending patent dining ta blea, grand aidebourd, inlaid with high poliibed omsmental braas - work and roae - wood, card ta - to match, brecun couchr, ioms, ctinie loaose, muic atoolr, chair, tic. Alro, a li brary tf n chair, the otility of which tie particu larly recommend. All lurnilure warranted 01 the heal quality and workmanihip, and of the neweit European fash - inn. Order executed to anr pxrt of the union to drawin?, on tbe moat reasonable, term and punctn.iliiy furcatb. Ladie or gentiKmecnaitng lartcy wooa, may have llie.m cmniirarturMt tn mv article thev Iwitb, by applying a above, my 30 Sm A. M. HAYWOOD. toll .1h:. A honte and farm on Throg'a Reck, in the (own and count of Wealcbeittr, fourteen mile from iNew - Yoik. The farm contain a bout one hundred acre nf excellent land in good terice, a large bnrn and other convenient out building, a good house two done high, with lour room on each floor, elrgnntlj aituated on tbe bank of tlie Eatt River ; the tituation uncommonly healthy ; the neighbourhood the moat rcipecwuic ; auuncinnce oi iruivoi uic dfsi rtiec - tiim ; m ale and ibell a' - i in great variety taken beiore the noiue. For further information apply llie tuoacriDeron the premner. "my 1 gm STEftfc.N B. HOFFMAX. State of AirM) iork, u. N pnnuance of ft decretal order of tho hooora ble the court of chancery of thia atate. bear date the fifth day of June, 18,18, will lieiold public auction, at the Tontine C'offre llouu. the city of N. York, under the direction of the Mhrnber, one of the maiten of the taiilcourt, on 3d day of July next, at IS o'clock at noon. that certain dwrlling house nod lot of ground lituite, lying and being in tbe city of New York, which in a certain indenture mttde theie - dar of February, in the vear of our Lord Ihoiifand eight hundred and nine, bctnern Richard llartihorne, John 1 ilur, v i!liam Harti - liorne, iTioma L'lticn, JonieiUnderitonlt, Aiary I'ilui, William Uitico. Jane liartiliome and Deborah Ondcrdnnk, of the rlrt part, and Ld - Klraendorf, of the tennd part, i (krrif.ed fjow,to wit All that certain dwollinc and lot of ground, ituate, lying and being the second ward of (he city of New York, and loown ann (jMUngiirhed iv the numiier suit William street which said lot u bounded front by illmra street, on the northwest side the bense mi't lot of ground now or forme. It property of David ohnwn, on the southeast by tbe house and lot now or formerly 10 Peter RraMrt : rontninin in l.rradth in I ron 1 1 txrntv fiio nt in Id, nn'f launlv iakt fu.l ! rtpiith nn rh annlh mumt, im lf 1 nn th onlh iwpnfv , lt ffiiir Brut a htdfinchei, belhesame more or le; together all nr1 liiwiilDf th. In MHitntiiimtl nurl lin.1 mirtmi.iH tn ii. aume hehmpin? or in anv wiseaDDfrtainimr. Dated New York. June 9. ir - ' T. G. IHlDRETH. Matter in Chancery. Jo 9 (Its TO LET. A dry Cellar, under the house No. 29 ' stain s - n I - ttreet. Enquire of MR. 8.MEDES. my 11 tf 134 Pearl - street. MONT - ALT A For SALE or to LET, nod immediate possession given, the beautiful called Mont - Alta, (even mile from the - Hall. on the North River, adjoining Lord Courtenay'. It contain 20 acre of land under improvement, with a large garden well stocked crftikhtfa . vflriftv nf fruit, with everv in a large gnraen welt ttocaeu a variety of fruit, with every convenience for a fnmily. For terms which verr reasonable, and if sold a long credit gi if - ". ..j .n..t. v jit 1 1 I'Ai.frvri' ii. - fvii w ... ..w - . . , fcouth - ltreet. Je IS FOURTH JULY JUBILEE. nOOTHS. - Plnce for erection Booth at the Park and Bowling Green the 4th J uly next, be assigned on Thursday the tilth instant, at cits - hall, between the hni.r of 8 and 10 in forenoon. Hiose person who occupied them vear wilt hive thu preference, if ariDlied for until r nrtay the SOIh instant. Je 15 . TlO.VUUING. Gentlemen and families, can MJ be accommodated with ecnteel board, at 166 Greenwich, corner of Dey - streei, where every auenuon win oe paiu, ann uieir suu - atwn ma le agreeable. je 14 ZV MSl)lf!AI. All! DR. CORN WELL, who is a member of the Corpora - tion of Surgefin of London, and who ha had much experience in me line 01 111 proirstino n r n.ore than twenty years, hat aieiv arrivm m uin cny, ana being well upprised of the great eni. - ; i, , .e it generally take to introduce a medical gentleman into prur.tice in the common reserved way, takes this method In inform tbe public, that he has taken the situation. No. 2" WATER - STREET, corner of Dover - atreet hit door in Dover - street hit name on the door hit aign, a Mortnr; where he will be found ready to wait on those that please to apply for hi medical aid, in the different branches if turgery, and tbe practice of Physic generally. As, also, in all case of impotoncy, and a cer tain complaint, incident to both sex, in which he ha had grevt, very great, experience in the cure of thousands, without one hour detention from business, or chnnge of diet, or a possible discovery oy tne mo innmaie ineno. ft - T And in all cases of confidence, the great est secrecy will be strictly observed. He has no shopman, or any person in partnership with him. ' - N. B. Attendance will be given to patieuti Trom san - nae until V o'clock m the evening Jeft lin" 1 ANDERSON, at hi manufactory, 55 Mai ,1 . den lane, ha on hand a fine assortment n SPECTACLES, in gold, (ilver, plated, gilt. eel and tortoise shell frames, with convex, con. cave, or green eye. Also, pebble, goggle for weak eye, opera, reading ami magnuyir.g g! - e, eve glasses set with cold or silver for tlie thTl signieu, hotamral glasses, linen provers, an J spectucie cases ia a variety. j. a continue to manufacture cane in every variety, and ha on hand a very elegant assort ment of iword and other Cams, mounted to wit every tatte, wnolcsale and retail diacounl liber aJ to wh - fesaie dealer. (p - CANES sad bPECTACLES made and repaired to order aha i .u rraines, and every attentica paid to those who tlltl tt fn.Cu.l . . "ffi urBjirfciaiuea. Btf M lot f - r in - n if ifc l? tes the the dar X. tela Sire the first to the to ""T their give best way to use others lit in'lll son the few of F Una on lac by 1 WHEATOIPS ITCH OMTMEKT. rTUIE loocaad attccaaafol a of thia oialUMnt X is a tuibcientnxomfneiKUtioit, a it ha bea loood to oe a MeasiuM, sale and certain re - Bsedy for that diaagreeabie diaaase in all ita ata - 5ea. ii la lor aaieiu inecny oi rxew - iora, vj . A, tt W. R. Poat, No. 41 William - atreet; I. U T. Clark, No. 85 Maiden - Lane ; 11. H Schieffrlinfc Co. Mo. - 193 Pearl - street ; Lawrence) Keete. No. 195 Peart - street t Hull Bowne, 140 Peari itreet ; R. ti L. Murray, 313 Peart - street ; J. M. Bradbant, 314 Pearl - treet I John renlord, fto. 4 t letrher - street ; Duryee ei Poe, in Ptarl - treet; John C Morritoo, 13U Greeowich - atreet ; John P. Fiaher, 106 Broad way : Waiter ll Seaman, cornel of Chamber - it. an J Broadway, and alto in Cli&iham - Mreet 8 and in short it may be procured at an oat of luo l)rog Store in tiii city Also ia Pbiladf Ipbia. of S. Withercll i Son i Georre Hanell .North ti Ro gers, and almost aU the druggists in the principal town ia iaa uniiea oiaie. LIKRWUK. WHEATOS'3 JAUNDICE BITTERS may be had at the above place. jaa SS Cm VALUABLE KrJRL LO tUA SALE, IV THK C1TT Or STKW - TOHK. IjIVE lot of ground oa the west lideof Green - wich - treet, between V Vestry and Detbroa - - itreels. 15 bv 80. f our do in the rear or the a bore, fronting on east side of Waabington - ctreet, So by 80. Light do in tbe block below, between Waih - ingtoo and Weit - itreet. In Aiootgomery county. 6000 acre of Land in Lawrence' purchate, near Eait Canada Creek, on the noitb tide oi Mohawk. In Franklin County. 15,162 arret of Laud, in the town of Mount Morris and uayton. In Eex County. 783? acre of Land in the town of Barry more In the Countv of Lewis. 1S50 acre of land Casteriaod, Clianaois Purchase. In Saratoga County. SC0O acre in Palmer' purchate. Enquire at the otfice of llie tubsciiber. 34 Ce - ttreet. BEv. ROBINSON. mh 17 tf BLHULN DKl'HANo CULKi. Of the Term of Miuch, 1313. Catharine Schuyler, Adniinirtratrixj 4 c. f ol John A. Schuyler Rule, under Statute, deceased. THE court order and direct. That Cathnrine bcbuyler admml'tratrix of the goods chat and crrdila of John A. Schuyler, deceased, puwic notice to trie crilitor or the drce - ent to bring io theirclaim and demand againft estate oi the mid ckcetlrnt, on or before the day of May, in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and nineteen, by putting up notice that effect in live of the most public plaer in county of Bergen, for the space of two month, and advertising the tame for the like tpace of time in a newsnane r printed and inli - hahed in the atnte of New - Jeriey, and in a new - ;npir printed ami puoliahcd in the city or Ntw - ork. A true transcript from tbe record, ap 18 2m JOHN A. BOYD, Sur'gate. G.gAUNDEK'a PA'J EM KAZOKSTKOP. You that wih to ahave witbeaae, Buy of SatrnuKiu il you pleaie ill Raxor Strop's, peculiar such. That aharptthe Karor with a touch. GSAL'NDERct reipeitfully solicit those . m ho have not tot bis Patent Raxor Strop. furiihh themir.lvct with hi now invented Razor Strep, and .Metallic Composition. No gen l'p'no who once make triul of one of the Strop ofe'eil, wil! evcrtry any other; and orhi liinnation, that ever so much nse uillnM the ruiors that rmcdnes which renders the of them useless, and which is well known al to follow the application of all those hi'.her invented. The above strops are in general in New York, and are distinguished from all . Barbers wlio have used tliem toy more ulr praise itan i can my sen. O. SAUNDERS, .13 Wnll - ltreet. nnu iit lair, iLnzur". oobii. Itiiu cvr.rv uieu for Shaving, ol the first quality, with a stipe riorawoitnvnt of Perfumery, Hair - Powder, tc iriuyill , lcw IXIIHI men,. IJMIUOII. N. U. The most liberal allowance made to dealers. my SS 20 LET, The elegant 3 story bouse No. 7 Hud street, which command pleasant view oi Park and river. Potiettion may be had in a days, A lmr In Alio for sale, the lurniture ofsaid house. It is tbe best quality ; well titled, and suitable to a genteel lamiiy. Apply as auove. my 1 1 u CUKLEU H.11H MA.WFACTORi, IB Chatham - street. HE ubtcriber return his thanks to the M putilic lor their lormer patrooage in in of hi profession, aod hope for their future support. He likewise informs them that be has hand a constant supply of curled hair, nnnu tu red expressly for matrasses, 00 an improved principle ; and likewise guarantees the hair sold him to be free from any impure smell, being well scoured, boiled aod baked, and Deing ma ufactured by machinery, has an advantage over any otber bair manufactured in America its very texture and elasticity making il a saving 01 twenty - five per cent to the purchaser. WILLIAM JACK.SU.V N. B. Merchant and the trade in genera) ill find it to their advantage to call as above. 30 bales of hair in its rough state; 6 bales ol nn, hnr,.i:iiU 9fxm IU nf ln hair drawn an m( hes, Ciiled ; 600 doren hair ieve bottom K0r sale as ahove. my 5 5m lULWSfcUniUllSALt, SiAAl 1 hat elegant modern tmilt house, situate atuie corner of Sai.tls aud Washington rtreets, Brooklyn Itt tixe is thirty - one feet front by fifty feet deep, its rooms so arranged as to combine every convenience lor a geuleel residence. It Wi it Mi j with two or more lots of ground, nt onlitm - lhe purchaser. Terms, one fourth caah, the rest in tucb payments at will be most convenient to purchaser. Apply on the pre mue to C. BALL. may S3 tf t Oti SALH. (Or exchanged for property in this city) A neat country house in the vicinity of Eli - z.ibclh - town, (N. J.) beautifully situated on the post - road; at present in the occopation at !. Grant It contains eight room with a piazza in fmnt and rear, a good kitchen, wash - house, milk - room, andceller, there is alio, a coacli - houie, stable fur two horse, and other convenient out building,, all in good repair.! aoouian acre tsi lauu, iaiu oux 111 a nnosome' garden and orchard, which afford a variety of choice fruit, asparagus, Sc. and a well of ex - , cellent water, with a pump, ierm will be made liberal. Apply to JACKSON t WOOLLEY, Je 1 Ira 75 Wall street. LY CHAN VERT tlF A'EH - JEUSF.r. Between Jacob Abramae, Fieri Facia son Complainant, and John P. f Decree for Sale Decalitre and wife and El'ias f of Mortgaged tfouainot, ueienaants j Y virtue of the ahove stated execution to me directed and delivered, I shall exrxne for sale, between the hours of twelve and five o clock in the aPernoon of Saturday the 2"th of June init at public vendue, at the Court House in Newark, county, New - Jersey, that elegant iiuutb ana lui, late llieie.i dence of Col. John P Decature, fronting the Church Common. The above place exceeds for elegance of situation and convenience of out - bui!ilins, garden, fruit trees, he. every other place in the town of Newark, ard will be sold on the day aforesaid without further adjournment, by NATHAN SQLTF.R, Sheriff of je 22 6t E.ex County, N. Jersey, TRAPS. rp HE newly invented pateat Sox Traps, for X aai at iju taicT - ireet. - je 13 in 4 ta, in to the 53 d in e and to by All Die day and at be on at tle, At 1 post coAcrf abt steam - hoatlim; FOR PHILADELPHIA. . BT WAV OP BUI A. 8) RT TOW M rolBT. (TbioughwOneDay.) rVf IT tf fill ANEW Line of Post Coacbe with every convenience for pasengeri and baggage, on Snrin' tart from the Coach' oflice, No. 1 Courtland - street, near Broadway. New - York, ever morning, f Sundovi excepted at 5 o'clock, the Steam Boat Atalanta, via thiMetlitow, Bniniwick. Pnnc'ton, Trentoa and tirtstoi, ana arrive at Pbiladrlpliu the same afternoon, al o'clctk. A accond Line of new Pot Coaches will tnrl from New - York every morning, (Sunday - excepted,) at 10 o'clock in the Steam Boat Atakn - lodge at Tr.'nton.and arrive at Philadelphia, a Steam Boat, next momii'g at 10 o'clock. Fare 5 dollar. P. I. PaMeDger are requested call and take toeir Seat at the office No. 1 Courtiund - t. N. Y. United State Mail Coach, for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Waibiugton City, with every convenience for paaengrr ami oaggage, on ipringi. The U. S. mail coach will tart trom coach office, No. 1 Cnnrtlandt - it. New - York, every day at S o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 8 o'clock. Only 6 pas - engeri admitted. or seat io the ahove named Line, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old etaolnhed Coach, and Steam Boat oihre, No. 1 Court - landt - itiect, near the corner of Broailway, Nw - Yotk ; or to A. T.GOODKICH Ai CO. No. 184 Broadway, corner of Cedar - trect, aod at No. Whitehall - ttrrtt, New - York. fty - AH good and bagsage at the risk of tbe owner. JOSEPH LYON, SONS Ai CO. N. B Expreite sent to any part of the Continent, by THOMAS WHITFIELD. Je 84 feWIFT - bl'KE MAIL COACHES, ron. rnii.ADEi.rBiA, (jCr Uave w - York Piy eveiy inonnng(irunday'atx Z$e&'g4f? cpted) at Do'clork, and ar - nve iu riniaceipiiia oexi v lu dinner. 1'he puhlick houws are good, and reaonalile their charge. Tbe driver, horfeiandroarh - are not inferior to any others now running between these Iwocitits. The lieautiful country, the excellence of the roads un thia rout, connected with theisff ty, comfort, and reasonable extencrs, are bele.ived to be alron induceinents traveller in giving thia line a deridfd preference. The strictest attention mill be observed the proprietor in giving general satisfaction. baggage and par kngt will go itt the risk of owner unle msured and receipted far by the clerk of mid office. Stage tare only $5, with a generous allowance ofbnggage. Partie wishing to travel at their leisure, oiny engnge the Coach on reasonable terms exclusively to themselves, by applying one previoui to slarlinc. For seats apply at Northern Hotel, No. 79 Courtlandt - itrcet, New - York. LYON, SONS, CO. ap S Proprietor. UNION LINE FOR rillLADKI.l'Hl A. Twenty - five ibiks land carriage, via New - Brunswick and Trentoa. In new post coaches $J Do good stag 4 5(1 - l.'o lorerattie or necB pntsengers, u ou Ccniircted by the tteniu buatt oi.ivf. brascii rm.AHF.i.rHi a. 1 tie tteam - lioat Olive ranch will leave New York everv day. Sun - aj's excepted, from the north side of the Bnt - 1 1 o'clock. A. M. Passenser will lodee Trenton, and take the tteam boat PhiUdel - Inn. to attoarrive in fhiladelrhia at lUo'clock next morning, in time to take the Union Line Baltimore tteam boat. I hit hue hat a cooncrtirn with the nest hoatt tlie Delaware and Chesapeake to Nortulk ; also those ot tbe North Kiver and bound ; and their several arrival arc calculated tocause lit if any delay. I nit 11 a speeov ana cen.iiniy ine mosicnnve nent route, a tbe Dasseneers will leave IN cw York alter the banksoiien. and arrive in I lala - delpriia Deiore ine hours 11 ruFUirsa, wnnom ia lixue in travcilirsg or want of ileep, tne land car irgehting mmh ! tiau Dy any oiuer route oe tween the tivo cities. For eat iu the above line apply to W ILLI VM U. JAQUES, tl.e Uni"B Line Steam Boat OAV - e, in Mar - ke(fieid.trert, north side nf tlie Battery, between Greenwich and Washington streets or to l he CAPTAiN on board. 05" All goods and baggage at the risk of the owner. ap 4 AOlKt. For the further accommodation ol the putilic, the de parture ot Ihe rirtfiy from New - York and Newbureh will be iu tutuic n the following day : lave New York 00 Alondav, Wednesday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. Leavo Newhtirgh on Tuesday, t rulay ami eunciay ai b a. jvi. I he atiove arrangemenv wiiiconiiuence ny uie Firefly leaving Newburgh on bunday, the 2ltli May. Th Western Since leaves Newbureh imme diately alter the arrival ol the r iretly . mv T2 THK FIVE MILE STAGE, fJfJP (CT vvuhfourifood hor nT V e, and din experienced dri if".. . tfTVaver. torts every afternoou. itmrmmmmmi ' from the corner of Lroadwa) and Park llai e, for Mount Vernon Hotel, or surh other plare about the same distance, as the put senger may at anv time nViire, and return the same afternoon. This ettabli - hnient affords the Inxuryof a cheap and pleasant aftrrnoni.'s airing and senile exercise, 10 an open and beautiful conntrv. Fare, 6? 1 - 3 cents out and in. Children under 10, half price. Out or in only 31 cents. JOHN FINK, Corner of Bowery and Bnyard - ilrect Je 32 lw EASTOH ASjf BKTHl tHFN Itll BEW - BRDXSWICK. I.IIK, VIA (O I'jssenscr will leave Vew - York every Alond.iv f I. T7' - ,'1xtV 'fiiay, at II o'clock i. - - A. M. in the steam boat 1), lit brain b ; lodge at New Bruntwick ; leave o'clock inNeT ESE" Kaiton txety Tuday BOi Friday, ut 5 o'clock, . M , 0dKe at New Brunswick ; a - rive htNew York at Ido'dock next morning, in the tteam - hoat u.ive Branch, t he stage connected with this line is a good four - horse it ace. Pa frim N. Brunswick to E.i i Enston. 3L1 0 : from Eaitiin to Belh!ehrm, "5 cent. For s - ti in theahove liae,epply to WM. P.. JAQUES, t the Philailelihia Union Line Steam - Bout Oihie, aortb aide of tlie battery. KUULKT LKlSON.rroprietor. Je13tf , 1 FOR PHILAUHI.FHIA. Ft ELIZA BETll - TOHN POINT. POST - COACH I I.M, ThrtmeU in a diy and by day - light. LEAVES New - York io the steam boat Atv lanta, from the toot of Whitshul - srret, near tbe fcsttcrv. at 5 o'clock, A. L Knquirt a; .. 1 t.oiirtianilt - ttncl suit Ao. 53 Vt hitr. hall - t'.ree', at which plicet seats may be takm ' Je 20 tf BOA RUING, ntlemen of ste T7,l Eorsix gentlemen of steady habit, ortwo A na all families, ran h acroiuiumlafpit in small frraily, No. 55 Willino: street, oa tbe cor - nrr of I'ir.f - ttreet., Alto, g.allunen acoraaio - dated with dinner.' Je Id Sn iu j in on or 1 Til K SOQJrU STEAM BOAT - LUTE. Vha proprietors, wi' a view of accommodating Oie Dublic bv extending the hoe to Norwich, intend making the experiment with the Fulton, Copt. Law, and this route (if found practicable) wilt be continued during the season. Tbe line wiH in future be from New York to Norwich, a follow : Tbe Connecticut, Capt. Bunker, will leave New - York every Monday. W'dntsduy and Friday, at 8 o'clock, in tbe morning, lor New - Haven. The Fulton, Capt Law, will leave Jfirrwich at 6 o'clock in the morning of theiasoe cluye, touch at JVew - London and depart from thonce for New - Haven at U o'clock. The boati wil) meet at New - Harm, and depart from thence every Monday, Weinct. Vryand Friday, at 7 o'clock in the evening the Connecticut for New - York, and the Fulton for New - London and Noetrirh. nib 17 STEAM BITAT NAU l lLUs. The steam boat NAUTI LUS will hereaAer run a Ey.fV&rrf follow, except 00 Sun - iiii?7.dav. LKAVK JfKW - TORK, At . 5 o'clock in the forenoon, 8 do do II do do 2 o'clock in the afternoon. 5 do do - I.KAVk STATE) ISLAND, At 1 - S past 6 in the forenoon, .IS paitO do 1 - S jiast IS in the afternoon , 3 o'clock do ' 1 - S pat 6 do ' O.I SCNDA1I r.RAVK KKW - TORK, ' At 5 o'clock in the morning, .10 do do 1 o'clock in the afternoon, 4 do do I.EAVV STATER ISLAND,' At o'clock in the forenoon, 1 - S past 1 1 o'clock do 1 - S past S o'clock in the afternoon, 7 o'clock do Passengers to the Narrow and Bath will, for the present, he taken down 00 Sunday morning, the 10 o'clock boat, and be called for about half hit 5 o'clock io the evtniog. The fare to Staten Island will he 25 cents, aod to Batb nod the Narrows, 51) cent. Children half price. The NAUTILUS iianew boat of great speed line r,rdt , with good aei uroniodntions ; aud is impelled on 'Jt":. iiwgston and Fnlt. - i - jen On account nf the pV "isautr.est of her tour, tiie advantages of Sea liMhiiig at the placet she visits, the vuriitv nnd beauty of the prospect they afford, the cheapness of the fare, aud the excel - J lenre of the ri Irejhaents and nrccmmodrtions j hoard, excnrainns in the Nautilus lor pleasure butincss, will be lomid exeditious, ngreeable and healthful. As she is tilted lor the transportation cf Horse and Cnrrines, and the wharves and flout al New - York, Huten - Mood and the Horse - Boat Ferry at the Biaiiiig Star, prepared for safe and coinmoitimii embarking ami landing traveller iu the Pott Chaie, or in private carriage b tween New - York mid I'liilad. Iphin, Tiifon, Princeton, Neiv Itriiesvvick, or Wood - hride, will find tho route by the Nautilus and the, Turnpike arros tit at. i - to New - Brunswick, the (hortest, cheapest aud most pleasant that ran he srlecicd. JOHN DEFOREST, Captain. St:itcn - Islnnd, V7th 1M.1v, KilU. my S9 Iro .UwbiHi.H and ca. m ail - f auk - TUHV.K TINS.S A HFSK. EA V KS iNewbnruh everv Sunday. Tuesday, (vmiii 1 niHS(i;iy iiinrnins, hi three o'clock, runt tbrouch ,.. - . Mocteoimry, Blooniinghnrli, Montkello, by While Like, Cohecton, Mount Pleasant, tireat Bend, CIeiAii;n Point, Owega, llliita, and Ce - neva, toCananditigua. Returning leaves Canandaiinis every Mon day, Wednesday and Friday mornings at three o'clock, and arrives at Newburgh, the third day in time to take the Ste:im - boals which arrive in New - 01k the fnlrning morning. (Jj It may be expected thrtt al all times whtn the steam - boats alter thexr days of running, that thu line irill after so as to meet them. The whole route will be perfumed in three days, from the first of May, until the first of November and trom the hint of November until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in fciir days and from the IHcember, until the fifiernlh of March tlie same line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Cauaiidaigua in four day. Passengers travelling fitwn New - York to Canandaigua, Niagara or Buffalo, can lest e N York 111 the evening steam - b.uU, and arrive in Canandaigua in three davs a distance of three hundred miles. The line i well furnished with pood, new carriage 1 good hones, and carefui and experienced drivers Kvery alten tion will be paid to render the passage of the traveller safe, easy and expeditious ; and it U believed that the accommodations on this line are equal to any line in the state. (TT FARB trom newburgh to LanjndaieM FOLRTEBN UOLLAKS. N. U. A branch of the same line run three times a week from Ithaca tn Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owcgo Tioga Point, thence th rough New town and Pu'm.ed Post, to Bath, BAGGAGE, as usual, at the rUk of the owners. Proprie tors. Samuel fireenliU Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Lansing, mh Hdtiin EASTON MAlk SI AtJE, TRROCCII in 1 DAT. THREE TIMES A WEEK L tawrsai fcT The uronrietor ark j - jiiai' U knowledge with giatilude Ihe si rV 1 ncoiiragement ttiey nve ggjj' - .. 7lliierstoiore rei eived in this iiik, uiki uie ihrreOre induced to exiedie the travelling on tin route ; and in order to accompliih it. have provided themtlve with lour change 01 norses, wnirn are placed, at e - qual distance on the ronle. It will leave White's Hotel, Easton, every Monday, Wedntsday, and Friday, at 4 o'clock 111 the morning, arrive at Eiinlwth Town Point in time to take the team boat Atalanta, nt 5 o'clock. Leave New York at 5 o'cloc k, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and arrive al Eattou eaily in the evening 1 tare through five dollars, ni.d a generous allowance of bacgnse. gratis. A this stage passes near the calebrated springs on Schooley's Vlounthin, paseners t iking (I is line will be rnrripd to the Sounds without anv sttn rliar?i. I he propneior pieoge mat homing sliall be wanting on their part to make this a plcusant route. The driver nre cardui and accommodating. For (eats, apply to James Pat'en, Court - land street, cr oa board the At dan t a, and White' Hotel, Eatton. I. Z. j. URAKF. C: - etter, June0 JeJOIra NOTICE. QOr Steam Boat Olive Bua.icr will sail every Sunday, at 1 1 o'clock round it Men Island, and occasion ally, a U wiuJ and tide will permit, to the hook. Thi heautiiul tail will contribute both to health aod pleasure, and i a cheao a re creation ss can be found. Partit who mean to partake ol tu ambsciient will, if convenient, give in their name t?.e duy preceding, at the office in Marketlieif! street, uoilh.ide bttheBat - tcry. Dinner 00 board, &t the osusj price. ' Pasture c hildren bwlf prire. my 13tf THU STEAM - BOAT ATA LANTA, tun. luaoi.1 n 1 uff.n rui.M, T EAVES N York each JLA day, Sundays excepted, from the foot of White - hail alrccl near Uie Battery, at S o'clock and 10 o'clock A. Al. and 3 o'clock P. M. ; leave Flira betbtown Point at 8 o'clock A. M. and half past vz o - ciocx ana oaiitmn 4 o'clock r. ar. J50 tf eij,l t - ,aaPriA V'tjL David Godfrey, nioominsbnrgli.T E. C. St. John, Mount 1', j L. & R. Manning, Chenango, I Luther Gere, Ithica, I a . A t,iurjg ptMir koow keW to duru, J .. tWtea thii - M Shot l - .. 1 0. "l - !. Uillf I . DOCTOajIORXF;a nwmber of tl.e faculty of ry,, andaurrerv therm. it L; fto repeat some ooaerratioM the abuse of MERCURY a rash, indiscriminate, nxl unrioalj! Jed use thereof, bas been pridul tire of infinil iivk,v ' k. aanria hm - n.ll - .' VwiV . """'J icrcunauiea oat Of esi I 13 ?.U? w bw 'few owes ill ti. a retails ckiefly to this wurre. Wbat a nitv toJmJESVT b0pt' U h!! P"1 enjoyment of ll J, Dquence. of one ungaarded Boats? which on.y wove .0 from Deglect or improns trtatmenL'' A featlematlate Dr. Uent) now perfetEy hear., aurl welj, bid L outer phyiKiao of geoei - J wactke, ix and repeatedly .alivJt, d ; trllen t&E2h Dr. H. (by a gwUemao of this city) lu? bonl, were cariotja, and hi fle.h drorpiofrom C bis friend declared lie ccM not po?wbly enf' two tnoMh. longer. Thousand. exrnmenUll. know wrth what ease acd irfetT Dr. H ..m' catc the everet cases, end confirm, the cc7i ' tutfon. The Doctor' plan (tdverti. W)T. cemry to gfard the public against the aous V, mercury, and other fatal dtlution. held forth Perm, therefore, having contracted 1 7 vale disorder, or uspecting latent poi.OD, P. admcuishedoot to tamper with their constih. tion, or conceal the Unorder, (ill past roanV if ; other having tlie remain of an oldI" or other impuritie of the blood, a well a ml. er complaiut of a delicate nature, in .itu, sex. should remember posterity, and do imfa, to their conscience, by making apphcaiin. to Dr. H. at hi old aad respSctatU e,2 iithment, No. 64 WatoMtreet, of C;d - shp, to obtain that prompt Usiitaar . lone cak - ulaftd tf prevent oiwIiMura. And her." let me claim your serious atteflionR ' . wrficial cureia no cure at all; UPeM the disorder break out ri . .j . . 7 lunity, at jorae lut.jre ,H;riod; perha., (fien he too late for remedy. Don't yon often mT" the street n - iaerable, mutilated hein... ' k!iriii, !..:... .. n. " wiinonl Iheaetrhyou. M warning. n a nn 01 noscou meir race Take wsrui, - teerhyou. M warning, lr. ll. character for .kill Md rt,,, , y lieing unierally known in Uiiscity, 4, KuwanU a to Nitieiil that delicarv Ind ... nr. eri iUin,.,M.m., ,w ,pnKTIIM inr fl. 4 . tin j iMiorno unaiiown, and haviri?; confined Lis prartire for yea.. pa,t, exclusively to tliecure ," itiii osi s ol the blood sj,u,B th,., uiaTI - jftlvcal. culate on the most decided advAafcie. tilting Dr. II. " Clect ciudicnted intws or thm ck. jRfrictiirea 11 ruined witlioat bougiw r ajiy other instrument ; nnj all debilities; hkewite all Mil ulcerations, i.siuia's Ai. A plurahtv of others are proriiltd. and n.;i ited that pA.H iits are not i iied tnearh nti observation. Open till half punt H in tlie evemiie. ' n.i.vvns.iyi. u7 11111.1311 ') U8 IrrtJ )fb alliiiK, and tiicakinR with Dr.U. whkli it in. nf cott. And here the Doctor ixpression ol grulitude (or innumerable recoin - incud.fticnt, and for tlie decided pr ferenrc fit i presumed with just cause) long given bia bva udiiinus public. if . n. aii tetter must be poat paid. Dr. Buchanan. AkS7 If .SriiUUi iVALK fiRr MVR LVfUtl - JlKY. D.met EVANS '.method of curinearn. tain Difease, i,ikw univc ally acknowledged in Lt rity : his mode oftrentmiU is per ectlj mild, tale, e? igiuoii. and bis charftt reatonrible. In every ii dance be warrarit a cur. and will return the pay if ha doe not perform agreeable U contract. iii,.iiii.""j .mull uL'irnru. lliere are many persona in tlii citr and if, L. cinity, laboring under various chronic disease, SUCH a caurr.ri, uiu uivricraie ujcera, scro'ula or kings evil, fistula, disease of the urethra. bladder and kidmes, old complicated complaints of a certain nature, bilious and other obstructions, rtieumatism, stc which they rontider iare. ranle, rney can cermsij tm ruira 1 to fjeacrais hy applying atDr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No. o Fark - slin. bavine rr&ctised in titAM hospital in Europe 12 years, under louit of tht tirst Surgeon and Pbyairiana in tlie world, as) made tl.ote obitinate disease hit coustai.t ttaty for 30 vear. Oct IS 35 The tub.vriher having recently rstumtd from England with an imrtant improvement oa the artificial spring LEG, he take (hi method of informing bit friend and the public, that all mote wno are to unfortunate a to be In want of a leg, or arm, they ran be accommodated by applying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. Jn n WM. PURVIS. NEW DrtESSINQ ROOM. AFRUMENTO, No. I Wall - itreet.Jutt re - . turned from Italy, bat the honour to inform Ihe gentlemen, that be cuts and dressea bair in the latest style, and in a mar oer so as to adopt it to the phisiognomy. He ha for sale a quantity of RAZOUa of the first quality, if they do not please on trial, Uie purchaser are at liberty 10 feiura uirm, and receive tne money. - tie baa likewise procured a verr Cue bone, and encages to restore ratnrs to a very keen edge and should uity not cut ne win receive no 1 rmse tennemen wco may please to honor bin with tboir patrooage, may depend on tlie most particular and resperuul attendance. F rumen to bat lust received a few setta nf tha celebrated Manguim False Back Raxor, war - rmiitu 01 uamascua aieei 01 a superior quality. Amateur mey shave themselve luxuriously. IU IJ .l L 1 . J i,. ft. ueniieuicn wuo suntciioe oyuiequar ter will have their razors. Ic. kcDt rliuivlv for themselves. P. 8. A good Journeyman wanted. AddIt ahove. mh 6 tf AccyitTAaT apply of m die Beavet Hats, liesb from tbe nufactory, suiss - Lle lor Ihe soeth - ern market, sad packed at the shortest aotke, at J.WILSO.VS,. 160 Broaduay. may S7 ELhUANT PUNO tOHJES. JOS. WILSON, 14 Maiden Lane, bat just received hy the Venus, a largw astortment of excellent Piano Fortes, Patent Flutes, Flageolets, ic. manufactured expressly for him by Cle nienli ft Co. London. Alto, Piano Forte Ptrini a n sett , new music, and every article in the Ui lint at line t instrument! taken in exchange, and tuner provided. my S9 tf NEW - YORK : PRINTED AND PUBLISHED MICHAEL BV II Nil AM k CO. 49 Willi AM - aT is ket orrosiTE tk Bave Ccffek - IIooie. !o,

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