The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 28, 1931 · Page 17
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1931
Page 17
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MASON CITY" GLOBE-GAZETTE WEEKLY Page Devoted to Community Interests Ttat Make for and Better MASON CITY. LIVE A TOWN Can Be No greater Than Its Integral.Parts. Mason City to' Be Great Must Hav^ Good, Unselfish' Citizens. Be ONE. TY' WE WHEN YOU SNIFF SMOKE AT NIGHT [HERE IS DANGER Such Situations You Must Watch Your Step, Advice. | This -is the third of a series lot articles prepared by the fire · ^prevention committee of the ^Chamber of .Commerce dealing Lwith methods of preventing dls- fastrons fires. il'tia a little after 3 o'clock in the rBorning.' . '· ir Mr. Citizen is asleep on the top floor of his two story home. He ordinarily sleeps well and tonight is no exception. He loses no time sinking into a deep slumber, because he is tired. : ·· · ' But he is restless and half awake. He is.aroused! He stares into the darkness, but sees nothing. He hears nothing. He mumbles thickly to himself, takes a. deep, sleepy breath before turning over. Then he sits up in bed with'a jerk. SMOKE! He sniffs, IT IS SMOKE. He leaps out of bed and in two Jumps is at the door. He yanks open the door. POOF! Mr. Citizen is done for. He staggers to the telephone but cannot stay and he flounders about the room falling over furniture and finally goes down. What has happened?, Did Like Others. Well, .the late Mr. Citizen simply did what thousands of others have done with the same results--be inhaled a lungful of air heated to a temperature around 600 to 800 degrees and growing hotter by seconds--what the firemen call "Super And tho the fire that heated the air is on the floor below with walls between, it killed Win. But to the average citizen, with a limited acquaintance with fires this may seem a bit exaggerated. But to any fireman of experience it is an old,: old story. It is the top floor that always.: takes the lives of human beings, and this is especially true of the dwelling, fiat, apartment and hotel fires. __ · We .will say that this fire started - from any of the well known causes that will start a fire. No matter how careful we are "Old Man Care- is lurking around to help "DIRY" OF SYLVIA McNEELY IS OUT Contains Philosophy of 9 Year Olds. Mc- ·and , seo H I it i tn ar K» tx 7;l 17.1 ·7 500 pa' athf [orlty 'aw ill. Of SH mos' ly I. hlgt Bin ers lira' InlU clos 48-T ·well 8.25 the fire demon.' It Burns Slowly. · , . . ; . The fire starts and burns slowly, the flames eating their way thru furniture and fittings. But it is more or less pent up due to the fact that the house is all closed up. Yet this fire has been building up heat and gases and creating a great pressure which will take hours sometimes to burn thru to where it can get air. Then this pent up fire will instantly increase in fury and these gases and heat have everything ready to burst into fire. This intense heat that has been building up will travel with lightning speed up stairways, thru hallways and instantly the whole house is in-combustion. This is now creating more smoke, heat and gases. There is no outlet for this pressure of heat, rapidly increasing from below, So the smoke and heat takes the horizontal course, crowding the upper hall for some means of escape and Mr. Citizen opens his door. And since the atmospheric pressure m bis closed off sleeping room was much lower than that in the hallway a perfect draft is created and the heat and smoke whipped thru his open door like a streak of light ning. And he, catching his breath from astonishment, inhaled that Withering blast - . He did the natural thing, but the wrong thing^ Unfortunately he did not know the right- thing to dp. He should: have put his hand on the panel part of the door. If it is hot .- or warm--as it certainly would have been, his immediate action would have been the window and give the alarm. He probably could have knocked out the window. Keep Door Closed. Mr Citizen, when you smell Asmoke at night, keep your door closed until you are certain that there Is not a bank of super heat outside waiting to rush into your room, THE DIRY OF SYLVIA NEELY, Longmans,' Green company. . A vivid picture.of a 9 year old world is this volume written by a Dubuque school girl. Sylvia, is the daughter of Lee McNeely, clerk of the federal court, who makes periodic visits to Mason City in that' capacity, and Marian Hurd McNeely, author of "The Jumping Off Place" and other books, who was killed when struck by an automobile at Dubuque several months ago. The "diry" chronicles the dominant events of Sylvia's life during 1929. A neighbor receiving a diary as an advertisement from a life insurance company, presented it to her. At once Sylvia was inspired and recorded the events of her world for the forthcoming year. ·This is the entry for Jan. 1: ·I pity the bucher, I pity the cook I pity the guy that tuches this book." As the above indicates she was a little doubtful about; her spelling, but the contents of the book show that she was firm in her ideas and original in her 'philosophy. She emphatically dislikes Sunday school, doesn't care much for school and detests arithmetic, while she does like candy, dramatics and Saturdays. The wind simply delights her. Here is one of a score of entries on Sunday school, being written Sunday, May 26: 'i went to Sunday school today. Miss Cragin asked us our questions wich I don't like, she alwajs givea us lessons to do we do not like. Sh° is the worst thing about Sundays." One Wednesday, May 29, she wrote the following poem: "Candy, ice cream, cake and pop are good for little girls, But mothers say that vegtubuls will turn the hair to curls." .The death of the gold fish inspired the following poem on Sunday, April 7: The Dead Fish Once upon a, time there was a little fish Right in the middle of the fish J pond. · This .morning 1 he was dead He was green Instead of red. O, how it smelled near the fish pond. "? The , following entry made on March 13 give an insight of what Sylvia thinks about the male sex: "I took my lunch to school. The boys wanted to play marbles in the basement. We the- girls at school A line O' pipe By T. PIPE Stick to the Prpe--Let the Smoke Blow Where It Will .KATHLEEN GLASS ^ CARLETONBANf WILL PLAY HERE Symphonic Group to Ap' pear April 13 at Local High School. The CarWton college, symphony band from Northfield, Minn., the only symphonic band on Lour in America, has been engaged, for a concert at the high school audi- , tqurium on April 13 under the aus- j pices of the high school music Mason City's high school beauty queen will be selected this year-by one ot Hollywood's screen favorites, Charles "Buddy" Rogers. The 1931 Masonian, annual publication ot the local high school, is sponsoring the contest. Ttio names of five girls were voted upon by the students for the selection of a qulntej; of North Iowa beautles'for final consideration of the film star. A set of photographs of the five'girls shown here were sent to Hollywood, where the actor judge will give his decision. No announcement of the winner is to be made until the publication of the book at the close of the school year. No ruling: was made against individual decisions, however. , MARGARET DANIELS MEET President and General Manager of Distributing Company Likes Good Horses. had to give up to the little boys, that's always the way with boys." The chronicles about her brother, two years her senior, are especially enlightening. For instance the following: Nov. 6--My birthday. Lee (my brother) gave me his sceeS for my birthday this morning and took them back tonight." Discusses Maids. The "diry" contains several good entries on the family maids. Here is one of them: "Feb. 7--Annabelle Harvey who was our maid, left today. She sail! she was going to Better herself. Barbara asked Annabelle what she ment by better herself. She said 'Elictrik ironer and no kids.'-" partment. The concert will be under the direction of James Robert Gillette, nationally Wiown organist an'J pioneer in the symphony band movement. He was among the first to use what has become known as symphonic band instrumentation. Is Annual Tour. Each year this organization makes tours to various parts of tha country. The 1931 tour, which brings it to Mason. City, as one of the 30 cities to be visited will cover Robert B. Girton, president and general manager of the Northwestern Distributing company, likes a good horse. "I've owned several, both saddle and harness, in my younger days," he said. Mr. Girton also did considerable hunting in times past.' "When I went to West Bend 30 years ago it was still possible to go out and shoot a dozen prairie chickens in no tune," Mr. Girton said. "That isn't possible any more." TJales_ of more than 4,000 miles and enter- juck hunts on the ponds and lakes tain approximately' 100,000 people of northwestern Iowa, now mostly United in the , in southern and central States. These tours have, opinion of eminent critics thruout the country, contributed materially to the growth of the symphonic band movement in the country during the past six years. There are three classical groups of Instrumentalists. The military band is made up almost entirely of brass. Its library, due in part to tlii lack of a variety of instruments, is drained and changed, are also recounted by Mr. Girton. Born in Pennsylvania Poor eyesight has made hunting impossible for him for several years. Mr. Girton was born in Buckhorn, Penn., in 1875 but was taken to Illinois in 1877. Later he started in the general merchandise business in that -state. He engaged in the merchandise RAILROAD MAKES NEW SCHEDULES Change in Time for Two Trains Announted by Milwaukee Road. Changes in the schedules of two Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific railroad trains to become effective March 30 has been announced by local officials. Westbound train number 11 will APRIL SHOWERS The sudden shower burst forth With weeping skies 'twould fill the day; And then the sun looks thru to laugh, Our apprehensions all away. How often showers come in our lives, To scatter tears from day to day; Till love .peeps thru the clouds to laugh M Our many little fears away. PI i PE DID YOU NOTICE THE NEW DRESS, OR DRESSES, ' THIS COLUMN WAS WEARING LAST WEEK? LOOKED RATHER SPIFFY, EH? WE DO NOT KNOW WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE IMPROVED APPEARANCE BUT WE THANK HIM, OR THEM, FOR THEM KIND ATTENTIONS. The obese canine mentioned in last week's column was observed in the Huxtable drug store. The item became somewhat disabled in going thru the printing office. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. "I hope Notre Dame loses a few games next fall -- too much success is bad for boys," he concluded.-Extract from statement by Knute Rockne. Just Hike one fcopes one may have to have a tooth pulled this year. Too much freedom from toothache isn't good for one. VI J. PF. WE WISH OUR CLEVER AND ENTERTAINING FARM EDITOR WOULD INFORM US WHY SO MANY EXPERIENCED MARRIED MEN SEEK WORK ON FARM AT THIS TIME OF THE YEAR. PERHAPS HE CAN ALSO SETTLE FOR ONCE AND ALL JUST WHAT IS AN EXPERIENCED MARRIED MAN. THIS QUESTION HAS BEEN UP FOR DISCUSSION MANY TIMES BUT WE DO NOT RECALL THAT A FINAL SOLUTION HAS EVER :HED._ _ _._. .- AIRWAY BULLETIN HAS DETAILS OF LEGION AIRPORT Facts Gathered by Branch of Department of Commerce. By RADFORn E. MOBLEY Staff Correspondent. WASHINGTON, March 28.--An airway bulletin showing the location, proportions and general char- teristics of the American Legion airport at Mason City, was made public here today by the aeronautics branch of the commerce department. This community airport, two and one-half miles west of Mason City, has an 80-acre rectangular landing field, with sod surface, level gradient and natural drainage. There are no landing strips or runways on the field, the whole area being available for landing purposes, according to the commerce bulletin. Has White Circle. Marking and identification facilities include a standard 100-foot white circle in center of field, the name "Mason" City" on hangar roof and a cone wind-direction indicator also on the hangar. Accommodation facilities consist of personnel for servicing planes, plane storage at $1.50 a night, me-. chanics 1 service, repair facilities, spare parts and fuel for planes, and an administration building, Gives Weather Data. For the safety of aircraft passengers and pilots the bulletin gave meteorological data revealing wind, fog and rain conditions .on the field. Prevailing winds are from the southeast in summer, the northwest in winter, and thruout the year from the same directions to smaller extents. It was shown that dense fog occurs oa the Mason City field only about seven times a year, while light fogs'occur in the early morning an average of about two days a month thruout the year. The average winter monthly snowfall is about five inches. Rainfall exceeds one inch a day only about seven days a year. There is a weather bureau nearby in Charles City. T~' arrive'at Mason City at 3:40 a.: m. and will leave at 3:50 a. m. instead of arriving-at 3 a. m. and leaving at 3:10 a. m. The train did leave Chicago at 5 p. m. but will now leave at 5:45 p. m. It has a set-off sleeper at Mason City. Train number 4 which has been arriving at Mason City at 1:35 p. m. will now arrive at 2:30 p. m. It comes from Mitchell and completes its run at Mason City. No other changes have been made, officials said. KNIGHTS TO BE EASTER GUESTS Templar Members From Five North Iowa Towns to Arrive, So now let us alt with our might and our main, This puzzling question consider again; And let us try to solve it the while if we can; Just what is an experienced married man" Yelland and Hanes have, according to Mr. Hanes, adopted a business policy that should prove very popular with their patrons. Any X Watch Your Stepi Accidents of Past Week Show Constant Need for Caution limited to the march and associate business at West Bend for 12 years numbers, prohibiting it from at- then sold out ·""' """·*· tn * PHOTO BV KIRK B. B. GIRTON NEW AUTOMOBILE LICENSES ISSUED DURING WEEK TUV 1 ^ 1 ' ' « . If you do open the door stand to 6ne side and just crack it so yoi can push'it-closed if you find that there is smoke and heat behind it. You must keep a good hold on the door even doing this for there-is a pressure outside this door if ther is heat gas and smoke out there. Twenty-eight persons die every day from fire somewhere in th United States, and most of them In HOMES. Every two minutes of the day and night a home is on fire somewhere In the United States. You will never know or appreciate what a few second's time can mean until you are up against the tack of trying to live on a mixture of 80 percent smoke and 20 percent heat. · ' Ogren and Specht Are in ' Algona Mayorality Race . ALGONA, March 28.--Two contests are scheduled in the city election here Monday. Albert Ogren is a candidate for mayor on the citizen's picket and C. F. Specht ia a candidate on the independent ticket. For councilman of the second William Miller, Hotel Hanford, 3uick coach. E. H. Linnekamp, 672 East State treet, Pontiac tudor sedan. H. M. Kerr, 16 Twelfth street northwest, Pontiac two door sedan. Ed Unruh, 120 Ninth street northwest, Graham coupet Victor C. Glass, 208 Twelfth street northwest, Willys coupe. T. G. Camblin, Cerro Gordo hotel, Ford coupe. Theodore Back, Clear Lake, Chevrolet sedan. = __ and went to" te'mpting the more difficult cpmpo- I Whittemore where he continued in sitions that are given by the sym- . ... . phony orchestra. Playeu Difficult Numbers. Until recently the symphony orchestra was the only organization that was able to give in a satisfactory manner sucn works as the "Franck D. Minor -Symphony," 'Toccata and Fugue .in D Minor" and other compositions of this type The miltary band is no; more suited to the playing of these numbers the-same business. He came to Mason .City in 1917 and organized the Northwestern Distributing company of which he has been president and general manager ever since. Business Has Grown. The business has grown from a flour storage concern until today it manufactures a complete line of feeds. The company has shown an increase every year since'its organization up to this year, Mr. Girton said. The company is a distributor of flour and wholesale feeds. Mr. Girton nas two sons, both graduates 'of Iowa State college. Harlan is in the business with his father and Russel! is the county engineer of Butler county .with headquarters at Allison. . to the p a y n g o ese n u m r s i _.. _ ,,., . than the symphony orchestra la. to I'Automobiles Lolllde in the playing of the march. It has been the symphony orohes- | trfi. that haa helped materially to] raise the standard of music appreciation to its present level. The third group is the symphonic Storm Swept Streets The automobiles driven by David Olson, 114 Tenth street northwest, Nichols, 1953 Carolina o'clock Friday afetrnoon. Patrick's car received a damaged, run- nig board and Beachs' car a damaged rear fender. and avenue northeast, collided at Tenth street and North Federal avenue Pearl posers have-considered this type of . organization seriously. With a few aDOU t 10 o'clock Friday night.'Mr 311 Fourteenth exceptions,,music.lovers know little Olson, driving a Buick coupe, was . , ,_ I nf 4- Via. T»ir» tram writ 1 i _ * · _ ' * , _ T_^. ~ i«*f- 4-ii«-n "NT in lift la street southe e ast: Chevroretcoa-ch. of the had my husband back."-Florida Times-Union. M. E. Zarling, 1009 North sylvania avenue, Pontiac coach. · i msu rance comp"any:,"I have had so L. H. Clayton, 1114 First street Jnuoh trouble getting my insurance northwest, Ford tudor. I money that sometimes I almost .H. F. Everts, 1929 South Pennsylvania avenue, Chevrolet coach. John Stiman, 725 North Delaware avenue, Pontiac sedan. James Conibear, Clear Lake, International truck. Ella. M. Lynn, 615 North Pennsylvania avenue, Dodge sedan. George Simmon, Rockwell, Chevrolet sport coupe. E. E. Roland, Rockwell, Chevrolet sedan. Charles Leichti, Contury annex, Chevrolet coupe. R. R.' Young, 13 Seventh street northwest, Hudson sedan. S. M. Hill, Hol.ahan apartments, Chrysler. A. W. Rathman, Cerro Gordo hotel, Chevrolet coach. Louis Glassel, Plymouth, Chevrolet coach. Joe Fiala, 1416 South Pennsylvania avenue, Ford coupe. ·· D. J. Davis, Cerro Gordo hotel, Pontiac two door sedan. starting to make a left turn. Nichols was driving a Chevrolet sport road aten Both cars were badly damaged The cars drivin by W. R. Beach Kansas City, Mo., and M. E. Pat rick, Hotel Hanforfl, collided severa miles south of the city about Goodman Indorsed for Frank C. Goodman, former prssi- I dent of the Mason City chapter of | the Izaak Walton league, haa been indorsed unanimously by the local organization for 'a member of the fish and game commission. The action was taken at the last meetinr of the chapter. J. H. Tait, eminent commander of Antioch commandery of Knights Templar Saturday announced that sir knights from several North Iowa communities would participate in the special Easter service to be held at the Congregational church here. Knights will be here from Iowa Falls, New Hampton, West Union, Charles City and Osage, accompanied by their ladies. The local and the visiting knights will march in a body from the Masonic hail at 10:45'o'clock, in order to be in their places at the time the service opens at 11 o'clock. Following the service the knights ..ill march in a body to the Hotel Hanford where the visitors will be guests of Antioch commandery' at a dinner in the'Wedgewood room. A musical program will be given. After the dinner 'the knights will march to the asylum, where they will be dismissed. one purchasing a book at this justly famous establishment may take it home and read it and, if not perfectly satisfied, return it. "We aim to please," said Mr. Hanes in his musical, baritone tone of voice. T ./ , - - P E Since mention was made of our attending church in a body with the Knights Templar on Easter morning we-have been Utterly swamped with communications urging us to go to church and to march in the Milo Peterson,-210 Adams avenue northwest,, had his car damaged when struck by a driver who failed to stop Monday. Burmild Legried, Rake, injured in explosion Thursday. R. B. McDonald, Rock Island, and H. E. Weeks, Davenport, injured in automobile wreck at "death corner" near Rockwell Thursday. Glen Neil, Alexander, received broken jaw when knocked down by horse Thursday. parade. In deference to the wishes of our multitude of friends we have decided to comply with their requests and if the temperature is of a mild nature, the weather is'not 1 inclement and there is no precipitation we will participate in the parade. Providing we get up in tune and our physical condition is such that-we feel able to undergo the arduous exertions of inarching from the hall to the church. contator. I can do more cogitating in an hour than any ordinary person. Only persons of unusual mental ability are able to cogitate at a faster speed than I. And as I sat and cogitated I wondered if this Don McPeak person might not turn out to be a greater cogitator than any I had ever met. ' how true (TO BE CONTINUED) I 1 P I P E HOW TO DRIVE AN AUTO This is the fifth of a series of articles on this glorious subject. The next may never appear. Honking the Horn. ur + + + Home Town _ By D. \V. M. -- A long time ago they discovered that radio waves travel 186,000 miles a second. Rather recently they established the rate at exactly 186,420, probably due to the jazz .influence on the new invention.--Fort Worth Telegram. T FEEL sorry for the kids AT CHARLES CITY because THEIR SCHOOL burned down BECAUSE I remember how ««..».» "- 11 USED TO worry when I was The automobile horn should be A KID FOR fear our school sounded on every possible occa- WOULD BURN and toi prove our sion and at tvery possible moment. LOVE FOR our neighboring No true motorist will ever refrain CITY, WE could take a ballot from engaging in this absorbing AMONG THE school children pasHme I t t o e slightest provaca- AND IBET that.they would tion. And many times at no prova- | BEJ3NE bundred^er cent -NOW IT CAN BE TOLD- City Attorney Rulesi_ That_ BeesJuan't_Bp_ ^ Arrested Neither CmYou.S^Tf or Damages Done by Inmates of Apiary; Neighborhood Trouble Seveals This Situation. should be sounded when there is a car ahead and when there is a car behind. When the traffic light is red and when it green. It should-be s'ounded when a car is passed and when a car is not passed. It should be honked for service' (Phalen Bros, please note) and to call the gir'i or DOV Mend from the house. And it should be sounded especially loud and long when the car ahead has stopped at in the Easter think that, tnin Not long ago a wooly brown- eyed pup shivered the night away in the dreary city Jail only to be released the next morning when the judge refused to hear his case. Dozens of dogs are "arrested" every month and many of them pay the supreme penalty. At least twice in the last two months officers have been called to handle escaped piga. But when it comes to arresting man does not want to meddle with them. : ' Neighbor Kept Bees. This story really has to do with Tim Pfialen, 510 Fifth street southeast, whose neighbor several years ago kept bees. One day, perhaps not the first EfiS ^JI^^^^S^^^^j^^^^^^^^^^ time, one of the bees stung one of the Phalen children. The injury was held to be a criminal matter and police were called. Officers went to the Phalen home the accusations made ·a.p-*-:·-.r,-..'rr--:, t^T't-TT- fails to state whether they talked to the queen or other officials of the swarm, but'from later developments in the story'it seems they did not apprehend the exact culprit who committed the criminal act. At least no arrests were made, but the Officers returned to the station and reported the situation to F. R. Sanford, chief of police. Santo rd Gets Advice. Chief Sanford, not clearly understanding the exact legal status of , it just ain't THE BOOK and I tdbk a. gp ALDINO Kro FHte golf L^ an a stamped my name AND tooK orl e of those j^y SPALDING drivers and S QCKED THAT ball and a stinging, referred the matter to Garfield Breese, at that time city attorney. "Bees are free agents," declared Mr. Breese". "If anyone can tell me which bee stung the child Or can show me the offending bee from the neighbor's hive I might be able to do something." In other words, the question might be stated, "Bees will be bees --better let them be. If you wish to keep them out of your yard, a stop sign and is waiting for traf- L jrTLE LATER, I got a wire fie to pass so it can proceed. This FR QM Minneapolis saying is the most important rule of all. THAT A golf ball with my There is nothing that so thoroly de- NAME STAMPED on it had notes an experienced driver as the BROKEN A window in the manner in which he honks his auto NICOLLET Hotel and we have horn at traffic signs and in traf- ^ WONDERFUL display of fie congestions. SPALDING and WILSON clubs b THAT WILL do the same thing, T l AND WE just unloaded a big P E SHIPMENT OF that famous THE CRUISE OF THE PRZEBIYSL LOMA FERTILIZER and the By E! Captain YOUNG MAN who handled it CHAPTER 28 GREvV SIX inches taller. As the ship slowly made its way T T HANK YOU. up the winding stream I sat and O^AV cogitated. And. when it comes to | DON McPEAK frt^nn /~\I±AiL^aajf*nmia* .CVv

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