The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 27, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1818
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Th.iech of tbiHoD. Hufut King, oo A - d .avitioo Act, delivered in the ffivJE".' 't u.on l CtFsoricvltural work. C0BS TH.S Residence in the L'nitod - Slatesol Arici. iTthree parts, by William Cob lo IS oftbe Honorable Mr. King, on the A - Pvl Navigation Ac, delivered ia the senate n,enc iinited - State. at the last teniou of Con - o(lt Wall - ttreet, by Bf., C. WILEY 4: CO. rrrtes from Hie pnze tilling fijice of R. f VrKET No. 5370, which yetferday drew J - 'S - . - f tf.O dollars, wu told hv Robert tV - Jun. 136 Broadway, who lately sold in "flni lottery prizei of 5,000, 101)0, 500 WfriV.i, - . Je27 TTTlSFlE'S litof prize in the Millord ami ft OwttoRntd Lottery - 12ih day - No - 45, V,i:.,,n.isa70. 500:?93. 71I3.S100. At iar 17.7. ihvtJILLLSPlE. Drawt agrdu on Mon - vr wlieo the lt drawn number will be entitled , tiOSO Iu thrtic drawing! from this, the first w i.,... ill hornllllcit in lleeneitnl nrise 7, u AlTES! 146 Broadway, lint ol prize in (he I T Milmrd ar.1 vweeo rvoaa l.nuery. Kin a Not. 4 i, 1st drawn, and 5370, Si'O dull, o'ift Tlit 100 dol Drawt ou Monday, drawn number will be aititl. d to 10TO dol . w bis for sale at Gracie'e, 146 Broad i,ria nrizn of 6000 dols. and several cf .vsi bare been ohlaiued, in tint Lottery, and where all the capital prizei yetui the wheel, ni cy ... ....rrliunpit at a luian je z i uc k - . . ... i - :. . . .. I ' .t vi:if - .l A and Owego Road Lottery. 12lh tiay'i drawing Sot. 45, and 5J70, 500 dols. ; 0:):t, lilO dot?. The I'ft drawn nun. her on Monday nest, nill bp. entitled to a piizu of lOGOdoli. 'J'i.e. erord rapit ! i'til ' - of 70,000 dols. will be drawn f J drsvins, A few warranted undrawn TicLrt - i.l Shard, for nle ut ALLLN'S, 1 iu i. i .. irv r,i!n 122 Broadway Where no. 7771, a prize f 10.000 w sold in Jim - e hi:J iiiuncdiatelv pmJ, ueme tlie li trli t r.rize old bv any office in tbi city, in thU lottery. Je - 7 r u Ki Hoiii Lntli - rv. n.w diuwn.s. K. Ij VVAITK'S list r. priifi. IMi days draw - N,. 4 '. ami 5370. 5UJ - IrU. : jy HJii Uui. s,ilrl !ir ll. VV.iitH. Jun 1J6 Broadway, who - .;,! h i.lp.iitl 4r,j0,3000doli.; jy97, lOJOdoli aw' 9.137, 5'Wdl. Jej27 i it, li. VVAl'l Lb' lift ot pnzi i in tlii - Miiford I I and Ones') Road I .tterv. I'di ila' iliawii.g. No. 4". and 53itit, rn0 riols. i "J'J'.i, :ku, iDOdJi. soid at wai rr.s'. 'n Uti amlrbireforaleat Wai ten', 54 Maiden - lar.c. U iisrefchve bennold nud r I'd in fnraipr oti lic. .Vo. 4.32, titV'OO H;i!ir; 146.15,40,000; 3!;70C, 35,'Kmij, 30,(JK; 17974, .O.lJilO; i:if'l,3l,0t)0; ICC5;t,Sil.O0Oj 4110, 35,titM; 17JP9. St'VJI, '.'o.nO'J; b. - nde a ere mmv ol .UOOO (Inl. Hl.UO.I rtula. Ac. Jc IN tbrca niore drawin;, the tiit twoibrr will 1 be entitled to Iho bi,lit tl prize in the Grand Rtd Lottery ; viz. $70,000. 'l'hCi e arc also in the wheel, the follwipir : 1 prize of $10,000 5 6 of 1000 ; 17 of 500 ; W of M. 1 lie lottery will fini - .li drawing in les than three week. A few tickets, halves, quarters, ei)tht!ies and mtcuitha, fir aaleat WAI'l T.S' trcly fortunate Littery and exchange office, 54 M..iJrn line AUo, Ticket ami Share in the next fcioM Lottrry, wholesale and retail, at the lo.esf prxci. . je 27 2t .1 LiH WJA'CrJiXIfiti VOUS. Iy E itord.iinedbr tha Mayor, Aldermen and ) comnio'ialty of the city of New - York, in Com mou Council convened, That no do liall hereafter be suffered to go at l&r,v in thetity and county of r?ow - York, under, the penalty ol 10 dollars upon tUe owuer or possessor theieol fcr tfjth nfTence. 2. Aad b it fuithcrordainetl, That for every t n wtUch tbuU b owned or kept iu the said city, the owner throf shall annually, oo or before theiirst AlouJay of July, pay to the register and collector hereinafter mentioned the sum of three dollars ; and the owner or jKwcs'or of vry such do thall, oa or before that day in erry year, make report in writin; to the said re:;:;;er and collector of the number of dogs by l.ita or her owned or kept in the raid city, aud ihall, at th? sawe tiate, pay the said rejiter and collector the tat iuipwed by the ordiimnce, under the penalty of Cvo dollars ; and the said re - gistT and J.oiieclor shall keep an a! habeticai h. - t of the names of all pcr.uii who shall liBve paid such tai, of the number of ilts reported, aadol tlia - uoj received from each .xrson. 3. Aud be it further orddlncd, That the said rejiatcr aud collector shall be cutillod to SO nr odI. Uon all uioueys by him collected ; us J shall, oa the first Mouday ia O' labor, January, Apr ij and July in every year aorsuut, under oath, wiUi the Chaniberiain, for the rrsidae of inrb Ui svhidi shall have been by hitn received, aJ shall, in each aud every year hereafter, at least one week before the first Monday in July, opea his ai J nfRc for the purpose aforctaid, ;i v - if at Ieat sitdays previous notico iaoneof the public ncwp:jiers of the time and place at whith bis laid ollii - e will be so opened, and shall keep the same opeu for the purpase aforesaid every day, iuoil:iys excepted, during s'ich time, for oee week previous to the first - Vor.Jny in July in teh year. 4. And be it further ordained, That every do found at larje wittiin llp city and county ol .cw - Yoik, shall be liable to bo seized and kilted I7 the said register and collector, or such other person or persons at ha flail, tor ibat puqwr, fro ci time to time appoint, whih said register and collector, or such other person or persons to e appcinted, shall caiue tlie carraes of all uo!s by him or them seized or killed, to be fi rlh - wilh removed and buried j and fir every doj so killed, rrmored and b'iricil, iliall be eutitlcd t,i receive the sum of 50 cents from the treasury. a proJurio! proof thereof to the satisfaction ol We comptroller, who shall thcreupou ctrtify the same. And further, that it shall be hwful for any pcr - on to kill any do coiis: at lanre in anv part of the city, wl,i:h ull bit or attempt to wis Jtny pcroo or animal. 5. Aod be it further ordained. That any rrr - wi who ihall hinder or molest thn said r - irter and Colb'Clor, or other perron or persons to r appointed as tforefaid, iu carryin? UA effect the prmmanj of this ordinance, shall forfeit and pay the sum of 100 dollars for each offence. Cy Hut common mon il. J. MORTON, Qcr':. Tm Rejltter aod Collector under the above of - eneu 0.1 nius at lo. Oj Uivi - ioo, neai - - VwWet - areet, wherv it will remain op!n every oy, Sundays eic - ptod, firm the hour of nM - - ... ,,it mono - i - uniu inrce in uie ajier - on, until the flirt day of September nest. BE.J. WATSOX, Renter & Collector. The printer employed by the coqMratiou are '""ted to iowrt the above. Jnue 7 1U00 l.YJtlA y tOitA". Poshels white mm will he e.1d in tont.tieto suit purchasers, nt a very reduced if removed pn ir to the 1st of Julv, by . . SALTU. SON fe'CO. VJ'lCt . 32 sath - t Hi. Air miii ..wt. nn.1,1. S for Uc by TUCKER is I.AUR1E5, 29 buth - sircct re rii - i - i.. .... . 11 i - u ... U.X. Tint. 1,11.11 fvo, k.c. iaa 'J. P.AN co - 20 Peart - strect, hare i'tin nf R mvoiri! ni r rencn gooa con - Silk W 7. "J'ty wl"t J bhsck crapes, jred trkh fca'hTt, &c. which art of - je26 A" A ' . WASTED TO CHARTER, tin) A British res - el of i0 to 300 tow, to AVhiload at a aoatheru port for the Wert In - die. Apply to , MACKIE, MILNE & CO. Je 25 ; 61 Pine - st pKl.Mt. KICE. 100 tierce prime Kite, iu i. ioi) ia tun purcn tsert, lor tale by ANSON G.PHELPS, Je25 183 Front - street LOFTON Y A KN. - '0,01)0 lb, Cottub Y am from S to 24. for tale br 'I'lJC - t - J A Mlu l V fntfDl VV Je 25 148 Pearl street, riHOUJI & l'KSDLETON have selected JL with great care, for the supplying; of fami lies and sbip stores, the iollowuij wiues, liquor, teas, &c. which they offer at wholesale and retail, al No. 56 ilone - otrcet Vadeira in glass and wood Kcd port, " roriz and royal compy! do a few dozen of super, quality Dry Lisbon, 11 years old Very old sherry, do Tcneriffe Old brandy, rum and gin, not reduced Ilibberl's brown stout, equal to auy iu the city Red uud white wine vinegar liordeaux sall.vl oil Hyson, hyson skm, younj hyio, souchon; 4 - pouchuug teas Loaf, lump and Mu'rovr.i'.o luar Fish sauces, Stgars iu qr. boxes . With a genenil ajsortni:ot of sjrocerips, which tliey will warrant to be of the fir:l quality. June 24 2w K110, a Vtucliun ftory, by the Ut. lion. JL - ) Lord liyron, this day publishtd, price 25 cents, by A. T. GOODlllCil k CO, Jc21 No. 124 Broadway, comer Cudar - st N invoice cf Canton silk - , now landin; from sloop Express, from Uoiton, entitled lodc - I, Suture, Lou;i5tm of the lollov.iii'j articles, lor ;ale by llu I Lit KEMSL - N ii CO 23 f - outh - strect. Dlack sarsnitf, Canton crape?, as. - orted Nankin do do Coloured sar - nots, Coloured sewing i!ks 4 - 4 black friucd and twilled hJkls. Chucked do do Also in Storr, Black, green, bljei - nd chanjeable sinr bens Chaie.'.blii, tbtc kid and figured sarsucU lilar.U and cnlourcd levanliius 4 - 1 1'hi' - I; friiid and iwill' d hdl.fs Coloured do do Crape shawls, assortcd'colours Junciil lOTlO.N. llit; bales ( oitoa m.w :,iilri. Irom brui Ll..::i, and Cin.rria, Irciu Saiuu - nuli. A ho, in Stve. 400 bales LTp;ad Cott.m, in lots to suit purchasers, for sal.; by II E. It Y THOMAS, Je i4 2w No. 2 J'inr's lunc. Jh.U r.i.i.UtV, WA'ICML - . .Vr. CASK ot suvd y Jewellery, line Cutlery, . A. ; - ilvtr ilm.iK.y , - .n't 1 1.1m v:iTclic. lircifiie - Ca - "irs ar;cl Lailus U o: Hoses. 2 cii'n L:i(iieJ CorstH ; soit !. 1'orsairfby J LAMr.ERT, Je i' - l a v. iiricmi I'i'f t. I.K .iO.NS. I UST received, 45 bo,. lii fh Sicily Ltinohf, I in IjU to suit )i:ri - ha'. - r. Iiv J24 J. I'. AN DOE, No. 7 1'nrk. II LOCK UN I.HitOR COCivS A suppiv I J of Morriii's hlucli tin lieu - r rocks, just re - etivtd and for sale at whulc?alc and n - tail by WAI. 0NIJE1U)0.K, Jr. 191 Front - t. corner of Fulton - st. Whi hisroii - lf.tttly ou band a eeneral assnrt - uientof Wiiiej, Tea and groi erics for ship stores and faniilv use. Je 24 lw I . eivUIA CUll.tft 13 IIIHIS i. VIUl .7U - J a;ir of prime quality, iusl received and for sale by GOODIILE A - CO. Je25 4 1 C'Hitli - sirec - t. lltUl.MA FLOUlt 2S91)b:. Kicliuiond and Lvnchburt: Flour, landing ex. schr, Vulture, from Richmond, west side Cohee House - slip, and for sale by TUUKES, ll.W ll)itX i: CO. je25 1US Front - street AliKs,C01 l'ON. kil'J iiudJ. (i'oreitroo J laik, and 35 bales Upland Cotton, all of excellent quali ty, f r said by G RISW OLDS U COA'i f. je 1i 00 "'itn - sTrcet. "iriilOI.MA HAM;, bic. Jv)0 ti.H quality V irgima Hams 1500 lb. double Gloucester Cheese, In Cue or - d.r llibbrrts best Brown Stout and Bristol l'orter For sale by PALMER k SA1DLER, Je 26 31 1 1 Front - stract. HCH.MOiMi FL - uUH. HO barrels (city. null's) superfine Fl'vir. arvr'H"d brand's. landin: aud for sale by GOOuilUE CO. Je 20 . 44 Son !h street. j l ANL'r ACI UKKO TOUACCO, 4c 50 1 L kezs 01 cavendi'tl I olucco 5f da small twift t;o. Landing and for sale low, by W. K 3. UltAlU. 20 hVs. prime Rirhmnnd Tobacco i",0 bh! bicliroom! Cciuilry JU.ur rtii bbis Kiel mond City ilo Je 26 I JOI I' ti M'KlNNL, oij South utet, oiler lor sale 0 bal. Upland Cotton B00 bcxeji f Tinplatrt, Font - pool brand 1 - 3X 19 mips sheathing Copper, ass'd iioiulba 2l o. 5 bales IVcr i',s (i'l pipes Catalonia Wine 10 do ol O. L. r. Mad ira Wine 20 font Kcfia lleunp, 1st quality 15 J doiien Spadss and Shovels 10 casks Carolina aad W cit India Hoes 5'i do Rice 170 htils. ('opperne, A'c. ' A quantity nt Kn'lisii Anchor". Je ?6 CIOTTO.N. 4 j M prime Upland Cotton, landing fion slocp Budget, for sale in lots to suit purcbajfci, by GRI5WOLI) It COATES, JeC6 6 South - sirM't. L ROY. rttlAKIt St CO. olTr lor saie unsee. Doira and Siitersoy Komahs Bandanocs, lVri4tn, I'uttih fully Hdkts. Jelahxirc. Joicpore tnd Jauah - nwns Cou.p'y tt Bcerboora Uurralis, Fiue Baflas Chr'iiiiore and Cluipore Cosiat Aiibad Maaoodics ' l.tdia Mn! Muds, Firrrnii fr - ilk Stockinet and Gloxrt FigM T affeta and ITaiu Satin Ribbons Linen CarLhrics Mtrini Shavls. Thrpidl.nre Superfine French nnd En'nh C'ollit Linen Hnmbigct for wounrts Eng'ish Flat; Bolt Ir.n, Bieaching Smallt G vat thins, Ki - i Rii - tls Roman Vbain Strirt , l'i - ; Lead Sheathing Copper. 16 lo 2H oz, L. I. Mailrira und Kbcnii - h Wiie Fruits in branlv nnd Co(li!t Heaver ar.d Felt Hals, with orawback Iticts ami Shoes do Musk' tsof all crarVs, Carfonch Boxet Fernrian Uark. Mill Stones Je CC CilllNA SILKS S vase .Vonkiu Crapes, 1 (assorted colour?) 1 do do do Clack 4 do Car.ton in 3 do Sowing Silk's (asortcd) 1 do Hiah colored Safins entitled to d.'ben - ALtO. Mure 1 case Leghorn Hat's, with extra Crrwn", for ai r.y ji - isy - 11 s. 1 , Je i ' f 10 ITr.ndway, rorncr Fn'tn - 't. i , nf it t. 1 iiie T 'O U.M.U3. J it'iinis. urlai? liicniiioiol r loar. 0: tup - . - nor quality, lanuing Irom schr Vulture, and in store, f r sale by Je 2$ BOOKMAN A - JOHNSTOV. JPIKIT'6 TURPENTINE it ROSLN 6 bbh J Sperns Turpentine JO do Rosin, very tood quality, for tale by R. ii C. W. DAVENPORr i CO. Jtii 35Pcck!iP. FarBa'e. Fi - ntli of Carter. TheaLip fACKUT, White, master T.L. JLi li&vinir been new sheathed and in Gther ruecls eflcctually and ftithfully repaired throughuut, and is now iu readilienJ fur a voyage. , ' This tl.ip has two decke, is 303 tons burthen, aiid can be sent to sea imrr.ediately, and is to be seen at Pine - street vlurf. For terms and particulars apply to GU1SVYOLDS Si COATES, ' Je 26 riiJ South street. . for LIVERPOOL, VviSi T he very supet ior coppered lliitish ASLshio D.VLMAKKOCK. W. V. Uol.crl - soii, master her caro bi - iiijj nearly eng.ifjcd. For the remainder of freight, or passage, liav - inp cleg - ant accommodations, apply board, cast side I'ly - mai ket - M liarf, or to S. DALCLEISll & CO. 103 Tearl - street. Who ofll - rs for sale, ex. buid vessel, fioni Leith Edinburgh Ale, of superior quality, iu bottles ai,d ca&kii. Wine Iloitles, Sic. per gross. je 26 r for .y.iie, freight or Charter, b - i 1 ',e we;' ,:,,,,W1, f:,l,t sailinjj briff Xj - 'UAlJAMS. now lyinjr at Amboy, and iiuuiiy expected in tliis port. For term apply to the master on board, at the ship - yard, je 26 2t ll'auteii to Charter, Li. One or luo Ui itish vessel, to load Sifor Liveriool. A'iply tn je - Mi AKC1H) ORAC1K. &M)S. tur CHAHLKziUX, To eail on Tueulay uext, with what freight and passengers may offer, he (iiiL EailiuS iC,u CALYl'SO, Hil - - Vfce!Lllianl. muster. Apply 011 board at Mur - luy's whai'l, cr to 1 UOGERT& KNEELAND, 70 Soiith - strvet. Lar'ding fi - nm said tchr A smnll quantity oi ve - iy long bandsoine uor - boards. iv 1 Ot ror 1IA AAA, Tl, n ,.r..,n,. - wtttnioR. r ipt 1 1 - ; iii'i.'ll ton burttun, (built by ,W. N. Ki'uwn ol Uiis c:ty,) B. Lie burd. uiastr.r. fc !lc will. 011 ine mill of July next, v eathcr p. r - milting. 1 or li eibt or ;te apply to JAMEs I). WOLF, iuni - jr, Je 24 f'4 Smitli - t. for CfURLf.STO.V, ,S. lie ahip UKLI.E, Htnrv C. 1 .it;.. iiii truster : will sail in all next week. wtrj "'i - " . - - bur freight or passage, apply oil board, west side Ply - market - wharf, ort'i je 20 91 feoath - slicrt. P.i!a. - UiE toll LVAJJUjV, Six or seven iiaispngrn can beai rom - r ' jiJjUiMooaif 11 111 uie cnnin 01 me reaiKi KHi'iy Uiu til it. - tl hr3 - .1. J.r... toj.'ol lor iomion nouiii the 2t;th int r'orteim - , apply to (apt. Manii. on boji d, at Joiict' whari'. 01 - 10 LOLLUT tJil.I F.SI'IE, June 13 H? From - !. Mir l it knfUlU., Lp t T'n: rlegant f.i"t sailing coppered ship ik iiu 1 u Vtii;n. I) R A l'ER, William AJani - s master ; tie u 21H U us burthen, i ply two years old, and will be di - patched iuunediatily ou ditt harming lier inward cargo. For fi eight or pa - - age. apply to tbo ui:;ster, 011 board, east ct Fly - market whari', or to li. W. ROGERS .fc Co. Jo 10 2;5 I'earl - strcct. fur LU.YDO.'t The substantial fast sailing Drithh brig SKEE.V, capt. J. Mason. Her cargo be in nearly engaged, will have immediate dioaten. For the remainder of freight, or (a;. - ag, having elegant accommodation?, apply on board, at Jouca' whan, or to S. DaLGE1E?II &Co. Je 19 lOirearl - street. ,k tk. .inmrii I, Arititrrr.s r. Iiarwick, muster, will mert with imaiediate dispatch, having half her freight cu - iaged For the remainder or passage, apply ou l - oard, at Murray' whai f, eat tide Coffee - House slip, or to S ALL ALLEY, Jinif 19 9',', I nip - t. . fur O.i V.iA.YA 11, . Tl.. ni,l .n Irnl I Tn V? - S " 1 i?4S - iXl LANT. M. Fash, mater, to sail on Sua Jay, 2.Hlh inst. For fre ight or parage, pp ply to II. K. CO. 113 Pearl street or to the niatrr on board, at Murray' hart. ea. - t Side Coffee House slip. Je IS I w for MA USUI. LKS, The elegant New. York built coppered ship CORSAIR, will positively sai on Sunday next, tor pafsase only, apply to capt. backus, on board, or to G. G. & S. HOWL AND, Je 23 b7 Washington ft. for fH&li&HH.' - ii&HLKx. The schr THREE SISTERS, Tol lard, matcr ; will sad in a few dayt r in lieiht or patsnge, apply on board, at 1 me street wharf, or to HENDERSON i: UAIKNi, Je 23 ill IW - t fvr b.1t - .1A.VsllL The very fiue brig SUPKRB, Reeves, master; wid meet with despatch, hav mg a lunsiderable part of her cargo cogtigaJ. f or itassago, bavin; handsome accommodations, or frng;lit, apply ou board, at pier No. 12, ea; sine OIJ - slip, or to rOlT M'KIN.r Jr. 23 6C South - ureet. for iVilmineton, JV. C. TTi. lining . I - l.w.n rivic nr. ton. matter: will sa l ou Suud:iy next r or 11 eight or passage, aiudy on board, at pier No. 14. A. L. GOMEZ, 165 Front - street. Vow lauding from laid sloop, 150 this turpentine, and 39 do. allum. Ac ply as above. Je 23 5t Fr BLAKELEYand.KOniLE, v4f The substantial fast sailing schooner i,ifit ONTARIO, 100 tons, captain LcHinir well t having most of her freight engaged, will meet with immediate dispatch. For the remainder of freight or passage, liavimr rood accommodations, apply on board at pier no. 2, E R or to PLI ERS Ic IIERIITJK, je22 29 Coenties - slip. Fir LIVERPOOL, v. (.if regular Trailer ) vtAjv The superior fast sailing ship CAR - J - .viOLlNE ANN, buiit rf live oak ami ce ilac, haviiiir been new coppered and repaired, is a lirst rate ship, - partofherfMrjo being etgaied she will be dispatcncu without tclav. km - treignt or passage, Having superio: ixcorirrnodaiijiis for 20 passengers, apply to captain Wm. I. Palmer, on board, at pier No. 18, F - R. or at 85 SoiitIi - trert, to je2 lw ROWLAND & nil A INF.. Fvr LIVERPOOL, Tht very sjerior Coppered Bri'.i - h ,iii,sliip UAl.M Ali.MXK, V. XVI . llotx - rt - s.hi, UiHstcr, ana win mcci wun every ui'paun, havlnj, half her cargo engaged. For Use reiaaiu - derol freight, or par - sag, having elegant accom modation, apply 00 board, cast side Fly - market whari, or to g. UALt.i.ll - .SU K t o. Jt 19 103 Fcarl - itreet 7 i COMMISSION COM f AST, Ko. US ( JL I'eaiUtreet, oii - for sale on accommodat ing 10 cases stripes, good Colors nd quality " 1 8' da fine and coarse Tinhams 9 d do checks , Prowo and bleached rhirtinga and shecliogs Lid - licking, cotton biJU, kc. Ic. Abo, a eooJ astorlment of broad cloths, cassi - meres, caiuett9 and lattmelts. Jei 1 'OoAl.CU Ai FLOUR. o4 Keus midil'l I ntl'kiij manufactured Tobacco, of extd lent quality, landing from the schr. Sea Lion In More, 100 k i man'if'd Tobacco, very fine quality. 2 An do do common 20 bhds Leaf do piime KMI bhli. supi - rCue Flour, Ilrfxali' brand 1 10 do do ' do Richmond Mills !: do r!o do country brands Fcr sale nt lufi Front - ctrrct. by Je25 TROKE5. DAVIDSON CO. Fill' iAUo, ,A suutil invoice ol Cutttlcel Fill Suws, just receivl and for sale by ANDERSON tc SHLARLK Je 25 131 Wa'er - streit. CLASIOAL SFMlAARY, IU Urteiiwu r. st. ,1 R. OIlAIIAiM purposes to admit 4 bnard - iVJ. rrs into bis teunnary, for whom suitabit accommodations have lieen provided. YiMir gentlemen ol from 9 to 12 years of age would be preferred. These will enjoy the benefit of a complete clasticul education, accoinp inied at pror intervals with instructions in Arithmetic, Altfi - b - a, English Urainroar, Geosrapl y.lliitory, Klocutioiiai.u CoiuiKuition. The Lnlisli stu - dii s uie a judii'inuiiy iuterwoven nitli the cls - a al, as tu ot canon a more rapid and thorough acquaint with the clusnical authors. They abo proke a reiief from the drudgery of r.oii'tant Latin and Greek Recitation. '1 bit method but the Initlier advantage of shaping the cliild'f education to meet the parentis, wishes, should h (as is not n'nrnn'iiioi tliri ct his attention from the cr.l!e"e to the count ins house. AneX'ic - rienceof Ihr. - e yean h:s cni.finucd Mr. G. in the utility of this plan ;aud be has it in bis power to shew that it I. as not been less ialisi'actoiy to others than biumrlf. Jc 25 Ct A WLI NURtL. ymir.g woman with a gii'Hl hrenst of Milk, . wiiies a situation as Wtl Nurse, inarcs - pecfaoic fami'y. She can give tli most sutit - iii' lorv r - ;r.r,!iiiTS at to character and abi'ity. E:..;uireat 43 Greenwicl. - ttreet. Je24 lw A CHILOS .NL'RcE. J ANTS asitnatiun in a tntlemans famiiy a rr5pccta!;le mi'!ii:e osced unman, who iiiiderst'imj? Iioose - lfei - ping, or the inaiagcineut ot c'Ireii. Sl.s cnngivu liie most satislai tory rrfrrnices. A line directed to Z and left at this ollice will he promptly attenu'td to. J.: 34 4' A Si I I A I IO.N VV AN'J LIJ. PERSON uhohm ieeu enKcd in business. 4. v, i'hcs ea.ployment in tone counting housci is wcllaitqiiiiriteilwiMi book - kcipinj; by dou - b!e entry, according to Benntt's plan ; ran give icsivcPihlt? references. A liic addrescd to S. I'. V. nud hit ut this ollice, will be attended to. J une X I I iv WAATs A MTU AT ION in a nv. italic l.iniily a young l.uly of re .ctahi'ily, e. ho in Hell at quatiiti - d wiiii (he inaiitna making uud nii.'iaa. v bufiuers, anil likewie every kiml 01 f iy; die work. A iite ad.lrcs'ed to 2. R. ano h it :.t this 1 i'.ke, will Le attended tp. .lei'.'. 1 TO i.t:i A counting Room, in the most central p.ut or lean treet. ror particulars eniiiiire at 197. up tt - itrs. Je 25 Lua i' TESTERDA Y, a pair ofagnt,; shirt Buttons, set transparent in Gold. Tlie tinder is requested to leave the tame at the o.llce. of this paper, where a suitable reward will be giveu. Je25 3t r.VBIBITIOX OF THK F1ME nT, COLUMBIAN PICTURE GALLERY. A'o. I4G fulton - itrcel, near Broaduny. THE proprietor i.f thi valuable and txten - tive collection of pictures, embraces, the ot'Dortunity of infbrmtuz connoisseurs and ama - leurs of the fine arts, and the enlifhteued public. of New - York, that the gallery will in future be open from U in the morning till half past 10 at iiL - hr. From 8 in the evening to half past 10, the gallery is linlliantly lighted up, aud the ad - oiiion only - j cents These pktui'tp hare been collected, nt the ex - iK - nseof 2500 dollars, an.l are allcwrd, hy the best judges, to bo the fiitr't specimens of Jhc art ever exhibited iu the I'niled States, being gem, selccte - l with peculiar care, frcm the va rious cabinets iu Rome, Naples. Florence, Am sterdam, Paris and London, aud the works of the most approved painters, Uith ol the annpnt and modern scImoIs, and are undoubtedly orijinals. Articls. ladies of centlcinen. will be entitled to study, or cpy any of the pictures, by ticcrming subscriber. Ladies or gentlemen, who have nibscribed one dollar, on paying another, will be considered subscribers for the season. 'Xjr' Admittance, for the day and evening, SO cen's i for a month, $1 ; for the season, C catalogues included. TO BE LET. At a very low rent, from the present time till the. 1st of May next, the STORE, Cl Fulion - ttreet, with a back ROOM, and large CELLAR below. Je24 1m HUAlil) & JMUGIAXi IVAMTt.U, 1,1 OR a lady, gentleman, and family, in a gen JL teel private family, where there are few or no other boarders. Two roomy plcasaut chambers and a parlor genteely furnished will he required. The situation mutt be pleasant, a good neighbourhood, and in the west part of the city, between Chamber and Broome streets. A note directed to A. Z.' tinting situation and reference, left at this effice, will be attended to. Je2'J 2t TO FltLcsMEN. ANTED, two Pressmen. L'nquirea No. 101 Grtwnwich - street. JrS6Vt w AX f..V,Lf.EIt H A.YTEJJ. WANTED an Engineer for a Steam - Boat. Wages from $iS to $70 per month and found, will be given. Those who apply will please to leave tl letter directed to A. O. at thisofuce, stating their qualification and the situations they may have at any time held. je 25 3t FOK SALE, VDARK Gray POVEY, live years eld this fall, sound and kind in harncs. ALSO, a SOkI second hanrieriCoACniX, in good order iishl : Also a rood Gig and Harstess: all to he old ch'np lor cash, hnquire ol Uhar'et 11. uei lows. 4 Lconnrd - Mreel. Je 2fl lw FOR SALE. 1 SMALL Brnwn Horse, of the Canadian .V breed, a natural pacer cr racker, and nn excellent hort for an invalid, very fnt, and easily kept. For fur'her particulars hpn'y to Mr. BOW K.s, at i,i Misery Stable in Antvmy - strcet, near Broadwsy. - JcSfltf , iicierj roil . - ?fi.r.. 4 Nclerar.t horse, 15 hands bizh, 5 vcars old. Ichtsnct bny, excellent either for saddle or nz. warranb - d tx.r.'ectlv sound and kind. F.11 - iiuiieat4i Chatham street, between the hours nl one awl In e. Je at" SADDi.E HORSE. TT'Oit tate an elegant caddie lioite. Enquire F et REDONS liable, pi Bet - ttreet. Je ifi lw WO or three iii'glf eulleuien can In banu - soriiely ncnmuiodHtcd with board at No. Broadway. Je 16 Im f iT'F.D. a si.uatinniMforemw ma pn - VI .i iain:iv. hv a Youne Lady. wh hat airra;ty hen seve'ai vearsein - rjcoce in iww, .... r - . . i - or. i inauire ai iiv. co iirosu ii. - - - WANTS EMITiOVMEN'T, A YOUNG roan fr.HVCorrpetent to iari - eiian;c v T. ofasetof Merchant Rook i. T he most . r . n. A note Cl s.ii,i.iu.t i - .r.T. - . s - a,. reefed to U.M. and left aItbitot - te at - te nded to. , 1 I by 2 ter 12, ricrtrRr.sanK, MiccniirtrAt. aks MARirtxr THEATRE. WASHINGTON HALL. MR. MAFKEY, artist, roecbanician, pro - . prielcrand inrenturof this erajia iciiru - sentation, will present vn nuAiMi, juixr. x - i, And every evening this week, Ins Ui.liant rcpre - ttntutions. To comn.eucc wilh . " A variety of Dances and Allveorira4 Mptamor - pli'.ncf . accompanied h ill, (iiflcri ut comic ccepa - ry, and toe till aorctiaary rower ol nariequin. Anions tlie imtaiiioinhoses will be particular - 'y distinguished tlie taide banged into a Flying Uraqn. llaricquiu will transforui in'oui lf five diffare nt tinies, iu presence of the attendants He will have bis bead cut off und replaced three f paratc tiii. s. Thetahou - charge and ipetaniorilio - set Miil, ny doubt, equal the niDal sauiiiii.e it l'tc tut li T.S. Fcr the lirit time, the superb view cf St. Helena, taken en the tide o! the city of St. Jami The principal editiccs will be ten. such as the church, the eoiemorN palace, the caseine, tlie uiuritc'. aiiil the (oit which tlM - eity, on the point of a rock. Six batteries, crowing each other every v ay, and delemlinj; the anr.ho ni.gplace. The leak of Diuua, fiom which tin y signal eest ! ut sea, will be - sten iu the horizon, at il.eui:tai:ce of uUnit 0!) unlet. Also, Napoleon Liiiiip.parte, Mr. und Mis. Uertrand, and several English Officer and Soldiers, will bed.s tingiiibedj m aikmg unih i li e thud oi the tiee that border the city of St. Jumes. Ys. - u!s ol iilliii. will he sera sailing and saluting cai It other, as (hey pats, and will be an - sneied by the furl. A mo - t r.trrieablc illusion. Mr. Miifh y hopi s but bis r pic - eit;i;i..n will nn'c.t with the approbation 01 the public, a be will join to this the u.ost iu'c reding obje - ets l.l th' - r trc arl' He will perforin every day this week. Fundi, y excciiled, at ball ptt li o'clock 111 the - - ve - ning. in ibe Gland Saloon of Wntl.mi.too lluli. ler'oiis who wish tn piociiie. tickets will pb ate apply at Wufbiiigton - Hall. First places 1 dolltir ;ecoud .laes 50 cents ; child ri. - n 25 cents. Je Si lw ue.ytj - :el JS OA U UJ.Ml. A SMALL family, or two or three single rren 1. tlcmen, muy now be accommodated ,itb board and pleasant rooms, on leasonable terms, hv applvinjj at 4'3 IKy - stiect. ie22 lw YUJiTU tAVfti S 7 KA.V - JlUA J ', On the lltn of May, oiauiflxi d runuuig loui tuiie..u week. A lioat C!,i feWaeasil'ave'S rseu - York on 'l ues ii 'j i. oitu, r. M ; Wednesday, nt A r. M; 1 m ar. at A. M. and S?lu.d:iv, nt 5 P.M. cl each week i end a boat Ii aves Albany en Mini il iy, Wednesday, Ti.uinday, and Saturday, at y A. M. The Fire - Fly Tcae Ni w - Ynlt on Tiie'diy Tburtday ami f attirdi'), at P A. M. or New - bur;; li, and rrttiV - snii .M. iiii,iv, W'cdni jihiy und Friday, at K A.M. Je Cfi 1 IIUJia.A UNO Lllill VUV, No. 124 Broadway, enrni r off Vdur - strei I, cp pn - ite ti.e l.'itv Hotel. . A. T. GOODRICH. & CO. IT AVI - , the pleasure of inlorinitig their liiVnds jLX am! cubseriuers, that (hev havi just receiv ed an extensive collection of the latest London publications, including several hundred glume' of new and popular novel, which are r rvnd for the. use of sul'scnix rs ONLY. The lullow in" are a part of the col'cctiou. Catalogues of the hooks may hi bad grati. 'JT.h Snin?tei's Journal, iu answer to the Ba chelor' Journal, by n Modern Antique, 3 soli. I.uirds ol lilenlairn, or lti:.;hl.uiilet ol tlit 19lh century, by Mary Johnston, 2. Sons of St. David, a Cauibro British Histori cal Romance, by Griffiths ap GrilhThw Esq. 3. Hermioue, or the delauller, byJUurolme acott. Mil. Mary and Fanny, by Juvenis Original of the Miniature, bv Selina Qaven - nnr, ' ' Go.lfrrv R,n!rer. hv O. W. rvnter.3r Cirelv.or the Rosa of Rabv. bv A"net Wu. grave, tl 1 cditiois, 4 - ,. The Revcali - r ot. Secrets, by the author of tub stance and ihnilow, ;c.2. CTauiliiic.or Pertinacity, by Bridzet Bhieman IK 3. Villatnnlillr, or the curious impertinent, by t atnarini' telilen. The w if'; ol Fitzalice and the C.i!ri!"niaii Si nn, a romance, by Marianne Breton, 5, Lite cfn Kcciie, bv A. Gibson, 2. Alvslericof lliins.irv, a Romantic Story, o' the J5th Cenlurv, bv f.'ilward Moo's., Lso. au thor of Sir Raich de Bigod. Arc. Kt 3. Oonralo rie Ualdiuo, u Rotunncc, by Anne of Swansea, 4. A Month 111 town, n Pafirical Novel, by Hum phry Hedgehog, 3J edilion, 3. Listhteen llunilred ami t ilteen, a batmral no vel, by the same, 3. Education, or Elizabeth, her Lover and Husband, by F.liia Taylor 3. Love, Hatred and Revenge, a Swim Romance, by T. P. Lathy, 2d edit. 3. Devil upon Two Sticks in England, by the nu - thor of Dr. Syntax's Tour in tearcti ol the Picturesque, fcc. 5hc(lit. 6. The Blind Beggar, or the Fountain of St. Catharine, Hy the author of Julicu, or My l ather's House, &.r, 4. Strathbosie, or Die Recluse of Glenmorrit, by Alicia M'Gcr.uis, 5. Icap Year, or a Woman's Privilege, by Scli - na DavpnHrt, 5. Howard Castle, ora Romance from the Mountains, by a North Britain, 5. The Deserter, by the author of Montreilh, and Husband Hunters, 4. Edric Ibe Forrester, by Mrs. Ker, 3. Benuchanip, or the wheel of Fortune. 4. Prejudice, or Physiognomy, by Azile D'Ar - cy, 3. The Pavilion, or a month at Brighton, by Humphry Hedgehog, author of a month in tewn, etc 3 Jessy, or tne ivntcoi Konniu' nonage, oy 111c author of the liruvo of Bohemia, 4. A Bri'ieand r,o Wile, by Henrietta Rouviere Mots, 4 The Foundling nf Devonshire, or Who it She I by Miss C. I. Hay net, 5. Robertiaa, by Catharine G. Ward, S. Anti Delphiiie,by Mr. Birnn, 2. Secrets in every Mansion, or Ibe Surgeoa't Memorandum Book, by Anne of Swansea, 5. The Rf.yr.l Bridet, orSaetrb of exalted characters, a novel, by Robert I' ramble, Esq. 3. Laviuia Filt Aubin, with Tales tketebed from Life, 4. Lucie Tweezy and his Quizzical Neigbntirs, a comic satirical imvet, ry Uie author 01 the Observant Pedestrian, Kc. Ate. 3. Owen CaiTe., or which it the heroine, a novel, Mary Aon Mi'bvan, 4 Bachelor and Married Man, or Equilibrium to tlie Balance of Comlort, 3 1 he Son and the Nephews, or more secrets Uian one, a novel, by Catharine Gleard, 3. Mr haled and Sedli, or tlie history of a Drue Family, with tome account 01T he Druce, an ancient people ol Syria, by the liarou de Dalberg, vols, Three Wee ut at Fladongt, a novel, by a late vi'itant, 3. Six Paris, or a cure for the Galloma nia:, by a late isitMit, J. ll - M - rlrr. nnovrl. he Amelia BcBUclcrc, 4 Ac.tre of the Preset Day, a uovel, by Ann Ryley, 3. '.hi.,.r and Rosa, an euisoJc, the merry mat written by John Alathert, Uie grave by a solid eentlrman, Z. .... ,, ortlloueaarraIily,BB'Jt, j twj croit. Correction, a novel, 3. Womao, or minor Maxim, a sketch. Dunetbvin, or Uie Vuit to Paris, a aovel, by a 'Ta'les of My Landlady, edited by Peregrine Fnzs'ehroin, assisbint to the schoolaiasltr of Genduelcuxh, 3 ... History oiJo'ia. i itzjonn, j. Tercther with the latest uiag'vziaet, reviews, plays, book oi iarnni, e. Subscripiiouni to the Library are received for 6, or 3 mon'hs, payable in advance. . i . t i . i P. S. A. T .U. .i Co. have alo rec ived an extensive varity of new piililicaliciioroi'',in cludins some highly emhellubed cjeticl works. . J C ' . . . And a f uiXy W tjeautara cutuons, in tu b Je25Jt for VUBIAG S ALES. , EY JAMEi SETON t.CO.. ' ' ' Monday, 1 ' 1!) o'cloc!?, i No - 7 Hudson - street, a hre and li oidsonie assurtinemt of bouiielinld fuioi - ', ture, conslsving of every anicle nece - sary a f,enletl family, such asc: ipc: curtains, table, chair, sofas, beds, beddii'jr, tabl lin - fi, cinna glass, aod kitchen fur'utiirc. "Together wilh a quantity i.f ve - y fine old wine, 'iJ stciling plate, "beinjj the property of a gtuUe - man breaking up buiirrkecping. N. U. Tlie House is tube rented chea;. l'oasesstou idl n.tdiately. , Tuesday, 1 1 n'd k in f. out of the T. C. II. ' 90 crates of earthenware, consisting' of an exellci.t assortment lbr thii market Catalogue will be ready on the iiioning of the sale BY M. D IT MIS. Tursiftiy. At XI o'clock, in front .,1 the Tontine Cof - .e Houw , 4 pipes aim 6 quarter cuks nTaiteira who; :i ' - ', London potter, and a quantity of supenor Newark cider. 'MAlUiLK tUH Jfl'JLJJIXli, Ac. rjp II E pr.ipi iibir of the southern marbln qua1 JL ries, near KingVFiridge, givo notice, that they have on baoil, and am receiviug, at the hint - JirtiLe .varblt and - laid. tool of iracfi - stifr - t, on the iiuu. - on nver, an extensive stock of marlile lor buUJiug, ol the loilowiug (!e - scrii'tion - ", viz : ' Adil ir Coping WalcrtabU Foundation Stone K'fi Chimney - I'ieec Tht forms lacings Sills, Lintel , - Columns . .Al - o Limo of the best quality, rj - " A constant supply cftbealiove materials may be calculated upon ; und those desirous of pun.baing, or niakmg ennagetnents, will apply to LZRA HDLOW. Feb II At the Yard. .Vt.A,i' JO J.OAK. ,i O t(f ADOLI.ARStoloan, inmmito ' J: tifXJ1 j 9 suit applicants, on bond with uioilg: gc upou aptnoved property. Lnmire of WM. WILLIAMS, 137 Watir - etrect. Wlure application may be gcneially made throvgh the year, and tuo.tgagc disposed of. Je i:0 if . sYotue tu t ily Mrasa.trs, he. Kc. ' CtT In pursuance of a resolution of.lbe Com - mt:n Council of the I5ih instant, all persons holding the nppointiieat ef City Weigher, Meas - iiieit ol C: ram, Kc. (lunger or Infpt tor of l.uir - Per, are directed to report their names and pla cei of resilience, and occupation (if any distinct from the itutie of said cffice,) lo tins Clerk of - the Common Council, at bit cilice, No. 7 City - Hall, 011 or lulore lie lath day ol July next; and every pi r.on holding cither of aid appoint - meiit.", ho t l.i. II full to make inch report by the tiiiu - above iuf ifi - d, tl.all be deemed to have resigned bis coiniui - sioii, and shall therefrom cease to execute thu duties thereof. By (hi) Common I onricij. J. AIORT'ON. Je. 22 Uyl5 AOITCE. frfT" This is Co lorbid all iwrsoo Irusfine tha crew of the I'oitugue.e biig Sophia, Lopes master, as no debt oi (heir contracting will be paid by the captain or consignee. Je 24 CO.U.ULJ CEJUMT A T JJAJi TMOUTJi COLLEGE. , CT3 In behalf of the Executive Officer of Dartmouth College, and pursuant to authority derived fio - n the Trustees, I hereby give no. tice, that, 10 order to avoid all collision res pecting the place for the public exercises, the annual commencement w, II thm year be holden. on the Hi nil Wednesday of August next, being the nineteenth day, instead of the fourth Wednesday, as heretofore established. Candidate for the second Degree, and top the Dct;rre of Doctor iu Medicine, aa also applicants for admission into College, and all o. 1 hers concerned, will take notice hereof and fjuvi - i ii themselves accordingly. ITUVt 3 BROWN, President. Dartmouth College, June COtli, 1818. '. T he editors of public Journals will con - fera favour on the College and the public by insrrtiiif this notice, jei'j 8t liiuil: if .itiicnca, Jane 2rJ,T'iK., 07 - A Dividend ol three per rent, lor six mon'hs, cudintrnu the L'Oth inst. hut been this day declared payable to the Stockholder on the Cth of July next. By order of the Board of Direct - tor. GEO. NEW BOLD, Caah'r. June 20 1m (& SAN 11 V HOOK. The p:team - Hoat O - LIVE - BRANCH, will tail op Sunday next, precisely at 11 o'clock for Sandy - Hook site will arrive there about half past 12, and will leave it at half past 4, so at to return to The city at 7. Passengers will be accommodated by Mr. Schknck, who keeps an excellent Tavern adjoining the light - house. Dinner will also be provided 011 board fur those who desire it. The beach afford excellent tea bathing, in every respect equal to Kockaway. Passage to the Hook 50 cent the tame fir returning. N. B. Person wishing1 to go, will if convenient, give in their name the day preceding; at the Philadelphia Union Line Coach and Steam Boat Office, north tide of the Battery, je 20 2t XAUTII.CS HALL. r!NE eiibscrilver has opened an IIOTF.L on JL stutcn Island, opposite the city of New - York, mar t ho landing place of Uie steamboat Nautilus. T he site affords a fine prospect of the city, ocean, bay, aud turroundiug shores the air and sea breezct are refreshing, and the accommodations good. Refreshmeutt of every kind and of the choicest description will be supplied to parties, tiavellerrar.J boarders, oa the shortest no - lire and on moderate terms. Carriages and horses, with careful driver, are prepared for those who may with private coovryance r to make excursion on the bland, which funiUhcs a variety of fo e and exleu ive views. A nioe - pin alley 00 the margin of the bay h'.s bit n erected, and every convenience prepared for those w ho may vuitthe Island for health, pleasure, or busiiitw. ' The subscriber Iwiws, by assidnr.ut ntlenlion to merit aud receive a liberal poruoo of the public imtrorjate. , T. HAZARD, Junr. Staten LTaml, June 21. 18IU. Jw TO LET. a ,, . ' J 1 I , 'SA'u n zjenirf i iiouie 10 Lrf.i, niiiii'ira in a D'irt ami fteaitiiy tnuation emiuire at no. ifllHarriiM - tr - t, Pel moid Hudson and (irren - wich - strei ft. Renl ij !00. Je 25 tf MEDICAL SCIENCE LOTTERY NO. 5. WILL commence drawing in tbit ity, on the first Tuesday in August next. 500 Lumbers to lie drawn each day. Mill. Mb, 1 prire of JtOO.OOO, 1 do SO.OOil, i ih 5.000. 45 do l.tix. t prize of 50,000. 1 do lO.OtiO, do 2,000, T,1 lo 100, Ae.l 5 tiK) nl tttl Dnllnrs. Ticlcets and Shares.' iu aynriity of eurnberf. sa!e ft th Boon Slore and lottery of:i - I No. 19 Peck - flip, comer of W'alrt tirett - ' .' Price o Tu keU and Scares, n: Whole Sd.' I Qunrtcr $r 50, llalvtt 13. 3 V5, I tiii'iua Sixtccstl 1

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