Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 3, 1934 · Page 1
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 1

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1934
Page 1
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·i'UON E B ' \ n i l ! U E M A m* ij C H T OF I Q iV A r F S M '1 I H C ; I .' North Iowa's DAILY PAPER Edited for the Home 'TUB NEWSl'Al'BK THAT MAKES ALL NOKTH IOWANS NEIGHBOKS ME EDITION VOL. XL FIVE CENTS A COPV ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED W1KB SERVICE MASON CITY, IOWA, THURSDAY, MAY 3, 1934 THIS PAPIiK CONSISTS OF TWO SECTIONS SECTION ONE NO. 177 lowans in Washington Teeth Cause Delay in Patronage Problems. TAX BILL SENT TO WHITE HOUSE May 3. (/T)--The latest addition to that vaguely defined but much discussed g o v - ernmental group known as the "brain trust" has made its appearance at the treasury At least the group of treasury officials who I. gather with Secretary Morgen- thau every morning of the week for a conference which u s u a l l y lasts from 30 minutes to an hour has been so designated. Newsmen assigned to cover the treasury haven't been able to find out what transpires at these regular morning conferences. Their best guess is that current and future policies are threshed out. Certainly the "brains" of the department are present. A roll cal would disclose such names as the following: Secretary Morgenthau, Herman Oliphant, general conusel to the sec retary; Herbert Gaston, in chargi of press- relations; William H. Me Reynolds, administrative assistan' to the secretary, and T. Jefferson Coolidge, recently appointed under secretary. Treasury Revamped. There was a time when the treas ury was probably the most decen tralized department of governmen in Washington. Since Morgenthai took control, however, it has be come just the reverse. Where in former days the s«cre tary remained aloof, almost apar from personal contact with his va rious bureaus and their chiefs, Mor has a fairly good ide;. o everything going on in the depart ment " chiefs', 1 from tie collector "fit the bu reau ol internal revenue to the chie of the secret service. The problems of each bureau ar canvassed and talked over. Thes '· weekly meetings are much the sam as the executive of a big busines concern would have with his subor dinates. Kooscvclt Band Seen. An excellent example of how Mo: o-enthau goes in for this sort o thing is the recent meeting he ha here with collectors of internal rev enus from all over the countrj There plans were made to launc : an intensive campaign to- collei back taxes owed the government. Many profess to see 1 the hand o: President Roosevelt in this newly- organized treasury efficiency. It ' wouldn't be far wrong, perhaps, to \ say that Mr. Roosevelt is his own 1 secretary of the treasury. Certainly '.'' his hand has "been clearly evident in all policies pursued by that department thus far in his administration. And this mucli is known, too: Mr. Roosevelt has a standing weekly luncheon date at the white house ;: with Secretary Morgenthau. Usual\ ly it's Monday at 1 o'clock and treasury problems are discussed as they lunch around the president's : wide, flat-top desk in the executive offices. Herring Welcomes 2,000 to Farm Holiday Meet APPLAUDED FOR STAND ON 'COST OF PRODUCTION' io Declares Wallace - Not Qualified for His Post. DES MOINES, May 3. UP)--Gov. lyde L. Herring of Iowa welcomed 2,000 members of the Farmers Holiday association in their national convention here t o d a y with a stand for cost of production. The Iowa ex- e c u t i v e w a s cheered and applauded when, in the opening address of the convention, pressed. he ex- Jiimself Milo Reno in favor of cost of production for farm products. Governor Herring referred to a telegram he sent President Roosevelt six months ago in which he had supported cost of production prices, one of the basic demands of th"e Farmers Holiday association. "Let us all work together to further our own interests," the governor 'said. "I am sure we can do so. Welcome at Statehonse. : "Several delegations here to at- :-te'nd' : the.-"holiday"' ''association-? : are coming over to the statehouse today to see me. I want you to know Kingdom of Yemen Falls to Ibn Sand Imam Reported Slain; British Send Ships to Arabia. LONDON, May 3. (.«--Ibn Saud, ruler of Saudi Arabia, was reported today to have crushed the ancient kingdom of Yemen, captured Hodei- dah, and sunk armed ships in Hbdeidah harbor with his modernized army artillery. The Iman of Yemen, ruler of the country, was reported assassinated by a revolutionary outbreak. The British government moved rapidly to protect its nationals and British property and to prevent any organized uprising of Arabians. Warships Dispatched. Warships, including the sloop 'Penzance," were dispatched to the area. H. M. S. Enterprise, a crusader, was ordered from Mombasa, East Africa, to Aden in southwest Arabia. The situation in Arabia was regarded with grave concern by the British government. France and Italy, which possesses colonies at the southern end of the Red sea, also may become involved, it was said. * The war between Ibn Said and the Imam has been carried on for months, beginning as a small border dispute and sweeping to today's apparent climax. Far Beyond Objective. On April 12, Ibn Saud specified that he would give Yemen peace in return for the surrender of the mountaineous "border strip, "but .today's -reports showed'' his army- had carried far beyond that objective. British quarters said they feared TWO ARMED MEN HOLD UP EVERLY BANK OF $2,000 Bandits Accompanied by 2 Women Who Wait Outside in Car. EVERLY, May 3. UJ--Two armed bandits at 1:30 p. m. today robbed the Farmers Trust branch here of 2,000 and es'caped in a Ford tour- ng cur. The bandits, accompanied by two women who waited outside in the car, entered the bank and asked Manager Owen Goodspeed for some change. As he turned around one of :he men said, "It's a stickup." Goodspeed, Bertha Hoist, stenographer, and H. C. Clark, a customer, were hustled into the vault, and the bandits proceeded to rifle the $2,000,000 War Upon Crime Russian Crown Jewel Display Refused by Soviet Government MOSCOW, May 3. UP)--The soviet government today refused the request of the Chicago Century of Progress to send the Russian crown jewels there for exhibition this summer. It was made clear that the Bolshevik officials were unwilling to trust such historic valuables beyond the borders of Russia. that you are welcome at all times' over there as long as I am there." Arnold Gilberts, Wisconsin holiday association president, responded to the address of welcome, "I want to assure the governor that we appreciate his splendid welcome to us here, today," he said. "He has at no time, nor has anyone in Des Moines ever had, an opportunity to welcome a more patriotic group. "This organization stands opposed to any group that tries to destroy the constitution of the United States." Gilberts also was applauded by the delegates, whose numbers increased steadily as the convention got under way. he might be inspired to extend his power along- all Arabic peoples east of Egypt. It was regarded as certain that Great Britain would continue hei ancient policy of protecting her citizens wherever they might be and the British empire interests are strong in Arabia. 20 States Attend. Delegates were listed from 20 states and Saskatchewan, Can. The states were Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Indiana and Ohio. Milo Reno of Des Moines, national president, who presided, read telegrams from Governor Langer of North Dakota, the Rev. Charles E. Coughlin of Royal Oak, Mich., and j Morris E. DeWolf of Spencer, as- j suring the convention that they were enroute to Des Moines. DeWolf, who was cited several weeks ago by the national code au- (Tiirn to Pa^e 0, Column 2) Wea Hf- FORECAST fOWA: Unsettled Thursday night and Friday; showers probable. Slightly cooler in northwest portion. MINNESOTA: Mostly cloudy Thursday night nnd Friday, probably showers In south portion and Friday in northwest; cooler in east, warmer in extreme northwest Thursday night; rising temperature Friday in northwest. LOCAL STATISTICS Globe-Gazette weather figures for 2i hour period ending at 8 o'clock Thursday morning: Maximum 82 Minimum in Night 57 At R A. M. 6Z Rainfall .03 of an Incli Thursday morning brought the first measurable rainfall to Mason II City since April. the opening week of FARM PROBLEM KEY TO RECOVERY Baruch Believes It Will Not Be Solved by Slashing Production. WASHINGTON, May 3. (.«-- ! Bernard M. Baruch, financier and adviser to presidents, said today in one of his rare interviews that solution of the farm problem is the key to economic recovery. Recently a guest at the white house, the New Yorker indicated his belief that the farm problem will not be solved by cutting do%vn production but by increasing consumption at home and abroad. "The most important problem be' fore the country," Baruch said, "is a just solution of the agriculttira problem, as it has been for 20 years. "The first thing is to establish the buying power of the farmer and the ownership of his farm. As soon as that is established many other problems will be solved. Without that nothing will be solved." The administration recently has shown a disposition to attack the farm problem through export aid* and tariff agreements. French Call on Japan to Obey 9 Power Treaty British Submit Proposal to Curb Japanese Imports Into Colonies. cages. Witnesses described the bandits as between 20 and 25 years old. One wore a dark blue suit and black hat while his companion had on dark trousers and a white shirt open at the neck. Residents of Everly, which is 15 miles northwest of Spencer in Clay county, said they had seen the car in tlie town since early today. Soon after the bandits had fled Sheriff Fred Erickson of Clay county attempted to trace the flight of the bandit car. Police radio broadcasts were made from all the. Iowa stations. The car.carried an Ipwa : lieense 'county'IS:" · ~" ' : "'~~~~~'*~ \ ~~ Feeble Communist Attempt to Resume Fight Flickers Ou PARIS. May 3. (/T) -- A feeble communist effort to rekindle hostilities with police flickered out early today. One hundred defiant youths--dte- cou raged by the indifference of 2,000 police who withdrew after a few skirmishes--dispersed shortly after the police went borne. The communists attempted to renew riots broken up early yesterday with injuries to four policemen and 20 manifestants. ACCUSED OF AIDING DILLINGER More Guns, Men Needed in Campaign Justice Department to Ask Congress for Money. WASHINGTON, May 3. i.T'i--The ju.-tice department outlined today a §2,000,000 thrust at crime. It will ask congress for this sum to buy more guns and pay more men. A shortage of federal "artillery" was disclosed to have led to the arming of federal Dillinger chasers with machine guns captured from other mobsters. Several machine guns taken from Harvey J. Bailey, Albert Bates and George (Machine Gun) Kelly, convicted as kidnapers of Charles F. Urschel, Oklahoma oil millionaire, have been removed quietly from a show case at the department in the last few days and issued to agents assigned to the Dillinger case, To Ask for Funds. Attorney General Cummings was represented as "ready" to ask congress for sufficient funds to engage as many as 200 to 300 additional division of investigation agents and Dr. Clayton May (overcoat on arm), Minneapolis physician, and his nurse, Mrs. Augusta Suit (right foreground), two of four persons indicted at St. Paul on charges of harboring John Dillinger, are shown a.s they left jail for court to have their bonds reduced from $50,000 each to ?20,«00. Dr. May and Mrs. Salt were charged with treating the desperado's bullet wounds after ho narrowly escaped a St. Paul police trap. They said he forced them to treat him at the point of a machine gun. (Associated Press Photo). PARIS, May 3. (J)-- The French ;overnment today called upon Japan to observe the nine power :reaty to the letter in a straightforward reply to Tokio's note explaining Japan's "Asia for Asiatics" doctrine." Member of Illinois Legislature Shot j to Death in Shed WOMAN CAUGHT; BARROW HUNTED Two Men Flee Into Woods in Missouri Leaving Girl in Auto. To Kestrict imports. LONDON, May 3. (.Vi--Restrictions which Great Britain contemplates placing upon the importation if Japanese goods to crown colonies and to the British Isles were given to the Japanese ambassador, Tuunedo Matsudaira, today by Walter Runciman, president of the board of trade. The restrictions are intended to prevent underselling of British manufactured goods by Japanese importers. The ambassador was understood to have said that no immediate reply to the proposal could be given. In many areas, Japanese goods are underselling the British and others considerably and Japan has i made rapid strides forward in the textile business, long a mainstay of j England. ! The British are understood to be alarmed at the spread of Japanese trade through the colonies and Africa, one of the chief centers affected. It was understod Runciman would present a full picture of the British position to the Japanese ambassador. Unless Japan offers some form of settlement of the problem, it is understood that Great Britain will abandon all efforts to ease the competition between the two nations. Gets County Aid and Then Dies With $561 GETTYSBURG, S. Dak., May 3. (.T)--Charles Mosher, about 77, little known resident of this community for 15 years, applied for county aid last week. After investigation his claim was allowed. Scarcely had he been informed than he died. Examining hig clothing, the coroner found currency totaling ?561. MARSHALL, 111., May 3. (/Pi- Representative Sol Handy, member of the Illinois house of representatives from the thirty-fourth district, was found shot to death today in a woodshed behind his home. Handy's shotgun, which doctors said had inflicted the fatal wound, was found beside the body. A yardstick was lying by the gun. Coroner R. C. Wilhoyt immediately asembled a jury to determine the manner of death. SPRINGFIELD, Mo., May 3. (JPl --Missouri highway patrolmen seeking two men, one of whom was believed to be Clyde Barrow, outlaw, reported the capture of a woman companion of the pair today but said she was not Bonnie Parker, known to be Barrow's companion. The woman told officers she is Florence Wilsie, 25, of Osceola. HI. She said she was hitchhiking and was picked up by the men last night at Charleston, Mo. She said the two men called each other John and Bob and they had a shotgun and two pistols. Flee Into Woods. Capt. Albert B. Shepard of the patrol said the men fled on foot into the woods near Cabool leaving the woman and their car, when two farmers approached. A posse was seeking them. Patrolman Ben Graham, who engaged in a running gun battle with the trio last night, said the three took pot shots at curious residents of Mountain Grove, who stepped from their homes to watch the speeding machines. The patrolman said he chased the car more than 25 miles before losing it on a by|road, the three day festival program, the I A squad of heavily armed officers GIRLS GLEE CLUB RATED AS "GOOD" Mason City High School's Musicians at State Festival. IOWA CITY. May 3. (.-?)--Some 2.000 of the 5,112 contestants in the j state high school music festival had arived here today as solo and glee club events began. In one of the largest events on SEEK DILLINGER "DEAD OR ALIVE" Government Opens Drive in Chicago Area After Finding Auto. I'ICTURE ON PAGE 5 CHICAGO, May 3. JP--The government's ace man hunters and police marksmen massed forces in the Chicago area today in a new drive to equip them not only with guns but also fast motor cars. The justice department's appropriation for the present fiscal year totaled $41,231,835. For the year beginning .next July 1 the department has been allotted only $28,700,778.' With congress speeding through a variety of federal anti-crime bills officials anticipated little trouble for the new money request. Guns Put Out of Order. DES MOINES, May 3. (IF}--Adjt. Gen. Charles Grahl has ordered rifles and automatic pistols in all Iowa national guard armories temporarily made incapable for use for firing purposes. The order was issued, General Grahl said, as a precautionary measure in connection with an epidemic of thefts from armories throughout the country by criminal gangs seeking firearms. SENATE AGREES TO DROP 10 PER CENT SUPER TAX House Approves Margin Requirement in Stock . Market Bill. WASHINGTON, May 3. (.-I 1 )--The senate today completed congressional action on the ?417,000,000 tax bill by eliminating the 10 per cent emergency super-income tax for next year proposed by Senator Couzens (R., Mich.). The conference report was adopted without a record vote and then also without a roll call the senate receded on the proposed 10 per cent levy on. income taxes which the house had turned down by a big majority. The measure sent to the white house, goes a long way toward bolstering the budget and helping to pay the cost of the recovery program, but most of the new revenue will not start coming in until 1935 when a majority of the new taxes are effective. Scores of Changes. The legislation makes scores of changes in administrative provisions of existing law to tighten them against tax avoidance, levies higher taxes on the transfer of estates, gifts and large individual incomes and imposes a capital stock and excess profits tax against corporations estimated to raise $95,000.000 a year. Personal holding companies arc taxed a high rate of surtax on their undisturbed adjusted net income and corporations, except railroads, may. no longer enjoy; the privilege of filing" ' " "' '""""' """" to get alive." John Dillinger, "dead or class AA Girls' Glee club competition, Roosevelt of Des Moines. Abraham Lincoln of Council Bluffs a.nd East Des Moines, were given superior rankings. Roger Downing of Mason City was rated superior in baritone bass solo and Costa Rumeliote excellent in viola solo. Bert Kuschan of North Des Moines proved his versatility by- winning the highet rating in cello solo competition. Kuschan won the clarinet solo event last year, but festival rules prevented him from entering the same class again. Ho began practicing on the cello for the first time last summer. Summaries: was rushed from here in an attempt to intercept the trio. Reported Seen Twice. Barrow's last reported appearance was at Fort Scott, Kans., where he released Percy Boyd, chief of police at Commerce, Okla. The officer was j kidnaped when Barrow and two companions shot and killed Constable Cal Campbell, near Commerce. The car xvas reported sighted twice after dawn, once on a road south of Cabool and again on a highway west of the town. (The auto, dark V-8 coach or sedan bears Iowa license number 37-493, lias a trunk or box on the Boys' Glee club class B-- Super- 1 iear _ sparc tirc on the front against j ior. none: excellent. Esthervillc. thfi vadia t 0 r and is carrying consid- 1 dan, .0 rage 6. Column -,, I crablc luggage.) The discovery of a bloodstained automobile--one of two or more cars the Dillinger mobsters apparently used in their dash to liberty from the Little Bohemia resort near Mercer, Wis., April 2, spurred the concentration. Police Capt. John Stege's special "Dillinger squad," comprising the best marksmen of the police force, was under orders to comb all of the city's underworld haunts for the elusive Indiana bad man. Automobile Founo. The bloodstained automobile was found late yesterday, abandoned in a street on the north side. The stains gave t'ise again to the belief that one of the Dillinger gang had been badly hurt at one time or another after their flight from the resort near where a federal agent and a civilian were shot to death. The car was stolen from Roy Francis of South St. Paul, Minn., on April 23--the day after the battle of Little Bohemia, after three men riding in a coupe and believed to be Dillinger gangsters, were sighted by deputy sheriffs at Hastings. Minn. A running gun fight between Hastings and St. Paul park ensued, but the trio escaped, abandoning the coupe near Inergrove, Minn., where they held up Francis, his wife and baby, taking his sedan. Coupe Left Behind. The coupe was found later, abandoned and bloodstained, the trio continuing their wild flight, which apparently took them to Chicago, in Francis' car, presumably by way of Freeport, 111., where it was equipped with stolen Illinois license plates and a doctor's insignia. The rear window of Francis' machine had been knocked out, to give the gunm'ii free range in any ma- rrnrn lo l'i»s* · Column ?i Gov. Bryan Guest at Dedication of Statue to Famous Brother WASHINGTON, May 3. UP)-Gov. Charles Bryan of Nebraska was the honored guest today at the dedication of a statue of his brother, William Jennings Bryan. The event climaxed a two day Nebraska celebration in Washington, which opened last night with a Nebraska society reception in honor of the governor. Josephus Daniels, ambassador to Mexico and president of the Bryan Memorial association which sponsored the erection of the statue, delivered the dedicatory address. The bill provides a norinaT income tax rate of 4 per cent on all net income as against 4 per cent on the first .$1,000 and S per cent above that fig-ure in existing law. Exemptions Are Same. Exemptions are the same as in the present law -- $2,500 if married and .$1.000 if single-- but a 10 per cent credit is allowed for earned net income up to 514,000. Income surtaxes are raised, mostly in the higher brackets, and ths taxes begin at a lower figure than. at present, but due to allowances for the first time of normal tax exemptions in figuring the new surtax the lower bracket taxpayers will pay no higher tax. The new surtax schedule reduces existing income brackets from 53 to 29. "Heart of Bill." The house today approved the 45 per cent margin requirement in the stock market control bill. This provision was termed by Chairman Rayburn (D., Tex.l of the interstate commerce committee, as "the heart of the bill." Under the bill, the federal reservp board has the authority to change the 43 per cent margin requirement. if it believes that it is in the public READY TO MAKE SILVER PAYMENT Great Britain Expected to Offer Part of Debt Due to U. S. LONDON, May 3. iJPi--Great Britain is prepared to make a silver token debt payment to the United States in June, it was reported in financial circles today, as a result of the recent drop in silver prices. While official confirmation was lacking, it is believed probable the British government took advantage of the low price. Although the day of reckoning is only a little more than a month away, there is still no official indication that Britain is making any kind of a payment on her debts to the United States, but it is believed it will be another token payment. Well informed financial quarters said today there has been no evidence of purchases of silver on the open market by the British government. Great Britain's war debt to the United States totals $4,636,157,358. The next installment on the British debt due June 15. is §85.670.765. The token payment made at the time the December British installment fell due was .$7.500,000. By voice vote the house defeated .in "amendment by Representative Kennedy (D., N. J. ) to reduce the margin requirement from 45 to 40 per cent and also howled down an amendment by Representative Martin (D.. Colo.) to make the 45 per cent mandatory. Inheritance Tax Paid. DES MOINES, May 3. UP)-- Tb.! state treasurer today received pay- j ment of $165.03 inheritance tax or. the estate of Garrett Stack of ilinton. Taxable value was S3.- 300.50. Parliamentary Law This is a compilation of the established rules of order that govern thu proceedings of all deliberative bodies, now available through the Washington Information bureau uf this newspaper, ft is in the most practical form, briefed for ready reference and clarified so that the average person will not get lost in a maze of technicalities. A copy of "Parliamentary Law" will be sent to any address postpaid for six cents. Use coupon. Mason City Globe-Gazette Information Bureau, Frederic J. Haskin, director, Washington, D. C. I enclose six cents in coin (carefully wrapped) for the booklet on parliamentary law. Name Street City State ( M a i l to Washington. IJ C i

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