The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on May 23, 1963 · 64
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · 64

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1963
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r I 1 Q Perl V-THUPS..MAY 23.1 963 Hfl3 SSngrlfg Hintf 3 Janet Leigh Wins Hal WallisFilm Role Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley lo Co-Star in 'Viva Las Vesas' BY IIEDDA HOPPER Shirley MacLame refused lo do the last picture on her contract with Hal Walh.s, so he contacted Doris Day. Her husband said Wall is would have to buy out a picture she was to do for Columbia for S373.000; Doris would get S3")0.(XX) salary plus of the gross, then he. as associate produrer. pets S',0,000. Too - rich for Hal's blood. Janet Leigh did it, and Wallis says she's delightful. "It's ridiculous, isn't it," said Hal. Shirley's been orbiting again. Landed here a few -days ago after stopovers in Japan. Hong Kong, Bangkok, New Delhi, Beirut CI know people all U sv4 V ovcr ,he J'0!111"'. Athens Janet solo. When I expressed concern about a lone female doing this, she said, "I'm bigger'n anybody. Besides I'm a jujitsu expert." Her daughter Saohi, 61 2, now fluent, in five languages, is at that international school in Tokyo, a model for the rest of the world. There's one drawback. "Half the time I don't know what she's talking about," says llama. Will Create Plenty of Action They're going to invent a new camera when Ann Margret and Elvis Presley co-star in "Viva Las Vegas." Both swingers like to move while singing, and when they duet I don't know what will happen. It's the first time Elvis ever teamed up musically with a leading lady. Exhibitors want action films this should fill the bill. Mary Leatherbee, of that national mag, has some great ideas for celebrating Hollywood's golden anniversary. If she succeeds with half her projects, she'll be due for the darndest bonus Henry Luce ever paid anybody. Dinah Shore's undecided about future plans. Hottest rumor when I got home was that Dinah would pick up her final divorce and take the plunge immediately with Maurice Smith of Palm Springs. "Not so fast." she told me when I phoned her. "Tell you what," she said. "I'll call you 15 minutes before I say, 'I do.' " Her daughter Missy, who had real talent as a dancer, turned in her t u-tu and now is an expert at the Watusi and the Mashed Potato. Both children are in school in Palm Springs. Jody plays baseball and rides his bike all over the place. "It's a small town and we're all having fun," said Dinah. Just Like Old Times Visited Deborah Kerr on the "Chalk Garden" set in London. In appearance she's changed less than any actress I know. I met her first in '43 when she was doing "Black Narcissus." I've always said love gives you greater beauty than a face lift. Deborah tells me she spends much time with her daughters. They visit her in Switzerland and at her London flat. I asked if she ever looked at the little house in the country where she was living when I first lunched with her. "Yes, once," she said. "I couldn't resist it. I asked the new owner if I might look at the garden. The lilacs are 20 feet high, the roses more beautiful than ever, but they've added something which I couldn't afford at the time a swimming pool." Called Irene Dunne to deliver a message from Nun-nally Johnson. When I saw him in London, he asked me to bring Oris love to one person, Irene, his "lady complex." She was laid low for a few hours by a t'-phoid shot. She's getting 'em all so she can help Conrad Hilton open his new hotels in Hong Kong and Tokyo: (Released by Chicago Trlbone-N Y. New Syndicate. Inc., 1963) VV ' ' . 1 . I M i 1 FILMLAND EVENTS Alan Ladcl Definite for 'Carpetbaggers' PO.NGSTRESS Sarah Vaughan has concert June 1 in Shrine Auditorium. -r -J f 1 Alan Ladd has been defin- itely set for the key role of N'evada Smith in the Joseph!'1 E. Levine proIuction for Paramount of "The Carpet-. i baggers." (Jeorgp Peppard; j p,k f,..;..... ;ii ! r tar in the film which be- ' gins shooting June 4. Ed- h .. i i , . i M j . !diu unnuK win uueci. Ladd is aljii being sought to star in the "N'evada Smith"1 sequel to "Carpetbaggers." 1 Producer Mary t rank and director Vincent Donahue have been consulting with Robert Loggia to star in Hor ton r ootes play. gons." The play, a contemporary drama set in Texas, has been scheduled for a Dec. 2 rehearsal date in New York. Andrew Duggan has been signed by producer Edward Lewis for a top role in "Seven Days in May", being filmed bv Seven Arts. Joe Productions and John Frank-' enheimer's company for Paramount release. Duggan joins Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas. Fredric March and I y Alan Ladd Connor? move to the Bev-ciety Theater, ha3 n'scouts Location erly HC!s Hotel thU week-jsigned by Guzman Produc-P Dirwt B,!ZT Ku- va. end for some pool sequences .tions to wnte the screen-l . ' - t''V . y r,Iav for 'To CWmU the Slcv " U F.grade to scout tor jutns Move uver lrar-'f j - 7-M -;" 't. ling." Some scientific t I to be Chile. filmed this fall in locations for "The Achilles ffair." unique eouinment is currently beinc assembled for producer Ivan f Tor?, who takes off for So.! P1CWCCD t 7-2M r . i : iLirLncominsitho ....... r r, Ma Dilation ot ura Ecknond O'Brien in the film. Mickey Rooney will tour straw-hat circuit this summer in "Tunnel of Love" opening in Detroit July 2. Bobby Van will also be featured. Doris Day, James Garner. Pollv Bergen ami Africa following the June premier of "Flipper" in Florida. The equipment consists n f ii .,1 i 1 r r r V. 1 , 1 ! r ,- small transistor collars ; "rC which will Ie fastened! Tr iaround the necks of anes-' CALIFORNIA thetized wild animals for! T?.'1Z tracking purposes during thej CORNELL filming of "Rhino," which MGM will finance and re-l finriHH 4 1 1 ff " I , . 1 .Alien . .Manini nas oeeiii NW RESEDA namea co-orainaior 01 sales and operations of Theater-Vision Color Corp., the National closed circuit color television nework for theaters, it was announced by-Irving H. Ievin, Theater-Vision president and executive vice-president of NGC. John Harding, author-director of "Uncle Marston." Winner o 3 r4' G'W fee TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD Robert 4 HamiMittf n0t DRUM SCNS MOtLYWOOO t PiX cl -fy ! PARADISE Ww4. mr. Vim liT vr mc pt,n..-.r AN 0 4-til John iwe, 1110 BSMO s CPfl AU HIGH? WfSTCHESTM SAN MUNANDO VAUtV ' lONfi IEACH-SANTA ANA MOWNE 1 6 PARANOIAC "icormenfted(v Adits-! rA Rc3mefvie(! aj j. SI1R fit unit ettoNO sun 6f Peek-But Vtor lo It'll Mck;ncDnlJ AUKTtE WMt Chuck now playing at the Stage So- MKLVYA LAS por-traj aging cattleman in "Ilnil,' opening at the Chinese Theater Friday. 'PT 109' Rings Bell Jack Warner's entrusting the $6 million production of i "PT 109" to director Leslie1 Martinson has paid off with; yet another award. j The movie about Pres-j ident John F. Kennedy's adventures as a Navy lieutenant has been given the Bell Ringer Award by Scholastic Magazine for "excellence in direction, acting, photography and appropri-l ateness of subject matter." J TONIGHT t 8-00 r "STUNNING.., r"'!! the best since cT bethtmost Open City' and v, talketf about ; prwucTion silica Is 'La Doles Vita'." i M t M antrta lill Jt'k. 1 tf'Es'S rn nil BEST PICTURE WINNER OF 7 ACADEMY AWARDS! CAnh Mtm mil' THC SAM SPC3(k-DAVI0 It AM Production ol A 'Ml -V FJ : 1 H L V) 41 Tj STAN LEY-WAR N ER BEVERLY HILLS , M IM4 tnatCaMa.aill2t-BR 24794 Kutrvtd SMt Tlckatt at Boa Offtca or Mall Ordar or so. calif, music co., 03 so. nm. ana ait muniai aioikiis (pnono WA. 7-124 tor your Btaraat location.') Cjanette scofl ?&lp ft OLIVER REED SHEILA BURRELL ww WUFiil)!18 I ALEXANDER DAVJON-LIUANE BRQUSSE in COLOR- SQLflr? I ir STADIUM , Torrance Carlton Mtwt OitMOND HEAD RIO BRV0 TORRANCf -CARDCNA RIVOLI 4 L B IM. H .J.'7 BROADWAY Snto Af 1 2-4;7 KING OF 1SGS Pat Bf"i YFllOA CNPf 1ft OMAN HUM Frnk Sinatra Manchurun Cfdidata euRNiNG HILLS DIBIT rnni Hr fira"o rs OA 4-404 JAPANESE FEATURES TOOAY ENGLISH SUBTITLES Eliiibftl Taylor GIANT SUMMER PLACE 7 CULVER CITT MERALTA . Tulv.r Ctty GO OUT TO A j- MOVIE TONIGHT MONTEBEUO AJ-2IM ST ARK fltR VOGUE' G' Peck-Best Actor iontrtJn. lo . aa A Mocktnrfrtri PAt.i.'i CRITICS CHOICE LA PUtNH CTiB frank Sma'ra L Pmpu Mancharur. CwdK'att EO i-iv-t THE WAR LOVER LA H ABR A LA HASP.A ; La Htr.l ! 0 w ; -11.; Crwltnn Het"Ti DIAMOND HE40 Man from Dineis' Ci-ilj i h1 r Downfall of Capone Empire!' SCARFACED r.ioc STARRING ROBERT KEENAN STACK'WYNN a&o- MSI MOtlYWOOp HaSMfCJU. SMI HoU.wMri 1 FRCt Cot fraM neon' pakk MO i;?;j "WE SHALL RETURN!" Catar ROMERO ; aWl aallalfillinnial P :Q.laa. m w '.:.r THIS .IS . H . UB WITH A HUNGER... 1 1 111 f$r'' ' THIS IS HUB WITH A HARD-DRIVING FlST.iy : lH v JHIS IS WW WITH ATHIRST FOR LIVING... L?' : y : X;.- Ithis is HISS a man WITH uw i . .0 BARBED WIRE SOUL! JL ! it - I " w ' - jj I Juj! j a , , "' J iiriiAu nnuni in nATnin i urn nn nn . u nr rmvyuN MtLVTN UUUbLAb ffl KUA Ml umWvn deW LUQ 4 rrNus-Memo film, . Jll-M Th.:l fflt. If, rcaU,Ti:i.M J.lS.t0j:10.6 rri.idlT Conl. Item v: Oai.-ai- I." 30 ? JO.Hi. F :0 a4 !tt VftBiaa IC "The SCARFACED MOB".; TWINVUE Dtv m PA. 4-5127 WE SHALL RETURN!" T TMESt fiiTmi j fiCIC flttvt OS J r&TtC TTr iNoitwooo 'olive cmT uuu -i -CHECK ' m)wa 0,7.;l7? iS'SO . tot-Oft loBJBCSS" HUNT. MM KiniM "'V lO TOUH.NCt ' COMrTON J V. UOH PARK CAUFORKIA S55J.- Uimm TORRANCE COMPTM B MOWI lU 7 344i TH..M7 HIM "Hwl -aT.aM? ( C all" PASAMNA COHIM f'nrt: SLFNTMLC VAN NUTS UWIK CROWN COVIN iP. ROXY MNOM PK .VICTORY U HABRA DARRNoncL 4 s! S ss 1 jf pfus at OX 6 3242 Ft 2 8300 10 1-5610 ' J P BATTLE BEYOND ihm SUN"( ' . V-4W 4th WONDERFUL WEEK! Tokiir 1 a Mockingbird GREGORY PECK tutfrffif n MIS f BUM. FHILUP ALFOHB - JOHN MfGNl - fRITH WHITE - imt Kllfc mm wucok ma mm- pah. fuc - frak overtoi - mmikt mm ahu li UKR BHUStE DkM Sr ROBCRT NAIUX PnMcM t. MAN PAKUIA A PHul MuKiiia, ftrmtweod fioAxtm Mwt'Jl umvttM KiiMC AT THtSE TMtATBtS DOWN TOWN LOS ANGELES lCM.r.oeI PICWOOD IAMAR f P ? S':00 MQLtTWDOO STANLET LA MIRADA VASADfNA ACADEMY wu i-woa WESTCHESTER: PARADISE j SP6-030O j ENCINO ENCINO ST 4 -8233 INCLCWOOO ACADEMY K l-5'.Sl FOP 2nd FEATURES ott IHtATKf DIRECTORIES STUDIO cur STUDIO CITY tr;-i9?? aiFNDALl ALEX cm 5-is:s PACinc PALISADCa BAY Gl 4 W .MERALTA, SUNLANO PflN0RflMr MAGNOLIA, f j .i.r ' TO 2ND fFATURFS SFE THFATRf OiHECTOfftrS CANOGA MRU HOLIDAY Ci 60550 Bronston Film Tvo Years in Making Producer Samuel Bron-ston's $10 million pro duction of "35 Days at Inking," which opens to the ijtiblic on May 29 at the iWerlv Theater in Beverly Willis after a gala invitational rlebrity premiere the night l-'fore, look two years to Complete from planning .'".lards to final print. Bronston got the idea to 'm a story backgrounding -8 famous Boxer Rebellion in China at the turn of the jjfnturv shortly after the .jpmpletion of his production SEATS NOW ON SALE AT BOX-OFFICE OR BY MAIL! METROGOLDWTO MATER . ' iH .:": ' " lttfl BKDOT 1TIKIES MESS TECHNICOLOR' TONIGHT 8:30 P.M. EVENINGS AT 8:30 p.m. (Eeapt Sat. 8:45 & Sun. 8:00 p.m.) MAT. 2:00 p.m. WED., SUN. A HOL. SAT. MATS. 1:30 A 5:00 p.m. Boollici now ocn 10 a m to 9 a m. Sun. 12 Noon Rescued Scat Pailormantu Rtstned Seat Tickets at Box Office or Mail Order or So. Calif. Music Co, (37 So. Kill, and all Mutual Agencies (phone MA. 7-1241 tor your nearest location.) TT SMOWSTARTS AT OU&K CHiLDRfiN UNDER 12 fSEE av V4 ia UliU Hi Nil A tia. 11 MARTIN PJTTa. IRVING RAVETCH MARTIN RllT MfMOJNT M6 RAVETCH KARRIU FRA!,Ka- lmst wukk- ELMER BERNSTEIN if LOS ANGELES AREA SAN FERNANDO VALLEY CENTINELA OR o-at; Out. 4 Steal. CENTURY OR 3-1824 Century 4 C'tfciw Recommended tor Adits. M0ND0 CANE STARK FEAR Pat Boone YELLOW CANARY WOMAN HUNT FLORAL AN 2.071 Mtd. N. of B'Na A. Afuilar-O. Montesco Que Maten Tus Braos Locuros De Barabbas GILMORE WE 3.2211 in! 4 FlirlK OLYMPIC GR 7-H8I7 Olympic 4 Bunrfy Natalie Wood GYPSY NIGHT HEAVEN FEU Pat Boone YELLOW CANARY WOMAN HUNT AN PEDRO Recommended for Adits. Gftey S. ofAn'hw STARK f EAR STUDIO SpquI. it JetfwH BATTLE BEYOND SUN TORRANCE PARANOIAC FR9.fl4SI Tor. w. of H'thn BATTLE BEYOND SUN PARANOIAC VERMONT OA 3-4(155 Vermont at I82n Recommended for Adits. MONDO CANE STARK FEAR SAN GABRIEL VALLEY FOOTHILL PARANOIAC ED 4-0263. AniM BATTLE BEYOND SUN BIG SKY EL8-25bl Dunrlf Pat Boone YELLOW CANARY WOMAN HUNT EDGEWOOD ED 8-1 138 Garvey SPtt. Terrifying; THE RAVEN TALES OF TERROR EDWARDS HI 7.8179 Perk 4 Live Oat Natalie Wood GYPSY RIO BRAVO ELMfTE PARANOIAC Nr. Aiusa-ElllsLn. BATTLE BEYOND SUN SAN GABRIEL Recommended for Adits. CU 3-5118. AT 8.5502. munuu l-Hrit Valley at Dei War STARK FEAR STARLITE GIr63lTM43 R'mead at Garvey Pat Boone YELLOW CANARY WOMAN HUNT VINFI AND Recommended for Adits. ValleyatVineland STARK FEAR WHITTIER NORWALK AREA NORWALK UN 8-6317 NorwalKnr. Ittipl. WHITTIER 0X99297. PA IRill Whit, at Rotemead Recommended for Adits. MONDO CANE STARK FEAR Charlton Heston DIAMOND HEAD RIO BRAVO SAN BERNARDINO AREA BASELINE Gl fi-fi I. iri 3an Bernardino TRICITY TU ?-2025 San Bwriardlno PARANOIAC BATTLE BEYOND SUN Pat Boone YELLOW CANARY WOMAN HUNT 3ELAIR VA 2-0373 Val. Bl.-Fontana Recommended for Adits. MONDO CANE STARK FEAR GO OUT TO A MOVIE TONIGHT CANOGA PARK PARANOIAC Canoaa' Para BATTLE BEYONO SUN IAIIRFI Recommended for Adits. cS 9 58 WCNOO CANE lin.Cn a.Vn STARK FEAR PICKWICK ToXnru Ala da.W Vletary STARK FtAR Pat Boone RESEDA Dt 3-56511 Rmrda at Vanewtn SAN VAL TH 2-1177 8.F. Road-Wlnona sTpulveda ST i-6520 Seaul. at Vitt VAN NUYS SI b-7510 Roroe at Seoul. YELLOW CANARY WOMAN HUNT Pat Boone YELLOW CANHRY WOMAN HUNT Ternfyinp THE RAVEN JALES OF TERROR Ciarlton Heston DIAMOND HEAD RIO BRAVO VICTORY PARANOIAC VlrioryatColdw'teiBATTlE BEYOND SUH HUNTINGTON PARK COMPTON COMPTON NE 8-8557 W. Attn. PARANOIAC BATTLE BEYOND SUN GAGE TO 2-7IM Gage at Garfield Pat Boone YELLOW CANARY WOMAN HUNT ROSECRANS Rec0Kndr,er.tlIrAd,t, ' ME 4-4151 MONDO CANE Lakewd. at Foer. STARK FEAR SOUTH GATE LO 4-1137 All. at Fireiilona Charlton Heston DIAMOND HEAD RIO BRAVO LONG BEACH CIRCLE f,E 9.9513 At Tratlic Clrrle LAKEWOCD Carson at Chfrry PARANOIAC BATTLE BEYOND SUH Pat Boone YELLOW CANARY WOMAN HUNT LONG BEACH TE 4-8435 22l20SantaFeAv. Terrifying THE RAVEN TALES OF TERROR LOS ALTOS Recndnedr,.tNcAdlt, HA 5.7422 M0N00 CANE Beimower-Ssrinf STARK FEAR ORANGE COUNTY ANAHEIM LA 5-3526 Lmon AO'thorw Pat Boone YELLOW CANARY WOMAN HUNT HARBOR BLVD PARANOIAC Bet Bol.a. Edinaer BATTLE BEYOND SUN HI WAY 39 JE 4.6282 Nr r.rn.Gr.BI. Recommended for Ad Its. MONDO CANE STARK FEAR LINCOLN JA 7-2223 Baena Park Frank Sinatra Manchurian Candidate TWO FOR THE SEESAW ORANGE Kl 7-llbll Oranar Charleston Heston DIAMOND HEAD RIO BRAVO PAULO Kl 5-3313 Costa Mesa Recommended for Adlta. MONDO CANE STARK FEAR WARNER VI 7-35i)l Huntington Beaeh Marlon Brando YOUNG LIONS BATTLE HYMN LA HABRA 871-1862 Imperial Betw'n Beach 4 Harbor Bl. PARANOIAC BATTLE BEYOND SUN THE FILM WITH THE SONG HIT SENSATION "MORE"! a -a a I ' 1 TECHIIICOLOR51 (tlOVJ) V MWKTBWIt WARRENS Call Theatre far Show Times Manama GARMAR PA J 2UJ CORNELL TH 2 5251 pfocrjced bv Guattife jKOOetlt . A TIMES fWI RELEASE pin tnA ull vnt Viihi La Relna. Fmr Wct r b .- c . ' uj:i.i.i.a uii'lAn. u i.m... " T , 1 1 r in i i , o i n ic, m ?n ii t. iiii.vii, iioii Coast Thcatresl i vw m mk w tarn soe&- &. wx Miimei VOGUE HO 2 6621 wsnme VILLAGE CR 3 3042 a. mmnea El PORTAL T ;-29aa snwMi tm U REINA TJ.3S0 M. M MHIIt SODTHSIDE PL S-I1U f rta Poaxaf i tftfcJ turd Er-eisM Film ntsf,r stt a WILSHIRC EX 5 6995 fiM Pifantf W WT5TCarf!Tft CENTINELA DIIVI-IN 0 0 877 FOX tm a 2321 Nsjeiia STATE 8 2 7U ellinC COWTIM TOWER f'H etr aACine oivi-ins- sm mn SAN PEDRO DDIVE-IN Tl l-33?0 . MKTMroa tm CAUfORNIA IU 7 9111 tmuHici HERMOSA f 2-624 annul CLENDALE CM S1S Mlll' N VINELAND DtlVf-IN IIIHM VERMONT DIIVi-IN DA 140 aoiauit NORWAUI BLVD. DtlVi-IH L MtKir X. HCWH wm DIIVI-IM CM 9 2M UN Ultttl SAN GABRIEL onvim ROSECRANS OIIVt-IN Mf 4-151 PICKWICK oiivE-m TH i 5T2J "DEPRAVED. BLASPHEMOUS, DEBAUCHED 1" -Citizen-News , "BRASOAWDY! MUSCLED WITH TENSE DMMAlHeralMer Jean Banit's erotic view ot the world! Insiscon 2nd HIT RIALTO ONLY "IT HAPPENED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT" SHOIEYWINTERS-PETERFAIK R1ALT0 DOWNTOWN MA 4-6271 TH SMASH WEEK! Beverly Hill The BEVERLY CR. CINEMA wisnn at SANTA Mine Ho.7aar SHERMAN laaunarrau ST. 4 nit auira im STATE ART axiaaii MO ORE UNDER II Will (E ADMITTED Sea Directories for Added Attractions EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT STARTS TOMORROW! THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS THEATRE IP 6925 Hollywood Blvd. H0.4-8III-BR.2-926I Doors Open 12 Noon FEATURE TIMES: 12:00 2:04 4:08 6:12 S:16 10:20 Extra In Color' "WINTERTIME IN MELBOURNE" 5 COVINA DIAMOND HEAD fcKlcr... BARABBAS irtAraw MAN-DINERS' CLUB ? THE 2H0 TIME AROUWB HWBOR RUBIDOUX a . zlMvM mlnmmm Jfl' HlSTlNGl DWONOHUr ileea, YELL0W CANARY llaer. EtHilt MN-DIWEM' CIU1 M2 w w,lHr,.t, W0MW HUNT LAMIRADA DIAMOND HEAD l0mlm my' MAN-DINERS' CLUB 80ie f oattiill Blva. 30 mS OF EUW MAGNOLIA SuTSSoT" JgW' SCARFACE M0B m mem DEllNQIfEHT IfitM L"I!?!1. MISSION " SwrwoTef- VALLEY WINE I ROSES KagJ wSffS WORTH BY NOeTHWEST U-B-taitrwl CRITIC PARAMOUNT SPIRAL ROAD l0,,,?1"", ?ii.Jrt.eaiAM$o7ii.MCiEt MOVII TONIGHT

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