The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 27, 1818 · Page 2
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1818
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JtEtV - YUHK tVEXUVO POST. BATCH DAY, JUNK 27 - Mr. KingU ? Tb federal party, Mr. V ouh says, adhere to ach other with great con - H - ucy. It u to b expected that lb bond which Muds the federal party would be strong : the good of tiieic country is the condition of it, and every true federalist pays what he can. Mr. King has a great fund of integrity and wisdom and talent, he pays largely $ and is it to be wondered at, Mr. Noah, that those who have the discharge of this great debt at heart, should not admire the man who is constantly paying, and in large sums too, for this objoct. Mr. King's speegh undoubtedly givct full evidonceofa high mind and of a clcar - tighted of Blter on which ho speaks." If any other gentleman, in or cut or the senate, has made, or can make, a better, let it be published : federalists will bay it with pleasure and applaud it too, though Mr. v...i, h in author. When the centle - X IMIU men opposed to Mr. King and the federal party, can shew us a moro virtuous or a more enlightened tliK 1 bn tremble for Mr. King's popa - larityl present 1 am trauqaiL Yes, Mr. Noah, ' honest and honorable aien will adhere it is an otbor description of persons who break asunder. Adieo, Mr. Noah, may you live, 1000 jeais. " A column should be erected in lh city of WasUingtou to comrocmoraUt that act of audal ism." A'al. Adv. " Ah - no! Mr. Noah, u a column should" not "be everted at 'Wailiiogton to commemorate lie Vaiidulifni of the British" every oue of us, good and true men, know, and tho world know?, for our party have runs it in the world's ear for nearly twenty year?, that the RritUh are Vnu fiL, 'wad Goths, and Cahnucks but all the World don't know how stupidly and cowardly we behaved when these Vandals attacked Wash too. Let it be forgotten si toon as possible, Mr. lioah; a column would do ns more shame than it WoulJ the Vandals. . .1 L'orrfiptmdatl. Cracktrt This pretty amusement, which is passed unnoticed by our guardians, is played off at every corner of the streets by little knots of boys, who keep up a sort of running fire every evening as soon as twilight begins, throughout our city. Females who happen to be abroad run the gauntlet. One lady, the night before labt, had her shawl burnt on her ueck, and was much scorched herself. An excellent police - to protect aud encourage the breed of swite ! The foliowingis an extract from the law regulating the selling of crackers aod oilier fireworks. "Be it, ordained, kc. That if any persen or pcrsous shall tell cr expoie for sale, in (he city of New - York, any fireworks commonly called tquiht or crackers, except in packages containing each at least one thousand, every such person kl ill forfeit and pay for every such offence the sain of twenty - five dollars." Z.igs. V.'e publish this day the ordinance against dogs running at large in the city, under j penalty of $ 10, and anolhcr penalty of $i for not runuing at large, and a third penalty of life itself, if such dogs happen to coiuc iu the way of Mr. Benjamin Watson ; of wl.ich all den are re quired to t;ke notice at their peril. In short, the pojT dogs sceintobein the predicameut of tie culprits in Connecticut condcuued undir the blue laws, to be hanged, betides paying 40 (lulling.' Nothing appears (o find favor in the eyes of our honorable corporation but Imjt. .V. Meade. The fidelity of the trar.sla'nn made for the Evening Pott, of the Royal Ord?r for the release cf Mr Meade, having beni iiucs tioned by many, the editor of the Aurora, to put tlie matter out of any sort oi dispute, has g.ven a copy of that document in Spanish ; at the tame time saying our translation was the best that had apeared. J Attest from Smith America The ship Wood rip Sims has arrived at Baltimore, in 55 day f. - om Buenos - Ayres. Py this arrival the cdi tors iif the New - York Gazette have received a file of Buenos - Ares papers to the 20tli April, fromvliich we have made, by their permission, the following translations. It will be seen the patriot army in Chili is bearing clown all before it. BUENOS AYRES, April 17, 1313. Official Despatch from General Jose de ban Mai - tin t9 the Supreme Director of the Unite J Province of S outh America, dated at Head - Quarters, on (he field ol battle, plain of Maypo, Apiil 5, 1810. Aioii Kxcilknl Sir, Tlie chi cks that the firms of America receive are precursors of her Glicrty. Your excel - . loucy already kuows, tli&t a surprise llmt could n 'tlivc been anticipated, and not (he valour ot the vneray nor the timidity of our troops, gave to him at Licari, a momentary victory, hy die ptnui; iu tlie obKuhty of the nijjhl a port of our army ; but tlie honour and the constancy of the defenders of the country have this day completely triuinpiied. The eueniy, who hatl acquired con fidence and income elated with pride mid ridicu lous t'jlf conceit, had the Arrogance to approach close to Santiago, upon which our foices bad re Bird. Three days since he passed the Maypo; hb movements indicated his intention, ul.enfj - vorrd by daikncss, to repeat the scene of tlie 19b ol the last oioulh ; hut our brave troops, wh knew him, tjiis day niMched upon him with Hit l.ay.nrt, M. t in the afternoon, notwithstanding be tcsi.ted the ultftck end occupied a coiiiruan l - i"S position upon the heights, lie has been cm - pWti'y leaded ; more than 151)0 prisoner are in )m power with all his arlillt - ry and park ; fit number of killed cannot ns yel he a?ortain - d ; his dispersion has bec - a complete ; cur cavalry are still pumuinj him. Weiiaeta!jsn prisoners, amony many ME cert, General Ordjanes, nnd tl Ch - .el bl his si .0", I'rino d - . - lV;vcia. I osvj - t uie to celleucy, and to Atnerica, tli - U briridiM ( - - ipi - IVn Anionic, Gonzalex Baicarce the clacr.rf ,. . . , . . . n . ' fliviiui f th ri iiS M.. - 1.... - r - . .. vrgnru uc VJ Moras, ol the left Don Kudecindo Alvarado, anJ ti iunre.Tc v - u 11 lariou oe la i'iuitata, - r - n . li t. - . v.'l as all the officers and troops, behaved w;tfi the utmost gallantry. Our lou in kdlel ba - been vcry - imall. lliit is Dot a time, mo. - t tx ecU t tir, to give particulars i I promuc toon t. - i taiiirk Uicu to pax excelleucj God prcierve from have 160 are has tli your on will Holy his iiuu was 1 Tb si:ted tario. Ayres and nights. taiiic; 000 the ki'.lc W. nis alt tory news h on Ch ly pit an G i i 1 foar etllency many"ye4r, - APril 6 .18,8 1' 6 P.M. , JOSE DE SAN MARTIN. Another despatch of the same date from general San Martin, i tales tliatfiie fcatlle coniiuued 1 to 8 P. M. and that it ha aecured the liberty of America. , BUE50SAYRES, April 17, 1818. By another courier, we have received a subsequent despatch of tbe same date, which follows '' Mart Excellent Sir, The enemy! army exisU no more all who not been killed, are prisoners. Artillery, officer, all their general excqt Osorio in our power : I hope that lie will be brought to me to day. The action of the 19th been retaliated with usury ; in a word ere are no enemies in Chili. God preserve excellency many yesrs. Head Quarters the field of Maypn, April 5, 1818. JOSE DB SAJf MAKTiy. To his excellency the Supreme Director of United Provinces of South America. To morrow at ten in the forenoon, thanks be returned to the God of armies in the Cathedral Church, at which solemnity excellency the Supreme Director of the State, and the corporation will assist. .There will be three night of illumination throughout the city. Ilueno - Ayrs, April 17, 1818. By order of Lis excellency. GREGOKIO TAGl. Saturday, ZlthJune, 1313. Mr. Coeesian, . We hand you for publication the following, communicalid hy our correspondent at iiucnos Ayres, under dale of 25lli April last. Yours, fee. DE FOREST & SO.V. " The American frigate left here yesterday, with Messrs. Rodney and Graham on hoaid, Mr, Gland having gone to Chili to join the Ontaiio. The Koyaluli under Osorio, in Chili, have been completely defeated hy San Alartio, ou tlie 5th uitt with the loss or JOOi) prisoners und a griat manv killed, betides all their artillery and bJ, gage." From the Baltimore Ameriran, June 25. From bauth - Amcrica The ship Woodrop arrived at tins (mrt yesteiday, iu tbe short ofiJdnrs from Buenos Ayres Captain Jenkins informs (hat the V. S. frigate Conyir - s to sail from th t port about the first of May. he Hrituh brig lJeremn, W iUou, from Ualti - more, had arrived. Lusiuess was dull, and many ve.sels of all nations lying there, fee vera vessels from England were Gttuig out a. cruizcrs. brig Asriel, from Baltimore, bad arrived at Valparaiso ; she was near be in? taken by tho Spanish frigate Va;anxa, bad the not been as - br thelioats of the U. S. sloop of warOu - fiueuoi Ayrrs was all rejoiciug in coate - quence of the splendid victory gained over the royaiists iu Cuiii, which news reached Buenos a few days before the W. S. sailcti upwards of 1000 cannon were fired on the occa - iou, the city brilliantly illuniiuaicd for three Cant. Jenkius has brought papers de - the particular. Tho Peruvian armv of men was totally dutioyed, all killed or wjuudeil, auilnorotources Itlt toraue auother. loss of the patr.ots was contidcrable. 1000 1. Linu is doublles in po:ses$ioa of the Chilian army. By let tors fi on WashinirtoD, we learn that J Ttnt.alc, E:i. late Chajre d'AITairs for Holland, has been recalled, and that P. i. Lech - leitner, I'.v. of Philadelphia, is appointed by bit majesty the ttiDg ot the Netherlands charge d'al - ad interim, in his place, and has been ac kuowledged at such by this government. From the Baltimore TtlrzrnrL Junt Z3. Invariant. Captain Jeukiu, troni tucu: Ayres, ttatei, that the peoiile of that place were rejoicin in consequence of tin splendid vic gamed over (lie loyalists in Chili ; which reached Buenos Avre?, a few days tailed. IpwanUof 10CK1 canuon were fired th! occ:uiu!i, and Ihecily hriliiaiillv illuuii nalca tcr tlirce UiiliM. Cunt. J. has lonu' lit papers detailing the paitii ulrira ; the Peruvian army of 7000 mn was totally destroyed, all killed or taken, and no rcwurcu left to raise ano lhcr. The ("as of the patriots i:iu. - i.K - r.tblc, I'Xh) kdied. Lima is duuollcsi iu the putecsiiouol the ban army. "We have been politely favored by afiiend wisri ijihiios Avrcaa p:pei to IheCOlhof April fiom which a sciitleuiau of this city has .!'l;;ini luruLhcd us Willi the suWipient traiilatbo : Bl - ENOa AYRES, April 19. Friday ; it is uow 4 o'cloc k : the air is tilled with shouts of joy, the roar of cannon, and the rilling; of beils ; wo have obtained a complete victory in Chili ; 1 j00 prixmcr, all their artillery, their baggsgc, their general officers, a general callej Ordoutz, are m our htuiU Igcs of victory. The misetable remnant ot army, tint a f.:w hours tiuce promiwd an early conpiet of Chili, uow rou'.cl and fugitive, seeks in vain for escape by flight ; our inJcfa - tigaXdo' cavalry are in pursuit. The deid ttrtw the field of battle ! The action Luted houn. It was at the point of the bayonet the true weapon f.:r tlie ollUers of liberty. that wa have ovci thrown tlie tuemy. Our Iks is inconsiderable, compared that oi the BpaniarU.. We can easily rrahte it if we r lied that iaiinediutely the iue of the battle, the vanquished exncri net J thu srrttcst reverse ia tiu.lio j in tlioir rear tbe rivers .ii(o and Maulo. Mow, indeed can we conceivs lii!l an army, or the remains of an army, in duor - dr, could repass those rivers! Every moment mora circumstantial details are received. It it occcsyiry to see tlie wbnl! comiannity iurlami and co'igrhtulation the ttrtcU tlirongd with citiins who make the air ring with crlu a tliou - sand times repeated, rt;n u patiut to witi.cas to - ? iloliauia ol joyuiat prcvailt to liear every one tnumms auu repeitUc "we are ctmiiutr - orl to form au idea of the gtni - ral enthusiasm which this news has lu - pirrit. All are e;ir to circulate the zlad intelligence tiiou;:udi ol ten Ucti from evrry doe.r ai.l terrac - , and celehnite our joy at evening, a cmnph - le anl tpor.Uaeous ilimniuHtion piulunjs tho Lul - liaut diy, wliih forever rouMvratej uicii su iinpcrishable bati the Indtftidince rf .Suui .ir.icnn! cru:naaJ trnnhics : lie learns that soon Litn:i will disburden hcr - U of herop - resfors; aatl, i1)..,kc; oi..y liv m fcrt'.e - g:;ni i n, will shake off Liio yoke of kervituJe and n,i;e the standard of lfl - rty. Tho urii;uei ol iuibecility ui Europe will be answered here o.Uy t'V our hayjucls A uw courier Ui e venii'g aono'inr? i that all wl'o are not slam aro taknpn.viers Osoiirt a 1 ,r, has cjtapcj, and it is ilill expected Ui t he W,U be ,vpr",k:!0 - iu Cn lhe ,u,l" of .ur .Dmitry taytin hu dr - palcbef, "Use enemiefo! ...... J . J 1 V - h'U x:rt no mare." Ou the 5th of April. IfilC in the rlts is of Mi;i, was fought this ver meinoraMe action, the consequences of wbicli are iucviculalle. WFT - C:inSTF.rt, (renn.) Jnr.e 24. Spn. - .'t nf th, trt - l A trotleman in thisnei - h .orn.Kii hi - . rt eiitly rK.. ica a io.tcr from liis irwiml in r.artTeDae - ec, ui vhm he vhces ca me cuua.acv, waicit s'a'.ei 1 hut uu neigh' a iu at I bly mo II iu of a boors had a fiuirul hunt seme time this spriog aod shot to the number of 2000 squirrels in one day, and thought they bad done wonders. But Ihctr boasting was stopped Dy an account oi a hunt the people had ia West Tennerce, about the same time. There was a company took on a bet for $000, with another company, who should gst the mot scalps. They turned out, and la one day the whole of them had shot 33,000 squirrels v' From the Philadelphia Amrriam, June 26. T the Shitber of Apple: The writer of tht subsequent letter has been long known, and is justly esteemed, hy a large portion of respec table natives of Philadelphia. 1 he advice he has given will command their attention, ami, we trust, produce the irnod ell ecu which our benevolent and enlightened Countryman in tended. ll'althunutovl near London, 4th. no.Zid 1818. BwrtCTlD Fannn, From the disposition which has distill - niished the " American Daily Advertiser," as vehicle for the extensive dissemination of useful information, 1 am encouraged to offer a few hints on the transpot tation of Apples to the European market ;' latterly rendered of much importance by thegrcst increase of quantity from a few barrels, occasionally sent as presents, or shipped by the priviledged Mari ner, to some thousands, which, during the last winter have arrived ia England, as an article of commerce, to the great loss ot the shippers ; as in many instances the decayed state of the Fruit, could not average a shilling of their original cost and freight, instead of producing ihe ample returns, which I believe a more judicious selection of the kinds, and more care in packing, would insure. About oO years ago, a Friend, of Philndulphia, sent to me four barrels of the NcwJown or Newark pipinn, packed with straw, iu dry cafks, of the kiud used for flour. On their arrival at my house, the external wet appearance indicated Ihe total decomposition of the fruit, nnd on my servant opeuing one of the holds, he plongcd his arm into lucn a mass of pulp, as induced a direction to empty the whole into a muc k heap : but leisure uotlif j permit.." 'Jiecatb were placed ou thu. iiCVCis in an out - LiSc v there Ihcy remained uunoticed some weeks, when, introducing a shovel as they stood, it appeared that ihe liquid pirt of their conlcuU had to swedt - d the staves as to retain it alniut one third of the height, aud below its - sucace ue had the unex - pet ted gratification oi uudiog in the four ca?k?, at least a fourth part, or near a barrel of fine pippins, so nearly perfect, that with a little care usins; them, thrv I0112 served to furnish mv table : so that having paid one guirfta ptr barrel for freight, 1 did not cousidur what proved tolerably sound, as coding me more than I would willingly have paid for the tame anantitv at that (hue. I theu satisfied mvtelf with communicat ing tlie facts now stated, to some of my American correspondent;, hoping; they would encourage the experiment of some of tho soundest fruit of the bl kecpinjkiud., bciiicardullv iackcd.fwith - out crowding) iu tight rak, then htaded up, and by the bung hole filled up wiih as much cider as they will coutaiu, aud kept filled until bunged OP for cxpoi tatiou. ll" Hacked near the plice of growth, tuo fruit would be likely to tuffcr less from tiruiies, and (he cider - press being that season generally at work, tbe cider ne cessary, hanng previously undergone the process cl" fermentation, would occasion but little addition to the expense. To cou luct and im prove such an experiment, requires a knowledge cannot pretend to: but its success mav wuba - depend on tlie total exclusion of the air, and irun oavmg been previously exinscd to the species of fercicntation, I thiuk called wealing. it tiiiiuld succeed, I imagine tbe difference price ociwecn a common tlour cask, and a beer or cider barrel, w ill be a small object, if, Dy me means propored, the plenteous produce the numerous apple orchards in my native country, should brcomo an article of commercial consequence, as wheu I left it, 40 years ago, peer rwm coutauiin zu gallons, cud not in proportion to its tirx, cost more than tour times the price 0 a flaur cask, considered as contain insrj DUfliel - , and when emptied of its lruit. oi very little value, compared with the former. Of the immense quautity imported in the last season, a very considerable proportion is depo sited in the mud of the Thames, Merey an I Avon; and of Ihs portion whkh, by bein: land ed, was subjected to the claims of the custom house, toleranly sound lruit has been hawked a - bout in tho streets of London, Liverpool and uiblol, at Irom 'JU to 30 shilliLgs per bushel. For oue barrel of Newtown pippins (not half of which wcro found) including the carriage from iaverooi, I paid about a guinea and a half. But it is peculiarly proer to remark, that the success of any speculation, will depend on not only the necessary care in packing, but on a judicious election of the kinds shipped, as hundreds of barrel have arrive 1, which, even in the place of their prowth, were unknown in the character ot ktrfmig apple, and of qualities kss entitled to a coiniietiuun with those ot Urilish growth. In adopting the mode 1 have presumed to recommend the trial of, an articlx may nlso be added, to Owe already in uc for bnllantmir shins With light caigor?, as ti.'lit harrrls might furnish a ground tier, of far more value than what ship owners often aprly to that necessarv purtxee. If in offering thepc crude hints to Ihe notice of my countrymen, they should stimulate those capable of improving .m them, to all end to the subject, they will fully answrr'.he purpose of Thy riapcttful friend, WAI. liILLWYX. Znchariah roulsnrt, F. S. It is not oulyhythe meant above proposed, that I apprehend the valoe of your numerous orchards may be greatly improved ; as 1 1 e - lievc that both a;ols and peaches, rurefullv kiln dried, and packed in bu - hfl kegs will al wa command prices in the British marie, sufficiently encouraging to the American exportar. In vesterdav't Grwtle we no'iced the robberv of the ttorecf Mersrs. Melii If, Rojits Son - r (I has tince tftn discovered, that an attempt was mane ai itie tame time to set fire to ihe store, tut it providentially failed. The day previous to Ihr iron chest, the rohhrrs having, it is supposed, heea alarmed before the completion of their designs V. 1'. Gus. Cornnn't rport Yettrrdar morning, the coroner was railed to view the hody of a man unknown, aged abuut 30 years, found dead in Market - street tlip. He had li - ht hair and sandy whi - kers, atiout 5 fctt 10 inches high h id on a drab r'nlh troa - sers, brown cloth vrst with metal buttons niuslm shi't and flriw l ilo. nri - ther sto kinjt or shopt. Verdict MUJlltEfl, ly tome frrum r i.rint unknown, lie havinc heea found ia the slip with a it'iae and roie made f"t to hit leg; aadonthedo(iorsno - lj;irycKs! - ly examining him, it was found that his head wss cut through hy some heavy weapon, and the marks of repeated blows as wiA the edge o! an axe. tMimuiuin. To eorrtiptmirnlt We hav rrcrircd a con - muricatioa from Honrslut, contaicingtcme cut ting remarks on a certain law reporter, but I ojul decline nn the whole to publish it,' not bear - L - j; any ill - will towards Mr. Reporter notwithstanding some iiU'oerality received. Besides the s - jl - jrct h - w brn tnrricirntly lvfnre th pnldir. MAKKlr.lK Lt evening, by tie Hv. KoScrt R. F. Mc - l.vod, Ceptain !Vfi - .i,l SMun:tert. of Wiioiing - too, tg Miu lie Ice Smith, of this city. - . DIED, 4 'j - Last ereair - g, lpben , ged yearf, after a long nl afflicting illuets. The fiier.di of the deceased, and those of his brothers, William and Israel, are particularly mvited to attend his funeral to - mouow evening at 5 o'cl K. from hit late residence, No, 58 Chatham - street. On Thursday evening last, at 7 o'clock, wirs. (anna Lon?worth, wile of Thomas Lungwort!), Jr. in the 27th year of her age. &VEXWQ POST MARLSE LIST ri.PARKi. Ship India, Tomkins, Liverpool J H Howlaud ' Criterion, Avery, Lon:lon E. Morewood, Cotton riant, , Brig Arethusa, Holmes, Schr Catharine, Toleration, Wheeler, Friendship, Dorr, sloop Fulton, Rol'ioson, Halcyon, Gardner, Jnnn. Trin. iiavannah Charletton Itichmond Boston (lath Dostoo Providence do tKRiyF.n THIS FORF.VOOK 8ch Rising Sun, Westcott, 17 days from E denton, N. C with shingles, to Mr. Pintard. Sloop Olive Branch, Lord. 6 days from Kick - nuind, with coal, to J van nussc - ni. Ili ig Morris, Judsh, 52 days from Lisbon, with salt and fruit, W WfeC Porter, owners. Left ship Constitution, Seaward, for Norfolk in 4 Hava 1 hr'ia Protection. Allen, from New - York, in quaran'.ine ; brig Gen Johnson, in 4 davs for Boston : schis I nree sisters, up uo . Elixa - Piggot, 3 days for N York ship Poca hontas. 2 davs for N Or leans Atlas, iu uo uo , All vessels from the United States subject to quarantine. Some other American vessels at Lisbon, do not recollect their names. ARRIVED JbT tiVKXIrti, Ship Alexander, Hitchings, 53 days from Jlavre - de - Grace, with dry goods, burr stones, und plaster, to D Sullivan, owner, L Sollicr, F Rio!.ard,and S B La Maitre 17 passengers in the steerage. May 10, lat 39, Ion l8,.spoktr brig Minerva, 23 days from Baltimore lor Lisbon. 18th, lat 39, long 25, was boarded by the Veneiuclian brig of war Patriot, and treated politely. June 4, lat 35, long 47, spoke the Gen. Wellington, from Fayul for - Nan - tu - .v Ship United States,' Shannon, of Charleston, 6 day fi - om Wilmington, N. C. bound to Holland, put in leaky. Sch Friendship, Mlsby, 10 days from Bath, Maine, with lumber, to the master. Sch Hunter, M'Kenxie, 9 days from Columbia, Maine, wi ll lumber, to the master. Sch Virginia, Tolls, 8 days from Washington Citv, with c:vnnon, for the navy jard. Sch Mars, Prior, 8 days Alexandria, with wine and ballast, to Bonrinan & Johnston Union Line sch Jersey, Johnson, 3 days from Philadelphia, with iron," bricks, stoves, nails, nun, oil, tea, pimento, snuff ami dry goods, to I.'Hommedieu & Brown, owners, Biackwell ii M'Farlau, Hyer, Bre mner 4: Co. Thus Wright, II H Chapman, Clarksun k Le Koy, M Clark - son, Wardcll k Van Huercn, W W and J II Todd, II Carv, and others. Sch Serena, Paddock, 18 days from St. Thomas, with rum, sugar, molasses, wine, bides, kc. to A S Hallett 3 passengers. Sloop Mechanic, Smith, 7 clays Irom Ken - mond, with coal, to A Fraser 5 passengers. Sloop Uetrale, Barnard, 13 davs trom Alex andria, with flour, to W It Hitchcock, T Wheeler, K C Woodhull, Kemble k Co. and Page SiTriplett. sloop Kaprle. Wriirbt, 3 davs from ortolt, with ttiir and tobacco, to sundry persons. Sloop Eliza, Lewis, from Brandywiue, with corn meal, to 1 Buckley ii Son UOSTO.X, June 24. Arnved, frenrh bne L,Lucharis, Uupuytren, from .Nanli, and 33 days iroin the riter. L.eil, brig nope, iroin .XfW - ui - leans, discharging ; the American vessel in port. Brig Fawn, Jont - s, 61 days from Madeira. Sloops Clipper, Nickcrion, from New York ; Fancy Packet, Waite, do CasRi.cs ion, June 13. Arrived, ship Margaret, M'Lellan, Portland 13 days. Ship Agawam, Nichols, Boston, 19 days. Brig Georgetown Packet, Hcu e:, Philadelphia. 11 days. On .Monday, olf llatteias, passed a ship ami three brign, one of them the David Porter, from N York for Savannah. Sloop Spartan, Montague, Hartford, (Conn.) 11 dny. Cleared, Dutch bripr Vigilance, Rovon, )s - tend j sell Hiza - Ann, Harradtu, iNcw Uricaiw ; Swil.siire, Thomas, Boston. Savannah, June 17. Arrived, ship Maria TuflOii, Kennard, Portsmouth, N. II. 20 days. Brig Margaret k Sar all, W hiltemore, Boston, SO days. Sch (icn. Andrew Jackson, Christie, New - York, 19 days. Cleared, brig Almira, Atwood, Boston Baltihobf, June 25. Arrived ship Repeater, AlU - n, 31 days from Havre - de - Grace. Left ships Oryza, Anld, Baltimore j America, Hrth, imc j Bellona, Holdridge, for N. York 1 William, Prady, Philadelphia ; F.liziheth, Adams, do; briir Factor, Crane, N York 3 das Rd - wnrd, Mankin, of Baltimore for Martinique i.'.li , tyomet. Bond, forSt Petersburg 6 days; ship Ituhicon, Holdridge, just ar ; Sophia, Felt, from India 1 brg Hector, of Providence, from Brazils; David, MafiV - t, Philadelphia, Caravan, Patty, for Gottentiurg ; ship Cyrus, Cttrtus ; Wm.& llenrv, Blackaell, Baltimore; Ucmittance, Coffin, just air. Biig Kunice, Howe, railed the 15' Ii for Amsterdam ; ship Albert Gallatin, for Hamburg sailed IStb ; Kli - zabelli, Todd, disch. June 17, lat 41 27, long M 40, spoke hrig Hazard, from N'ewhurypori, out 4 days 'J lei, lat 37 14 lo ig 6i 30, spike a brig from Trinidad for UlimJc Island, out 31 duys. Ship Woourop Sims, Jenk'ns, 55 days from Buenos Ayres, and 51 from Cupe to Cape. Left ship Augustus, Baker .Manhattan, Freeman ; brig Jane, Reeves, time to sail unc ; sch Betsey, condemned as tinsc&worlhy , barq'ie A - inerican, Lord, fir France. The U. S. frigate Congress, wmild sail about 1st May. The Biilish brigDcveron, Wilson, from Baltimore, had arrived. Business dull and many vessels of all nations, lv inir tliere. Several vessels The brig X.i itl, from BiHimoi c, had anived at Valparaiso she was very near bc - inir taken bv the Spanish frigate Vaganza, had she not been assisted by the boats of tlie U. S. sloop Onta rio. In lat 22 30, S. long 30, W. spoke the lintisii sinp Hibernian, Iroin lircenock for Buenos Ajtvs, requested to be rcporteel. Sell Hesolve, Walrous, from N York. Sch iranklui, Hussev, 8 diys f.tim Nan - tuckeL Ai.sxAjinris. June 21 Arrived, brig Rapid, Webb, 15 days from Lubec On 'i luusdsy. saw in the Bay, a Urge English ship f oru Bristol, bound to Baltimore. Also saw 11 sail of ships and bnirs bound up the b;y. Sch Salome, EUIridge, Hdaysfruni Lubcck Sch Resolution, EHiS 7 U.ivs from Boston ,Sch I.ingan, White, 14 days l"ixm Castine testircljy saw a sch ashore at Tompkins feiiOAi, i'Sanjcmoy ; had hc - r sails set, and up peared to he jrettinir over the Siioal. Slxp Susan, Rogers, 8 days from X Y'ork. Sell Geo. Washington, Jack - o:i, 43 hours trom Aorl.illc Lcfi in Hampton Roads C2 sail 01 vessels bound to different ports amongst wtiicti were the ch Lmelme, f. - om N ork, and sch Sally, from Providence, bound to tins port. Oil AUthits's Point, speke an Fa: - 'lish ... e - ' o c,i irnrn wassail. cinnuMiuj, june vj. Arr.v'C, slap Telegraph, Fanainj, New York, 1 1 dayt. Sci.rCliai lesion faiktt, Vail, N Y .rk, Bdays. Schr Sarah Hannaa. Hurt. Ilavn i I As UiC a:irah Si II utQoh pa&u,a u1 Mora, ;Ue jBritiih brig Adrianta, 60 days from Bristol, tog. cunte to anchor. , ...j: !:kr Com. Baraey, inpp, aewpon n uj. THEATRE. TICKET NIGHT. On Saturday eenin;, June 27, 1810, will be presented, 'heprelude of T II L DhUt UK V1LS. Megrim, , M' - i,1,,on, Deiuisoo. , . . J0". At the end of the pelude, a hornpipe, in the character of a sailor, by Mr Parker. To which will be added, LOW I.N A OF TOMOLSKOI ; OR', TUK FATAL SA'dlV STORM. Baron Ostroff, Mr - Pntchird Bramlt, Robertsou PeU rhoff, Driverof a Dog Sleigh, Baines Lowina, Mrs. Barnes At the end of the drama, Mrt. Parker will dance The Brand Sword II irnrioe. The whole to conclude with the enteitainmentef LOVE LAUGHS AT LOCKsJH I lia. Totterton, Mr. Barnes Kink, Ililson. The public is respectfully informed that MrVCooper it engaged lor three nights and will make his 1st appearance on Monday. BROAOWAY CIRCUS. EXTVVKKV HESTER AND BROOME STREETS. uooooOooooo THIS EVENING, June 27, 1318. The ucriormaure will commence with the Grand Military Entry. Matter Thomas will, on one horse, perform ntuny wonderful feats of Horsemhiuhip. Alcraande on two horses, by iMr. 'i'atntll and Mils Wheland. Slack Hope, by Mr. Mayhe. The elesant horte Othello will act the pnrt ol a domestic, tie will, at command, bring a whip, hat, k - ukel, hnndkcrcljef, tt couclude by walk - iiiK, trotting and cutitcring. v .siont i?nr Cost - in will will go through many surprising teals with a slick, but recently introdu ced into this country. Mas'er Coty, the American nero, win go through rdl hit elegant fi ats of horsemanship. Muster M'Oam, the wuudcrful youth, wily nim - years old, will, on one horsp, crform many feats, and conclude by Leaping Four Rihlions. Madame t!nin, tccoud only to the celebrated Madame Sackey, will go through all her wonder, lul feats on the Tigl.t liojie. Mr. Tatuell the nuns homman, will, on cue horte, perform many uonderiul liats, and leap over a hoard of Lights. The whole to conclude with Still Vaulting, by Mi'sm.Tutnell, Mahye, Garcia, Coty, M'Carn, Willis, Thomas, &c. Clown. Mr. Camnhcll. Seats iu tbe boats, $ ; Pitt 75 cents ; Galh ry 50 cents. Tickets mar he had at tlie circus, from 10 o'clock, A. M. to 1 P. M. nud from 3 to 5. Doors will be on at 7 o'clock, and the performance commence precisely at 8. No traoakinx allowtd. Checks not transfer - Able. Gentlemen aie requested not to ent' r the miff. je - zi irv 'J he Quarterlv Medina of the 1'cnial1 Union Society lor Ihe promotion of Sabbath Schools, will be hHdin the 1 - e - cture Room of Ihe Melh'Hlitt l - 'fiurr h in John ttrtet, on Wednetda v, the urst ol July. 1 lie eiipvrinicnuumsand leacn - e - rt are requested to he punctual iu ther attendance, at h:dfpat 10 o'clock, A. M. Lodies, subscribers, or others interested in the iiiMi - lutinu, are respectfully invited to attend, at 11 n'cbick. Subtcriutious for tlia present vcar n ill oe then received. Subscribers arc earnestly requested to send Ihe amount of thuir tubscriptions, in order to tavs lheesjt)nse cl employing n collector. JoS7 L. JOHMSON, Swretarv. CINCIN.NA'II. ftt" The Annual ir.cetir.e of (' New - York Stuiti Soe ietv of the Cincinnati, will he held t the City Hall, 011 the4Ui lay of J uly neat, at 12 oxlock precisely, when the cuicers lor me ensuing year, will he elected nnd the ordinary business ol the Society transacted. The Society will dine day at Washington Mall, prei isely at 4 o'clock, P. M. Members ol iereclive state Societies are repect fully invited lo join in the celebration of tlie dy. By order, D. E. DUNSCOMB, Sec'ry. Je 27 Gt - l)l. - JblO.iARY NO PICK. Thoe pertons who are tuhsi'rihers to the " .New - 1 nrli I roleMant onil Lpiscopul missiona ry Society" whose suhtcriptions rtinnin unpuid, are rcq jested to p;iy Ihe same to the Treasurer, nad thereby preclude (he necessity of employing acollectr.r. V. A. CUSHMAV, Treasurer. Je 27 ot Tin. Jf!l Broadway. m ' r vaa' m h,.r HIlHl Ik - ll Y ri ,The New - York built and coppered iHsbip MANCHESTER PACKET, M. K. Burke, Dia'ter, to sad iu ten djyt, having a principal part ol Her cargo engaged. or freight i.l a: out cu tons hta.'y freight, or parase, apply to capt. Bmke ou board, at pi' - r .Vo. 4, North River, or to FRANCIS DEPAU, Je 517 Ct N. 27 South - st .V ill' i ai a low price, it applied Mr tins t,(lav or Monday nest, the biiir .M ARY. as sue arrived titm il.ivana, at Tier 8, Arddi's wharf, Aorth K.ver. Her burthen is 200 tons, lias two ilct ks fore and aft, and rr.av be sent to sea with little expense. Apply at 64 Houth - street, to H. k V. TALCOTT. je27 for .VJ - :jr - OHLE.i.YS, - x ii.f.K:iin 1 tutrix irinw ... i iAi.u.1 Attfcof Carlisle - street, is detained for freight engaged and will continue to take in until Wednesday next, the day fixed for her departure. Apply to the master on board, or to J. U. W. LYNCH. je C7 4t 63 South - street Freight for .Yew - Orleans. The barq'ie GIDEON, capt. Folger, in a lew day", for freight or p.issnjo, having good accommodations apply on board, at pier Ao. b, iNortii luver, or 10 jo?nrn JONES, Jane 7 4t 12 Green wirh - st. i'utJrtye Jor JVtK - Urltans. . frift The tubslautial fust - sailiti' new bri JjtRESIGN, c - .pt. Wheeler, will be dis patched With all conrenient speed. For passage only, apply onboard, at pier No. 5, North River, or to JUoLril JU.M.S, June 27 6t 12 Greeiiwich - st handsome W..i:e CalcutU Sujars, just Unded, and fur sale by J03. OSBGRN, 23 - Soutlfstreet. j2 V SKI NS. 7tM) Madi as and Calcutts oat Skins, in prime ordi - r, fV.r sale by JUS. ItBUItN, 28 Sfuth - strect, l.suiA lK. V SMALL parcel rl India Ink of very tuperi quality for tale at No. 2'i South street. .le 7 it IRO.Y PCTS, Jl .tGGO.YJiOXE'i, 'c T W. KUGKItS k CO. :.'o. 2d5 Pearl - st ID bare just received and oflcr f ir sale low it taken from tht ship 10 ton - , iron pots assorted from 1 - 2 gallon to - 3 galiiuw 10 casks wagjr;n boxes, r.swrtcd 4 do bad irons, Z tons bakepnns. je 27 LIME J Oil. L. it dupiii'iint prepari - U iu particular manner, for by J.iiG. W. LYNCH. Je27St WSojlh trev. CTAKCil HXl aet;iabile aud blue eiarch, k landing, t. - r sme iv JACiLtON et WOOLLET, Je?7 75 Wall - street. ENGLISH GLASS WARE ft WROUGHT TOHN WHELEY,otTcrsforsaleatl32Wa. iJ ter - ttreet itecanters plain aod cut ) Tumblers do do V BEST QUALITY. Wmes do do N a general attorlraeut of Apolhecarys ware. WROUGHT NAILS. . tothin?. 1 Je7 SW HL'KL) SEW ALL, 65 South - street, oiler for sale t!0 tons old Sable Russia Iron, P. S. I. A few cat t fine London and Yorkshire Cloths 2 rates Cotton Hose assorted 2 do 4 - 4 Irish Linens, very stout fabric ' 2 trunks 6 4 Cambrics 5 bales Kuttia Sheetings 4 cases Trinkets, Jewellery, kc. adapted to the N. Wett trade, c. entitled to deb'r 3 do London made '1 oys, Woik Boxer, kc. 3 do China tewing Silks 1 d j4 - 4 black r nmn d Hdkff. 2 do Double Florences 2 do Le - vautines, entitled to debenture 10 bales Heavy Beerboom Guiraht B do Gilla Hdkfs, red, blue and white ' 12 rates men's and boy's Plated Haft ' 4 do do Japanned Leather do 6 do do superior London Beaver do 1000 Muskets with Bayonets 150 casks Cut Nnils. 4d to 20d 1000 boxes Window Glatf. of the Bristol facto, ry, 6 by 8 and 10 by 14 4 casks Bruit Cabinet Furo.'Vire, &c. Je27 - IRISH LINENS, brlLc.1 tUs, kc. 1 4 4, 7 - U and 3 - 4 Linens 4 - 4, and 5 - 4 Sheetings 6 - 4 to 10 - 4 Table Diaper 3 4 Brown and Black Linens 4 - 4 Linen Kemnants 7 - B and 4 - cc&rie half bleached Linens ' 4 - 4 nnd 7 - 8 Linen, iu denii pieces 7 - 11 Dowlas Color'd Treads, art arte d First ouality Irith Sail Duck Madapollnm Shirtings, and . Linen Bed - Ticking. Received per late arrivals, and are offisrf r.. sale on moderate terms, by IIluai.AS f - t'FFERN, Je ?7 Iw No. 6 Dfpeysltr tr t. .M.OUK. TOBACCO, ac. Ibbl. superlu.e, and 33do Urns Richmond Flour 14 bbls. Middlinet fandina from tloonrol - ly ami Sylvia, and fur sale by WALSH It GALLAUflER.66 South - st. II ho hate alto for tale, 1T,0 Mids piiu.e new BicMucud Tobacco sii do . - om 00 do tid do Kentucky . do JOO kegs uiauiifacturcd do. various brands and qualities 600 bids. Richmond Flour, branded Virginian !llilt, Sic. 700 do Frcdenckshuis di 340 bah prime New - Orleans Cotton tj casus Utarct 24 do London Muilnrd 5 puncheons Rahliit Skins 500 reams Medium Printing Paper luti tio rooitcap do Je 27 BRANDY, WINE k COKKS 2WI pipes Barcelona Brandy, 20 do Cogo.c da D2 half pipet, & 145 qr. casks Catalonia Wine 59 baits corks entitled to debenture.' Ihe cario 01 the ship Edward, capt Taber from Tar - rugona, now landing at pier No. 4, foot of Broad - street for sale by c 1 El HEN WHIIfcl, Je27 Iw 19Soulh - st. LOAF k LUM1' SUGAU, He. 100 bbls. 1st ami 2d quality Loaf Sugar 10 hhds and 50 bbls Lump do 20O half and qr. boxes Spanish Segart HH) kegs Cnt quality ground Ginger 130 bags Ksce do 150 do Hill's Boston Chocolate 55 do John Wait's do do for sale by JACksON k WOOLLEY, Je 27 75 Wnll - ttreet. ANTK.L A MOLASSES 200 hhds. ofia very first quality retailing Molasses, particularly selected at Antigua, tor this market to commence Uiuiinjr on .Monday moruing, 111 front of the store ot the subscribers, from the British brig Recompcrtce, for sale by TUCKER k LAU11IE3, je 27 29 South - street o l.i V ES, C A I EUa, &c bpaiusu OUvcs ia Jars French do in bottle , Cui ry Powder Lor, dun Sauces and Crown Stout Shruand lort Wine bptrmaieti I'nudles Dutch Herring Claret, of a tuperior qualify Old Javs C flee Filbert, Almond", Lnmp Oil Spanish Segars, and Turkey Figs Castano't Nuttt, (Spanith Chesnutt) - With a geneial assortment of Wines, Liqnon and Groceries selected with care for family tup - plies, friale by WILLIAM BRUCE, Je 27 3t 139 Broadway. GREAT CURIOSITY. MAMMOirt HOti. 'IM1I3 animal is one of the most extraordias7 L productions of nature, end has beep hrouftit here from Ireland, at a very considerable pense. He is 4 feet 6 inches liigh ; length of his body 9 feet 6 inches ; girth 7 feet 10, and weight about 1500 pounds ; a most unprecedented weight for any of the specirt. A further description ts uiinec.eosary. Lvery person 01 curiosity win well satisfied with the view. Thi wnnrfprl'ul animal trill be exhibited for a few days at No. 92 Maiden Lane, when be wilt ne taken to tne country. Price for grown persons, 25 cents, childrea half price. Je27lw HUbOKEN FERRY. rriHEhon. the Corporation of the city of New - JL York, having granted to the subscriber a base of the Hobokert Ferry, be has associated with him inthat establishment Mr. Philip De - peytter, who will have the sole cnarge 01 conducting tbe same t all applications therefore re - tppctini; tlie Ferry will Ins made to biia. Two Hone - Boats are now in complete operation, wiUi good accommodations for passengers, carriages, kc. one of which will io future start Irom each side 01 me river punctually as rri hour from 5 o'clock in Ui morning until 8 o'clock in the evening. PHILIP HONE. Je 27 ecdlm ' WAN 1 ED, npWO furnished rooms, (a bed room and sit - L ting room) where there are no childrea boarders, for a gentlem - sn and lady, a ho would keep servant and hoard themselves ; and, if P proved of, wonld take the rooms for IcmrortiX month". Address a note, at this office, to D. E. Je 27 3t TVf SMITH DAV1ES, CH V MICAL PEKIL iii.url ..M1U...O..KI whirh ho has received. Land hopes a continuance of the snme patronage. nowne nas removeo i ur.iikw ia'"t - , - Ihe Golden Eagle, No. 151 Broadway, where ne has a oiurh more extensive slock than fbrnHf which be oilers for sale on reasonable terms , a - mons which are tbe following : Cnw. ... wl.i Ia . - rt i t - j i n aiir - li fini rlei as cust - c;er may direct, of Morocco, Mahoa:iy, and oat in wood, brass pound or piain. Needle Cases, comcleU'ly furnished wilh needles of (he best qualitv. A sreat vaiiety of Pocket Cooks. ' 1 bread cases. (To be continued.) . mi - m 1 , . ... Mitnrv ttorf keepers, who wdl find it niucli to their advantage to keep an assortment of the articles N. SMITH DAV1E3 Manufacture, as tliey tr ..... .. ! - .1.. 1 . ... 1.. .. I m.,i in mit anf 11 up III euc uee biiii.) - J. cli imate. Merchants will be suppiieu ,le fir exportation. je 7 I'lAAV - FVKTES k HARP. J rM WO very haudsome FIANOS and afl JL gant FEDAL HARP, aU of first rat . workuiamlup, aod will be Mid very low nyr t at No. 43 Sonta - jtrtot. . June 27 1 and k wc neiMJ 1 Flat riintf Flemish elf &

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