The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 28, 1931 · Page 15
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1931
Page 15
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MARKET PRICE TRENDS ERRATIC E/MARKET E SLUGGISH Range at Steady Compared to Week. ?l. J-V MO, March 28 UK--A. wide [^ price trends made this ,title _ market one of the jrtilc" of the season. The " " steer buyers by send- ushed heavy steers to Pith the result that prices class ascended 25c early Jewish holidays, next i broadened the demand for heavy slaughter car- this outlet closed up late 'esterday's market the s were a drug on the was* another story for ieers, yearlings and heif- iariied too many of these LS ranged from 25c to 50c, 1,'to 50c to $1.00 in:year\3. 'Fat.'cows were un- fe in'the week and they, heifers, were selling · than last week-end fay's trade. For sharp ad- price the" vealer trade nze, having scored a gain [2.00 In the rush for Easter [cficient numbers of good : offered for sale today'to any buyers and the market |th'the sluggishness that rlday's late market, still j Packers took 10,000 of the eive'd and the best were of- b. 3,000 tioldovers Bids of ihoice 180-lb weights were swn, as were offers to take tchers at 57.55. In biess, prices for the week ~«t on a par with last week"is to the sharp advance '. Dressed pork prices de- 3@1.00 for the week.sbut ·t the 11 markets were cur' offset this weakening J8.25®8.65; -top $8.80; fed clipped lambs quoted S7.5d®3; good and choice awes *4.25 @5; good and . choice feeding- and shearing lambs $7.5098.35. . . 8IOCS CIT? UVESXOCK. CSIOUX CITY, March 28. Ui'l--V. B. de- parltnent'of agriculture-- . . . CATTI.E 200; calves 100,- for the week: Killing steers, yearlings and she stock steady tq.ZSa lower; nulls little changed; vealern fully 50c up; stockern and feeders steady; choice medium: weight beeves $9.75: long earUngs ' J9.60; heavy- bullocks m bulk J7.25Jf8.25; few choice tellers ?8.25®8.73; several cars 16.50@8; ! most cows $1.25® 5.25; bulk medium bulls $3.1504: practical vealer top 58; choice light stackers J8.SO. . HOGS 4,500;: very slow, Irregular, 180180 lb. butchers: .$7.26®7.50; top $7.60; steady to IBc- lower;. 200-225 lb.. weights t7.20®7.40: 230-250 lb. .weights' $7@7.25; about steady; 260-310 lb.. weights $6.90 7.15; steady to lOe hleher; 320-360 lu. weights $8.6581,6.90; 10-lEc lower; packlnf BOWS mostly unchanged $B.154?6;35. SHBEP 500; today's trade steady; desirable ., wooled" lambs J8.75; for- the week: Fat lambs around steady; other classes scarce, little changed;-light bulk led wooled lambs 85-80 Iba. $8.65@8.75; quotaWe top SS.90; best clipped lambs 58; spring lambs up to ?13; wtfoled ewes-$4®S; choice feeding lambs salable around 58. . KANSAS CITY UtVESTOCK.. KANSAS CITY, March 28. L1V-U. S. department ol agriculture-- . I10QS 700. Including 70 direct; strong lo lOc higher 'than Friday's average; top 17.85 on 190-225 Ibs.; desirable 170-240 Ibs. $7.65557.85; no heavies offered; odd sows u n ' t o $fi.50. '' ··'..' · : ' . '. 650; calves IS; for the. week: bs ranged at steady prices !J to last week in the final 'yesterday. The 3,000 re"lay were largely packer di- i there was no trading. Bet's of medium weight wool ·ised'at-$8.75@9.00, where Jd last week. Receipts at Veire 9,000 smaller than a i cal Hogs steady; veal era" BOciSijl higher: atockers and feeders mostly 25e lower; week's .tops: Medium-weight Eteers -59.50; heavies $9-35. mixed yearlings *9.35: vealers «9; -rearllng stocKere SB;-stock steer calves $9.25; bulk fed steers-and: yearlings $7@8.50; ,-stockere and'feeders $6.50@8.25. , ' .'. SHEEP WO; for the week: Shorn lambs steady; wooled .lambs 25-350 lower; sheep steady: top wooled lainba to shippers J8.65; most salei S8®8.50; shorn lambs *7.2Mi. 7.85; Arizona - spring ' lambs $10.50611.10. Texas $8.50@10.60; odd lots, natives downward from Sll; shorn Texas weU.ers'S4.50 @4.e5; shorn Arizona, ewes $4.10@4.oO, feeding 'and shearing lamhs 'largely ?7@. 7.75. ' · . . . ' · LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO. March 28. (an--Unofficial estimated receipts for Monday: Hogs. 82,000; cattle. 13,000; sneej - - · next week,'130,000. Representative Sales BEPBESENTATIVE SALES · CHICAGO, 'March 28. 1st--^Representative sales as selected b y ' the 'United States de-" partment.'of agriculture--, . H O G S Heavy 'Hogs--. Lights---378 312 ·286 272 253 Medtums- 33 216' 14 233 52 217. . 45 211 81 203 7.00 26 7.10 34 " ·7.25 37 7.35 12 .7.50 25 7.60 7.70 7.85 · ' 7.SO 8.00 1ST 8.00 191 8.00 183 7.80 112 7.80 163 K 8.00 yfn ·v;|'' I CTTY, March 28--Best ' *its, 180 to 230 Ibs, 57 30; i turn weight butchers, 240 ' J7.00; best heavy butcli- ^'o 300 Ibs, ?680; best ivy--butchers. 310 to_350 50; best packing sows, 300 Ibs., $600, best heavy sows, WO^tb 400 Ibs , ?5 80. · , CHICAGO LIVESTOCK m CHICAGO,. March 28. UP)--United Slates ·.''-lefca.-rtm.ent of agriculture-- ' -V'HOOS 11.000; 10,000 direct; 10@15c low- packlnj : ~d on" weight* below 220 Ibs:; others about $5.80. · nteadygood lo choice 160-210 Ibs. J7.90® "~" ! l!.00;'tbn *8.00; 220-260 Ibs. S7.40@7.80; ' thotee 380 Ibs. J7.00; compared week ago: i Light-weights 10315c lower; others steady; ·Uppers took 500; estimated holdovers 2, 1 J COO; light lights good and choice . 140-160 i Ibs. S7.B508.00;- light weights 160-200 Iba. "I *7;85®8.00; medium weights 200-250 Ibs. i J7.5oeB.00; heavy weights 250-350.Ibs. J7.00 , «»7.60; packing sows medium and good 275; BOO les.-$8.40®6.85; pigs 100-130 Ibs.. *7.50 ' !·CATTLE 200; compared week ago: Better ' ifada heavy- steers;-strong to 25c higher; . ethers heavies about steady,' but majority ' yearlings and light steers ot all grades 2.1 ' ®50c Jowcr: yearling heifers 50c@$1.00 low- '''^ffT, better grade butcher heifers and weighty - V o w s 50@75c · lower; cutlers about steady; ' bulls 10@I5c higher; vealers $1.SO®2.00 : higher;'desirable light s lockers steady; meaty i feeders 25®50o lower; specialty · shipper demand aided .better grade fat steerj. while !· excessive., receipts proved detrimental- to lighter weights; top. weighty steers $11.00; i (several sales $10.00010.85 with.bulk $8.00 :©9.75; top yearlings S10.35 with, bu|k year- ilng»'aml light steers $7.0000.00; best year- Jtog'helfers J9.10 early and $8.50 Iste; majority weighty sausage bulls $1.60®4.75; Sew 54.65: extreme top selected veaters ; ,811.00 late. · · ' · ' . - . . - ' . \SHEEP 3,000; for week 171 doubles from : \ding stations,' 13,900 direct; today's mar-' ^'nominal; compared week ago lat lambs Costly steady;, finished light weights slightly lower.aud lower grades of.all weights 25c · higher-'ln. Instances; price spread .became 1 iBlrrowesl of season; resistance of local klll- era apparently- broken at close; · wooled Jamba reached $9,25 early In. the .week;, an :. Initial packaie of native spring lambs $12.00; closing bulk: Good, and choice -wooled lambs J8.76G9.00:. best. J0.10; Including 96 'lb. weights; at $8.85; clipped lambs 18.00® S.25; few JB.35; wooled throwouLa $7.00® g.00; fat wcoled ewes J4.00ffl5.00. · t ' BODTH ST. PAUI,UVESTOCK. 'SOUTH ST. PAUL. March 28. WH-1T. S. department, ot agriculture--. rC4T3%Jp 50; compared with, week ago: 22atured · ffteers largely 50c' lower; Inbe- nreen^ yearlings. .25c or more down; other Classes showing lltue change, exception in- ---fcetween cows 'and plainer feeder' steers, th'efie weak, to 25c off; vealers largely $1.50 higher; week's' prices: Choice heavy suera SB.85; bulk all steers and yearlings' -S74J 8.85;- common warmed up. downward to $8; · beef COWB S4.25@5.50; butcher helfera J5.50 /98.7S; yearlings- *T®8; . cutters $304; bulls J4®4.50; western stockers $7@7.5ir, . bulk'on down to $5.50. Calves 50; veolers at close good grades $708; choice kinds $9« 1 0 ; f e w to «0.50. ' · . . . - . .ROQS COO: averaging around 10-15C lower; better 150-220 lb. weights »7.50©7.60; toy $7.601.220-250 Ibs. mostly $7.2587.50; butchers weighing 250-325 or better largely $8.75S7.25; a few big weights down to 94T.50; packing sows $6@6.25 or hetler; bulk flfs and light :llEhts $7.80; average cost J"riday $7.33, vwelght 23B. - SHEEP 100; compared -with, week ago: Tut lamba weak -to 15c lower; throwouts »t«»dy;' fat ewes strong to 25c'hleher; bulk at close, fat lambs $9 -to mostly $8.60; v«k r a · top $8.60; clipped .lambs $7.85^8; ·prlng Iambi $11@12; throwouta $5@7; fat native ewes $4®5; feeding and shearim: Iambi $6.50^8.25. ~ Hog Markets IOWA HOGS : By The Associated FrMJ. HOB prices at Iowa markets Saturday. CEDAB RAPIDS -- Prime hogs: mediums S7.05®7.25;' heavies $7.65S7.95; Itghta $7.0! . _ , . . . . -- _--.._ . . . . . _.i. DESMOINES-- 3.100; steady; prime lights $7.00@7.40; prime 'mediums 56.90©7.35 prime heavies $6.30®7.00; good packers SS.60B.25. -." MASON CITY-- Best sorted lights 180-23C Ibs. · 57.30;- best butchers medium 240-26 1 Ibs. 57.00; heavy 270-300 Ibs. 56.80; prime heavy 320-360 Ibs. $0.60; best smooth sow packing' 300-350 l»s. 56.00; 360-480 "~ Ibs DID YOU KNOW: · Illustrated Question Box ;iS A MAMM/»i.rWrHCri J-AyS EGiSS AND HISSES UKE. A'SNAKE. ^-/i-r is FOUND'iw , AUS-TfeALIA AHf DLOESf IS BE. I6OO Vc-ARS ' MAvDE BV'"-Tft'E. RO MAN S AND ON EXHIBITION A- SPEVEtS , ACOMA, M.M., AN I N D I A N PUEBLO , IS "THE: QLDEST OCCUPIED -TOWN IN -rTtE U.S. Market Notes By TICKEB TAPE In vlew'.of- the character of the news at present.-it Is little wonder that the professional element has turned to'the short side. While they ha,ve finally succeeded m brine- Ing about - more than a moderate recession In prices! It can be said th'at practically no liquidation has been uncovered. ' Public participation has been exceedingly small 'arid of course thla has' left the market almost entirely In the hands of the floor traders. It Is do'ubtful whether the public played any significant part in the recent upturn. Brokerage house officials with." few exceptions report that loans arc still scraping bottom. . , COT IN rCHCHASINQ POWER IS MADE -Belated recognition of .the probable effect of dividend reductions on purchasing power has been one of the factors that have tempered bullishness for the present; In cases of big .capitalizations, the reductions have more. than ordinary, significance. For example, one 'statistician figures that ihe cut : ln the New York Central rate reduces that road's annual payments by nearly $10,000;000. . , - . . ' In the case of Anaconda, It means a de- 'cllne of. $8.900,000, Baltimore and - Ohio "$ii25,OflOr^"Dela.wart^--rlACkawanca^ --ani Western nearly . $4,000,000, Westlnghouae Electric over $2,BOO,000 and Crucible Steel $2,500,000. ; . ' · " . OTTUMWA--Unchanged; 120-150 Ibs $5.15; 150-180 -Ibs.,$6.75; 180-230 Iba. J7.10; 230-260 Ibs. 5S.85; 260-300 Ibs. $0.05; 300350 Ibs. $6.35; over 350 Ibs. $6.05;^ good packers $5.60; fair packers $4.60. : WATERLOO--Prime hoes 180-220 Ibs. $6.85@7.15; .220-240 Ibs. $6.75@7.05; 240280 Ibs. $6.50®6.80;" 2BO-320 ,lbs. 36.30® 6.60; 320-350 Ibs. $3.20(38.60; good packers $5.75@6.05J . . . ' . " . , HOG FGTUBES. ' '. . CHICAGO, March 28. (/PI--Hog future": Grade Ottered Bid UQHTS-- April ,: j. . 8.00 May..-1..- '., 8.25 June :..... 8.65 8.10 June (last hall) ....* 8.75 ; Sept. 8.00 MEDIUMS-April , 8.00 7.50 May 8.50 8.00 HEAVIES-April 7.BO -' Sept ,-. 8-75 COMBINED HOQ. BECEIPTS. DBS MOINE3, March 28. LTV^U. S. department of agriculture--, ' , Combined hog receipts at 23 concentration yards and 7 packing plants located In Interior Iowa, and southern Minnesota.' for the 24 hour period ended at 10 a. m. today wcro 21',000, compared with 23,800 a week ago. Mostly steady: heavy, snow-" antt delayed traffic holding down receipts at a number of stations; bclk of .170-230 lb. weights ST.10S7.35; ·choice 180-210 .lb. averages up to $7.50; 260-300 Ibs. weights mostly $6.DO ©7; biff -weight butchers down to $6.35. Quotations for good and choice: Light IlBhta 140-160 Ibs. $».004?7.40; light weights, 160-180 IDS. $7.1097.50; 180-200 Ibs. S7.10fi7.50;. medium weights 200-220 Ibs. $7.10«j7.30: 220-250 Ibs. $6.85@7.40: heavy weights 250-290 Ibs. $6.60©7.15; 290350 Ibs. "$6.35®6.9O. Good packing sows, 275-350 His.: $606.25: 350-425 Ibs. $5.65®6.10; 425-550 105. $5.40 ®5.75. STOCK OFFER BE IADE , The report that "United corporation, the Morgan-Bonbrlght, utility holding corporation, was considering an offer to exchange four ohares of IU common stock for , ona sharei of Consolidated Gas of New York and one and a fraction of Its shares for on*? share of United Gas Improvement was revived Friday. ' · · i . ' Another step.In the plan, .according to the report, , would be the offer of three-shares of United Gas ' Improvement for one of Public Service of New. Jersey. Both United corportalon and United Gas Improvement already' have large holdings in- Public Service o£ New Jersey. LAMSON BROTHERS GRAIN LEHER WHEAT AND CORN Mill I LOWER Securities Setbacks Effect Market as Does Weather Break. CHICAGO, March , 28. nounce'd setbacks in., securities did much to pull wheat and corn lower today. unsettling -influence was failure of predictions for abnormal cold weather in domestic wheat territory. Suggestions from the department o{ agriculture that five per cent of winter wheat acreage would be abandoned were generally regarded as excessive. Wheat closed nervous, 2c lower to e advance; corn %®lhC «?own; oats y 4 c ofl to %c up, and provisions unchanged to decline. · ' · -. CIUCAGO CASH GRAIN. ' CinCAGO. March 28. (ypl-- Wheat -- No. 2 hard 80c; No. 1 northern eprlng 80c; No. 1 mixed 7\ic. Corn -- No. 3 mixed 69W59WC;' No. .2 yel low eKffei^c; No. 2 yellow (old) 84c: No 3 yellow 58©60%c; No. 4 yellow 58(i?5Hc; No. B yellow sa©5SJ4c; No. 6 yellow 56c: No. 3 white 59S4»60Wc; No. 4 white 56c. Oats -- No. 2 white 32%3)33c; No. 3 white 32c- Timothy seed ,18.25®8.75. . Clover-seed »11.75@19.25. Uird J8.80; Jibs 510.75; bellies $10:75. MASON CITY GRAIN ilASON CITY, March 28.-Barley 30c Oats ...- 22c Shelled corn, No. ,4 .43o Ear corn , 40c MISCELLANEOUS OMAHA. LIVESTOCK. OMASA, March 28. (AV-U, S. depart- Bient of agriculture-- :. · · · - · · BOOS 4.0OQ; steady to IQc Wgrber; slow to packers; top »7i85 on 180-210 Ibs.; bulk l«4-220 It?, average* $7.50@7.GO; 220-270 lb. Tiltcbeni .$7.25©7.50; 270-330 lb. butchers *7@7.25; pcklng sows xnoatlyv $6.2306.35. Average cost Friday $7.12, weight 262. CATTLE 150; compared with a week ago: Slaughter Hteerv and Abe stock steady to 35c lower; cutter grades and bulls strong; f*alers 91 higher; stackers and feeders ·WIM to around 25c lower; bulks for the ·wvtk: Fed steers and yearlings J708.7S; weighty sUers J9.65; light steers 59.75; ' bttfcrs J«.50ft7,75: few loads $7.85lT3.35; bMf cows $4.2505.50; cutter grades $3@4; Xftttlfum bulls *44.2G; practical top veal* ·n $8.50; few $9; stacker,and feeder steers «/r?8: few loads yearllnga 53.2508.85. JBHTEf* 50; compared with a weex ago: X*xnbs 35-25c lower; sheep and feeders ftronf; c losing huDu f«d wooled Jacobs POTATO StARKET ' ' CHICAGO. March 28. .UP) -- United States department ot agriculture -Potatoes 32*; oh track 281; total U. S. shipments 701; firm, trading very slow; sacked · per cwt, Wisconsin round wlittea $1.70@1.S5. mostly ^1.70(S'1.75; Idaho russets No. 1, $1.8002.00, mostly around $1.80 ; Colorado brown beauties ?1.60, MINNEAPOLIS, March , 28. unchanged; shipment* 321033; bran and tnlddllnga unchanged. .'· , TOLEDO SEEDS. TOLEDO, March 28. (/P--Seed , NEW YORK SUGAR. NEW YORK. March 25. (X*)--Raw ^ugar unchanged at 3.35c. Raw futures closed net unchanged to 2 points lower. Approximate eales 6,700 tons. Refined -i.OOc.' . KAY .MARKET. CHICAGO, March E8. UD--Hay 17, cars: unchanged. GRAIN MARKET 1VHEAT--Wheat participated In'the downward trend of securities and other commodities. Its recession," liowever, was not on'e. of sympathy 03 Much as It was a move based on conditions Surrounding wheat. . It was confirmed that practically all,sections of the. grain.' "belt now had ample moisture 'and were receiving more today. The western Canadian provinces otso have been benefited In thla . reffpect the past week or, 10 days. Reports, to' the department of agriculture suggested around 5 per cent abandonment of winter wneat acreage, but the trade for the most part, regarded It as excessive. Winnipeg messages Indicated about 400,000 wheat token for export late yesterday, but the seaboard said»demand was slow todas\ The selling today was about the *ame In'volnmfe la UIQ : £oferred deliveries and In the case of July It largely eliminated the premium of this delivery over September. , Should crop news be favorable' over the week-end and the visible ahow a Airther Increase, wheat may work lower Monday". CORN--'-Corn was fractionally lower mainly In sympathy with the action of wheat. ,The unfavorable weather of tha past two days has, as yet, had no appreciable effect on the movement. However, country offerings ' today, were limited and "shipping demand slow. On tha whole the trade seemed Inclined to await further developments -before commuting itself to cither aide. Statistics over the week-end are expected mod- rately bullish and corn may be higher un- le!as wheat weakens!, Liverpool due %@ l Ac lower. ' . ,' . ; GRAIN MARKET REVIEW ' .- i STOCKS finished tha week'at the lows of tha current movement. Activity Increased on the decline, and as there appeared Ho have been a .number of protective .stops in the market, the recession became pronounced when these were reached. Bear professionals maintained aggressive activity. There was Uttle or no rally, except In a very few s cfal stocks. There was no special* news to account for the selling. The mercantlla 're : views, were favorable, but contained nothing Indicating more than a · seasonal revival In general business. ' . ' ,_ BONDS--The general bond market lower, with special weakness In the oil Issues. The rails were lower, convertible is sues including Atchlson, being soft. Warner Brothers on small dealings, Bold down to The better clots of Industrials were firmer With the exception of Peruvian Issues, Us foreign* were generally steady. GralnFutures S.VTUBnAY;. OKAIN CI.OSE. CHICAGO, March 28. LTHrClostng table High .80% .81 .8214 '.83H .71 .61M. .60% WHEAT-- ifar. old · ne'w. .... May old new June July Sept. ;... v CORN-Mar. old May old new..... July Sept OATS-Mar. o l d . . . I . . May .old ' new..--July Sept. RYE-Mar. old new. 1 .... May old July Sept »i LARD-Mar 8.85 May 8.87 July S.02 BELLIES-May Ju)y HIDES Quotations Famished by Wolf Bros. SOS Fifth Street Southwest. Horse hJdes : .$1.60-$2.00 Cured beef hides 4%c Green beef hides 3 J /£c Seniors Practice for Play. LATIMER, March 28.--The senior class of the Latimer schools is rehearsing the class p)ay "Here Comes Patricia." to be given In the near future. .62% .63% .em .63% .32 V4 .32«t · .32 'A .37 « .37Vi .3014 .40 H Low .8054 ..SOil .82% · S3'A .73 .595; .59% .60 .01% .62 S .63S .62 ii .32 .32* .32% .32 14 '.37 ..36% .38*51 8.80 8.82 8.05 * per cent protein 77c; to arrive 75c; No. amber durum 70it®74He; No. 2 amber urum 68V4@71Ws; No. 1 red durum 63',4ci May 78c: July 6BHc;.Sept. 604C. Corn--No. 3 yellow 52@55c; Oats--No. 3 white 28628C. Barley 33®Mc. nyc--No. 1. 32%©373ic. Flax--No. 1, STEEL REPORTS AID STOCK DROP Downward Momentum Gain . by ( Friday Bear Drives Maintained. , NEW YORK, March 28. UP)--Leas iencouraging reports from the steel industry accelerated the decline in the stock market today. · The downward momentum'gained in the bear : drives late yesterday was maintained in large scale selling, the turnover for "the two hour trading period approximating 2,000,000 shares. . Losses "of a point or 'more embraced most of the Hat, while several important issues dropped 2 to 3 points, Including American Can, American Telephone, G e n e r at Moto'rs, Bethlehem Steel, Electric Power and Light, North American, Johns Mainville, Allied Chemical and American Water- Works. The utilities were heavily solrt consolidated gas dropping 4 points. The decline in general motors carried du Pont off- 4, and Worthing-" ton Pump, Foster Wheeler and Vanadium lost as much. Auburn Auto fell back 14. v Such issues as U. S. Steel, Radio, Radio Keith, and General Electric, lost a point or more. Rails were neglected. The -week-end estimate of\next week's steel mill operations in the Youngstown. area; indicating v a'·re- duction from 51 to 48 per cent ot capacity, helped the bear cause. : Further heaviness was indicated in copper metal, said to have been sold at 9 ?i cents' a pound, off .% of a cent,-and only Vt, above the low of present century. -. MAD LAUGHTER A Thrilling Mystery Storj By MILES BURTON (ConUnaei Frew Comlo P»ie). "I Have an empty room, which you can occupy tonight as a. patient. You seem utterly done up. If I -promise to call you if there should be "any change in Miss Weatherleigh's condition, will you go up there and lie down? You're no use to anybody In your present state." "I must see Dr. Weatherleigh the moment he comes," replied Dick. "I've had a most unfortunate accident, and I'm afraid I'm utterly played out." "Of course you are, any one can see that," she interrupted. "Now then, drink this, and then you can lie down for a little." * . . Dick allowed, himself to be led to a. small private ward, where he lay down on the bed. In a few minutes his weariness overcame him,.and he fell into a deep sleep of utter exhaustion. (TO BE; CONTINUED). STOCK LIST . NEW YORK STOCKS' . . . . . . NEW YORK. March 28. UP-' ·'· . . final · Quotations. Air Red -9414 Kelvlnator 13K .Allegheny 9^4 Kennecolt 25^4 Al Ch t Dye 150 Kresge 27 Kroger 29 4i Leblgh Port c 18*4 IJgg 4 My B 86 Loews 56'/, Loose Wiles 61Vr Lorlllard OMAHA GRAIN OMAHA. March 28. (/PI--Wheat--Dark hart smutty No. 4. 71c; hard No. 1, 7_2c; No. 2 71V5O72c; .durum smutty No. 2 66c; mixed No. 4 70c. ' \ Com--White No. 3 53®54c; yellow No. 2. 53o; No. 3 51@52c; mixed No. 3'5054@ 52c; No. 4 49@49Hc. Oats--White No. 3 SO'.ic. KANSAS CITV GHAJN KANSAS CITY, March 28. (^1-- Wheat 71 crfrs; unchanged; No. 2 dark ihard nominally 71@73 We; No. 3, 71c; No: 2 hard 71Ji@72o; No. 3 70%c; No. 2 red nominally te873%c; No. 3 nominally 71® 72 He. Corn 60 cars; down %®lc; No. 2 white nominally SSttftSOHc; No. 3 S3c; No. 2 yellow nominally 55«@58V4i:: No. 3 53® ; No. 2 mixed nominally 53 ©54c; No. Oats 11 cars; nominally unchanged; No. 3 No. 2 white nominally 32 Bond Market Dye 150 Allta Chal Mtg 34 ?i Am Can 123 Am-Car ft Fdy 324 Am Coral Al ' 9 · Am For P 4174 Am Int 1S% Am Loco . 27 Am Pow -i W 62« Am Bad St Ban 1851 Am Roll Mill 29 Am Sm Kef 44 Am Steel Frfrs 26 Am SUB Her 54 U A. T t T Am Too .B Am Wat Wks 190 ",i 117 67 ii 32 «, 1314 185 PRODUCE 'NEW YORK, March 28. /T)--The. bond market was generally lower today. ' Kallrbad obligations were active but selling pressure was less apparent ambng them and declines were of moderate proportions. Borne or the more active Issues, such as Northern Pacific 4s of 1903 and St. Paul 5s of 2000, closed fractionally higher. St.'-Louis San Francisco 4'.4s of 1978 and Southern Pacific 4V-S ot 1978 were steady. Chlcagd and Northwestern 4KB of 1949. Missouri Pacific series P 5s and Southern 4B of 1956 lost tractions. ' Foreign bonds were active also and developed a mixed price trend, Australian 5s ot 1957 made another sharp gain. Peruvian 69 of 1960 receded further selling at a new low. Italian 7s of 1951 and Colombian 6s of October llTil. were active and fractionally lower. United States government Issues -were dull and easy. Stock, privilege Issues were usually lower on a Jew sales following the- weakness in stocks. ' CLOSING BOND QUOTATIONS. NEW YORK, March 28. Uf\-- U. S. bonds closed: Liberty 3W» 101.24. Fourth 4!is 103.24. ~" Anaconda Arm of 111 B Atchlson All Ref Auburn Aviation Corp B O' Bamsdall A Bendlx Av Beth St Borden Borg Warn Brlggs Burr Add Cal ft Hecla Can TJJry . .Can Pac Case Cerro de Pasco 23^i Ches O 41^ Chic Gt W «W Chic Gt W pf 231ji zrjy, tti 73-4 57,i 73 ~i iCTi 20 28V, 9 35»i '10851 MASON CITY, March 28.-Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse, GGG8 Egga (current receipts) ...... 15c POULTRY Stags . . . . . . . ---- ............. 13c Heavy hens, 4V Ibs. ........ 14c. Light hens .......... ......... lie Old cocks, heavy ......... '. ... 9c Ducks . ....................... 12c Geese ........... .............. 7c Hercbnnta Quotations. Eggs, In trade ......... ..... . 16c Eggs, cash ............ ........ 14c Butter, Plymouth . .' ........... 3Rc Butter, Clear Lake .......... 32c Butter, State Brand ......... 35c Butter, dairy ................. 29e Potatoes ...... 3So and 40c a peck CHtCAOO PRODUCE '* CHICAGO, March 28. l/v, -- Butter 14.494: steady; crcatnery extras . (02 score) 28%c; standards (90 score carlots) 28c; extra flrsU (90-91 score) 27%®28Kc; firsts .{88-89 score) 26-%®27Uc; second! (85-87 score) Clos .80 Vt .61 .82% .83'. .73 .W .59 VS .60 .611 1 .62V .63% .30 .32 .32H -SZ'.i .32 tt t .37 .36'4 .38% .4014 8.80 8.82 9.00 10.05 11.10 Kggs 28,180; steady: extra firsts 20',ic; fresh graded firsts 19@lB%c; ordinary firsts IBc; storage packed firsts -20%c; storage packed extras 21 c. PBODUCE FUTl!KK.S. CHICAGO, March' 28. (VP)--Egg futures closed: Storage packed first. March 20%c; do, April 21c; refrigerator standards, Nov. 24Hc. / Butter futures closed: Storage standardR. March 2 B ] A @ K c ; storage standards, Nov. IOWAN FOUGHT OFF RESCUERS Keokuk Man Refuses to Quit Stalled Car Before Train Came. DALLAS CITY, HI., March 28. UP) --A coroner's, verdict that Lawrence "Red" O'Neal of Keokuk died by accident was on file here today following an investigation Into his death when a Santa Fe passenger .rain demolished his stalled .automobile at a grade crossing. Prank Morrison of Dallas City, 'Neal's companion, and Foster Valker, living- near the crossing, oth told of trying- to pull O'Neal ut of the stalled car when it was pparent they could not push it off e crossing. O'Neal, who had been drinking ut was not drunk, not only refused o leave the car but, fought to pre- ent his being dragged from his car, ·lorrison declared. KANSAS CITY PRODUCE KANSAS CITY, March 28. (;p--Poultry-- irollers 27c; springs 32c: - other produce un- langed. , : May Close Yr.' Ago. WHEAT-- : Mar. old ·new old 1.10H new June ...... July Sept. ...;.. CORN-Mar. old... .new.. May old... new.. July Sept OATS-Mar. o.ld... GRAIN OPEN 'CHICAGO, March 28. L/P1-- 1.09 1.11% . .81% ' .83'A .43 May Bowers Beats Teppen on Eagle Grove Card EAGLE GROVE, March 28.-Jergen Teppen, Kanawha, lost a decision to Floyd Bowers, Eagle Grove, in six rounds on, the American Legion boxing card here Friday night. Marion Cox, Popejoy, won a decision from Kid Class, Goldfield, in four. Aleck McBeth, Eagle Grove, lost to Red Conway, Eagle Grove; Jn four. Kenneth Wilcox, Woolstock, defeated Kenneth Van Arsdale, in four. old ---new. . July' .. ----Sept. .;.... RYE-Mar. old ... new.. May old... new. .' July ...... Sept. ...... LARD -Mar. .' ........ 10.15 May ......... 10.25 July ......... 10.50 BELLIES-May ......... 13.12 July ......... 13.20 .43% .42% .6414 .60V, .73% · Close Yes'd'y. -80«i .80 H .82 'A .83H .75 .611,4 .60W .60% .60 '.4 .62% .63tt .64 H .64 .30H .32 H · 32« .42'A · .32H -37V4 .39'A 8.87 8.87 9.02 10.95 11.10 Open Today. .80% .80*1 .82 H .8314 .73V4 .61H .60S .6014 .82 W .63 .64 Y, .63% · .30 H .32% .3214 .32%-H .3214 .37% .37*4 .39% .401 .41- 8.85 g.SS 9.02 SflNNEAPOLTS OBAIN MINNEAPOLIS, March 28. yP--Whea 138 cars compared to-64 ft year ago; 15 higher; cash No. 1 northern 77®81c; No. dark - northern 12. 13, 14 and 15 per cen · protein 788?81c; No. 1 dark hard MonUo CHICAGO POVJI.TJIV CHICAGO. March 28. tm--Poultry--Alive car, 12 , trucks, steady, prices unchanged. Live poultry steady, prices unchanged. NEW yoRk roui/niv. NEW YORK, March 28. /T-- Dressed jxmltry steady, unchanged. NEW yOKK PRODUCE. NEW YORK. March 28. tm -- Butter 5,- 5fi; steady; creamery, higher than extra @29Kc; extra 92 score}' 28'.4c; tlrsU 88-31 score) 26%@28c. . Cheese 47.896; steady, unchanged. Eges 24,169; steady; all prices unchanged. ALFRED BANTJET IN REACH OF TITLE MLNNEAPOLI3, March 28. Alfred Banuet, fast working youth from San Francisco,' Saturday hat another national A. A. U. handbal championship within reach. Competing in the final singles event of the week's tournament, he had George Nelson, Baltimore, as a foe after they had come thru thi semifinals yesterday, DeMolay State Basketball Tourney At Chariton. Second round. Chariton 2; Falrfleld 0 (forfeit). Boone 31; Denison 16. Carroll 17; Floyd 11. Jefferson 45; Holsteln 17. Clinton 82; Marlon 18. Mnscatlne 32; Montlcello 19. Ottumwa 28; Spencer 11. Washington 20; Dayenport 12. INJURY JINX STILL WITH PITTSBURGH PIRATES LOS ANGELES--The injury Jins la still with the Pittsburgh Pirate Paul Waner, outfield slugger wh suffered from an infected foot unt a week or ao ago, complains tha the foot is bothering him again, and J he was ordered to take a* rest. C t N W C R I t P Chrysler Coca Cola Col O t E Col Graph Com Solv Comwlth So Coogoleum Consol Gas Cont Can. ' Cont Ins Cont Mot Corn Prod Cudahy Curtlss Wr Deere pf Drug Iric Du Pont El Pow t L ·Pub - Ser Erie- Pisk Fox F^lm A Freeport Tex Gen El Gen Foods Gen Motors Gen Pub Ser Gillette Gobet Gold Dust Goodrich Goodyear Grab Paige Granby Gt No Ry pf Grig Grun Hahn Hartman B Houston Hudson Hupp 111 Cent Ind Ref Int Harv Int Nick Can I T T Johns Manv K O Ecr 67'S 21 y s 159 V, 41 11V, ioiy d 58 Vi 3V. 79W *7 4 M 73 ^ '35 3T 514 39 18 V. 4H4 4% 8% 4K S4W. 21M, 10 72% 3'i, 3K 52 18 SI'S 70 'i - 19% Louis G i,. E A nUi Mack . 3a Math Alkali 24'ii May D S 36 McK 4 Rob 12 U ifer Sea' oil Ifi'S, Mid Cont Pet 12V4 U K T 18',4 Mo Pac 30 !i Mont Ward 23 i Mot Wheel 18 Nash 36 Nat Bio 70\4 Nat Ch Reg A 25 li Nat Dairy 47 Nat P a L 3 N Y Central 109 N Y N H i H 85% Nor k W 137- No f-m 82 No Pac 5054 Oliver » 4% Otis St 13 Pac- Q E 51V. Packard' 9^5 Para Pub 43 V, Patho '2\S Penlck Ford 40 Penn- 56V Phil Pet 11M Pills Fl 3115 Proc A Gam 6S^ Pub Ser N J 87 Pullman 491, Radio 22 * R K O 21'Sj Rem Rand 14 Reo 7-V Rep Stl ' Key Tob B Roy rmtch Stl San F Sears R Shell U Simmons Sinclair ' Skelly So Pac So Pr: Sug So Ry · Stand Bids El Oil Cal St Oil N J Bt Oil N Y Stew Warn Stone Web Stude Superior Oil Tex Corp Tex Gulf Sul Tim Roll B Union Carb Un Pac : Unit Airo Unit ClB Unit Corp Unit a E U S.Ind Alo U S Rub U S Smelt U S Steel UL P * L A Vanadium Warn Plx W Mary West Air West Z 4 Mf Willys Ov Woolworth Wrigley Veil Tr Young. S FIRE DESTROYS MYHRES HOME Defective Chimney Is Thot Origin of Blaze Near Harilontpwn. HANLONTOWN, March 28.-Fire destroyed the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bert, Myhres, three miles southeast of here, about .7:30 o'clock 1 'last evening. The blaza originated from a defective chimney and was discovered in the attic. Some of the contents of the structure were saved. Neighbors and the chemical apparatus from here arrived too late to save the house. A house on this same location was destroyed by fire four years ago. Mr. Myhres is a son-in-law of R. M. Hall, Mason City. RELATREClDS STANDASSAULTS Iowa State Wins Honors at · Carnival; Glass Ties Tolan's Mark. AUSTIN, Tex., March 28. UP)-- '· Practically all the Texas relay records withstood assaults from a fresh crop of athletes in the seventh annual relay carnival here Friday. In one event, the 100 yard dash, the wind proved a help. Peyton Glass, 19-year-old sophomore from Oklahoma A. M., twice tied Eddie Tolan's recognized world-mark of 95-10 seconds for the century. At that time he barely beat John Hass of Minnesota. Gloss Wins for Aggies. Glass bad a big day. His performance as anchor man on the 880 yard relay team gave the Oklahoma Aggies victory in that event. Texas schools came out second best in their duel with the Oklahomans and middlewestcrners. Besides the Oklahoma-Aggies, teams which won the relay races were Kansas, Marquette, Iowa State, Northwestern, and the Pittsburgh, Kansas Teachers. Ithea Sets Record. Hugh Rhea, Nebraska, heaved the shot 51 feet, 2% inches to beat Jim Bausch's old record by 2^-5, feet. John Russell of Polytechnic institute of Ifeoria, 111., beat Tom Poor's 1925 record by one eighth of an inch, in clearing the bar at 6 feet, 4% inches. Tom Warne of Northwestern, bolder of the relay record in the pole vault, was beaten by Lansriid of Drake, who didn't come near the record. MICHIGAN APPEARS AS SWIM CHAMP _. CHICAGO. March.28,.UP)--Mich- 4 igan, ruler of the Big TeTTwaveB, to- T day stood out as the heir apparent to the National Collegiate indoor swimming championship. Displaying the same fine team balance that enabled them, to win the Big Ten title, the Wolverines last night took a big lead in the race for the national collegiate crown by placing two relay teams and seven men in six events. w M-W U B pc pf 100 5 Farmers Receive, Diplomas for Night School Attendance NEW HAMPTON, March 28.-- Mplomas were issued 65 farmers who attended five out of the 10 night school sessions. One hundred and ninety attended. The followng were isaued diplomas: F. C. Adams, fohn Arnhalt, B. .A. Breitbach, Donald Breitbach, A. J..Bohr, J; F. Brannon, W. L. Brannon, A. C. Slatti, L. M. Brown, Ray Eichen- oerger, Ed Fichbohm, James Fich- oohm, Mike Bartz, Jr., Alindo Blatti, Harry S. Green, J. W. GoebeT, Wilfred Holschlag, Clair Holschlag, Paul Hassman, Carl Hassman, Clarence Hassman, Frank Hunt, George F. Johnson, Charles Knebel, Elmer Knebel, Clinton Koltoff, Francis Kutish, W. A. KUenfeld, Bernard Laures, Leo Laures, Clem. Leichtman, Frank Morrissey, F. C. Pieten, Harry Pieten, Leo Rosanke, Bernard Rosanke, W. F. A. Rahe, William Rabe, Henry Rahe, Harold Ro- brock, Donald Stirm, Jack C. Snyder, Frank Spllles, Ed Schilling, J. H. Simmons, Ed Staher, Loren Stapher, Kenneth Stapher, W. A. Sweet, Karl Soukup, Ralph Shin- stine, Millard Simpson, Elvln Trusty, Harold Turbett, J. W. Weigel. Will Wahl, G. P. Winters, Charles Waltz, Bernhardt Wilhelm, Edward Wilhelm, G. J. Winters, Will Wilk- ings, Judson Waltz, Harold Abrams and Frank Rosanke. CHICAGO STOCKS. CHICAGO. March 28. MP1-- Beatrice Cream 76'.i Mid-West Utll Cen Pub S«r A 19 Cities Service IB Cont Chic ctf« Dexter Co Or Lakes Alrc Grigsby-Grunow Insull Ut Inv 41 Kell Switch Llbby McNeil Majestic H'hold MICT NOTES 10 4 5 12 H Nat Stand N W Bane Quaker Oata Swift Co Swllt InU Unit Gais U 3 Gypsum UU1 i Ind Zenith 3174 31 154 % 28% 17 3M, 3% SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF STOCK QUOTATIONS Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office In Bagley- Beck Building., Telephone No. 7 NEW YOBK STOCKS Ab P 4 P,Co 10ft Kelvinator Corp 13% Am Bank Note 57H - Am Metal V 20 Am Sum Tob Vfc Am Tob 11B Am Zc Ld A Sm.6H Ar t Co B (III) 1% Assoc Dry Gds 24 It Baldwin Lo 2514 BDRES Mfg Co 20^ Best 4'Co 42^i Burr Add Mach 2S^i Bush Terminal S3 Calif Packing ' 41: Com Credit 19 H Coml Solvents. 17% Cont Motors, 311, Cont Oil 9M, Cream of Wht 33 \i Cudahy Packing 47 Curtlu \Vr pfd 4Vi Eivl Chemical IS Flak Rubber -M General Mills 17H Rershey Ch Co 09 Houa Oil (new) 11^ Indian Rel 3% Inland Steel 65*4 NEW YORK CUBB QUOTATIONS Amer For P Co 25Vt 'Humble Oil 551i Amer Gas El 76 tt NlaE * Hud 13% "NIdes.Bm-Pond ~" No Amer Avlat PeonroHd Corp S O Ind 30% S O Ky 21 Va Transcont Air T 6% United Gas OK XIn L *· p A Ulll P * L A Kansas newspaper wants President Hoover to smile more. But we insist that if Mr. Hoover were to smile at the United States senate, he would be the nation's arch hypo- crite.--Atchlson Globe. MINNEAPOLIS ORAIJ* MAHKET CASH SALES Flax 149?4 to 156% Lambert Co Liquid Carb Cp 43% Loufslana Oil 4 Mathleion Alk 25 McK Robb 12 Vi Nev Cons Cop 1114 N Y Air Brake. 20!t Otis Steel 13 Pathe Exchange 2'.4 Pltlabury Flour 3lVj Pure Oil Co 8 Purity Bak Cp 44^i Reo Grande Oil 6% Rco' Motors 7*1* St Joseph Lead 22-v, Scntilte Re stra ion So Calif Edison 50U Standard Brds 19 Superior Oil " m Telauto Corp 20*', Tobacco Prod 3 . U 3 Real Im 30 Vi Vanadium 66 Western Myld 15«i We-item Union I SOW Wrlgley-Jr Co 73 21 94 Vacuum Oil Walgreen Drug 30 12 51 y, Am Sup Pow Ark .Nat Gas A 5^i Also O 4 El A 23 Vi Can Marconi 3 Vfc Deforest Radio Sid Durant Motor 2H Eliler El 5V El Bd £ Sh 513, Fd Mo of Can ±7Vi Fd Mo of Kng 15K Fox Theaters A 5 CHICAGO STOCKS Allied Mo IndU5t 2W, Gt Lakes Alrc Aub Auto Co 225 Bendl* Av Cp 2l£r Borg-Warn Cp 26 % Butler Bros 6 Cont Chicago Cp 3*1 Chicago Invest 3V; Cord Company 12% MINNEArOHS STOCK First Bk Sk Cp 22% Increase in Demand for Iron Ore Is Expected by Producers in Minnesota DULUTH, Minn., March 28. /P-While steel producers *ire counting on early replenishment of depleted inventories to start their industry on its climb out of the slump of last year, mining 1 men of Northern Minnesota also are anticipating a gradual increase for demand of iron ore during the 1931 season. With favorable weather continuing and the Great Lakes nearly free of ice, preparations now are being made for the opening of navigation for the carrying of ore, the state's largest product, to eastern ports. Business leaders of the country are forecasting an increase in several industries and hopes are held by mining men in the Lake Superioy district, where approximately 65 per cent of the iron ore of the country is mined, that dcman4 for the product will increase from the more important consumers, buHdinsr construction companies, railroads and automobile manufacturers. While the 1930 season did not show as large shipments as the rec-. ord-brealdng year of 1929, the total was more than 46,000,000 tons, which was regarded by mining men as "good" considering 1 the general · business conditions. Mining men here 'are not in a position to estimate the ore production for the LaJte Superior district this year, but hope for a general increase in de-' iriand as the season advances. Three Months Old Girl Dies; Funeral Sunday Joan Marjorie Crabb, 3 months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Crabb, 1629 Washington avenue northwest, died Friday afternoon. Funeral services will be at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon at Me Alley's funeral home with the Rev. Jewel Pickett, pastor of the . Baptist church, in charge. Burial will be at Swale dale. * Grlgsby-Grunow Null Leather Nail Standard U S Gypsum Utll £ Ind Cp U S Rar t Tele IT.'. 47 LET US EXECUTE YOUR ORDERS for Hated or onilsted SECURITIES on any Stock Exchange Investment Department FIRST NATIONAL BANK [Mason City r'are~fhe p'afoIe~Koar'd members^arg ouiiuuy aicernooi

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