The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 26, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, June 26, 1818
Page 4
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- : ' LAST)?. - - : - ' - ' V - ftJ - STEPHEN B. W CNN, No. 125 Peart - ilreel, Nw - Vork, porcbases Lands io Um liliu - oit Teiritory, which has been let apart for tlie MAm.jv 1 - etttrt from the country giving a deacnptiua of the patent and Ihe price asked for each tel. win o aueuoed to, u roci paid. my li .tf - - f The subscriber offers for talc his resi . iliil deuce in (he town of Fa'rtitld, stale el Connecticut. 1 II ii pJcwtimtly lityated, no (lie . Boston roaJ, about half a utile from Long Island Sound, 65 mile iroiu New York, and VJ Iron - New Haven. The house aud out - houses are in excellent repair. The Iruit yard it well stocked won a varwy of peachy apricot, cnerne, rear and straw berries. There are in the vicini ty academics for the education of youth of botii sexes, f torn ona sere of excellent laud, at the option of the purchaser, can be had with the bouse, and Ihe purchase money, if desired, ran remain on intermit. For term apply to . .ISAAC M. ELY. Ew 76 John street. N.York, ortoU Hon. JONATHAN STURGES, Ijur field, ConnecucLt. ,,, . - v nivfiritl DA IP ELY. T Carpmltri, tatitrtt; Stout Cutttr art, . - f Carrtrt. THE BUILDERS ASSISTANT IS tnott respectfully addressed, and worthy the 1 attention of every oat, either interested or Lrwt'y concerned iu building, aiit contains the most oseiil matter in their respective punuiU; uch at design for ftore Front, town aud country Dwellings, with thrir detail, ft Stair Cases. H ant - rails," Rak ing Joutdiugs, Doors, W indo ws , Framing, Aocnng, Flooring, Partitioning, tpi - rals, Architraves, Cornichei, Frixe,, Tombs, Sttpt,MarbleWautle, Centre Flower, with a number of elegant example Of Foliage, Greek ami Roman Mouldings, plain and enrich - ed with Working Diawins of Uie most beautiful specimen ol Uie order of Architecture, both Cretk A Roman ; together with a description ol Ue properties of all kind cf materials used in the construction ofbuildine. with the proportion and beat method of mixing & working such a require , to be r orDDonnded. io a to render then duia - tie. The strensUi, stress and best disposition of timber in (ramii.e of carpentry, demonstrated Specification of tlie teveral work, with rule for estimating and measuring the same. To la ciliUte the knowledge by there instructions, the letter pre will De accompanied wna im cop per - plate (CO of which are original designs) ac companted witbdeunitioflsoi use most Bpprovei method of construction, character and applicu tnu, from the best authority itudied for tin ir di rect us, and made applicable to the presm elyle of building iu (his country, wilh plfin, He Tauoni aaa tecuon, vj junn navnaiiu, onui tect and enrraved hr iiueb Bridport.nrliM. H. JtRIUfOAT noil retpeclfully inform the paMic, tbattieu on a viut to Uii city, lor uie purpoio ot ot(Citit)g uie patronage w urwcnDeri ' for Uie above work. .The taoctionofand names 'of upward of 150 uloribr at Philadelphia will, he ieel asiure, luuriemiy rei ine . - merit of the work a worthy their attention and that liberal encouragement which itiey have tiu died to merit, both in it detisn and tlie rcaaoua - Jife term of it completion, which will bo in 3 voiumet ot ove numteraeacn sonenumDerio ne peblithed mooiMj, at one dollar per number, pyweoo aeiivcry io lunKnoen ; to noa - uo - K'nner, wnea completed, $ I a. Ilie firt ouuiber it now ready for delirery, and may be een, with the lilt ol (ubtcriher, at jtienr. liirx ana aiercem' tnre, ro. Z2 ivall - itreet, where name will he recrived from thoe wfaa witn to become tubtenber to the above work. Je 18 2w .VA'i .JjVi I lilLlOUS PILLS. f lliV - H h&veheen attended with a degree V l of success highly grateful to the inrent - ot' fetllni, in atvtral part of the West Iodic, and the Southern and Middle States, particularly io A'w York, Phi!alelphia, llaitimure, i.c. Vhe operation of these ptils are perfectly mild, so as to bo used by ptrsoni ui every titmitior anaoi every age. i They are exreliently adapted to carry of sn - perOoa lite, and prevent it morbid seoctioui ; to restore and amend tl:earetiteto miNn free, perspiration, and U.ereby prevent coUU which are ultisu uf fatal cunseuntnen. A dose never fails to reniove a cokl, if taken on it first appearance. They an infallible preventive m Bilious and Malignant Fever, and should be procured lor ue, by every teamun and traveller. Pr'Pfd and sold at LEb'n Medicine Store, o. 40 Maiden Lane. I'ruggiM and country store Iteerwr sunplied on liheral terms: my 10 m 20 LET, Ki - B Posetion given immediately, a coromo - dioas HOUsE Stable and out - houses, with a fine cultivated GARDEN, fruit trees, Shrublie fy, t - and pasture ground enough for ja horse or com. It i pleas.uitlv situated on the B - mk ot the Nflrlh River, not ciuite two mile from the Citr Hall. The rent will be moderate. For particular enquire at JrO.lw . No. 49 Water street .iK lst lTcU ST.1 IES, , , May 12, 1818. ARCII1TECT9 of science and experience ' are invited U exhibit to the Board of Director on. or before the I t day of August ucxt, Mipropriatedatignsand elevations for a Banking Houm to - be erected on the scite purchased for that purpose, bounded on the north ty Lhesnut, and on th south by Library - streets, containing one hundred kod fifty one foet In width east and west, and two huudred and twenty five feet in depth, north and toulh. The ground plau will include an area of about ten or eleven, thousaud square Teet in a rectangular figure rf equal or unequal tides, as best adapted to the interior arrangement. Tht building will ba faced with marble, and have a portico on each front, resting upon a basemeut or platform of such altitude a will combine convenient of aiceat wiUi due proportion nod effect. ' , In this cdiGce, the director are desirous of exhibiting a chat imitation of Grecian architecture iu its simplest aud least expensive form. Five hundred dollar wtil b paid foi that design which shall be approved, and two hundred dollars for the next brat specimen. By order of the board of directors, JONA. SMITH, Cashier. may 14 SawtlA FOR SALE, Between four and five hundred acres Ol land, together with two dwelling houses, nd sundry out house, a saw - mill, and two or three one mill - seats, suitable lor any nc - scnp - tion of factories ; all compactly situated, in Dit to wtvof Canaan, in the county or Columbia, in this state, and about 21 mile distant, from both Albany and Hudson. The land, for tlie most ttart. is of prime quality, and ia good cultivation, and will be sold in divisions to suit purchaser. The water - privilege are such a cannot often be met with, and worthy the attention oi manuiac turer. I'he greater part ol the purchase money mav remain on mortgage levcral yean, if desi - red.orprnriertr inthe city of New - York would be accepted in exchange. A the premises, in part at least, are to be disposed of AT ALL KVKSTa.tbey will be told oa vebt KSAtOBA BLE VERBS Fjiquire of H. W. WARNER. New York, qr JASON WARNER, on the premise, ap 4 DAC taw3ni NLnf the first rate Steam Distilleries, ca - J paMe of working 30 barrels per day, wilh . tne assistance of two hands ouly. It is replete with every necessary nten.,1 for uotlin - u j mediate operation. It i s,tuaii i,tL v:n.. of '.ughkeepsse, near a Grit Mill, smrt utt KH'li uiMnuvc imia uie norm Kiver. 'J hi price will be very moderate and Sit n.w ' tneoU made easy, or it would be exrW Ji tierchandise. For further ioformation enquire tf Mr. L. Binuham, No. 138 Fu!tou - ttret. n rk, or Thomas Sweet, esq. near Uie premise. rongbkeepsie. June i, itlia. 'J 3 D&ClawOw UII.V fir - wiil sins resioetai u. a - . I tr street, where ha ha a very liandsome and ...... . . inifm .'ii : . wt n.a t sWiionahle asortjeot of Ca'aiiet Furnitnr on hand, which he will warrant to be of Ihe firat o - .ni He solicit hi New York and southern to a, in i as in in hv (he sine ol in and nan with wise 1U18. ine the find W ing IS. their value. Or can 1 1 ham A it City are ven t4 L will Uie Uie last of I friends to give him A call, a he flatter liimrlfj tncy wii? not oe aisappoiaiea. vrue" - 'ra at the ihoftfiit notice. Jttitf I MAHOGANY SOFAS, CflAIR AND CABT - . NET FURNITURE, , ; Mo. 49 tttEKMAJt - STREST. . 'PHK (utMcribtr beg leave to return bt w - JL cere thank to tho ladie and gentlemen who have been kind enough to honor him with theircommandi, and to iniorm them, and the admirer of handiome furniture in general, that be ha on hand tome very elegant aofa, chair, card, pemhroke and extending patent dining table, grand cidehoard, inlaid with high poinded ornamental bra - work and roie - wood, card table to match, Grecian couche, tofa, chaie loune. mutic ttool. chain, A:c. AUo. a li brary itep chair, the utility of which he particu IrtIv rprnminenil. . All furniture warranted of the het Quality and workmanthip.aud of the newest Luropeau law inn. Order executed to any part of the union to any drawin?, on the moat reasonable term and nunctualitv forcaih. Ladie of gentlemen having fancy wood, may nnve inem manuiaciureu to any arucie uiey with, by applying a above. y tiu, A. in. tlAinuuu. A houte and farm on Throe' Reck, in the town and county of Wettcheder. fnurtiieu mile from New - York. The farm contain a - (x.ot one hundred acre of excellent land in good lence, a large barn and other convenient outbuilding, good houM two (torie liiuh, with four room on each floor, elegantly titunted on the bank of tlie at Kivcr; the tituation uncommonly healthy ; the neihbourhooil the roost respectable ; abundance of Iruit of the het (election 5 scale and tliell fi.h in great variety taken befoie the house. For further information apply the subscriber on the premise. my 1 Sm STEPHEN B, HOFFMAN. 7ae iff .Vrtr l uri, it. tal order of the hunora ble the court of chancery of this stule. hear ing aate tnc nun day ol June, tai, will he sold puiMiv aiKuim, bi mil auuiihc 1U?C liuitrt the city of N. York, under the direction of the tubs criber, one of the master of the caidcourt, on me sj day ot July next, nt 12 o'clock at noon, all that certain dwelling bouse and lot of ercunJ situate, lying and being in the city of New York, and which in a certain i - denlure made the second day of February, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred aud nine, between Kicharu iiartshorne, John Titus, William tiarts - linrne, Thomas Ustiok, JainesOnderdonk, Mary itus, wiinam wsticB, jane iiartshorne ami UeiMTTali Uoderdonu, ol tlie hr't part, and r.d - round Kimendorf, of the scond part, is described follow, to wit : All that certain dwelling house ana lot of ground, situate, lying and beiim the second ward of the city of New York, and known and distineuthed hv tlie number lixtv nine William street which laid lot l bounded fmnt by William street, on the northwcit side the house and lot of around now or forumilv property of David John ton, on the southeast ny the House ana lot now or lormenv peter Bogart ; containing in breadth in front twenty five feet, in the rear twenty eight feet ; depth on the south east tide twenty one leet. vn the toulh twenty (even leet four and a int'he, oe me tame more or irts ; together all and singular Uie hereditament and ap purtenances to (he same belonging or in any appertaining. Laled New York, June 9, " P. C. lliLDKETII, Master in Chancery. Je 9 dts 1J LEI. A dry Cellar, under the houe No. 29 - street. Enquire cf MR. SMEDEr, my 1 1 tf 131 IVarl - strett. Tilt FINE ART!:. AMONGST the present nuiut roiis exhibitions of this city. M. I'AFF ll .tl. ft himself that lovers of genuine works nl old msster, will hit GALLERY OF PAINTINGS, No. 2U all street, worthy their attention, mid present tin ru at the smallest expense with the most extensive gratification. 11. Old paintings repaired M'.d restorrd t original iiutre, ur purchased at their utmost ruybtt TO BUILDERS, those who may wish to erect three elegaut nuiuiiitgi or lactone. LOTS, 77 leet by 80, more or lest, with the huildiuet thereon, in the centre of Vesev - tt. be arthased scparute or together. A L.&U. An eleeant LOT, with the Building thereon, ll'iwery, 42 by K'5, more or If is. near Chat - street the whole on accommodating terms Apply at 33 Chatham Row, near Bcekinun - st The advertiser has three small mortgages to dispoe of, one of $3,000, one of $1000, ene ol $i'ZiKi, nil in tnu city. jew 1 ONT - ALTA For SAcEor to LEI', and 1. imniedtato possession en en, the beautiful place called Mont - Alta, seven mites from the - Hall, on the North River, ndiuinins Lord Courtcnay's. It contains 20 acres of land uudcr improvement, with a large garden well stocked with vegetables a varieiv of fruit, with eterv convenience for a family. For terms, whieu very reasonable, and if sold a long credit gi if wanted. ppijr to N. & V. TALCOTT, oouih - itrcet. Je 12 FOURTH JULY JUbll.l'.E. i"OOTH 3 - Places for erection Booths at the Park and Bowling Green the th July next, be assigned on Thursday the IRth instant, at cilv - luil, between the hours rf Jl and 10 in forenoon. Those persons who orrupied them year will h.sve the prelerence, if applied foi uuui i noay uie vom insiam. je to BOA KUIXG. Gentlemen ami families, can be accommodated with p - nteel board, at lob Greenwich, corner of Dev - street. where every attention will be paid, and their situ ation made agreeable. je 14 2' OICAL AID. CORN WELL, who is "x J a roe member ofthe Cornora - ion ofSurgecm of London, and who has had much experiem in the line of hi profession ( more than twenty years, has J V lately arrived in this city, and i . being well epprised of the ivtt cnstl. time it generally take to introduce a medical gentlemau into practice in tlie common reserved way, take this method to inform the public, that he ha taken the situation, No. 278 WATER - STREET. corner ol Dover - street bit door in Dover - street his name on the door his sign, a Mortar where he will be found n - ady to wait on those that please to apply fur his medical aid, in Ihe different branches of surgery, and the practice I'hysic generally. As. al". in all cites of in.potencv. and a ccr tain complaint, incident to both set, in which he has had great, very grent, txperiein e in the core of thousands, without one hours detention from business, or change of diet, or possible discovery by the most intimate friend. (tT - And in all case of confidence, the great est secrecy will be strictly observed. He has no shopman, or any person in pirtnerthip witli him. N. B. Attendance will be given to patients from sun - rise until 9 o'clock m the evening. Je8 lm" T ANDERSON, at hit manufactory. 55 Mai J . den - laiie, ha on hand a Cue a)rtinent of SPECTACLES, in gold, silver,' plated, kilt. sieei and tortoise shell frames, witb convex, con cave, or green eyes. Also, pebbles, gogsie lor weak eyes.opeia, reading and magni.yu g gf asses, eve glasses st t with gold or silv cr lor the short siftided, boUnujal glasses, linen provers, and spectacle case ia a variety. I ' - A Continaet tn n.nir l..r C.n.a ! .rrir i vartetv t,.. , . . . f I . rord 0,oer I'wt, mouoted to suit .1 in.iT ' T "0IM'e and retail discoostlibtr - alto wbole,!, qYalers. re25red tl5 M,d sf Et'TACLF.S made and tel va tue pa G. G to now give r - uc iu sil of I whkatos's itcji oi.tTMEirr. rnUE lone and successful use of this ointment L is a aut&ctent recoinuendatKm, a it ba been found to be a pleaanat. safe and certain remedy for that diiagreeable disease in all its sta - 5e. It i for tale in the city of New - York, by . A,tf. R. Post, No. 41 William - street; I. fc T. Clark, No. 86 Maideo - Une ; H. H. Schieffelm &. Co. No. 193 Pearl - street: Law rence tz Keeae. No. ISa Pearl - street l Hull A Bowne, 146 Pearl - street ; K. k L. Murray, 313 fearl - treet : J. M. rJradhurst, 314 mn - street ; John Peulord, No. 4 Fletcher - street; Duryee & Poe, in Pearl - itreet; John C. Morrison, li! Greenwich ttreetj John P. Fisher, 106 Broad wav t Walter AC Seaman, cornel of Chamber - tt, and Broadway, and also io Chatham - street ; and in short it may be procured nt most of (be Drug Store in tin city Also in Philadelphia, of a. Witberell A Sons ; George Harrell .North & Ro gers, and almost all the druggist m the principal town in Uie united otnte. LIKKJWISK, WHEATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may he had at the ahove place. lanrz 6m VALUABLE REHL fc3 FOR SALE, IN THE CITT or KEW - TOHK. 171VK lot of ground on the west tide ofGrecu - . wich - vtreet, between Vestry aad Desbros - e - itreet, 55 by 80. Vow do in Die rear of the above, fronting on the east side of Washington - street, tS by HO. Eight do in the block below, between Washington and Wi nt - itreeti. In Montgomery Connly. COOfl acres ol Laud in Lawrence's purchase, liear Kait Cnnailu Creek, on the north sideoi tlie Mohawk. In Franklin Countv. 15,165 nrres of Land, in the towns of Mount Morn and L'.iylon. In Eex County. '8'Jt acres of Land in the townnf Barrjaore In the Count v of Leuu. 1250 acre ol land ui Casterlaml, Cbassanis Purchase. Ia Saratoga County. SfiOO acre in Paluicr' rurchate. Enquire at the office of the subscriber, 34 Ce dar - sirett. BEV. ROBINSON. mh 17 tf UEKGLM ORPHANS COL'RT, Of the Term of Manh, lolS. Catharine Schuyler, ) Adminif (ralni, Ac. f ol John A. Schuyler Rule, f - ier Statute, deceased. rHE court order and direct, That Catharine J. Schuyler administratrix of the goods, chat and credit of John A. Schuyler, deceased, eive nub he notice to the creditors or the dece dent to brine in Ihcirclaims and demands against the estate of the said decedent, on gr before the lint day of May, in the year of our Lord eigh teen hundred and nineteen, by putting up notice uitu eueci in me oi trie most puauic places in county ot Bergen, for the space of two month, and advertising the same for the like pace ol time in a newspaper printed and published in the (tate of New - Jersey, andin a newt - per printed and puhiiEhrd in the city or ISew - York. A troe transcript from the record. Bp 38 2m JOHN A. BUIfD.Sur'gate. SAUNDER'd PATENT RAZOR &TKOP. You that wish to shave wilh eaue, Buy of S AURoeiu if you please j Hit Razor Strop's, peculiar such, That sharps the Razor with a touch. SAUNDERS respectfully solicit those . who have not got hi Patent Razor Strop, lurtiish themselves with hit new invented Razor Strop, and Metallic Composition. No pen lleman w ho once makes tiul,f one of the Strops ollcred, will eiertry any others;and uchit their formation, that ever so much oe will not the razors that roundness which renders the .est of theiu useless, and wliicb is well known always to follow the application of all (hose hitherto mvi Med. The above strop ate in utneral - in New York, and are ditlingursbed Iroiu all others. Harrier Uo have uixd tlrfiu tay more their pi ait e than t ran myself. L' i nuir Dl! 1 Wall - ttieeL Also f - ir sab', Razor, Soup, and every utcu lorirhaviii, of tlie first quality, with a aii, - rior assortm.ut of Perfumery, Hair - Powder, flic, from Smyth's, New Itocil stiet - .t, London. K. u. Ihe moK liberal allowance made t lealer. ray !tt TV LET.' The elegant 3 ttory house No. 7 Hud - sou - street, which coMiniamis a pleasant view of the l ark and river. J ossetsion may be bad in a fewdnys. Alaolnr tale, tlie lurnitureol said house. It is the best quality ; well fitted, and suitable to a genteel family. Apply as above. my 1 1 ti CVHLEU ll.HU lUlil, 76 Chatham - street. TH F. subscriber returns bis thanks to the public for Uieir former parroonge in the line of hi profession, and hopes for their future support. He likewise informs them that he has on hand a constant supply of curled hair, manu act u red cxprely for matrasses, on an improved principle ; and likewise guarantees Uie hair sold by him to be free from any impure smell, being well scoured, boiled and baked, and being ma nufactured by machinery, has au advantage over aov oUier hair manufactured id America its very texture and elasticity making it a saving of tweuty - five per cent to the purchaser. WILLIAM JAMKHUX. N. B. Merchants and the trade in general wilt find it to their advantage to call as ahove. 33 bales cf hair in its rough elate: 6 bales ol long horse - taili ; 20C0 lbt of long hair drawn 30 iuches, c'ubbed ; COO dozen baa sieve bottom. r or sale as ahove. my 5 Sm TO LEASE OR FOR SALE, That eleranl modern built house, situate at the corner of bands aud Washington street?, Brooklyn Its size is thirty - one feet Iront by filly feet deep, its rooms so arranged as to combine every convenience for u genteel residence. It will be sold with two or more lots of ground, at the option of the purchaser. Terms, on fourth cash, the rest in such payments as will be mott convenieut to purthAaer. Apply on the pre mises to ' C BALL, mav 23 If EOH SALE, lj2(Or exchanged for property in Uiis city) A neat country house in the vicinity ol Eh zabelh - town, (S. J.) Iieaatifully situated ou the Dosl - road ; ut present in the occupation of Doct. Gn.nt. li contains eight roonu with a piazxa in front aivl rear, a (rood kitchen, wali liouse, Tnilk - rtHiin, anitctllcr, there is also, a coach - li'Mise, stable two horses, and other convenient out buildinirs, all in rood repair, about an aci e of land, laid out in a hamwomr garden and orchard, which alford a variety of choice Irtut, asparagus, tic and a well ot ex ccllcLt waler, with a pump. Jermi will made liberal. A pp'y to i ACkfeOj &: WOOLLEY, Je 1 lm 75 Wall street J.V CJL4XVEHV ttE .XElV - JEIlSEr. Helween Jacolt Ahranwe, Fieri Faciason Complainant, and John P. (Decree for Sal Dccatiireaiid wife and EUss Tof Mortgjged Ilnmlinot, Ui - fcndants I Y irtuc of the above slated ev cution to D me directed an J d slivered, I shall exnos fir aale, between tlie hour of twelve and five a'clock in Uie nferr.of.n of Saturday the 2"t!i of June insl. at public Vendue, at the Court House in Newark, Esx coun'v, Xew.Jersey, Uiat elegsnt HOL'cE aad LOT, Ute the ree dem e ol Col Jolni V Decature, I'rontirig the Churc'i Common. T1i above pUce excejtU for tlegance ofsit'ialion tnd convenience ol ont buildin, - , gardens,' fruit trees, tic. ever) other place in tlie U)n of Newark, ard will be sold on the day aforesaid without further adjournment, by NATHAN SQCIEIV, iTicrifTof je 22 6t Essex County, N. Jersey. TRAPS. TIIE newly ineer.ted patent SxTrap. for sale at 130 rair - .xecL Je 13 in es to of 1 POST COACl Airo STEAM - BOAT LINE, T WAT or KLUABBTHTOWIT rotHT. - . i (IXrougb in One Day.) A K EW Line of Post Coache wiUi every coo XX venience for passengers and baggage, on Swings, start Irom Um soacn ouice, iu. Courtland - tlreet, near Broadway, Wew - ork, every morning, (Sunday excepted) at 5 o'clock, in the Pleaui Boat Atalanta, via Elizabethtown. Bmnswick. Princton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at Philadelphia the ame afternoon, at 4 o'clock. ... , . A second Line of new Post Coache will start from New - York every moruing, puiiday ex - cepbjd,) at 10 o'clock in the Steam Boat Atalanta, lodge at Trenton, and arrive at Philadelphia, in a Steam Boat, next morning at 10 o'clock. Fare 5 dollars. P. S. Passengers are requested to call and take their Seals at Uie office No. 1 Coiirtiand - st. N. Y. United State Mail Coach, for Philadelphia, Balliraore and Washington City, with every convenience lor pasenger ana oarage, v spring. The V. S. mail coach will start from the coacb office. No. 1 Courtlandt - st New - York, err Hnv at i o'clock. P. M. and arrive at fbll adtlphia next morning at 6 o'clock. OuN 6 pas senger admitted. ' r orcatiinthe ahove named Line, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old estaniished Coacb. and 6leam Boat office. No. 1 Court - hmilltipt. the corner of Rroadwav. New York ; or to A. T. GOODRICH Si CO. io. 144 H roadway, corner of Cedar - trcet, and at o, .1.1 Vliitelinll - treet. New - Vork. ftVAII goods and Imir'ase at the rifk ofthe owner. JOSEPH LVON, SONS i: CO. N. B - Expresses sent to auy part of the Con - THOMAS WUlTFlELD. JA S4 SWIFT - SURE MAIL COAUiEe, Vl'K POII.ADEt.rHIA. IC7 - Leaie ew - lotk rveiy morning (Sunday'iex cepted) ut bo'tlock, aud ar rive iu Philadelphia uext uav to tinnier. I'he puMick hotie are good, and rraonahle their charse. 1 hedrivers. horse and roacn are net inferior to any others now running be tween these two cities. J he ueauiimi couuiry, and (he excellence of the roads on this rout, connected wilh the safety, comfort, and reasonable exprnces, are beleived to lie stiou? inducements travellers in giving this line a decided prefer toce. The s'nf lest attention will be observed by the proprietors in giving general satisfaction. ah Duszaze ana Dacaases win eo ai uie ui the owner u:ibs insured and receipted for by the clerk of said Stage fare only S5, with a generous allowance baggage. Putties wishing to travel at their leisure, may snsrrige the Coach on reasonable terms exclusively Iu themselves, by apply iu one day previous to starting. For seats apply nt Northern Hotel, No. 79 Courtiaudl - itreet, New - York. sp '2 Proprietor. UNION LINE. F O R P II 1 1. A 1) E LI It I A. Twenty - live mihs land carriage, via New - UrunsHick oudTientuu. In new po.t couches - $i 1 )o got d stiigi 4 50 Do lore - castle or deck pnsFengert, 3.50 Connected by the steam boats olive urakcii and PHLApfl.ruiA. The slcam - hoat Olive Branch will leave New York every day, Sunday's exrt pled, from tlie north side of the (lat tery, fcl 1 1 o'clock, a. ai. rassengers win touge at Trenton, and take tlifi eaiB ba i l.ilidi ,i so a. toanive in Philadelphia at 10 - ,'clock Ihe next morning, in time to take the Union Line Baliimore steam boats. 'J bi line has a connection with U lest boats i on the Delaware and Chesapeake In Norfolk ; as nfeo those of Uie North River and Sound ; and their several arrival are calculated to cause lit tle, if any defoy. ietit route, as the passengers will leave Ncw - lorlt after the banks open, and arrive in Phila delphia before Ihe hours of business, without fatigue in travelling or want of sleep, the land car riage being much less than by any oilier route between the I wo cities. For seats in the above line apply to WILLIAM B. J AOUES. At the Union Line Steam P .at Office, in Mar ket field strei - t, north tide or the Battery, between Greenwich and Washington streets, or to The CArTAIN on hoard. 03r All good aad baggage at the risk of the owner. p i0 I ICE. For the furilier acenmmo - dntion of the public, the departure of the Firefly from i"jj.ew - York and Nuwburgh will be iu luture on the following days : Leave New York on nionday, Wednesday and Saturday, at 0 A.M. Leave Newhurgh ou Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at b A. M. The above arrangement willcomuieme hy the Firefly leaving Newburgh on Sunday, the 24th May. The Western Stare leaves Newhurgh imme diately after Uie arrival ol Uie Firefly . my ii THE FIVE MILE S 1'AGE, tsessrtrji With four good hor K - rr''s A sen. nod an experienced dit T L. :i.vrni! ver, imui every bucihw.ii. - .v.r . ...... .... - n from the corner of Broadway and Park - Plare, for Mouot Vernon Hotel, or such other nlace about tlie same distance, a the pas senger may at any time drtire, and return Ihe tame afternoon. Thi establishment affords the luxury of a cheap and pleaiaiitalternoon' airing and gentle exercise, iu an open and beautiful country. r are, 62 l - z cents out aoo in. iiiuurea unuer 10. bulf price. Out or ia only 31 cents. JOHN FINK, Corner of Bowery and Bayard - street. Je 22 lw E AS Kill Aft U kETHI.KREN NKVV LIKE, VIA M:V - KRCNSttKK. gj" 1'hc - enters will leave ew - ToiK every Alonday .id Friday, at II o'clock, A. M. in the steam boat Oiue Branch ; lodge at New Brunswick ; leave there earlv next morning, and arrive nt Enston at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Reluinir.if, leave Easton every Tuesday and Fri.hy, nl 5. o'clock, A. M , lodse :it New Brunswick ; arrive at New l ork at In o'clock next mnrnii", in the steam - boat O.ive Branch. The stage connected witb this hue it a gtod four - horse stage. Partge from N. Brunswick to Easton, $3 50 ivui c.tBiifii vi .auiieimiii. ,f ceinn. nil - ei , in the above lii,anply to VM. It. JA(tl.'F.S, at the Philadelphia Union Line Steam - Don t Oltice, I .r. ... L .. 1 , . UI. L. " " I . L - ... north side of ihe battery. ROBERT LETKON, Proprietor. Je 13 If EUH tHlUHDELrlllA, Via ELIZA BETU - IVH'.Y I'OIXf. mi mm PObl - COACH LINE, Through m a efny ond 6y dan - heht, "C" K..VFjf New - York iu t'.ie steam boat Ata JkJi lin'a, from the foot of Wbilrlnll - strcet, near tli Pa'tcrv, at 5 o'clock, K. M. Fjiquirt 'vt No. I Courttatidt - strecl and No. 53 While - ba!! - :Vec at which place scats may be taken Jeaj ll BOARDING. FIVEor six srenUemen of steady habits, or tw o steal! families, can he accommodited in a small laiu:!;. No. 55 Wiliiun street, on the cor rn - r of trcet. Also, gmtiuuea aixnmmo uaica vwuiuiiiur. Jeluzw' - '.THE SOi'A'D STEAM BOA T - L WE? The proprietor, with a view of accommodating Uie (public, by extending the line ito Norwich, iuteiui makina trw experiment with the Fulton, Cupt. Law.aiid this route (if found practicable) will be continued during the season. The line will in future be from New - York to Norwich, a follows : The Ccnnecticut, (.'apt. Bunker, will leave New - York every Muniap. H'ttinziday and Fnduy, at 8 o'clock, in the morning, for New - Haven. Tlie Fulton,' Capt Law. Will leave JVurvick at 6 o'clock in the morning of the tanm days, touch nt JV etcLandun and depart irom thence lor JMw - riartn at u o'clock. Tim boat will meet at J'ne Hmen, and depart from thence every .Monday, 41 eitiu rfouand f 'rtrfir.v, at 7 o'cloi'k in Uie evening tin ConnC - clicut lor JVtWrl'ork, and the Fulton lor JiwLMuiun ana J mutch.. - . mh 17 STEAM iiOAT MAU'l!lLt7s; - The steam boat NAUTI - i.uawui nereajier run as lollows, except' on Sun (lav . '. - I.KAVK KKU' - VOKK, At & o'cloc k ill the forenoon, 8 do .do 11 do do 2 o'clock ia the afternoon. 5 do do 1 EAVR STATE ISLAND, At 1 - 2 past 6 iu the forenoon, I 2 past 9 do 1 - 2 past 12 in the afternoon 3 o'clock ' do 1 - 2 paste do 0 SUNDAYS LEAVE NLW - YORK, " At 5 o'clock ia the morning, 10 do do - 1 o'clock In Uie afternoon, ' 4 do do I.EAVr 8TATF.V liLANP, At 8 o'clock in the forenpou, , 1 - 2 past 1 1 o'clock di 1 - 2 past 2 o'clock in the afternoon, 7 o'clock do Passeneer to.lhe Narrow and Bath will, for the present, be taken down on Sunday niornin; iu the 10 o'clock boat, and be called tor about half past a o'clock in tne tvunng. I he tare toStateo Uland will be 25 cents, and to Bath aud Uie Nar rows, ol) cents. Children hall price. The NAUTILUS is a new boat of great speed io fine order, with good accomniodaiions ;and is prcpelletl on the Livingston aud r ulton r lan. On account of the pleasantness of her tour, tiie ..I. . r . - i , . i ' . . . i nu minuses oi oca uauung ac li.e places sue visits, the variety aud beauty of the prospects they afford, the cheapness of the fare, and the excel - leuce ofthe reirtiLaic'iils and accommodations on board, excursions in the Nautilus for pleasure or business, will be found expeditious, agreeable and healthful. At the is fitted lor the transportation of Horses and Carriage, and the wharves and lloats at New - York, Statcn - Ilaod and the Horse - Boat Ferry at the Blazing Star, prepared for safe and commodious embarking and landing travellers in tht Post Chaises, or in private carriages between New - York and Philadelphia, Trenton, Princeton, New - liiuniwick, or Wood - bridge, will find the route by the Nautilus and the Turnpikes across Stalcn - Island to New - Brunswick, Uie shortest, cheapest and most pleasant that ran he seh - cled. JOHN DEFOREST, Captain. Staten - ifland,tf70jMay, lbl8. my 29 1m Nkmhuhuu nod iamamiaioca m ail - 6 r au E' THREE TIN Hi A HI'f.K. TTvRfl I EAVES Newbnrgh eve - 4nflfZzF&"$, Li ry Sunday, Tuesday, KSjS ,n'' I'btwfday mornings, at .r. lt Mtsn.r.... .'.i. - i rulll through Moiitgcrutry, Blooininghurgh, Moi - titello, by White Lake, Cnhet'ton, Mount Pleasant, Gn - at Bend, Chenango Point, Owega, Ittiicst, and Ge neva, u - Canandaigua. Returning leaves Canamhigua every Monday, 'Wediiesday and Friday morning's at three o'clock, and arrives at Ncwbtirgh, the third day in time to take tke St cam - boats which arrive m New - ioik the following' morning. Qlj" ' " be expeclzd that at all limit whin tht " alM m"r tta, V rmnmg, tfml uut ww. ' w to meel Ifctw. , 1 lie. holc, '"to peifomed in three , m ne nmi i . - tiay, until uie nri ot November - and from thr first of November until the nfteemh of Decembt, and from the firtecnth uf March until the firit of May, sti four davs and from the 15th Dt ceniber, until the iifteenth of March the same line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Cauandaigua in four days. - Passenjrer travclliiie Irom ew - iork to Canandaigua, Niagara or llutlulo, can leave N. York ui the evening stram - boaU, and arrive in Canandaigtu in tintedivs a distance of three hundred muea. the line is well tarnished with good, new carrki;es ; good horses, and careful and experienced ilr.vtrs Every atten tion will be paid to render Uie passage ot the traveller sale, easy and expeditious ; and it U believed UtaX the accommodations on this line are equal to any line in the state. Xs FARE from INewburgti to UanatuUigua FOUKl EKN DOLLARS. N. U. A bunch of the same line run three times a w eek fiom Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs fiwn Owego Tioga Point; tlience through Newtown and Pawned Post, to Bath, 4iC. BAGGAGE, as usual, at tlie risk of Uie owiiL - r. David Godfrey, Bioomingburgh, E. C. St. John, Mount Pleaiuit, L. ti R. Manning, Chenango, Luther Gew, ithica, Samuel Greeniiff, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Lansing, mb 14 d6m IProprie' wim. E ASTON MAIL STAGE, THROUGH IS 1 DAX. TH&r.K TIMK8 A WEEK v 01W (it The proprietors ack ,.t - ' knowledge with gtatitude the viv. k - C lencouraKement Uiey have ,Jjm,&livTt:lQiure received in Uiis lm; - . uu i uie inereiors inaucea io expeiuie Uie travelling on thi ronte ; and in order to accomplish it, have provided Uicmslves with four change of horses, which aie placed at e - qual distances on the route. It will leave White's Hotel, r.asion, every .vionuaj, euneiuaj, and Friday, at 4 o'clock in tlie morniog, arrive at Elisabeth Town Point in time to take the steam boat Atalanta, at 5 o'clock. Leave New York at 5 o'clock, every Tuesday, 1 bursday and Saturdays 8I1U arrive at Easton early in Uie evening ; fnre through fivcdoUnrt, and a generous allowance of baggage, gratis. As thus! aire passes near the calebrated spring oi Schooley'i Mountain, passenger taking this line will be carried to the iprings without any extra charge. The proprietors pledge that nothing shall be wanting on uieir pari to mane mis a piearaui route. 1 he driver are carelul and accommodating. For seats, apply to James PatleO, Court - laud street, - oroa board U Atalanta, and White's Hotel, Loston. 1. ti J. O It A K Cm Chester, June 20 Je 20 Ira OTlCE. lyCr Steam Boat Olive Phauch will sail ever Sunday, at 1 1 o'clock round Statcu Island, and occasion ally, u the winJ and tide will permit, to the beck. This beautiful sail will contribute both to health and pleasure, and is a cheap a re - creaticn bs can be found. Parties who mean to partake oi Uiis amusement will, if convenient, give in their names the day preceding, at the olliceiu Murkelticld ttreet, north tide oldis Bat tery. Dinner on board, at Uit usual prket. Passage m children hf If price. my 13tf fltS STK.IM HO.HT .HTA I.A.VTA, FOR ELIZABETH 1 OWN POINT, 4i23l r EAVES N York each rV'W - sT ,b)' Sunday except sXC5U&fl'L fr e t " bite lirt.i t - '.r. el in a the llatlrry, at f o'clock and 10 o'clm k A. M. :md 3 o'clix k P. M. ; leave Llixa octhtown Point at 8 o'clock A. M. and half past 1 - 2 o'clock aud lolfpt 4 o'clock 1 . M. JeSJ ti wry r - - J t I A sli.ria5 p.'biVc ir'ne'w ko w'to tustai. kit U ' ' - i f Mf.wtl, SiLsrvi 4)..v .Uef - , DOCTOR 11011, fr; ofUi nty of Loudon, K mmbr.of.u facultv L. - and surges there, deem it is . tv to Telcat tonie ooteTVUiou " tbe.ubuie, of MEfvCUKY, ii rajih, indiscritoinnte, and ht, 6cd u,e thereof; fce bee , tne of liiuuite niu - LUf ',1H J . ie ani.aally mercuriarized out of tii V T UefllteRSP lo i ... VM - i - - , Ud result, chiefly to UJ.. .7 - hat a young man, the hope, of hUcouMry. - asl' the dating oi , parents .Ubld l - e ssfsbd way from H tjie pro., and ioCn,,f by lhe.con - qUl!nc. ofuno' oi.gS.i,dt! ttom?m and by a diseaw aol fa it own nature fauT... wind. only prove,, from neglnrt A Dro1 iienij now perfect I rbe.artv rwl Wolt " t .. j i orgaiej J pnwtkt,'i7 tedl v saliva!. d.i r.Z.JlLI"t a oil to ieai J - " Df. II". (by .fctle rftSrOTTtt were - carious, and hi flesh droppiiic fi - om sk - !?! ... (..ends declared Arpw5. t wo month, longer. Tliousand. penTnen?aU! know with what ease and tyDr. ttwadT cale. the severest case and confirm, the cVa.J" tution. The Doc lor', plan (" B, ce.sary to guard the public against the wius Ii mercury, and other fatal delusions, held form, tenons, Uiereiore, Laving' contracted a nri. vale disorder, or ujpectii.g latent poison. .71 admouuUdnot to tamper with their coo tit.! two, or conceal Uie disordr. till m..s ' ry ; olhershayihg the remain of an old cisT or other impuntie of the blood, awenuoth er complainu of a delicate nature, in ttih.. sex. snould remember rjosterifu - . .i (O their COMocnee.. - h - "".J" tn, ir . s.:.y, kppucatioi . IMM M W5a aXeTZ of Old - .l,o, o obtain that prompt atti.t"nc J. lone cakolated Co tire vent i'i. - i.u.. ", " v. ... a. .us nil and .. . a i i . - let me claim your .eriou. atteBtion - Rememh,, a superbcial cure i. no cure at oil j nnle. Tthehl! ..nes... radically done, you willXyh.w he disorder break out Rai with redouf.led m?, at some future period , perharu then will be too late for remedy. Don't in.. 7u Uie strecU miserable, auUlated beirjrs, witToii even a bit onose on (Jieir face tJStS beseech you. . W8ruir'8 Dr. H'.. character for skill and stubborn int griiv being umveral!y known in city since IbOLBuanrntee to patient, that delicacyynd .! crecy hitherto unluovB, and tarjw eno4ned bis practice lor vears past, exclusively to Uie cureol diseastr of the blood ystm. they may safely csl - cultte on the most decided advunti suiting Dr. H. , T"" VT Gleel eradicated in tw or tirte weckaf Stricture removed vnthoul boueiet er instrument ; aud all debilities t liL - or - ,u old ulcerations, rjsttiia' etc. A plurality ol orhce are prorided, and so sits, ated that patients are not ex noted tnribrh nih,v observation. Ojien till half past 9 in tfte eveoite. AI! perion. concerned are invited (o be fre calling, and speaking with Dr. II. waicu is irt of cost. Ami here tiie Loctr vansot avoid 0 expression of gratitude for innumerable rernm. mendalions, and for the decided preference fit i presumed with just cause) ong given him by judicious jaihlic. . w. aii letter must re pon paid. Dr. Buotmmin. Aug7 Ijt )j VElTJlEJi l.itAAil' AOJi LVfOH - DiR. EVANS' .uperitf, method ofenring a ci tij Di. - asi iiaotv uniter - ally acknowledged in this ity ; hi mode ot treabjarat i perfectly mild, safe, ). pediticu. aad hi charg. reasonablu. In every n itance he warrant a curs. and wUI return the pay sCI; iocs noi ponorm agreeao io contract. I ' k . I v 1 .. - rw mlMoH n U J , iiiBninf. - .....v - ihj. uiiecrrru. Ilicrc are mauy persons in Ibis eitv and iu vi. rinily, laboring under various chronic iliiri - . such a cancers, CAI inveterate ulcer, scnwela or king evil, fistulas, disease of Us trrethra, bladder and kidnie, old complicated conlilial of a certain nattmh bilious and other obstructions, rheumatism, Ar. which tbtycMisiderincs - rable, they can certsinly be cured (in general) l.y apilyinf at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No. 9, Peck - slip, having prnrtisrd ia exttldv hospitals in Europe Ii years, under some of th first Surgeons and Physician in Uie world, aba made those nhstinute disease hit constant stuffy (or 30 t ears. Oct It Th lubscrilier bavinrr rccentW rsturotd from Eulanii wills an important improvement oa the artificial spring LEG, he takes thi method of informing his friends and th public, that all incse wno are so uowrtuoale a U be ui want m a leg, or arm, Uiey can be accommodated by af - plying at No. 77 iJartlaytreet, New - York. ' Jan x v WM. PURVIF. jfEiv DiiEssura ioo.v. F RUM Eii TO, No. 1 W alustreet. Just re - jL . turned from Italy, baitaehnour to iofonn the gctdlcmrn, that he cut and iese hair in Uie latest style, and in a onacnerio todort it to the phisiognomy. He bas formle a qsanti - ty of RAZORS ofthe first qtiahf. if they d not please oa trial, Uie purchaser a at liberty to return them, and receive Uiemon. . t btis likewise procured a very ime none, lad engages to restore razor to a very keen edge mud tlssuld they not cut hs will receive no recoanc. I nose geiiuemen woo may piease to tjonor nsa with their patronage, may depend os the ui particular and respectful attendance ; Frumento has just received a few ( of thv celebrated Manguim False Back Raiprs, wr - ranted of Damascus steel of a supenot otamy, Amatrnr may shave themelve luxuriously. ' N. B. Gentlemen Who subscribe by the Quarter will have their raxors, Ac. kejit excluntely tor Uiemteive. P. 8. A good joutctyman wanted. AppiJ a above. mh S tf ACUITASf apply of b die Beaver Mat'i ftetb from th tn nuluctory, sui - ble (or Ihe outs - era market, packed at ibsi .hottest tiobUs! ft i. WIION'S, jfiOBroadway - 5 may 27 ELEUA.VT PIA.VV EOHThS. . JOS. WILSON, 14 Maiden - Lane, WF"e ceived by the Venue, a large sAsortuu!Ot m excellent Piano Fortes, fatent rutf, i - Itts. &c manufactured expressly for lam by menUt Co. London. Alo, Piano Fort SUirf in sets . new music, and every article in Use twj sical line ; instrument taken ia exchaage, i tuner provided. gy 89 w . NEW - YORK : PRINTED AND PCIiUSBED MICH A EL BLH.KHAM k CO. No. 49 WlM.lAH - iTREKt or.utiTS Bask CoirEB - Hoci r. mm tenus t s '

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