The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 24, 1936 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 24, 1936
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, APRIL 24 1936 CHICAGO LAMB PRICES HIT NEW HIGH SWINE STEADY, TOP STILL $11 Lower Grade Cattle Steady But Other Kinds Weak to Lower. CHICAGO, (J)--Lamb prices advanced to the highest point since -last December and to the best level ,:for April in several years Friday. -The market was 15 to 25 cents higher with the top for choice wooled offerings soaring to $11.75 per hundredweight in early dealings. Pronounced improvement in demand for lamb meat encouraged the upturn in the live market. · Wholesale prices of lamb meat have gained as much as $1.50 per hundredweight since the first of the week. Lower grades of cattle were cleared at steady prices but other . kinds ruled weak to lower. Some ^-weighty bullocks brought as much as $9.25 but the bulk of sales were made at $7.50 to $8.25. Computed on a quality basis, choice steers are selling lower than at any time since December, 1934, a year ago new five year high records were being established, with chpice beeves selling up as high as ,515.85. Receipts were low then and the market was so attractive that ·it was profitable to bring Canadian "steers here for slaughter. However, traders said the current prices here and in Canadian markets are not -favorable for the importation of Canadian beef to this market. Hogs were mostly steady Friday although some early sales were a to 10 cents higher. The close was dull and most bids were 10 cents or .more lower. Top held at $11. Mason City Livestock MASON CUT-- For Friday HOGS Good med. wt. butch'3 220-2 . - . Sood Sid wt. batch's 250-270 5 9.90-30.20 5ood Sed «t, batch's 270-290 S 9.SO-T0.10 G^d heaw butchers . 290-325 5 9.00- 9.80 Good heavy butchers . 325-350 S 9.50- »·»« Good heavy butchers . 350-400 S 9.20- 9.50 Good packing sows _.. 275-350 S 9.00- ».30 Good heavy »W3 .... 350-12.1 $ S.SO- 9.10 Good hie hy. SOTS . . 425-550 S S.60- 3.90 Good bte hy. sows 550 and up S S.40- a . i o (Trls above TS a 10:30 truck hog market for good and choice hogs. Tha difference uj price is for ihort and long haul hoes.) OATIU5. .Steers, . good to choice ...... .Steers, medium to good ...... Sfceera, fair to medium ~-*.. -Heifers, good to choice ..:.. Heifers; .medium to good .. -Heifers, common to medium . ~^Cows, good to choice ;_.;..- Cotvs;'/falr to.good ;-;... .i.i Cows,- cutters ..·....*····.·* Cows,' 1 cannera . . -- · .«. · · -- · Bulls, heavy KANSAS CITV L.IVKSTOCK. (Friday Marki-U/KANSAS CITY, !.P)--U. S. department of agriculture-HOGS 1,000; 270 direct; fairly active, teady to mostly Sc higher than Thursday's average; top $10.50 to all Interests; desirable 70 to 270 Ibs. 510.35^10.50; heavier wcignts carce, better grade 140 to 160 las. S1Q.2S 0.15; sows $9.155-'9.5Q. CATTLE 300; calves 150; killing classes ully steady in cleanup trade; one load good 156 It. Kansas led steers $5.25; vealers teady to strong; selected kinds up to 59; lockers and feeders unchanged; moderate ipply held by dealers. SHEEP 500, including 400 through: scat- ered lots native spring lambs 10-lSc higher; offerings other classes insufficient to test values; small lots native spring iambs $10'y -1.10. 5 7.50- 8.50 S 6.00- 7.50 $ *. 50- 6.00 $ 5.50- 6.50 $ 1.75- 6.50 -$ £.00- *.78 5 4-25- 5.00 5 3.7JH * 25 .5 3.25* 3.75 5 3.00- 3.25 5 4.50- 5.25 Bulls H'ht ·· S'4.00- *50 Calves, raed. to "good 130-190 S 6.00- 7.00 Calves! med. to good 130-10 5 5-00- 6.00 Calves infer to com, 130-190 S 5.00 down LAA1BS. Lambs, good to choice . 70-90 5 9.50-10.00 Lambs, medium *o Sood 5 7-50- ,50 Lambs, lair to medium ? 5-75- 6,75 Common to fair , ... $ 5.15 down XeullDES. SOOd to Choice 70-90 S 7.80- 9.00 Yearlings, med. to good 70-90 5 5-0»- 7.01 ,"2earlin£3, fair to medium .... 3 4-00- 5.01 Cull* - * Dative ewet, good to cboica .Cult ewes .». T 4.00 5 2.75- 4.00 S 1-50- 2. SO $ 1.00- 2.50 $ 6.00- 7.00 S 4.00- e e r s y e r o . . WethoM, poor to best ......... Buck lambs 51 less, JNo dock on lambs. Quotations subject to market fluctuations CHICAGO JUVESTOCK. (Friday Markel) CHICAGO, (.fl-- U. S. department ot agrl- HOGS 7.000; including 3,500 direct: mostly Steady with Thursday's average; instances 5-10c higher early: closing dull, most bids IOC or more lower; top Sll: bu!K 160 to 250 ]ns S10.75S10.90; 140 to 160 Ibs. $10.60$! 10. S5; a few 250 to 280 Ibs. S10.60SjllO.80 bu market not established on TveigbU above 250 Ibs.- sows steady to S9.40@9.75. C\ITI.E 1,500; calves 500: beef steers slow, lower grades being cleaned up at stead^ jttices; others weak to lower; weighty Illinois Mullocks 59.25. but largely S7.50St8.25 mar Ktt all she stock fully steady; load Iigh Heifers S7.65; beet cows S5.50S6.25; strong height cutters S4.75$'5; sizable showing low cttters around S4.10 and slightly above; s?,u sage bulls weak to lower: bulk better kind: SB 1066.40; vealers unchanged at S3 down slockers and feeders slow, steady. 'SHEEP 7,000; active: mostly 15-25c high eV- spots up more; early bulk choice wooled lambs Sll.50@ll.75: outstanding clippers av erasing around 90 Ibs. S10; bulk clipiiei Jambs S°.50®9.75; holding choice woolcc yearlings above S10: fat ewes stronger; bes ·pooled offerings S6.25. SOCTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK. (Friday Market) ^SOUTH ST. PAUL., UP)-- U. S. departmen of agriculture -- . CATTEE 2.000: slaughter steers and Phi stock fully steady; medium to good fed steer: £6.75@7.75; best held around 58-50; irood t tfioicc heifers S7.356IS: mostly in between grades S67: common to good cows S-1.75Si a, low cutters and cutters S3.75W4.50; bull Wk. around 55.50 down; few best S6 slockers and feeders scarce, about steady Kood feeding steers held above 57: calves 2.300; fully steady: pood to choice vcalerp S ffS; few selections 5S-50; common to me iJium S5ST-6.50. » ItOGS 5,200: active, steady to .-strong wit Thursday; better 140 to 220 Ibs. S10.35S lfl.50: lop S10.50; 220 to 260 Ibs. S10S'10.3:i ISO to 320 Ibs. S9.75rtlO.10: big weight down to 59.50; jotvs mostly S9.1059.25; fc\ ur to 59.40; pigs S10.50W11: average cos Thursday S10.02: weight 24S Ins. » SHEEP 800: bulk of small supply wonl Iambs; very little done early; generally ask ing 25c higher on all classes or around Sll .2 on best wooled lambs; fat ewes elisibl around S5£6. ~. SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK. (Friday Clarke!) «SIOUX CITY, (.TV-- U. S. department o agriculture -wCATTLT: 3.000; slaughter steers, yearling: Md she stock little changed; quality plain siockers and . feeders scarce, easier: smal lets fed steers and yearlings SS'uS.25: bulk ; SJ.75 down; few gooii fed heifer." $7 and '.' slightly above; most beef cows S4.75^5.r0 culter grades $3.7504.50; few common and medium stockers S6.75 clown. · -HOGP 3,500; weights under 250 Ibs. steadj · · - to 5c higher; ISO to J-,0 Ib. butchers S10.30S Dead Animals OF ALL KINDS REMOVED Mason City Rendering Co. We ray Phone Call* Phnnfi UW Hog Markets , «OGS. Hog prices at midwest maikets Friday: U'ATKKLOO--Hogs unchanged. CKUAK ICAPIUS--Good hogs 150 to 160 bs 59.-J55fl9.70; IfiO to 170 Ibs. $9,70iji/9.y5; 170 to ISO Ibs. $9.95@10.20; 180 to 230 Ibs. ¥10 20 10.45; 230 to 250 Ibs. $10.15(?BlG.'i0: .50 to 270 Ibs. 510@10.25; 270 to 290 Ibs. ;9,85iy;i0.10: 325 to 350 Ibs. $9.55'9.80; ;ood paclters unchanged. OTTUMIVA--Hogs unchanged. *t'STIN--Hogs steady; good to choice 180 o 220 Ibs. S10.10iJF10.4S; 220 to 25U Ibs. 110.10® 10.10; 200 to 290 Ibs. $9.855i 10.15; !90 to 350 Ibs. S9.50$9.S5; packing sows ;ood 27," to 050 Ibs. $S.G5$9.30. co.MmNEU HOG RECEIPTS. DES AIOINES, LTi--U, S. department of tgrf culture- Combined hog receipts at 20 concentration ards wnd 9 packing plants located In interior owa and southern Minnesota for toe IM hour icriod ended nt 8 a. m. Friday were 18,«00 omparcd with 16.500 a weclt UKO and 19,200 year ago. Mostly steady, scattered bids 5c lower, loderatety active; loading indicated slightly ghtcr. Quotations follow: Light, lights 140 to 160 js. pood and choice S9.25(fi10.05; light .-eights 160 to 180 Ibs. S9.905i.10.15; 180 to 00 Ibs. SlO.201'10.70; medium weights 200 o 220 Ibs, 510.20 ! 10.70; 220 to 200 Ibs. 10.15(M0.70' heavy weights 200 to 290 Ibs. 9.SOf/)10.50; 290 t'o 300 Ibs. $9.60@ 10.20; lacking sows 275\lo 350 Ibs. good $9.03ft ; 350 to 420 Ibs. SS.SO9.35; -125 to 050 bs. '$8.60S?9.15. The above quotations are based on bulk ansactionS. Long haul shipments showing xcessivc weight shrinkage and hops cxces- ively. filled usually sell respectively same- vhat above and below prices quoted. Hogs ought on the basis of. shipping point weights ,re also excluded tram quotations. WHEAT GAINS IN LATE DEALINGS Market Firm at Close With Fractional Advance Over Thursday's Finish. CHICAGO, JP -- In nervously shifting trade, wheat scored gains ate Friday. Speculators were wary of the sell- ng side of the wheat market because of persistent dearth of mois- ure southwest, and owing to lack of response at Liverpool to price downturns here. Estimates were current that the Canadian government wheat board has holdings of but 137,000,000 bushels at the present time. Wheat closed firm, %-% above Thursday's finish, May $1.01%-',4, July 91%-%, corn off to i up. May 61',i-%, oats unchanged to Vs lower, and provisions unchanged to a rise of 10 cents. 0.10; early top S10.JO; heavier butchers low; most interests talking lower; odd lots 10 to 170 Ib. averages S10£ir).30; sows 9.35r'i'9.'15; feeder piss up In 510.2. r . SHEEI* 1.500; opening lamb bids strong o 25C higher; load lots wooled skins bid up o S11.25; some held above $11.50; fed clips )id to S9.50: some held around $9.75; early ales fat ewes 56 down. OMAHA LIVESTOCK. (Vrltlay .Market) OMAHA, C.Ti--U. S. department of agriculture-- HOGS 3,000: steady to lOc higher; 180 to 210 Ibs. $10.30$10.40, top S10.-10; 240 to 2SO bs S9.95SflO.35; 260 Ibs. $10.30; 280 to 325 Ibs. S9.65@10.05; 325 to 375 Ibs. $«.50»t .75; 150 to 180 Ibs.. S10.20ffllO.40: 125 to 150 Ibs. $9.90^10.30; sows $9.30© 9.35, few S9.40; pigs S9.50@JlO. CATTLE 900; calves 150: steady to 25c ower; steers and yearlinKs S7.255CS.25; belt- ers $6.25!?7.2r»; cows S4.75@6.75; cutters S3.75W1.50; bulls $5.25(g.5.60; vealers 58.50, few 59ff9.50. SHEEP 2,800; lambs steady, asking stronger; SHSZH.35: best held above $11.50. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, t.T'V-Ol'ficial estimated receipts Friday: cattle 500; hogs 3,000: sheep 4,000. Representative Sales CHICAGO. (.Pi--U. S. department of a culture--Representative sales: HOGS. Heavy-- Lights-85 325 10.30 18 174 10.80 61 2S4 10.50 29 ISO 10.85 39 262 10.6S 52 190 10.90 44 251 10.SO 12 194 10.95 Mediums-- Light Lights-238 10.85 10 152 10.60 SI 227 10.90 16 15S 10.75 41 213 10.90 10 160 10.S5 41 220 11.00 C.VM'U-:. Steers-- Heifers-22 1314 9.25 S 804- i l-i 1225 9.00 19 78(1 12 1220 8.30 14 812 16 1011 S.25 11 764 34 SOS S.OO 10 7S2 7.00 11SO 7.S5 3 1264 6.50 1174 7.50 4 1232 6.00 16 1022 7.25 6 11S1 5.50 11 110S 4.; 9 912 4.Iff SHEEP. Old Crop Wooled Clipped Lambs-Lambs-- 250 86 10.01 475 88 11.75 79 S2 9.75 230 92 11.65 437 103 9.6) 90 96 11.60 225 9fi 9.50 455 100 11.50 Wooled Ewes-136 97 11.40 31 12S 6.25 114 75 11.25 25 16+ 7 ISO Miscellaneous CHICAGO CASH QKA1N. (Ir'ritlny Market) CHICAGO, L-Pf--Cash wheat, No. 2 red 11.04 tough. Corn, No. 2 mixed 65c; No. 3 mixed 64c; .Jo. 4 mixed 62';iG3c; NO. 1 yellow 66 %c; N'o. 2 yellow 6Gfi66V=c: No. 3 yellow 6-tli® 5Vac; No, 4 yellow GlV-JteW.H" No. 5 yel- ow 60*i-62c; N'o. 2 while 6S!£c; No. 3 white Tc; No. 4 white 63ViS 66',ic; sample grade Oats/No. 2 white 31c; No. 3 white 27',i(fi) Hie; No. 4 while 25 : US i 27c; sample gradt No rye. Soybeans, No. 4 yellow SO'«gi'S2!«c; sam- tle grade 74c. Baricy feed 354Sc nominal, malting 53^ 93e nominal. Timothy seed S2.7Q(32.Sfi cwt. Clover seed 5M.50G/22 cwt. I^ard tierces 511; loose 510.37; bellies il4.50. MASON CITY--For Friday To. 3 yellow corn iS^c No. 4 yellow corn 45V-;C Ear corn 40c White oats, No. 3 21c Teeding barley 25-40C No. 2 yellow soybeans 56c POTATO MARKET. (Friday Market) CHICAGO, .r--U. S. department of agrl culture-Potatoes. 66, on track 205. total U. S shipments 798; old stock, supplies light, de raand slow; sacked Per carlot outweigh!- am invoice weight sacked Per cwt. Idaho Russe Burbanks U. S. No. 1, S2.2jpl.35; Colorad. McClures U. S. No. 1, S2.20522.35; Wisconsin Kound Whites U. S. No. I. S1.75: North Da kota Red river section Cobblers U. S. No. 1 partly graded, $1-7001.80; Early Chios U. S No. 1, S1.S5: Minnesota Red river section Cobblers, partly graded. S1.70S1.75; Earh Obios. unclassified. SI.45: new stock--carlo sacked sales--Louisiana 100 Ib. sacks. Blis Triumphs partly graded, heavy to small size S2.75 per cwt., sacked sales less than carlots per 50 Ib. sacks. Texas Bliss Triumphs U. S No. 1, l?a inch minimum, very few sale 51.80. NKiv VORK SUGAR. (Friday Market) NKVT TOTtK. (.Ti--Raw sugar unchanged Futures advanced 3 poim.s. Refined un chanced. Faces Murder Charge for Slaying of Man Who Snapped Picture SAN JOSE, Cal., (JB--A oeard- ed, camera shy man faced a murder charge Friday for answering the click of a lens with a shotgun blast Peter Voss, 65, wag driving his burro-drawn covered wagon along a highway Thursday when Dr. Jasper Gattuccio, 31, a dentist with photography for a hobby, stopped his car to get the picture--and paid with his life. After an examination the elderly man was pronounced "hopelessly insane" by Dr. E. W. Mullen, superintendent of Agnew State hospital. The psychiatrist said Voss complained he was not paid the usual small fee he received for posing. Mason City Grain J-B1PAV GRAJ.N CLOSE. WHEAT-May uly !ept. ..... CORN-May July Sept. "..... OATS-July '.'.'... iept RYS-May d . July Sept. .,".., BARLEY-May LARD-Jay - , . . . , July "iept Oct. BELLIES-May July HiRh ,92 l ,' K .90-li -B4Ts CHICAGO, U'J-- Low Close .9-, s 1.01 'i .SU-'Ji .91 "i .R'l'.i .K'.i .605: .61'! -12 vi .60=; .83% .03 U .53=1 ..11.00 .10.90 .10.92 .10.77 10.97 30.S7 30.S7 10.75 .41 JO.97 30.90 30.90 10.77 14.25 14.50 OMAHA GRAIN. I Friday Market) OMAHA, '.Ti--Wheat No, 2 hard 99S' = 10; No. 3 hard Sl.Olvi @1.02-"i; No. 4 hard 99c: No. 5 hard gO'^c. Corn No. 2 white 70c; No. 3 white 6Sc; No, 2 yellow 63 3 ,i^64c: No. 3 yellow 60!~fij 62^e; No. 4 yellow 5S660c; No. 5 yellow 55 557c; No. 4 mixed 5Sc. Oats No. 3 white 25c; No. 4 white 23Uc; No. 2 feed 23c. MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN. (Friday Market) MINNEAPOLIS, (.PI--Wheat 58 cars. »ic higher; No. 1 heavy dark northern spring 60 Ibs. sl.l6Vj@1.31^; No. 1 dark northern 09 Ibs. 51.14!4@)1.30',4; 58 Ibs. 51.12% 91.29% ; fancy No. 1 hard Montana 14 per cent protein S1.16;i@'1.18li; to arrive $l.lSVi@ 1.17U; grade of No. l dark hard or No. 1 hard "Montana winter S1.00K.^1.06 1 .-j; to arrive 99 1 ,^c(fi'S1.05 1 /t:; No. 1 hard amber durum 96Hcfi.'S1.12.':;; No. 1 red durum 76 : ; 77%c- May S1.03 1 -.; July 99y-c; September 92 i,ic. Corn No. 3 yellow 59^^60Vic. Oats No. 3 white 24=i@27Uc. MINNEAPOLIS FLOUR. (Friday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. f-P)--Flour unchanged: carload lots, family patents $6.SO1 a bar rel in 98 Ib. cotton sacks. Shipments 26.511: pure bran 517.50^18; standard middlings S17.5SS1S. CHICAGO STOCKS. (Friday Final Quotations)Cities Service 4:; Nat stand Dexter 1-1 !i Northwest Bane Heilmann Brew I3'.ii Quaker Oats Katz Drug 39% Katn Pack KcUogj Switch Swift Co Libby McNeil S?i Swift Intl Midwest Util ..:. Utility Ind Nat Leather .... Zenith Stock List NEW VOKK STOCKS, (frldiiy Final dtioUUtmj) Air RcdUCt 59 Loews Al Chcm Dye 187 Maytag Am Can I'-M'/a McKeas Rob Am Sm Ret 74% Mid Cont Pet Am Sugar 51- l i Mont Ward A T T 1625i Worrell Am Tob B ill Murray Corp Am Wat Wks 21% Nash Anaconda 36 Ji Nat Bisc Atchlson 7d Nat Cash Reg Auburn 37% Nat Dairy Avlat Corp 5% Nat Dist B' 0 18 "i Nat Pow Lt Barnsdall 17 Ti N Y Cent Bcndlx Aviat 28;s Nor Pac Beth Stl 54-"i Oliver Farm Borden 26?i Pcnoey J c Borg Warn 7:i'.i Penn R R Can Cry 12 Phillips Pet Can Pac 11 "-4 E C A Case 157 Rep Stl C i N W 3 Rev Tub B C G w It; Scars Roe C M S P P l»i Shell Union C R I P lli Soc Vac Chrysler 100 sou Pac Col G E IS stand Brands Coml Solv 377; S O Calif Comwjth Sou 2!i S O Ind Cons Gas S 0 N J Coos oil 127s Stew Warn Contl can 77 '.i Stone Web ' Cont Oil Dei 31 Studebaiicr Corn Prod 7-tsl' swift 4 Co Curt Wright 671 Tex Corp Deere pfd 75^ Tex Gulf Sul Du Pont 142 Timk Roll B Gen Elec '378 Un Carb Gen Foods 38 un Fac Gen Mot 66 Unit Air Gillette 16 Unit Corp Goodyear 2~7i Unit Drug Hi Cent 21 U S Gypsum Int Harv S2'i U S F.ubber Int Nick Can 47';1 u S Steel I T r . 14 Warner Pict Johns Manv 97 West El Mfg Kennccott 37'-i Wfiolworth KresgQ 21 Wrigley Lib O F 52',5 46 16 U 9'.i 20 U «',» 450i 17 li 18 31 S 24 li 29% lO'.i 35 U 28 'A 46 75% 31 ',-i 44 11 207; 51 .i 65 'W- 11 !« 32 '·:', 20 "4 17% 12 S 21 -S 34 7i 3514 Gl 82 ,i J20V4 22% 31U 64 "A 10 'A us',.; 46 74 i.i Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office to Bagley- Beek BIdg. Telephone No. 7 DOW JONES AVERAGES Inds. JRttJIl Cllln. 2 P. Jr. ................ 151.81 44.83 30.82 Total Sales ..................... . , .1.660.00U CHICAGO STOCKS Butler Bros 9 Marshall Fields Ifi's Cord Corp 5^ Walgreen Co 31 ; ;ii Kalamazoo stov 62 XK\V YORK CI'KB Am Gas Elec 36=1 Hud B M i S 260i Cyanamid B 31 Humble oil Co 65 'I \m Su Pow Co 2 U Lockheed 7^ uk Natl Gas A «!« Niag Hud Pow Svl vsoc G El A I'.-j N'iles-Bem-Fond 38',; Can Ind Alk 8^s Pennroad Corp 6 Can Marcont 2 S 0 Ky Co IS :i Ed Share 19 Un Gas Co 7 3 i "ord Mo of Can 23 \~ Un Li Pow Co 5% Vjrd iio of Kng a Utll P LI Co 2 Masks .luneau 13;i! Ulegheny Z','a Am . For Pow 7'/i t m Cry Sug Co 22 l ,i. Am C . Fy Co 33=18 Am Pow Li 10 Vi Roll'g Mills 28 "i Am Metaj Co 30 Am Ra 3 Co 21 # Tob Co 81 \rmour Co n'/j Armour Co pf 72 \i \tl Ref 30 ii 3el Hemingway 14 Best co 52 £ Jaldwin Loco 3',~ Brtg ss Mfg Co 51 B'endix ludd MfK Co lurr Add Jyers A M Co HC Packing Caterpillar Trac Cerro de pasco Ches Ohio Chi Gt w pfd Coca Cola Co Com Credit :orn Solvents Cont Motor Cr of Wheat ;udahy Packing 2S ] ;urt-Wri Co A 15 3ist Corp seag 21 Douglas Airc Castman Eaton illg Co Elec A u t o Lite Elec Pow Li Erie P, E Co 10=i 125',i 2154 30 u Hides and Wool Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros., Inc., 308 Fifth Street Southwest ITOOL Clean bright 26c Rejects and western ...," Pulled wool and No. 2 rejects 18c BOGSF.niUES HorseMdea -- 13-00 ·GREEN BEET HIDES Up to 25 IM -- -.«!» 25 to 45 Ibs _ - 5° Mora than 60 Ibs. .._« sc Bull Bides 30 ·Cured hides hall cent more a pound. (On above prices a cent higher to wbol«- sale dealers In wholesale lots.) WOOL MARKET. (Frldsy MnrkeO BOSTON, (.T)--U. S, department of agri culture-Numerous inquiries were being received on wool and wool tops In the Boston market hut very little actual business was being transacted. Asking prices on domestic wool appeared unchanged from earlier in the cur rent week. Average to £ood French combing lengths fine and ^ blood mixed and origina territory clips were quoted mostly 80-S2 cenL scoured basis. Bright medium grade flcec wools packed In the country to include comb log and clothing K and U blood grades to gethcr. were offered mostly at 3-1-35 cenU In the grease, delivered cast. Will Speak at Conference. DECORAH--The Rev. O. Sand' bach will speak next Monday at the aanual Northern Iowa Rural Life conference in Cedar Falls, at the Iowa State college. President La tham will direct the conference. The Rev. Sandbach, who will represen the Methodist group, will speak on "The Church Serving through the Press and Radio." XE1V VORK STOCKS 157 2S"A I t s 26 IS'i 34 U 53 56 5!i 87 55 17 7i 2"i 35 Gl * 163 357s 14 'i 12 ·"ire'ne Ti P.u 27" s . Coster-Wheeler precport Tex en A.m Trans Oobel Gold Dust Gt North'n pfd Houston oil 2S-"i 29^ 46-'i 5i.£ 1SU 35 9 Hudson Motor Hupp Motors I*K Intl Carriers 7',s Indust Rayon £9',i Kelvinator Co Z0% Lambert Co 20 ',£ LehiBb Port Cc 15 Liquid Carb CP 37 Lorlllard 21?i Mack Truck SHi Mathieson Alk 29'"i McLellan stores 12U Mex Scab'd Oil 34. S ilinn, MoIIne Im 9 M K T 7=i Motor Products 30',ii No Amer 25"-; No Amer Avl S'Ss Otis Steel Co 15 Va Owen 111 Glass 145=1 Packard Alotor li7! Park Utah Cop 3=i Plymouth. Proc Gam pub. Ser of N J Pullman Pure Oil Co Purity Bakery R K 0 Rand Reo Motors St Joseph Lead Simmons Co So Calif Edison Sperry Corp St. G E Tide Wa As Oil U S Ind Aich U S Smelter Util P Li A Vanadium Union oil Calif Un Gas Imp Warren Bros Western Union Yellow Truck Youngs S T 43:s 397i 11 'A 6 22 6\i 26 27!= 26U 167s 80% 17\'i 53 His Trial Rushed Trial of John Fiorenza, year old upholsterer, charged with Ihe bathtub slaying: "I Mrs. Nancy Evans · Tittcrton, was rushed in New York as I''ioren7,a was closely jriliircled hi Tombs prison, authorities fearing he may attempt suicide. STOCK MARKET IN QUIET RALLY Chrysler and Assortment of Industrial Specialties Take Lead. NEW YORK, (.-P)--Chrysler and ar. assortment of industrial specialties led a quiet rally in Friday's stock market. The list, however, moved by fits and starts and th'e comeback of most issues was at an extremely slow pace. A morning selling flurry put the ticker tape 4 minutes behind, but pressure lessened and scattered buying appeared. The steels were backward throughout. At th approach of the final hour American Can was up 3 points and Chrysler and Loew's 2 each. Lesser advances were shown by General Motors, du Pont, Anaconda, Standard Oil of New Jersey, Distillers Corporation and Allied Chemical. Stocks unchanged to off a point or so included Westinghouse, Case, U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, American Telephone, Consolidated Edison, American Smelting, Santa Fe and New York Central. The late tone was mixed. Transfers approximated 2,000,000 shares. Foreign currencies, on the whole, were fairly steady. At the same time gold shipments from France were understood to have been arranged as the franc held at the level at which the yellow metal can be moved to New York at a profit. Curb Market NEW YORK, O','--Further selling appeared in Friday's curb market, although here and there rallying tendencies were seen, Aluminum of America got up 3 points at one tjmo and improvement was shown by American Gas and Electric, Creole Petroleum. Apex Electric. Colon Oil, Shenvio-WJl- llams and Wayne Pump. The recovery attempt was rather feeble and subsequently declines of fractions to a point or more were registered by Cities Service, Electric Bond and Share. International Petroleum. Do-.v Chemical. Eureka Pipe Newmont MininR. Pcnnroad, Wright Har- Krcavfis, Pantepeo Oil, South Penn Oil and United Gas. Bond Market NEW YORK, (.T)--Moderate pressure in Ihe bond market Friday drove corporate issues down fractions to a point or more. Carrier Hen? were mixed. Chesapeake corp- oratEon 5s of 1947 slumped more than 3 points late Friday morning on small turnover. Fractions were dropped by St. Paul 5s, Illinois Central 4-11 s . Southern Pacific 4%s and Union Pacific 4s. Rock Island General 4s, Erie 5s, New York Central 5s, Nickel Plate 4'^s and Pennsylvania General 4',;s were up fractions. U. S. governments were quiet and steady. Treasury 3s of 19-16 and the 2'7is of 1935 were slightly higher, while the 4s eased a trifle. Investment circles paid the ns« of .590,000,000 in excess reserves ot member banks of the federal reserve system assured the bond market of a technical price cushion. Foreign issues were quiet with Italians a shade lower. GOVERN.MENT BONDS. (Friday Market) NEW YORK, LPI--U. S. government bonds closed: Treasury -It-Is 47-52 blank. Treasury 4s 4.4-54 312.31. Treasury 3^s 40-43 June 30S-17. Treasury 3^s 45-47 blank. Treasury 3%s 46-49 105.23. Treasury 3s 51-55 104.13. Produce MASON CITY--For Friday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts 16c Heaw hens, 4 Ibs. and over ....16e Under 4 Ihs. 13c Cocks ._. 10c Merchants Quotations Iggs, In trade 1 Eggs, fresh 16c* Butter, Iowa State Brand ,.,.36o Butter, Corn Country 35c Butter, Kenyon's 35c Butter, Very Best 36c Butter, Brookfield 35c Potatoes, peck 33c and 45c ·EDITOR'S NOTE!--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. CHICAGO PRODUCE. (I'ri(l35- Market) C H I C A G O . i.V!--Butter 12.666. easy; creamery specials (93 score) as-'jiS'SSUc; extras (92) 2S'.;c: extra firsts (90-91) 2Sc: tirsts (8S-S9) aT'ieaT'ici standards (90 centralized carlots) 2S',ic. Eggs 30.471. lirmer: extra firsts local 20c cars -Ovic; fresh graded tirsts local 19^ic cars 20c; current receipts 19c; storage packed extras 2l',;c; storase packed firsts 21 Vic. Poultry. Jive. 1 car, none due. 22 trucks easy: hens 5 ibs. and less 22c: more than -1 Ibs. 19c: Leghorn hens 20c; springs, Plymouth Rock 27c: White Rock 27c. colored 26c broilers. Plymouth Rock 26c; white Rock 26c, harebacks 20622c; Leghorn 23c; roost ers 15c; hen turkeys 22c: young torn? 20c toms 20c; No. 2 turkeys JSe: heavy old ducks Tic; heavy young ducks He: Muskoeec ducks 12c; geese 13c; clucked and swan g lie. Bid and Asked Thurstlii.v. tenf. St El fi pet pr (S25 par) 33 Cent St Kl 7 pet pi* (.$25 par 1-1 Cent Si F L 7 pet pi 1 J-*!£ Champlin Rcf la 7 pet pE ... 7.1 Creamery Package com ..... 2u'^ iearst Cons A 23 U Geo A Hormel A pi 10:1 Geo A Hormel B pt lo*J jco A Hormel com !S',i nterstate Power 6 pet pf ... 22Vi nterstate Power 7 pet pf 2fi !owa Electric Co 6% pet pf . fiO ;o\va Electric Co 7 pet pf . fil :a Elec Lt Pow 6 pet p( 69 .a Elec Lt Pow 6'/i pet pr 70!= a Elec Lt Pow 7 pet pf 71' :a Power Light 6 pet p£ .. 98 :a Power Light 7 pet pf .. 102',3 .a Public Serv 6 put pt 1 ... 9- ia Public Serv GVi pet pf ... W a Public Serv 7 pet pf ... 9« :a south Util 6 pet pf .... '° a South Utii G'.i pet pf W :a South Util 7 pet pf fi'i Minnesota P L 6 pet p£ SO Minnesota P L 7 pet pi ... 90 Northern St Power 6 pet pf . 7S Northern St power 7 pet pf . S. r . N \V Bell Ttl 6% pet pt ... US J \V Portland C-J'nent 21 Rath Packing fi pet pf 99 Rath Packing 7 pet P r ion Sioux City Cas El 7 pet pt SS United Lt Rys G pet pr 79 United Lt Rys fi.36 pet P r SI United Lt Rys 7 pet P r S7', Vcstern Grocer pi 83 Yestern Grocer com 7% NEW VORK ritOIlUCK. (l-'rida.v Market} NEW YORK. ..!'.·--Eggs, 17.5S1. lirmer Mixed colors: Special packs or selections from fresh receipts 22',;:iiJ24t:. standards am commercial standards.21"i«22c; first 20 ; ;!c seconds 20c: mediums .JO Ibs. 19ric; dirties No. 1. 42 Ibs.. 19VJC: small IS'.ic: averagi checks IS^c; storage packed firsts 21',ic. Butter. 6.915. steady. Creamery, firsts (90 91 scores) 29Vi^29 : Uc; centralized (90 score 29Vi£i29',2C; other prices unchanged; extra (92 score) 29?',^ Cheese. 32,037. slow: -prices unchanged Live poultry weak: by freight: All piice unchanged. PRODUCE F15TITRES. (Friday Market) C H I C A G O , (.pi--Butter futures closed Storage standards November 26HC: Jun 25=,c. EKg futures ctosed: Storage packed fiist April 2l-%c; May 21ViC; refrigerator stand arris October 22Vic. Potatoes closed: April 52.2. 1 ,. A New York couple who have been married, divorced and remar ried are now understood In hp living in a demilit.ari7.ed zone.--Norf Virginian-Pilot, Youngest Weather Observer DeVVitt Clinton, 16, is believed to be Iowa's youngest weather observer. Me Ueeps records on temperatures, precipitation and other weather statistics at Fayette. His father, the Kev. J. D. Clinton, was pastor of Olivet M. E. church in Mason City in 1918 and 1919 and has been prominent in activities of the Clear Lake Methodist camp. (Iowa Daily Press Photo) Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. Schanke and Company, Telephone 1300, Mason City. 27 62 63 71 72 J /3 100 10-J % 60 65 so 87 120 2f SDVi S6 MRS, FLOY WINS VERDICT FOR $1 furors Out for 9% Hours ' on Libel Action for $2,500. The jurors in the 52,500 libel suit )rought by Mrs. Marcus Floy against her brother-in-law, Elmer Hoy, were out for nine and a half lours Thursday night before they returned a verdict awarding- Mrs. Floy judgment for the sum of one dollar for the damages resulting from the filing of an information by the brother-in-law asking that she be committed to the state hospital for insane for treatment. Filing of the information grew out of involved family squabbles and marital disputes among the ?Ioys who live on farms near Thornton. L. R. Eoomhower represented Mrs. Floy and J. E. Williams Beared for the defendant. Business Notes Diversity of earnings results was shown in additional tirat quarter reports released Thursday. Wnile some ot the larger corporations showed a slight recession in lirst quarter earnings from the same 1935 period, ;ains were reported by smaller concerns. Improvement was shown by those companies in the so-called "heavy industries" d those in construction and miscellaneous es. On the other hand a prominent soap manufacturer reported slightly lower earn- ngs, an automobile parts manufacturer a substantial recession, and two coal companies ^ave varied reports. Procter and Gamble: Including subsidiaries this company reported net income o' $4,010,510 for the quarter ended March 31, equal to 59 cents a share on its 6,325,08" shares of common stock compared with net of S-i,2"S,85S, or 64 cents a share in the preceding quarter, and net of 54,050,443 or 30 cents a share in the quarter ended March 31, 1935. For the nine months ended March 31 indicated net income was S1.S93.S75, equal to SI.76 a share on the 6,325,087 shares of common stock compared with 511,594,466 In the like 1935 period. Earnings for the quarter ended March 31. 1935, were after a charge of $1,200,000 for materials and products price stabilization, which increased the fund to 51,700,000. Earnings lor the nine months to the same date were after S3,165.- 000 of charges for materials and products price stabilization. No charges for the stabilization fund were announced in connection ith the 1936 earnings. Minneapolis-Honeywell Rentlat«v: Quac- ter ended Uarch 31 net income of S195.276 was reported, equal to 27 cents a share on the 621.901 shares of common stock against net of S33.S53, or SI.45 a share on the 6 per cent preferred in the March quarter ot 1935. Zonlfe Products: Xet Income of $23,500 was reported for the quarter ended March 31 after establishment of a $35,000 reserve for contingencies, equal to 3 cents a share on the S30.C6G shares of common stock compared with a net loss of S195.139 in the first quarter of 1935. Centralization of Tax Income m Statehouse Is Scored by Wilson CORRECTIONVILLE--"Straightjacket tax measures and the centralization of more and more tax income at the state house," were at tacked by Senator George Wilson candidate for the republican nomination for governor, at a conference of party workers here Friday noon. "I always have been and always will be opposed to such straightjacket tax measures until legislation directs a large portion of our indirect taxes back to the loca communities, to replace and reduce present real estate taxes," Wilson declared. "It is unjust for example, to have 96 per cent of all moneys for schoo purposes in Iowa raised by direcl tax on property. Any mandatory tax legislation thus falls heavies on our schools, and may penalizi those subdivisions which may havi no other source of revenue.'' Boy, 16, Accused of Ax Murder of Uncle SELMER, Tenn., (/P)--A 16 yea old boy was ordered arraigned Fri day on charges that he killed hi: uncle with an ax when he was re fused permission to go to the movies. Sheriff T. N. Wright said the youth, booked as Oscar Hamm, was accused of slaying Perry Hamm, 59, last Monday night at State Line, 12 miles south of her 'laim Solution of 8 Year Old Slaying of Chicago Girl, 15 CHICAGO, (/P)--Police of suburban Hillside today claimed a solution of the eight-year-old slaying o] Udna Mueller, 15, with the arrest of Otto Pech, 33, a grave digger. Pech was quoted by Police Chief Martin Stolte as confessing that he seized the young: housemaid as she walked toward an elevated railroad station, criminally assaulted her and eft her unconscious on a lonely prairie. Her body was found later that day, Sept. 19, 1927. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF PROPOSAL FOR STORM SEWER P. «". A. Project Rcdorket No. la. 1188. By direction o£ the City Council o( Mason City, Iowa, notice Is hereby piven that sealed proposals on Proposal Forms furnished by the City Clerk, will be received by the City Clerk until 1:30 o'clgck P. M. of the 4Hi day of May. 1936, and acted upon at that lime by the Council, for furn- ishinp all labor and materials lor the const ruction of storm sewers on South federal Avsnuo, South and North Delaware Avenue, Second Street South East, Second Street South West, First Street South East, Eljn Drive, Third Street North East, Seventh Street North East and various alleya, more fully shown on plans, all according to plans and specifications now on file in the oUice of the City Cterk, which plans and' specifications are made «. part by reference of this notice, The following items are the major part ot this project. lOiGO lineal feet of pipe ot sizes from 12" to 27" inclusive. 125 cubic yards of concrete in maaholw and catch. basins. 36130 pounds of cast iron in manhole and catch basin castings. 4ZSG cubic yards of earth excavation. 1264 cubic yards of loose rock excavation. 1049 cubic yards of solid rock «xca- vflUon. 1S5S square yards of pavement replacement of various types. (1) A certified check of Sti of the bid, made payable to the order ot tbe City Treasurer, shall accompany the proposal, -which will be forfeited to the City, if the bidders proposal be accepted and he fail to execute contract and bond to perform the same. (2) No bidder may withdraw his proposal lor a period of 30 days after date set for the opening of bids. (3) This psoject is financed in part by thft Public Works Administration and the Construction Regulations of the Public Works Administration will appiy to the execution ot all Contract;, Complete labor classifications and the minimum was* schedule to apply on this project will be found In the Form of Proposal anrt Form o£ Contract now on fik In the office of the City Clerk, which minimum wage schedule is as follows: Unskilled labor 50c per hour Ekillcd labor 75c If. SI.00 per hour The owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids. A performance bond in an amount issued 'to 100£. of the Contract shall be furnished and shall provide that the bond is not effective until approved by the Acting State Di-. rector Public Works Administration. The City will pay the Contractor, in warrants drawn on the special fund created for the financing of this project, for all work and malarial included in and completed in accordance with this Contract, at the rates or amounts set forth In the proposal at such times as set forth below. Once a month the sum or 85% of all material furnished and xvork tompleted as shown by estimates furnished by the Engineer. All balance? due under this contract « Its completing as certified by the Engineer and after acceptance by the City Council. KENA B. MACK, City Clerk. WANTED HIDES - WOOL Highest Prices Paid CARL STEIN Phone 470 111 Sixth S. W. AUNTHET By Robert Quillen a "I can guess what her husband is like. When a woman raves about every handsome man she sees, her own ain't much to look at." Lodges and Societies I. O. O. F. LODGE NO. 22t B. STATE 1'IIO^ES 2144W-2144.T Meetlne every Tuesday 7 ;30 P. M. J. C. ROHINSON, N. G. Ph. S25 WAYMAN CLOSSON Rec. Scc'y. 3467. H. J. PINE, Fin. Scc'y. LOYAL ORDER OF 5IOOSE MOOSE ILHX--2ND AND S. FEDERAI. Phone 127S Meets first and third Tuesdays uf each month, livery 4th Tuesday Is family night. W. P. CHAMBERL1N, Dictator. Phone 2349. WILLIAM GROTH, Sec'y. Phone 1278 LEiVCE tODGE NO. HI A. If. AND A. M.--7:30 T. M. Stated communication first Thursday of each month. G. I. WOOD. W. M. C. P. SHIPLEY, Sec'y. HARDING LODGE NO. Oil) A. F. AND A. M. 7:30 I'. JI. Stated meeting first Friday of each month. L. L. RAYMOND, W. K. C. C. HALPHIDE, Sec'y. ROYAL NEIGHBORS OF AMERICA MOOSE HALL Camp meets 2nd and 4tb Thursday, 7:30 P. M. Club meets 1st and 3rd Thursdays, 2 P. M. MARGARET JOHNSON. Oracle. MAY BUDVVORTH. Rec. Phone 1372VV QUEEN REBEKAH LODGE NO. 106 I. O. O. F. HALL--8 I'. M. iiES every first and third Friday of month. M«S. WAVMAN CLOSSON, N. G. 3457. MRS. WIN NUTTING, R. S. 596W. MRS. R. B. KOLWINSKA, F. S. 14SSJ. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OP THE APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gorrfo County. s». No. 4731. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as Executor of the estate of Mary Chapman Jordan, Deceased, late of Cerro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, ;o the undersigned for allowance,, and file n the oUice of the Clerk of the District Court. GEORGE E. PENSON. Executor. FITZPATRICK BARLOW, Attorneys. Dated April 9, 1936. S. H. MacPEAK, Clerk District Court By JIAEGARET RlLEY, Deputy. NOTICE OF THE APPOINTJIENT OF EXECUTRIX STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. 479S. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the undersigned has been duty appointed and qualified as Executrix ol the estate ot Martin James Mulligan, Deceased, late or Cerro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment; and Chose having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance, and file in the olfice or the Clerk of the (District Court. ADELINE JfULLlGAN, Executrix. Jtf. C. COUGHLON, Attorney. Dated April 9, 1936. S. H. MacPEAK, Clerk District CourL By MARGARET RILEY, Deputy. USED TRACTOR BARGAINS (2) F-12 Farnialls with plow and cultivator. All like new. Priced cheap. 7 regular Farmalls with cultivators. Cheap at $600 and up including both. (7) 10-20 McCormick Deer- ings. All like new. Priced at S40fl and up. (3) 15-30 McCormick Deer- ings. First class shape. Priced at $275 and up, (2) 15-27 John Decrcs. First class shape. S375. 1. H. C. 22-36, like new, $551). Hart-Parr 12-24 in first class shape. $375. 3 bottoms with cultivators, in first class shape. $100. We have any kind of used tractors you want, all guaranteed to go out and do a real job for you. We'll trade for horses, hogs, cattle and grain and offer terms to responsible parties. MASON CITY IMPLEMENT CO. 22 Sixth St. S. E. Phone 462 CLEAR LAKE GRAIN CO. Phone 23

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