The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 26, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, June 26, 1818
Page 3
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a f - Sale, Treifht Charter, PACKET; White, router J ?v 11 mi ew hethed and in other V3?! faithfully retired now ia readme tor oyKe,. L'videckf. U 303 tons bur TUl,!SiM be tentto ea immediately, fcnd the, p;nMtrect wharf. For term SWOLDS k COATE9, " . ' 68 South treet. J ' Ftr LIVERPOOL, The rerv superior coppered British nxLMABNOCK. V. W. Robert - "7.p ! her ca - jr uciiik iiwv - "b - h" - l. l S,At rnler of freighter naauge, hav - r " Jjnt fcccomiwdatioiw, apply board, east wa g.DALCLElSlIfcCO. ' ' 103 Feari - itreet. Who offer for lc, ex. aid vessel, from "burgh Ale, of superior quality, in bot - tlei and cask, - .on Wine Bottles &c. per gross. jc26 for RIC1LMOXJ) (Fa) r(R . The brig HOPE, Pillsbsiry, master ; urill be dispatched without delay, and wiii"3ce freight if immediate application ik - j de at 67 Eoutn - etreei. o Vtats CAMBRELENG & PEAP.SOV. . fYir Stile. Frete kt or CAarftr, tfJK The well known fast sailing brig fIVnMS. now 1 viii cr at Ambov. ana jjjriyexpeetcd in thi port. For terms p , ph to the master on board, at the ship - y ard. MtS6 2t huutett to Chwter, One or two British vessel, to load for Liverpool. Apply to i 26 ARCHll WASTED TV CiURTKR, a ftnti.h vessel nf 2 .0 la fUiO tons, to JVl.n.1 ut u anuihrrn ruirt fur the Welt III APr1t0. OlALKIK, IYJIL.HK j, 26' 6 1 Finest MOAEY lO WAS. i e nrkAlMUiARS to loan. in sums tu 4il UUU suit applicants, on tmid with t ttma anuroveJ property. Enquire of ' WM. WILLIAMS, 137 Water - street. Where application may be generally made tkroogo. IM Jr, BOU uiwigagca uwtiui. Iet6tf ' iTlMilMlA HAMS, Uc.Mi hist quality V Virrinia Racns J 500 ID. wbl Gloucester Cheese, in fine or - HibMKi best Brawn Stout and Briitol Porter F m sale by PALMER 4: SAIDLER, Je 16 3t 104 Frunt - straet. RICHMOND FLOUR. IIJ barrels (city - snili's) superfine floor, approved brand's, ludio; and for sale ly GOODHUE k CO. JeS6 44 South - street. MANUFACTUrllO TOBACCO, Ac. - aO kegs of cavendiit Tobacco SO do small twist do. Landing ami for tale low, by W. k 3. CRAIG. 38 hhds. prime Richroutd Tobacco ISO blls hichmond Coutry Huor 3i9 bbls Kirt.motid Citr o Je CC VIRGINIA FLOUa. - CSibbm. aiclimoiul and Lynchburg Tluur, tending ex. schr Vulture, from Kiclin.ond, wtst aide Coffee lluutelip, and f ir sale by TROKES, D.WTDSOX b CO. 1 ) 26 106 Ftont - strect D l k.VW fUMI . 4000 yards Bermuda O Straw Piait, for tlic matwctory of mebs hn. fur sale bv . TLCK&UX UA.LiKlr.3, Je 5fi i'i South itreet. IJOTT K M'hl.NNK. iA South aUect, itr A fur.iU A JO balri I'nltnd C.nltnn ftM fcoiei of Tifiplates, font - pocl brand I 3X 19 roki abeadung Corner, ass'J from lb fti ox. B tales Deer ikies 60 pipes Catalonia Wine . , 10 co of O. L. P. Madeira Wine Sll tons KniMa 1 1 crop, 1st quality l.W dnirn Spads and 6hovels 10 casks Carolina asd Weit India lloei Sfl do Rice I 170 bbls. Copperas fee. - A qnnntity ol Knlnfc Anchors. Je !6 j Gor iO.N 4J bal(rt:ne UilnJ CoHon, hDdujfi from sioop Budget, fur in lots to sail norcbasers, by - . i ORtSWOLD COATES, UK v W StintH - sttttt. Vl0 BKKi.3. 8 0lib). "ix.rtuic ftictiUHmd J. VUni,ofumior qunlity.. landing froos , aehr VoMara, and in rtf , for sle by ' a BOOKMAN k JOHXPTOt. EE Roy, B Af ARI 1" CO. onVr for sal Ui. Doca an4 eiiersoy Romdls . Bauhtoc. ftniiiis, i'ultab Putty Hdkfs. Jeblpre, joanrmre tnd Janah .Sawns Coepj k BfeiKtv.o hurrahs. Fine Balas I fuwport and Chvpore vossas AbM Mamoodie India Mall Mulls, r'!orenUe Si Stockidgs and Glorn Fg'u TafftU aad Hain Satin Ribbon Lieu Cambrics Mfnao fclitwlt, Tlread Lace Lion Bnsidages br wonml English Flat K rbtt Iron, U leaching Smalts fioat Skint, Rwia BriK lei Roman Vinlin Krint, Tig Lead Steatbing t:oer. 16 to xtt or. L. P. Midein and Kbenish Wioe Praiti iu brasly and Cordials barer and lt Hats, with drawback Bioti and PKs do MaAetiof ti grades, Cartouch Boxes tamnn B', Mill Stones J llUrUM SEWALL, bi Soelh - street, oder u rurit 80 tJS old Sahle Runii Imn. P Q V i few osrs fine Londoq and Yrkhire CloJis a raw Cotton Hose asiorted ' do 14 Irish Line - is, very stoat fabric triaks 6 4 Cambric S ball RnfiaSheetin? 4 cars Trinkets, Jewellery. &c adnptd to Ih. V . ... . - .... . . . I 3 do London made Toys, Work Coxes. &c. ; J oVCIima ,"ewine Silk i i 4 black Fringed Hdkfs. ' " sh Double Florences jj f Levantines, entitled to debenture W bait Meaty Bferbocm Gorrabs Gjlla Hdkft, red, blue ami white j a B)fn Rnd b0f l',ted Hat 4 do do Jape. nneJ l.eatlr do do suM - norLonrfoaBeaerilo keti with Bayonet tasks Cut Nails W - .mlow Glaw. of the Bristol facto - ,oi.Toan i It) by 14 t,raM Ct,iot:, Furniture, tc. I '0 or ttirte n,ri, .il,.. , i J - l ' U 111111 - Bmii!i ated with board at No. ZZZ . Je Zti im v A;,!.l stuatiou at cererrus in a i.ri - !Jrtt.l i,n,,'v.bJ VoirapLady. who has "i . r XarPciieoce in thhtline uroadway. Je 8 lw A. X .TS F.M FLO Y M F.. T. oi ' Ml? com Detent to tafce rhanre ato, w 'errhsuts' Book. The most 'tttH (. r 1 "ce can I ri rpn. A nut d i la, left at Uua ot&ee wi il he at r Je e 2t ! - f Pf 55 emi 8tnrT hT Lord Byron, "l1 Mirwri;!4' K published and for sate d 8t.ii.. 'Kilstm i j,nn .. n,v ttbsltkK" Ao. id Uroadwar. ofip. V. BOARD t LODGIXQ WASTED, FOR lady, gentleman, and family, La a genteel privit family, where there are lew or do other boarders. Two roomy pleasant chamber ends parlor genteel y furnished will be required.' Tbe situation must be pleasant, a good neighbourhood, and in tbe west part of the city, between Chamber and Broome streets. , A note directed to A. Z. stating situation and reference, left at this oQce, will be attended to, JeCt) 2t lO FRESMiL.S f If J ANTED, two Pressmen. VV 101 Greenwich - strret. Enquire at No. Je26M AJ' KA'GlXHElt IF.iATED. WANTED an Engineer for a Steam - Boat Wages from $45 to $70 per month and found, - will be given. Those who apply will please to leave a letter directed lo A. O. at lliu office, slating their qualiiWatton and the situations tUcy may hare at any timAheld. je26 3t W)R SALE T A DARK Gray PO.NEY, five 'ytrs old this fall, sound and kind ia liarneu. ALSO, a ood second handed CoaCbce, ia good order & lijjht ; Also a good Gig and Harkkw, all to be sold cheap for caih. Enquire of Charles H. Bel - lows. 21 Leonard - street. J 26 1w FOR 2 ALE, V SMALL Brown Horse, of the Canadian breed, a natural pacer or ranker, and an excellent horse for an invalid, very fat, and easilv kept. For further particulars apply to Mr. DO WEN, tt his Livery Stable in Anthony - street, near Broadway. Je 26 U HORSE FOR SALE. ANelrgnnt horse, IS hands high, 5 years old, chesnut bay, excellent either for saddle or fcig, warranted perfectly sound and kind. Enquire at 42 Chatham street, between the hours of one and five. J k '241' SADDLE HORSE. FOR sale RiitkRant taddle Horse. Enquire at REl'O.NS stable, in Eeekman - strect. Je ?C lw MJHril Jilf ZH STEAM - BOAT'S, (7 - tin the Uih ol May, commenced running tout times a rck. A Boat leaves New - York on Tues day, at : o'clock, A. M : Wednesday, at 6 P. M: Friday, at 9 A. M. and Saturday, at 5 P. M. of each week ; and a bout leaves Albany on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, nod Saturday, at 9 A. M The Fire - Fly leaves Sew - York on Tuesday, Thortday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New - tuirh, and returns on Monday, A.M. , Weduetday and Je So N CM till DAYlfc,CHiMIOAL.PKRFU - . MEK, returns his sincere thanks for the liberal enCourhjemetit which he has received, and tiopts continuance of the same patronnce now be has removed lobis tie w situation, sin of the Golden I .alc, No. lol Broadway, where he has a much riiore extensive stock tb.m formerly, which he cl - rsior sale on reasonable terms , a - moo which are ths fullowing : Ruor strupi of various khids, sizes and quality. ' Ladies1 Japanned Drcstiog Cans, furnished or imfurnit.Cit. GcDtli uien't Morocco, Mahogany, and Satin Wood Dreein g Cases, luruuhtd in a superior style. Gentlemen's Portable Shaving Cares, and Pouchci, for travelling. Ladies and cent ttrirn ran have the drawers ol portable desks and toilette glasses fitted up for dreiiiug, in a su;irrior style. (To br cootiiiued.) Larcre deductions made to country - store keepers, who wdl find it much to their advan tage to keep an assortment ot the article of itr citiTii nti'iri It r,.4.t,, tKAuaM put up in the best stvle, and made to suit any climate. Merchant will, be supplied wholesale for exportation. .... je IIRIME RICE. 100 tiercel pni Jiioo, in ST lots to uit purcbMers, forsatir by. . ANSON H. PIU.LPS, Je 5 - Frunt - ttrett. OTTON VARiV. - 2u.0o0 lbs. Coltoa x'aio from r, to 84, for sa - by THE COMVllSSlON COMPANY, Jc 25 148 Ptnrl ilreet. . CROIX &UGAR 15 bbdsSL Croix Su ear of in iliic quality, nut received and for ale by Jei 44 Soulh - street. Wjjf Bushels white com will be sold in nuAulitieilo suit nurchascn. at aver reduced rate, if removed prior to the 1st of July, by SAL I US, tU.X A: IsV. JetS 6t 3i South - it f II HORN K PENDLETON hive selected JL with treat care, for the supplying of fami lies and ship atores, the following wine, liqnors, teas, kc. which they offer at w hoi stale and re - Uih at No. 56 .Stone - street r adou - a in glass and wood Red port, " roric and royal compy" do a few doxen of super, quality Dry Libon, 11 years old 4 Very old sherry, do Teoerifle Old brandy, rum and giu, not reduced flibbert's brown stoat, equal to any in the city Red and white wine vinegar Bordeaux sallaJ oil flyroa, hyson skin, young hyson, souchong X pouchoog teas Loaf, "lump and Muscovado inar Fish sauces, Segars in qr. boxes With a general assortment of groceries, which tbey will warrant to be of tho first quality. June 24 3w 3EI'FO, a Venetian story, by the Ut. Hon. 3J Lord Byron, this dav publish!, price 25 cents, by A. T. GOODRICH k CO. Je4 No. 124 Tlroadwav, corner Cedar - at C'W.VioJV SILKS. 4 N invoice cf Canton silks, now landing from XX Hoop K I iire;, from Boston, enbtled toue beulure, coosittin of the Wlowio? articles, tor sale by PETER REM SEN ii CO 26 South - street. Black sarsncts, Canton crapes, assorted Nankin . do do Coloured sarsnels, Coloured sewing silks 4 4 black fringed and twilled hdkls. Checked do do .1Uo in Store, Clack, green, blue and chanjcaWe siachew Chaugwible, checked and fcnred sarsnet Black and colourod 4 - 4 black fringed and twilled hdkls Coloured do - do Crape shawls, assorted colour Jhus 24 riOTJ ON ItSO bales Cotton now Uadiofi f from brigs Llm. aed Georgia, (rom aran - nah. Alto, in Store. 400 bales Upland Cott - n. in lota to soit pur - chasers, for tle by II EN R X THOMAS, j c 14 nv . o. x Jones lane. CL0 riI5. - 2cases Gne Cloths, just received per Draper, fiir sale by UUUU 6Z SEWALL, je 24 &S South - street. IRTH WEBB, SHOE THREAD, Ac. - 1 V bale LineoGirth Webb, blue, yellow, grece orange, scar'et, tie. assorted. 3 do. bieachtd, and hemp cboe Jbreaa ' ? do. hiul 'wine, assorted 2 do. Ror inr do. landine from bris Henry Clay, from London, for dale by je si iMvit BiuriiuMu s to. CALCUTTA GOODd. bales fine Baftss 4 bales Beerhoora Garrah 3 do Uetah Catrstaks, now landine and for sale by G. G. & S. HOW LAND, 67 Washington - street. Also in Store, - 40 bale Calcutta Goods, coflsittmc ofBafUt. Garrahs, Mamoodies, Sawnt, Checks, kc. , 3 JCli ' For CHARLESTON, To tail on Tuesday next, wrth what freight and p. pawenger may offer, AM The fast sail t hr CALYPSO, HiJ - o - 7iliaril - master. Apply on board at Murray' wharf, or to . - .' BOGERT fc KNEELAND, - I ' i'O South - street . Laodio from said schr A small quantity .ol very long handsome flooring boards. , Je 24 6t For HAVANA, The new coppered brig WARRIOR, 234 ton burthen, (built by Mr. N. Rrown of this city.) C. Richardj, matter. She will sail on the 10th of July uext, weather permitting. For freight or passage apply to , JAMES D. WOLF, junior, Je?4 S4South - sL . 'er ViLiHLESTUX, S. C. tffv The :'ship BELLE, Henry Leslie, "laimaKtcr ; will tail in all next wek. For freight or passage, opply on board, west side Fly - market - wharf, or to JONES & MEGRATH, je 20 91 South - street. tASSAUE tUli LOADOX, . p , I v oit ur bv. vu r i a vui uc wm - Aiiiimodated in the cabin of the remarkably hue British brig SKF.EN, to sail for London about the 26lh inst For terms, apply to cant. Mason. on board, at Jones' wharf, or to ROBERT GILLESPIE, June 13 M2Front - st. tor LirEnrooL, . The elegant fast sailing coppered ship DRAPER, William Adams, matter; she is 201 tons burthen, only two years old, and will be dispatched immediately on discharging her inward cargo, i or freight or passage, ap ply to the manter, on board, east side of Fly market wharf, or to B. W. ROGERS & Co. JelC ' 235 Pearl - itrcet. fur LOS DOS. i The substantial fast sailing British Ibng bM - .r.A, capt. J. Mason. lit - r cargo being nearly engaged, will have immediate dispatch. For the remainder offnighl, or paw - age, having elegant airommodations, apply on board, ut Jouei' wharf, or to S. DALGLIESH & Co. Je 19 103 Pearl - street. tor CiLiHLES4tS, The staunch schooecr ARABELLA, T. Harwirk, mx - ter, will meet with immediate dispatch, having half her freight engagedFor the remaiuder or yussae, apply on hoard, at Murray's wharf, cast Coflee - House slip, or to - ,4 SAUL ALLEY, June 19 JfSH Pine - st. tor S.if.lXXAil, J5i5 The regular packet ship COTTON JLi PLANT, M. Fash, matter, lo tad on i - umlay, 215tl inst. For freight or passage, apply to II. K. TOLER fc CO. 113 Pearl - street, or to the master on board, at Murray's whari, east side Coffee House slip. Je 2J lw For.VAlUiEILJ.kS, The elegant New - York buill coppered ship CORSAIR, will ioitive!y sail on Sunday nexL For passage only, apply to cant. Backus, on board, or to G. G. & S. HOWLAND, . Je 23 67 Washington - it. For t HKUEhtCKsbUtili, TK rK I'll It VP. CICITRS Pnl. tE - - 5llrJ. mnstcr : will sail in a few davi For freight or passage, apply on board, at Pine - street wharf, or to HENDERSON. & CAIRNS, Je23 81 Pine - st. . i - - "tor SjtVjiSS.ttl' MVl The very fine brUtSUPtR, - R, JiiilVmSner; will meet with despatch, having a considerable part of her cargo engaged. r or parage, naving nanutome accommodations, or freight, apply ou board, at pier No. 12, eaat side OU - slip, or to . . , POTT M'KINNE, Je23 56 South - street. for H tlmmgloti, S. C. The staunch good sloop FAME, Barton, master; will sail ou Sunday next. or lrtighur passage, apply on board, at pier No. 14. A. L. GOMEZ, 1C5 Fronl - street. Now landing from said sloop, 150 bbls turpeatiue, and 39 do. allum. Apply as above. . Je23 5t J - 'or BLAKZl.E Yand MOUILE, The substantial fast sailing schooner ONTARIO, 100 tons, captain Leffing. Weill having most of her freight engaged, will meet with immediate dispatch. For the remainder of freight or passage, having good accommodations, apply on board at pier no. E K or to PETERS 4c HF.RRICK. je; 29 Coenties - slip. For LIVERPOOL, (A rezular Trader.) v$$ The superior fast tailing ship CAR - 2&&.Vi lXK. - A?iX, built ot live oak and ce dar, havinr been new coppered and throughly repaired, is a first rate ship ; part of her cargo being eagaged she will be dispatched Without delay.' For freight or passage, having superior accommodations for 20 passengers, apply to captain Wm. I. Palmer, on board, at pier No. 18, E. K. or at 83 south - street, to je 2i lw ROWLAND St BBAINE. k,r I. lit KVtMl ft5 The very superior coppered British g. - hin UAL.MAKNOCK, W. Al. Ilobert - sou, master, and will meet with e very Uispatch, haviur half her cartro engaged, for the remain der ol freight, or passage, having elegant acccm modationi, apply on board, east side Fly - market wharf, or to v S. DALGLIESH k Co. Jel9' 103 Pearl - street. For NMV - OrlLLANS. VW$ The bri FREDONIA, James Meek, j&clmaiter. having been unavoidably detaiu - ea, wui lake freight uuUl Friday next. Apply to J. PAIKAKU, Je24 3t 33 Soulh - st. RCH. GRAClEAbO.VS oder tor sale the JljL cargo of the ship Braganza, from Calcutta, consisting of 2100 bagssuer, 501 bags saltpetre, and 2091 biitaol cotton. June 24 'i OT t OA. 4 bates prime ruber giun'd Cot - KJ ton 85 do do New Orleans do 311 da do Upland do. For sale in lots to suit purchasers, by SAUL ALLEY, Je 25 98 Pine - street. JEWELLERY. WATCHES, etc. CASE of sundry Jewellery, fine Cutlery, CX. Silver Hunting and Plain Watches, Dressing Cases and Ladies Work Boxes. 2 cases Ladies Corsets assorted. For sale by J. LAMBERT, Je 24 3 Courtland stieet. COFFEE. 206 bags prime St. Domingo Coffee, entitled to debenture, for sale at No. 73 South - rtreet, by jure 21 3t J A MF.S FOSTElLJun. . LEMONS. JUST received, 45 boxes Iresh Sicily Lemons, in loti to suit purchasers, by Je 24 J. P. AN DOE, No. 7 Park. BLOCK TIN LIQUOR COCKS A Mppjv ci Morris's hlorx tin Irouor cocks, jet re ceived and for tale at wholesale and retail by wai. uiNULrLUUiMs, Jr. 191 Frotit - sL corner ol Fulton - st. Who has constantly on hand a general snort - meat of Wines, Tcss ud groceries forihip itores and family use. . . JUiv SPIRIT TURPENTINE k R0SIK 6 bbls Spirits Turpentine 30 do Rosin, very good qaality, for sale by ' I E.C.W JiAVi'pnHi'i,cii J?5 35 Peck slip. LtillNA SILKS. i cases Nankin Crapti, ) (aisrte4celors) 1 do'j. - do, . .do. Black 4 do Capbto do 3 do $ewig Silk's (assorted) - 1 do. ttigb - colored Sattios entitled to deben - .' ALSO. tuie 1 case Letrhorn Hafs. with extra Crowi.k. lor sale by MARCH t LOW. Je 25 3 S1Q Broadway, corner Fulton st. PITTAWS, - A siiikll invoice ol Cust biee Pittwi, jiiit received and forsnle by ' f;4 ANDERSON 4i SHEARER, J2y : 131 Water - strent. FlHECOWlMiSSION COMPANY, No. 14S JL' ..Pearl - etreet, offer for sale on accommodat ing terms, i 10 cases etripes, good color and quality - tt do j oe and coarse ginghams 9 ' dof - 1' do checks Browa sil bleached ihirtings and sheetings Bed - ticking, cotton balls, kc. Ac. A to, a good assortment of broadcloths, rassi - meres, ca - ninettp ami lattinetls. Je 25 riVOBACCO U. FLOUR. - 4 kegs aud 40 X ball' kegs Diauufactured Tobacco, ofexcel - lent quality, landing from the schr. Sea Lion. ' - i.i Store, 100 lregl manuf'd Tobacco, very fine quality. 82 do . do do common 20 fcbds Leaf do prime 160 hbift superfine Flour, Haxall's brand 116 do , do do Richmond Mills 130 do ' do do country brand For rale at 106 Front - street, by - . . Je25 f TROKES. DAVIDSON & CO. A ... H'lUTIi t'HJtWS. JL - , J. TAPfAN A CO. 120 FearUlrcet, have iust received an invoice of French modi, con - ". - . - - 1 . ... ... . 7. . ' Hsiingw npi quality while and black crapes. Silk braid, Ostrich feathers, kc. which are of fered by lh case or smaller quantity. - June 25 3t LOST XTESTKJiDAY.a pairofajate ihirt Buttons, X set transparent in Onl.f. 1 be under is re quisled to leave tbe same at the flFii't of this pa per, where k suitable reward will be given. Je25 31 TO LET. vi t couniuic noiiin, in most, ccnirai A - T . .. . , pt.rt of Peart - trtet. For patticulan enquireat 107, up stairs. Je?5 WANTS A SITUATION in a respectable ' faiu(ly a young lady of respectability, who is well acquuiuted with the mantua making find milinarf business, and likewise every kincl ol line Deedlt? work. A note addresitd to Z. R. and left at this office, will Le attenued to. Je2fr - iw CIRCULATING LIBRARY, No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, opposite the City Hotel. A. T. GOODRICH & CO. HAVE Ih pleasure of iniormiug their friends and subscribers, that they have just receiv ed an extensive collection of the latest London publications, including several hundred volumes of new and popular novels, which are reserved for (he us of subscribers ONLY. The following are a part of the collection. Catalogues of the hooks may be had gratis. The Siiuuter's Journal, in answer to the Ba chelor's Journal, by a Modern Antique, 3 vols. inirua oi vireniairn, or nigniariceri oi lue 19th century, by Mary Johnstou, 2. Sons of St. David, a Carabro British Histori cal Romance, by Griffiths ap Griffiths, Esq. 3. iiermione, or the aeiautter, by uarouue ccou, Saury and Fanny, by Jlivem - ' - - Original of the Miuiature, by Selina Daven - bert. 4. I Gsdfrev Rsnw. h 11. W - w.r,S f S i. nrlUUiiunf ft.K hw A.nM Mils. grave, 3d edition, 4. 1 'I he Revealer of Secrets, by the author of sub stone e and shadow, &c. 2. Claudine, or Pertinacity, by Bridget Blueman tie. 3. Villaaafelle, or the curious impertinent, by f.. .1 Ihe wife ol Filsalice and the Caledonian Si ren, a romance, by Marianne Bretutu 4. Life of a Recluse, bv A. Gibton, 2. Mviteriesof llunenrr. a Romantic Story, of the 15:h century, by Edward Moore, Esq. author of Sir Ralph de Bigod, fcc. &c. 3. Gonralo de Baldivio, a Romance, by Anne of Swansea, 4. A Month iu town, a Satirical Novel, by Hum phry Hedgehog, 3d edition, 3. Eighteen Hundred and Fifteen, a Satirical novel, by the same, 3. Education, er Elizabeth, her Lover and Husband, by Eliza Taylor 3. Love, Hatred and Revenge, a Swiss Romance, by T. P. Lathy, 2d edit. 3. Devil upon Two Sticks in England, by the author of Dr. Syntax's Tour in search of the Picturesque, &c. 5ti edit. 6. The Blind Beggar, or the Fountain of St. Ca tharine, by the author of Julieo, or My Father' Home, Lc, 4. Strathhogie, or tbe Recluse of Gleninorris, by Alicia M'Gennic, 5. Leap Year, or a Woman's Privilege, by Selina Davenport, 5. Howard Castle, ora Romance from the Mountains, by a North Britain, 5. Tbe Decrter, by the author of Montreith, and Husband Hunters, 4. Edric Hie Forrester, by Mrs. Ker, 3. Beauchamp, or the wheel of Fortune, 4. . Prejudice, or Physiognomy, by Aziie D'Ar - ey, 3. The Pavilion, or a month at Brightoo, by Humphry Hedgehog, author of a month in town. Sic 3 Jessy, or the Rote of Donald's Cottage, by the author of the Bravo of Bohemia, 4. A Bride and no Wife, by Henrietta Rouviere Moss, 4 The Foundling ol Devonshite, or Who is She ? by Miss C. D. Haynes, 5. Robertina, by Catharine G. Ward, 2. Anti Delphine, by Mrs. Biron, 2. Secrets in every Mansion, or the Surgeon's Memorandum Book, by Aane of Swansea, 5. The Royal Brides, or Sketches of exalted characters, a novel, by Robert Bramble, Esq. 3. Laviuia r itz A ubin, with 1 ales sketched from Life, 4. Uncle Tweezy and his Umzzicnl iseigbours, a comic satirical novel, by the author oi tbe Ob servant Pedestrian, kc. kc. 3. Owen Cattle, or which it the heroine, a novel, by Mary Ann Sullivan, 4 Bachelor and Married Man, or Equilibrium to (be Balance of Comfort, 3 The Son and the Nephews, or more tecrett than one, a novel, by Catharine Gleard, 3. Mehaled and Sedli, or the hutory of a Drue Family, with tome account of the Druces, an an cient pjople oi syna, tiy ine uaron de uaioerg, x vo is. - Three Week at Fladongs, a novel, by a late visitant, J. Six weeks in Paris', or a cure for the Galloma - mie, by a late Visiiaut, 3. Deserter, a novel, oy Amelia ueancierr, 4 Actress of tbe Present Day, a novel, by Ann Kyley, 3. . 4 Ellmere and Rosa, tin episode, the merry mat ter written by John Mather, the grave by a solid gentleman, X. I ortituae ana r rauy,a novel, oy r anny nor - croit. Correction, a novel, 3., Woman, or minor Maxims, a sketch, t. Dunetuvin. or the Ywt to Paris, a aovel, by a Udy, 4. Tale of My Landlsdy, editeil by Peregrine Punlebrain, assistant to. the choolmaster of Ganduelcugh, 3 History ol Juan lift John, 3. T. eether with the latest magazines, reviews. plays, book ot fashions, 4c. i.c. . OllllSCripiUHin Ml IIW lMrorj are i" - - "v" 12, 6, or 3 months, payable ia advance. , P A t. fl. Jfc i:a. have ao wt ived an exlemive variety or new pablicutioaioT tale, in eluding some highly em "lellished poetical worM. with exnuiiitcly fine ilate, designrn vj all. And a vari'ty oi tnuiuwre eoioons, m pcrb bmJiJigs. . J23 3l nerrassarx, wBcguiicxt ui numii THEATRE. WASHINGTON HALL. MR. MAFFEY, artist, mechanician, pro - . prietor and inventor of tnis eraca repre sentation, will present UU AlONOAY, JVNE 2?. And every evening this week, bis brilliant repre sentation. io commence wim A variety of Dances and Alletotical Metamor phoses, accompanied with different comic scene ry, ana vie extraordinary power ci iiariequio. Amon; the metamorihuses will be particularly distinguished the table changed into a Flying Harlequin will transform himself five different times, in pretence of the attendants He will have his head cutoff and replaced three separate tiiiu - s. Thevariou 'changes and metamorphoses will, no doubt, equal the most sanguine expectations. For the firit time, the superb view of St. Hele na, taken on the aide of the city of St. James. The principul edifices w ill be seen, such as the church, the governor's palace, the caserne, the niaraet ana the lort w hich commands the city, ou the point of A rock. Six batteries. Croisine each other every way, and defending the anchoring place. The Peak of. Diana, from which they ignal vessels at sea, will l. - e seen in the horizon, at the distance of about 90 miles. Also. Na poleon Bonaparte, Mr. and Mrs. Berwand, and several Enghnu Officers and Soldiers, will be distinguished, walking under the shade ol tbe tress that border the city of St. James. vessels ot all mei will bo teen tailing: and sa luting each other, at Uiey pass, and will be an swered ov the lorla. A most nirrecahle illusion. Mr. Matlcy Lopes that his representation will meet with the anbrobation of the oublic. at he will join to tbif the most interesting objects his wemre anorui. He will perform every day this week. Sun day excepted, at hull past U o'clock in the eve - lain?, in tbe Grand Saloon of Washington Hall. Persons who wish to procure tickets will please apply at Wksbington - llall. First places 1 dollar ; second j luces 50 cents children 25 cents. Je 2'2 lw B J)OARD. A gent. d private lanuiy, residing M3 in a ih - liglitlul situation, aluiut 15 minutes w;dk from the Tontine Coflec - houre, wish loac coinmodale one gentleman with I - omJ. The most lalulartory relet encca will be giveo aud re quired. Apply at the otlice of tins paper. JoC2lw i'O MASONS. MKOrOSALS will be received ut No. 155 A Washington street, for building a house, a greeably with a plan there left, loi u tavern, nn the comer ol the Howling Urcen and State - street. Je IB (i EX PEEL Jl OAR l)L G. ASMAI.Lfamily, or two or three single gentlemen, may now be accommodated A'ith board and pleasant moms, on reasonable terms, by applying at 49 Dcy - street. TUUiLi I OLLME OF CUJTTY'S L' LEAD - IS G. SUPPLEMENT to a treatise on pleading; containing a copious collection of practical precedents of pleading and proceedings in per sonal, real and mixed actions, by l.Cbitty, I' - q of the Middle Temple, barrister at law With .American Precedents, never before published. i tl, blh and yth volt, (ranch's rleports. , Wheatou's Kcpr.rU, 2 vols. Ju. - t received and for sale by DAVID BANKS, Corner of Nassau and spruce - streets. June 22 FOH SALE, A farm on the Hudson, about a mile from Newburzh. containine 133 acres, 33 ol which are Woodland, the rest is divided by good fence into a due Proportion of meadow, ata'ole ami tiiktotc iitDn. i ne Diiiiiune esmrsts , thu house convenient busman faiuily s s sil - trtlon is epiu.lied in beauty by tew on tbe river ; the advantages, from the vicinity of a flourish ing village, of public worship, tociety and good market, with the facility of communication with New York, render it a desirable, residence lor a gentleman. 4000 dollars of tbe purchase money may remain on mortgage ; tho payment oi tne rest will ne made easy to the pun - baser. APPiyon ine premises, io Je 23 tf I. VERPLANCK. CLASSICAL &EMLVAKY, 112 Grceuwicli - tl. , I R. GRAHAM purposes to admit 4 board - 1 v I ers into hit seminary, for whom suitable accommodations have been provided. Young gentlemen of from 9 to 12 years of age would be preferred. These will enjoy the benefit of a complete classical education, accompanied at proi er intervals witti instructions in Arithmetic, i Algebra, English Grammar, Geography, Hutory, Elocution and Composition. The English ttu - dirt are to judiciously interwoven with the classical, as to occasion a more rapid and thorough acquaintance with the classical authors. They also prove a relief from the drudgery of constant Latiu and Greek Recitation. This method has the further advantage of shaping Ihe child's edu cation to meet the parent's wishes, thould lie (as is not uncommon) direct his attention from (tic college to the couating house. An experience of three years has confirmed Mr. G. in Ihe utility of this plan ;and he has it in his power to shew that it has not been lest satisfactory to other than himself. Je 25 fit A WET NURSE. A vounz woman with a enod breast of Milk, A wishes a situation as Wet Nurse, in a respectable family. She can give the mmt satis factory reiercnces as to elismcter and ability. - Enquire at 483 Greenwich - street. Je24 lw A CHI I. Da .NURSE. T,t7"ANTS a situation in a gentleman family V V a respectable middle aged woman, who understand! honse - kecping, or the management of children. She can give the most satisfactory references. A line directed to Z and left at this office will be promptly attended to. J24 4C A SITUATION WANTED. PERSON whohas been engaged in business. ZTV withes employment in some counting house is well acquainted with .book - keeping by dou ble entry, according to Brunei's plan ; can give respectable relerences. A line addressed io , T. V. and left at this office, will be attended to. June 24 lw A GARDENER. THE Subscriber having been regularly bred to the business of a Gardener in England and having attended to the first Gardens ia the vicinity ol boston, for ten year past, oiler hi servira in that line to any person who may hare occasion for a gnrdener, and for recommendation as to skill or industry he begs leave to refer to Mr. Wm. Prince at Flushing Long Island, and to the recommendation in vrrtiing he has with bins from Ihomns U. Perkins. bq. or boiton. line directed for him and left at No. 43 Catharine - street, will meet with immediate attention. Je25 3t JOHN HIVING XAUtlLLs ILiLL. rrVIEiubscriber has opened an HOTEL on JL Stateo M:ud, opposite the city of York, near tbsviandiiig place of the steam boat Nautilus. ' The site affords a fine prospect of the city, nrenn. bar. and tnrrouedin shore the air and mm, breezes are refreshing, and the accommoda tions good. Refreshments of very kind and of the choicest description will be supplied to par - tie?, traveller? and boarders, on tbe ahorlest notice and on moderate terms. . Carriages nd lion, with careful driver. are prepared for those who any w. - h private conveyance r to make excursions oo the l - land, wnicD luniisnca a ntneij w uusi siis rue newt. A nine - pin auey on lae margin m uae bay bas been erected, and every convenience prepared for those who may visit the hi and lor health, pleasure, or business. - . The subscriber hopes, by assiduous attention to merit and receive a liberal portion of tlic pub lic patronage. T. HAZARD, June. Sfaten Island, June 24. 1818. fw LOUISIANA COTTON - 2.1 ft.' - a by LEKOy.EAYARD for itt st CO. Jew .r PUBLIC SALES - BY SATAMEL O. l.VGRAIIAM. Saturday, the 27th lost. - . At 10 o'clock at the Auction Room.' a quanti ty of household furniture, consisting ol bureaus, thftirs, utiles, .c. &c. Uc. y orUer 04' the SheiitT. BY M.'lJfTMIS. lo - morxow.' At nine o'clock, al Ihe store No. 2C3 Pearl st. a general assortment ot Dutcli, Englishes French Dry gooGt, ai4 monuis creait. tucscay. At XI o'clock, in front ni the Tontine Coffee House, 4 pipe and 6 quarter casks madeira wine; also, London porter, and a quantity ol superior iefra cider. MRULE FOH BL1LU1SO, te. THE prfprieiorsof the southern marble qua riea. iicar Kinir's - Bridtre, give notice, that they have on hand, aud are receiving, at the KingU - BrMe Mirlilt and Limfi'arrl, foot of Beach - street, on the Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble lor building, of tbe following de scriptions, viz Ashlar Coping Foundation Stone Chiuiney - Piecea Facings Columns Watertable Steps Platform Sills, Lintels Arches Alio Lime of the best quality. fT7a A constant supply of the above materials may be calculated upon ; aud those desirous f purchasing, or nukiug engagements, will apply to . EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At the Yard. Xottit l L'tly Mtasurtri, fee. fee. ft7" In pursuance of a resolutiou of tbe Com nu n Council of tbe.l5tb iu'net, all nersona holding the appoiutnient A City W eigher, Meas urer of Grain, iVc.Guagrror I ntpec tor of Lumber, ate directed to report their names and pin. ces of, and occaptilions (il uny dijUbct from 11 ib duties of said office.) ti ir C lerk cf the Common Council, ut his otline. No. 7 City - Hall, on or before the 15th day of July real ; and every pcrsou holding cither of sriid appointments, who ahull fail to make sin h report by the timealiove tptcitied, tbaii be deemed to bavo resigned his commission, and shall therefrom cease to execute .the duties thereof. By the Common ouni il. J . MORTON. Jc22tJyl5 .NOTiCE. fj" This it to forbid all person trailing tho crew of the Portuguese brig Sophia, Lopes master, ui no debts oltliejr contracting will be paid by th captain or consignee. Je 24 (JOMMEXCEMEX - F AT JJAliTMOUTlt COLLEGE. ( In behalf of the Executive OlTicer of Dartmouth College, and put - suarrt to authority derived from the Trustees, I liereby'give notice, that, in order to avoid all collision respecting thepluce for the public exercises, the annual commencement will this year beholden on the third Wednesday of August next, being the nineteenth day, instead of the fourth Wed. nesday. as heretofore established. Candidate for the second Degree, and for the Uegiee of Doctor in Medicine, as also applicants for udtnibsion into College, and all o - thei - s concerned, will take notice hereof and govern themsehes accordingly. FRANCIS IIKOWN, President Dartmouth College, June 20th, 1818. The editors of public Journals will con fer a favour on the College and the public by inserting this notice. je 25 at . r ill" .Humbert ot Uie l'liilo - Ltxian Society of Columbia '"ollege, are informed that the lasL meUnc "r the tetsioo, wilt De held 00 Friday neat, at 41 o'clock in the evening, in Jtfr. M'Vickiir's lecture room, when a valedictory ration will be delivered by a member. Punctual attendance is requested. By order of the president. Jg.i 2t YV. S.JOMNSO.V, iccVy. STOiiE T u LET JS BUO.iDIV.ik. LIAS VALENTINE intending to relinquish the bookselling business, offers to lei the store 104 Broadway : il i a first rate stand for a retail store. EL1AS VALENTINE bavin's? taken his bro ther SAMUEL into partnership, the COPPER PLATE PRINTING butiaess will ia fulorc be conducted under the lirm of Elias ti Samuel Valentine. Office 34 Spruce - street. ELIAS VALENTINE, . SAMUEL VALENTINE. Orders from any part of the uiaon. executed with steadies and despatch, and on the moit reasonable terms. Je 16 r. ziALT WATER BATH'S. JL II F. New - YorkSalt Water Floating1 Rath, it now open at the foot of rtarclay - etreet, (North - River,) for the accommodation of Ladies, and Gentlemen. ALSO. The Marine Swimming Bath it now open at Arden's wharf, nnwr tbe Battery, for the accom - mod' - dinn ol Gentlemen only. CO FOR SALE. One large Vat or Cistern and a pair of patent chain Porupt, apply at the Bath, or at 315 Broadway. Je 22 XXHIIIITI03 OF THS VIMB A1t, COLUMBIAN PICTURE GALLERY. So. 146 F ultoH'tlrrrl, near Broadway. THE proprietor t.f this valuable and extensive collection of pictures, embrace the opportunity of informing connoisseur and amateur of the fine arts, and the enlightened public of New - York, that the gallery will in future be open from 8 in tbe morning till half past 10 at night, from 8 in the evening lo half past 10, the gallery it brilliantly lighted up, and the admission ouly 25 cent. . These picture have been collected, at the expense of 2500 dollars, and are allewed, by the' best judges, t be the finest tpecimrns of the art ever exhibited iu tbe United States, being genu, selected with peculiar care, from the va rious cabinet in Rome, Napier, Florence, Am sterdam, Paris and London, and the works of tbe most approved painters, both ol the ancient and modem schools, aud are undoubtedly originals. Artiits, ladies or gentlemen, will be anlitlcd to study, orcepy any of the pictures by becoming subscribers. - Ladies or gentlemen, who have subscribed one dollar, on paring another, will be considered tubscrihArt for the season. , fry Admittaoc , for the dy and evening, 60 cents ; for a ninoth, $1 1 for the season, $2 cv - talnguts Included. - s TO BE LET, At a very low rent, from tbe present time bll the 1st of May next, the STORE, 61 Fulton - lire, with a back ROOM, aad large CELLAR below. J.24 lnv TO LET. . . , tt . . T . . .... a ernicei noose io um. uiuaiea in a pleasant and healthy situation enquire at No. iO Harrison - street, between Hudson and Green - ich - sireets. Kent $ 400. " . Je25ti - MEDICAL SCIENCE LOTTERY NO.S. WILL commence drawing in tbi city, the 6rt Tuesdav in Auzast next. 500) uuiuucmo oe arawaeacb dy. SCHEME, 1 prize of lOO,00tL 1 do 20.000, 1 do 6.000. - e - - - 1 . ISA 1HI l ti 2 do - 2,0ctL - '' 45 - do 1.000. 5 'do. kOOw.i" Aad S3fii) of V nnPars. !.'.'' '.' - Tickeb aisd Kh. m vsriatv Virr. - for tale at the Book Store and JLUciy p of Ne. ti Pf k - lip, comer of Water afreet. - ' Price m Ticket aad tharee, - WTvJe $X. $?'n Halre Eighth 3 25. Sixtc.atU16i JeiJ

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