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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, June 26, 1818
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, Ftom tin London Lilerarf fwrMM. '. ? BEf PO - A VitaiTiAs Sioai. - Tali lively and satirical poem has been widely N sSrculated, ul is wU calculated to mat vacant; half boar. Th saW ta briefly fol - " low: ' " Beppo, or Gulsrppe, Venetian trader, to Wpwricksd M lb coast of Turkey; become. trfcAnrseashtv. and uodersoes the usual treat - sent 01 wiruuma warn, ni scugui, thii mode of life, he loins a pirate, accumulates wealth, sad return to Venice to spend the re snaiadetf hit days fat peace nd die in the bo - toa of the church. Such is th story of Beppo himself. During hii absence aa underplot m . . . 1 ramed Mbltll wue. woo tirea 01 MT1DK lonely solitude hat recoone to the tolaco usual wtthdsotetladiY, 8h associate herself wh aa Italian count, a fkuslied coxcomb; with whom the goes to every ball, feat, ami amuse - meat m her power. , - Among other placet of amusement which they ' rMnMMt ih. nmivu tm IM iivaiv a Ken 10 w passed o lilence by the poet ; he hat according portrayed ir, wnn m oca uveiinew sou u; - The moment night with dusky mantle coven The skies (and more duskily the better) 1 " Tbe time less liked by lover than by other, Begins, and prudery flings aside her tetter j . Giggling with all the gallants who beset hef ; And there are oa and quaver, rearing, humming, r ' Guitars and every tort strumming. ' And there are dreeseo tpteadid, but fantastical, Maks of all time and nations, Turu ana - Jews, And Harlequins and Clowns, with feats gym - nasttcal, , . . Greeks, Romans, Yankee Doodles and Hindoos, All kinds or dress etcept tbe ecclesiastical, All people as their fancies hit may choose ; Bat ne one in those parts may quia the clergy, ' Therefore take heed,? frthiutaers,l charge ye. You'd better walk abont begirt with briers, Mrtead of coat and small clothes,' than put on A tingle stitch reflecting upon friars, . Although you swore it only was in fun, They'd haul you o'er the coals and stir the fires Of t'hkgethon, with every mother's son ; Nor ray one mass to cool tbe cauldron's babble That boilM your bone, unless you paid them double." . ; The return of Beppo doe not make any material alteration in their arreogemenlf, and the tale terminates auipirioasly. . We were much amused with the following fprightly contrast Between Italy and England t For all those sinful doings I must tay, That Italy's a pleasant place to me ' Who loved to see the sunshine every day. And vines (not nailed to walls) frem, tree to uvr, Festooa'd, much like the back - scenes of a play, Or melodrama wnicn people nocic to tee, When the first act it ended by a dance, In vineyards copied from the'touth of Fraace 1 like on autumn evenings to ride out - Without bains - (bread to bid mv rroom be sure Ny cloak it round bit middle strapp'd about, because the skies are not the most secure ; I know too, that if stopped upon my route, Where the green alleys wiodingly allure. Reeling with grape red wagons cftoak the way, In Log land 'twould be a dung, (lust or a dray, 1 also like to dine on betqfitai. To see the tun set, sure he'll rise to - morrow, Hot throuoh a mistv moraine, twinklinr weak as ' A drunken man's dead eye, in mdudlrogsorrow, But wilb all heaven t'himself: thtt day will creak as .. - . - Beauteous, at clpjdless, nor be forced to bor . row ' That sort of farthing candle light which glim mers Where reeking London's smoky cauldron sua tners. I love the language, that soft, bastard Latin, Which melts like kisses from a female month And sounds as if it should be writ on satin, . WUh syllables that breathe ol the sweet South, And gentle liquids gliding all so pat m ' That not a single accent terms uncouth, Like our harsh northern whittling, grunting guttural, Which we're obliged to bis, and spit, and spwt - ' terafl. ' The folio wing paetige migVt have bren a wcU written at Bath or Cliiion a at Venice : " 3ow Laura move along he joyaas eroni. Smiles in her eyes and ssaipen an horitps; To some the whispers, other i speaks alcal - To tome she coaruics, uii to some the dips tompuunsoi warmin,ana rut coapuisi irow'd, tier lover brings the let made, she rips j She then surveys, condema i, not pities still Her dearest friend for beindrest so ill. H One has false curls, another too much paint, A third where did she boy that frightful turban? . A fourth i se pale the lean she's going to faint, A fifth looks vulgar, dowdyish, and suburban, A sixth's white silk has rot a vtllow taint. A seventh's thin muslin tardy will be her bane. And lo 1 an tightb appears " I'll tee no more S" tor tear, litre uanquo's king, they reach a score The moraiog now was on the point of break - "ft ; A turn of time at which I would advise Ladies who have been dancing, or partaking In any other kind of exercise To make their preparation for forsaking Tbe ball room ere tha sun begin to rise, Because when once the lamp and candle fail, Hit blushes make them look a little pale. I've seen some ball and revels in my time, And staid them over for some silly reason, And then I look'd, (I hope it was no crime) To see what lady best stood out tbe season ; And though I've teen some thousands in tbair prima, Lovely and pleasing, and who still may please on, I never taw but one, (the stars withdrawn) Whose bloom, could after dancing dare tbe dawn." ' Frtm lit Baltimore Ftdernl Rrputlkan. Tbe following little eong, in French, was pub lished lately in tbe Tort Folio, and b (I under stand) from the pen of lady of Philadelphia. 1 A translatujo has been requested by the editor of the Fort f olio, and I have attempted one below, which, if he pleases, he can copy from your paper. LA SEltTlNELLE. L'Astre de auit dan son paisible eclat Lanca ses leux snr les teste de France, ' Kon loin da camp, nnjeune et bean soldst Aintt chantott, appuye tor sa lance AUez, valet, xephyrsjoyeux, Forte me vgeux vers ma patrie, Dites que je veUle en cs lieui, sua j veille en ces Ucua i'oor l gloire, et pour moo ami.' L'Astr do Joar r'auime te combat, remain U taut signaler saa vadlance ; Dam ta Vktoire on trsure le trepat, Mais si j meures, a cote de ma Line, Volea encore, xephyrs joyeui, forte ma voeut vers ma patrie, Pilei que je incurs dans ces Iteux, Que Je meurs dans ce lieu Four la gloire, . pour moo amie. mrrtTcn. The alar of o'irhL ui ber soft. Deacaful Had thrown her bright btasns e'er the war rsone trance, v. a young blooming soldier, near the camp' ttoenr motCer. Thus gUefully sung, as be Iean'd on hit lane Go, haste, happy PnJM w hills, streams , and touotausts, . . - Waft my tows to my country, as onward ye " ' move i .. Oh tell that I watch midst the glooms of these ' nrountnint, ... " Tell that I watch midst the gloom of these "' mountaina, . " Forawmrrior't glory, and fcr her that . V.;" .;. - The atar af dav. soon rekindles the battle ; To - morrow will tost what I'll venture for France t The last time perhaps, I thall hear war's dread rattle - Bat if f should die by the tide of my lance, Tben, haste, happy sephyrs, over hills, ttreams i and fountains, - 'Waft mv vows to my coantrr, as onward ve move i Oh tell that I died midst the gloom of these mountaina. Xell that I died midst the glooms of these mountain?. For a warrior' glory, and for her that - love I JfEW - YORK EKEJWfQ POST. FRIDAY, JUKE 26. Libel mm. 'On Wednesday came oo for trial before Mr. Jostle Spencer, the cause' of Trum bull vs. Gibbon, for a libel i damages hud at $ 100,000. This cause baa long excited an un common share of public interest; and the trial was numerously attended. The plaintiff was (he son in - law of the defendant, having, a few year since, married his only daughter, who it now dead j having brought him two children. At the cause it to be formally reported, we shall not attempt to eive a detail that may anticipate the labors of the reporter.' The libel was contained in a printed pamphlet, and consisted of several calumnies, as we are told, for we have not read it, nor heard it read en the trial, against the plaintiff and against bis wife, the defendant' own daughter, charging her with criminal intercourse, both before and after ber marriage, but which be neither attempt ed to prove on the trial, to palliate nor deny, but rested the defence on tbe mere fact of the non - publication of the pamphlet. It was proved that 50 copies were printed, and 5, at least, put into the hands of different persons. The case, then presented, in the language of the judge, an in stance of the most atrocious libel ever beard of in our courts, accompanied with grateness and impiety. The defendant's circumstances were shown to be those of over - grown wealth ; that hit yearly income probably 70,000 dollars. Many expected that the damages would be near ly this sum ; but, although there were some very respectable and high - miuded men on the jury, who would have given a verdict that strongly marked their detestation of the libeller, it seems, there were some of a very different complexion. There was, it is said, a compromise between the highest turn mentioned, $60,000, and the lowest proposed, 50, and eventually the verdict was rendered for f 15,000,; which, although the largest in this country, is far beneath public expectation, and on that will not sensibly be felt by tha defendant. . . Much talent waj shewn on.bota siJe. ' , Counsel for plaintiff, Ogden and Hoffman ; for defendant, Emmet and Griffin. Mr. KingU Speeth en th ffarigalion Act Observing it proposed in one of the Doeton pa - pen to reprint this speech in a pamphlet, we lose no time ta giving th information that such a edition is now working off by Kirk St Jtfer - erut, and will be ready for delivery tomorrow. We should regret to see any other copy of thin .National speech, in a permanent form, than that taken from this pamphlet. Beppo This is the last of Lord Byron's pro ductions, bat though the last, it is certainly one of the most pleasing that ever fell from his pen. The verse is more smooth than the usual style of bis lata poetry ; and although he ma) hay hit readers who prefer metre that depart aa much as possible from rhythm, we must be excused if we ar so unfashionable as to prefer the melody of liquid lines to the harsh unmeasured feet ol ragged prose. An American edition of this little jeu d'espnt has just issued from the press of Messr. Goodrich & Co. Aanuemenii of ffeie - York. Wc understand that the celebrated hog, which lately arrived from tuTope, weighing fifteen hmuL td poundi, will commence In performance on Saturday soon, by rolling in tbe gutter opposite the City Hall ; after which he will dance the newest fandango on the tight rope, with other astonishing feats of strength and activity, as will be announced in tlte bills of tbe day. K. B. Th honorable corporation, we learn, will honour the occasion with their pre st nee. 7He The female seal which was caught at Amboyaud brought to this city for a show, has been removed to the menagerie in Warren street. From the description riven of it a few days since in the Xew - York Gazette, and certainly put together with some ingenuity," w should luppote th eight of it would be quite an object for the curious. Wor in India From a file of Calcutta paper which we received by the Braganza, it would seem that the war between the Piudarees, in the East Indies, and the British troops, is carried cn with great spirit. Tbe following account of ao obstinate battle, in which 400 of the Pindar ee were slain, is copied from the Calcutta Government Gatelte of February 2G. Our letters from Jawud of the 3d instant, have furnished ns with a particular account of tbe ope ration ai mat place. Jeswunt run bbow, anotucerof some rink to 3cindiah's court, and the head man of the town of Jawud, bad loog been a resident in that part ol aciodtab's temlui - ie, aau consequently had many opportunities of meeting with, and knowing the cniets of toe finJaree. About the OT.h of last muotn, it came to tlte knowledge of gen. Brown, uaiJeswunlKao bad been astMtinr the 1'mda - rces, and waine was even tbcnhai bonn; some of their chief. As this conduct was direct v at va riance wiOi the treaty lately concluded with Scin - unn, id wmcn, m course, Jeswunt Kao was included as a subject o ScpkEhI.'s the gen . marrb - aoajawnd. When he arrived there, the mil t - ry commiKinier, captain CaulfitM, demanded fi n the Eh - .w, tbe Pindaree cb.efs concealed in the loaa, aa J after a delay of a day or twtv, three i.naarecs,wuna te horse restfit out. Eat not utisllad with this, cspt Canleli Ikreatened to leave th Bbow court, nolaas every Pindar was delivered up i Xod as tins pad wnikct, c!4 - Caalfield repair in gen,' Brown's omp. th morning of the 2SAh,a paiWgea - brown's fore, which hid been, detached, rfmed, IJie camp J and tlte division was uses complnnf . The troop of Je wont lUe occupied the town, which is walled, and two camps; 1b en withia 600 yard. th wfcJlst, contnmad pttP 1000 horse sml foot, eommandaslJr an adopt! son ei Jeswunt Rao's, named Dbow Stor. a feerson noto riously devoted to th Pmdaree. ( The other camp was situated 'among ravines If. - W. - cf (he town, and distant from it about a mile. . In it were 8 rant, 2 battalions of lufantrv and same hers On the S9tb tbe detachment above alladeil to had Joined th general! bead - qitftrtert, scarcely an nour, wrjea it was observed that the patiy command sd by Bhow fihf, wer moving from their camp towards th toiea add as it Was aa object of tome consequence1 to tecor jjlhow ing, a squadron of the 3d elry was ordered out to endeavor to intercept hi party, lihow blag's force seeing tje intention of the squadron, teured towards tbe gate - way, covered by 4 gtins witch were within 100 yards ofthtgal. These guns being opened oo the squadron, the whole diviuoa immediately got under arms, and moved town towards tbe town ; 2 gun of the bone artillery toon arrived to the aid of the quadrou; afew rounds were fired, with such effect that the enemy abandoned their rats, and took refuge in the town. The gout were taken possession of - uen. Brown now resolved to attempt to now open the gate - nay, and while preparatiuQtjrere making, Jeswunt Rao requested halfanorur's cessation, which was granted ; the half bo had scarcely cxpirou. when an hour lonirer w de manded tbia, of course, wav refused. Iiut Malhnon was ordered down to th gate witja It noender, supported by a storming party T 300 uieu ol me 1st battalion 1st regiment undorcapt. bugitneart, while the works which commtndod the gateway, were enfiladed by the boraoartd lery, 0 pouulers, and some sharp shooters. Two rounds were lirsd aarainst the arate. without n ucn tfltcl, but tne M roitud blew it siimcieutlopen to admit ol th entrance of two men abrctbt. fh Sepoys rushed in, and tlte enemy fled from the gateway and were pursued th rough thetreet. la a short time the town was our. lheseinai advantages wer gained with very little L, a buropean and 8 or 3 Aepors ware killed. - laout. Pattou, commanding the )rtmedajry corps, who conducted himself with great gallantry, was severe If wounded in the hand, and a few Sepoys and Pioneer were also wounded. Th Sepoys evinced much cooluess and determination Tb 'advantages were followed up by the 3d regiment of cavalry under capL IJedges, which cut up numbers of the enemy flying from tbe town. While these operations wer going on, tb enemy' camp N. W. of the town, was not neglected. Two squadrons f the 4th cavalry under captain Ridge, and 3U0 Korullaht nnder lieut. Turner, were directed to keep that camp in view. A soon aa tin ustaenmeot was on - served by the euemy, they opened thir gun on it, but the fire, though well directed, was very distant. This N. W. camp of th Boost's was very strongly situated, and almost entirely sur rounded by ravines, generally Impassable for ca valry. Captain ludge, therclore, resolved to reconnoitre ; this was very ably performed by lieut. Prankliu, assistant quarter master general, who accompanied tbe detachment. Alter much search, under a constant fire from, the enemy's guns, which, however, did no mischief, a place was discovered, at which the cavalry might cross over the ravine, though the passage admitted of only two horses abreast. Capt. KiUgedotermined to attempt this passage. Under the cover of a rising ground, on the opposite side of th ravine, which luckily the enemy bad omitted to occupy. the cavalry gradually formed for th charge ; the enemy' guns played. continually, but unsuc cessfully, though within 100 yard, for their shot struck the rising ground before our tnos had bounded over lliem. In a minutes, all wa rea dy, the cavalry moved forward ; on Hi crest of tlte rising ground, tbey received the last volley, the charge was ordered, and in 2 minutes, they had possession of all th guns and camp of th enemy, whnee golundas, as usoal, behaved with the utmost steadiness, anJ were cut down at their guns, oilier who wer beaten from the guns, fled to the ravines, and still kept up a fire with match locks. Few, however, could escape, 3 or 400 were destroyed, and tit prisoners were oumr rous. Oar lo was small, about 20 casualties, The tquadiou of the 4th cavalry and the 300 R Chilians behaved with their accustomed steadi ness. Ther is a report, that the Pindaree chief, Chectuo, was attacked by a battaliou of infantry, near Ilindiah, on the Nerbuddab, anl that he had lost all (tit baggage, but not many men. 1 ne battalion came on Chetoo camp at night. From the PkilailelpKa tmrican Centinel, ofl June 25. Wc yesterday mentioned the case of a hack ney coachman, who, by leaving but horse ami carriage unattended, whilst he went to tret a drink, in all probability caused the death of a child. We have to - day to record an instance ot the fatal effects that too frequently result from the negligence and rapidity with which drays' and carts are driven through our street. A child of the name of Wilkinson, on Tuesday last, had its thigh broken, hi Watrr - ctreet, by a drayman, whose name we do not recollect lie was brought up before the mayor, and sentenced tr thirty days imprisonment. The disastrous effects of the practice alluded to, occur so frequently, as to call loudly upon the praper authority lor a remedy. From the JTete - Brunsicirk Time. June 53 That our readors at a distance mar not sop - pose we are indiflereut spectators of a system at which humanity shudders, we mean the illicit trade in negroes, we state: that the grand jnry for Middlesex county, at its late sitting, found Mils ol indictment against number supposed to be guilty of mat conduct. Tbey will of course! if guilty, have to answer for tbe violation of the laws, which we nope will be inflicted upon of lenders in the most exemplary manner. Under these circuoi stances we hav thought it proper to abstain from publishing any thin en the sub ject, lest the character of the unoffending and in nocent mignt suner what was ouly intended for me guiuy. rVom tlte Aefiono InteBigtneer if June S4. The foundations of both the additional budd ings for public offices, authorized by an act ol the lust session of congress have been comnienced,and will ne rapidly prwecuted. These buildings are to be of the same size as the two present edifices, nod to stand parallel to them, distant forty or fifty yards : the new buddings being north of th others. Thete building will add greatly to th acrotnmoalation of tba public officers, and of those who have business with them. The foundation of the centre bull dirts of th eiipilol is begun, aim in conformity to the law of fast session ; stnd great activity is veen in th workshops wber Uur columns of Pntemac marble ar hnsfhiog for the interior of the renreswo - tatire chamber. We hope to see the capital completed within and without, cmhelliihments of all kinds included, in a tun shorter than, oo til tli Lit session of congress, we had ever dared la calculate cn. Freia the Baltimore Federal Gazette. June 23. Esnce the publication of tlte article in the Gazette yestcreay, under the head Pemacola, we have ascertained, that the report of the ar rival at tbe City of Washing - ton of n express with despatches from the commandant at Pen - acola to the Spanish Embassy is incorrect. So late as Saturdsy last, the day o which the article wa publish t sn the Democratic Press, no such express had a. - rirei at Washingtoo. The Spanish Minuter is now at Bristol on th Delaware, twenty miles above Philadelphia. : " s From the Botton Centintl, June 84. - Shocking A'een. - f - Yesterday at one o'clock, P. M. a quantity of gunpowder, upwsed to exceed 100 cwt. exploded in a shed of Mr. Thomas Holt, at tbe west end of Cross street. Two lads, nn ahoat 8 vears old. a son of Mr. John Holt, brother ot th above, the olhtr about 10, son of Mr. Walter Jackson, coopr, playing in me vara, (ell victims to the explosion,; the former being killed outrixbL and the. latter surviving his wounds, in rreat nronv. onlv about an hour. A lady, Mrs. Jules, passing the street at the time, was knocked down, covered with the fragment of the (tied, much (tunned, and injnreri but we were happy ta bear last evening, that she has line recovered, and is out of danger. Pro ((fontiiiiiv na other rjerson was hurt, tliocsh ma ny were in extreme peril. Two small children playing at the sill of a door, escaprd unhurt, though the door or the houtewere burst, open, and tlte window and many articles in the house destroyed. The houses of Messrs. Holts, a house belonging to Mr. Burgess, and a large brick store and stable, improved by Mr. tiatru, give melancholy proof of the force and extent of the explosion. The shed was wholly destroyed, and almost all the windows and part of the furniture in the bouses were torn in pieces. Th youngest of the unfortunate youths was blown nearly twenty fectfrom the place of explosion ; and pieces of bis flefh fouud on the wall of the bouse several feet irom uie grounu. The bodies wer deposited in one of the adjoin - Ids' houses, and though presenting a shocking spectacle, war viewed by inousauus oi ryuia - thizing citizens, seldom nat an evem oi kind occurred, which ha excited more public sensibility and indignation t but we abstain at present from giving publicity to them. Tbe youth, Jackson, we learn, just before he expired, mentioned, that he and hi play fellows were diverting themselves with firing a small gun, near where the run Dowder was concealed. W know of nothing more painfully calculated to impress on the dealers in gunpowder the impor tance of caution, and a strict observance o the laws to, prevent similar calamitous events. Since writing the above, we nave been lokwm - ed, that the powder was taken hum on board a vessel from New - York yesterday forenoon, and was intended to be tent to the magazine in the afternoon. Stammtlert. We have received from capt. Haggens, at Lubec, his certificate of his having seen three sea snakes, or tea moosters, off Mon - began, a mentioned a few days since, with a Ira wing he made of one of them. We shall have the drawing engraved, and present both in the next Ceotinel. W have been informed by a gentleman from Barnstable, C. C. that two vessel hav been fitted at that place, and cleared at. the custom - bouse, to sail immediately in pursuit or the sea - serpent, with the intention of capturing, if pos sible, this tamed enemy of small fish. From the WaihineHn City Gazette, June 23, Mr. Thomas W. Story, of New - York, has lately obtained letters patent from the United States for a machine of his invention, compos ed of natural and mechanical powers, by which he proposes to supercede the Steam Engine. 1 bis machine explodes the proposition that an increase of power is a loss of time. From the Aurora, of June 2j. Steam Boat. The progress of this national discovery, on the western waters, is beyond any thing that could have been conceived nrob&ble ten year ago. Mr. K. Young of Louisv ilk, Kentucky, ba been in this city a few weeks engaging workmen for a treat undertaking of kind and ba entered into contract with Mr. Carter Vendusen of this city, who with the necessary workmen nmonnting to above forty experienced hands, have already set off for Louisville. They bave undertaken to build a steamboat which is to carry between 650 and 700 ton raer chandise, and aflord the usual accommodations of steamboats, on th mo - t complete scale for passengers. Iter keel is to be more than 170 feet ; and she is to be afloat in December next, though at this moment there is not a tree of the timber felled in tbe forest, nor a bolt forged for her works : the eneine alone will cost SO.0O0 dol lart. Mr. Young has some oilier gentlemen, part or whom are in New - Orleans and outers u Lou isville. concerned with him. Louisville, Kentucky, from its paction At the Toot ot the rails or tHuo, and the public spirited improvements goinson there, promises to become the greatest iuiponua between Pittsburg and Orleans. The people interested in the proiperi - ty of Louisville, we snderstand, have considered itas serviog their interests substantially, to see that the charges nt the places of public entertainment shall not be excessive, and that the treatment ofxlrangers shall be generous and good. The pefple of every new settlement, and every old settlement, too, would find a similar course boUi advantageous and pleasant. EOSTON, June 24. From Spain, Br the arrival at quarantine yesterday of brig Hunter, 44 day from Malaga, we learn that tbe American teamen is prison at Malaga had had their trial, but the J Bilge had not passed sentence. It was supposed they would not be hung, but be ent for a ft w years to the Spanish possessions on tbe coast of Barbary. No fctoof had been produced or their having sailed from New - York in th brig Thomas. They were treated by tlte Consul as distressed Anuyi - can seamen, and bad every tfiinz allowed litem necessary to their comfort, by orders from our government. Markets at Malara. Flour, f 9 ; white corn, I ; rice 7 : fish 3. An additional export duty of cts. per box on Raisins, was soon to take place. Anry tf the United Slatet.Tho live oak timber from Florida destined for the frames of the new line of battle ships, we are happy to hear, is daily arriving at the several naval depots. It is intimated in the newspapers that two 74s will be built at Philadelphia, one at Washington, one at Norfolk, one nt New - York, one at Boston and one at Porbmnuth.t In the conne of another year therefore the navy of the United States, will show a force, which will protect our trad and shipping from any foreign depredation, or which will be sufficient to punish those who may be inclined to violate our rights. Tha constant employment of our vessels by government upon foreign expeditions, will bave the most beneficial tendency, in educating young officers, and in employing a great number of seamen, without which tbe force of ships is merely nominal power. More probably a 74 and a frigate. t Several of these ships are much advanced in the building, at Norfolk, Washington, New - York, Ac. Additional Appointment, by the lion, the Council of Appointment. New - Yore William L. Morris, Commissioner to acknowledge dteds, lie. FROM OUR COnRESPOXDEJrr. Office of the Freeman's Journal, Philadelphia, June 25. Arrived, ship Georgia Packet, Hunce, 6 days from Charleston. In the Georgia Packet, came 27 cabin passengers, & several in the steerage. Sch Columbia, Bangs, 14 days from Saint Johns, (rorto Itico ) Left, 9th inst. sch Gus - tavns, Morgan, fur Boston in 10 days brig Mary & Acshea Ann, Smith, fur Philad. in do. At Ponce. June I, brigs Agenoria, Dennett, for Kennebunk in 14 days , Equator, for do in 15 I sch Enterprise, Bishop, Castine in 20. Ship Orestes, touched at Ponce, and proceeded for St Domingo. June 21, lt 35, Ion 72, spoke sch Britannia, Southwell, 2das hence, for ftaitau, N. P. Delow, brig Warwick, from N Orleans. ' Arrived at the Lazaretto, British ch Cum berlancL If day from Antigua. Brig Warren, Lagoa, of and from N Orleans, 24 days lor Bordeaux, put in leaky. . . , MARRIED, Last ertaiog, by . the Revd. Dr. Harpers, Mr. Samuel D. Morford to Mis EUi Da RU - mer, grand daughter of Mr Nicholas N. Anthony, all of this city. ' - , ' ' - '. . 1)1 KD, . In East Creenwich, (R. I.) on the j8th inst. the onlv son of Mr. Samuel Pears e, nesrly three years of age. His death was caused by a tmuU beau, which, two days previous, he pot into his mouth, to prevent its being taken from him, when In the act of laughing' it unfortu nately passed into the trachea or vtndpipe If is respiration became considerably obstruct ed, and paroxy sms of spasms and convulsions were produced, so violent as to threaten immediate death ; td these succeeded intervals, ia which he aDbenred to suffer no inconvenience Doctor EldrUlg attended, and proposed the operation of broikhotomy, or the opening of the wind - pine, ,and the extraction of the bean i to . i i ' . i i wnicn ii wa oujrcieu ; worn anuuirr gentleman was called in cdiuultation,' who not agreeing with the attending Surgeon res pectincr the expediency of the operation, it 'ai deferred. On the return of the parox ysms wilb increased violence. Doctor Mackie was requested to attend in consultation, who readily united with Doctor, Kldridge, in recommending the operation, as the only means which could possibly aflord any rvlief. The parents, although the child was then free from diiti - ess, were convinced that he might not survive another paroxysm, to which he was constantly exposed, and therefore, were induced to consent, though reluctantly, thai the operation should be performed ; but be - foe it had been commenced, some of their friends prevailed on them to have it postponed. About two hours after Doctors Eldridtre and Mackie had left the house, the bean passed into the upper part of the wind pipe, and produced a most violent paroxysm, in which tne child expired. . Doctor Eldridge was per mitted to opi - n the wine - pipe, in the lower part of which he found the bean it had probably fallen from tbe the upper, into the lower part of the wind - pipe, after the cessation of the spasm. The tatal termination of this case, it is hoped, will evince the necessity of an immediate operation, in a!I similar unfortunate and digressing circumstances. The operation is indeed formidable in appearance, but not necessarily dangerous, when skilfully performed. 1 KFKJfim POST MARIXE LIST. CLEARED. Shi p Ramdalolday, Rea, Calcutta ft. Lenox Brig EratoRobiuson, Jamaica Jno. Troup. New - Haven Grenada H. Cary At Co Norfolk Harmony, M'lntire, Malta, Hobbs, ', Schr Tell Tale, Churchward, Sloop Constitution, Laforge, Norfolk ARRIVED THIS fORF.XOQX. Brig Klizs, Grueky, liiisvs from St. Jago, (Cuba,) with sugar and molasses, to G G &t S (lowland, J D Murray & bon, W Wilson, and U. II. Uuff Left at St. Jago 6th June, briir Tri ton, Cleaves, of Salem for Copenhagen, in 4 days; trig Charles, Wibray of N. York, for N. Orleans, uncertain ; schr. fct. Helena, Taylor, sailed 1st June for Philadelphia. Schr. lame, Casey, 11 days from Elisabeth City, wilhlcmbcr. bchr. Joan Mary - Ann, Margalt, 10 days from Charleston, with rice. Schr Three Friend, llaviland. 3 davs from Winlon, N C. with naval stores and tare to Waring & Kiniberry. Sch I'hocbe 1 Eliza, Green, 4 days from Wil mingtou, N. C. with cotton, Hour Ai uicaragiia wood, to Titus ll Van Zaudt and to order. 12 passengers. Sch Rising States, Wvnanta, 96 hours from Norfolk, with dry goods, corn and tobacco, to Marx ti Ldiuley, and Boorman U Johnston 5 passengers Sloop Scourge, De Groot, 3 dsys from Phi ladclpliia, with merchandize, to 1 Grim, J A ft W B Procter, 11 W Field. G Allen. W Gal lagher, Smith k. Bailey, J Brown, Smith and Nichol, and to order. Sloop Little Sarah, Child, 8 days vom Wilmington, N C. with cotton, to J Codding - ton. Left at Smithvill, brig Abeona, Carpenter, of Providence, to sail for the West Indies next day. Sloop Jackson, Jewett, x days from Norfolk, in ballast, bound to Connecticut river. Sloop Llvira, lewu, 2 days from Brandywine, with corn meal to D Buckley. Sloop Activ, Uiglow, 7 days from Newbern, N. C. with navrd stores to flyer, Dreamer & Co The British schr Perseverance, from St. John, (N. B.) full ol paucnttri, has gone taAmboy. BELOW, Ship United States, of Charleston, 6 days from Wilmington, N C bound to Holland, leaky. Ship Alexndcr, 56 cLys fr6m Havre, to D. Sullivan Sloop Jane, from Alexandria. Sloop Eliza, from Philadelphia, 1 brig and I schooner unknown. AHRll KD IJ1ST XFEM.YG, Brig Henry, Dutch, 14 davs from Havana. with sugars, to G Dutch, Bailey fc Russell, and K Waiiswortli. Left, brig America, Anner, oi New York, discharging ; ship Union, Bowden. of do for Malaga, in J days ; brig Crisis, Norton, of do for Matanses ; sloop Flag of Truce, Smith, of do discharging ; brig Venus, Moran, of Providence, for New - York in 25 days ; brig Thomas, White, of Boston ; ship Augusta, Haraden, of Salem, to sail next day for Leghorn : brig Bet sey, Hopes, ofdo ; schr Roger - William, of do j ship Augusta, Oliver, of Philadelphia, loading for Marseilles : and brig James - Coulter, Hall, for Philadelphia in 3 days. June 21st, off Hat - teras,saw a vessel bottom upwards, but could not get near enough to leatp her name. Schr Richmond, Evsn, 13 days from Savannah, with cotton, drygonds, hardware, Ac. to Wiilcl Si Lawrence, and fott & M'Kinne. Psisengers, Mr.iMesbit and family, Messrs. An derson, and M'Gowen. achr Vulture. I Jean, b day from Kicnmono, with flour and tobacco, to Boorman & Johnston.. Strong b Havens, and C. Dubois. Four passen gers. senr name, woie, o a ays rrom xticnmona, with coal, to J & C Seguine, and Wm. Dodge k Sons. In'the river, passed schrs Express, Old - ridge, and Brilliant, Block, both from N. York, bound up. 5 passengers. Sloop Budget, Gillet, 6 days from Savannah, with cotton and pearl ashes, to Griswolds and Coates, Magee & Wright, H Thomas, Ketchum R Weed, Wm. James U Co and De Rham & D fesert. Lett, brig Amelia, Molt; schr Ad nana, Pendleton, and sloop Antelope, alt to sail next day; ship Globe, Duvall ; Wm. and Henry; brig Harmony, and schr Betsey, all to sail the 21st inst. lVsengers, Meurs. bkellarn, Martin, Henderson, WoodruU, fettles. Smith, Marsh. Joy. Tucker, Tanker, Jun. and Crane. Sailed in co. with brig Olynthus, for f hiladelphia. Sloop Polly k Sylvia, Weeks 6 days from Richmond, with flour, to . C. Woodhull. Walsh k Gallagher, 1 Irvin, and Boorman & Juhoston. 3 passenger. Sloop Good Intent, Ma Hi, 9 days from Charleston, with iron sod cotton, to F. Dupau. Jones U Megrath, A Jones, G. Wheatoo, and f urcen, oi rroviuence. b passengers. At Quarantine, British brig Kecorapence, Gaynes, 14 day i from Antigua, with motntser, to Tucker ti Laurie. Passengers, Messrs. John French, and John Reid. BOS TON, Juue 23 Arrived, brig Planter. Bly. 44 days from Malaga. Sailed May 10 : the sch Susannah, Gibbs, for ' York, was getting under way at tne rame time ; did not see her afterwards ; left no other American venel. Pass ed Gibraltar May 1 1, and raw coming out there brig Cai oline Augnsta, Wall of Boston, for Ha vana ; nnd bng Win, Ktlcy, for Norfolk, who informed that the Washington 74 would sail for the U. S. in 10 days. May 12, saw a frigate nader Danish colon ;tan &nj into the Straits Juna 7. Ial36 40. Ion 45. moke a nilni K,,t v. 1 scur witn two uipsnua, 1 1 uays rrom tlavana fot f Afarseilles, V - lowing frah could not learn h. - fi name. Juue 8, lot 38 60, Ion 48, Brithh shin Alligator, 35 Oavs from tor N York, foil t passengers. 9th, lat 40 40, km M), brig HeW Curtis, 45 days frwn (iottenburg for Boh 12th, lat 42, 10, Ion 65, 30, five transports wUh troops for Halifax, 18th, lat 42 10, Ion C6,ta an hermaphrodite brig with "Fawn," on bet fore - topsail, standing W, 21st, spoke sch Trul 23 Iwurs from Bo ton for Brazils. ' The Exchange Coffee House beat rass n from below last night ju nine o'clock) and teporti at quarantine . , Brig Manchester, Pierce, CO djs from Met - sins, 44 days from Gibraltar. Sailed from Met. sina 2d April, in co with ship Roxuna, Ulakc nnd schr fatlma ft Jane, rjuut, T Duxbury for Palermo, where tbey arrived the 6th of April bng Swift, Haskell, and hr Ceres, lugrahs,, ' ' " " ... .o. ...a au, vwgiuii, SeiL atMessinn, U. S.sanadron, consisting of Frank, lin, (74) Frigate United States, and sloops si war Peacock nnd Erie all well, to n tame day for the coast of Barbary. Also left at Messina, ship Ann, Davis, Gloucester not dis; brig luaV peudenre, Ptrcisal, rrom Sardinia, dettinatira unknown, and brig Rapid, of Boston, Dodd, su. percargn, uncertain when to tad. The Manchester wat SOdayt getting into Gib. raltar, after seeing the Rock, having continual sales from the westwarl, arrived 4th of May. The Washington 74 arrived there the 8th from PortMahon - The brig Romp, Goodwin, from Boston, armed out in 24 days. Sailed from Gibraltar tOth May in co with brigs Swilt, Hai. kell, for Boston : Eliza Keilly, Small, for New - York. When the Manchester passed thro, the Cut tli re where 62 sail in sight, standing to the westwardno visel had (tossed before for fS davs 31st May, lat 37, long 45, was brought too, by u armed black ship full ot men. under Am. coiors, supposed to be a patriot privateer wa detained but a few minutes and not boarded. ; a few boar after passed another prfvatter (a large brie ) June VJ, lat 4140, long 61, spoke british bng Mary, from Waterford hound to New - York witi passeugers, 33 days oat. Cleared, snip uautnus, moot, for India." THEATRE. Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin's Benefit. On Friday ""'"jq wi" Presen,o Rolla, Mr. Roberts" Pizarrc, Pritchard Castling Soldier, Baldwin Cora, Mrs. Barnes ' Elvira. Baldwin Her 1st appearance in that character in America. To which will be added, the ballet of FLORA'S BIRTH DAY, OR, THE VIU.AUE FROLIC. Henry, Mr. Parks' Nickey Numskull, Bald wis, W ith a Comic Dance. Flora, 1 Mrs. Parker In which character the will dance (he skiipiog rope hornpipe. And a favorite pas de trail will be performed by Mr. and Mrs. Parkei and Mr. Baldwin. At the end of the ballet, Oie favorite smg of bard times, or the year 1672, by Mr. Barnes The who! to conclude wiUi . THE BEE HIVE, on, iNnugTsti attuv rao?FEE. Barnaby Mingle, - . Mr. Baldwin Eoiily, Mrs. Darley With the favorite Bravura, " O Love." Cicely, Baldwin On Saturday Ticket Night. BROADWAY CI ROUS,. BET VI EX HESTER AID BROOilE srhtXT. ovOooUooooo THIS EVEM.VG, June 20, 1813. Tbe pertormjnee will commence with th Grand Military Entry. . K - Master Thomas will, on one horse. p" many wonderful feats of Horsemanships Alemaode on two horses, bjrMr - Tattsul and Mis Whcland. ' " Slack Rope, by Mr. Maybe. The elegant horse Othello will act tbe part of a domestic He will, at command, bring a wlip, bat, basket, handkerrhief, k conclude by walking, trotting and cantt - ring. Monsieur Cosoin will will go through many son prising teat with a stick, but recently introdu ced into this country. Master C"ty, the American hero, wiu g through all his elegant feats ol' horsemanship. Master M'Cani, the wonderful youth, only nise years old, u id, on one horse, perform many feats, and conclude by Leaping Four Rjbhon. Madame Cossin, second only to the celebrated Madame Sackey, will go through all her wonder lul Teats on tbe Tight Rope. Mr. Tatnell the dvint horseman, will, on cm horse, perform matiy wondenul fuats, and lesp over a board of Light. the whole to conclude wiin sun v anning, oj Messrs. Tatnell, Mahye, Garcia, Coty, M'Cartj Willis, Thomas, c. Clown, Mr. Campbell. - - ' SeaU in the boxes, i I ; Pitt 75 cents ; GraJkry 50 cent. Tickets may be had at th circus - from w o'clock. A. M. to 1 P. M. and from 3 19 5. . ' Doors will be open at 7 o'clock, and th formanre commence precisely at U. . ' No snioaking allowed. Check not transfer able. Gentlemen are rtqueited not to enter to nrur. Je A a lliviilvnd af tlirpfl ter cent, for six nnnlh, lulinrnn th 3f1fh inst. has been thiidaV declared Davacle to the Stockholders on the. Ota of July next. By order of the Board of Direct tor. U&U. Nf.YVEUlaL', tvaso r. June26 lm 0y 70,000 dollars, 10,000, 1,000, 1,000, 1,000, 1,000, 1,000, 1,000, 17 of SCO, 96 of 100. atidarreat number offt30. Toes r the valuable prizes in the Mtlford and Oteego Road T.o'tery, all of which are to be drawn in 9 days of draw - incr. The S 10.000 prize and three of 41000, are floating and may he drawn this day. v As this lottery will be completed in a rev days, those who wish a chance ar advised t apply forthwith at ALLEYS' Truly i.ucey ui - fice. No. 132 Broadway, wliere no. 7771, which drew the 10,000 prize wa sold in shares and immediately paid, being the highest prise old by any office in this city. je 26 ' rrr SANDY - HOOK. The Strain - Boat O - LIVE - BRANCH, will sail on Sunday next, precisely at 11 o'clock for Sandy - Hook she will arrive there about halt - past 12. and will leavt it at half past 4, so as to return to the city st 7. Passengers will be accommodated by Mr - Srar - Ncs, who keeps an excellent Tavern ad joining the light - house. Dinner will also be provided on board lor those who desire ii - The beach affords excellent sea bathing, rt every respect equal to Rockaway. Passag to the Hook 50 cents the same tor retumm - ,. N. B. Persona wish ins? to sro. will if conve nient, give in their names the day preceding, at the Philadelphia Union Line Coach and Steam Boat Office, north side of the Battery. je 26 2t BY J. GOUKLAY. . THIS EVENING, 7 o'clock, at the Boo we - , msitorT. 41 Chatham, an unexpected sale of ho ik. on theology, law, physic, history,. ti 'tion. commerce, travels, novels, magsinev plays, blank books, letter paper, pen, poc - " . r,......! npnkrniveS. a - Ikk pan . :l - uulr ii whole lo be sold WitB. . out rcscne. Saturday, , . 3 o'clock, a quantity of clotliing, drygood. jowelry, fine t rtncu chinfs piateu ware, ceu - js nais, capsatc. I AKtt& CO I' TON . 10K hhds. 1 J Bark, and , . ,. 35 bal - s Upland f0w. all rfexcellent tjuaU - ty. for Mie by G Ills WoLUrs a: lAJA JS ZO V UM4J - - "

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