The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 26, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, June 26, 1818
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ft, JJRlSbVL, (EngW.) ''rjGrV' - ' (A regular trader,) - .. Vd.. ',. .i.nn last railinir cnnoeredshiD JACKSON, Thwna T - Morton, i AN U4' i.ioM., rinrt of her mm beini tnutln - , . ... u,, wit(,nn iUU For T . iSWTElftCriERMEaiIORN 1 SON'S, ' Or B. W. fcOG ER3 ft CO. ; , - - JVl offer for tale. 60 casVpateot bhot . ' . 0 Jo bar - Lead ' ' i iiX barl Spanish Bown 20 cM Forte , jfow IttiMliostevH tbe Aadrew Jackioft. Jll - .' - ' T '. - ' Far Sale, Freight vr Lhurter, ' lS; ' The ship THO.U AS NELSON, just fviiwrived fi om New - Oilean ahe i a built, strong' .vessel, well found, burthen bout, 330 tons, can u ien sea at "'flirtK txpfne lie now lies at Brooklyn, where she t examined, for terms, apply to , ' B. W ROGERS & CO. , :. ' - 235 Pearl - ttreet. e - JJfi A good SHIP, of about 300 tons, a vioad in a southern port fcr England. Au WALSH & GALLAGHER, jslS 6 Sooth - street. For FreitfU fir Charier, Theihio FOaTtR, Mono, master J .350 tom turthen : is in complete. orJr.r, ,auukl troca W t soulhsrn port iinuiwli - Ul it requirsJ. For teruis, apply to the nias - ttr.or W. AS. CRAIG. H anted 19 Charter, 1 .!,.... ' ...... I uhmlt H'.ll I. UK tiburthen, to load in Janies River Ui ij'.dui. re'y to ' - iiOi:Es,nAVinsoNxr0. tO iw 105 FrMt - stwl. Li offci fix aOveV ... V hi is l - S oo) Manciltcs toil m ' ALtO, ', 15 m G ass TwoUtr S5 d Olivts Si do t'eri. ... SD, fjt J inr - ??i s rtBcli ilU God and li - 4 ctt'uriraA ixcvived from llar:. ir l i.' J.r..iiiKU, OS favorable trrms tr a Un tenu if years, 4 loti of groutiJ cm !rovlviy, 'J00 fcft Jftu,eitrnio to Crobj - iiU'cit, lictwfuo flfs - S lots ia Water - t.trtet, near Catlturiue - market. 1 Irt lit TV'ater - etreel, llwetu 1'ullou and 'tiffing jlipj. , , Ait, sevct - M other loU in the Stt), Ath, 8th iri H'lli wards. Kr (itxltculars, uiquir at .N, 3u, C'luibifli lrccL , , niy O HluttrTR ftTlH&T )OllPLE BROWN ts TOU I'. - mi raks, wlrrted by a IrimJ it L' - mJou, sniiir to any in ftiin marbtt, Ki lik 1 - . I'. L.Cil. Junr. VJ"il V VHITK LtAL, A;... Arc. JlV krss lP.lon White Lead ia oil 50 b.'ttit'Uiti?ry Wtut l;;id H ton Kwl U ad 30 I.Hrreli Uriflol Red 0 lire . SW lo I tat - b ui Kerf ;t tuus line Litharga C0 caiki IVtit Vbtli ; 1 liluis. Vurdrns . ii (icrcrttruK h Yellow Ocbre . 4 lf VtioiillK n 4 cafks PruMian blue, 40lb. t;rou Yllaw; I'altut Yillow .panisli Hrown, Vi - ntlian Rtd, , - Vtllow, VINOIL. Verdit;rii, J Lampblack ; Ivor; Black ; Purple Brown Spirits Tuipenitne ; LiuUeed Oil 400 boxes Window Glass, allotted For sate on tlie lowest terms for cash or at ibort credit, by rXTEU SCilERMERlIOR.V it SONS, uix V . . S43 WatcrtrcBt. fLliarkdUK fAKla AC TORY,' At the foot of Harrison - street, North - Kiver. 1 f HEAR manufactured l'later, for corni - H im and other purposes, mar be had, wur - raotsdof the lirst quality, at one dollar and lu - en - tHrt ctnlipcs buthd. It nanaloctory is coaducted by Mr. John Tucker, wlm h:ts sened a regular apprenticer slup to tbe mason bu.ins. nh2l JOHN BYF.R3. GRKKN CO'KEE A low bhds vary green Jamaica cofliee, lor sale by It. GILLF.SFIE, J 20 112 Fr nt - street. JUH.N eoutb - icrett, ciltn tl lor snle - 'S I ceionnfCaraccas Flora Indigo ' STS bales London market Goat Skint & do. small do. 11 kius dates SI bbls swert frt ill ibelled aliuoods 3? rcroont bitter do. do. 16 do. cummin seed, 1 do fennel !o. 1 do. carraway do. J imp 2!) tn BK1CK iO.UUO hard bri ks, for tale by AXfeOS G. r - IIELVS, June 17 183 Front - at. HEMIC A LS, COLOKp. 4c J Kpiora Salts, in casks of Jcwt LumpMacneii, iu cases Do do small squares Cakint - d do in bials . hochelle Salts, Acid Tartar Citns Acid, Blue Virditer io Crkict P.tetit Kings Ytllow . R gnnis of Antimony GUAs, BUTTONS, Szc. Fowling 1 iects, assorted, well finished Lo do in waincoat cases, tuitly liuisbr i with apparatus complete Duelling PUtols, id cases Oold Lpaulettes , Naral and Military Sword Belts Gilt Coat and Vest Buttons iopnf pint fur engravers ll!inmtical initruibents lUlling Parafei Kalers lar'wers compasses, telescopes ' Opera glasses, microscopes setts splendid chessmen carved in irory . Tortoiae and turUe shell tea caddies Patent ourkscrews, silver pencil cases. sleby J.LAMBERT, - Jli 3 tVmrtlandt strcet Gi4K) - NLJ:'BRl!iI'u'vv'1 BOT - aw.' ? c COO small sixe Grindstone, S c' dS do S o 14 cwt Weight, tata w?feBwMi Ware f ,r "' " are bolf nlinn nninM rn. I ? lull sue Quart do JTJ l wine Pint do. (in small sire J.ikaW ;IIob Demij.m' Lo. t - aiwn Lrcnviinns W - Zp,,J''Pe, from 16 " 2 S!'0 Tbrt,?111 Vi'ro do 1 Eliih aM J roceive ,nd sVr sale hy Je8lm WILLIAM COWLEY, 164 Water - trf.t. 'J - 1 - VS P. .IfiDOF A iboiQ - 5 f P"'1 he Park, Uli tft3108. Cm order, la v to tuft purchaser,. Jt 18 ,S5i - p. Pir S..eM Peck - RICE. - 90 tierces KJci, lundine from schr. Arabella, at Murmy wharf, for sale by CLARK, MOOKF. ft CO. , U 17 41 Soatli - street. OATTINtTT WARPS, mado of sea Islaud O Cottou and iized in tlie cbaiu, for sale by WM. CAMPBELL, Je 5 ' 197 Pearl - street. iK A tb TIC 0 Mi K W AREb. Til E s - iix - fibers keep coHtaHr oa bond t cxfeopliiw assortiMJutof Idn. (onowiac jood?, Uutcb and English Broom Duster, or Counter Brvihts Htarth Brunhts. fan 6ui,6y Bags, ' Popes Head Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mats Pails and Tubs Wbeel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieve Do Hair do Wbips of etery description Seiue, sewing, wrapping, baiting and bail Twine Fish Lines Shoe & sadlers ThreaJ Dearborn's Balances, c. cy and coniiuua ilad do do 1o Cloth dti dvi do Wearers do White Wash do 6hoc ll Scrubhicg do Vaint Brushes and SmIi Tools Clumps, 4, 7, S row 1 Furnituie Brushes Horse ' da r Bed Cords, Clothes Line Sash Cords, Trace Rope ' Wrought and Cot Xails and Brad Which they will sell wholesale or relail on liberal terms. CEBRA & CUMING, Je t 76 Pearl - street. HUMORED. JAMES P. AN DOE has taken tbe store No. 7 Park, recently occupied a Ladies' Auction Room, where he intend establishing htuiiilf as a first - rate GROCER, and intends telling for cash only, and at such prices as will make it the iutrretl of the cash purchasers to c:U as abote, where he has for sals a general asoitnient of Template importation ' Pure oil coBac braudy, of superior quality Jamaica ttj.ia its, Holland glry American do Madeira, L. P. Tencriffe, Oidsbwry, Port k other wiuiit . Iiondon auil A aierUrao pvrtcr, BotleJctder irpi rm. nl an I caudls r iae old UiU:uii and Ameriran cheese Well flavorr - t raifiu, Fn Pti'S, Antada : S:t, IJt Spajica cfyit, tVan. fct crter oil, Wc - Co'..iut af.eiKUu'" - aill be pv.u,"aid all fat or; duly aorttiaUd. Jun.i it It Q VV LL I OIL. - JO c beiil Fioreuce Oil, M btl - O tics each, forsai" I y CII AS. L. OGDEN, & VBR. OGDKiV, Je 10 S3 Waunifton - strpff. 7.lAJJtlti.i ft rvRTWiSH. Qr. Co - ks Madeira, and 6 hlids white port Wine, for tale Lv ROBERT GILLEFPIE, June 10 ll?Frmit - t. DLYNctl, fan. (at No. 40 Williaiit - rect) . liKaou haiid the following; WINF.3 and LIQUORS, selected witb jud'UM iit by himself, whieh he uCers at wlioleid ami retail, war - pure, mt impathd ?iXi I Madeira, from 3 to 18 46qrca,k. S year'nWood - .... Old Madeira, In botUea, from 3 to 20 years . Chain n.njuc, l - 'urgun, Ctatut and eme; "e4Ify upe"r mwiily i ' 7 jiifiis dry Lisbon, 7 years 6ld 7 do Sherry, nine years old, and free from Bonn. ha taste Port, iu pipes aU'l bottles Table wine, for its quality, the cheapest in - America Teuentfe, ia bhds. Old Brandy, do. Rum, do. Gin, not reduced S00 Jt inij hn, coulaining fire gallous each 60 roro wine bottles N. U. Those in the trade, and countrr deal ers, will find it to their account, to supply them - 'elves with wiues and liquors at the above establishment, as they will be certain to obtain articles of the firt quality, at the lowest prices, and pore as imported. mr 9 2m ,1 ILLlNE'l'TS, .c A general assortment IV I nf tnilliiiplti. ihirtinL'l. iheetinirf. Ami knitting and le.vir,!; cotton, lor sale low, by .vi. VAiiii n(.lib, maiiu.nciurer, Je 18 197 Pearl street. , n,v - JL 2o 200 boxes tin plalea i . 28 casks Trace I . Bras Wire Nv 9 60 casks Roman Cement, how lamiing, and (or sale by ANDERfcON ft SHEARER, 131 Water - street. Who hare in itore, Patent and common Carolina and Virginia Hi Sheet Brass of all sires Brass and roper Wire London made pocket Book and Wallets Lndii - s work Boxes c. my 25 HARDWARE, CUTLERY ftc 2 cask Scotch spring Locks , b casks (date Locks, 1 do Steelyard 1 d chest bandies, ice. 1 do screw plates, scale beams, ic. 1 do brass co ki, ftc. 1 do belt mctid kellles and skillets 2 do tin'd pots and sauce pans 2 do fine padlocks 4 do Banbury lor kf, hinge, he. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, &c. 2 do HL hinges, tm,. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges 2 do black ft bright vices, 2 do files 4 da pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons . 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to 20d. Also, a large and geueral assortment of goods open on the shelves, for sale at the n:t reduced prices, by ADAMS ft RLACKWELL, mar 7 215 Pearl - st. . DOMESTIC GOODS. tM. Ca.MPBLLU Manufacturer, tff.rrs V V for sale on reasonable terms, at bis store 1P7 Pearl street, a fresh supply of tlie following goods, vii. 16"0 ps. while miilinets, 'handsomely hleach'd 120 do 1.1a. k do land finith'd 20 case bleach'd and unblcarh'd sheetings i shirtings ; t geitier with an assortment of ilti knitting and tcwins rnltnn. Je 16 MNGLIsH HAMS. BACON, c. just im Cj ported by the suhtrrilirr. Double Gloucester, Dohhin and Pine A pule Chee.of a verjr superi or qu tiify; Yorkshire and Wiltshire Hams; sides and flitches of Bacon, of a superior quality; Fng lib Lard, in bladders, and small Crkins; Glass BiidRrvto! Stone Ware ; large BotOes ; Pipe ami leinijolins A general assortment ol Groceries, Fish Sau ccs, &c. for sale cheniv. for cash, br EDrt ARD BLACKFORD, 157 Gretnwich - street. Best Haraia Serais, in qr. boxes Jel6 1rn PHF.XIX BANK. A DIVIDEND of three pr.ceul for six months, 1. ending tbe ah inrtant, lias been this day declared parable to the stockholders on tbe first ol July m at. By order of the board f directors. Jel7 I us D. I. GEEEE, Cashier. IUC' - i i si i.r.L. xiv onrHiirt roura n fUO do Rod Iron - j0 do Cocli - pring Steel mt - i - i" Ct I (XVI IIahi tn.f a. - M . o - .'. f. I D .. - I received and foe sale by ANDERSOV SHEARER, J233w at 131 Watentrtet. IRISH LINENS, SHEETINGS, DIAPER, &cf TJ OBERT RdtfgRTSOS, Apothecary, from I - ENRYM'vlcKARIcCO. have on ban a ill Scotland, beg leave respectfu lnform JCeneral asortinent of . 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 Linens ; 7 - 8 Lawn 6 - 4 Sheeting, hi bslf piece ' 3 - 4 Browa Linen, io half piece 3 - 4 Diaper Damask Tabia Cloths, and Kama Duck, Which tbey otter for tale on reasonable terms, at Je 8t I w No. 67 Pine street. - 1 1 ' "MAI'S. '. - .: nt ELUSir8 new Map of the World on iVl Roller. Price 10 dollars IK United States. 10 dollars ' Do Travelling Map and Directory. 3 dot!. Do Illinois Indiana. $ 6ii(i. Do 'i'enessee Ohio , ,, Shelton ft Kintitt large Map - of the United States. 15 dollars. Carey' iTaod 4 Sheet Maps of Europe Tor sale by PRIOR A DU N N 1 N O, 'JeiJSw 111 Water - tret. CIDER BRANDY. 64 barrels Cid - jr Brandy, just received, for sale by ANSON G. PHELPS, Je 51 T " 'itti Front street. UAIE.VI' aliuT K wmifc - Ai.l'. & L tons patent Shot, (assorted tutpbers Jor the season) 400 (jr. cwt. kegs White Led, ground in o!!. iroui Uie Manufactory or J. vvaJUer, flialtriy; ii). ui Liverpool, now lanuiiig iram suip uti per, and lor sate by TUCKER LAURIES, Je 23 29 Suth.treot. OPIRlTb 1 UKPENT1NE A: KOMA - o O Spirits Turpeutioe, ai'd 0 do Koiu, rtiita - lile lor ,oap hollers, lor sale at 3 pccu - r.i. Dj je 2J R. ft C. W. DAVEM'uRT & . - . BATH. THE subscriber refitct'ully informs the citi - sens of New - York, travellers acd invalids, that Ins house at BATH is now open lor their reception ; its tuuation is, probably unequalled ou Ibif contiiK nt within a short distance ol tlie city and in view of iunuy lloob. It present tbe n - neet I Mit'Wt. fi:d Inr aalnhritv of air and the advai Uei of Sea Bathing is probably, without a rival lie has ererv d eeteral new ' Butbin Hons', and a dr - Hting bridge to receive the n - l,wt1 - bi Iridt - r L - neil Stcckeil wis, all the. fflicu iefi the teafon. - Trawikw tmm Uc southward can be arriuu.jtiattJ wiln Unardfni: and Lodging c.i remabie tjois, and tansieal renoes wui uiJ it a wanny ana aitrearw re - .Tj - .i ... . . I Ui v 4vii.i vviai'in, A CARD. Cr - The subscriber lesretUully notifies the piitiix, that pnnseiiger for BATH and the NARROWS: in tbe itemu boat Nautilus will, on Sunday next, and until further notn.e, be taken from Wliite - ilall at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, (instead cf 5 o'cloi kiiilhe morning) and will be cal. led lor aguio about half past 6 in the afternoon. Pleasure boat can ccme np with safply t the bridge. JOHN COLEMAN. Jel2lm outturn tJulrut iJ'A' eiV'i vrk, s. BK it rrinembeied, that on the tivriily ninth day of Atnxift, in the forty second ymr of - . the indepen' uce olthe United States JL. S. fof Amenca, Daiiiel D. Arden, oftjie said dint ricl.buth depoiittd in this of fice Hi? title of a book, the tight whereof b claims us proprietor, iu uie woio - nnu inures ioouwiiii to wit ; Reading made easy ; or, a new guide to spelling and reading ; in four parts. Ist.cuotain - tag variou alphabets, uud nearly 'two hundiew spelling and reariu.g ltvm, i m, jwiiOie Wnwt euirv to W'dl8&ut?'uJL lit MonBfis nd ,a4L - eLred, ac - la short ride a Jeir wjuob U wrvroa are cbriflndnkmi conling to the purest pronunciation. 2d, a voca bulary of words, nearly alike in sound, but. dir - lerent in spelling and mgniacauiui. jc, lessons in reading and reciting. 4th, outline of geography; u sketch of grammar ; aobreviation ; anlnmeucallauleii ; and prayers tor ll;e umoi cliools. 'Tbe whole rendered pleasing and impressive by neat and appropriate cu'. Bv Wil liain Little, A. M. " ' In conformity to the act of congress of the United Hales, entitled " an act for the - mentoflearnini;, bv securing theco. iss of maps. charts and books to the authors and pripneton oft och copies, during the times (herein iiiAiiliou - ed,nand also to an act entitled " an act suptile - mentary to an act, entitled, an aci lor the encou - ragement of learnintr, by securing ihe copies of mH, charts and hooks to the uuilior and pio - prietor of such copies, during the lime tin rein mentioned, and extending the beuents thereel to tbe arts of designing, engraving and etcMiig historical and other prints. ROBERT FINN, Clerk of tlie southern district of New York. Je8d4w ,VAf MUSIC. JUST published and for sale at WILLIAM DU BOIS' pianoforte and music store, No. 126 Broadway, Thiue am I mr faithful fair ; the soldier's bride ; and from childhood's dawn to noon of youth as sung by Mr. Philipps. - Ah cau I e'er forget Ibee love The celebrated echo soug T he inspiration, sacred melody The Saxon air, with varialious, hy Cramer Haydn's celebrated couzotiet, My mother bids me bind my hair, as a t oudo Twenty - lour sonatas, lor young performers, by N. B. Cballoner The Saxe Cobourg waltz, with variations Tbe Sophia Waltt The storm rondo, by Stcibelt - Je 12 TO PARENTS. OX Monday, the 29th diy ef, a new seminary will be opened on Stalen Island, for the instruction of boarding and day scholars. The spacious and commodious building appropriated for tbe purpose, stands on the bank ol the hay of New York, in a situation whose numerous and unequalled local advanlrges are too well knowa to require any cuiogium. I he seminary will be conducted by Mr. Ironside, a graduate efColntn iia College, formerly principal of Erasmus Hall, afterwards private ccretary to the governor of New York, and latterly private teacher of a select school on Staten Islaud, consisting of the children of the Vice President, and of I hos. Lawrence andD. D. Burger Esqrs. ; to whom, and to Peter Wilson, L L. D. of Columbia College, parents are respectfully referred for the character and competency of the teacher. The tuition of classic! students will be $12 50, and of English students t 5 per quarter, both payable (iuarlerly in advance. The terms for board will be 150 dollars per annum, also payable quarterly in advance. The instruction of the classical department w ill comprehend all that is necessary to prepare indents for admission into any college in the L filled Slates. In the Eii(slih department the studies will be o directed s to lay a good fouoduti o pre para - lory to tlie commencement of tie classics, and so as to render any of the students therein competent clerks fT a counting roomor store. The most eminent teachers of French, Spanish, Dancing, ire will be provided to attend tlie seminary. Gentlemen, desiring more particular information, are requested to mil on Mr. G1LLEY, 92 Broadway, oroa. Mr. IRONSIDE, at tbe seminary. . " June 2 J 4l n S - 4J.R. :"TSl A farm of between sixtr and seventr acies, situate on the west bank ol Lake Otsego, and one mile from Ihe rillage of Cooperst wo. On it are a new stone boose 54 feet square ; a m w farm house, barn, arc. It form a desirable ps taWnhiuent for a gentleman w ishing to retire into tlie country, as its situation, as to prospect, convenience to market, ftc. is uot surpassed br nr intl.e interior ot the state. It will be sold 'low fore ash. on a credit, oreichanged for pro - my 7 tf Law CuiWms. nu men ana in public in general that he has iommencU business as Apolhocarr and Drue;. Jist in the store No. 88 Broadway, fourth door leU Wail - street, where he wiH always make ft hit study tikee? general assortment of drogs apd mediiines df the best quajiiy, and hopes by constant atUutia to busiuess to merit a share Jf the V.' ; J; V foage. ' Phrsiiiia a (rcriplion and family receipts dpensed Wim ite utmost accuracy, neatness asi prCiiktt. i fi Auiencan and Fagliih patent medicines ; Doc - tt - 5cj(t pectyid mixture for the hooping cf igh in. Etiglaui and Scotland its balsamic v :ues are hU h; the highest esiimation as a s JanS.ifectual remedy for the hooping cough. 'justs lw ! "ft 'Orders tor juropeau books, maps, paper, sir. r lary ud othrr articles, in nil language, aif regularly takw at the European book - store aai drpot, i'n. firo, iy, New - York, oppo - sia 7 ruuly church yai aear Wall - strrtt, ea thW" Jain and low terms uitiioioeJ (A tk prot - cs - tU . whih tna be seen in raid book - store vd - x there i always a large collection of Eu - roijnn catalogue, of books, with price, in all Uij wages, toe tbe use of ladies and gentlemen ool.l' lders w ill a'co be taken on the same term in dery city, town and borough of the union, ill tbe met chants. liiHikttellera. nrimera mmi by . , , r. .... put jvliers ot news - papers and magazines. fa. "41wa U D. BKI.AIlt, Agent Tliii d'4lliuir part of house No. 06 Ursy.TV.iy to let. je 12 3taw3w c ati a u i iivji r rt RUTTENDEN, Albany, still continues Ii iit estaldisi.inent in Mr. Gregory's buildings ill ours tort'i of t tie Capitol, Ironting the pub! r. square, which, from its central and airy MtuiUon, Hi i lOimacding viewul tlie (urround intt Country, C.' number uud elegance of it a partlncnt vi' u' equalled lor pleasantness and couvtuieuce by any put.iic establishment in tbe city. , ji shall om kept in auc h style as to render it a fhace tit trenterl and luslnoname resort, bulb for ( t neiarri.iv travellers. The proprietor hope, by ii(uutuTift assiduity and ulteiitinn, to merit aiid rwivejig continued favouis of his friend and trte nub'n . - .v N. iiUjsiidarcon,modation for horses, fee, ' ' Tr.,i.eU - rA illrkajs to observe that Cruttcn - deu, tsatgon wUit - e at tlie wharf on the arrival of ti e iieaiu - Untlf. - taj.e up their baggage to his boule graf. . ' i r, Je 2ieoil 2w liU&S &Swd CltiiLHrL. FQB, if.U.E, a 'pair of stout family black HORSES with or without u CA RKI AGE, all in perfect cu der far a journey cf any distance, tlie cirring having just been painted, and the horses warranted to ji fce.h andtound,'not ha - vmg Cecu Jmsii. KIO nules iliuui? the last &ix moutlis. They eland at iR. SLOWLEY'2 stables, and the carriaje at MR. LAWRENCE'S, coach - maker, John street. The present owner having su little use - for them, that he will dispose of tlie Whole ou very reasonable tlrmi. Apply as nlvoiV or, at 45 Larclay - slreet. J a 1 eed2w . - r . TeSji S. - il.t.. A wy.ProfiijMe. FARM, of 110 acres, liifcls uncler cultivation, tlie residue wood - sisn. ilaJe, rjusmr orirmne kshtowss cn uie blniewtlaatisxa4J. - im the steam ban lerrr landing it eivcs a verr extensive view of tlie bar and en vironsofNew - York, within tbe Narrows, and of dandy llo jit and ine ocean r or protect is quailed tiy none. J he title is unquestiomtDie. i'wo thirds of tbe purchase money mar remain secured upon Ihe laid. Apply to A. V.D. Foun tain on uie premises, or to W. A. SEELY, 143 Greenwich - street. TO LET. a convenient new 2 storr house. adjoining llieanove, with a garden and about an acre ol land, t or terms apply a anove. aih 3 eodlf NOTICE. WHEREAS in consequence of the past irregularities ofiuy wife, Jano Ann Dcla - plaine, now in or near Uie city of Nov - York, I am determined to apply immediately for a divorce from th bonds of matrimony. I hereby forbid all persons whatsoever from trusting her for money or good, of any description, as 1 will not discharge any dabts which she may contract. J. DKLAPLAINL. Philadelphia, May 28, 181U. may 29 eodOt Y AT ANTED in a Watch Maker's Store, a V V ld who can he well recommended. En quire at the office of this paper - J5JU 3UWII ANCHORS. A CONSTANT supply of Anchor from the . Irou - Works of Messrs. Forbes ft Adam, in Canaan, Connecticut, niade of Salisbury iron. witti or without iron siocas, lor sale by the sub scribers, agents fur the manufacturers, and who are authorised to warrant the anchors if required, TUCKfcK, ft CARTER, m?29eodIm 69 South street. PERFUMES, ftc. fpilE subscribers have JL jut received from one tif the first perfuuio liouse iu Paris, an iuvoice of ridi cut erlass bottles wiJi rer - cS.a3 r L . i. c ySjT lumes, wiiieu lur eiesaui c Jf is not to lie surp asjed by any m this city; among tbe per lumes they coutaiu are ex tracts of vanilla, jessamine, ro - e, ftc. Aleo, from Smyrua,otto of roses f iu small phials) in its pure stale. os n.D, Pomatums in pots and bottles, antique oils, cold cream, milk of rocs, almond paste, lip salve, almond paste and liquid (with rich perfumes) a useful article, hotiey and lavender waters. French and English cosmetic wash balls. soap of all kinds, brushes of all kind?, Cologne water warranted geuume. tvpnnan ana icegen - Iricc and Ninon waters, ladieV work boxe and J res - sin cacs compleat and neatly furni. - hed from three dollar to tweuty dollars Gentle. men's sharing cases ; ridicule clap and bags ; pocket bocks; llirecd cases ; purss or all kinds ; britannia metal and mahogany shaving boxes: cloves : kid and silk carters; tcrlowe shell and pearl combs, different patterns ; silver thimbles jtweesors ; pei.cil ta,s ; gold anu sil ver mounted boxes ; .Maltese. Imltoi.s ; amulets and amulet ornaments ; otto or rose ; essence peppermint, prepared by Mr. Junior, of Ln don: court blaster: bears oil, totial to any other kind fcr promoting the. growth of the hair ; Rosjieni's d. - nii.rice ixmiade divine and Jamaica ; essence of soap; Naples shaving soap, in pots and ry tlie pound ; pt - n, pocket, iruit ano snortsinen's knives, and almost every other kind of perfumes and fancy article ; to which tbey in vite the attention oi ine tauics - ana genueiueu vi this city. ANTHONY W. TRAFP.'.N & CO. At their fancy tor and perfume wart - housr, No. Uo broadway. sign ol ine naiuui rose, nearly opHite the City Hotel. Je 19 3taw2w ALL orders received and attcodeJ to fc.r lay ing aud reiwiriog the Manhattan lead pi, e and cislern or fur sink pipes or lea.1 iumps. by SAMUEL STAB KEY, my 27 tf No. J Chamber - street. a M M HI. II ( NUMBER of rlrgaiiU caned, wbtta Ire ' - . ... FX. stime Maiillcsani3mbl 5 ? !n1 N a. 59 Murray tireit. J - J u NO. Vr - , i"," - :"." rs'C?.. I.'sV.' Z! ju7eS. UvmeTt, 4a Jal,aiii(iL ; j . .. The omcer hmiointid for the euriiote in Re rt. hpiiointid for the turiK ffcT Next Sundavl at half Dat 3 o'clock in the afternoon, if the weatlier i favourable, the anniversary of the Roman Calholic Orphan Asylum will be celebrated in the Cathedral of St. P.f - il - A . ... 1 u I ". a tviscourse win oe ueiiverea, sumo chosen anthems are to be sun?, and a collection is to be made iu favour of the orpan. ; The alwve i postponed till 23th inL Je20 4tMWFS JXOJiCE. JT The Subscriber has opened an establishment which he has entitled the BLOOMING GROVE GARDEN, about three rjuarter of a mile from the Brooklvn ferry - stair, on the Jamaica Turnpike road, opposite capt. L. Brow - er's, where he solicits the patronage of his friend and the public, fie has laid In an assortment of the choicest Wiues and Liquor that Ik New - York market affords. Also, at all times, at the shortest notice, he will furnish Chocolate, Core and Tea, Reb.hes, ftc. The Garden is handsome and very shady, and frum the garcVn there ' a oeauiuui prospect ol Ine .Harrows, S'atcis - f.i.i i L. CAM DIE. Juua A Sw Consigiwesof Goods by Hie ship DRA - PEll, are inlormed that uermusion baa been ob tained from the Collector, to stud all goods to the Public Store, for which permit are uot sent on uiiu. in uve uays niue. Je 18 a. W. ROGERS ft CO. knu sjh.h nit 'Jit i.ysn:. .! Lottin the 5. C. 8. and 10 Wards; many ol winch are oo regulated andved streets. No money will tie required under tea years, u sold, mltreet excepted. iiuusr.s. Several two and three story houses, on which a great part ol the money remain on Mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK. An excellentstand for business, with ten acres ol lund, pleasantly situated, with a wuarl, store house and bam.' COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY Near New - Haven, with I0 acres of land, and a never failing stream, upon which 20 mill? way be erected, Willi a auuic.ency ol water lor each. Apply at 10. V lurc - en wicli alreet, jan 1J tf TAMMANY HALL. rTMIE copartnership, horeloloro existing he 1 Iwewi .ABRAHAM B. MART LI NO and WLXI AM U COE2LNS, was dissolved on Ihe 1st of Airil hut. br uiu'ii I consul. 'Hit: tstab lisliniti.1 will be continued by the ubscriler. I he situation ol TA.WJAN Y HALL, is probably unrivalled io this city facing the Park and the Ci:v Hull. and within a minute's walk ol the Theatre. Academy of the Fine Arts, Museum, Vc. It presents inducements for air, pros - peel, convenience and at conimoiliilion, inferior to mine in this city. Travellers from the difler - ent stnlo in the union, and from this stale, will tind ut'J'ammany Hall a larder well stocked with all the delicacies of the season, choice Wines, airv Bed Chumbeis, and every convenience that can he expected, and tin the most uiodciale terms. . Je It lm WM. B. COZZFNS. LO l I O LLAs. j f THE NOil 1 H KIVEK. SITUATE between Barclay and Murray - streets, Chamber and Rccd - ttrcets, Jay and Uarri ou - streoU, aud North Moor and Beach - streets, at a price very cotiaidcrably less than in terest a their value, and at the expiration of the term the buildings to be fairly v alued aufl paid lor. or a new Lease granitu. fl ISO, tnMsr luntbe App ucar the Theatre. Several of the above lots will be sold at a moderate price aud on a liberal credit. A ttnall portiou of the niouey only will be required, June I f tf I kRLWERY. For sale, a bargain, a brow - M.J ery ft Malt House connected, in tha city ol lliiilfoa. The buildings are stone, and par ticularly well calculated for the business. It is situated in the midst of a barley country, and has manv other advantages. It is certainly au object for those wishing to engage in ths business. It is the only brewery in (he Couilry. This property will be sold cheap. Terms liberal ; title good. For further particulars apply to M. MULDEN, No. 78 Maiden - lane, New - York; or J. NIXON, Jr. near Uie premise. June 13 If PROSPECTUS TOR rCBMSIUKG BY 8UBSC RirTIOBT A M AP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. r MIE publication of this Map has been under - X takeo with Uie impression, that it will exhibit information, h - 'My interesting at this eventful crisis , and Uie valuable Maps which the an - tliorhasprocured,durinKhisseveral tours through Mexico, in the year 1806, 1807, 1K12, U13, 1U15, 1816, and 1817, induce him to bcleive Uiat the Map, wilheven all its impel lections, will be much the most perfoct which has appeared before the public. This Map will contain the latest and best Information Irora the discoveries uod possessions of the American, Spantth, Russian, British aud French travellers and navigators and representing the claims of their respective government on the Northwestern coast of America. 'The Map will include that portion of North America, which lies oelvien the Isthmus ol Da - riuii, and the4tlth degree ol North Latitude, and horn the Mississippi River westwardiy to the I'.ii ilic Ocean. In sue ttve .Map will be about six by five fV, and will be projected nn a scale1 of 40 miles to the inch, to be delivered to the subscribers at lif - leen dollars i ui.h. Natcbes. Mar. h 7, 1ft II. ap7tAul ' t'Oll iAI.k, A LOT of land, coniuniiiig between sixteen J. and twenty acres, a lioii.iog tlie village ol Bloominiidale. Irmiling on the 1 eulh Avenue and Hudson River, adjoining on the south tlie couiitry seutofMr. John II. Talinan. Tbe terms will be reasonable, and two thirds ol the purchase inooty may rcmaiu secuicd uy toad aaa mori eaice., two mis ol ground, twtwy nve a'ei oy one hundred each, siluate on the east side of Forsyth strent, about IjOIo UU leet north of l)i Innr v - slreet. If not lipoed of at private . sale, Uie above will be olfrred for sale ataucUou, ou Wednesdy, UtbJu.y. , Fcr further particulars, apply at the Mulual Insurance UOice, AO. 5. vvmi .ireci. Jell Ira . MII.I.I.NEHY, Vc I0HX WJNTUINGHAM, Milboer, No. 12 .1 Wiiliam - st. respectfully iu.f nns his friemls and the merchants in general, Uial he hnsnmitd from No. 117 William sluet, to the a hove No. where be CRIMPS tsitin, Ms.ius, RiM. s, Cruets, ftc. at the shortest nolle and lowest paces. Also, Fum y, Lace, tultin, aud Cr - Truuniiiis. He h.i constantly on hiu l, split straw, and Lejliiim LaU, turlau, turban liuuts, custe - One C. - e fiiperjinewniie .ni; - , jun iu.n.u d lor by the i'mi - I or simle. VI... ..., to - e o. Ii viii.u. - :trrci wi,ai.u fi! !T.'a nuoilcr ofs.iaica'e fof - ale, Jrl. lm t. I r.i I" li' - t. I '.! U(Y1M. I.Kit'lO. tl KI A l.N ncd n vnt I ii.i'g r. osoo if - r vw F bnas. It w.det - (tao.ate them at urine, tiiihoutstaiiui. to - luii - iiute, cr UiP siccotii pamed with ttu - t '.UiiiiicenlM nveil ual'y at upj iii at.ou f f olir - r poist. 1 cr sile iu bcttU - , ; - t - 's m Is at ' I. LlCKlE'S Wcdw ine Zwt. y5 Uraad . 7. N. n. ALrre sto:tnxnt et gernme Ihu;: Hhl walTUut'. - i X t UrX Mbdicutci, Iv aa'" f - 1 1 Lirte - JtiJlas. : rta let by tn year ata few p.t, seveml tls. water; well calculated r, plaster of pans, ftc. . v ly to PH. RHINELAJSDER, 31 Park, of tbe 10 i of Sr r ' 3 1 I - . ' T .1 as ol in is to at be ot uf 49 WILLIAM - STREET. (r Tlie new FERRY BOATS from tbe fsa, Walnut atreet, New York, to the wot of Little street, Brooklyn, near the Mavy Yard, wilt commence running on Sonday, thel7tbiast. . Person crossing to Brooklyn from the tipper part of the city, wijl bad the distance much shortened hy using this ferrv. my 14 NO'llCET fjir The Rising Sun Sail Boats, Nonpariel,. and Industry, from the EJJrabeth town Poiht, foi, New - York, sails frctn MarkeUield - street,"(where Steam - boat Alalaata omierly came to,) at o'clock, ol each day. Passage 12 1 - 2 ccattc Enquire at the Steadi boat Hotttl, of VANDERPOOL ft PHILLIPS, my 21 tf - ' Mtfchanf Bank JMvidend - fj Notice is hereby jfiven to the Stockholder of the Merchant' Bunk, that a Dividend tour per cent or two dollar on ' each share six months, flora the fint of December last, will be paid at the Bank on Monday, tha first pfJuna next, - . ,. .' ; . My orUt r of the Board of rtt ec.rt. . ly 2V" lm CI B. V ltOOM, CashV. lHfcMXa.NK. (tr An election futlourteea Directors' of this - Rank will be held at the BaukiiiK House, on . Tuesday, the 7th July next, between 11 and 3 o'clock. Ihe UuntJcr Books Will be closed ou the i!5th instant, and willjoontinue closed uutd af ter Uieelecluin. tty order ol the board ol Directors, D. I. GREEN E, Cashier. Je 5 uy 7 ' irj' JOHN PKOCTOtt, Jcb. 106 Libert - t. offer liberal anticipations on propert) coUMgn - ed to lus triends in the Mediterranean, rot further particulars, apply as above, or to. - AbitVIIAM BELL, - Je 6 tf corner of Cliff ft Fultou - sts. SliUe vj JVexv 1 urk, CuiaptrtiUtr'i Office.' fTT I'UbLIC NOTICE is tieiuby given tov. theholdcis of the six and sevea per celt stock , ol Oils state, that Ibe whole o( the said stuck, wsth the clreplion of the six per cent stork,. created hy ihe act, entitled " an act respecting nsvi'jable i otuniiiuiciitioH between 1he grewt wesicrn nnd northern lake and the Atlantic ' Ocan," passed Aprilli, 11)17, will be paid i ff on the first day of July neat, or at any tui.u tberealter When demanded. - ' Payment will be made at Uie Manhattan bank in the cii v of New - York, to the stink holders siding ni the soutl.eiu district - of this slate aud mt of this state ; and at Uie New - York statu brink, in the city Ql' Albany, to all I'thef stockholder. It ia required that the ortificate issued for the stock should be given up at the pauk where (ucb, payment at made. 'I he interest on the said stock will cease after (lie said first dnv of July next. v. . A RCH'D M'IN'I Y RE. Comptroller. . Dated Albany Juue 1, 1818. Je9 UyJ ' ' ' ' .' (O I he Commissioner ol tbe Canal tuixT - will in pursuance ol the act, entitled "an act respecting nsvigable romiiinnicatibus between the great Western and Northern I tikes, and tire Atlantic Ocean," receive scaled proposals until o'clock, P.M. on Wednesday the livfiilovct' July next, lor a loan lothu state ol two iiuuarca and futy thousand dollars, to be paid tallie Cciiq - nii'siohers in two equtd instalments, ilierst, on the tirst dav cl Aucusl next, aod tbe other on the ursi oiiy be addressed to I uisiu.iy vi vciuut Hat l ie jjojius.i,4uw tIiesiu.r.rollcr. ' - - The Tltc oflnterest i not to excOTfrssx jscr ; PfXt susA A.nnsan n - it - aliLst miisrtuP 'faIu ur.1 ty of New - York, will issue transierahle certib cate of stoi k to the Lenders, and will attend to the transfer of stock, as tlie same may be required. . ' . ' The interest will be paid at the Manhattan Bank, in the city cf New - York, to the stockholders residiiic in the southern district ol tl.isstaie. and out of the slate, aud Io all others at (lie New - fork fclut Bank, in Uie city ol Alhauy. The Board will meet at the hecretarv's OrtVe on ihe said I Sib day of July next, at 3 o'clock, P. M. to open and deltrmine on Uie orooosultUiat shall be made. By or lerofthe Board. JOHN TAYLER, President. Alhany. June U. 1818. Je 11 tjy IS NOTICE. (t - IF Richard Perry tavadje, son cf TLom - and Elisabeth Savadge, formerly of the city Philadelphia, is living, or if dead, his legal . representative will, by applying te Mr. Win. Savadge, at St. j dial's bquare, Clerkenwellt London, hear of something to his or their lulvaa - t;e. I he said Richard Ferry Savadge, who was paiuier by trade, was ia England in tlie year 102, bruin wl.ence he returted to Philadelphia, (pe year 1794 ; in the year I79'l. he i supposed to have resided at Mr. Robert Maxwell's, ia Middlctown, Delaware County, Maryland; and afterwaids at Dowuing's Town, Irons whence ha siiiHis - d to have removed to New. York., N. B. If any person will produce legal certificate of the death of Uie said Richard havadge, he will, on producing the same, to Ms. Wau. b vadge, receive Iroiu biui 5 gain, a a tkwerda. for hi trouble. ' Any informajioo respecting Uie above oaa.d pel sen will be thankfully received (y SMITH ft GARNI?, Je IK lm 312 Pearl street, New - York. jV U I'lClv - All persons Having ciuims against jS the estate of llomas Brady, late of Uie city of New - York, deceased, are requested to present the same legally authenticated, and all (hose indebted to l be said estate are rcqutstcd make in. mediate payment Io tle sui - H iiper, whouirers for sale the property of tlie deceased, containing 4 lots frotilim; oa tlie Boweiy 5 by 75 fret deep aeii, and one on & tautoii - street, 25V by 104 feet. Tbe whole premise are rented this - year for $ 690 and taxes. An indisputable title will be given for tlie saai by JAMES BARCLAY, Executor, Je 4 tin No. 3 Sonth - street. t'UHLl&Ht D J JU S D.ii, AFRACTICAL TREATLSEoa FERSPEC T1VE, adapted for Umse who practice landscape painin g or drawing from nature. Also, THE PERSfEClOGRAlH, for taking views. tVe ihe undersigned artists, resident at New - ' York, basing instiled bushy perspeclograpb, of opinion, that it is aa inf etiious useful ami. cnuvtiiH ut iuveolino, Uial will materially assist - all pirsoos desirous of waking accuiale persjc - tne view irvin nature. . . JNO. TRUMBULL AU. ROBERTSON, JAMUI L L WALIK), " JOHN Rl'BENXSMITir - WILLIAM DUNLA?. - J. it. JARV14.. . Tbe above work are lor sate by - 'J: LAMBERT, JrS lm" S Conrtlsuidt street. AbPANISH Gentleman, who ha some lei - ire hours in the day to dispose of. would - '' . i,l id to employ thnu in the counting room' - i any merchant, who might nave ucxawoei W his sitv ices, in Lis rtathe language or Freiicli,' which lie has a familiar knowledge.. A line adrikketl to P. P and Kfi at this otBce w,.l be aUeudcil toj r by ajflj in g to " , it. CAin n.u je gj lw rfe. 54 5otb - trt. l Lit, ... A pleasan' baik iwx, at 00. t - 9 nafjv 1 1 1 - . .t t. uiUl U Li a lawsee's iw Jjii:ly. .ArpW iu the fcooi c - in. ,'4 5". iM - C. "ismfl'ss!jf..n.i: ' - - I ., - l.iu ate:; or ue,n ..icre. , . - - i,u itwwii!f Lemnxf, i. - ;.udi, - t. 'ij'ty at .A,

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