The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 15, 1937 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 15, 1937
Page 14
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fcj %5 3*~- ,^ "' * jJtnAJf*^ , i ft!iiaj.Vf!iWi-r.,:r?i-- r^TrS^fa^j^ifiaji.^ag.j, t:^ ..., v'.o,r =fr3tj,- ; ^.^.. h^.- FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 15 B|:i937 HOG AND CATTLE PRICES STEADY BEEF AND PORK VALUES HIGHER Larger Runs Than Expectec Keep Livestock Market From Advancing. CHICAGO, (IP)--Hog and cattle prices held to an unchanged basis Monday. Receipts in these departments were a little larger than expected, offsetting the strengthening effect of higher wholesale beef and pork prices, "reflecting im- · proved demand for. meat. . With 21,000 head of hogs on liand, the market was generally steady although a few sales were a shade lower. .Top was §10.30. Choicest steers and yearlings tended higher because of the very small supply of these but common and medium grades were slow and unchanged. Oflfl Lots Steers. Although some odd lot. steers topped at 515,' few loads sold above $12.50, with the bulk being quoted down from $11.50. The general run of steer prices are the highest in 22 months although the top was matched 14 months ago. The phenomenal advance in lambs, which promises to place lamb roasts in a specialty class for the Easter trade, continued when a-eceipts fell sharply below advance estimates. With comparatively few lambs available, and wiost oi these from Colorado, indications were that packers would pay $12.75. and better for choice offerings. The lamb peak of $12.85, paid .last April, was the highest for any time since 1930. Meat Prices Advance. Advancing whoesale meat prices indicated consumer demand was improving although some traders said the upturns reflected recent livestock price gains more than anything else. Beef carcasses were quoted unchanged to % cent .a pound higher at 11% to 19 cents, and pork loins were 1 to Vf- cents up, or the highest since early .Tanuary. The range on loins was 17 to 21% a pound. The average price of cattle last week was $10.55, compared with $8.75 a year ago, $11 in 1935 and §5.35 in 1933. Hogs averaged $10.15 'against $10.20 a year ago and $3.95 in 1933. Lambs averaged $12 against $10 a year ago and $5.50 in 1933. Lighter tonnage, better, demand lor dressed beef and good prices for cattle by-products, especially hides which are the highest in nine years in some cases, helped ·"'the cattle market. INDEXES OF WHOLESALE PRICES IN UNITED STATES - BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS 1926 « 100 V... ^-COMBINED INDEX (784 COMMODITIES) Hog Markets MIDWEST HOGS Hog prices at midwest markets Monday: WATERLOO--Hogs unchanged. CEDAR RAPIDS--Gooil hoes HO-IaO bs. S7.5o-fl7.a5: 150-1GO Ibs. 5B.05S8.35; 160-110 ibs. 58.55g8.85; 170-180 Ibs. S9.15 «9.«; 180-200 Ibs. 59.5060.80; 200-325 Ibs. S9.53$9.M: 325-350 Ibs. $9.45{i9.75; good packers unchanged. OTTtraiWA--Hogs unchanfied. AUSTIN--Hojs 5c lower; 180 to 200 Ibs. S9.50Ji9.EO; 200 to 290 Ibs. SB.GStia.So; 290 o 325 Ibs. S9.55fit9.85; 325 to 350 Ibs. S9.45 89.73: sows 273'to 350 Ibs. 59.25Tl 0.50; .ISO o 425 Jbs. S9.15as.45: 423 to 530 ibs. «S.95jj9,25. Local ^Livestock JIASON Ciry--For Monday. ,!!OGS Gcod'lYght lights ... HO-150 S 7.45- 7.75 Good light lights ...· 150-1CO S 7.95- 8.15 Good liellls ......... 100-110 S 8.GJ- 8.0a Good lights 170-180 S 0.10- 9.40 Good light butchers 180-200 S 9.40- 0.70 Good light butchers 200-220 S 9.GO- 0,90. Good mo. wt. butch. 220-250 S 9.00- S.90 Good me. wt. butch. 250-210 S 9.CO- 9.9Q Good me.: W f. butch. 270-290 S 9.GO- 9.90 Good heavy butchers 200-325 S 9.SO- 0.80 Good heavy butchers 325-350 S 9.40- 0.10 Good heavy butchers 350-400 S 0.25- 3.55 Good racking sows . 215-350 S 3.15- 0.45 Good heavy sows ... 350-425 S 8.95- 9.25 Good big heavy sows 425-500 S 8.75- D.05 Good big heavy sows 500-550 S B.55-. 8.85 {The above is a 10:30 truck hop market lor good and choice hogs. The difference in price Is for short and long haul ho£s.) CATTLE Choice to prime steers ..... S10.GO-1I.50 Good to choice steers ..... $8.00-10.00 Fair to good steers S 6.00- 0.00 Low grade steers S 4.00-G.OO Choice to prlmo-ycarlioga ·.. S 9.00-10.00 Good to choice yearlings ... S 7.00- 0.00 Fair to Rood yearlings .... S 5.00- 7.00 Common to fair, yearling] .. S 4.00- 5.00 Good to choice heifers S 7;00- 0.00 Fair to good heifers ..:...:. S 5.00- 7.00 Common to fair heifers .... S 3.50- 5.00 Choice to prime cows ..... S 5.00- C.OO Good to choice cows....... S 4.50-5.00 Fair to good cows S 3.50- 4.2f Fair to good cutters ....... S 3.50- 4.00 Common to fair cullers .... $ 3.00- 3.50 Fair to good canners ...... S 2.15-3.00 fair canners .... s 2.50- 2.75 Good to choice bulls S 4.50- 5.50 Light bulls S 4.00 Calves, gd. to choice 130-190 s S.oo- 7.00 Calves, med. to good 130-170 S 3.50- 6.00 Calves, infer, to gd. 130-130 S 3.50 d'wn ··· LAMBS Lambs, gd. to choice 70-90 s 7.75-11.00 Lambs, med, to good 70-90 5 8.75- 9.75 Lambs.'fr. to medium 70-90 s 5.75- 8.75 Lambs, common S5.75d'wn Yearlings, gd. lo eh. 70-90 s 5.0D-6.00 Yearlings, medium to Rood S 4.00- 5.00 Yearlings, fair to medium S 3.00- 4.00 Yearlings, culls S 2.00- 2.50 Kativc cwcs. good to choice S 2.00- 4.00 Culls, ewes ; $ 1.00- 1.50 Bucks $ 1.00- 2.00 Wethers, 2 year olds S 5.00- 6.00 Wethers, old * 3.00- 5.00 Eitck lambs 51 lows. No dock on lambs. ,Quotations subject to market fluctuations. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK ; (Monday Market) CHICAGO, W)--U. S. department o£ ag agriculture-HOGS . 21,000; Including 7.000 direct; market generally steady with Friday's average; spots weak to shade lower; top $10.30; bulk good and choice 100 to 320 Ibs. 510.10S.10.23; 150 to 180 Ibs. $9,50S JO; sows mostly $9.40(^9.70. CATTIE 14,000; calves 1,500; strictly good and choice fed steers and yearlings iully steady; supply very small; common and medium grades slow, mostly steady however, with bulk such kinds unsold; top $14.50; odd lot choice to prime steers SIS; numerous loads $12.50«pl4.25; hulk 511.50 down to $8.50; stockcrs nnd feeders fully steady; all other killing classes steady; most fed heifers $7,rOQ9.50; cutter cows $4*55.50; beef cows SGffi7..")0: shippers and order buyers fairly broad operators In all killing classes; weighty sausage bulls up to 56.GO; selected vcalcrs to $10; odd lots $10.50 on shipper account. SHEEP 8,000; Includlns 1.200 direct: fat lamb supply around 60 p e r ' cent from Colorado; early trading very slow; indications strong lo unevenly higher or SI2.75 up for strictly choice handy- welghts; fat sheep strong; bulk small supply native ewes $5.50fi7.2!. SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK " (Monday Market) ,'SIOUX CITY, W--U, S. department oi agriculture-- r CATTXK 4,000; calves 300; slaughter Rteers and yearlings moderately active 1 largely firm; fed heifers little changed; cows slow, steady Jo weak; some bids lower; so stockers and feeders fnirly liberal supply, fully steady; car choice 1230 lb. beeves 513; scattered other sales S10.5011; most sales short feds $7.50® 0.50; few good heifers around $3; early bulfc beef cows $5#fi.75; few STtfiT.SO; cutter grades $3.75TM,50; two loads choice faO. lb. feeders ; $9; car choice 625 )b. t atockers $8,CQ; several sales good grades COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS. DES A1OINES, (fP)-- Combined hopr receipts at 22 concentration yards and ? packing plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 4B hour icriod ended at 8 a. nu Monday were 2.800 compared with 29,500 a week ago and 38,300 a year ago. Mostly steady with Saturday's average, pots .TC lower; undertone moderately active; loading indicated about like week ago. Quotations follow: Light lights 140 to ISO Ibs. 38^3; light weights IK) to 180 Ibs. $33-9.70; ISO f o 200 Ibs. SS.G5IO; medium weights 200 to 220 Ibs. 59.80© 10.15; 220 to 250 Ibs. S9.8Qif710.15; heavy weights 250 to 2£0 Ibs. S9.80rjJIO.15; 290 to 350 Jbs. §9.70'31Q.OD; packing sows good $D.30®9.53; 330 to 425 Ibs. S9.15Jj9.45; 425 to 550 Ibs. 53.93 D.25, f7.5Q;. few heavier kinds $7.25; current stockcr and feed cattle quotations: Steers 550 lo 800 Ibs. good and choice SC.50 5? 8,15 ~, common and medium 54.75{ii G.50; 800 to 1050 Ibs. good and choice SG.SOiQa; common and medium $3@G.50; heifers good and choice 55.507; common and medium $4.5035,50; cows good 5-1,25 (7E4.75; common and medium $3.75 i@-4.25; calves (steers) 'good and choice 5^.80^8.15; medium SSI?6.50. H O G S 4,000; moderately active; mostly steady with Triday's average; top $10; Freely bulk good and choice 150 to 323 lb, butchers §9.B5$E*0: I G O ' - t o 190'- Lbs. 53.40^9.85; 140 to 1GO Ibs. $0.40153,50; sows $9.35f£9.50; few $9*75. SUECP 1,500; little early action: few native lambs up to $12; about steady; generally asking stronger; best fed of- merings held above $12.35; package ewes $7; about steady; land fod westerns held above $7.25; package light weight feeders $0.73. SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK* ( M o n d a y Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL, (»!·--U. S. department ot agriculture-CATTLE 4.400; slaughter steers about steady; most sales around $Q.30iit 10.50; some held $11.50 or more; she stock, fairly active, steady: plain and medium heifers $5.5068; Tew Good' $B,50S0.50; good fed cows $G.75fif.7.50; plain and medium cows $5fi,5.7a; low cutters and cutters $3.50S'4.75; bulls steady; medium and good heavy weights $5.75(ilG.25; stockers and feeders steady; medium to choice steers £B.25*ra.25; calves 2.300; steady; most good and choice $7.50^.8,50; stricUy choice $9 or more. IIQGS 5,500; about steady with Saturday or steady to 5c or more lower t h a n Friday; pood to choice 200 to 300 Ibs. mostly $10: with $10.05 bid on few choice lots; few bids 160 to 190 Ibs, SS.SS'i? 9.30; Bood nnd choice 120 to 150 Ibs. bid $8,30^ 3.50; Rood sows $9.50 down; average cost Saturday $9,73; weight 103 Ibs. SHEEP 2,500; slaughter lambs opening strong; 25c higher; slaughter ewes fully steady; feeding lambs strong to 25c higher;' early sales r^orf to choice- 73 lb. slaughter. lambs $12^12.25; best held higher; common and medium $9?f 11; scattered lots good to choice native ewes 7; p.ickagc 72 lb. feeding lambs $10.50. OMAHA T.TVESTOCK. ( M o n d a y Market) OMAHA, (/D--U. S. department of agriculture-- IIQGS R.500; 1,200 direct; steady xvilh Frttlay's average; early top $10,10 to shippers and traders; good to choice butchers 190 Ibs. up $9.13Oft 10.10; packer top $10; ICO (n 130 Ibs. $9.40(29.00; few $10; 14(1 to 1GO Ibs. $8.75^9.40; few $9.50; slaughter piRtf $7^8.75; lighter and medium $B.25® 8.25; sows $9.40Tr9.50; stags up lo $3,75. CATTLE 7.500; calves 1.000; slow, scattering good iind choice 1,000 to 1,300 lhs, $10.50'!? 12.50; load medium weights $13; load 1.154 lb. prime feds $14.85. now high for the season; most medium to pood heifers $7ffiR.5Q: common and medium cows $5^5.25; few Rood to $7.50; cutters S7.50if£4.73; few §5; medium bulls $5.25*9 G; select vealers 3.50; mostly $8fi9; bulk calves $6.50fin; most stockers and feeders S6.50iRB.50; load slock steer calves $3. SHEEP V.OOO; undertone strong on ki!l- inff classes; asking 25c or more higher; feeders 23-50c higher; best fed ewes held above 57.50; early sales feding lambs $10.50010.75. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, (.^--Official esHmafecI receipts for Tuesday: Cattle 7,000; hogs 18,000; sheep 7,000. Representative Sales (Monday Market) CHICAGO, OT,--U. S. department ot agriculture--Representative rales; HOGS. ' Heavy-- [Lights-55 -14fi 10.10114 197 10.23 1 ' 32J. 10. In] 11 1R5 10.1:1 W 234 10.2I)|77 )74 JO.flO 64 264 10.30132 Ifi3 0,65 Mediums-- ILIght Lights-- 24fi 10.30|3fi 157 fl 7S 237 10.25|73 I4S o'.50 78 221 10.30J 203 30.3fl| CATTLE. Steers-- IHelfers-- 22 1303 14.75| G lOGf) 12.00 18 1512 14.23|25 1020 1000 23 1000 14,00)21 726 0,50 16 1328 13.50118- . 8 3 1 825 22 1252 )2.75]17 80S 7.50 26 1100 11.50|COWS-25 1112 30.23[! 1330 8.00 24 1074 3,50 J 12C1 725 \3 1210 fi,00 M 1083 5.23 ?*' 010 4.23 SHEEP. Colorado Inimbs-- jEwcs-- Fc d Westerns-- j 12 ] n I 7 ^ "I M 13,0018 1ST v'flo 220 94 ]2.30 174 fi'so *W M 102 550 21 78 J2.50 WHEAT CLIMBS IN LATE TRADE Market Closes More Than Gent to 3 or More Above Saturday. CHICAGO, (if)--Wheat climbed 3% cents a bushel ]ate Monday, owing largely to estimates 2,000,000 bushels of Canadian wheat had been bought for shipment overseas. Besides, all Liverpool wheat futures except March mounted Monday to new high price records for the season. New crop wheat futures in Chicago showed the strongest upward trend, indicating increased belief that United States wheat e x p o r t prospects were broadening. At the close, wheat was ]% to 3% cents above Saturday's finish May $:.3G% to $1.36%, July $1.21% to $1.21%; corn varying from % cent decline to 1% cents advance, May 51.09% to $1.09%, July $1.05% to 51.06; oats at y~ to 1 cent gain, and provisions 5 cents off to 42 cents up. CHICAGO CASH CHAIN. (Monday market) CHICAGO, l/l'f-- Cash wheat: No. 2 hard l.SB^; No. 1 mixed $1.3934- N O . 2 mixed 5I.38VJ. Corn: No. 3 mixed S1.12',i-, No. 4 mixed S1.I1$? : 1.12; No. 5 mixed 51.10; No."Z yellow Sl.lG'A; No. 3 yellow Sl.12V4lSl.14H-. No. 4 yellow Sl.lplg.1.1214; No. 5.yellow S1.07!4ji'l.(l9!i; No. 3 while SI.16:'No. 4 White 51.135i; No. S white SI.12- sample grade OOc'iiSl.Oa. Oats: No. 2 while SI We; No. 3 %vhite 51c: sample grade -»35f4DMc. No rye. Soybeans: No. 2 yellow Sl.S6ei.56lV sample grade yellow S1.53. Barley:-No. 3, flic; sample grade ISc; feed 73fg87c nominal; malting Sl^'1,35 nominal. Timothy seed S4.75SJ5.50 cwt. Clover seed S30(S36 cwt. Lard tierces $12.55; loose S11.02; bellies Mason City Groin MASON CITY-- For Monday No. 3 yellow shelled corn . . 51 04 No. 4 yellow shelled corn . . Sl'o2 Earn corn ..... qr 0 White oats, No. 3 .' .......... HI ' ' ' ' . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . - c Soybeans, No. 2 yellow ..... $1.35 MOJTDAV GBAr,V CLOSE WHEAT- Hlah C i! owAG °- Close 1.36 Vi 1.2 Hi 1.19!!, May new May old July new July old ... 3,03^ 3.03 ... 1,06 a QJ May .......... 473; July .......... 4411. Scpl ........... 4 i i b SOYBEANS-May ...... .·47 .«!» l.OG'A l.OSla 1.03V, .47? 1 .44% 1.3 *«y 1.09 1.01! July 1.02JI 1.01»l Sept 96'* S-pi BARLEY-- ' ' May LAUD-Mar *'»y 13.111 12.B7 J "'y 13..T5 1 3 . I D Sept ....13.60 13,35 BELLIES-- Mny 17.15 · IT.on 17.15 July 17.58 17.42 17.42 12.711 ttRAIN', (Monday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. (,n--Wheat 51 cars; tic lower lo l?ic higher: No. 1 heavy dark northern GO Ibs. $1.4J54fn.57!.i; No I dark northern S3 Ibs ?1.46',4®l.S6',i' 58 Ibs. S1.4514fi1.55!i; fancy No. 1 hard Montana 14 per cent protein 51.43%® 1.4j!4; grade of No. 1 dark hard or No 1 hard Montana winter Jl.aS'A- hard am- Hcr durum No. 1. S1.4MSS1.63»»; No 1 red d u r u m $1.313^(^1.32^. Corn: No. 3 yellow Sl.Wiffll.lBli: unchanged to Ic higher. Oats: No. 3 white 47J48!4c. V OMAHA CHAIN. (Monday Market) OMAHA, an--Wheat: Dark hard No. 5. I ^ I ' . W l 173'. · TJ« · e t 141;. l lara No , ] p Corn: Yellow No. 3. Sl.lSSM.lOii- No 4. S1.1GTI.1!); No. S. $1.IR; white No. 2. 51.21; No. 3. 5l.101i.Sl.30; mixed No. 3, SI.16: No. 4. S1.17; Oats: White No. 2. S52S!5S','.c; No .1 47ffl43!ic; No, 4, 47«f«c: sample 47c. KANSAS C1TV GRAIN. . (Monday Market) KANSAS CITY. f^_wheat 163 cars: unch.lnced to 2c higher: No. 2 rlark hard $1.32'/3tf?1.33',4; No. 3, $1.29'/,ftil 31; No 2 hard »I.34(!U.3S; No. 3. S1.23'A®1.34U: No. 2 red nominally $1.36Stl.31H$; No 3 nominally $l.34ffl.38. Com 58 cars; 'Ac hlcher; No. 2 while nominally S1.24®1.25'A; No. 3; SI.22; No. 2 yellow nominally S1.23 t ,4«J1.24*l; No 3 nominally $I.21'S1.23!',; No. 2 mixed nom- f n a l l y S I . 2 1 W G l . 2 2 y , ; No. 3 nominally Oats 7 cars: Yt-lc higher; No. 2 while nominally 51S53*,ic; No. 3 nominally 40® ' Americanism: (I) "It is crooked to pack a jury." (2) "Now let's pack the supreme court and get what we want,','--Lincoln Slar. Stock List NEW YOBIC STOCKS. (Monday Final Quotations) By The Associated Press Al Ch : Dye '24a'A Maytag I3H Am Con 103=i McK S: Rob la'.i Am Sm Re 102 Mid Cont Pet 34 Am Sugar Rcf 4s:i Montg Ward UG',4 A T T 17o'/» Worrell Co 43 Am Tob B 03'^ Nash Kelv 22',^ Am Wat Wte 2-iSk Wat Biscuit 31?i, Anaconda 6ti'/ a Nat Cash R 37 A. T S F 83 Nat Dairy Pr 2«i Auburn Auto 30 Nat Distill 3311 Aviation Corp «}B Nat Pow : Lt I H a Bait Ohio 35}» N Y Central 51!i Barnsdall 32 Northern Pac iJIPA Bendix Aviat 26^ Oliver Farm R4 Beth Stl SSRi Packard Mot 11 Bordens 27 Param Pict i!4'/« Borg Wnmcr Bl'.i Penney 10214 Can D G Ale 33 V, Pcnn R R 47% Canad Pac , IS Phillips Pet 57S'a Case 1SB · Radio mb Chi N W a»i Key Tob B 52 Chi Gt West Mb Sears Roeb 33 C M St P Si P 2*\ Shell Union 32!i C R I P .1=i Soe Vacuum lay, Chrysler !Z7b Sou Pac 6U« Col G El IG'/i Std Brands ISVa Com Sou 3 Sid Oi! Cal 47H Con Edison 4U'/« Std Oil Ind 47^n Con Oil ' 17 Sid Oil N J 73 Coil Can lilVi Slcwarl Warn 193. Cont Oil Del "ill^a Stucleuahcr lay* Corn Prod (J31t Swift Co 28!'. Curliss Wright I'.i Texas Corp 5PH Dccro Co 130 Tex Glli£ Sill 33HB DuPont de N 10S?i Tlmfc Soil B C3 Gen Elcc 50'i TJn Carbide lOOli Gen Foods 42',2 TJn Pac 144 Gen Mol D5}a "Unit Air Corp 33'/2 Gillctle 18 Uniled Corp Oli Good'r T R 45'/« Unit Drug I5',i Hudson Mot iOTa XI S Ind Alco 33 Illinois Cent Mft U S Rubber 65 Int Harvest 306=1 U S Steel 121 Int Nick Can ll'. Warner Pict 15 Int Tel Tel 13Tb - West Un Tel 7n Johns Manv 144 West El S: M 14C KresRe 2G('a Woolworth Til tib O r Gl 70^ Wriglcy Jr ti9»,'« CHICAGO STOCKS. (Monday Final Quotations) By The Associated Tress Cities Service'' Dexter Hcilmann Bre 101s Katz Drugr Libby McNeil Midwest Corp Natl Lealhcr Nail Standard 31W Northwest Ban 131 Quaker Oats 119'A Rath Packing 30 Swift ff. Co 28 Swift Intl 31'.4 Utility Ind l' Zenith 36'.4 Supplementary · List of Stock Quotations Supplied by -LARISON BROTHERS AND CO.. Mason- City Office tn Baglcy-Beck Bide. Telephone No. 7. B O W J O N E S A V E R A G E S Inds. Kails Ulils Close 103.41 62.03 32.05 Tola! Sales J,770.000 CHICAGO STOCKS Sutler Bros 17 3 ,i Marshall Ficl 29»ii Cord Corp G l a "Walgreen Co 32V'i Keys S it Wl 15 NEW YORK C U H B Am G Sf E! 37',i Hud B M S 3G!1 Am Cyan B 3I=ii Humb Oil Co 113 Am S Pow Co 2V'» Niag H Pow 14 Ark N Gas A 11='* Pennroad Cp fiVa Can Marconi 2 S O Ky Co lOVi El Bd Sh 23ii Un Gas Co 12 F Mo o£ Can 25. Un Li St P Co S',1 F Mo oi Ene 7V» Utit P S: LI Co 1 NEW YORK STOCKS Aleska June 14^8 Hudson Mot 2G?'q Am For P. 12 Hupp Motors 2V» Am C St;j; Co 233* Intl Carriers 8^0 Am C P Co 65^ Rayon 38 Am Pow ; Li 12% Kelvinalor Co 22',i Am R Mills 42'.'* Lambert Co 2lVz Am H S Co 26% .Liq Carb Cp 52 Amer Tob Co ran Lorillard 243S Arm Co 12^ Mack Truck 5S',« Ar fc Co p£d sa 3 ,i ^tathic Alk . 38'/« As D Goods 22'.i JIcLellan Sirs 17 All Hef 34 = Mlnn.Mol Im 14»1 Baldwin Loco !)'/ M K T 8",i Brlfigs MI Co 43^ Jvlo Pac 4^i Bendix 26% Motor Prod .Wo Budd Mf Co 12!'.i Oo Amcr 27'.a Bycrs A M Co 31'A No Am Avi 15?i Caterpillar Tr OG'.'a Otis Sll Co 221i Cerro do Pas SO'.i Owen 111 Gl I US 14 Ctics Ohio 63^^ Packard Mot 11 C G W pTd IG^i Park Ut Cop Ml CMSP P pfd ii*i Plymouth 23V t Coca Cola 153 Proc : Gatn fit) Com Solvent 19 P S of N J 43'.' Cont Motor 3',« Pullman GGl'a Curt-W Co A 22'.ii Pure Oil Co 2Hi Dist C ScaR 27V* Purity Bak 21 !a Douglas Airc Go'.a R K O 0=1. Fastman 1G6 Rein Ranti 2(i!a Eaton Mf Co 34 Rco Motors 8'/ El Auto Lite 42?a Simmons Co SGii El Pow Li 23 So Cal Edison 27!'. Eric R R Co 21 Sperry Corp 21% F'ne Ti Ru 3314 St G E 12=. Foster-Wheel 44 Tide W A Oil 20=. Frccport Tex 2S3B U s Ind Alch 3E Gen Am Tra 7Wi IT S Smelter 39 Gliddeil Co 47'/j Util P Li A 3!i Gobc] 51i Vanadium 30% Gold Dust 14H Un G Imp 14K Graham Paige 33; Western Un 75 Gt Nor pfd 52U Worth Pump 4314 flahn de Sirs 20'.b Yellow Truck 34 Houston Oil IS'.i Yotmifs SS:T OSVi STOCK LEADERS GIVEN SUPPORT Recover After Morning Dip Trims Off Fractions to 2 or More Points. NEW YORK,'(IP)--Stock market leaders found support Monday after a morning slide in which many slipped fractions to two or more points. Helpful in stemming the downward move was the estimate of the American Iron and Steel institute that this week's mill operations were up 1.6 per cent over the preceding week at 88.9 per cent of capacity, a new mark since September, 1929. \Vhile small losses were in the majority near the final hour, a number of specialties edged forward. Dealings were slow. Transfers were around 2,100,000 shares. Curb Market NEW YORK, (/F;--Selective buying sent some specially shares forward tor fair gains in a mixed curb market Monday. Advances ranging up to around 2 points were recorded for Pacific Tin Special. Pan American Airways and Atlantic Pacific. Gainers of fractions lii^ eluded American CyanamJd "U," American Gas Electric- and Wright Harfi reaves. , On the downside were Gulf Oil, which lost more than i/t, and A l u m i n u m ' Co., ot America which yielded 2. Slightly lower were Shcrwiti Williams. Columbia Oil Gasoline, and Pennrond. Produce MASON CITY--Foi' ilonday Cash Quotations by K. G. iVlorse Eggs, current receipts ISc Heavy hens, 5 Ibs, and over ..12c Under 5 Ibs 8c Stags, 5 Ibs. and over lie Stags, under 5 Ibs 7c Cocks 6c All No. 2 poultry 4 cents less merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 19-20c* Eggs, cash IS-lGc* Butter, Iowa State Brand, . .41c Sutler, Corn Country 40c Sutter, Kenyon's. 40e Butter, Very Best 41c Butter, Brookfield 40c Potatoes, russets, peck 75c Potatces, cobblers, peck '. .57c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. CHICAGO I'RODUCK (.llonaay Market) CHICAGO. W--Butter 8.261. Jinn; CVcamcry specials (33 score) · 35AfW3Ge- extras (92) 33c; extra Jirsts (SO-B1) 34!ira 3«ic; firsts (88-8S) 33C34c; standards (30 ccnlrallzcd carlok) 3Wc. Eggs 15.031. steady; extra firsts local 23c. cars 23=ic; Iresh graded firsts local 22^4C, cars 23 J /*cr current receipts 21 3 ,^o- storage packed extras 24'.ic; storage Packed firsts 24'/4C. Poultl-y: Live, 2 cars, 14 trucks, easier- liens over 5 Ibs. IB'.ic. 5 Ibs. and less IS'.ac: Leghorn hens lC!^c; colored fryers 25c; While Rock 25',ic; Plymouth 27c: colored broilers 25c; White Hock 25c- Plymouth Rock 2Cc; barcbacks 13c: roosters 13c: Legiiorn roosters 12c: turkeys hens 21c. young toms 17c. old IGc- No 2 turkeys I5c; ducks 4ii Ibs. UP white and colored 2Uc, small white and colored 17e: Ecese 14c: capons 7 Ibs. up 24c, less than 7 IBS. 23c. Hides Quotation* Furntsbert by W d l t Oroj n Inc.. 3CJS F i f t h Street Southwell BORSEUIOES Horsehirtes : S4 25 T.BEEN BEEF I I I U E 3 Up to =5 Ibs ; n v i c 2o Ibs. up i) c Bull hides I.!!!!! 71bc ·Curea niacs Hal/ cent more n ' p o u n d (On above prices a cent and a hnl higher to wholesale dealers In wholesale Jots.) WOOL JtAUKET. BOSTON, W1--U. S. department of agriculture-- The Boston wool market showed some Irregularity Monday despite the strong close of the London sales last week. Some houses adhered firmly to their recent asking prices on spot domestic wools. Buyers, while showing more Interest than two or three weeks ago had lew urgent ImmedJale requirements. In consfdcrlne; purchases for f u t u r e requirements buyers were · influenced larcely by current prices and costs of recently imported wool- NEW Y O R K PRODUCE Monila- M a r k e t ) NEW YORK. (/Pj-- Eggs 21^55. steady; mixed colors, special packs 25'/ 2 fi2G L /.c: standards a4',Sri25c: storace packed firsts .Mft24i4c: firsts 23fi23'ic; mediums 22'/- Sj23c; dirties No. 1, :2'AS22»Ac; average checks 21(S21^c. Butter 3.687. firm; creamery higher than extra 3G5J30»ic; extra lo; score) ·W-sc; firsts (80-31 scores) 33!',g3.i'.ic- seconds (84-R7 scores) 31'/-ta33c- centralized (00 score! 3o','c. Cheese 100.56!), steady to firm; state whole milk flats fresh fancy 1036, 22'/.' Live poultry: By freight aliout slcadv chickens Rocks lOc; Leghorn I3a fowls colored 2lf;22c; Leghorn n«JI8c: roost tcrs !3c; turkeys 17a25c; ducks lac- by express (to come). · * PRODUCE FUTURES. ,, ..,, (Monday market) CHICAGO. W-Bulter f u t u r e s closed- cr r '3fc andards ' Marc n 33Wc; Novem- EGK fulures: Storage packed first's Miscellaneous CHICAGO POTATOES. Monday illarkcl) , of Potatoes 160; on track 377: tola! U S s upmenls Saturday ° 52: Sunday 57; old' slock dull, weak undertone, supplies lih- £?, l j., dcmani \ slo " r - limited mostly to 1 est guality: sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet m"/^ 1 ", 5 U ' S ' No - '· S3-»5*S a?cord! ?§7n S £ C , a "" """»" "· S- No. 2. 52.G5 ®270; Colorado Bed ilTcClures U. S No i'H*lo 7 o? 3 4,, RuEsct . B " rb: "' 1 =s partly graded 52.30; Wisconsin Round Whites U S S2°' Ml hTM Sa '^ S 52 ' 23: "' S - =°nTM«ci£i «. Michigan Russet Rurals U. E No I few sales ?2.30ffi2.«i new stock about steady supplies moderate, demand slow- carlot track sales, bushel crates Florida Bliss Triumphs U. s No 1 few 7ili« S. No. 2, few £l« l".,0 -._,,, K K W YOtlK SUflAR. NEW \ORK. UP)--Raw sugar nulct and unehangc* Monday at 3A, C for ipots with no sale.i reported Future* ?«n rc rlrrc f"- 1r - n»fincrt unchanged at ·I.BOe /or fine granulated. I N V E S T M E N T TRUSTS. By The Axr.rlAte] PrcM Bin nnd asked Monday: Corporate Tr Sh . i 12 Corporate Tr Sh A A Mod S'BH Corporate Tr Sh Ac Ser 2.93 Corporate Tr Ac Scr Mod 3 BR Dividend Sh 2.17 ' j'^j Maryland Fund 1072 11 7^ Nationwide Sec 1.30 s'oo Nationwide Sec Vtc · 33 2 4 9 Nor A m c r Tr Sh 2.85 Nor Amer Tr Sh 1355 ... 3,75 Quarterly Inc Sh 1M4 21 in Selected Am Sh Inc .....16.27 1730 Super Corp Am Tr A .... 4 4 3 U S El L P B 2.08 3KR u s EI i, p vtc i.oo LI? GOVERNMENT BONDS. (Monday Q n o l a l l u n i ) NF.W YORK, f/Tl--U. S. bonds closed- Treasury 4'/«s 47-52 117.23 Treasury 4s 41-51 112-5 Treasury 3=is 40-43 June I O o 2 G Treasury 3=is 43-47 1070 Treasury 3!i,s 4fM9 .. jon 8 Treasury 3s 51-55 · lOo'al JIAItKET REVIEW. «·.,.,, T .. ' CHICAGO-Monday nutal--Importing countries acain took ?ood sized quantities of wheat. Italy being reported as having taken three cargoes of Argentine wheat and Grecse two cargoes. Later in the session sales of Canadian wheat were placed at from HI rmllion to 2.000.000 with the United kingdom. Antwerp, Rotterdam. Swcdcii and Finland the buyers. Export business of this size naturally caused not only a strong opening but advancing quotations during the session. May wheat in Winnipeg: at one time was more than 3c a bushel higher than Saturday's close and vhllc our market was strong our advances were not in proportion with those at Winnipeg.. In fact the difference be- ween their May and ours narrowed to about 3c. We would not be surprised at H cessation /or a day or two at least in leavy buying of wheat by importers and htreforc would use care in following sharp market advances, as our prices lave a tendency to drag somewhat be- lind Winnipeg and Liverpool, corn--corn market advanced about Ic bushel Monday, mostly on the strength n wheat as trade in this grain was coin- larativeiy light. At tiie close of the Week Argentine corn from spot stocks In New Yurk was quoted 35c to SCTc a bushel and new Argentine corn for May shipments was offered in cargo lots at 04c c. i. f. American ports, duty paid. One of the arge elevator concerns in Illinois said he failure of the country to materially ncrcase their corn marketings on the ipturn in prices would seem to confirm hat there is a scarcity of supplies back n farmers' cribs. A very large pcrcent- Tge of cribs have little or no corn for the narket. There is n tight cash corn sltua- lon in Ohio but Argentine corn is underselling domestic corn in the cast and south. Industries best buyers. Chicago tock of lard March 15 were 112.317,000 ounds. Total stocks a year ago were 34,220,000 pounds. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 1300, Mason City Bia and Asked M o n d a y ) Cent St El 0 pet pfd (523 parl 10 Cent St El 7 pet pfd ($25 par) 11 Cent St P L, 7 net pfd 13! Cliamplin Rcf l a - 7 pet pfd .. 100 Creamery Package coin 24 [earst Cons A :o A Kormel A pfd Gco A llormel com Interstate Power 0 pet pfd Interstate Power 7 pet pfd 104 · ID 1.1 Iowa Electric Co G'/. pet p[tt 50 Imvj t Elcctrfc Co 7 pet pfd.. 52 68 en 72 la El Lt Pow G pet pfd .. la El Lt Pow 6'/2 pet pfd la El LI Pow 7 pet pfd.. -(a la Power it Light G pet pfd 102 la Power i: Light 7 pet pjd 103 la Public Serv 6 pet pfd .. 90 la Public Serv 6ii pet pfd .. 37 la Public Serv 7'pct pfd ... sa la South Util G pet pfd G3 la South Util GV-v pet pfd . . G4 la South Util 1 pet pfd 72 Minnesota P L c pet p/d .. at Minnesota P L 7 pet pfd .. 97 Northern St Power 6 pet pfd 86 Northern St Power 7 net nfd fl" xN W Bell Tel C'.i pet pfd . IDS N W St Portland Cement com 30 Rath Packing com 35 Sioux Cily G £1 7 pet pfd 09 Rys B pet pfd Si , United l.t ^ ,,..,., ., j JV ;i plu .. o^ United Lt : Bys G.3S pet pfd . 8:1 Inltcd I.t Hys 7 pet pfd . . 9 2 ..'eslern Grocer pfd joo western Grocer com . TJ · x Called April 15. 12 13 16 25 107 21 15 17 as 54 70 71 74 104 105 99 99 100 65. 6G 74 93 99 101 84 85 94 102 22 Lam son Brothers Market Letter LEGAL NOTICE QKIGINWL NOTICE In the District Court of Iowa in and for Ccrro Corao County. April Term. lim. E. E. Clans, Lou Urcnn. and Alice Craves, Plaintiffs. vs. Sarah Claus, W. F. Urenn, Frank H, Graves,, Laura Perry. Moulton M. Glaus, Dorothy Spicor, Ensign D. Townc, Lloyd E. Townc, John R. CJans, Jessie E. Claus. Earl P, Glaus, Clara Clans, Merrill M. Perry. John L. Spicer, Ruth B. Claus, William N. Claus, Millie Clans, Vivian Herbert Sutton, Charlotte Sutlon, John Lawcrcnce Sutton. Vida Button. Ebcy Agncw Sulton. Ramona Sutton, Bessie Nnoml Suttoti Clanton, Elmer Clanlon, Sheldon Stephen Sulton, Sylvia Sutton, Stanley Douglas Sullon. Othalia Sutton, Hazel R u t h Sutton Hawley, Tcnney Hawley* Wilma Edna Sutton Bucl:mnsler, Joseph Buckmaster and Farmers Savings Bank of Plymouth, Iowa, Defendants. To each and all or t h e d e r e n d a n t s above n a m e d : You and each of you are hereby noli- .'ied that Ihcre is now on f i l e in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, the petition of the plaintiffs alleging thai the following named, io-wit; John R. Claus, an undivided l-8th share E. E. Clntis an undivided l-8th share Alice Graves an undivided 1-Oth share I.ou Urenti an undivided l-8Ui share Enrl P. Claus an undivided I-8th. share Laura Perry an undivided I-24th share Dorothy Splccr an undivided l-'Mtli share Moulian M. Claus an undivided 1-241H share Vivian Herbert Sulton an undivided l-G4tli share John Latt'crctiee Sutlon an undivided 1.64th share Ebcy ARTIRW Sullon. an undivided 1-G41H share ticsslo Naomi Clan ton an undivided l-fi4tli share Sheldon Stephen Sutton an undivided 1-G-lth share Stanley Douglas Sutlon an undivided l-64th share 5In«l Ruth Hawley an undivided 1-fi-Wi share Wilmn Ertnn Buckmastcr an undivided l-Q4th share Ensign D. Townc an undivided 1-241H share Lloyd E. Townc an undivided l-12lh share are the owners in fee simple, in the proportions as above set out opposite their respective names, ot the following described real estate situated in Ccrro Gorrio County, Iowa, to-wlt: The south half ot the South half of the Northwest quarter (S'/'Sl^NW^i) and the East f i v e (3) acres of the North half o f , the South half of the North- ivesf quarter (N'^Sl4N\V',i all in Section nine (f». Township n i n e t y - s e v e n 3 ) North Range n i n e t e e n (10) West ot the nth P. M. Also the North half of the Northeast quarter ( N l i N E V i ) of Section nine (0) and the South half of the Southeast quarter S!feSE'/,) of Section f o u r (1) all in Townshfp !H North naiiue n i n e t e e n (io w«sl of the Bth and asking lhat a decree be entered In this cause confirminK ownership of ,safcl real estate ns aforesaid and t h a t partition thereof lie made, or tliat an order be entered herein ordering nnd riireclinc a sale of sairt promises and lhat the proceeds be divided between the respective owners in proportion (o t h e i r respective shares or inlorcsls a l t e r dcducling nh- Mmct fees, attorney fees, court fees and other reasonable, proper and j u s t charges; and that the rights of the defendant Farmers Savings Bank of Plymouth, Iowa, be dclerrnlncd and for such other and Curlhcv order or orders that may be legal, just and equitable. You arc f u r t h e r notified that unless you appear and d ef en d o n o r before noon ot the second day ot the April 1037 term of said Court to be held at the court house in Mason Cily In said County, commencing on April 5th 1037. default will be entered against you and judgment rendered thereon in accordance with the prayer of plafntilfs petition, RALPK S. STANBERY, Attorney for Plaintiffs. Final count in lhe»1alest census shows Shanghai, China, has a population of 3,770,086. DflYTHffT I FORGET CHAPTER 45 JANET opened her eyes slowly and wriggled her nose. She inhaled deeply adn felt the pangs of hunger. She tried to remember what scent it was that rose so deli ciously. Frying ham! And in Martha Colby's house in Chester. "Oh, gosh!" she said in her thread-thin voice. She couldn't remember when she had said that so appreciatively. Or for that matter, when she had smelled anything so good. She accepted that pleasure for all it was worth. She didn't think of anything but ham and her hunger. She didn't even move in the big double brass bed. She liked that bed. She liked the soft patchwork quilt folded across the foot of it where her length did not reach. She liked the spotless dimity curtains swaying lightly in the warm April air. She liked the old fashioned dresser and the small three-legged table beside her bed. There was no chromium Here, no silken drapes, no luxurious satin and French prints. She concentrated on the dresser, trying to pick out the objects there. The china vase and the fat pincushion with hatpins in it. The button box and the hair receiver, the sweet grass handkerchief basket and Martha's worn Bible. There were other things there; :ier own monogrammed mirror and brush and comb. They didn't belong there. On the table beside her there was a low bowl filled with pansies. She tried to remember if pansies -vere yet in season. She couldn't, ;o she abandoned the thought. She concentrated on the dappled sun- Jght on the faded carpet. Again the pain of hunger assailed her and she called. "Martha!" There was no answer. Janet's voice was reed-like; it wouldn't lave carried beyond the room. For two 'weeks she had lain in ,hat big bed and only these last .hrce days had she been able to speak. Oh, she had spoken but the hings she had said she had cried out in fever. And when the level- passed, she had been too weak, too exhausted to think of anything she .vanted to say. Then she remembered that Marha had left a silver bell on the :able for her to ring. She looked at the bell and it pleased her. It represented a little pig and Martha lad bought it at the church fair without any thought of ever using it. Finally, Janet remembered what it was for. She reached for it feebly. "Well, Miss, it's lime you were awake. Do you know it's Sunday morning and time good people were up?" That was'Martha's little -joke. Janet couldn't have stood up even if it had been Judgment day. Martha put her tray down, not without noting the anticipation in her patient's face. Janst raised herself by both hands and then Martha's strong hands were under, her arms and arranging pillows at her back. Martin chatted while she arranged a much worn, very soft pink knitted shawl over the small figure of Janet v/hich was both pathetic and ridiculous wrapped in one of Martha's spacious "Filipino" night dfess(-s. "Feel like eating a real good meal today?" "Have an appetite like a stevedore's, Martha, you know t haven't been ill, I've just been pretending. No one could possibly have an appetite like this one and have been ill." "Of course you weren't seriously ill. honey. You were just tired out and refused to admit it. When we won't face that kind of fatigue, natura makes us. Now, medicine first/' She held a spoon with a thick green liquid in it and Janet swallowed it, making the proper face lhat goes with swallowing medicine. She had been going to say something but Martha had forestalled it. When she had eaten a fair share of hot rolls and strawberry jam, with her delicious pink ham and a cup cf coffee rich with thick cream, she settled back to have a talk \vith Martha. "Martha, don't you think it's time I did a little explaining?" she began. "About what, I'd like to know! Do I have to have an explanation just because my baby comes to me when she's ill? I should say not!" "But, Martha, there are so many things I want to tell you. I want to tell you what a coward I was and about Joel and . . . and Russell." "Of course you do! Thai's what comes of spoiling you. You think you're going to take up my whole Sunday morning talking about that husband of yours again. Isn't it bad enough that he keeps me runiiing up and downstairs an- ] swering the telephone all day long without you having to add to my burdens?" Martha bustled about and straightened things up witira fine show of friendly annoyance; "Joe. . . . is . . . ?" "Didn't I tell you?" Martha said beaming. "If you're a very good girl and rest now, then if you eat some broth at 1 o'clock and nap for an hour, you can have a visit from your husband. He's coming out this afternoon." "Martha"--Janet's tone arrested the older woman--"I don't think I'm up to seeing Joel." Martha sat down in the low rocking chair which she had pulled up to the bedside. She took one of Janet's blue veined hands into hers. "Do you want to tell me why?" she asked. "I want to tell you lots of things when I feel stronger Martha. I didn't know I was going to be ill when .1 came. I only knew that I wanted to be with you and . . . away from everyone else. I still . . . oh, I mean that I feel so peaceful, so rested. I haven't felt this way in nearly five years, Martha. Somehow I want to hold on to this." Martha didn't know whether she should let Janet go. Dr. Rogers had said Janet was not to talk but Martha had seen doctoring as many years as he had. And she had her own ideas. "You want to hold on to everything, Janet. And the other things are 110 harder than this. They're there and all for you just as I am." "I don't know," Janet said dubiously. "But I do," Martha said staunchly. "And when you are well and strong again, and the doctor says you'll be like a new girl in another two weeks after this fine rest" (the doctor had said that Janet would be all right as soon as the storm clouds cleared away) "you'll sec that it is. I've been having many a long talk with Joel, dear." "Martha! Have you truly?" Janet held lighter to Martha's hand. "Jan," Martha said in a very low voice, "you do love Joel, don't you?" _ "Yes, with all my heart. When I came out to you that night I was so confused I didn't know where I was. I can hardly believe it now but then I was . . I thought I was in love with another man. But I'm not! I'm not!" "Of course you're not," Martha said soothingly and began to do little things about Janet's pillows and pulling the covers up to her chin. "Now, you're going to have a nap and dream about the nice fresh start you're going to get" To her surprise Jnnet began to cry softly. , "Now, what is the matter? Have I tired you, dear?" "Wo," Janet said, wiping her eyes with the bed sheet. "Except Martha, that's the trouble with Joel and me. It's too late to get a fresh start. I've ruined Joel's life by making him a success. And now it's all too involved to find our way back." "Stuff and nonsense!" Martha pronounced. "If you say one word of that to Joel this afternoon, I'll forbid him to come here again mind you! I won't have you talking about his career until I telJ you you're well enough." (To Be Continued) Cards Return After Halving Two Fights DAYTONA BEACFf, Fla.--The Cardinals were due to return late Monday from the week-end jaunt to Havana, Cuba, where they split two games witli the New York Giants. Paul Dean's sore arm seemed in good condition as he allowed three hits on easy pitching. Diamond Contest to Be Held in Michigan DES MOINES, (/P)--Joe Campbell, state chairman of the Iowa Amateur Athletic association, announced Monday that the National Amateur Baseball tournament sponsored by the American Baseball congress will be held in Battle Creek, Mich., Sept. 18 lo 26. Stanlon's Vikings represented Iowa in last year's meet at Louisville, Ky. Red Sox Holdout Is in Fold for Season S A R A S O T A, Fla.--Manager Joe Cronin put his Boston Red Sox through their paces Monday with holdouts reduced to three when Shortstop Eric McNair announced he would sign his contract. Outfielder Roger "Doc" Cramer, Inftelder Johnny Kroner and Pitcher Jack Russell are the only other holdouts. Special News tor Truckers, Farmers and Iron Collectors E. L. Goldstein, Ciiarlcs City, Iowa, wants lo Buy: 500 tons country mixed iron at $9.00 (o $10.00 p cr ne t t on 500 tons No. 1 machinery and automobile cast at $1.1.00 ner net ton. These prices arc for truck load lots delivered to our vard* at Charles City, Iowa. y*ros market* ""c^° intcrested in ' tu y in s: metals and rags at highest E. L. Goldstein, Charles City, Iowa Dealer in Hides, Furs, Wool, Iron and Metals PHONE 615-W, CHARLES CITY. IOWA ^f^if^T? 3 ^*?!^^ ^ -?TT

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