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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, June 25, 1818
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From the Btutiturrt, Featrml Gattilt, - JtfrV PhiKpp't Benefit. Thtn is probably 00 purt for the exhibition ef which Mr. P. is bettor qualified, Uuui Lord Airaworth. la all Inrij where eaty, well bred, and polite BMner as nt - cesary, this geuueaian is periectiy at nam. 1 U it, at once, pointed, animated, and free To any af those aberration from chaste acting which fcava heretofore beta remarkable with opera linger. Among the loves and judge o music, new oeauuaa an mtcuveTcu m every fenormaoce of tit which ibey attend 1 ana - it it more than probable, the will never af - (er (hit evening, have it in tbeir pewer ta hear a voice of tacb comb, natural tone, aad uncee - ; tuoo flexibility. , ; , I mm among tbe many, wbu have 00 wl aumtrauoa ki exceneuce a u tw unmixed delight, hit vast luerionty at a sioger. lucicdou mat have a richer and more powerfai er aod more flexible om but at a tattefnl linger be fr excelt the former, and a a tol?" - lul actor he it infinitely sopmor to both - Io ftct. 1 believe, ha fa almost ine owy exit of thoie two accomplishments blended us tne 'amininfl. . - .. lucked on it rede urea io m'h toj - tin a melodiout rofcei be hat the foaov Utron, i . . . . j vmr . but it require an 10 raise there be Jails - nor hat hi 40 year experience aoeht him more man ne anew on oh um my . But f'bilipps, bf fioed Uu?e correct Jude - pnL and an amasioc utm - k i , - .hl hi f ha marnincence and rapidity. yet amazing correctnett of hi trillt and fanciful decorations we forget there i even the thadow of a want, and enrnpt in the deliciou tentationt caused by tbe exertion M tnoe latcinaung ia - aiBulraiuMl u if f mm a trance, bv the antaated and repeated plaudit of a trant - ported assembly. From fie Baltimore Patriot. . ' la Mr. ItiHippH ttjte of acting hit tongi, and ia bit general gettfcolatioa, there i ao eipret - manner, bv which every note of music, and ever it liable of tbe air, it completely and per fectly exemplified. Opiniont about bi talent hare btea various - ; bat it it in compatt that he 'excelt erery other linger. Compait it applied Ka Mm tout mwkA Bnnilvrnf nntft - ftfut. lm fill. Italian ate and uoderttaad the term) without including the feigned or ftltelto ootei, which are incapable of energetic expreuion, or or emphatic enunciation. The com pa u of Mr. Pa ruUu - ral voice, we fearlessly assert ha never been ex - eeded t but he hat unquestionably been turp&ti - td by many ia tone and flume, for which two nuahtiea. ucledon wa at on time be to ml com naritoo, the mottdittuieuithed of all opera per former. . We do not mean to be nndentood that Mr. P. ii entirely faultleu at a ainger. though we atiert that he haa bad few competitor ; u ibit country, cone, lthatbeea exemplified ia Eurooe. that aineera with the irrealeit natural endowment, have always betravedtome glaring ad contpicuou defect. Catafiaa with a voice altaott aper - haman, it bertelf, aocertaia and cWfectiv ia her intonation But wboteckt tpota poa the tuxtace ot tne tun r ... ' Prom the Ballimor Awieriem. Mr. PKiliv9tyir. PbiiioD' vocal Dower are goodbit ruDoing ptuwagei are tatriy arucula ted, generally bold, and alwaya done with tail Hit voice it wall supported hi thake in the natural voice, at well at in tba faltetto are e quail y good th union of the on with the other u perfect, ana according to tneaeaument e p retted by the words, a correct ue is made of paationad in tinging, M r. 1. present an example or proof of the luperiority of good method over a Toica that it Jin only. W would with it to be andarttood that a good voice it not tufficiont to make a good linger ; for with it alone, pertoui of tail are forced to regret the want of erf. The treat ttndy which Mr. P. hat made in this art under th direction of eminent profouora hit In timate acquaintance with mutic, and tuuiicnl ilAilt n fai"tan aiTrrv1m rtimlliai MiMnkrkf inlattaMtin btt audience, the more ht it heard, JfEW - YOHK ErijriJVG POST. 7 THURSDAY, JUKE S5. Scientific rWmfioTU. - - Letters received by tlte ship Radius, from London, state, that hit excellency DEWITT CLINTOJf, L. L. D.j governor of New - York, was elected a foreign member of the Linnean Soticly of London, at a meeting of that institution held on the 5th of May 4 ait, and under circumstancei the most honourable to him and to our country. It appear there were three vacancies of foreign membership cau - tlemen elected to Uioie department! were Governor Clinton, Cuvier, aid Baron Humboldt. - Letters by the tamethip also inform tu, that Doctor DAVID HOSACK, Fellow of tbe Linnean and Wernerian Societies, har, at a lata sneetioof the Horticultural Society of London, been elected an honorary member of that distinguished body. Dr. H03ACK hat al;o recently been elected one of the twelve honorary mem bers of the Medical and Cbirurxical Society of Strecping the ttreett. A numerous meeting of tbe most notable house - wives, (pronounced hut or A us im,) of this renowned city, conven d last evening, to take into consideration what measures they should adopt to persuadejthe com - jBoa council to abandon, without delay, the pre sent node of sweeping tb streets, and restore tba ancient practice of every house its own sweeper : The following resolutions were put and carried: RttoUedJint, That the present mod of sweeping the ttreett, by a gang of two doaea negroes, all exercising their birch broom at on time, especially when the wind blows gently from the street directly into the house, is a nuisance too intolerable to be borne by any woman who has tb least regard to the neatness of her f omit or e, the eye - sight of herself and family, and the comfort of her children, especially if they have the hooping - couh, or tbe aithma. . Secondly, raooed, That after being subject to the abort mortification and inconvenience, it is found by experience that the work is only done by halret ; the gutters remain untouched, nor is the middle of tb street in scarcely a better situation after tbe brooms and negroes bar passed than before. Third, That a committe be appointed to draw np and present a rtwpecttul remonstrance to the common council, at their next meeting, againsi th present practice, and praying inch relief ia the premise a to their worships might sawn fit. (Signet! by the PrtHiitU and Secretary ) This phrase was adopted in lieu of on pray - iuj for the iw - esfaUUhjaent of the former custom, in coatequenc of th suggestion of an ! deriy lady, that the very much doubted whether it wat pracrkable aver to restore that castom a gam, for that servant had lately taken H into their heads tint sweeping the streets wasbe - eath them, and wuIJ net submit to it. eompewated for any deficiency in voice ; ibat, ctebebted by hit tasteful aad ranegated windinc; I. - . ti.riii'J hi hit oathelic and Melting tone, tul uj tal, to the be in of BcU tartt. - Th' ctmtUhdt of aflacted ttreett if loudar and more naivertal I ever re member to have witeetted. Why k the practice of daily vWlingaU paru of tbe city by ball cart discontinued f If oflab and Wth are thrown into thattneti. lie effender i liable toaflaeforeo oWngl if they are accumulated ia bacc jaru and cellan, be is equally liable i but what to be dona? . No befl cart appear, at lean, oniy :.wrtaCkrict4. But eem tbe cearmon oouocU think, tbei If they only lake car of the nonu the street tal secure them an namo - letied range, they do their doty.. A rretl gun. I a late Calcutta paper, re ceived by 4h ship Bragaasa, we perceive a descrtptioa of the great gun which was taken by tba BriUth in tbe fort of Agra, when it lurreiv - dered to lord Lake, ia October, 1 R03. It it cal led a one thouunim hundred bnut founder, and weight one tbouiand and forty - nine hundred. On the gun ia written th following in Persian characters! " In the reign of Akbber Shah, made by e - Perahand, weight 1,469 maunds. Value of the gun, at old brass, at the compa - price, Et R. 63,400. Ditto ditto fd serviceable,) 160,200. Weight of thot, (tuitable) if made of iron, lbt. ,487 6 ez. Ditto, if made of marble, SG7. Tbe prize ajeutiat Calcutta valued the me aloe., at 100,000 rupee. It was intended have forwarded it to Englaand" with that new it wat, after great labor, got down a far as bank of the river Jumna, W no boat could found sufficient for its safe conveyance U Calcutta. ' ' .' Tin ptdlart. - Every tin pedlar found trading the state of Pennsylvania after August next, ithout a licence, will be liable to bo fined $50. Tbe price of a licence is $20. This is almost at bad at taxing steam boatt. The good citizen that state have not forgotten the wooden nut meg cheat played off upon them hut year, and are determined to guard agaiwt it hereafter. J'eu - Brunt wick. June 2. 1818. Dr. Samuel L. MitchUL Dear sir Having formerly the pleasure of your acquaintance, I take the liberty of making an enquiry oi you on a suDject ot natural history wntcn seems curious to me, and I think your ex planation oi it will oe matter or pleasing interest and surprise to a great part of the community, particularly mariners and people who hare taken macn notice ol cunonues on sea voyages. i ieei anxious vou snouid exDtain to the world. th name and place In ichtheolosrv that below to the fish which is only known to mariners as the dolphin. Not having seen oo for 1 2 years, I feel somewhat at a loss to describe its minuter part or its general configuration, but itsoutlines and its faculty of changing colour 1 very well recollect. The last I think I have seen, was one I caught myself on a passage from Europe. I had been for near a week endeavouring to decoy him by aa artificial bait in imitation of the fltinz fish. (wmcn tbe captain told me was the common method) putting it on a hook and dragging a - ilern, but be always preferred the reality as Ion; as they were in our run, frequently jumping ma ay feet in the air to catch them on their flirht .a ...... ... . M kept apace with tbe imp until the seventh or eightn day, upon which, finding himself hungry and no more real ones, he seized my decoy, and was so active and so strong that a harpoon was used to take him aboard. Now followed the mt interesting scene 1 ever had witnessed of its fa. culty, highly displayed, of changing the most vivid prUmatick colours in rapid succession, its duration about half an hour, when dissolution being about to tak place, he became profuseiy covered with circular, defined, blood - red spots about the size of a buckshot death then succeeded and left him of a beautiful silvery white. He measured 4 feet 4 inches from bead to tail, (lis head deep and square, put me in mind of the but end of a shingle, converging off in almost rijjlit lint to the tail, where it wat very small, the tail itself vertically forking very wide, the upper lob the longest. At this cannot belong to the cetaceous tribe, of course it cannot be the dolphin. , Tbe dolphin, at described by naturalists, from its filthy, slimy, oily, Mack skinned character, surely never possessed tbe faculty of giving so much delight as the one I have been describing. 1 have the honor to be, sir, your obedient servant, THOS. M. EVANS. To tlie Editor of the ffew - York Evening Pott: Sir Tbe mean tricks retortrd to bv the satel lite, agents, and lutppv rubjer.u of the edortd Ferdinand, oblige me, through the medium of your paper, to inform whomsoever the nni may concern, that by letters not long since received from a very respectable countryman of ours, re siding at Buenos Ay res, it appears, that the number of the Spanish royalists, prisoners of war in those provinces, amounted to upwards of 8000 men, of all kinds and classes, from general ofh cers, president of tbe provinces, ic. down to privates. That th government of the United Province of the river Ia Plata, the better to protect their own citizen and the foreigner who assist them in to just a war, and to check the barbarities committed by the royalists, had made known to them, that tbey intended to keep the prisoners in order to retaliate the murder of any native citizen of said provinces or foreigner, fighting for their cause, by the death of triple the number of royalists of tbe same class and rank. Thus they intend to put a step to the cru eltie which the modern vandals commit m that country : for they appear to have forgotten that valiant men show aa undoubted courage and va lor in battle, aad are alays humane and gene rous after it ; and that only savages satiate tbeir blood - thirsty rag and mean passions oo a van quished and defenceless enemy. A From the PlalUburjh Republican, June 13. A court martial, of which coL Atkinson w president, has convened rX this post, for lite trial of capt. HalL Th court was organized bo Thursday last. Cob. Eir - lis and Towson, ma jor Walbach, Humphreys, Watson and Swett, and capt. Hamilton ana neea, are among ine member of the court, S. A. S tor row, judge advocate. P. S. It it understood that capt Hall has once been tried by a court martial, on the accusation which were tbe foundation or tbe present trial ; in consequence of which the court decided a - gainst arraigning him a second time on tne same charges and adjourned. Several of lb memDert looc passage in ine steam boat yesterday. W should like to know how much this blonder will cert th country, and at whose instance the court mariial was in masoned. C Pest. OBED WRIGHT.. Erfrotia letter from e sendemm in Xillede - rrlle to hit friend in Jv'cung, (.V. C) dated jut it . Our metropolis bat been in coam leraLl commotion for several dhys port. Captain Obed Wright, the murderer of the friendly Indians, wai arrest ad by order of rn. Jackson, the first ol lut wk UIjw this, and at his request wat permitted U Come to thb place, for th purpote of procuring some papers whk he said would bi uscaasnry at hit On Tbanday morn ing last, when the officer was about to proceed on b joarney, the prisoner broke grouad, and nl with inch valodtv that he aacceeded in reaching th top of oo of oar longest bill before be was overtaken by persons on horseback. I Tia enndoct to enrared the officer, that he look ed as if be intended (evering the fellow head with his sword, which he M waved in fiery cir clet' (a Waama would say) above tbe trembling prisoner, who lookad at if b expected eve - rv moment to meet eld Howardla another world. This affair afforded time enough for a friend of Wnght to procure a wnt or ajirtea corpus, which wat served on tbe officerTand he notified to attend a court called to try tbe case, in a few hour. The court decided that the orders of gen. Jackson were informal, as they contained no charge for which the prisoaer was arretted, or to be tried Jackson simply eVects tbe officer to arrest and confine him until eutructions can be received from the president, ; The prisoner was ducriargea, and tbe officer went oa, cursing our governor anil whole state aa threatening us with vengeance, to tell gen. Jackson how he had been treated, who has never shewn much courtesy towards our chief magistrate. Jackson considered Wright in the service of the United States, and our governor thinks he was ia the service of this state. There is (auch difference of opinion on the subject The governor is cen - tured, generally perhaps j usUy too. How the anair wm end, no on pretends to say. vvngni is under arrest, but whether tbs governor will order a court martial to try, or, whether he will wait instructions from the prestdtnt it not known. I think the governor had very little sagacity not to discover that Wrizht was not qualified to dis charge tbe duties required of htm by his com mand, t . Extract of a letter from a respectable mercan tile nouae. uatea HAVRE, 12tb May, 1818. " Since tnr last there it no verv material change in our prices, except ia the article of rice which owing io ne inie neavy arrivals, anu ine reduced ratet of wheat and flour caused bv the favourable appearance of the eiituiog crops, has declined to the price quoted, with the likelihood of bring much lower. The s liiptrs of dour from the United States, will Le heavy sufferers. In general very little burioess has been done for the last six weekt, particularly in cottons, tbe actual supply of which amounts to 5,000 bales, of various sorts. Pot ashes continue without demand the stock on hand is about 41KX) barrels. We have only 90(1 hbds. Am. Tobacco, aod of inferior qualities." . From the Philadelphia Register, June 23. Tbe following article, which is of a very insi dious and hostile character, it extracted from tbe " London Tunes," of May 16th. The opera tion of such opinions, in erery American mind, must be, to give increased support to tbe measures of our own government, when dictated, at we bt'lieve they now are, by justice aad good faith. " Difjmtc between Spain and America. Tbe state of affairs bet ween 5iaia aud America, affords great matter tor political speculation at preseut. There are those who maintain, the former power must sitcrumb to tbe dictum of. the latter, and yield, however reluctantly, th Honda?, to satisfy the Aorth American govern ment. Other assert, that the miuistcr (Don (finis) could net have proceeded the length of declaring the proposition of tbe American to be " insLdmissiblc," without holding an assurance from his government, that it would not compromise its honor and national reputation, by yielding to the unjust claims of the United State. 1 be demands of the American must have been long since known at Madrid ; and it ia fair to conclude that the chevalier D'Onis wat fully authorised to uphold the dignity and respectability of Spain, by a positive rejection nf such proposals at may humble bit native coMtrr in the o - pinlou of other nations, if this proves to be the case, it is equally reasonable to conclude that tbe court of Madrid has resolved to support its pretensions ry a vigorous man cms war, the moment the United States may take any step to enforce the measures which they bare proposed for their own advantage. War must, therefore, depend upon the act of the Americans, who will put it off until tbeir numerous trader are apprized of thtir danger; aad thus Spain will, in a great measure, lone Ui advantage which that kingdom might derive from a ludden declaration and vigorous prosecution of war. The Ameri cans art aware of this, and their papers, therefore, teem wiih asturances to tranquilize the cpnoiiu - us, uiai - - no aci ot nosuuiy will lane place this session," which ia meant to have a dauble effict first, to mUlead the Spaniards ; auu ncxi, io caution me American merchant of their embryo danger. Torpor or credulity on the part of Spain, would enable the Americans to secure their very extended commerce from the rise of enptnre, and equally eoable the government to direct itt whole attention and resources agiinst the Spaui.h colonies. - It, on the contrary, Spain should pursue a firm, vigorous, and couraeout conduct, an immense booty would enrich her navy, and the adventurous privateers which would sail under her colors and commissions. America has, undoubtedly, a great deal to lose even if nt war with the weakest power. It is this cooridcratioa which will, no doubt, dictate to the prisideut a greater share of justice and moderation in ti'S ciaiuii upon cpam than that which his been exhibited. lu the spirit of com - jierre, ha has demanlcd the highest price for nit ineu iMiip ; nui, iiae a prudent political tradesman, lie wia not run a great loss by insist' ing upon his first terms. Any thing which inter rupts the commerce of the United State will promote that of other rival and commercial nations. The expense of protecting their very extended trad would, of itself, give a decided ad vantage to oilier nautical communities. Tbe in jury they might do Spain, might possibly be great; out. ui euecung it, ineir own losses would be very considerable, and probably much more terious than the commercial interests of the nation would patiently submit to ; to that th tame evil which the intends for Spain, may be as likely to overtake herself from the hardship imposed on some of her own state namely, an emancipation ef tnoi e stales iron the general government of the nation. Politician have long contemplated a separation ot tne southern and northern states, which, possibly, the ambitious project of the government, and the risks attendant on an unne cessary and unjust war, may produce." From the National IrUcUigtncer, June 23. Our reader are doubtless impatient for fur ther accounts of gen. Jackson's movement but we have nothing further to offer them. No di rect intelligence ha reached the seat of govern' ment from gen. Jackson's head quarters note he took up th line of march from it. Mark'si We have thought proper to notice this absence of in formation, to account for th silence we hav ob served on the subject, since announcing, tbe other day, the reported capture of Penncola. This report reached the city from two different sources, remote from each other, and nearer to tbe scene of action than to this city. W have little doubt of tbe correctness of th fact of gen. Js hsviog entered Pensacola ; and it it equally pro bable, if b entered at all, it wat by assault, as it is not to be supposed the Spanish authorities would hav given np so important a post without at least a shew or resistance. The motivei of this ttep general Jackson't dis patches vnll disclose. It is presumed such I measure was not in th contemnUtinQ of the go v foment, although it may necessarily have re sulted from tbe discretion vritrd in tte com manding officer to tak t'tch lawful step a th ralcty ot tb frontier ortit appear to require If the Lalrtas ia arau against us kd the way to Pensacola. there can be no doubt of ran. Jack - ton being justified in following and dislodging them. - ' . : ' ; .' ' : - .... From Iht Albany Daily Advertiier, of June S3. At a meeting of tbe Council of Appointment, at the Chamber of the Governor, in the city of Albany, the 16th day of June, 1B18. PRESENT Hi Excellency DE WITT CLINTON, Govr. Tbe Honorable Peter R. Livingston, Jabez D. Hammond, Henry Yates, juo. and Henry Seymour, Esquires, members. Resolved. That io the opinion of the Council it it not necettary to issue commissions of justices of the peace to the first judgei of the county courts, in order to authorise them to act as juda - et of tbe criminal court or a conservators of the peace. From the Albany Daily Advertiter, June 2. The Council of Appointment closed their extra session on Monday lasthaving in the 12 davs thev have been together, dispatched " J f L an immense mas of business, civil and military having made appointment, pretty extensive for every county in the state, and for most of them an entire new civil commission. APPOINTMENTS, By the Honorable the Council of Appointment, June 22, 1818. Dutchei Judget and jutticet. Daniel C Ver Plank, Fyler Dibble, Albro Aikin, Matu - rin Livingston. AVw - Tirlc Townsend Dickenson, public notary t John I. Sickles, master in chancery. From the National Intelligencer of June 22. Geographical The town of Cahaba, which will be offered at public sale on the Rnt Monday of next October, and which will, probably, be the seat of government for the state of Alabama, is situated on the western branch ef the Alabama, at its confluence with tb river Ohaba. It is distant about 77 milts ia a right line from St. Stephens, on the Tombigbce, aud bean north 49 degrees east. St. Stephens is about 60 miles nearly north of the town of Mobile. The Alabama is a very crooked river; from its confluence with the Tombigbee to Fort Jackson, the distance in a straight line is about 132 miles, but by the river the distance is about 2C4 miles. From the Philadtlphia Centint l. WARNING TO COACHMEN. Co KM 05 WEALTH V. PATRICK tfCRK. A few days since, Patrick ltuik, a hackney coachman, was brought before the mayor of this city, on the following charge, to wit : That he did, on the 16th day ofJkfay last past, when driving a hackney coach, drawn by two hor. - es, (he being at tbe time iutoxicaled,) leave the said horses and carriage standing unattended in tbe street, and went into a house for the purpose of obtaining drink that whibthe remained in the bouse, Uie horses started and ran a considerable distance, and at length, in Front above Arch street, they knocked down and passed over the body of Edward Clement, a child of about ten years of age, who, io consequence thereof, almoti immediately expired. After an investigation of tbe circumstances, he was bound over for his appearance at tbe next session of the mayor's court. The above unfortunate catastrophe L we are orry to say, not the only one which has occurred in our city, of a sundar nature ; several persons have been knocked down, within the last few months, aud severely bruised, through the negligence or inattention of coachmen. The practice, alio, of driving dray and carta through the principal streets of th city, in the rapid manner they usually are, is certainly very reprehensible, and calli loudly for the intervention of the proper authority, to chock the growing evil. From the Norfolk Herald June 22. From Litbon. The selir. Gen. Scott, Williams, 40 days from Lisbon, bound to f'eters - burcr, went up the river on Saturday. A list of vessel and prices current at Lisbon, 10th of j May, have been received at the Keauing ltoom by this arrival. Vessels left, ship Pocahontas, Watkins, of Norfolk for New - Orlean, in 8 davs i II el vet ius, M'Guire, of and for Philadelphia in 8 i Atlas, Kemble, of K York, and Constitution, Seaward, of Norfolk, both in quarantine brigs Fancy, Barclay, of and for Philadelphia, in 8 1 Gen. Johnson, Atone, of and for Boston, in 10 Savannah Packet, Eldrklge, of and for Philadelphia, in 4 ; Morris, Judah, of and for New - York, unc j Protection, Alien, of Fairharen, in quarantine, and a brig belonging to Philadelphia, name ending with an A, alto m quarnatine ; sclirs Eliza Pigott, Waterman, of and for N York, unc i Three Sisters, Snow, of Cohasset, for Boston, in 9 , Ostrich, Collyer, from Norfolk, in quarantine. The Betsey, 1 ur - ner, of Plymouth for Boston, sailed in company with the General u. The scd Pilgrim, bowle, of Duxbury tor Boston, sailed two tLiys Lef.ire. poke, June 13, sen Calypso, from Charleston for New - Ynrlc lricettmporU Wheat, from 780 to 810 reas per alq on board corn, yellow, 360 a bw, do" do ; white, 500, a C60, do do ; flour, super. - 9 milr's. a 9 600, do. do. Exporti Wines, Lisbon, 130 milrs a 140 per pipe on board i salt, 2,600 per moy ; Lemons, per box, 3, 200 1 oranges, per do.' 4,400 Exchange on London, 60 pence per milrea. 1 be Kevenue Cutter, under the command of captain Ham, came up on Saturday evening, baring a pilot boat built vessel in charge, with several men and a quantity of munitions of war on ooard, and represented by the man who commanded her, to be a tender to a privateer under the Republican flag of Buenos Ayres, wmcn u coming down the Bay tiom Baitinv.v. After a detention of about 20 hours, the ten der returned again to the Roads with the cargo on board ; the Kevenue Cutter accompanied her down. The probability is, that as no overt act of piracy, or any thing savoring it. had been committed, there was no just grounds for detention. From the Botton Palladium. Tbe daughter of a British Nobleman, and the wife of a major in the army, was to make her debut at the theatre in Belfast in may last. To her other accomplishments she adds that of having an excellent knowledge of and taste in music, and a fine voice. Hr resolution to appear be - fore the public bat been taken with the hope of m ..... relieving her husband from some pecuniary embarrassments. In Liverpool teamen's wages are said to have advanced from 40 to 60 thiUingt, not dollan, as hat been erroneously printed. TROY. June 23. We understand that the bills oftbebankt at Plattsburgb and Sandyhill are received at par at the Banks in this c.ty and Lansmgburgh. CHARLESTON. June 15. We understand that Mr. Charles Gilfert has this day purchased the lease of the Charleston theatre. We congratulate the lovers of the dra ma on this occasion. The attention and judicious management ol Air. Uilfert, during the last sea. son, entitle him to a continuation of public pa tronage. BOSTON, June 22. Magnificent donation - A gentleman of this town hat purchased and presented to the Uni versity in Cambridge, the very large and valua ble library of tbe lati profosenr Ebeling of Ham burgh. Beside being very full and rich in ether departments, it m said to contain the best collection in the world of American works, and works relating to America. Mr. Inrledon, the celebrated vocalist, ha Ar rived in town. W hare been requested to state that be will give an entertainment at Salem on ThurtJay, and on Friday at Neu burpport, and from thence proceed to Portsmouth: and Port land. The London Morning Chronicle of May 12. contain the following article of literary wteiu gene. M The secret at to the real author of Wa. verly and the other noveit whicn nave to jusuy attracted public notice, it no longer kept. Mr Walter Scott has told the copy right of four more volume of Talu of Xy Landlord, With the pro duce of which he purchased an estate adjoining his own. The price of the book exactly pays for the land." . In Mav last, Gov. Fenoer, was appointed by the legislature of Rhode Island, chief justice of tb supreme court of that state. He declined accepting the appointment, aad at the late ses sion of tbe General Assembly, Ata Jtfesser, Lsq. wai appointed in hit place. He too decline! ac cepting the appointment. At tbe late tesiiou, a committee of the assembly was appointed, to re quest commodore Perry to tit for his portrait, to be executed by Stewart. Calcutta, Feb. 14. We regret to state that the Cholera Morbus, begin again to extend it ravages in Calcutta and the neighbourhood. We know frequent instances of Europeans having been lately at tacked, and it baneful effect amongst the na tive population may be judged of from tbe cir cumstance ot no fewer than 74 bodies having been consumed on the funeral pile, on Wed nesday lust, at the principal Ghaut retorted to tor such purposes. It is reported that the expediency it contemplated by the police of re appoint in j native Doctors to the different divi - stuns ot Culcutta, lor the purpose ot adminis tering properly to those attacked, in the man ner lorinerly practised. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of the Union, 1'hiladeM phis June S4 noon, i Arrived, biitish ship Diadem, Dudd, 47 days from Belfast. Ship Jol Dickinson, Baush, 45 dayi fiom Dublin. 66 passengers. Lett at Dublin May 6 the vcsscIj reported by the Elizabeth, at New - York, en Saturday. Spoke, i'tiih, brig Adnmi, from Coik tu Amhoy ; M41, Ion 66, ship Galen, Trucej', 6 days from Botha for London. Off the Capet of Delaware, brig Tiopick, from Havana to Portland, ail well. Bri Susannah, Greaves, 58 days from Cork, 41 passt'ngeri. May , spoke schr Three Brothers, 21 days ftom Philadelphia for Oporto. June 9th, lat 38 long 63, ship Ariadne, of Philadelphia 30 days from N. Oi leant for Liierpool, all well. Brig Mary, M'lticrson, 15 days from St Croix Capt. Miller, of the bri Eistcrt (mentioned in our last) i poke in lat 41 long 6t, brig Hern, from Gaudu!ou for Portlaud. 16th intt, ship Othello, Snell, from Newry for New - York. Left at Dundee, Sd May, brig Elrick, M'Clean, for N. York in 20 days. Below, brig Margaret, Barnes, from Bermuda. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. OiTice of the Patriot, Baltimore, June 23 noon. Arrived, sloop Barstow, Foster, 6 days from Salem. Off Poplar Island, spoke British tliip Ann, 54 days from Bristol for Baltimore. Steam boat Virginia, 24 hours from Norfolk. Spoke in Hampton Roads, scb 6ix Brothers, from Boston, bound up. Passed a sch ashore on Sandy Point a ship in the river bound up. ersNiNO post marin. lwt. CLEARED, Ship Ann Maria, Watte, Liverpool J Flack A lrew Jackson, Morton, Bristol P Schereierhom & Sons Brig Ieo, Stone, Lisbon J W Russell. Cbrutopher, Heard, St. Kilts E. Stevens. Henry Clay, Bedell, Richmond Commerce, Littell, St Croix Mclick, Rogers U Son Schr Mary - Ann, Chapman, Baltimore Sloop Sally, Fox, Newport James, Steel, . Hartford Vischer, Ingraham, Botton ARRIVEO THIS FORENOON. Ship Mary, Moftatt, 14 dayt from Havana, with molasses aud sugar, to Goodhue & Co. Sailed in co. with a brig for the Medeterranean, belonging to Bath. Left, ship Union, of New - York for Malaga, 12ib June i brig Jamet Coulter, Hall, of and for Philadelphia, in 3 dayt ; tbe brig Henry, Dutch, sailtd the day before for N York. Passengers, Mr. Cowan, Mr. N eaves, Don John Reas, Miss Mary Ann Arc - late. Maikets, flour '20; beef $16 a 17 , - pork $6 a 23; produce high ; coffee $20 a 21 ; white sugar 22 j Muscovada 14 a 16. Sell American Hero, Oibbs, of VYareham, from New - Orleans, 24 days from the Valize, with tobacco, poik, Arc. to Walsh & Galla gher, W & S Craig, T Alport, Stevens & Mac tier, li Hethune U Co. Mills, J'urily K co. II Ml: J Russell, and S R Ketn. Passengers, T Johnson, R Singleton, J Anthony, J Can - , W Caldwell, J Mills, and D Wads worth. May 23, spoke in the river, 6 miles below the Turn, brig Gov Brook, Mills ; ship Calpc, Cranston, 18 miles below the turn, 60 days from Hamburg - June 3, lat 26, long 84 50, spoke ship Frederick, Davis, from N Orleans for Liverpool. 18th, lat 35 53, long 83 30, ship Concordia, from Boston for Savannah. achr. Caroline, Combs, 1 1 days from Currituck, with lumber to the mater. Sch Regulator, Burdige, 3 days from Snow Hill, with corn and shingles, to Baker and Kobertson. fell Golden Age; Addeiton, 16 days from Washington, N. C. with naval stores, to A il Van Uocklin. Sloop Boxer, Jarvis, 2 days from Snow Hill, with shingles, to Baker & Robertson. BELOW. A brig, supposed to be the Henry, Dutch, from Havana, and J schooners. , Shin Greyhound, West, 19 days from Nnntz, with ocher, dry goods, &c. to Jones & Meg rath, ts Uesobry, aud l cmer morel. rasserers, Mr. Cassimin, Mr. Charles, and Mrs. Mornster. Left, brig Hope, Suffolk, of New - York, laid op, the only American vessel there. Spoke, June 16, lat 41 3u, long tu, a senruoays irom u par te for Boston, no newt. Brig blixa, 1 upper, lu dayt Irom eavanaan. wilh cotton, 4c to Ward & Bishop, II Thomas, Pott & M'Kione. Bozert At Kneeland. Wm. Neil - son & Son, Josiah Muire,Sturget k bherman, W Montgomery and A Weiton. 1'asseneers, iwrs. Skinner and two children, Miss Richardson, Mrs. Day, child and servant, Mrs. Pine, Mrs. M'Comb and son, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, Messrs. Goodrich, Thos. il Wm. Grant, W J Hudson, S Byrd, J Kenyon, L Wiley, G R Bridges. J Coon, T Hradiey, u Aiitini, z. Day, u coi;ini an wen. Sailed in co with iloop Enterprize, for Providence, U. I. Brig Pocahontat, Pott, 3 dayt from Philadelphia, with brick, to S J Smith. Schr. Live Oak, Small, 13 dayt from St. Andrews, with plaster. Srhr John lciin - r. Mnrria. 8 tv from New - hern, wilh naval H ires, to Hyer, Hreraner Co. blooo Exnress. Bulkier. 5 day from Buton, with merchandize to Taiuinn Si Torrey, P Item - sen k Co. Smith, & Nicoll, Rankin fc Hyer, J W Kussfill, A Tappan k Co. J ti i V Wuldron, S Marsh A Brnofct, March t Low, J Ijorillard, J Johnson, J Givan, J Colrill ii Son, J Oshorn, E Dudlcv. Loe Carro'l. G Chance. P A J 8 Cra - ry. U W Field, J Titcotub ft Co. G Cog?'". 1 Diioa, Cturget k Sherman, G G & 3 flowland, andothert. ' Slop Active, Billow, 3 days from Newhern, with aavnlitorcs, to H ver, lirtmnrr, SCo. Scb. G jldea Age, for N Yoik, and 7 other vessels lor eastern ports, tailed in co. Sloop Sally, Cox, 3 days from Philadelphia, with flour, to W Gall.igher. BOSTON, June 22. Arrived, tcbr. Zephyr, Hibb&ft, 36daytfr.ini Opnrto. Left, 17th ult. hrigi Maryland, Ore person, Baltimore 4 dayt; Virginia. I)t la Rnr.he. di davi; Planter, Paiuc, from Savaiiaah, in quarantine ; Governor Wlnilow, Faty.dserhargmg, for BontoB,,,, Agent, feedgwick, from Alexandria, ditcharei1 Planter, Hurd,from Ww York, do; thin hfol?' Morrison, dUch. for Kuiaia, inc.; cWr! Michael, Sampson, Boston, i dayt j Nati. May hew, in quarantine; Favourite, Fuller d.l charging, for Vew York, unc.; Fayette, LeiSn well, lor do do; Hazard, Bradford, for Button" do ; France Maria, Jeokint, rust arrived oat ar quarantine ; Betsey, Foster, do do ; Gold Hn ter, Burnham, do do ; Adeline, Rumney, dodo" barque George li William, Warner, tailed tom2 time previout lor St. Jago de Cuba. A tchr be longing to Georgetown, (D. C.) from Alexu," dria, with corn, wat stranded near Figuera bar 8th May, vessel and cargo principally lott, KiT, nnd crew had arrived at Oporto to obtain a psZ tage to the U. S. Captain remained at Figatni to close the talet of wbat was caved the vestVi was lost in consequence of beiog decoyed too near io by a pilot to get on board. May fv lat 39, long SO, wat boardel by the Buenos A? ret brig Insurgent, Com. Taylor, S aiontht fnjL Carthageuia, oo a cruise, and had taken notS ing. June 8th, lat 38, long 46 30, ipoke brij Henry, Jenkins, 15 day from N York for Ctrl de Verdi, all well. 1 1 th. lat 42, long 57 ic! GreyhQund, West, 11 dayt from Nanl for Ken! i ora, an wen. izio, lai it, long 5U, brig Sallr Eanies, 7 dayt from Botton for Havre. laoV lat 4?, long 58, ship Aurora, 48 days from Cork in co. with 4 brigi from the same place, with troops for Halifax. 15th, ship Radiui, Delano. 25 dayt from London for N York, with passtn gert, parted 17th inst. in lat 42, long eil.Stnie day, spoke brig Planter, Nye, 36 days from a)aI aga for Bostou. 18th, lat 43, long 67, chr Oolv Son, Fuller, 3 dayt from Kingston fir the tern banks. lth, lat 42, long 68, ichr UooT Churchill, 3 dajt from Kingston for the wcitera banks. Schr Only Daughter, Luce, 5 dayt from New. m OMC Sloop Juliana, Sturdevaof, from N York Sloop Lydia, Niefcerton, from N York The brig Thomas. White, of Boston, fronj Ri Grande, with irrltcil I,. of rri..tJ ,t. NYork.Sdavt. ' "iye, CiuaLUToif, June 17. - Arrived, scb South - Carolina, Allen, N York, 13 dayt. Sch Gen Jackson, (of N York) GrifRng, WQ - mington, 8 days.' Was bound to Point Petre, Guad. but having sprung aleak, wu obliged to put in here to repair. Sloop Eagle, Stiuson, N York 10 days. Cleared, ship Maria Caroline, Macy, Havre Megrath il Jones sloop Essex, Reeves, New - ion. An inward bound sch was in the offing list evening Three ships, a sch. and a sloop bound to tit southward, paesaj the bar yesterday. NoaroLK, June 22 Arrived, British tch Hugh Mackay, Thomas, Barbadoet, 17 days. Sch Superior, Cole, N York, 54 hours fron the Hook, bound to Petersburg. Sch Vigilant, Comiteck, Richmond, 7 dsyt, bound to N York. Sloop Julia, Boardman, Middletowa, Ceo. 5 days, bound to Richmond. Sloop Traveller, Baker, 5 days from New. Bedford. Sch Eliza Ann, Snow, 17 days from Bangor, Maine. Sch Two Friends, Lake, 43 hours from New York. Sch Union, Terrell, 2 days from N York. Put back on account of head winds, sch Ri. sing States, Winante, which sailed for N York on Wednesday last Put in for a" harbor, Ioop Alert, Kelly, from Richmond for Newburyport In Hampton Roads ahip Commerce, from N York ship Hebrua, Harris, from Botton, and Africa, of Wiscasset, bound to City Point i ahip Africa, Neal, 8 days from Wiscasset) brig Galro, from Thomastown, Me. j sch Gen Scott, Williams, of and for Petersburg, from Litbon, in 41 days, and proceeded up the rivee w Petersburg . sch Richmond, Ejrans.'b day fro Savanniih, bound to N York, put In en account nf 4iuff llrilifta t m Iifr4t aliin. niltfMI llnk - nam . several brigs and schr. some of which from tbe northward, some bound ud the Hav. mi some bound out - i 1 be ship blizabath, v ilson, of Portsmouth,; Anchored in the bite of Cranay Island yestftV day afternoon. ' '' Cleared, brigs Rolla, Jones, Providence t sch Virginia, Towlea, N York sloop Caylt, Wright, da. y A pilot boat which came op yesterday, reports, that they 'put a pilot on board the ship lYiUiam, of Baltimore, captain Manks, hence, bound to Bremen, with a cargo of tobacco and corn, on Friday, about 12 o'clock, off Hog Island, the Cape bearing SW by W. She bid sprung aleak, which increased so rapidly ast make it necessary that she should put into ti nearest port. Both pumps were going whet the pilot spoke her. The William, (then commanded by capt Hull) put into this port is leaky condition on the 15th May, wu repaired, sailed again on the 16th or 17th intt. tor Vt original destination. 'Another pilot wo ess upyesteiday evening, saw the William offH. Point, on baturday, at 3 P. AI. standing up the bay. THEATRE. Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin's Benefit. On Friday evening, June 56, will be prelected, ri.HKU. Rolla, Mr. Robert so Pritchard Baldwin Mrs. Barnet Pizarro, Castiliau Soldier, Cora, Mvira. Baldwin Her 1st appearance in that character in America. To which will be added, the ballet of FLORA'S BIRTH DAT, OR, TAB VILLAGE FROLIC Henry. Mr. Tarker Nickey Numskull, - Baldwins With a Comic Dance. Flora, Mrt. Parker Io which character ilie will dance the ikippioj rope hornpipe. And a favorite pat de trot will be performed by Mr. and Mrt. Parker, and Mr. Baldwin. At th end of the bnllet, the favorite song of bait timet, or the ynar 1672, by Mr. Barne , The whole to conclude with THK BKE HIVE, OR, IRDCETHT MUST rROSTER. . Rnmahv Minzle. Mr. Baldwin Emily, Mrs. Darlej va ' : l at.. S Itn I jata Cicely, Baldwia On Saturday Ticket Night. CO.WlEAXElfFJSr AT DARTMOUTH COLLEGE. . . fX? In behairof the Executive Officers Dartmouth College, and pursuant to authority derived from the Trustees, I berebv gi notice, that, in order to avoid all collision respecting theplace for the public eiercisev the annual commencement will this year beboklcn on the third Wednesday of Avgust next, being the nineteenth dtv, instead of the fourth ea - nesday, as heretofore established. Candidates fr the second Degree, and W the Degree of Doctor in MeUicme. as " pi leant tbr admission ir.lo College, andaU o - ther concerned, will take notice hereof ana kamilvti rrtv1 i TtT W . FRASC1S BROWN, President. Dartmouth College, June 20th, ISIS. The editors of public Journals will coivi fcr a favour on the College and tbe public If inserting this notice. , ie25 8t rjPiRI'fS TURPENTINE ROblN i bbll O Spirit Terpentine 30 do Kosm.vcry ood qualify,: for ale by JeS5 35 Peck slip - . miw mu uu in, eu hi mix net nil SALEM. June - - Arrived. WK,.. cobi. 15 day Irom Matanzat. Le ft, briii R.i v Fhinrwn fnrSnlo... lr... rJl. 1! on' fvuB utuL mm mm, til un wm: r ui'inp .v.

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