Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 28, 1931 · Page 10
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1931
Page 10
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Mason. City News on This Page - · ·'_ :- ·_ ^^ SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 1931 30--Election of city council- military ball of ~-~.h.*wuaj guard units April 8, 9, 10 and 11-Boys- hobby now, sponsored by Y M c A . V T - Kiwanis club. ApriK?._April term of court opens pTMl 18-Na 6 M '- P ' ? dwards : ^Cerro Gordo county courthouse. m asoe City RAILROADS_ADD PACKAGE FREIGHT PLAN IS OFFERED BY STEAM LINES for Rent--Apt., 2071/ 2 N. Federal. A 'Print*" Ifirm nnunt? A n.n i * J cavii Charge for Door to Door Operation to Be Added, Claim. door package freight e by cnn shoea - Yeomen dance, Wed. eve., April 1, agles hall. Coe's orchestra. ' Chicken toner Saturday 2 . y ta MBHOU City . several of / t h e roads JJ o . Se TMce contemplated by the l e , secretary at :^'" *"?£. · Js s P e nding- the weekend at Chicago. She left Friday ·night, ·* i Farm loans. Prompt service. Act )w for sorine-. W. J. Tntf~~ inn performed under draymen or Reached $1,100,000 Jones quoted, this «^.~T -- '°? a effect m ° f govelrnment be Mrs. BrJght's piano.pupUs may ^Mon^y.^ch^O Week ^"""^ - 1 - ^ blr «· certifi «ate has been _,,,. a *T? -?£ flce of the clerk for Rich »»rd Keith, son of Mr. and (City, born March 26. the polls Monday., -0 -- ^uimanon receive. Committee. 1032 or local Great Western office jv- ° .charge in places the service is in operation to ~nm ?B , Ut3 J 1 hunt!r ed, according TWOloUliLMEN TO BE ELECTED BY MONDAY VOTE Polls Will Be Open Fran 7 a. m. Until 8 p. m. for Citizens. KNUDSON TELLS 4-YEAR RECORD OF CITY COUNCIL Councilman Reviews Chief Events in Manager Government. irfc?^ ° f the City govern - Home Newspaper inT£r i;: J Ir °m 1920 to ^^^^^^^1- ytlrs ° ed U $398 ' 820 - 69 in four | Hud Other Problems. is an accredited '-saver, the The S£FF-^H=s^ ^t^l^'2*,^*' Jr°" ye * r , S ^A J??. dectedW increased t u j. a, j\. ne\v mo d e r n . "The city manager was askert tn ?.rTM st ° ry ? f fire °sses. Sweeper Is Bought. "'" " "~ weeper was Three men for the DO!! ££ Ut o Sf° P 1 ^?* 31 Porn7s",'accord'- loL t0 r *!?*%*:?TM re ?? ! ved at the h.n n *« » ""*·" Vj\J. OUll pn a money back guarantee as a «· ^ier tor gas, heartburn, sour stom- pge P s?ion! n St ° maCh ^ eatin ^ ' Sir and aim. Field were in Chica- J where Mr. Field transacted bus- to e teT y Stayed at tbe Stevens ChrisHnn Science free lecture torch 7 evenfa ' March 31. at S^S, se "'l5° examinations for for- · ··'iKOif^nafafff hav«« hoon ;.,, ^·1 ^ mil-- · · v . u ^ ^ i i x unice. ^^SnnU^foo^ be received at the store ----- oe, factory or other poin goods will be delivered to the desired. Normally the be provided within th only. f ea?ing S ^ e ^ r ^y are loss or damage occurs while goods ssession of the ' - arrange" nearing and lace will i l J L t i l K DOJJ IV/aro ««V . «S-sx;£r= aSS-^ fSn^fesY' 11 bC d °" e at havVneTerloored upln^^Tff^e'lt^r'r.n^ the ^^ sec- *L7° U i', C ° r e n ^^ an as a Political the finfs Sd forfeit 3 ^ efficienc ° ,, representative, as the nitv i^iaoo f r o m approximately SG OOC manager plan is, primarny Tbusi ' to ?1S '°°° 1n TMTM »- ness organization. off^wVt! ^ 1927 When we took urnce we round ourselves facing the edness. TL L - * -$1,: "rfivAiinaieiv SB OOf I - "V" --" paid for. inree men to $18,000 in 1930. An ex- nTM « andl . e al! si TMt cleaning on group of men comprises the n · m of P av «g. Probably I no single department has shown so much improvement as the street department--nrmr i, n .,,n,,.. ,.. "Th t-" 1 " ^ usse s Down. thJr w Apartment u i o^?or*"J"S " JC """"nuiati'on may be f5-, d from Charles E. Price at thpjJocal postoffice. old mattress remade, - .-ji grade A tick for J. D. Farrer Co. Ph. 769 ^sSJS^dS^*^*?-," "m^Tra^l^ at ° hurcil ' ' 8:l5 } ; Miss Marion Ask, teacher in th« Sn C°°tv t Vrrf City ' returued l ° i3 concerned PP ' ° r COD3i£rnee S eco °d wardf second 6 ' rai '; Th9 . O^tekgo and Northwestern «a?^n~ SCh °° 1 ' 15 ^ NO^F^- the point of nricrfr, TM « j j_,,_ oa . sylvanin ntr» n .. n ' South Penu- at . at and licago, _ . -,--,,,.,, a little over the 5 Percent limit permitted by lav MOW Manager Wils Hired. Whaf. «,,,, the first lob? To hire I . -- ---f"«»c.i.euL as tne a otCJ'^r, han 5 Ied b y - whom every-. ..TM at the retirement -onH 1 ? iment WBS not in ^e had nea^y 30 for 1 ,. u ^ ted FranT Hopkins, city manage,-1 of Ames. Wlth his advic/aSSISgS- I and T Set S Ut to Determine ways and means of reducing the debt and increasing- the effM^,, ,,« t t" ,TM gov- every ,,- on Second street built at a cost of 1 issuing a bond for in cash. Many blocks of -···--n sewers have been built bv thej3treet department. y ""-i me it is offensive to say any- that smacks of ·'-.-·' s e p agreement by those purchas BlU flif . _ ,, _ ,, L-JJCil. till -a--- iJmu W I 1 J statements, at 'tho in^f - ~ ~~ S'^BV week ' 3 vacation with her narenf^ |H ^ Mr. and Mrs. Albert J A s k ^ 9 1 0 North Adams avenue. Miss Ask was marooned at Nora Springs several hours Saturday moriln/ as the highway was blockaded wW snow C ° sts to r , , h , C ° s s o t t for such drayage. In ad^ft this, every effort is being road :iou to luuustnes," H. W. Beyers Chicago I ·" ^em'de'cTared' ^ N °^^^ ' *** Stre6t ,, C^'S 6 Sho\vn in Tariff. 'This, plan does not contennJnto free pick-up and delivery Sn?ce » f-^SS n . SS d: 2Ki3!-S bl^, 1 " ^ e _, terif f TM* ·» ^ ^ ex- Music Contest Delayed Because of Snow Storm he -- - ^-vfcjr v,i, LtlC - U I E considerably' delayed . snnu/" afj-n^n ««.«.*._. school 1 «T,Jr ^" ovv 3torm . contestants in , surrounding towns having difficulty i£Arnvmg at Mason City The piano I contest, which was heldTm P tee i~ ."""' """* "ot completed until ^S,°ayed 0ther com P et ition was ( Stolen Car Located With Wheel Missing rfifl.T* \VVlaoT a Ann*... i » _ . , speed S?WP ^ f 3 great a ^^"s a: aiMe patrons may receive morning delivery of frS" abtuted here by their company but *T£ no ^. stated details of the plan J.He Minneapolis and St I nnio ·r^r^^L^^^-.^o^^ c^ld 011 V 1 " 6 ^ 6 * efficfenTy.'^ve s u n n n n n SC aslde approximately · ii every year without increas- fiR S '^» tax levy - Ie then sto °a at 66 mills and never has been in creasedL:How well we succeeded you 3%t".«3ge.w.heh'X.teU you thatlan · co^ng.; to/tap -Sty--a^lE^rT^ "P° rt -- the net indebtedness of Mason City stands' at $792,000 a^ actual reduction of $398,92069' ^n the seven preceding years WSii Wanted lawoasom A Statement By Mayor Selby Burns in reference to the of m thf cit °V he inf ° rmC funds. Mr. 33urns has said' -"i^y lie uiai] he desired erroneous and mis- y Councilman J. J. to have had in ob- of ^ - ave these matters but "^- T i" S atat ^e Mr. Burns Mr ' of purchases r the item commissfoner? Per ' f ° mer buiwin The New England Mutual Life Insurance Co., (Chartered 183^) des,res a representative in this and adjoining counties and has a splendid proposition to make to · honest, energetic men who are not afraid to work Experience not essential, . but desirable. If you are interested In repre- Wrio'us a de P ?rtme e nts 0 of h t e hrcUy y '' Mr. Burns knows that it is unirue bv r Mr T in f ness to employ^SS, C By Mr. Knudson and myself on his i which was to the effect that the c ty £S£? to employ on]y Mas - Th-" " : S 80 " City mcn in ^e This ,s absolutely untrue and - w » recites as an example of :ty men, the action taken lotion of August 4, 1930 manager be instructed by f men in the various de- ln e ited an |r e r ant3 to know wh y 'IILCGU fcj t3,LGS slinTilrl ..--- she has $15,000,000,000 invest K^ h Iu f ~-S- "^ « , We Will Wash or Grease Your far for 99c .^K^Sa^.^ 61 ^ S. R. CHEVROLET CO. First and Washington S. \V. TYPEWRITERS (ALI, MAKES) SOLD RENTED REPAIRED LORING-FARMER CO. 107 E. State ' Phono 843 t DAMOTS lovely to look upon to wear 4, the newest and nicest hosiery ofiL 7 season ($W®tdk^\ V saKu..;. K ' ^"""--- "YOU TOST ENOV SHE WEAH5 You wonder why this hosiery « *o far more beautiful. You wonder why the shades are so t-y [? name McCallum _ r _ _,,.,,, «nd lo!... the secret is rerealed. matter in which the city "council ma Burns' motion was out of ordei and legal and the council was advised of -- « » - J U U ^ J U l I manager and is not a se its discretion. Mr vaa because it was not ty men in the various ,-iortheast, Thursday night were .·Jnissmg when the car was found de! serted nenr tiio T^O-T«.« TJ - _ the . Le ion waa L - ·"""·j* j-^u uur was ULKen. front of Mr. Egger'a home. course from in 80 ACRES WANTED f Have for exchange a large .10 room house, full base- Jvinent, city heat, excellent lo- · cation, comer 2nd street and I.Penn. ave., 99 ft. frontage. CALL y Phone 134 Kresge BIdg, rifv in ik" ·"" P rcvlde d »n jviasonl i-ity in the immediate future offi cmls said Saturday. ' ' Funeral Services for Clara Saunders Held Funeral services for Clara Saunders, 19 years old, 618'Adams ave- ESi'T^SVTM 801 held at st ^- sepn s Catholic church ~ · · afternoon with the R ev . O'Connor in charge. Burial ht. Joseph's cemetery. Pallbearers were Dulivan Smith S? a « n Sf« bel L! !ddfe '*? irUn . ~ ' To the Public: March 28, ,1931 rt Mr" W o I f a n d v the Labor Assembly is th payers in Mason CHy and tc economical administration and people at heart irtllu " ana ° f Maso " City '" my recent talk «» n "I" Sre both tax ' P h h " ^ tand for an e the interest of the of government to Mason City. Thic t y books will show .positively am city's affairs have never been hand businesslike manner than they nave fd°nn^ ment The indebtedneas ?400,000 sincr *«-- -" C ' ty Daly Epigrams! IT IS-- economically wrong to impede i progress because of lack o f ' funds. Our organization is al-, ways prepared to advance money for any worthy purpose. 4thVaTyifs?£;u7r a ± tU ^ Ir - KnUd f"' « - "« seconded by Mr $$· *LT /h \r WaS made by me and -.hire, only MasS^*»£^ a ^:***TM*** against » e n h ? ^ e ? I 1 i l ? ' 0 1 1 f a "^ askin e the him in the coig? elepflon ^ Cmployment *«· to vote for within Se been passed by the making it ^bh , to ment to another. Th"s now ^e pub- a bill has at Des Moines d a r t ' ragant and expensive form is absolutely untrue. The incontrovertibly that the i in more economical ami / -inder the present form of the city has been reduced ·m of government went into """""""·--' without increase economy. have declfntu . v-.eir election, in of the economical and E. S. SELBY, Mayor. ···^·^^··^^^^·[^^^.^^^^^'^''·^·'CAl. A D V K I t T I S K I I l - v ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*^^^^^B^H Peoples 9 Candidate Reduction of t a x e s (Widows and Old Age exemption). Clean and economical administration. Your support solicited. GRUPP ^^··^^·M Mr. Burns' Statement from fines from liquor went to the state, V ° terS to Mr. Wolf and Oi regret V6ry mucl1 tnat Mr. S was passed, requiring- the Purchn'sl^ paW^or^t Wh ^ he b °4hrwh a | paid for it, and a copy given tn meeting the first of ever/ month Solicitor to the Councilman ^r^Sfh 3 ,, le HS r ^ was re d by the stand why Mr. Wolf would Write furhVf?, h ° dld not untlcr a monthly statement, showing us verv J^ T °? We each ^ ol cost. I said to Mr Selbv M w U y plaim y whtt t everything I can explain that to you W h a t M r w i^ ei " s P resent r "I thinP I would like to know and \vhat t h / ' r ^ i v « n t a to know ' wha ' a right to know." ' the pe °P Ie °* "ason City have H n , A^ f° W that a u ° n j t ?TM ako an itemized L h ^ ght lt: ' Md wha t he Councilman at every p r e v o u d d a Mr. Selby what was bought with tL the heading "miscellaneous "I also bought with the $240 I life of man---their coreiation-ur-iviiu»vi». a "'Vr.'.lisl lias built for them their most Insliug mom T Call 394 for transportation to and from the polls. JOHN BURNS I farmhouse. Th o ' n ^ He ;;ees Ihe great soul which VlicriioJy'ConceuiM · . , . _ . And it's great to be young with a dog at your heels! | Jn his name. Amen. """"''".':·· v ji---\ " * : ~r mm " mrm ~^~i.'j.'.i.'"^~-... .^, truth, and e " l then aslced l a t camc u n d e r C ° me out at the last JOHN J. BURNS and I certify to the .above statement by Mr. Burns. MIER WOLF A v aae w uiteirs of Mason City As a candidate for City Councilman I hereby solicit your vote, Monday, March 30. I do not hesitate to say that, in view of what the City Manager , Government has done during- the past four years I am for it, its principles and policies. As a laboring man, naturally, I shall approach ail questions as such, in event of my election. How- e,ver, I shall endeavor to be fair to all classes. To the best of my ability f shall strive to serve the interests of all. W. J. PAGENHART 5Sj ^auKiitci w

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