Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 18, 1945 · Page 7
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1945
Page 7
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE BUILDING PLANS NEEDED AT IOWA 1 President Reports on Present,- Future Items Iowa City--A building program i - .for immediate postwar years and for long range, involving the expenditure-bf $10,000,000, is neces- .sa'ry at the University of Iowa to keep pace-with increasing needs. So says President Virgil M. Hancher in the January issue of the University News Bulletin in a report to alumni, pointing out .that'-for 14 years the state has .witnessed the accumulation of needs ,for. -capital improvements here. . . - "These needs have become very pressing. They will become more acute as veterans return .to the campus in substantial numbers. The university has projected its long range- needs as nearly aa can be foreseen at this time and is requesting about $4,000,000 for the next biennium for capital Improvements to begin the pro- tram," he said. Major items include a new library, communications center for journalism and visual education new pharmacy, building, and auditorium building. In the long range program are 6 new buildings and additions "to 4 others. ..."·.·The .amount p£ $700,000 lor the biennium is requested for a new library, this sum to be added to the $300,000 appropriated by the 49th general assembly. The presi dent said that postwar enrollments, estimated at 25 per cen . above the prewar maximum, will create a serious need for -additional space for calssrdoms -and a hew library would free valuable space now filled with books in numerous buildings. The communications c e n t er would house journalism and vis ual education and later a radio unit could be added. Requests for an appropriation for a building, to care for journalism and'visual education are directed to ihe nex biennium. 'Journalism has been in cramped quarters of 2 buildings Bincfe a 1940 fire. ·A new pharmacy building wouk be-'oh v the: west campus adjacen to. the medical college and hospitals. The pharmacy college need larger quarters for teaching and research and for the preparation and storage o£ drugs for the hos pital. A hew building would give rieeded space, now occupied-in the botany-pharrnaey-chemistry building, to the chemistry depart ment. Like library facilities, an ade CLuate auditorium never has been possessed by the university, witi Alacbride auditorium seating 1,20 and designed for a student body o . 2,000,' 'and the lounge of low, Union, seating 1,800, not con strutted for an auditorium. Sue · a building also may be.used tc ·house the music ^ department, re · ported President Hancher. "The university needs additions quarters for the women's physica education department, children" hospital, and the Iowa- child wel fare research station. Projects i f\ the long range program not in ' ' eluded in askings for comin biennium are new buildings fo . dentistry, botany, commerce, zo ology, student health, and educa tion; and additions to utilities an shop service, dramatic arts labora tory, chemistry building, and com municalion center," the presiden said. u .S. Against 'ostwar Jobs or Japanese Denver -- (Special) -- With the eturn of evacuated Japanese- Americans to the west coast states [ready, .in progress, the present :ate of public opinion on future obs for the Japanese in the Unit- d States 5s of particular interest. V survey recently completed by le National ' Opinion Research enter, University of Denver, in- icates that only 16 per cent of he public think that the Japa- ese living in America should have - good a chance as white people get any kind of job after the war. Another 21 per cent would give rapanese who are loyal American Hizens equal economic opportunities, but a definite 61 per cent majority would give white people irst chance at'any kind of a job. .That the public have definite 'lews on this issue is suggested by he unusually small proportion of Undecided" responses. NORC interviewers asked a na- ion-wide cross-section of civilian idults: "After the war, do you think he Japanese living in the United States ' should have as good -a ·hance as white people to get any kind of job?" Yes . . . . . . . : 16% Yes, if they are loyal American citizens ....21 No Alta Vista Soldier Missing in Belgium Alta Vista--Word was receive! from the war department by Mr and Mrs. Ed Freidhof stating tha their son, Pfc. Jerome N. Freidho was missing in action since Dec 25. He was with the forces in Belgium. Pfe, Freidhof entered the serv .'ice Nov. 14, 1941, and left fo overseas duty in September, 194; He was injured during the inva sion of France and after a pe riod of hospitalization in Englan ; returned to the fighting front." Report Fayette Yank Missing Since Dec. 18 : West Union--: Marion Denni: Fayette, . and Mrs. George J Schatz, West Union, have bee notified that their son and broth er, Cpl. H. O. Dennis, Fayette, ha been missing in action in Europ since Dec. 18. Cpl. Dennis entered the arm 4 years ago in March and ha been overseas since . Septembei . 1944. He was with the radio com munications squad. Piles! Ow!! --But He SMILES, Now Bo -Klso as »«-was- Use saine f orninia nse by toMt-f adjunctlvelj at noted Thorn ton ic. Minor Clinic. Surprisine CUIC BttlTlativc relief of pain. itch. aorwiS Helps soften and tends to shrink swell Ing. Get tube Thornton Minor's R«tM Ointment--or Thornton Minor Recta YvSESSiS'S 63 - K n , ot delighted -wito thi JSOCTORS 1 -way. low cost U refundet At all drug stores everywhere--in Maso -City. At Ford Hopkins »nd Osco rjra NOTICE In onr display advertisement which appeared in Wednesday's Globe-Gazette "Boys' Big: Overalls" were advertised--Should have heen "Boys' Bib Overalls--$1.17." Sizes 6-16. For Friday Only _'. C. PENNEY CO. rtiURSDAY, JANUARY 18, 1945 BUY THE LARGE SIZE SAVE TIME - SAVE MONEY- SAVE MATERIAL OSCO HAS LARGE SIZES LOW PRICES Undecided 2 _ . 100% The more education a person las, the more likely he is to favor giving Japanese-Americans equal job opportunities. The less education an individual has, the more likely he is to believe that vhites should be given preference. Of those with a college background, 44 per cent would give whites first chance; of persons with a grade school education or ess, 70 per cent reply: "Give whites the first chance." Sectional differences show that preferential treatment of whites s favored by 56 per cent in the New England and middle Atlantic states, 58 per cent in the midwest, 66-per cent in the west, and 68 per cent in the south. The figure from the south should be considered in the light of differences in opinion between -whites and Negroes. Sixty-three per cent ot whites and 48 per cent of Negroes Ihinfc whites should be given job preference over Japanese after! [he war. Comments by most of the 61 per cent who would give whites :he first chance at all jobs indi- :ate a considerable amount of aitterness. A telephone company employe in Los Angeles says: The Japs should not be allowed iiereL,at.aU." The wife of a Nebraska war worker remarks: "Let ihe Japanese return to Japan as they keep their citizenship there always." A shipyard painter in Lorain, Ohio, thinks: "Every Jap should be sent home regardless of citizenship." The wife of a colored steel worker in Chicago replies: "Ain't the Japs the ones that's fighting us? No, " they oughtn't to have any jobs." Somewhat milder feelings are evinced by a few of the 61 per cent. A cement mill worker in Tarrant, Ala., adds: "But I do think the Japs ought to have a section set aside for homes and should be treated as fairly as possible." A Chicago aircraft worker comments: "That's very hard to answer right now as we are all very prejudiced against the Japs. They all seem bad. When you come down to it, they should have liberty, but they should not equal the whites." Of _the 16 per cent of those interviewed who answer without Qualification, "After the war give the Japanese an equal chance to get jobs," these reactions are typical: "That's what the" war is about--giving all races an equal chance. . . . All should share alike. That's supposed to be the American creed, that all men are created equal. . . . But it would be hard (o turn flown a white person for a Jap." A Negro farmer outside Oklahoma City answers: 'yes, if they apply equality to us Negroes. Japs and all races that come into the United States have had a better .chance than the Negro." The 21 per cent who reply "Yes, if loyal citizens" comment: "But that's something you can't tell about a Jap. It's better to let them work than" live on the dole. . . . Otherwise we violate the constitution. . . .This is a democracy --America is a melting pot." A Cleveland businessman believes there should be "no discrimination of color, race, or creed." A Washington, D. C., Negro clerical worker says: "We should practice true democracy. Japanese-Americans should be given as good a chance, as the United States is made, up of people from all nations." An earlier survey by the National Opinion Research Center indicates that 55 per cent of whites think that "Negroes have the same chance as -while people to make a good living Jn this country." This scientific survey by the National Opinion Research Center sampled a typical miniature of the population of the United States with the proper proportion --in each geographical section--of rich and poor, young and old, men and women, various' minority groups, and residents of urban, town, and rural areas. Kensett--Mrs. Ellert Nodtvedt left Friday for Adair where she will visit in the home of her mother. Stacyville--Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schmitt received word that their son, Sgt. Al Schmitt, had arrived in England. PE-RU-NA LARGE SIZE . $1.25 TONIC PEPTO BISMOL For Upset Stomach, Large Size $1.15, Kidney. Med., Large Size. U' I FAVORITE PRESCRIPTION. $1.35, Large Si«s .. 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