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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1818
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"foRISTOL, England,) (A regular trader, j ; Uvaut fast tailing coppered hip JACKSON, Thomas F Morton, ANUfl - :,i - - ,m nnrf nf hop nm bein naJTUl b u".pat,cJied without delays For ??5ri iMaeJ'n? excellent accommoda - fryiard, at pier No.' 22. near Peck - "peTER SCH ERMERIIORN SONS, ' Of B. W. ROGERS & CO. . . HliQvfftr for tale. 10000 Btdmbridge Urick . 60 casks patent rihot . 50 do bur l,f - :tJ '. joo barrel Saiiuh Brown 10 cask Poller - ' How landing irom the Andrew Jackson. . It I - : . - . For Hale, Freight or Charter, Tb snip THOMAS NELSON, just arrived Horn New - Orleans slie is a yTbuilt, strong vessel, well found, burthen - bout 800 tons, can be4ntto sea at a trifling expence - sbe now Jies al Brooklyn, where she . be examined. For terms, apply to - B. W KOUERS Si CO. ;e18 235 1'earl - street. Wanted to ( tarter, A foodililP. of about 300 tons, to gload in a onUwru port for England. iuuiy to ' WALSH UAI.liAUUt.ri., 6G South' - street. For SAJ.E, The eood substantial ship WEST . POI XT, bunh en per register 31669 - 95 'ton i is in good order and can be sent to sea with very small otnrit hci cables and an chors of ine first quality ana neatly new i eer is full in every other respect. This atiip is' well calculated tn carry" a cargo of tO - blcCO or COVOI1, '1Q uc a um, "imu'ij rfiip, having suitable ij'u - li'ios for that trade She giay be 'xairi'ied on application to the jubscrtbers, whov,iil shew the inventory, and wiike the term k - wn, which will be liberal. J. & W. STEKLIXG Jfc CO. !4 ta iv 45 South - street. j for Frettfd or Charter. Theship FOSTER. .Voian, ma?tcr ; '.OB tens burthen ; is in complete order, Ulcould 'proceed to a southern port immedi - staly, if required. For term?, apply lo the master or ' It s . W. I S. CRAIG. H uuti 4 to Charier. 4y - A staunw vessel, atwmi Jj icgs iilhorthen. lo load m James' Uiver lor tu - loud. Apply to TROKES,IAVIDSONCo. J 20 Iw 106 Front - nrccL L'H. PH. DE LUZL..71 Wabhiugton slret - t, offers for sale, IsitWin. R'fthed p - ir brig Lc, fr"'" Marseilles and entitled to debenture. ALSO, , ' 15 rases Class Tumblers ' ' .".5 do. Olives . . 25 .do . Caiier. . ? AND, Several invoices of French Silk Goods and li - sencMobtkkHrfceived from Havre. Je 17 1m iOACCO - - bO httdi prune Richmond to - Xr baoco, suitable iur the Hiitish or Irish mar - 41 hhds very prima Petcrshnrg do. 10 do middliDgqnal, heavy Rtchmonfl do 10 do Kentootrv do 1100 kegs manufactured do of. various branils and qualilits tome old aud very superior. For sal by . . Je 19 BOOR.WAM & JOHNSTON. TO Uh. Lt:.iKU, ON favorable tcrna. for ions term of years, 4 lots of ground on Broad a y, 25U feet dsep, extending to Crosdy - 3tret, botwten Hester aud Grand - streeb. C lots in Water - street, near Catharino - mvket. 1 lot in Water - street, Lctween Fulloo and Barling slips. ' ' Aim, several olhrr lots in the 5th, 6th, 0th sal 10th wanli. For particnlara, enquire at t. 30, Chatham - street. may 8 B1RBKR1S KKST DOUBLE BROWN STOUT. 80 caks, !( ted by a Iriend iu London, superior to any in this market, for Sileby . V. LYNCH. Jiinr. Je I Im Mo. 41) Wiilmm street. 50O WHITE LfcAU, &c. 6ir. krr London White Lead in oil 30 barret do Dry W hite Lead 8 tons Red lnd 30 barrels Bristol Red Orhre SO do Vene'tinn Red ; 4 tons line Litiiarge 80 ho"head Whiting CO cat ks Pari White ; S hMs. Verdigris bit tierces Krenrh Yellow Ochre 5 Kegs Vermillion 4 casks I'rumian Blue, 400'h. Crome Ytlbw,' Patent Yellow . Spanish Brown, Venetian Red. Yellow, SIN OIL. Black, Verdigris, . Lampblack ; Ivory Black ; Puri 1 Bruno Spirits Turpentine ; Lintseeri Oil 400 boxes Window Um, assorted For sale on the lowest ttrn.9, fur cash or at short credit, by PETER SCHERMERHORN k SONS, my 1 . - S43 Water - street. GIU.MD sTONKs'.HKIol UL WAKE, BOTTLE'S, ac - 600 smsll size Grindstones, snorted W larg! do do 5 to Ucwt TVeight, each t0 crates Bristol Ware Gallon & half gstllon Bottle for wine Champaign full sixo Quart do Ixmilon and wine Piut do. (in small size Hsmners) Gallon & half gallon Demijohns Lonr. tipped Tipe, from 10 to 21 inches Larg bowl Negro do. and 1 cask English Joe Thread, jul received, and for sale by WILLIAM COWLEY, 8 LL! 1G4 Water - street. PLAaTKROF PARIS MANUFACTORY, ? " fo"t of Harrion - treet, North - Hivrr. Xj HERE maaoiM tared llaster, forcorni - ' - ami other purports, may be had, warded of U tint quaii ty, at ne dtUur and lien - Vie tautptfitaM. . 1 w manufactory i rondurUd by Mr. John n0DW served a reiuiar spiirenljc - ZtVf ntuK,n b4ness. in ?t JOHN BTERS. rj - KN COPKEK A few Mid very green '"'Miutoue, lor rale ty Unn R. GILLESPIE, IL,.. 112 Frnt - treet. H - LME BEKK vW harreh, for snle by j - CAMBttELF.NO k TEARSON, - v. - ? - - - 67 South street. ' tou'liy'ftUMAN3Boiiit.stieei, oliers 5 dVT n 'ca rkt Goat tkins . - 5lhbL?in,3', - ,'k.lsdatcs i,r,u almcnds ' . . 1 do. :Sfw5dA ft ' - 1 R - J3 " - hard bricks, brs.leby Ju ,y . A.N;ONO.PI1KL?8, ; ' lC3Fionl - !t - - .. 1 RlCE. - r - 90 tierces Rice, landing from schr. Arabella, at Muirny' wharf, for sale by CLARK, MOORE & CO. Je 17 1 41 Sooth - street cs A TT1N ET T, W A R r"S, made I Sea Island O Cotton and sized in the chain, for sale by - " WM. CAMPBELL, ' Je5 . 187 Pearl - street. UOMES 1'IC & O THER WARES. TI1E subscribers keep constantly on hand an extensive assortment of the following poods, VIZ Dutch and English Gunny Raj's, Popes Head Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy and common l)n for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mats Pails and Tubs Wlmel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Jlair do Whips of every le - scriptiun ' . Seine, sewing wrapping, halving and bull J'Wlli Fish Lines i - line 4; Sadlors Thread Duarborn's Balances, Sic. Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan. c y and common Head uo (Id do Cloth do do do Weavers do White Wash do - Shoe Sz Scrubbii.g do Paint Brushes and Sash Tools Clamps, 4,7, 8 row Furniture Brushes 1 iorse do - Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trace Ropes wrought and lui X;ils and Brads Which they will sell wholesale or retail on li - lirral terms. CEBRA A CUMING, Je 2 , 76 Pejsl - strrel. i ... HkMUk'HU. ' TME3 P. AX DOE h:u takcj the storo, No. tf Park, recently occujiisiF as a Ladies' AuhtioivKooin, vchrro he intends establishing himself as a first rate GUOCKH, and intends sailing for ca - h only, and at such prices us will make it the interest of the t ash purchasers to call as above, where he has (or ale a general aswrtmenl of Teas, late importatica Pure old cognac brandy, of superior quality J ann'iCa spirits, Holland gin, American do Madeira, L. P.'Tenerin",01diberry,,Tort & other wiccs Irfmlun and American psrter, Botled cider Bperru. oil and caudles Fine old Holhnd nd American chece Well fl.tvorcd rai.'iu?, Figi, Prunes, Almonds Spices, Ct.!t Spanish cigars, Draught porter Sweet oil, kc. Constant attendance wdl be given, and all favors dulv appreciated. . June 12 tf Q W EK I' ClL. - - J ( l - Hs 1 loreuce Oil, M bet - kJ ties eacn, lor sale hy CHA5. L. OGDEN, St. A BR. OGDEi, Je 10 53 Wnpliineton - strwl. 7M. - iDt.tkA & PORT H'hVK. Qr. ca;ks Madeira, and 6 bhds white ort wine, for sale bv ROBERT GILLESPIE, June 10 112Front - st. t LVXCil, uu. ato. 4U tVilliam - Ktrcet,) M. hnsonbaud the fotlowin;' WINES and LIQUORS, selected with judgment by himself, whith he offers at wholesale and reta'e, u ar - tnUd pvre, m importtd - r - mZl . ( Mra,from3tol8 40 qr casta ) ' y"wood,.; Old Madvlra, in bottles, from S to 20 years ' Champaigne, Bargundy, Claret and Saaterne, of very superior quality ' pipes dry Litbon, 7 years old 7 do Sherry, nine years old, and free from Boracha taste - - ' . - Port, in pipes 1 bottlss ' - '' Table wine, for its quality, the cheapest iu America Teneriffe, ia'h'ids. Old Brandy, do. Rum, do. Gin, not reduced 500 drmij hn containing five gallons each 50 iroce wine !ottlcs N. B. Those in the trade, aud country deal - em, will find it to their account, to supply themselves with wines and liquors at the above establishment, ai they will be certain to obtain articles of the first quality, a! the lowest prices, aud pure at imported. - my 9 2m ' An; ILLlNKlTj, fco getieral aeurlujent of millinelts. shirtings, sheetinst, floss knitting nml sewiug cotton, for sale low, by W.M. CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, JetC 197 Prurl street. rn.'A - P,.fl TKS, TtL.iCt. - CUJtLtli, le. X 200 boxes tin plates 8 casks Traces Brass Wire Ha. 9 60 casks Roman Cemert. now landing, find for sale by ANDEKiON A: MiEAKEK, 131 Water - street. Who hart in itorf. Patent and common Carolina and Virginia IW Sheet Brasofall sires . Brass and copper Wire London made pcx ket Books and Wallets Ladies work Boxes tic. inv S5 HARDWARE, CUTLERY Sic t cask beotrh spring Lock 5 casks plate Locks, I do Steelyard I do cheit bundles. Sic. I do screw plates, v Me beams, ic. I do brass cocks. He. . 1 do bell metal kettles and skillet . 2 do tin'd puts and sauce paBs 2 do fine padlocks 4 do Banbury locks, hinges. &c. 2 do hammers, pincers locks, &c. 2 do III. hinges, fcc. 4 do anvils 1 do hammer and sledges 2 do black Si bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons 100 do cnt nails and brad, from 3d. to SOd. Al.'o, a large and general assortment of goods open on the ihcl vei, lor sale at the raott reduced, by ADAMS Si BLACKWELL, may 7 515 rearl - st. 9 CHOP FA UOMALS. cases Chc.ppa Uomal, sup. quality, entitled lo drawback, received andTir sale by GEO. W. TALBOT, J2) . 55Pinc - - t. DOMESTIC GOODS. WM. CAM f BELL, Manufacturt - r. cfTeis for sale on reasonable term, at hi stole 197 Pearl street, a fresh supply ol the following goods, vis. lbtu ps. wmte miilineis, handsomely mearn n 120 do black thi land finiVd 20 cases blearh'J and unbleach'd sheetings k ihirtings ; together with an assortment of floss knitting andsewirg cotton. Je 16 ENGLISH HAMS, BACON,' ire. just im ported by the ohs riler, Double GlooceMer, Dlilim and Pine Art1e Cheese.of a very snperi - or qunlity i Yorkshire and Wiltshire Hams; sides ana micnes 01 tweon, of a supenor qumj; r.n - hsh Laid, in bladders, and small firkins; Glass ind Bri:U I Stone War 1 Urge Bottle : Pipes tand Demijohns 'AI,"rO. A general assortment m urocmes, r isn ( cau ces, c. for tale cheap, for cash, by iUWAKU tiiiAUKrunu, 157 Grecnwich - treeL Best Havana Segart, in qr. boxes - Jel6 1m - At ARPT.T1NG. 8 bale nf Brussels and Kidderminster Carprrinp and U earth Rug, all of superior quality, now landing from brig Henry Clay, from Londrn, f.r sale by PETER REMSEK ii CO. je 20 - 5 Eoulb - street. plHEMICALS, COLORS, c W tpsmn Salts, m casks of ?cwt. Lump Macnesid, iu cases 'Do do small Squares. ', Calcined do in phials " ' .' Rocbelje Salts, Acid Tartar . . CitrU - Acid, Blue Verditer in firkins: Patent yellow, Kings Yellow Reerulusdf Aotinionv ' GUS, BUTTuN3,ltc. vJ ; Fowling Pieces, assorted, well finished :' Do' 'do in wainscoat cases, fiiiety finished svitn apparatus compieiu Jluelling Pistols, in cases Gold Epaulettes Naval and Military Sword Belts Vi. r - mi uuiuoatand Vest Button. ..'.. t'opiierplates for engravers , , V - Matliematical Instrument ' . Rolling Pa'ralei Ruler . . .".'. Y Mariners campuses, telescopes tljitr glasses, microscopes ' . . 3 setts splendid chessmen carved in ivory. Tortoise and turtle bliell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil case. For sale by J. LAMBERT, je 18 - 3 Louitlandt - itrert. FOR SALk, by JAAtHs P. AJs DOE, No. 7, opposite the Park, i fne Sicily LEMONS, in line order, in tLvF lots to suit purchasers. Je 16 . BATH. THE subscriber ri'spectfuily informs the citi - w.nn of New - York, travellers and invalids, that his Imnsf! at BATH is now open lor their re ception ; its (tluation is, probably unequalled on inn conuneoi wiinin a snon oisiance oi me ciy and in view of Sandy Hook. It presents the finest prosper!, and for Sdluhrity of air and the advantages of Sea Bathing is probably, without a uval. 11 has erected seteral new Bathing Houses, and a floating bridge to receive the steam - boat his lardtr is we'l stocked with all the delirneks of the season. Travellers from tl southward can be accommodated with Boarding and Ixidgins on reasonable terms, and transient persons will find it a healthy and agreeable re - tieat JOHN COLEMAN. A CARD. (7 - The snliscriber resctclfally ootius (be puiiiic, inai passengers tor oain anaine a iv - KOWs in the steam boat Nautilus wit), on Sunday next, and until further notice, be taken from White - Hall at 10 oVIock in the forenoon, (instead of 5 o'cloi k in the morning) and will be called for again about half past 5 in the afternorn. Pleasure boats can tome up with, safety to the bridge. JOHN COLEMAN. Je 12 I in boutlttrn Jftstrirt uj A'tw y orl, n. O E il remembered, Hint on the twnity ninth ' 13 day of August, in the foi'y second y ar of S - a - , the independence 01 the United btate L. S. of America, Daniel D. Arden, of the v ' mill district, hath di - x,fitcd in this office the title ul atxwik, the riht whereof he claims as propm tor, in the woid'und figures following, to w it ; Rending made easy ; or, a new guide to spelling and readag ; in l .iir parts. Ist,rntain - u:g various alphasmw, and nearly two hundind pellirgand reading Icssoni, by regular graHa - tiurs, Irom the moSleasy to Uiu diibcuit, aud in winch liie words are divided and accented, ac - cotding to the purest prrmuneiation. 2d, a vocabulary of words, nearly utile in sound, but different iu spelling and signification. - 3d, Iusum In reading and reciting. 4th, outlines ol geography: a sketch of Einmmar ;abhrevi tiuusi aritbiuetical tables ; and prayer fur the usoof scnools. the whole rendered pleasing and impressive by neat and appropriate cut,. By Wil iiam Little, A. M. In conformity to the act of congress of the United Stater, entitled " an art for the e ncburaue - meotaf icarnioK, by securing" the ronie of amps. charts and books to the author 'and pi fi)n wuf ol such copies, durms the times 1berHi mentioned," and also to an act entitled " an act supple - UM - iitary to ao act, entitled, an act for the rnr.ou - rugeuieiit of learning, by securing die copieiof maps, chart aud book to the author and pro prietort of such copies, during the times therein mentioned, and extending tbe benefits thereof to the art of designing - , cngravius and etching his torical and other print. Clerk of the southern district of New York. JeKd4w JVEIV MUMC. JUST published and for sale at WILLIAM DU LOIS' piano forte and music store, No. 126 Broadway, , Thine am 1 my faithful Ihir ; the soldier's bride ; ind from childhood's dawn to noon of youth as .uug by Mr.' Philipps. ' Ah can I e'er forget thee love ' 1 he celebrated echo song The inspiration, sacred melody The Saxon air, with variation!, by Cramer Flaydn's celebrated consonet, My mother bid die bind iy hair, a a 1 ondo Twenty - four sonatas, for young performers, by N. B. Challoner The &'axe Cobourg waltz, with variation The Sophia Waltz The storm rondo, by St eibelt Je12 'OK IMMEDIATE SALE. i il J An elegant country scat, situated In the village of Jamaica, (Long - Island,) in the neighborhood of the hon. Rutus King, directly opposite the delightful situation of major Dit - mas, and the same estate occupied several years by captain Scott. , It is bordering on the turnpike, and consists of about 40 acres of the best of land, five or six of which is covered with wood, at a little distance from the disci ibed premises. In front of the dwelling - house is a number of large elegant button - wood and cherry trees. There is likewise a good barn, built but a few years siuce, and a flotirithing orchard. . . This estate, with some improvement, maybe made one of the most delightful seats nn the Island, and is probably the only one which will be offered for many years in that dvliglil - ful place, wilbin one hours ride of the city. For further particulars, apply to Messrs. JOSEPH TITCOMB & CO. 162 Pearl - street, or tn EUiH A FAR EES, who is duly authorised to dispose of said estate, at the house of Mrs. limsh, in the village of Jamaica, nea. the pre mises, wnere lie within eight v!as, je 19 W ill be found at any lime Terms liberal. MILLINERY, &c. IOHN WINTRINGMAM, Milliner, No. 125 .1 William - st. respectfully informs hi friend and the merchants in general, that he has moved Irora No. 1 17 William - street, to the above .No. where be CRIMPS - Satin, Muslins, Ribbons, Crapes, fc. at ihe shortest notice and lowest pnees. Also, Fancy, Lace, Sattin, and Crape 1 nuinungs. He has constantly on hia.l, split straw, and Leghorn hats, turbans, turban fronts, c - oUe - rel,ic. One case superfine white chips, inst imported and for sale by the doten or ingle. f Store No. 117 Wiiiwm - street lo let, and a number of glass case Ibr sale. Je8 ' Im. . - t PATENT BlG DESTROYING LIQUID. CERTAIN and never failing pnism lor bed x.V. bugs. It wiilexttiminate luem at using withcut taining ttic lurniture, or bein arcom - nanipd with that disagreeable smell usual' at tending the JuThcatimi of other poisnns. For sale in bottles, at 4s earti, at P. DICEIL'S Medicine Slorf, ' 3SJ5 Broadway. N. B. A large asjorfmenl of gmumtr Drags and warranted patent Medicines, lor sale as a love. Jel91.a pATONOpDS - Jut received, an io , J3tfiptti aa Checked sarsnets ... 4 - 4 bUkfijng.dsodtwiUe - ludkl. BWck riSfVa'lmes . . , , . Canioitt( - .Vn assorterl colour Wankrliii do ' , T' ;v J flM IX STOCK, ' " ' ' . Black, gr and changeable iDel - er - - ; 1 'Cbaflgeaht frtarsnet ; . . Coioiivi I ttntaieK. C3!ercd umieg sUks biow;L;'crsnt'i)w4 .forsaieby - . .. ; , ' , f U ETLR REM S F.N U CO. l'1:"!"' )? tsonth street Ail i"rV' JOHACCO. U UiJ t,tnekT tobacco, lan&gtbU day, and 50 hhU'l - ima tobacco, m store. liFa!e4y ' ; R. GILLESPIE, f30UR - pip( ronac Brandy, Aufluble Mati! - V da carubvStHrtt - H hrj.d &r 6 pipti JiWttiburg Ginr ree'd .ad for sale by . 55'1'me - strect. liUd t AlvD bU toxe first qual ity EngH - Mustard, in 1 - 4 ll bottle - , land - nig from sbi I rai'iT, Irora Liverpool, lor talc 1 in Eiverpor I, lor ETHUNE (i CO. ry . v - ryllE Br. 9J Cofl'ee - House slip. OL'H ;'ti.iLt;. FJ.OLH JCjJ Jjlhm;c'l'4 Uichniond Hour, brand - - eU (.einia tu - itt Beut tietk, kc. 30 dofinsi ; lUdo m.'.Jjyn ' . Lauding fro,, the biig Omy idor, Jiia UiVh mond forsalvlr . JegQ rg:?ALMl Ti GALLAGHER. .LOUR, a - xVaKTbhl fine uud supcrf. Rich 1 inoud coshtry Flour 3J9 do strper!. Huxull's da s 36 hbd Prime Tobacco 4501(0 IbsGreen Coffee, in bbls and tierces ' iJiiitled to draw back, lor sate by W. & S. CRAIG, J 20 ' No. 84 Front street. lOO :. UPLAND COZVIWV. bak - ssvpeiior quality upland cotton, for sale by Je7 LE ROY, BAYARD & CO. ( AtVt'.ESULA'D HUM. J hhils lanllmg from sloop New - York - For sal by . ' JA - MEA' D'WOLFj jun. Je 17 r 64 stiuih - it. 1 4 bo CJilXA H A a:. oxer dhring snU, plate, ic lanJinz and A.r tule at C7 iwuh - .Teet, by - . 17 CAWt ELF.NO SZ PEARSON. 11 K (X v. DAVENPORT ti CO. - No. 35 Peck slilti j&tt for salt1, 10 hhds. Muscova - j'i cugiir, isi .iaiiiy je i. . '.'.TO PAM.EN I'S. ON Mboday, Ve 29th day l, a new te iniiiary wtf he opened on Stnten I'land, for the instructional boaiding nnd day scholars. Ti e spacionr ajiu couiuiodioiu liuilrln.g appro - priatt - d 10, staiHhi on the b uilt ol the buy ol New Y 01k, in a situation v. Lous iiumerous ni (I iinequall'd l'cal advantage are too well Known to reqijre fl'iy euicgiuui. I'hc feniirtaiy will be conduetpd by Mr. Iron side, n grudaise efCohimbia College, frMietly liTMcirHf of. iraiirue 1 f r.lLr aftiM. - fiU privnle ciblarr to il rsovernoroJ" New York, and lat terly pnv - l teaJir of a (elect kUooI on ptHlcn li and. ciokliiiK ol Hie ciumren ui uie ire r re. tulfti.t. anJ nf II him. Lawrence anJD. D - Burger qr. J to ulyni, and to Peter W ilson, L L. D. of Colinnlia vollcne. oarunU are respectfully reterred I' toe character ana conipeiency 0.1 in y - ehcr - ' ' . - i 1 tic ttiitiorcltMficl hide n will br 1250, andof Enell't students 4,(1 i5 per (niarter, both pnvahle tiwfeily in advance. ' The terms lor rxnrrfmiUW toil douat pr - UMuub &U sya - ble quarterly in advance. " - Ttio inntruction of the classical department will comprehend all that i necessary to pre pare students for admission into any college 111 the united siatrs. In the English department the studies will be o directed as to l iy a good foundation preparatory to the commencement of the r.laiirs, and to as to render any of the student therein coin - potent clerks for a counting rxm or store. 1 ne most eminent tracoers 01 r rt ncn, r - panisn, Dancing, ic. will be profiled to attend the se minary. A . Ueolieiuen, fiesiring more pnrucumr intorma - (ion, are requested to call on Mr. Gil. LEY, di nroadway, or on 3ir. inuASinr - , ai iie semi nary. June j 4i HOARDLSO. FIVE or six gentlemen of steady habits, or two small families, can be accommodated in a small family, No. 55 William - street, on the corner of Pine - streeL Also, gentlemen accommodated with dinner, ' Je 16 lw PHFNIX BANK. ADIv If) END ofthree pr.cent for six months, endii e Ihe 3Uth instant, has been this dav declared payable to the stockholder on tlie first ol July next. By order el ine ooaru 01 oireciors. Jtl7 Im I). I. GF.KF.NF, Cashier. tOti SALE, A farm of between sixty and seventy acies, situate on the west bank ol Lake Otsego, and one ruiie Irom tbe village of Cooperstown. On it are anew (tone house 64 Itct square; a new farm home, barn, Sic. It forms a desirable e tubliihinrnt for a gentleman wishing to retire into the country, ns ita nituatiou, as to prorpei t, ('onvenienre to market, Sic. is not surpassed hv snv in ihe interior ol the date. It willbe - sold low for cah, on a credit, or exchanged for property in this city, goods, Ate. Apply lo 11. li at n., mv 7 tf Law Buildings. I OHN HEWITT (till reside at No. 242 Wa ll ter street, where he has a very handsome and laihinuahle assortment of Cabinet furniture on hand, which ho will warrant to be of the first nuality. lie solicits his New York nnd southern Iriendsto gi turn a call, as lie natter rnmseii they will not be disappointed. Urdcrs executed at die shortest notice. J ti tf ROBERT ROBERTSON, Apothecary, from .Scotland, begs leave respectfully to inform his friends nnd the public in general that he ha commenced business as Apothecary and Drog - git in the store No. 02 Broadway, fourth door below Wall - street, where he will always make it his study to keep a general assortment of drug aud medicine of the best quality, and hope by a constaut attention to busiue? to merit a share of the public patronage. ITiyjiciau's prescription and family receipt. dispensed with the ulmo't accuracy, neatness and prccuion. . AaxTK - anaad Engli'h patent medicines ; Doctor icon's pectoral mixture fiir the hooping congh in England nnd Scotland its batramic virtoes are hcid in the highest estimation as a tafo and tflertual remedy lor the hooping cough. June 22 Iw WANTED IMMEDIATELY, 1 at wiTTKi acRcs orricF., 54 m aideiv - lxsk, AliERMAN farmer, and bi wi e lo woik in tlie dairy, Ac ; twoFrench Journeymen Bakers ; a first rale roan waiter, and his wife cook ; a single, Dotch or Scotchmao farmer ; a Lad to drive ahorse nnd gig; a middle aged woman, wth her daughter and a ton, to go uio a farm, 200 wile in the country (10 boy lor waiters, and a numbtr of white and coloared girls for house - work. Traveller can get cr ants at one hour notice.. Ladies and gentlemen wihing to Income subscribers at W IT s ENBEaG'S Office, may Le supplied with all sort cf seryent, fi.rone year, at only a dollar uherriplioo. For sale, two Coloured Girls, according Inlaw.' . Also for sale, a black Jad, who is complete, coachman aod a good waiter, about 16 year of age ; ha between 7 and 8 years to snrve. Enquire as ubove. Je ?J lit Je 20 k lKGLrStt fOTtCJS. - e 1 UJ l he fcUMmuer has opened s estabiirt - Etot which ha - has eaiitlt? Ut B.LO0MING U RtVE G ir.Or.N. tfbontVee' eaarbTf ff u n - ile fnx li)sjnw.:)it' tcsr'Un,t ha . - aita TniupiX,,roa, orts,J cjpL.JV tc's, a hexe L solkfi1 U palroui jl hi Wm.k an '.ne pubuc - - Hn km 1hi 1 u an assrrtnaml 4 the Win stud (.i.juors dt, me 'Nyf Ycrktjw..r'ket afibrd. !' AW. - at all Tmic atrffir thane itoture, h wdl ftmmh ChoMlutc, CoflVf aoa lea, Ker nes, ftfe. The Grdorf j JiMiitv some and very shady, and from thr gulden therf is a beautiful prospect of, the Narrow, tatv Uand, ten. - V - - . ! . L. CAM HE. June MS tr . - - M)TICK - - 7 e ovnrrt of Difkney CHTteiri. 0r5" The owiH - rs end dureri of" liHrtiiH V Carnaaes are informed, that application furli - it - nsejam to be made, at Ihu Meyte's office, on iionuay nxi, ai iro'rlocll. ...... - The printer employed by the Corporation will please iu rt this notice daily until TiMsday next. Je 1 . C'finsignt'cs ol Onods by tle ship DlrA - PEU. tire intormetl. that Pe - smiMion has hc - eh - tmmd from the Collector, to scud all goods - o the Public Store, for which permit are not sCut ijii iji'siu 111 uvtt day nine. J 10 U. W. K.UUEKS K CU. A LL order roivd aml.attcuded to ibr lay IX. log and repairing th MinValtan lead pipes and cisurns or lor siuk pipes or ltd tvm't)tj . ' ' '; SAiVIUUi 3 1 A&UV..1, 'my57'tf - No. 13 Chamber - street. t'OKtiALE OH TXJ LEASE,' Lots in the 5, 6, 8, and 10 Wards: man ol which are on regulated and pated streets. No money will be required under ten years, if suld, interest excepiea. HOUSES. Sevoral two and three story muies, on which a, great pari 01 ine money remain on inongago. LANDING - AT RED HOOK? An excellent stand for business, - wfth ten acres ol land, pleasantly situated, with a whan, store house and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY Near N'ew - Hareu, willi 40 acres t,f laud, and a never failing stream, upon which SO ii iilnmy be erectcu, nn a suincirncy 01 water loreacn. Apply it No. 2 Green tvich - tseet Jau 1J tf ' ' ' ' tamMany haLl. : r"l HE copartnership, hefetofore existin: bc - I. Wen IABRAHAM B.' MAR?LTNU ind WILLIAM 4i. COZZEN3, was dissolved cinhe 1st ol April last, by mulu I conent - . - 1 he cstib - hs.'uneiit will lie cmitinuMtbv the tuharriber. 'ifiv'silnationof TAMMAM' HALL Is PW buhiv imiivalled in tins citv - bu'ing' the park1 nnd the Ciir Hail. and wituur a muiub 's walls ot the Theatre, Academy of lit Fine Arts, Mu seum, He. It presonts imiucia ents lor air, - pro - p. cl, cunvtiiieoee aud Hccoimodation, lui'rrior lo none in tins city, travellers irom toe our,' - cut state in the union, and from this state, wi'l find at 1 miiiiiiuiy 1111 a larder well storkc.l w rtb all the ilcl.cH - s nl the season, clioice vtni'i, airy Hud Chauihots, nnd evety convenience that con ho expected, nud on the most modwale terms. . , . Je IMm , WM B. CO.ZtNS 7U Uil. MASIEHA, M.CHAMCt, HA , - . ' . UlSEEna, tie, - T A N .active iwrsoo, about J0 yiar of age, 1 . vaiits a situation Ho Un a genera) know ledge of the steam engine and all kinds of mills and forges, and most other matbioes - ha been uuitu accustomed to design ; is well versed in erecting gns - lights and iron bridges, fcc Makes a fair drawing, and considers himself inferior to Tew intho managing and manufacturing of ima acdMificUy 1mdo.njta.11d3 niineing of coal, lead, copper, tec, having had the mautgrmeflt nfTH largest irou works and colliery in England, to winch b will give reference a to character and abilities. Addrew. if bv totter. Dost Daid. to G. 11. Ko. 127, corner of Graud - street, Bowery, N. York. June 19 Iw LOTS I O LEAsh AT THE NOR Til K1VEK. SITUATE between Barclay and Murray - O streets, Chamber and Reed - streets, Jay and Harriwn - strecta, and North Moore and Beach - street, at a price very considerably lets than in terest on their value, and at the expiration of the term the buildings to be fairly valued and paid for, or a new lease granted.. Also, to let by the year at alow rate, several lots or yards on the water, well calculated for lumber, rl - .istcr of pans, Sic. Apply to 1 11. RHIXELANDER, 31 rark, near the Theatre. Several of tbe above lots will he sold at a mo derate price nd on a liberal credit. A small portion of the money only will be required. a, .f June 1 1 - 11 f 1REWERY. For sale, a bargain, a Brew - M.J err Si Malt Houe couurcted, iu the city of Hud.nn. The bnildirgs are stoue, aud par ticularly well calculated lor the huiucts. It is .situated in the niidst of a bailey country, and has many other advantages. It i certainly all object for those wishing to engne in tips busi ness. II is the only brewery in tne couctry. This properly will be sold cheap. Terms liberal ; title good. For further particulars apply foM. MULDEN, No. 78 Mai lcn - laue, New - York; or J. NIXON, Jr. near the premises. June 13 tf 1'ROSPECTUS for rcBi.isiii!o bv nrajCRirrioif A MAP OK MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. '1 Ml E publication of this Map has been under - X taken with the impression, that it will exhibit information, highly interesting at this eventful crisis, and the valuable Maps which the author has procured, during his several tours through Mexico, in the years liKJC, 11107, 1812, 1813, 1815, 1816, aud 1817. induce torn lo beleive that the Map, with even all its imperfections, will be much the most perfect which has appeared before the public. This Map will contain the latest and best information from the diiroveries and poesins of tlie American, Spanish, Rnsinn, British and French travellers, and navigators and representing the claims of their respective governments on Ihe NorOiwette.rn coast of America. The Map will include that portion of North America - , which lie between the Isthmus orDa - rien, and ihe 48th degree of North Latitude, and from the Mississippi River wtstwardly to tbe Pacific Ocean. In site the Map will be about six by Ave feet, and will be projectud on a chle of 40 mile to the inch, to be delivered to tie subscribers at fifteen dollars sach. Natrhrs, Marrh7..1818. ap tAil FOR SALE, A LOT of land, conlainiug between sixteen X and twenty acres a - lmiuing tlie village ol Bloomincdale, Irontii.g on the Tenth Avenue and 1 1 udson Uiver, adjoining on tlie outb the country seat of Mr. John H. Talmna. Tbe irma will be reasonable, and two thirds of the purchase money may remain ecurd by bond aud mortgage! . . . ALSO, two Ms ofgrcnnd, twenty, five IVet - toy one hundred each, situate on tlie tast side of D'orsvth street, about 1 j0 to SuO feet north U Dclancv - street. If not diooed of at private sale, Oi above will be gfieredj'or sale at auction, oa Vcdneday y yor saie at auction, oa coneoay vi QUI JUIJ. For (urther 1 .. , " , , ? i Insurance OiHce Jell Im N EW - UKLEANe. COT TON. 37u ba!c, prime Cotton, received ner thin Thomas Nelson, and brig Argo ami Standam, and lor saV bv WALSH A GALLAGHER, Jc f7 60 S'ath trret. t - I - I .Kr The tew FERRY BOATS from the foot ol wait alnut street. New York, to the foot of Lit - " tic sutcs, rooiyn,ear tbe ftavy Yard, wiU commence rrafling on Psmday, the l7thtoU. ' ' vfc. k. .... 1 . i. r.. - - j . ... - pai Irf ln T Li0rt(.1(t hy I l.T vVWW(H - L - iviiinrii iiev use wi . "J noj uiki - uio anw tnjv a J uiriiw ierry - - . . - - . a I" - Mil ICE. . . - . . .. 1 j - . fcV - .tbe R - jriag Em Sailttab: KoaMrieL . bd Indnttfyv Isom Ihe Elizabeth iino Point. Ut - Nw - Yrk, .il fix m MarkeUitki sfUt, (wl.ei lite Staanvbont Atalaahir iratesly ratte U,) al v ' 10 o'clock, ol eai h day. Pticrage Vi t - Sctutit. - Enquire at the Steam - boat HoUll. of ... ............... t.... . r.r. - . A jitivcvitjuo. ruii - .x.irs - my H tf .' - . . Merchant" $ livr.k IHvitknJ - ' cry - Notice is hereby eiven to tlie.Stockliol - 1n s of the Merchant's Bank, (hat a Dividend of four per cent, or two dollars on etch sksre lor sis monui, fiom the. tirst of uecemacr last, will Ue aid at the Hank n.Moiiday, the first of June next. u Bv ordef of the Board of DJecc, my 29 1 m ' G T).; TitOOM, Cash'r. ' , PHEMX BANK... - - (tt A u election for fourteen Directors of this Buuk will be. held at the. Banking JJotcei ,' Tuesday, the 7tb July next, Lttnetn 11 and - o'l.lock. .The trabster Books will - be closed eo - the 25th instant, and wtlllcontiuue c losed until af - . ter pieeiec'iioa,. , iiy crdtr ci the Koanr of tt - rtctori, r 1. UULEM't - asiiKi Jeo tjy 7 v. ' - - .. j. rr iOHH PROtjTCH, 7ix. 100 Libctty - st. ofTcr liberal anticlpati'oqs on property consign ed to - bis triei.da in tne Mediterranean, t or further particulars, apply ss above, or to : A mi A HAM liKLL, Je6tf ' corner of CV'iric Fulton - ats. . ta(e 01 jVetr - l orAr, Comptrolier'i I'flice. (Ky - PUBLIC NO VICE is hereby gtvets to the holders of the six and seven per cent stoclc of this state, that the hole of . the said stock, wjtn the exception ofttifix . per cent stork. treated hv the aci. entitled. u an act resnectinz navigable communication bet wren the great western and northern lalu - s and the Atlantic Dc'ihd," passed April 15, 18)7, will be paid off on the first day ;of July next, or at any - time thereafter when demanded. Pnvment will be made at the Manhattan bank in the city of New - York, to the stock hidden residing in tlie - jjoulhern district or tms state ana out ol this stale ; and at the Nuw - York - state bank, in the city of Albany, to ail other stock holders. . , . It is reauircd that tlie certificate issued for the stock should be given up al the bank where aoeh pavment are mpde.. ,. . ... The interest oa the aid slock will cease affsr the said BraT'day of JuJa ne. : ' ' .UiCUiJAriiVt ynrvomixrouer. . Dated Allxmy June I, 1818. . ' Je9 tJy 1 - 1 it T he Coniuiisstouert of the Canal lund . will in pursuance ol the jct, entitled "an act ruspectmg iiavixahhr cnsnmimwatton between the grett Westorn and - northern i.aies, and uni Atlautu - Ocean,' receive seHled rrnixisaM until ' 3 o'clock, P. M. on Wednesday the 15th day of , July next, lor a loan to the state ot two hundred aud fifty thousand dollars, tube paid to the .Com - initsiuner in two equal instalments, tlie first oa the hist day l Augiwi next, ana me other on iti . hrstiiay 01 uciotx r next. 1 ne proposuu mow " bn ntldrcsied t the t'omritroller. ,.' - ,' '' '.1 lie r;e of interest t not to exceed" art rr ' ' Vnt, per Annum, f ayable quarter 3arry and the principal 1 to be reimbursable et tlie Talent. - ' ure of Ihe government, at any time after lite first ' day of Jnly, 1837. Tlie plficer npKiinled for the purpose In Ihe tU (yof New - York, will isue translerahle cerlifl . rate of "toek tu the Lender, and will attend to Ihe transfer of stock, a the tame juay be required. . - ' . ' - ' - v 'The interest - wi)Ub paid, al.tL nJatlaa. . Bank, in the city of.Ntw - .York. to the stoukhol - der residing in the oulbern district of this stale; . and out of Urn state, and to all others rt Uieiem - York State Bank, in the city of Albany.. - The Board will meet at the Secrelury's OfBce . ' on the said 15th day of July next, at J o'clock, . P. M. to open and determine on the proposals that shall be made. By or - it - r of the Board. JOHN TAYLER. President. Albany, June 8. 1810.. . Je 11 tjy 15 1 NOTICE. . . ftT - IF Richard Perry bavadge, onof Thom as and Elisabeth Savadge. forme rlv of the city" of Philadelphia, is living, or if dead, hi legal repreieutauve will, ny applying to dir. wm. Savadge, at St. John' rquare, Clerkenwell, London, bear of something to hi or their adyaa " tage. . . - ' 1 he said Kicnard t erry savadge, who was a painter by trade., wa in England in the 'tea 192, Irom wjieucebe returned to Philadelphia in the year 1"94 ; in Ihe year I79S, he is suppc ' - ed to have resided al Mr. Robert Maxwell', id Middletown, Delaware County, Mhrvrnnd r aed ' afterward at Downing' Town, iroiu wheuce he is tupposed to have removed to New - York. ' N. B. If any peron.will produce n legal cerfi - Ceate of the death of the suid Richard savadge, he will, on producing tlie same, to Mr. Wm. bavadge, receive Irom him 5 guineas, a a reward for his trouble. ..'. - ' Any information roprctins the above named person will be thankfully received by SMITH Si GARNI3, , Je 18 Im 318 l earbstrett, New - lorr. NOTICE Ail person having claim again! Ihe estate of Thomas Brady. .Ule of the city of New - York, deceased, are requested to pn sens the same legally authenticsieu, ana ail those indebted to Ihe laid estate are requested to ilialte immediate payment lo Ihe tuiweriber, who offer for sale the property of the deceased,' containing 4 lot fronting on (lie Bowery 5 by 7.Hectderp en"., and one on sianton - sireet, z. bf 100 feel. The whole premises are rented thi year for $C90 and tuxes. Ao indisputable title will be given tor the same ny . " ....... .......t . . .... .. JAM .9 UA1VVL.AI, executor, . Je4 lm" No. 3 South - slrmet. nil m.i.n a it this HjtV. A PRACTICAL TREATISEonFERSPECV TIVL adapted for those who practice landtcaiie iintiig or drawing from nature - - - Also, THE PERSt'EC l'OGRAPH, for.k - . ing views. , We the nd'rsigi.ed artists, resident at New - York, bavini inspected Busby's rrvectoerntb,. are of ouiuion, that it is an ingenious, nsetul and convenient invention, that a ill mnterially aMist f ail persons desirous of making accurate perspec. live views from nalur. , JNO. TRUMBULL, AB. ROBERTSON, ' " - SAMUrL I WALDO, . . JOHN RUBENS SMITH, '' . WILLIAM DUXLAP, ' " ). H - JARYIS. ' - ., The above works are for Sale by ' . - ' J LAMBERT,' ' ' Je3 1m 3 Cotrrllandt rtreeU A SPANISH lienlleman, who baa aoaie lew. . sure hours in the dav to dispose ot would be glad to employ fj.ero in 'the cotfetmg room of any merchant,' wW might ofrasionTor hi Services, in hit native lane. ttageot Freisch,' of which he ha afarnuixrkHow le.lge. .A lino adressea to t'. r and U n at r.iia oihceiU ba attended to, of by sppry'ui'to - ' V ' ' ' T - - - - - .'It CaRTMEL. - ' ; je ai iw' j i t - wilh - etreeta Ajjj A pleasant Back riom, at no. 56 W aU - street, oilabU for a lawyers officei Pomssiott . " ' 'I . - ,' FOR SALE, 30 ream ofCfusia PTrt, ta - Lle for Baa Bot laktr. or - togar HaHna. - I he qoali'y and lizo ta tha ism as ti.e Erta trt Post piijtul on. Apery at tLisc&. J 18 a - j . V si 1 s 1 r 1 ; t 1 l

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