The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 14, 1943 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1943
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

Four Conscientious tors Are Guinea ;s in Diet Tests Objectc Pig Hitler Wages Ruthless Drive to Mobilize All of Resources CHAMPAIGN, 111., #)--Four conscientious objectors b e g a n - a program o£ -vigorous work and exercise in the simulated temperature and humidity of the tropics and desert to enable - University of Ill'nois scientists to studv the food needs of troops in the Solomon islands and in Africa. · Prof. H. H. -Mitchell, chief of the division of. animal nutrition, said the quartet would be fed controlled diets and all the food they consumed would be recorded. He declared the men will undergo "quite an ordeal" during the experiment which will continue until Aug. 1 under a contract between, the University of Illinois and the federal office of scientific research and development. The quartet volunteered for the experiment and came here from the civilian service camp «o. 13, Denison, - Iowa, maintained by the Mennonite church. MASON CiT* Willing to Pauperize AH of Continent to Heip War Machine By GLENN BABB War News Interpreter Hitler is carrying on a gigantic, ruthless campaign to mobilize the economic resources of the\ entire continent, including labor, as part of his preparations f o r holding his fortress o f E u r o p e against the anticipated allied Wows of 1943. D a i l y i t b e - c o m e s m o r e evident that the b o a s t of the globular Goering -- that t h e Gel-mans w i l l eat no matter BABB ; who goes hungry--applies not to food alone but to all wealth and the means of producing wealth. * * * Hitler will stop at nothing in this campaign; he will pauperize all Europe if need be to get what he requires for his war machine. V V * The fuehrer's meeting: with his stooge in charge of Rumania, Marsha! Antonescu, announced by Berlin Wednesday, was part of this campaign. ¥ * # One reason Antonescu was summoned to headquarters no doubt was to receive orders to put down the rising clamor against the spilling of so much Rumanian blood in Russia and to make sure that the flow of Rumanian manpower into the eastern front remains steady. For that purpose Keitel and Zcitzler sat at the conference table. But probably the most important men there were Doctors Funk and Clodius, whose ALKA-SELTZER Large Size 49c Prices Effective Thursday - Friday - Saturday function is to supply the wealth that keeps the armies going. Just what Hitler requires of Rumania was not disclosed; perhaps more oil or more grain. That retreat in the Caucasus, abandoning the bright hopes of 1942 of gathering in the oil of Grozny and Baku, poses a grave new fuel problem. The anticipated yield from the grain fields of the Ukraine has become a bigger question mark. * V if. The Hermans may not even be in possession of those fields when rext harvest time conies. Hitler may have demanded that Rumania, already sorely bled for the Russian war, contribute workers for the reich's labor- hungry industries. Whatever he asked it was connected with his colossal economic mobilization » * ¥ Hitler's search for labor is made ·more desperate by the claims of his army on German manpower. A Stockholm dispatch reports Thursday that a military commission is -touring the reich to comb out perhaps one or two million men hitherto rated unfit for military service. Heavy losses in Russia must be replaced, the demands JAiMUAK* 1», British-American Airplane Offensive Against German Industry Gets Into Stride By LOUIS F. KEEMLE United Press War Analyst ^ The British-American ail- offensive against German in- ttustry and communications in the reich and occupied countries is getting into Hill stride, it Is evidenced by the R A" F 's steady no?S France. RUl ' r ** Wetoesd ^' s ««*"** mass* sv/cep o* £ - x. T1 e importance of these raids cannot be over-emphasized Brit. ish military experts believe they will shorten the war by many ~~~ ~~ **months or perhaps a year or of the second front already opened TM?£ e - , in the Mediterranean area and of T, Wednesday night's raid on the the preparations against a third V ' m wh 'cn British planes front in the west must be met At dr °PPed 224,000 -the same time war industry must P ° u n d s (100 be expanded and accelerated to an f nt sK tons) of unprecedented degree in the at- bombs, was the K tempt to match the production o£ e i E h t h in 11 } the United States, the British em- da ' s * pire and Russia. «»!»» t h e third in succession. T h i s _ , p e r f o r m Buy War Savings Bonds and ance was car- Stamps from your Globe-Gazette ried out despite cairier boy. poor weat her. With the end DRUG E V E R Y DAY LOW PRICES Bayer Aspirin 100 Tablets 59c 12c Tin of 13 TABLETS F»i lumen MINERAL OIL. SODA MINT.. SAL HEPATIGA Prophylactic Pint Bottle 100 Tablets. Bottle TOOTH POWDER $1.20 Large Size 40c Size 2 for 97c 39c Lady Esther Four- Purpose Cream 55e Jar 39c Jergen's Lotion 39c - 79c Toblets - 1.000-One-fourth Groin, Bottle. Brono Quinine II: ...... 27c Hills Nose Drops EL Uc Vitamins ?$££?·. · ......... . $1.29 ....... 69c ITS EASY JO WALK AWAY, V Y/ SL 19c BLUE-JAY^ CORN PLASTERS "^ v Shampoo Ipana Cleansing Tissue L°; Sheeh 13c Kleenex SLJ-a TM .......... 25c Regular Si'ze Hot Water Bottle $l ° ° 2 Global Atlas? Income Tax Book Complete Source Mar-o-Oil Shampoo 2fi 39c the World at Complete' Book of Maps VASELINE - Q » 0 t " 4 0 K W H I T E w - . I l l P GEM BLADES Single Edge 69c 19c 98c Stationery ? 5 ?pt VMai .':. MEN S TALCUM 25c Woodbury's of Information Elmo Cleansing Cream D4%4%1T6 Famous Titles. DVVAd Complete Military Sewing Kit c . mp ,.,. 19c Pipe Free He Jw . $1.10 10 To Excise Tax 25c $1.49 fcri .'54c Iff ATmrC 6 Boxes 1*1/11 VIB9 Strikalitc. Pkg. IRON12ED YEAST ; J9c PABLUM- LYSOL $im L °' s * I4-or. Bottle DOG FOOD B R o t i o n " PhS. of 5 Hilex 2J 1 " 1 . 89c 7-ox. Pkg. _ JQ BEDLAMP Sc^.^:.... .; ; 9$ IRONING CORD SLSnyrs '.^*79c 23c TINCTURE OF IODINE 69c 4Jc Work Gloves {?* *":. lie Sodium Flouride Pk ' gb 29c are right around the top of the list of food-for-victory items. Are your bkds carrying thrir siiaic of this extra production burden? We'd like to sec you try DR. HESS POULTRY PAN-A-SHS in your ration. The reason is this--the Research! Farm birds lay as many 03 23 more eggs per bird per year when they get PAN-A-sm,". And here's why--PAJT-A-JON is a tonic that stimulates the consumption of feed--also supplies essential minerals. It'i our belief that both are often necessary for heavy production. We sincerely believe PAN-A.-JOS wffl help you produce moreeggt. ' Sanitation. Gallon Dr. Hess Drycide Zf; $2,25 Loose Powder Wrisley BATH CRYSTALS 4 Pound Ml* Bo S 47C tidy house CLEANSER Tk* 3-W«y Ckmwr " NrHwr 4 lar;* cant, oily 19c ^VE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LUUT IVORY SOAP Mcd. Bar 5c o f w i n t e r , .-eather condi- KEEMLE tions will improve. British and A m e r i c a n production facilities meanwhile will be turning out more of the heavy planes and gigantic bombs needed for the operation. The raid on the Ruhr was what is called a "saturation" attack. The great weight of bombs was dropped in the space of 12 minutes. In the great 1,000-plane raid on Cologne last year, 2,000 tons were dropped in 90 minutes. The weight and brevity of the attack disrupts communications and the enemy's defense system. , * * * The l.OQO-plane raids, a costly and difficult operation, apparently have been abandoned in favor of more frequent raids with fewer planes, but carrying extremely heavy bombs. * * ¥ Tlie bomb now used is the so- called "block-buster," of 8,000 pounds, or a little more than 3V- British tons. Its destructive effect is tremendous. The explosive force is lateral and it literally devastates an entire block or industrial plant. No man-made structure can stand against it. According to the London Daily Mail, British research workers are engaged in perfecting an even heavier bomb which can be carried by the big British Laneasters Stirling!; and Halifaxes. The Stirl- ings can carry 17,000 pounds of explosives. This concentration of load enables the use of fewer planes to get the same result, and the operation is easier to carry out. The .heaviest bomb dropped in 1940 was 500 pounds; in 1941, 2,000 pounds, and now it is 8,000 pounds and going up. * * * The way the air war on Germany has been stepped UD is illustrated in statistics issued by the British. The weight of bombs dropped on Germany and German-occupied Europe during June and July of 1941 was 8,500 tons, while for those months in 1942, 13,000 tons were dropped. * * ¥ The maximum bomb load of British bombers in 1940 was two tons. In 1341 it was more than six tons and in 1942 more than eight tons. The capabilities of the royal air force are illustrated by the fact that in four raids on the Ruhr last April, 1,000 tons of bombs were dropped, which the British figured to be the equivalent of 200 pounds every minute of the week ir which the raids were carried out. The effect of these bombings on German production is bound to increase in ratio as they continue. Factories are blown up, railroads, locomotives, and bridges destroyed and German production conse quently slowed. In addition, th morale of thu workers is affected and output slackens. 4 Rifle Through Army Official Papers, Then Say "It Isn't Here" NORTH 'KINGSTOWN. R. I (/Pj--Four men who held up an unarmed army dispatch rider at gunpoint and rifled through official army papers, only to return them with the remark that "It isn't hero," were at large Thursday despite a state police dragnet. There was no indication of what the men were seeking in their mysterious foray, nor any clew to their identity. The men forced the soldier Private Raymond L. Mosher, of Springfield, Mass., to drive his small army tntck for more than a mile, a gun at his head, to a secluded lane where they carefully examined the documents. Then they sped away in a small sedan. State police, upon being notified of the hold-up, posted guards on all highways leading out of the area and referred the case to the federal bureau of investigation office in Providence. Daughter of Halsey to Christen Plane Carrier CA.MDEN, N. J., (/P) _ The daughter ol Admiral William F. Halsey, Jr., commander of the South Pacific force of the Pacific fleet, will christen a new aircraft carrier--the USS Cowpens--at the New York Shipbuilding corporation yards Sunday, the fourth naval district announced Thursday. The Cowpens will be the fourth carrier launched by ftcw York Ship in 20 weeks. The others were the Independence Princeton and Bclleau Wood. Visit Our January Clearance LET'S "MUSS" OLD MUSSOLINI KP--WE WILL OFFER YOU THE SAVINGS--XOU USE THE SAVINGS TO BUV WAR BONDS AND PAY YOUR VICTORY TAX Our First Aim is to Please You 109 South Federal Cook with GLASS Modern home maker's delight! You can cook, serve and store your food in the same dish. Hot dishes stay hot longer! ' Guaranteed for 2 Years Against Heat ' Breakage/ PINT CASSEROLE OA WITH COVER . . OUC INDIVIDUAL 4 C CASSEROLE . . | DC GLASS: Uses Less Fuel! Cleans Easier! Cooks Faster! Keeps food hot Longer! Does Not Stain! Watch your dinner cook without lifting a lid! Equip your whole kitchen with sparkling crystal glass. Choice of dozens of utensils -- each with dozens of uses! See them today at your friendly Kresge's! What You're Doing! Coffeemaker . $1,55 (Eijli! Cup) Dripolator . . 1.39 Tea Kettle . . 1.19 Double Boiler , 1.75 and Other Pieces $1.35 Make better coffee now that- rationing limits your supply! You'll find many uses for these stainless, easy-Jo-clean glass pots. Percolator SI.80 9 SOUTH FEDERAL

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