The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 28, 1931 · Page 8
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1931
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

MARtiH 28 1931 ' MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTES · · ' · ; ; -- · -- ·\'**S-RFe^----?5s.;!*l,"e-'- . . · i · · · · · · · · · " · · · · -- -- -- ' DEQUATE INSULATION MAKES OLD DWELLINGS LIVABLE [EDUCES ILLNESS |ND MAKES FOR lORE COMFORT fot Only External Appearance Must Be Considered in Remodeling. "Consider your health when you San to modernize your old home." JThis'bit of advice for those plan- ing to bring their .dwellings up to )31.standards does not come from le 'medical profession, nit ho Its [embers have been offering sim- Lir counsel for years. It comes fom ,, representatives of several and loan associations who a large meeting of lumber ialers and contractors in the mid- Re west; some months ago. \From the viewpoint of the loan sociations, the advice is selfish ht selfish only because.they pre- l.r to have .home builders meet jeir loan payments promptly rath- than lag or. default thru inability pay. The association represen- Itives pointed out that over a per- of years they had found thai Srhaps the most frequent reason br home builders failing to meel pan payments was unexpected kness with its attendant medicar Insulation Reduces Sickness. Desiring, If possible, to reduce Jiis hazard to themselves and their |lients, the association made a care survey which disclosed an in ^eresting fact. They discoverec hat payment defaults because o lickness occurred least frequently nong families living in homes hav bg properly insulated walls an( pofs i and adequate, efficient heat tig plants. The reason for this hey declared, is that properly in ulated homes are easy and econ finical to keep comfortably heatec gurlng the coldest weather; conse tjuently, ordinary- types of winte sickness are reduced to a minimum nd unexpected medical bills ar (exceptional. \ Too many homeowners fail t take such construction details s. (Insulation into consideration when they plan to modernize their dwell jlngs. Thinking only of the. externa Jppearance of their houses, the fail to realize that methods o poaae construction have progresse far in the last 10 years! Then year insulated homes were the ex Son; today they are the rale | lth and comfort, of course, art |vp reasons for -.this change. An UHfeiSSiSlfesiiS t.urer; ad-.iu£. i sg . . . _ as i»zr pom 1 out; if people would insulate their honies they would, on the average, cut their fuel bills md.-e than 22 per cent. 1 Insulating Old Dwellings. Fortunately, the use of building Insulation ia not confined to new dwellings. There are several effective ways in which old houses can be insulated. In all cases the first place to be insulated should be the roof because it is here that the greatest saving can be effected. Insulation board can be applied to the under side of the roof rafters at small expense and without disturbing the remainder ot the dwelling. Or it can he placed over the old roofing if new roofing Is to be used. Another method is to apply the insulation board over the top floor joists. Walls can be insulated by applying insulation board over the old siding where a new exterior finish is to be applied. If stucco Is to be .used, it can be applied directly to the cane f \ber insulating board. If the Inside of the house is'to be remodeled, insulation can be applied in lath form which wil also serve as a new plaster base. Home owners will be wise to consult their local lumber dealers about Insulation. It is difficult to give any general figure on the cost of applying Insulation board to the remodeled home, but lumber dealers are always glad to recommend reliable contractors who will give an accurate estimate of the cost of such work. Considering the value insulation adds to any home and the fuel saving it will effect, it is probably the best investment in home modernizing available today. Unique Display Shown in Shoe Store Window A unique display consisting of a scene from Alice in Wonderland has been arranged in the window of Layman's Shoe store, 202 South Federal avenue. Alice sits beneath a gigantic toadstool while the grotesque characters parade before her: ^lood'Poison From Scratch Results in Chapin Man's DeatK CHAPIN, March 28.-rAugust Beyer, farmer, west of town, died at lie hospital at Hampton e'arly Fri- iay morning, having suffered a severe case of blood poisoning. Last ^rlday, a week ago, Mr. Beyer icratched the fourth-finger on his eft hand on a ( nail in an egg case le was handling. The wound was :reated by a physician but did not heal and infection set in. Mr. Beyer was taken to the hospital Tuesday morning. TINYlADIATOR MAKES DEBUT Midget Installation So Small That It Can Be Tucked Under Arm. And now the midget cast iron radiator makes its debut in the spring of 1931'. It's a radiator BO small that a man can tuck it under lis arm and walk away with it. Indeed, one wonders if the heating contractors won't have tOj post a juard around the new buildings and call the roll of the radiators in the morning. Small radiators there have been fop some years, but these are of copper, brass and aluminum. The new baby radiator is of cast iron. It is the answer to the demands of the architectural and engineering professisons for maximum heating effectiveness with minimum space requirements in concealed, partly concealed, arid out of the way radiation. Compactness and strength have been achieved without sacrificing heating efficiency or any of the advantages of cast iron radiators. ' So small and compact is the unique design of the new radiator that it may be easily recessed in the wall or, if desired, it may be enclosed or semi-enclosed. Or, it can be used without any covering because it is unobtrusive, and its lithe, slender lines and fine texture metal give it a grace and beauty that actually add to the charm and good taste of the room. The midget cast iron radiator is made three tubes wide and four tubes wide. The three tube radiator is only three and one-half inches as compared with the four and five- eighths inch width of the standard three-tube radiator. The four-tube baby radiator is only four and three-fourths inches wide. Both the three-tube and: the four^tube radiar. A HOME FOR NEWLYWEDS -By I. BUILDER RIGHT- y/one and one-hajf inches, long aa compared with two and one- half inches of the standard radiator. I-CONTINENT EMPLOYES MEET Talking Picture Depicts Oil Industry to 100 Men at Banquet. A moving picture In sounds and colors depicting the growth of the oil industry aud showing the extent of the Mid-Continent Petroleum corporation plant and equipment was shown to about 100 employes of the company following a banquet at the Eadmar.hotel Friday night. The meeting was one of a series of eight being the district. The picture traced the progress o; oil from the drilling of the well until the,time it was put into the tank of an automobile to a typical town service station. Views of the largest refinery in the world at Tulsa were shown and explanations given of UPHOLSTERING Repairing--Refinishing PHONE 782 STORAGE Household Goods 'CUD AN RELIABLE SAFE LOW INSURANCE New Fireproof Warehouse M A S O N C I T Y Warehouse Corp. 600 Fourth St. S. W. PHONE 3900' 453 FIRST STREET SOUTHWEST M,M.M oen COMPANY General Building Contractors Alteration and Repair Work Phone 837 818 Sc. President FIRST MORTGAGES LOANS BONDING INSURANCE SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES MASON CITY LOAN INVESTMENT Co. W. L. PATXON, Pres. rnonu" ---:"?"·,rC *...·,,._..-»·_ rpHERE may he some young ··· couples who do not want to start married life in their own home, and if there are such this article isn't for them. If you have a lot or the price of one and a few hundred dollars for the initial payment it is just as easy to own your own home as to, and, at the end of a few years, you have a clear title in place of a bunch of rent receipts. Consider this, little plan. It is as compact and convenient as a city apartment. There's a fine big living room, a kitchen and breakfast nook, and bath on the first floor, and upstairs a roomy bedroom and a sewing- or dressing- room which might be turned :nto a child's bedroom. For company dinners one end of the living room is used, just as in city apartments. The exterior is a charming old FIRST FtOOR PLAN English cottage design, with stucco and half timbering, a rough stone chimney, and a quaint old door with brick terrace in front, and a projecting roof above to keep off the rain. As shown the construction is frame with stucco on metal lath and a stained shingle roof. Hollow tile or common brick may be substituted under the stucco if you want and can afford a fireproof house, or common brick, painted white, may be used without stucco finish. As shown the house Is built without a basement, for a cellar costs about 15 per cent of the total home building bill, and if dollars must be saved modern folks have found it i_s one of the things that can be eliminated. Attractive cabinet type heaters, which look like anything hut a stove, have solved the heating problem for small homes. If you do want a basement the stairs go down under those to the second floor, and present no problem for your builder. To enable you to get an exact estimate of the cost to build, with the lowest possible initial outlay for plans, I have prepared a one- sheet blueprint which gives all the details your contractor will need to submit a bid. You can obtain this blueprint by sending $1 to the Building Editor of the Globe-Gazette, asking for Plan No. 4-G-30. Copyright, BuildJng Digest LOCAL FEDERAL EDIFICE PART OF 10 MILLION FUND Huge Fund to Be Expended by Government in Iowa This Year. Approximately 510,000,000 in federal funds are available for buildings, highways and river and harbor work in Iowa, according to reports received today by Col. Arthur Woods, chairman of the president's emergency committee for employment. Mason City's proposed federal building, for which $385,000 is allowed is a part of this program. The fund Includes §5,655,000 to .he expended by the treasury department for postofficea in Iowa. This is divided as follows: Under contract: Iowa City $190,000; Oelwein, 585,000; specifi cations being drawn, Mason City $385,000; drawings being prepared Cedar Rapids, $725,000; site -ac quired, Davenport, $665,000; held for amended legislation, Dubuque ?125,000; Sioux City, ?590,000. Authorized and appropriated, A! bia, 575,000; Council Bluffs, $170, 000; Des Moines, $775,000: Du buque, $675,000; Marengo, $65,000 Sioux City, $1,025,000; Spencer $105,000. Federal funds for use on Iow highways total 53,359,534, includin both emergency and regular feder al aid funds. Of this amount, $1, 892 is under construction; $3,333 G54 has been approved for con r 3 S 0 . !, r, 1, d e, 1- i- D; i, i]- n- truction, and $24,088 Is available river and the mouth of the Wlscoh- or new construction. sin river, and 518,864 for operat- jsrzuss aras 5£sa#*avff owa include ?698,752 for Improve- neaota rwera. nents to the Missouri river between The U. S. veterans' bureau re- Cansas City and Stoux City; $3,- ports construction under way on an 37,248 on the Mississippi river be- infirmary at Knoxville which will vyeen the mouth of . the Illinois cost $270,000. n\- TW JJLjUL . The r O-BY~FOUR - Jl S " VOL. 1 MARCH 28, 1931 NUMBER 4 We Just heard about the photographer who »ald, "Now look p l e a s a n t pleaa e, ' ' and a moment later, "Now you may resume your natural expression." If you need (something from our stock in a hurry, Just step to the phone and ask for number P O U R B I G H T . i They say there are no divorces in heaven. Can that be because there won't be any lawyers there? We thouRht it -was all right, at the time, but now It's beginning to appear t h a t 1 a a t Chrlatmaa wasn't up to par. Our stock ot socks and neckties s beginning to run low already. If we Jtnd any pocUe books on the eitfewtilk next Wednesday, we're going to pick, them up And we'll probably k!ch any old hats we see lying around, too. We bite on everything on April 1st. Etiquette hint: Never jreak your tore ad or ro 11 n your aoup. We believe tliii Blgn In Cerro Qordo county Is the h e i g h t of politeness: "Kindly keep your hands olf this wire-- It carries 2,000 vollB -- Thank you." We know one young couple In Mason City who la already planning to build a home ot their own. And all their original ideaa should make It a wonderful place. It will lie smalt, and not very expensive. If you can't look Interested when you're bored you won't bo Invited to many parties. L. A. PAGE LUMBER CO. PHONE 48 How many tlmefl, In the' last year. h»v« you needed a ladder? Slop ana think It over. They're a pretty blamed good, in- vcitment. to buy an a now that your Ing o Bcnool." Prospect-- "N StranRfir! Let same as I did.' 'You ought acyclopodla, boy IB go- at m u c h , htm walfc Well, March came la like a limb? 10 we Have ft very reancn to expect It to go out like a lion, but-- You needn't weather when DANA Coal In ment. fear cold you have your base- In Japan . you can tell whether a gill is married or single by her hair. In America you can't even tell U it's a girl. 1C the two by four can Rive a little extra publicity to bake nalcs, dlnneri, or any community event, call us up. We'll be glad to mention U. passes were made by company officials appearing in the picture. ,' apparatus brot fr ~n_the at- y AtXi u~ . j«. L »--».* S(^-Jl: , ^.-- . . S. - Wilson, · chemist. * ·gaW" a d emon- onstration '; of the action of oil under high, and low temperatures. He explained the process Involved In distilling by means of which the various products ,of petroleum are separated. -"A tendency toward the use of the high compression motor is evident today but the high compression motor requires an oil with a high volatile point," Mr. Wilson said. A sales talk with a group of sales instructions was given by H. C. Wurster, Waterloo assistant divisional manager. L. V. Surtees, Waterloo, .divisional manager, presided at the meeting. The most vicious aud despicable of human vices tu Insisting upon minding other people's business. -- Detroit Frco Press. GARDNER ^^ FUHNA'CE co. * ^ Sheet Metal and Furnaces Rear P. G. E. Bldg. Ph. 480 Former Iowa Falls IOWA PALLS, March 28.-- · Charles B. Taylor, 86, a pioneer businessman of this city, died at his home in Los Angeles. He retired from business in 1906 and for a number of years has made his home with his daughter, Mrs. Eva Soper in Los Angeles. A few days before his death, he visited his son in San Diego. It is thot the trip overtaxed him and h'e died of heart disease. He Plan Educational Trip. NEW HAMPTON, March 28. (UP) -- An educational trip by farmers of this vicinity to St. Paul will be made Tuesday. The group wll! study the question of agricultural products distribution. HUGH DAVEY SON GENERAL CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS Phone 874 15 2nd St. S. W. E. W. CLARK CO. We Loan Money On City Property Kcasonablc Terms · ., INVESTMENTS High Grade For Sale We Sell Fire Insurance Phono 404 204 M. U. A. Hldg TOM SKIPSEY Builder and General Contractor ESTIMATES FREE REPAIRS and ALTERATIONS P. O. Box 654 Phono 450 OFFICE 71/2 So. FED. Mason City Millwork Co. Office and riant Fourth St. S. W. and Monroe Avenue Snsh Doors Glass and Glazing Storm Manufacturers of Builders' Woodwork Scrrens Let Us Help You Modernize your home, office or store. For everything In MILlrWOKK see us. We're at your service. Cupboards Cases Stair Work Mantels Fixtures for Stores and Offices SEE Us About Anything Made of WOOD ROOMS as Cheerful . as SPRING When Springtime paints the landscape in all the rainbow's brightest hues, let Lownsberry Craig Bros, do like wonders with your home. Tastefully-applied paint and paper can make each of your rooms a place of healthful charm. Ask us what it will cost. You will be agreeably surprised at our . very moderate prices. Estimates Given Cheerfully Lownsberry Craig Bros* Painters - Paper Hangers - PHONE 2910 Interior Decorators PHONE 1583-W He see« t h e great soul whidi Ihc foody "eoncsrtis^- And it's grout to be young with a dog at your heels! '.''·,·· ^ :''^V' L ' : \,,"''"." ''·'. "ZJw i* tir Hum tint Ga HttttT "No Other Fuel Offers Such Marvelous Advantaes As Gas" Says Mrs. Ruth Campbell That so distinguished a Home Economist as Mrs. Ruth Campbell should lend her indorsement to gas heating, is further evidence of the desirability of this most modern of home comforts. Healthful Heat "When your home is heated evenly all day long, every day through the heating season, you will notice a remarkable improvement in the health of your family. Fluctuating temperature in the home is the direct cause of many ailment's," was the thought expressed by Mrs. Campbell at the Cooking School. Natural Gas will be available in Mason City and Clear Lake within a very few days. This economical fuel will be within the reach of every home on our mains. Be in vogue . . . Install GAS HEAT more details about Gas Heat. let us give you PEOPLES GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY P+ and "FOR BETTER APPLIANCES" Jn his name. Amen. :--:;-; ~ · · i _.v! fit , , r _ - | \Vr1t «-^-,"-J -, Price $1,150 cash. 1 · ·-,, ivYiovft

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