The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 24, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1818
Page 3
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THEATRE. ' i''Ma ' JONES BENEFIT. - Oo W1" ted, the tragedy of 5 , - - - ' . KING LEAR, - fJZt Mr. Pntchard Earl of . ' Uobertion EdS1 : '" Mn. Karnes "JofftepfcjM' - Barnca will singlhc At t0 e f rtnrnf leave the nrn aloue - ' 'V'url Parker will dance the Broad Sword A01 . Hornpipe. 'ToVhAwi11 jjJj18 1116,0 dramao ' .' MM C MOlfTCATa. Vr'nntTekelii Mr - Robertson Wol jone, SEtoS, Mr..Gro.hon UrSSX Dellioger performance to commence at half past seven. On Friday, Mr. Baldwin! Benefit, PIZARRRO. AND THE BEE HIVE. " : BROADWAY G I RC.U S, XTWXEH" HESTER ABD BROOME STREETt. ooooo'Jotjaoo THI3 EVENING, June 24, 1818. The perioruiance will commence with the Grand Military Enry. , Matter Thouia will, on one none, perioral .n wonderful feats of Horsemanshiu. Aiemaude on two bones, by Mr. Tatnell and MiM Wheland. Slack Rone, bv Mr. Mar he. The elegant horse Othello will act the part of a domestic. e win, ai comuiana. oring a wmj, hat, basket, handkerchief, k conclude by walking, trotting and cantering. iWonsieur Cosein will make hit 3d appearance io New York, and will go through many lurprt - iiac leats with a stick, which has never been introduced into tins country. Master Coty, the American hero, will go through all his elegant feats of horsemanship. Me.iter MTaru, the wonderful youth, only nine yeari old. will, on one r)orto, perform many feats, ud conclude by Leaping Four Ribbons. Madame Cussin, one of the first in Iter line, and second only to the celebrated Madame Sack - er, will make her3d pprarrtnre,and go through ail her wonderful feats on the - Tight Hope. Mt, 'i' the flying horseman, will, on oce borse, perform many wonderful feats, aud leap over a board of Lights. The whole to conrlude with Still Vaulting, by Messrs. TatnelL Mahye, Garcia, Coty, M'Caro, Wiliis, Thomas, Sc. Clow, Mr. Campbell. Seals in the botes, $1 ; Pitt 75 cents ; Gallery 0 cents. Tickets wy be had at the circus, from 10 o'clock, A. M. to 1 P. M. and from 3 to 5. Doors will be open at 7 o'clock, and the performance commence precisely at 8. The performance will take place every eve - aing in ine weeK (Sundays excepted. ) No smoaking allowed. Checks not transfer able. Gentlemen are requested not to enter tbe ring. Je24 For NEW - ORLEANS. The brig FREDONIA, JameiMeek. .matter, hiving been unavoidably detain ed, wdl take freight until Friday next. Apply to J. PACKARD, Je?4 3t 33 Soutbst. rTlHORN ft PE.sDLETON hive selected X with great care, for the supplying of fanii - tej and ship stores, the following wine) liquors, teat, Ac. which Uiey offer at wholesale aud re - nil, at No. 50 Stone - street Afadeir in glass and wood Red port, " rori and royal compy" do a few dozen of super, quality Dry Lisbon, 11 years old Very old sherry, do TcoeriOis Old. brandy, rnoi and gin, not reduced Hibbert't brown stout, equal to any in the city Red and - white wiue Tloegar Bordeaux sallad oil HyKiu, hyson skin, young byson, souchong ic ponchoog teas Loaf, lump and Muscovado sugar Fish sauces, Segan iii qr. boxes With a general a;rortinrnt of groceries, which ti.ey will warrant to be of the first quality. JuneS4 3w J 14 ...ii j UST received. 45 Nx - i fre.h Sicily Lemon, tn lit, li an.! iMirrkaira. I.v Je 21 J. V. A.M.'Uo. rarx. CLO I t! i. 2 cases fit e Cloths, just received per Draper, f sale bv KURD k .SEVALL, je 24 . 65 ?ouili - Ktreet. N" AKi:i;.3 ii Rbc.IA Dl.CK. - 6J Laiee blue Nankeens 2ft wes company yellow do fi pieces Riisia Duck, itceived per tloop Laik, and for tale by GOODHUE & CO. Je 4 A4 Scum reet. Lock us liquou co';Ka t.ppiv of Morris,t block tin liguor cocks,just received and for tale at wbolesaic and retail by VM. ONDERUON K. Jr. 181 Front - !L comet of Fulton - tt. be has constantly on hand a , enertd ass.)rt - etof Wioet, Teas and rrocerie, ;or .hi? s'orrt sod family Jt - W.n JKV tLLERK, WATwit, c. A CASE of aundry Jewellery, Cutlery, SUrer Hootii an - t Plain Watches. Dressing Caes and Ladiet Work fines. . X case Ladies Corsets assorted. For gale by j mm BERT. Je84 3 Coorflwd street. i lOrFEE. - 206 ban nrim St IViminim S Coffee, entitled to debenture, for tale at no. j souxn - sireet, Dy June U 3t JAMF.S FOSTER, Jun. v - imox SILKS. AN invoice cf Canton silks, now landing front tloOD EvnrMS. (mm flwtnn Mf.lll t. A - totnre, consisting f the following articles, for uj i t, 1 til jiL.iat, 11 CO XB1' 2 Sooth - ttreet. BIack farsnets, Caotoo crapes, assorted 1rnkin do 0 Coloured sanncts, Coloured sewing silks 4 - 4 black fringed and twilled hdkfs. . Checked do do wJfie in Store, Black, green, bluu and changeable sinehewi Changeable, checked and figured sarsnets black and coloured Irrantincs 4 - 4 black frinied and twilled hJkis Colon red do do Crspe shswb, a?.orted coloun June 24 BA" tu" IfECAuUAN HA, FURS, WOOL, tic. t'5 pnrne hides 10 casks ipecacuanha. '3 sacxs ivool hales and - 10 boxes Tun being the entire rr r.r k. u.. . ' buuir: 1. irina 'puia, i.r or nU h G 0. ft S. HOWLAND. ' Jc4 67 Wasbinctoa strwt. AH. G RACIE k SONS effer Sor sale the oijUn of oragaoxa, irotn talcutia, rucrar, 501 bags siltpetrr., and - iicottoq. 1 ja!tt24 V Wile 1st - chiaJ C0 - 3 all - street, have this 3 Rookh? 1 " ,1,1U,, 'tion of Lal - iW - iT.u ori"'al roMBce, by Tbomar 'rtZy3 price $1 75. MiT of v;.v a,e M hov, a great iaefta. A rlain, gilt, ani colored, . . Jaatil r TOTTON.I CO bales Cotton ocw landiwr VJ from trigs Eliza, and Georgia, Irom fcavau - n&n. . , - . . '. " ' Also, m Store, i - . '. 400 bales Upland Cotton, in Ms to wit purchasers, for sale by HENRY THOMAS, J54 3tv No. 2 Jones lane. BRIMSTONE. 4 boxes, for sale to close a consignment, by JAMES D'YVOLF, Jun. je 24 , 54 South - street. A WET NURSE. A young woman with a good breast of Milk, wishes a situation us Wet Nurse, in a respectable family. She can give the moil mtii - factory references us to character and abi'ity. Enquire at 483 Greenwich - street. Je24 Iw A CHILL'S NURSiO. WANTS a situation in a gentleman family a respectable middle aged woman, who understands house - keeping, or tiit management of children. She can give the taost eetitlactdry re'erences. A lice directed to Z and left at tnis office will be promptly attended to. Je24 Sl A SITUATION WAN I ED. A PERSON who hat been engaged in business, withes employment in sou, counting house; is well acquaiote - J with book - keeping Fy doable entry, according toBctinel't plan ; can give respectable references. A lino addressed to 3. T. V. and left at this office, will be attended to. June 24 lw KXHUIITIO.X or THV, FINK AST, COLUMBIAN PICTURE GALLERY. Ao. 146 Fulton - tlntt, tuar Bioadicay. THE proprietor cf this valuable and extensive collection of pictures, embraces (he opportunity of iulbrmiug connoisseurs and amateurs of the ne arts, aud the enlightened public of New - York, that the grdlcry will iu future be open from 8 in the morning till half p?ct 10 at night. From 8 in the evening to half pact 10, the gallery it brilliantly lighted up, and the ad - mi.'fiou only 25 cents. These pictures have been collected, at the ex pense of 2500 dollars, and arc allowed, by the btet judges, to be the fiuebt siief iinrtw of the art ever exhibked in the Uni'ed States, being gems, selected with peculiar care, from the va mus cabinets in Rome, Naples. Morencc, Am sterdam, l'aritaud LouJon, and the vorksnfthe most approved painters, both ct tlieancieut and uioJern schools, aud are utli)ubto,!Iv orijruials, Artists, ladies or gentlemen, will be entitled 'o s'uJf, orctfpy any of the pictures, by betoann: subscribers. Ladies or gentlemen, who hare subscribed one dollar, on paying another, will be considered subscribers for the suaon. liy" Admittance, for the day and evening, 50 cents ; lor a month, 51 ; lor Uie stasou, $ - ln talnues iucluded. TO BE LET. At a very low rent, from the present tune tilt the 1st of May uext, the .STORK, 61 Fnlton - strott, with a back ROOM, and brgt ILl.I.Ail below. Je24 lm N.iUllLLit H.iLL. riIHE eulucriber has opened an HOTEL on JL slaten Islanu, opposite the city of New. York, near the lunJiug place of the steam boat NaulilU3. The site adonis a fine pioptet of !ho rity, ocean, biy, and lurroundmj.' f1km - s the air aud sea breezes are refreshing, and the acromooda - tioos good. Refrc - hmrnts rf eve's k mi ard of the choicest deicriptioo will I c supplied to parties, travellers and U! 'J. - rs, on th shortot notice aud on ninder; - !c: icrm;. Carnages and homo;, with careful drivers, are prepared for those, who m:.y wi - h private conveyance r to make excursicus (n ll.e i:bud, which furnirhes a variety of fi to and extensive views. A niue - pin p.llay ou the marm of th bay has been erectci, and elory tonvenieure prepared for those who m:.y visit ihe Island loi hsalth, pleasure, or busiuess. The lubseriber hopes, by assiduous ettti.ticr to merit and receive a liberal puiliou 01 the po - lic patronage. - T.'HAZARDi Juiir. Sfaten Island, Juno ?t, 1R1K. w PUol (.OAUit a is 11 jsCKA I - H.AT LINE, BY WAT OF SM.IZARBTUTOWN POINT. (Through in One Day.) ANEW Line of Tost Coaches with every con - venieuce for passengers and baggage, 00 Springs, starts from the Coach office. No. 1 Courtland - rtreet, near Broadway. New - York. every morning, (Sundays excepted) at 5 o'clock, 111 luccricrni uuri Aininaia, via cns.'veiiiiunu, Brunswick. Princeton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at Philadelphia the same afternoon, at 4 o'cloc k. A second Line of new Post Coar bet will ttart from New - York, every mominit, (On ml ays excepted,) at lOoVlockinthe Steam Boat Atulmi - ta, lodge at Trenton, and arrive at Philadelphia, in aSteamBoat, next nwrning at 10 o'clock. Fare 5 dollars. P. . Passecgprs are requested to call and take their Seatt at the office No. 1 Courtlaod - st. N. Y. United States Mail Co?.ch, for Philadelphia, Baltimore and TVtiiigton City, with every convenience for passengers and baggage, oa springs. The U. S. mail coach will start from the coach ofhee, No. 1 Courtlandt - st. New - Vnrk, every day at 2 o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only 6 passengers admitted. Fnr seats i.tthe above named Lines, appty to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old estanlished Coach, and Steaa Boat ofSce, No. t Court - Undt - ttieet, near the corner of Broad war, New - York ; or to A. T. GOODRICH ft CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - sirect, and at No. 53 Whitehall - street. New - York. (KrAII goods and baggatre at the risk of the owner. JOSEPH LYOM, ON3 & CO. N. B Exprettes sent to anvprtof tbe Con' tinent,by THOMAS WHITFIELD. J 24 OQ HICHiONU noun. OOU bbh superfine itxhaicmd flour, branded Virginia mills, Bent creek, &c. 30 do fine do ; 1 3 do middlings Landing from the brig Only cxf, from Richmond for tale by JttO WALSH ft GALLAGHER. I.' LOU ft, ic. 3U0 bblt hue and tuperf. Rich' i? mood county Flour 329 do tuperf. Haxall't sk 36 hhdt prime Tobacco 45000 Iba. Green Codec, in bblt and tiercel Entitled to drawback, for tale by W. ft 8. CRAIG, Je 20 No. 84 Fr.tnt str t. 10O lor sale by J 17 UPLAND COTWN. bales tuperior quality opland cottoo, LF. ROY, BAYARD ft CO. IVTEW - ORLKANS COTTON. 370 bales, 1.1 prime Cotton, received per ship Thomas Nelson, and brie Afro and Standard, end for sale by WALtl ft GALLAGHER, Je 15 - 66 Soufh - etrret. 9, A.r - iLvGLjA.0 iiaH. lihds landae from sloop New - York For sale by JAMi D'WOLF, jna. J 17 54Soo:h - st. VtliY.1 lV.ih. boxes dining m - Ii, plates, && lanJlag and for sale at 67 South - twt. bv Je 17 CAaIB RFLENCi ft PEARSON. CALCU fTA 0001)4. - 6 bale ooe BafUs 4 'ia'cs Beerboora Gnrrahs 3 do Our. ah Caustaks, now lioding aod for sal by O. O. ft S. HOWLAND, 67 Wasiiiiigtoo - tlreet. Jl ls9 sm Sfere, 40 bale Calcutta GJ&ds, consisting eBaftat. Gorrari, Masoodies, SawM.Cbackt, ftc i 17 Tor CFURLESTOA S. C The ship BELLE, Henry Lslic,, imaster : ill sail in all next week. For h eight or passage, tipply on board, west aide Fiy - market - wharf, r to JONES Si MEGRATH, je 20 9t South - street. rr P. - iii'iJiGb tOR LONDON, - trj ' iix ur seven paese'igtrjr lube accom - L inmi'""'1''1 m the cabin of the rvmarkably fine lit itish )T. - SKTZN, to sail lor Londun about the 26tbint Forteinu, ap).ly to capt. Mason, ou board, at Joues' wbvf, or to ROBERT GILLESPIE, June 13 112Front - st. tor LiyLUtOOL, The elegant fast sailing coppered ship DRAPER, William Adams, master; she ii 291 tons burthen, only two years old, aud will be dispatched immediately ou discharging her inwarj carco. i or treigut or parage, t.p ply to tbe master, on board, east side of Fly - market wharf, or to B. W. ROGERS k Co. Je 16 235 Pearl trect, t or London, v 1 120 vuimiduiiiii last iftuuig iriiisii MMnz SKEEA", capt. J. Mason. Her cargo being nearly eusrnged, will have immedi ate dispatch. For the remainder of freight, or ptifisagt, having elegant accommodation .', apply on board, at Jouev wharf, or to S. DALGUESH ft Co. Je 19 103 Pearl - ftrtet. lr CtUliLhyjVN, ,'l he etr.iiuch schooecr AllAULLLA, LT. Harwiclr, master, will meet with inimcd.Me 'l'.jpatch, having half her freight en gaged ro1 t!ie remainder or passage, apply on board, at Murray's wharf, east sid Coffee - House slip, or to SAUL AULbV, June 19 98 Pine - st. For S.ii'ANNAll, The rezutnr pacKct imp 1 1 u.i klU - ANT, M. Fasb, master, to sail on Sun lav. 23th itist. For freight or passage, ap ply to II. K. TOLERaft CO. 113 Pearl - street, or to the master on board, at Murray's whart, eatt side Coffee Hcuse slip. Je 23 lw For MAHUKILLEU, Tlio ln. - nt Vsiu.Vnrlt built Conner. &L?ed ship CORSAIR, will positively sail on iniirlay. next. For parsage only, apply to capt. Backns, on board, or to G. G. ft S. HOWLAND, Je23 67 Washington ft. For HiEDKRICKHJiUHu, The schr THREE SISTERS, Pol hrd, master ; will sail in a few days t ur h eight or passage, apply on board, at l ine street wharf, or to HENDERSON & CAIRNS, Je 23 HI Pine - st. For HAFANNAH, Jki Thp very Cue brig SUPERB, Reeves, V?atT - master ; will meet with despatch, having a ci jsdtral le part of her cargo engaged. For pasf jgr, having handrome actomuiodations, or iff 'i'i, apply ou hoard, at pier No. 12, east tidi Old - slip, or to POTT& M'KINNE, Je 23 56 So - .ith - s!reet. r. Freight for .'ew - (Jriennt, yitsf Equal to Five Hundred Uarrels freiirht. mny be had for New - Orleans m mediately, on application to GEO. DUMMER ft CO. jt 23 2t 112 Broadway. t or H ilminhii, N. C. The staouch good sloop FAME, Barton, master; wilUril on Sunday next. For h eight or pastage, apply on board, at pier No. 14. A.L.GOMEZ, 165 Front - street. - Now laodiog frre Md sloop, v - 150 bbls turptutiuO, nnd 39 do. all urn. Ap - tr at above. Je23 5t n. For JiLAKELEY and MOBILE, Jr&4 The substaiitial fast tailing schooner iiJliU.MAIflU, IW tout, enpuin Leffiup. wrii 1 having most or her trei)rht engaged, will meet wills immediate dispatch. For the remainder oi' freiiit or passage, having good accommodation?, apply on board at pier nu. 2, E. It. or to PETERS k DERRICK. je 22 29 Coenties - slip. Tor LIVERPO'O'L, A regular JYiiJer ) The superior fil sailing ship CAROLINE - ANN, built of live oak and jc - dar, having been new coppered and throughly repaired, is a first rate ship; psrtol her cargo being eigaged she will be patched without delay. For freight or passagsf, having superior accommndatums for 20 p.iase' gers, apply to captain Wra. I. Palmer, on board, at pier No. 18, E. R or at 83 Soutn - strect, to je 22 tw ROWLAND ft BRAINE. For tiliimOL, (tHgtnnd.) The clnruit, fast sailing, coopered and copper listened ship ANDREW - JACK - iJ.i. jiortoo, majte - .caa vet r eive on freight 300 barrels, and will positively sail on 'i l.ui ujy next,Uie 25th inst. A fcwc - l'iapasscngc - be bandsomL - !y arcommodatul. App.y on board at pier No. 22, nearPeck - :liu or to P. SCHERMLRHOAN fti'ONS.or B. W. ROGERS ft CO. Je22 lw For LIVERPOOL, Tbe very superior coppered British ship DALMA KNOCK, W. M. Robert - sou, master, and will meet with every dispatch, hiving half her cargo engaged. For the remainder of freight, or passage, having elegant accommodations apply ou board, east side Fly - market wharf, or to . DALGLIESIIft Co. Je 19 103 Pearl - street. CAMBHELENG ft PEARSON, 07 Soutii street, crier for sale, I.AKDINC, 130 tots Swedish Iron, pi incipally waggon tire 100 bbls. Alum. . nrsroax, 60 toDsnl'l table iquare and wide iron, and English bolt Irou 20 tons Pig Lead 116 baiet prime Upland Cotton 166 bhls. juimeBeef 13 pipes Madeira Wir.e 86 bolls Enhtb Canvas, No. 1 to 3 50 casts Canton Silts, consisting of White crapes, Florentines, Coocaos Pongf - es, black and coloured Satins, Sewings B:ack aud changeable tmchews Black Sarsnets, Riboon, Crape Shawls lxvantine Siiawis, CLow Chowt Bljck and cross barr'd HUkis. 4 4 ft 7 - 8, en - t.lled todcDenture 20)0 pi. lysnsx Yellow Nankeens ) entitled to 000 da blue do J deteulure. 14 box - s China diuing tettt and Pl.itee 100 biincet oil of Rosea 30 ounce oil of Cinnaii 6 hales goett Wr! or ram' Hair 2 tfo turrwv carpet P - ngs 109 boxes H - rnrst'sIrt b"xe CtoealaW 4 c net duUii Sht'r - t 10 belrs et'use iiops 24 boxes Chateaa MaKux sjiaret 6 casks Senotw Gum Tiagacapth, Itc. 1 5 balet Deer 6 kin's t rases Opium 25 tub Ci' - 'on ami Orange SvetHMat A.ATlIXaWiLE. aO crates and caik assorted Lustre ware end plate, aod A general astortarfnt of epotheemtiet Gram famiuire, aud wiadosr Glass, from the Boston glatt manufactory. WH1TI LKAX), Constantly oo Land irom the New York Ltad Works, of a superior ouhtT. J S3 ' &C. W. DAlLNrORT al C). Ao; ii At. Peck lip.cifcr for tale. 10 LLcU. Metcoa - do Strpr, lrt uxhty ... Jcli 1 SrmiTS TCRPENTIItE ft ROSIN". - 3 bbli Spirits Turpentiue, acd 20 do Rosin, suitable lor voaii boilers, for tale at 35 reck - slip, by je 23 11. & C W. DAVENPORT ft CO. BRANDY h INijIGO. - 20 pipe Brandy, a tuperior imitation of Cognac 6 cases Hengul, and 10 whole and half ce - rooni Ppar.Lih flotant Indigo, prime quality, for sale by JACKiON ft WOLLEY. je 23 75 Wall - street. IRON AiALLtM IjOIobs Swedish Iron, prin - cioally waggon tire, aud 10U bbb Alum, land ing ttpm onz ju:ia, tor sale oy CAMBHELENG ft PEARSON, . 67 South - street. Je'fS OlGAR. - 60 lihds Muscovado bugar, of good O ouality, in store, and fnr sale by GOODHUE ft CO. Je S3 . 44 South - street. G. U & S. HOWLAND, il O. 67 Wathiueton street, offer for sale. 55 hales Calcutta Piece Goods, confuting ol nanas, uurrans, Mamoodii s, Sannahs, Cossabs Custatn. Checks. &c. 20 reronns sweet and hitter Almonds, shell'd JWHI large Mogadore boat fckios VtO bblt, Ground Camwood, warraiited 50 lihds. Ouercitron liark. first oualitv 25 chests Hyson, and 150 do Hyson Skin Tea 32 bags India bugar, doub. boil'd 4!) do da Brown Suar 250 large lnd. Floor Mate, 500 smaller do 30 tacks Filberts, 10 do Madeira Nuts 350 Oval Demi iolms U kege Muscniel and Pafori t Wines, 14 years 12 boxes Claret old 2 caes iserinan 1 oys 3 canet elegant French Clocks, assorted Writiug, Printing and Wrapping Paper. Je 23 - ' RON & STEEL. 2(A bundles round Rods 1 SCO do Rod Iron 30 do Conch - spring Steel 20 do German Sleel. 200 do Hoops, jutt received aud lor sale by ANDERSON & SHEARER, Je23 3w at 131 Water - street. HUSH LINENS, bllEETINGS, DIAPER, ftc. I I fc.Mii ivi'VlrvAia ; u. nave on nana a X I pmeral assortment of 4 - 4 and 7 - 3 Linens ; 7 - 11 Lawns 5 - 4 Sheetings, in half pieces 3 - 4 Brown Linen, iu hnlf pieces 3 4 Diaper; Damask Table Cloths, and R.L.In lliw - ll. Which they offer for sale on reasonable term, at Je Ti I w rsn. 01 11 ne iireei. VIRGINIA HAMS. 500 llnnm, ol the first nuality, will he landed to - morrow morning from the Sea Linn, at Coffee - house slip, and lor sale by WALSH ft uALLAullJEK, Je22 t(6 South - street. tO T PON 254 bale New - Orleans Cotton, t .rr... J . 1 l. .. lor tnieiu lots lo suit purchasers, ty Je28 Jf. ft D. TALCOTT, 64 South - street. AAA ION GOODS Just received, an in - O v mice ( untitling of Srrined and checked sarsnets 4 - 4 black fringed and twilled bdkft. Figured and coloured do Black Florentines Canton crapes, assorted colours Nankin crapes do ALSO 1ST STORE, Black, green and changeable sinchews Changeable sarsnets Coloured levnntines, coloured tewing silks Embroidered crape shawls, for sale by PETER RE.MSEN ft CO. Je 20 26 South street. Ai TOBACCO. LxJ lihds Kentucky tobacco, landing this day, aud 50 bhds Virginia tobacco, in store, for sale by n. uiuifcai ic, Je 20 1 12 Front - street. .OOR pipes cognac brandy, Amiable Mali. - ' dat enrgo. Martells brand C pipes Kutenburg Gin, ree'd and for sale by GEO. W. TALBOT, J2f , - 55 rme - street. t,NGWH B Hi ity English MUSTARD 10 boxes first qunl ih MunVitrd. iii 1 - 4 Ih hiittlea. land ing from ship Draper, from Liverpool, I'nr sale Dy " mvit, BNinuai. co. jH - w s.onee - noose sop. "I ARPETINU.8 bales of Criisseis and vy i Kidderminster Carpeting and Hearth Kiits, ail of .uperior qualilT, now landing from brig licnrv Cliiy, ti - oni London, for sale by PLTEit RICMSEN ft CO. je 20 26 South - street. K UM 61 MOLASSES. 2hhds. W.I. Rum, and d do Molasaes, for sale by UfcUKA SC Cl'MIAU, Je 23 76 Pearl - street. OiDER BRANDY. 54 barrels Cider Bran - J dy, just received, for sale by ANSON G. PHELPS, 1U3 Front street. Je 22 sUATENT SHOT ft WHITE PAINT. I tor leasorO 400 qr. cwt. kegs White Lead, ground in oil, from the Manufactory of J. Walker, Maftby& Co. of Liverpool, now landing from ship Draper, and for tale bv TUCKER IrLAURIES, Je 23 29 South - street. COMPANY FLAG HUKuS. K.i Company Flag Hdkfs. of tuperior quality lor sale al I5U Broadway by Je23 3t PII1LBROOK ft PETERS. MAPS. T TELLISH'S new Map of the World on IT I Kollrrt. fnce nidoilars Do United Statet. 10 dollars Do Travelling Map and Directory. 3 dolls Uo Illinois Indiana. $1 oucts. Do Tenessec Ohio Sbelton ft Kinsitt large Map of the United Slates. la dollars. Carry's 2 and 4 Sheet Mapt of Europe For tale by PRIOR ft DUNNING, Je23 2w 111 Wat,er - ttreet ANCHORS. CONSTANT titpply of Anchort from the . iron - worm 01 (Messrs. roruess Aaam, 11 Canaan, Connecticut, made of Salisbury iron with or without iron stocks, for sale bv the sub tcribers, agents for the manufacturer!, and who are auuionsea 10 warrant ine ancnortii reuuneu TUCKER el CAM I Kit, my 29eodtm 69 South street ty Orders for European books, maps, papers, stationary and' other articles, iu all languages, are regularly taken at the European book - store aod depot. No. 90 Broadway, new - York, oppo site Trinity church yard, near Wall - street, on tbe plain aud low terms mentioned in the pros pectus, which may be seen in said book - store where there is always a large collection ol Eu ropcan catalogues of books, with prices, in all lauguages, for the use of ladies and gentlemen only. Orders will also be taken on the same term in every city, town and borough of the union, by all the merchants, booksellers, pi inters, and publishers ot news - papers ana matfazines. L D. BEL U It, Agent. N. B. The dwelling part of house No. 96 Bros.dway to let. jc 12 3t .w3w BOARDING. T CRUTTENDEN, Albany, still continues I J. in ettapiithmu'it ia Mr - Gregory's build - irrs, J doors) north of the Capitol, hooting tbe nu; Ur i. - umiv - . uliirh. from its central andairv sitja'ion, its commanaing view of ine urrouna - uffu;nrry,t4euimocr and elegance 01 iu m - parUjenii, is not equalled for pleasantness and rexveriencd ny any puotic etranusnmeni id ur Cjly. It sfi alt be epi in sum style as 10 reoatr it a place ol genteel acd m - mooaoie resort, oou fcr i iKJons na iraverfcr. 1 im propnemruopes. cy the Btuio 4 asttdkitj and atteation, to merit od receive 'be coLuoued favouit of hit needs rd tlie piiMic. N. B. Good accAmmo'iation for IViries, ftc. 1illm n ill iiiusa to ohierve that Crotlen - mp'ovwilf he at the wharf oa the arrival of tbe ter - bot t lake up their najgage 10 bis bousi rratis. Jt S2eod tw ricrvRXsavK, xechaxical a maritime THEATRE. WASHING TO N HALL., MR. MAFFEY, artitt, mechanician, proprietor and inventor of this grand repre sentation, will present OU MUAUAI, JUfc X. And every evening this week, hit brilliant repre - tentationt. I o commence wnn A variety ol Dances aod Allegorical Metamor phoses, accompanied with different comic scene ry, ana loe extraordinary powers of narimiuiu. Among the metamorphose will be particular - tv liiitiDguiaued the table changed into a Flying uragon. Harlequin will transform himself five HifTeroii times, iu pretence of Uie altewtant?. lie wih nave nunead cutoff ami rcr - - i a .uree tepsraee times. Thev. riou - changes and metamorphoses will, uo doubt, equal the most tanguiiie expec tations. For the fimt time, the superb view of St. Helena, taken cn the iirfe of the city of St. James The piiuripul edifices vviil be seen, such as the church, the got eroor's palace, the caserne, the market and the fort which commands the city, on the point of a rock. Six batteries, crossing each other every way, and defending the ancno - ring place. The Peak of Diana, from which they signal vessels at sea, will be seen in the horizon, at the distance of about 90 milot. Also, Napoleon Bonaparte, Mr. and Mrs. Bertrand, and several English Omcert and Soldiers, will be distinguished, walking under the shades of the trees thai holder the city of St. Jnmes. Vessels of all sixes will he seen sailing and saluting each otlier, as they pass, and will be answered by the forts. A most agrevablr illusion. Mr. Maffey hopes that hit representation will meet with the nuproliation of Uie roiilic at he will joiuto toit ttie mint interesting objects his ineaire anorus. r He will perform every day this wetk, Sunday excepted, at half past 0 o'clock in the eve - nine', in the Grand Salocn of Washington Hall. Pertont who wish to procure tickets will please apply at Wbihiogtou - Hall. First pliicot 1 dollar ; second places 50 cents Children 2I cents. Je 22 lw LADIES TWIST ft ROLL TOBACCO. 4S half kegs " Labby'a M ladies tw'mt, and 6 kegs and 19 half kegs "I'.ossV 1 - 4 and 1 2 pound rolls, for sale by je 22 4t CORNS. DUBOIS. 13URGUNDY A small quantity of Cham M - 9 bertin and Romance, iu cases of 0 dozen each, for sale by GULIAN LUDLOW, June 17 lw No. 15 Whitehall - st. JO MASONS. PROPOSALS will be received at No. 153 1 Washington street, for building a house, a greeahly with apian there left, lor a tavern, on the corner ol the uuwhnx Greeu and atnte street. Je 18 JJ ANTED, a good second hand Cable, for T f best or small bower. Apply to JOHN ft GEO. W. LYNCH, 60 Soulli - Htreet. je 22 3t GENTEEL BOARDING. ASM A LLfumily, or two or three bingle gentlemen, may now be accommodated ith board and pleasant rooina, on reasonable terms, by applying at 49 Dcy - street. je iw WANTED, A YOUNG woman to do the house - work of a small family none need apply but such as are of good character. Enquire at No. 11 Broad - street. Je2t3t THIRD VOLUME OF CIUTTVS PLEA D INQ. SUPPLEMENT to a treatise on pleading containing a copious collection of practical precedents of pleading aud proceedings in per tonal, real and mixed actions, by I. Chitty, Esq. of Uie Middle Temple, barrister at law With rneiKun Prectdenti, never before published 7th, 8th and OUi vols. Cranrh's Reports. Wheaton't Reports, 2 vols. Just received aadlortaUV - - DAV4D BANKS, - Corner of Nassau and Spruce - streets. June 22 THE FIVE MILE STAGE. Vyf fj3 Wilh tivogood hor - 'bW sei, auil mn r t;rieiii;ru uii - iftf Sfi1 f ver, starts every afternoon, o...... corner of Kruadwas and Park - Place, for Mount Vernon Hotel, or such other place about the same distance, as Ihe passengers may at any time desire, and return the same alternoon. 1 his establishment alionls the luxury of a cheap nnd pleasant afternoon's airing and gentle exercise, 10 an opeu and ueautilul country. . r are, bi l - x cents out and in. Children under 10, half price. Out or in only 31 cents. JOHN FINK, Corner of Bowery and Bayard - street, Je 22 lw rX FOR SALE, Vhuii A farm on the Hudson, about a mile from Newburgh, containing 133 acres, 33 ol which are Woodland, tlie rest it divided by good fence into a due proportion of meadow, arable and pasture land. The buildings are partly new ; the house convenient for aim all family : its situ ation 11 equalled in beauty by few on the river ; the advantage!, from the vicinity of a flourishing village, of public worship, society and good market, with tbe facility or communication with New York, render it a desirable residence lor a gentlemau. 4000 dollar of the purchase money may remain on mortgage ; the payment of Ihe rest will he made easy to the purchaser. Apply on the premise, to je 1 1 23 tf I. VERPLANCK. TO PA KEATS. ON Monday, the 29th day af June, a new se miliary will be opened on Staten Island, for tbe imtruction of boarding nnd day scholars. Tbe spacious and commodious huildiug appropriated for tlie purpose, stands on the bank of the bay of New York, in a situation whose numerous and unequalled local advantages are too well Itnowa lo require any tulogium. The seminary will be conducted by Mr. Ironside, a graduate of Columbia College, formerly principal of Erasmus Hall, afterwards private secretary to the governor of New York, ami latterly private teacher of a select school on Staten Island, consisting of the children of the Vice President, aud of Thos. Lawrence and D. D. Burger Eton. ; to whom, and to Peter Wilson, L L. D. of Columbia College, parent are respectfully referred for the character and competency of tlie teacher. The tuition of classical student will be JJ 12 50, nnd of English students $0 25 per quarter, both payable quarterlv in France. Tbe terms for (ward will be I5(i dollars per annum, also payable quarterly ia advance. The instruction cf the classical department will comprehend all lhi.t tscersary to prepare students for admission into any cuil'ge ii u United States. In the English department th stodic will be o directed to lav a good ' uiatiV a prepara - to as to render nr.y of the students therein ecu. - Iteut clrrxs fcr acoiici'ng rom or store. I he moil eminent leucbers of French, f - patiir,, twc. will be provided to attend the te - minary. Gentlemen, desiring pa'tico . - r information, are requested to cai! o; Mr. UlLLW , W I'roadway.oronMr. IROVilDE, attremi - nsry. j - jiwmsi no: ice. WHEREAS ia coLsequsnre of the pan Lr, rcrulariliesofn.v wif, Jane Aro D - la - laine, oow in or mr Oie city t - f r.ew - Yorir.,'1 am deUnalitetl Us apply immediately for a di vorce from ihe bondt of matrimony. I hereby forbid til person whr.l ;4ver from trusting her tor monev or gorsisofa; - v dt.vri;ion, asfw:il uot discliVs0 "7 debts lot b she m"y rocrract. J. DLLAPL.V1NE. Philadelphia, '.Tay 23, 1U18. maW. eodSt - TXTANTET) ii a Watch Maker's Store, a VV lad whntsn be well recommended. En quire at the - uce oi this paper. - . ) PUBLIC S&LES.' t"iisspBsWJ"' 1 " '. v . BY RATA!EL G. INGRA1IAM. Saturu'ay, tlie 27th int. At 10 oVWU ! ihe Aur.iiuo Hoom. a ouanli ty of household furniture, consutins of bortaus. chs.irt, tables, Ac. ftc. ftc. By order of this snerin. ' By MILLS, .MLVTO.V ft CO. - ' Tcmorrow, ' - . ' . At half past 9 o'clock, at their auction store, No, t - lJ Pearl street, a senerai assortment) of French aad English drjgoods, among which are, 2 bales suterfine blk and blue clothi and carti - . ipers 1 2do twill'd black bombazetti, 1 do hook ruuilin ; 2 do super calicoes ; 1 docsmhtic oimis ty 1 1 do border 1 cravats ; 2 do artificial flow ers ; 1 do (igurrd lans ; zoo fancy leno mutiiht; 1 do imitation ineriuo shawls ; 1 do umbrellas ; 1 do 8 - 4 levantinc shawls, and a number of other articles. - At 12 o'clock, lease Leghorn Halt, with ex tra crownt ; I do chip flats, bands and crowns. MA tiki LE FOH HUlLDlMi. e. TH E proprictoix of the touthern mRrbl qua! ries, near King's - Cridge, give notice, that they have oa hand, and are receiving, at the . . .... I . c . f King1 1 - tin age juurble ana t,ime J aro, muioi Beach - street, on the Hudson ex'.ermva' stock of marble lor building, of the following de scriptions, vit : Ashlar Coping Foundation Stone Chimney - Piccc Faciugs Columns Watertable Steps Platforms Sills, Liutels . Arches Also Lime of the best quality. fry A constant supply of the above materials may be calculated upon; and those de'ivous of purchasing, or making cuagementa, will apply to fcZilA fcUUMHV, , Feb 11 At the Yard. - fJ2r Next Iriimlny, al h.tll pa - tt 3 oVork in the alternoon, i( the weather is I'uvoiifhiile, the anniversary of the Roman Catholic Oiphan Asylum will be celebrated in the Catheiir:s of St. Pdtnck. A Discourse will bo delivered, some chosen (tnlhetns lire to bo sunj, nnd a collection is to he mado in favour of the orpans. Je 19 tt The nhnre ii po'.pourd tiil' Rtb intt. Jc2tt4iMWFd Nottie lo ttly JlJaituri ft, ke. tie. fjr In piirsin.iice o a resolution of tlw Common Council ol the 15th instant, all pern m holding the appointment of City W'cigher, Measurers of Grain, ftc. dinger or Inspector of Lumber, are dirt.cted to report their namtt and places of residence, and occupations (if any distinct from die dutiet of laid ofuce,) to the Clerk of the Common Council, at hit office, No. 7 City - Hall, on or before the 15th day of July next ; and every person holding either of iidd eppoint. ments, who shnll fail lo make such report by the time above - specified, shall t e deemed to nave - resigned Iii cntmnission, and shall therefrom cease to execute the duties thereof. By the Common Council. J. MORTON. Je22tJyS ' AMEHICAN A.UaKUM. (tt" This and to - morrow evening the Muse um band will perform a variety ol popular tunes, accompanied by the Kent Bugle, by a wung gei.lleuan of this city. Je 23 3t PURIFIED OIL M' ESSRS. COOPER, HOUSTON ft CO.' gixe notice that the late destrartiou of their works, at Bi ooklyn, by the torch of some daring incendiiiry, will not prevail their serv ing the public with a connUft - apply or Uii invaluable article, as they live procured another situation, and their agenti, W, W. WET - MOUE ft iii. huve stui a qttnntixy onhjnd, at no. 97 Wa itrcet. je 23 2t bTOHf. 1J 1,1:1' IN UMJADWA . ELlAo VAI.EN'1 1NL iulendii - s: lo relinquish Hit - booksulling bosiues, oilers to let tha store 104 Biunlway ; il n a first rate stand for a retail store. OBELUS VALENTINE "having UkctThUbroi' thei SAMUEL l.ito partnership, the COPPER - ' PLATE PRINTING business wiil in future be conducted under the firm of Elius ft Samuel Valentine. OlfiVe 34 Spruc - siicM. EI.IAS VALENTINE, SAMUEL VALENTINE. Orders from nny part of the union, executed with neatness and despatch, and on Vie most ren. . tollable terms. Je 16 77 halt water bath's. " - J - HE New - York Salt Water Floalioe Bath, it now open at the foot of Barclay - street, (Nortb - Kiver.) for the accomraoilaiioii of Ladies, and Gentlemen. ALSO. . The Marine Er.imn.irnc Bafh it now open at Arden'i whart, near the Battery, for the accommodation of Gentlemen only. Itr FOR SALE. One lurs Vat or Cistern and a pairol pr.tent chain i'umps, - apply at the 1 uam, or ai olf. j. roadway. joxx BOARD. A geuteel private lamily, residing in a delightful situation, about 15 minutes walk from the Tontine CoSee - honse, wish to ac commodate one gentleman wilh board. Tha most satisfactory references will be given amlre - quired. Apply at the office of this paper. Je2llw NURSE WANTED. i "KT ANTED, a respectaDl middle aged Wo - ... v v man. ww itu. ueen accuvioorcu u uie care of children application to be made any;' hour after 1 o'clock, noon, at 165 Green wict - street. To save trouble to all parties, it - it re - " - ' quetted hat none will apply who cannot produce - unexceptionable reference fcr ood conduct and capability. JeS2 3t nuRSKSand CARRIAGE. - FOR 5 ALE, a pair of stout family black ' . HORSES, with or without a CARRIAGE. all in perfect order for a journey of any distance, i the carriage having Just been painted," and Uie lionet warranted to be fresh and sound, not ba - Ing been driven 100 aides during this last six mouth. They stand at M R. SLOW LET'S stable, aad the carriage at MR. LAWRENCE'S, coach - maker, John streeL The present owner having so little us for them, that he will dispose of tbe whole on very reasonable term. Apply . a above; or, at 45 Barclay - street. tr. 17 eodw tVR SALE, m f . I A t - 1 - A . il ' a very pmuiaiie r Arv.ti, o i iu acre, two tlurds under cultivation, the rescue woodland, titurte on the sea ihore, a quaiiet of a mite below the narrows, nr. tbe Ctaten Lland side and a hort rioe irom tlie stem l - at ferr) larding. It gives a rry ex'.eni ? view of the bay f en - vironse'.scw - York. vitbiutb Narrows, aod of Sandy Jljok ni.J the ocean Fwr prospect it , equalled by none. The tide is unqu. - ttjoo&bM. Two thin's of the purchase mooey mav remain ' teciTt r! uron the land. Apply to A. V. D. Foun tain on the premises, or to W. A. 8EELY, 143 Green wkb - streeV TO LET, a conveniei t new 2 story hotase,' adjoining the above, with a garden and about aa acre of land. For terms apply aa apove. mh 3 eodlf .. - . . MEUICAL SCIENCE I.OI'TtRi ftO.6. . 'J U.L co'sjo.ence drawing in tins rity, os V V Uie first . Tutldav in . Aueost next. 500 jumber to h drawrtech day. . t'CHl VE, 1 prii of JiOOlWO, I I prixe of $50,000, . 1 da - 20 000, 1 ' 1 do. KM, . 1 do - , - 5jJTs, do 2.O0O, i 4i . Co : - Auj. - X5? d V 100,'i . Ao - t iZHI i S3 DoHars. ' - " .v. ai um ..ova oiore ana ;.urwry uu w - . m. 1 41.. O , . . . m u - - . A,.t ft. to' Nt. 19 Prck - slp, romer of Water street - Pnceol Tickets end Wares, . Whole I IJ. Mnti. Sixteenths 162. wmwmm

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