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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, June 24, 1818
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, , , - i FOREIGN NtVVS. ; Team London ppw to the 20th Way, w' ad by the arrival at his port of the ihip Radio from London, and ths ship Dido from liverpool ' at Philadelphia. ", ' " H0(SE OF COMMONS Ofay 14. Mr. Cobbeit Lord Cochrane said le held in hit hand potion on a tub) eel at interesting u soy tnat ana ever been considered witlua (he walls ol that bouse. It proceeded from aa indi vidnal who bad beea induced to exile himself i from hi country inconsequence of thorn Mtori - out tad flagrant acts of spies and informers, by which the legislature had been excited to adopt the measure of the hat session of parti am tat t'i.;' r i . . i j un i'uu reierreu lo iw aocumeiits sunua - Tits sworn belbre the mayor of Philadelphia, who hand - writing waa attested by the British consul. On of thoto affidavita was signed by Win. Steven, a pereoa who was implicated in la various transacliM that had induced parliament to coneent to the suspension of the coutitu tioo: the olheriiened by Chariee Kendall, who waa alto implicated ia the same tmuactiooa These affidavit placed the whole matter in the mutt clear and explicit point of view, showing that those transaction were attributable to tn anachtnation ana eooru of we ipiet ana iniorm - ere, and chiefly of Oliver. They detcrihed in deed inch practices on the part of Oliver, tnat he (Ld. Cochrane) was pereaaded the House would eel that it was incumbent on them to institute an inquiry into the subject,' The propriety aad necessity of such an inquiry was obvious, and be trusted that ministers would not oppose it. He would add, that the petition was exceedingly re apectful t perhaps, indeed, the most to he had ever had the honour to present It was from a mat political writer, who had thought it neces sary to leave the country when the suspension of UM habeas corpus act was in the contemplation of the legislator. It was not necessary tor him to enter into the subject matter of it, but it pray - ad the house to take into consideration the an - arned public documents. It stated various matters ; and among other the conviction of the petitioner that it was in the contemplation of minis ters to establish a kind of superintendence or censorship over the press. . The Speaker observed, that the noble lord was perhaps not aware that the appendix con - taining the affidavits could not with propriety be presented. The house might receive the petition, but would not receive any appendix, fie thought it important to mention this to the noble lord at present, as, if he had rightly collected the tenour of the noble lord's observations, the noble lord had referred to papers annexed to the petition. It would be for the aooia lord to consider how tar the petition Hseli would be ialelU - gible without the affidavits. ... Lord Cochrane replied, that ho would notaay that the word " annexed! occurred in the petition, although it certainly referred to the affidavits to which he had alloded. The petition was then brought np, and read by the clerk. Jt was from Mr. Cobbett, of Bot - ley, in the County of Southampton, now resident in the state of New - York, professing the greatest respect and veneration for the character of the house, but reprobating the system of treachery and cruelty which had for years been carried on through the intervention of spies and i&Sormers, and staling that the petitioner had recently seen in Phihidelplua two individuals, the one of the namo of William Stevens, of Nottingham, the other of Cbarlcs Kendal, of Loo - who had communicated to him a variety of facts relative to the conduct of one Oliver. Those facts had been duly attested on oath belbre the mayor of Philadelphia, and were attached to his petition. The petition proceeded to discuss at considerable length the circumstances which gave rise to the prosecution at Derby : severe ly censuring the conduct of col. Fletcher, as well as that of Mr. Cross on the trials ; disclaim - in the imputation by the latter, that the oubli - cationa of the petitioner had been calculated to inflame the minds of the people t expressing the apprehensions of the petitioner (from the avowal contained ia two ministerial prints) that some measure was in contemplation for imposing further restrictions on the liberty of the pre ; and inquiry into Uiaj - eal nature of those tram action which bad bronght the unfortunate Brandreth and others to the block. On lord Cochrane! moving that tbe petition should lie on the table, j Mr. Bathers observed, that be was one of those who were disposed to throw the doors of tbe house wide open to the petitions of the peo - pw. onii ne correctly understood tne object of this petition, it did not complain of any griev - aace which the petitioner had personally suffered, but called un the house to take up, generally the consideration of a subject on which the petitioner had himself formed an opinion which opinion was (bunded on certain affidavits annexed to the petition, from persons who, for reasons feast known to themselves, had left their country, and who stated circumstances within their Itnow - ledge affecting the general administration of justice. This was a description of petition utterly Inadmissible. But if it had not been so; if the petitioner naa made any personal complaint, still ho (Mr. Bathurst) must have objected to the re - ceptioo of the petition, involving as it did. a li bel against a most respectable individual, who Baa excited general admiration by bis talents, firmness, and judgment he spoke of Mr. Cross. Because Mr. Cross happened to state that his unfortunate clients had, among others, been the victims of inflammatory publications, the petitioner arrogated to himself that he was the individual alluded lo as the author of those publications; and took the opportunity of libelling the gentleman in question, and ascribing to him the jnost improper motives. The netition also con tained another libel on colonel Fletcher, a most respecteblo man in the county of Lancashire. Tbe circumstance, however, that tbe netition complained of no grievance personal lo the petitioner, waa, he was persuaded, quite sufficient toiadnce the house not to receive the netition. Lord Cochrane arced the expediency of a strict inquiry into the circumstances to which the affidavits adverted to in the petition referred ; put as it appeared that there was an informality to the petition ilself, he begged leave to with - dravit, with a view that another might hereafter be presented more rem tar la its construction. On the saotioo that the petition should bt wilh - orawa, . - Mr. Wyaa wished to know whether the petl tioo itself would be entered on the journals' The speaker replied, that the fact would shortly be stated, that tack a petition bad been offered and allowed to he withdrawn, but nothing more. Mr. Wyno was glad to hear that, lor he should have objected more strongly to allow charges against individuals, of taw nature of those com - pcenenned in tbe petition, to appear in their Jownals, tbe house not bavins; the power to pun - h r 7 h0"1 thoM charges were The petition was then withdrawn. LONDON. 11 rs sallowing ts an extract of a letter ot tbe i u uib irons ciocKiioim : - ii will De recollected thai W, rvu i... the d - rectort of the Discount Bank at Malmoe were arrested, in consequence of their fraudulent sauagemeat of its affairs. The examination of tha arcoonts has beeabmnght to a dose, aad H appears that the Nation! Bank is a loser to the amount of 720,000 bank dollars. The fiscal of We high coort of justice has demanded that the commercial Counsellors, Nordlindh and B fork mans, shall be adjud;.:d io famous, and ectraced to stand two boors in IV pilloxr;" and aft - rwardi to be sent to hard latw .wpr' the forti Oration tur a certain MBat'erys?" "The punishment of the merchant jicmann will be mitigated, a he aeems t4en; c trausited, not so much from of for is ing me not out tea on for m to of on dote of dasin as from a erimintl httTgtoe1 tad con cealment; bat all tbe three wist be sentenced to make good tha deficit with their' property, so far ash rose. Witb respect to the discounters. &ahl and Kock, the fiscal has also moved thttj they be sentenced to loss ol Honor, imprisonment, and sequestratioa of thoir property, for the par - pose of indemnification. The marina establishment of Norway has been Axed at one admiral, one commodore, three captain commandame, 12 captain lieutenants, and 24 first and ?4 second lientenants.n Saturday morning the funeral of tbe late rear admiral sir Georre. Hope look place from the adsaiealty, attended by the lord president and general sir A. I lope, as cmei mourners, atr ti dope was in his 5Id rear. We can now state from authentic information, that the marriage of the Duke of Clarence with the Princess Royal of Meiningen ss finally ar ranred. The consent of his royal hizhness in coeiadl, and of ber serene highness, bas under gone no change by the proceedings in the house commons. The princess is to have the ceremony of a marriage by proxy before she embarks England. The Britirh minister at Stutirard, to be his royal blghnem1 proxy. Notice was given on Saturday at the Slock Exchange, that all exchequer bills dated in May, 1817, will be paid off after the 5th of June, on which day the interest thereon will cease. . The usual option will be given to the holders, of tak new bills in whole or part payment A leuer irom M. Helena, of the 1st of March, says, " Cn Monday, the S3d of February, M. uipriam, (Bonaparte's MaUnd1 Hotel,) was taken ill with an inflamatioa in bis bowels, of which compiaini ne atea the TluRday following . Mutiny. A letter from Chatham, dated Fri day, May 8, says, " This day a detachment of royai marine corps Irom Woolwich, under order for embarkation at this place, to attend upon his royal highness the prince regent, on his intended naval tour, refused to go on board tbe vessels prepared tor tnem until they received their arrears of pay. The marines, who were under orders of embarkation, were called to suppress the mutiny, and received each rounds of ball cartridge. Tbe arms were taken from the mutinous detachment, and sent board the vessels, after which the men were sent on board as prisoners. The Chatham division, intended for the above service, left here yesterday." A dear kiii.XVm. Andrews was last week floed SOs. by T. B. Cooper and W. Hudson. e quires, the magistrates of Pershore, in Scotland, rudely kissing, in - the street, a servant - maid, tne mutate ol the day. Prdefriantnn. - - Crisp. the celebrated pedes. trian, arrived at the Queen's Head, Kni'hu - bridge, SO minutes past 1 1 o'clock on fridav night from Oxford, baviog then completed his lain uajri tasa, or walking 17 successive days, and from London to Oxford, beinz a distance 6 1 miles a day. He started again at 4 o'clock Saturday morning on his return to Oxford, wnero ne arrived at bis usual hour ; thus completing, in .the 17 days, 1037 miles, being the greatest pedestrian task ever performed. um tuiKJwmg m sm extract oi a seller iron Paris, dated the 4th instant : " A curious anec has just reached us from the country. General , commandant of the military division of , had been for some considerable time past, violently in lovs - with the wife of an humble tin - man, of the town where the general resides. Great difficulty attended the meelinj the lovers, owing to the distance of their tu - almas ia life, as well as the hnibaud'; reliance. However, Mrs. Block - tin contriveJ it with litr lover one night, to order the husband, who belonged to the national guard, to do du'y on a post at some distance from their dwelling, which wouta Keep turn out all nisbt. when the cllan'. was to take possession of the tio - thon and every thing in it. All went on as could be svished. b at when the lover thought themselves in perfect security, a knock came at the deor. It was the husband be was taken very ill, and was brought home, where he certainly was not expected. The general had just time to take his clothes, and secrete himself in some part of the bouse, for out of it he could Dot go. The husband got into his wife's bed, complaining of v iolent spasms. r:is wire strongly urged him to go himself to the apothecary's to get some medicine, which he Otd Upon his going out. the gallant soon made bis escape from durance. The husband having purchased his medicines, he was about to pay for them he put his hand in his pocket, and to his great astonishment, he pulled out a good heavy parse full of gold, which certainly he knew did not belong to him ; and on looking at his panta loons, be saw to his great grief that they also were not his own. Upon reaching home, he insisted upon knowing who was the owner of the pantaloons, which tne wife soon informed bim. trial against the reneral and bis frail one. for adultery, is to be instituted, and it is expected that the general, should he be found guilty, will necasnterea. You tee our notions of religion and morality differ from yours. 1 believe no ge neral in England, who rnns away with another man's wife, is ever dismissed the service on that score." Lostbo. May 16. 6 Dcr cents. 102 1 - 2 s Bank U. S. shares 152 10, with dividend from the 1st January. LiTOBFOOL, Alay 22, Cotton, Sea Island, 3s. 5 ; Pernams, 2s. 1 ; Orleans, 20 a 20 3 - 4, dull. LO.NDO.V, May 19, The marriage of the duke of Cambridge with the princess of II esse, took place at Caesel on the 7th instant. rtre or flour l owa - madc, 76s to 75s per sack. FALMOUTH, May 6 Wind 17. W.. Passed up channel lat evenin?, the Grand - Sachem. Darnev, from the South cas, lor London. PARI?, May 16. To - morrow tbe court will co into mourning on the occasion of tbe death of the prlne d Conde ; the first six days in black, and the five succeeding days in white. Ihe remainder ol the equipage of the duke of Wellington left fans on tbe 14th for the bead quarters at Lambray. Several engravers and founders have recently been arrested at Lyons. Thty are accused of I having fabricated small busts of Bonaparte in brass, it is asserted, that tne moulds have been forwarded to the attorney general. ST. rt J fcK3HUK.W, April Z5. We have bad a thavs for three day, but the ice on the Ntwa is still so firm, that it b only sine yesterday that carriages have ceased to go over it. FERLuv, May 9. Col. Von Fredericks, Aid - de - Camp to his Im perial Hifitioert the Grand Duke Nicholas of Russia, arnvea nere yesteraay niiemoon. oeins; specially commissioned to bring lo his Majesty the Kin?, the joyful intelligence of the happy de livetT of ber Imperial Hiztinees the Grand Duch ess Alexandrine of Autsia, of a Prince, on the 29th of last month. HAMBURG II, May 12. The following news, which is hirbly interesting to tbe commercial world, was postea up ronay in tbe Bono Hall " Hy aa Ukase ot his maj - . - siy tbe emperor of Rueua. which was made public cn me i tin yzx) oi last montn, we expon omy o tne principal article oteipiri irom nessia oa oeen increased iu per cent, at nejow tpscineo. tiiv Ontf according ta the Tarifof 1816. In silver. Addition 10 pr. ct. a. t. R. r. Hemp, p best, ow 1 0 O 10 I w. I t Tallow 2 o Wheat, per tschttw 0 15 R . 0 41 PotaiV per birk O "5 Wax, pjd 0 so Biitius 1 o Mnsed. per tsrbetrO i Urn pd U 4J 1 15 O 0 ri - 2 1 14 o 8 7 1 - 2 4 O 10 O 21 - 2 ii 1 1 - 2 XKWrYORK EVEMINQ POST. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24. To the Editor the Jfeu - Yrk Ettning Put - HxbxPaiuc, 21tt June, 1810. Sir, ' V I do myself the honor to enclpscjroe' aa article, which I think likely to be of public atility If you should be of tbe same opinion, I beg you to insert it in your paper as soon as may be convenient, because the season of Tuniip sosring approaches fast, and die speedy publication of this article may prevent many persons from committing errors at to tbe time of son big. I am, Sir, Your moat obd't And most bumble eerv't WM. COBBETT. TO FARMERS AND GARDENERS. .Ind particularly to thote Gcnllaiten, who have icrtilen to me on the tubjeel of the HxUa Baga cultivation. Htdk Paaa, Long - Island, Slst Jane, 1818. I bave now, lying oo the table before we a pile of letters, many of which contain Bank notes. Some of the letter contain orders for seed ; others for my tittle book on the - (abject of tne Httta Haga ; others for both ; and some express a desire to have tnormaiotton the subject of the culture. The dates of these letters show the wide extent of the circulation of the knowledge of tbe principal facts, which I bava before stattd in the public prints, and the language of the letters show the very great interest 'Which tbose fact bave excited, while it is very pleas ing to myself. not, it oeins; literally impossible lor me to una lime to atuaer all these letters s it beine also im possible for roe to comply, in lime, witb the requests nf my several correspondents, I beg leave to give mis one general answer, uirougn tiie pun - lie prints. To those gentlemen, who have written for teed, I have to say, that, in all the cases, where I can do it, I wi) fully comply with their request ; but, that in every cat, 1 will send them a tmalt quantity of seed in a pott letlet ; and this I shall do, whether I have received money or not. Because, I well know how anxious men are upon such subjects, and because. I with very much, that numerous persons may (though upon a small scale) bave an early opportunity of being ttnnn - etd upon a subject of such great and universal in terest. Where a pound, or more of seed has been ordered, and the money enclosed, the senders may be assured, that iu the meanwhile, I will keep their letters ; and that, the seed, if it should be too late for this year, shall be sent them very early next winter ; when 1 am sere nf receiving a large supply from plants selected and now rowing on my farm in iJnmpthire, and which I wrote home to have planted for this very purpose so long ago as oepiemoer tail, wen anew - me what effect my actual experiment and an - deniable facts would produce in Ibis country.. As to my little book, which is the fird part of tnree. tne wnoie entitled " a pear $ retiatnee in the United Stale," it contains everything which I know, relative to Ihe culture and preterration and uia and mode vf uiinif the RUTA BAGA, or Russia Turnip, f have endeavoured to make the matter at plain as possible. Those gentlemen, who have tior.e me tl.e very nattering honour 'o aik for iiUi'rurt'cni," will find, in the little book, an answer tM a their question ; and, they will also find every tmsib!e question on the sub ject anticipated. To me, who have no trading cor.nertiont in America, it is not easy to end the imati oi jtp'witi.ig this book, in a short time, in so mtJuv place as I could wish. But. I bave caused a good number of copies to be sent to tbe care oi jur.john jv organ of fnuaaetpnta, who will take care that they ase offered lor tale in that city ; and, in order that BooktcUer may, in eery part of the country, without risk, be able t, prv.ure the book, 1 have, by public advertize - nu - Dt, r.fl'ired them, through MR. ARCHAM - UAL'I.T, No. 62 Barclay - street, New York, at the price cf ten ccpiet for fir doUort and a half. There is one point, however, as to M inetruf - rtons," wliicli I think it necessary to touch upon heie. I perceive, that maay oftne applicant for seed, live in Urgtuttu Now, as to the time e towing, it mutt be very dulerent irom my tune on Lone Island 1 The Ruta Baga plant, (hough sown here properly about the F irrt of July, does not make any very great progress in point of prow in un me longer ana comer wgnu come, ana the heavy dews, in September. October rives it three fourlht of iU vhole tixe So that. I should think, that the second week in July would be quite early enough for Penntylcania ; and theWipeet tn jlugvtt early enough for Virginia. This is very material ; lor, ir the young and tender plants be too much tcorehed by the beat, they may not so easily recover. It is the long and fine Autumn that does the business in this culture : the warm sun during the day, aad the heavy dews by night. 1 he later the Autumn ends, the later the sowine may take plare. To those gentlemen, who may buy tbe tted, without seeing tbe lUlltboeh, I beg leave to observe, that to have any tciag worth having, the ground must be clean, the plants put at large ait - tancit at an early age, goid ami deep boein - r or ploughing, between t for, I hold out no hope to tnose who throw seed into the ground ana then leave the work to nature, which, actirg an impartial part, rive the preference to tbe weeds, which, as we all know, are the p. - e - occupanU of every sou. As to the inducements to cultivate this root, in America, the idea is by no means new to me. A few years ago, in walking with Mr. R.IC1I ARD HAKIMAN, an excellent net;hborin Hampshire, over one of his fields, I observed to him what a pity it was that our cultivation of this root was not practised in America. I said, it would double the produce ol the farms there. " I'll write a little Book and send it them," said I. - Soon afterwards the war being over, I laid the plan of doing it ; mid actually hid the little book printeiv6 sent it out to my friend, Mr. JOHN MORGAN, of Philadelphia. Political events of great interest arose, however, and took up all my time. When 1 ws coining out Inst year, I brought a little Ruta Baea seed. I had the little hag (only a few pounds) in my hand, one day, in the cabin of tbe ship, and I remember saying to Mr. AS TOR, a fellow passenger: Ishailhe drrivd,if thiced do not, in its spread, somewhat resemble the mustard seed mentioned in tbe scripture. Thus far, I have not been deceived. And. in deed, the facte of my actual douvs, and oi the truth of which farts I have taken care that there shall be ne doubt, are so striking that prejudice stands not a moment before them. Rich as Eox - land is ia mines, this one root is of more value to her ttiaa all her mines under ground. To it she owes a very treat part of her food, her hides and her wool. But, if valuable in England, where there are lew larmers wun woodlands and grai - sine lands forsnattle in summer, and which are of little - value for any other purpose, what must it be here r upon this place, lor instance, where 1 am. Tbe woods and uncultivated lands will rarr verv well two hundred sheen aad thirtv head of bom cattle with fifty or sixty pigs, along from tbe first week in Jane to theeod of October. What am I to do with them tfe).' My land will not fatten a tenth part of the number. But, if I, on a few acre of land, and a very few, can rai enough tn fatten the cattle and sheep, to half - fat the p!g, aad to keep veil till June again all 1 db skh wun to mueri, wnai a prom n ncre : ano what riches in the manure f the next year ! Cabbages, full as easily raided as the Ruta Ba ga, are hardly of leva importance, where the turn - wiereeM is scanty in quantity. 1 he produce u Inrce. the Quality excellent, the cultivation eay. A few acres will keep a large stock from July t January, if the sowings and plantings and the sorts be when and wbat thry ought to be. I bave aow eleven torts of cabbages which will be ready to transplant ia ten davt. Some of them wilt bave completed their gmwth by ttjirst arret ta Jlufrtsl, and some not till siovtmOer ; an I bate cabbage which will be St - to give to pin, leaved and white and hard, in about ten days ttmt. It is very tittle ground that is Kouired for these purposes, and nothing ve ry expensive in tbe way of labour. Tbe great requisites are, rare, attention, vigilance ; and, without these who caa expect to succeed inaaj thing ! Nor is the trhtte turnip to be despied. Peo - pie set m not to know, lb it exoi and they are faUedMVA in England, & that, too, in J r . . . ni in onreat narfection - ' proaigioui - . o . ., - But, then, these word" Wiitt turnip" are applied to the tcie rate. There ara ten different sorts, very distinct. And, beside, a turnip, tho' it weigh only a pound, instead of from six to ten pouuds, is still a rurntp ; but, I can assure the reader, - tnat one oi ie puuuu. uu - - . tive matter in It than thirty of one pound each Tberc may be cases, when this eort of root may be very serviceable. It can be sown nfull month later than the Kula Baga. And, that it is not a despicable tiling, the reader will know, when I tell bim, that I once saw eight hundred sheep and lambs all in one field of fifteen acres of white turnips, where they had all been living for more than two months. It was in February. The Gold had been begun by t flock of Somersetshire ewes and their lambs, the latter destined for tbe London market at Easter. Those were follow ed, on the same ground, h South Down barren ewes fatting. The tmidTaud last bite was for Sooth Down ewes which were lambing. There were separations by hurdles to keep Ihe flock dia - tinct. And thus was all eaten tip, and the field rich as a garden. Tbit, which was on the larin of a Mr. Milward, at Tilclifichl, was, as far as I recollect, the finest sight ol the kind that I ever saw ; but, wmewhat approaching it is generally to be si til in England Aud, though the turnip? must he Hacked, here, I see very little inconvenience in that. The only precaution is, to give to the fatting oxen, and to the sheep iu wet wca ther, a little hay along with their turnips, in or der to prevent laxity too great W itb these opinions, and wun a strong aesire to oromote the interests of agriculture and gar - deuinrin America. I have taken, and am takiug, measure for a supply ot good ana true steut oi every kind that I think will be uselul ; ami, il I should return home before their arrival, my frieud, Mr. John Morgan, will be chiefly entrust ed with the fulfilment ol my intentions in mis re spect. To say so much of one's self is not very pleasing ; but, as marks ol my diligence ana zeai in this way, there now exists in Hampshire a most beautiful plantation of trees frorn.scods imported by me from Pennsylvania, while, in Penn sylvania 1 had the pleasure to see, flourishing and lofty, cherry - trets and others of the finest sorts, sent out from Hampshire by ue after my return to England. I this year imported four hundred peach trees, ncctannrs, apricots, plwns, le. of sorts which I kuew to be good, l lie y were, unfortunately, pot on board the Bacchus, a London ship, instead of being, as I wisheJ, sent to Liverpool. 1 hey lay Jive months on Board They served only to make a fire ; or, I am per suaded they would, in a few years, have stocked the whole country. Whether I remain anollier year or not, I shall not abandon this project. With the exception of the treatment I expe rienced from the Assembly nf Pennsylvania, o", rather, from a fart of it, I have met, in this country, with every thine to be pleased with and to be grateful for ; and, though interest will, in theaflair of seeds, be also a motive to exertion, 1 know not in what way, more effectually and more honorably than in this way, 1 can (how my gratitude towards the country. wai. uuuisr.i i. P. 8. I hear, that some persona at New - York are selling Russia Turnip sted. and sav in;, that they have bought it of me, in coniir - mation of which assertion, they show my tig - nn - trire upon paper - bags, out of which they take the seed to sell in small quantities, in the Market and else where. The reader has, I dare say, seen jin put into a bottle, which had a " Cltampogn?' label hanging to it neck. However, be this as it may, I hold myself re - sponsible for no seed, which the toroer has not obtained from me, or from my mun in the rly Market, or from Mr. Archambault. I am very anxious upon this head, having witnessed, and, indeed, experienced, so many cruet disappoint ment and heavy losses, and seen so many men discouraged and tlitgvtted, from the sowing of bad seed t and knowing1, that there are. about fhi country, many little patches and parcel of aeed. tailed Russia Tumip i but which seed is such in about the same degree that a Crab resemble a Fall Pippin. Gentlemen, who writ to tne, or to Mr. Ar, chambault, will please to be very plain in the writing of names of persons and place. London dates to the 20th of May have been received at Philadelphia by the ship Dido from Liverpool. i On the 16th May 6 per cent United States' stock was quoted in Londou at 102 1 - 2 U. S. Bank shares 32 10s. Flour at Liverpool on the 22d May 45s. per bll. Cotton, .Sea - Island, 3s. 5d ; Fernami, Ss. Id ; Orleans, 20 a 20 3 - 4, dull. An additional export duly of 10 per cent has been laid by the Emperor of Russia on hemp, flax, tallow, wheat, rye, potash, wax, bristles, linseed and hemp seed. Whale fishery. It is stated in the Boston Gazette, that upwards of fifty ships are now ab - seut from Nantucket on whaling voyages. Extractof a letter from Op elousas, dated the 1st May. " The establishment at Galvextown, incress es rapidly ; detachments to join the main army are marched openly through the country. Pirates and others carry on trade with the in habitants openly, exchanging gooxls of all kinds for money and provisions. Tliev have several vessel on the rivers Calas and Mer - meuta. A few days ago, a man in this country raised about 12 men, and went out to one of tbe trading places, and, assuming the character of a custom house officer, seized a vessel and a quantity of goods ; she lay on the west side of the river Calas they brought her to the east side and there discharged the cargo ; and, whilst in the act of dividing the plunger, were surprized by a party from Galvestown, under the command of who captured the thorn custom house officer and some of hi party i after flogging them severely, sent them home and loaded the goods again on bon d the schooner. This letter you may use as you please, as every American must feel mortified to see the law of the country thus trampled upon from the Philadelphia Anrora. The president has returned suddenly to the seat of government from his tour oo the Chesa peake the foreign minuter, at the head of whom is Mr. Kagot, bave bad a bustling week of it. Don On is, however, is not there be bas had other engagements for fifteen days past, in the ueighbortiooa ol Philadelphia. It is said he re ceived two expresses, one od Tuesday night, and the outer oo Wednesday morning, supposed to relate to the storm ol rensacola. In ten days, the public may expect to hear general Jackson openly denounced as general .Matthews was, when ordered lo take possession ol si Augustine for misconstruction of bis or ders. Don Oois is at Bristol, 20 miles from Philadel phia ; when h heard of the storming of Pentaco - la by gen. Jackson he exclaimed Uno tiene le fama y otro curd a la lana we mut look for a translation hereafter. Don On is says that the storm of Pensacola, was a matter of form that the ranisoa fired only blank cartTKlges. We shall see how true this is when the official returns are received. Leal: out for yazoo the second We published some weexs aro, tne documents relating to tlie 'rant of the Honda lands to the Jake of Ala gon, &c. and that a Mr. Sema was on bis wute to Ihe United Slates, by way of Paris and Lon doa. We caa inform our readers that Mr. Scr oaii now arrived he had "teen Indeed sixteen1 days arrived before we heard of it ; but he has joined his ostensible superior Den Ouis j and the buMoea of the distribution of tbe prize in wis most astonishing lottery of diplomacy, will be soon arranged. . Many person will read and for - s - et this information but we now say mat it must not be forgotten perhaps the annals olHlie world, not the south sea bubble uot the yazoo uor the bank no art of perfidious abuse oftlte public, authority, ever exhibited a scheme of deception so stupendous and corrupt. Tbe plot must unravel ilaelf - - t is that sort oi secret which even the partakers in it will tiian about, and deem themselves injured by tne distribution of higher prizes among the little rascals.' It is said that certain heads of department! have eucaced a few of the minions who were in the pay of Pitt and Caitlereagh as they find that their cause suffers through the stupidity ol those they pay in Boston, New - York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond, and Charleston. 1 he late Mr. Windham, of Ln'Iand, was the father of the paradox of a peace like a war'' president Alouroe appears to have solved the paradox for we have had under bis administration, uot only a peace iiko a war, in the taking of Amelia and l'eusacola ; but we hate a war b the niidtt of peace for example the Chchaw protection. . 1 he transactions of the last ten years must al - ford the former preidcut Adams partiuular comfort ; he was not permitted to return to Braiu - tree, for acts of not one - tenth of the enormity ol those which have taken place within ten years. I here seems t" be a movm; ol the waters al ready, in the affair of a future election of president the Jloaton Patriot appears to be moved over with ninth apprehension lest tho public feeling should overtake the secret workings aud the public puiRiigj of the double aud twisters. , ' PHiLAnKt.rHiA, June 23. From Ireland The Editors of the Freeman's Journal ha.e received tbe Belfast Commercial Chronicle of the lltli May. It states that a dreadful epidemic had broken out in the Bri tish camp under the Governor General In the East Indies. On the first day, 97 died ; on the second day, 500. Never, il U said, was a scene so dreadful witnessed. The dead and dying strewed every road. On all aide wei e heard the wailings of those who were seized and gave themselves up to dispair. In the Gover nor uetierars establishment alone (who had himself been slightly aflected,) 17 native servants died. In many cases the malady waa so rapid, as to leave no time for administering medicine. Natives were seen to fall suddenly, without any previous sensation of illness, and die in a few minutes. At the last accounts, the pestilence appeared to have stayed in some measure. Niwpobt, June 20. Circuit Court The curcuit court of the U - nifed States, for the district of Rhode Island, commenced its term in this town on Monday last, and adjourned on Wednesday. The brig B of Bristol, which was seized several months since by Capt. Cahoone, of the Revenue Cutter Vitrilant, for a violation of the neutrality of the V. S. in having encreased her armament, ic. within our wattrs, was condemned by Judge Story, to the United States. FROM OUR CORRESPOjVDBXT. Office of the Union, Philadelphia, June 23 noon. 5 Arrived, ship Dido, Maxwell, 8 days from Liverpool. Sailed from Liverpool 2 2d May, and left there the following vessel .Ship Lancaster, West, from Philadelphia, just arrived, all well, in 16 days ; ships Telegraph, Coffin Superiour, Hamilton ; Richmond, Rniran ; Fac tor, Hamilton ; and brig Vamacraw, Itilcy, all lately arrived from Philadelphia ; ship Musou rl. ttMula, fliilad. irom Nw Orleans i ship Woodrop Sims, Euls, cisoiiarging. Theihips Andrew, Hathawav, for Philad. Slst; Samp son, of Philad. do for Ireland 17th. Flower at Liverpool 45s. nominal. Capt Maxwell has papers to the 20th May, and London dates to tbe 18th. No news. In the Dido, came 7 ca bin, and 85 steerage passengers. ship 1 haiia, Puller, 34 days from Bordeaux, Left the city 1st and Cordovan 17thMay. The brig Hannah, Cassin, tor Philadelphia, was to sail about the 20lh May ; ship Concordia, Ad ams, Boston, 15th ; ship Warrington, Smith, .Norfolk, 11th brig bunice, WUderhold, Ha vana, llth ; sch b.lem, York, N York, 12th ; ship I'elham.ship Highlander, and brig Siough - ton, just arrived from N Orleans,; ship Cosmo - poli'.e, for N York, uncertain. May 17th, oil tbe Cordovan, spoke ship South Carolina, of Charleston, liom , bonnd up. June 1st, lat IS, long 45, brig George, from Dublin for Boston, 17 tlajs. Brandy, flour and grain, was on the decline, 37 cabin passengers. Liverpool, May 20 Arrived, Importer, Dinglcy, N York Alli ance, Cox, do; Belvidere, Williams, Balti more; Amanda, William,' do ; X. Holiday, Bond. Charleston ; Sally, Watson, do; Daun, Calfor, Savannah ; Atlas, Janifcr, Alexandria ; Brothers, Costlrt, N Orleans ; Ilallano, bales, do: Minerva, Sherman, North Carolina; lira tus, Bragdon, Charleston Armcnius, Gibson, Baltimore ; Maryland, Hammond, savannah ; Elizabeth, Bradford, do. Sailed, Castilia, for Baltimore ; George, Watson, irginia. The Radius, from London for N York, left Deal 18 th May ; and the Avenck, lor Virginia, same day. The Washington, from N York to London, ar at Falmouth 1 1th May, and proceeded. Ship Staflo'd, Kocrers, from Philadelphia, and siup Little uneruti, arweever, ot Philadelphia, from Savannah, have ar. at Liverpool. bhip Martha, aKetcmey, and Uritish ship Thomas, Hutchinson, sailed from Liverpool 20th May, the former for New - York, the latter for Philadelphia. Patriot O'lTice, . 1 . Boston, June 22 noon. nrig Naiad, Preston, from Calcutta, 1 18 days from the Sand Heads arrived ax Salem on Sunday evening. Spoke 14th inst. lt 35, lon 62, brig Pallas, of Boston, 3 days from N York, did not learn where bound, 15th, Ion 63 30, brir Bcneaet, from ft? Bedford for Bi emen. Office of the Courier, J Charleston, June 16. $ Arrived, ship Dryade, from Savannah 1 day. Sch Maria, Latham, from N Yoik. Sch Mary, from Matunzas. Ach Carpenter, from Madeira. Sch Mary - Ann, from N York and N Haven. A (hip, brig and several schrs. below wind NE. Dlr.U, At Greenwich, iu the 32d year of his age, Mr John Ritchie, au elder of the Reformed Dutch Church in that village. He walked iu a maoner consistent with his profession. As au officer ol the church, a bntband, a parent, a neighbor, and a man of business, his conduct was truly exem plary. uZ - f I ' funeral ttrites" place from Perry Arter, ureenwien, at ruuro cioca this allernoon. trWlSQ POST M.1RLVK LIST. CLEARED, Ship Fox, Tawed l.i - bim Bng James - Scott, Ellis Jean, Brown, 3chr L) dia, Cmwell, Harmony, Karris Harmony, barney. Packet Oscar, alien, Arabella, Hirderick, Porto Kico Ia'verpool Jacob Barker. Lubcc, do Nllaveo . Providence Charleston if r fcaltiaa,. Huntress, dpancer, Alexandxia, JSRRIFRD THJS FOREJfnn v Brig Georgia, Wet, Sdav from Savana.1, with cotton, Vj. & C. Bolton, H TftSSSfll Mr. Dunham, family and servant, Mr - Davitr - ,' family and tm'U ; Mt. Gibbon, wife and sm Mcssr. Harrison aud M'lutyre. Lett m Juno Doake, for Liverpool in 4 days - , Georgia, Low for do in 7 ; ship Jane Drumiuond, for do in lo V br. - stll wi, Tupr. - , ...IW for N York tame day BrigLlwa, Thayer, 8 day. from SavanaJu with cotton and. drygoods to 11. Thomas, W lluuter, C Richard., Towntend Si White, O Knymond, Pott & M'Kinne. A Jackson Pau tenors Geo llolUVY Whiifock. Jr C D MaltlT E Bowers, M Blount. Cau l. m - m..:. "l Son and 15 iu the steerage. Sailed in c Jf t.rig White Ouk for Frauce ; tcht KithmoiHl ft.. NYork Lelt ships Wm. Henry, and Globe, IN York. June 19, off the Capes of De. spoke brujt Mount PWasaut, f.oin Triui - both for NYork. laware, dud tor Schr Diadem, Carr, 4 days from Philadel phia, with brick, to P Care, jr. ae. cioopiynima, cprtjue, t days from Newnn, with cotton goods, to F Si S Mott & Co. Sloop Sally, Anthony, t day from Providence with luue, cotton Roods, tic. to sundries. Sloop Boston, Wood, 24 hour from Brids port, with oil and whalebone, to Fish & GrimXii AT QUA BAN TINE. WtU f bin Edward, Tabcr, 70 day from Tin.. na, via Gibraltar, 42 days from the latter port, with brandy, wine, tc. to S Whitney m., 19tb, lat 34 53, Ion 25 58, spoke brig W from N Yurk for Canton. June 8ih, lat 32 33 lon 59 44, pokc Four Sons, from PorUmouth tor Tobago. The ship Eiaulut, Chace, from Savannah, ar ' rived at Liverpool on the 12th. ,. ARRIVE!) IjJtST EfENUVQ Ship Radius Delano, 37 days from sm with powder, iron, dry goods, &c. to . Mori, wood, owner, J Ogden, J ficolL D Sn,;m Oothout, Collins & Co. J Blogg, A W Soreea. frey, P Remsen Sz Co. A. Kinder, T DixonTf 1 i uuw, u wur, bj ociuunetftvo II t G Barclay, J Eastbum & Co. J Lerl. Rii.. and Braioe, B Pike, 8 Reed, Ellis k Flectier v - iarK et io. tay, isownes u to. Sands ft Co Hull Si Co. G. Chance, D Ewing, Safieldk Co. H Brevoort, jr. Lynch t Clark, W Wallace G Newbold, and W Watt. Passennrs. m. - r. W J Walgenmult, F 8 Scatchard, 3 Mr. Ste - phens, L Brown, VV Brown, 11 Statham, Jtfay Smith, G Newman, Aaa M Walgcmult, aad 10 in the steerage, faded May 15. The Wash - ' ington, Forni&o, from NYork, arrived that day ; ship Minerra - Smyth, Allen, arrived 13th, in 28 days, both for NYork. Ship Rockingham. William", for NYork, tailed from Graretend 13th. : chip Union, Ulair, 53 days from Greenock, with coals, dry goods, &c. Mill, Purdy A Co. J Arrot, A Thompson, Boorman & Johnston, Pattison U Brothers', J Givan, R Givan, jr. W uiuwii, imiiiiam oi. nucimicioss, J Macure - gor. Cal der, M'Lea & Co. D Bethune St Co. D Hadden, Mackie, Milne Si Co. Lambert and Brothers, B W Rogers & Co. S Dalgleish and Co. P llattrick &: Co. G Johnston, and to order. Passengers, Messrs. C Mellis, T Carlisle, J Hamilton, and 32 in the steerage. Spoke, May 13, lat 40 15, long 22 15, brig Joseph, - , Manlove, 2i days from Philadelphia fur Lis. ' bun. 17th, lat 40 23, long 25 43, brig Marga - ret, Coffin, 17 days from Baltimore for Oporto. June 19, lat 40 20, lon 65, ship Dido, 26da from Liverpool for Philadelphia. 20th, lat 40 31, lon 69 26, brig Two Brothers, 50 hours from Newburyport. iliip Orion, Burns, 48 days from Amsterdam, and 32 from the Lizard, with gin, to 11 A & J G Coster. Passenger, Mr. J Hickerman. The Criterion, Sherburn, for N York, sailed in co. Left ship Pactolus, Blackler, for Boston, same day. At New Diep, ship William, of Balti - ' more, uncertain ship Integrity, of Providence, for the East Indies ; ship Milton, of Roston, for do. uncer. Two ships and a brig from H York a ship from Boston, and a ship from Savannah, rallies not known, all arrived tbe day;' we failed." Coming out, spoke brig Margaret, Harris, 48 days from N Tork j ship Rosteau, of Philadelphia, 144 days from Batavia, both bound in. Spoke, May 10, off Bcachy Head, ship M in crva - S myth, Allen, 26 days from New - York, for London. 17th, off the Start, achr Little William, of Boston, 27 day from Sa - - vannah. Brig Mary, Archer, 15 day from Havana, with molasses, sugar, honey, collee, 8tc. to P Harmony. Passengers, Dona Albronez, Gonzalez, Quintans, Estrada and Lasage, Messrs. Calvin, Washburn, J Ames, P Roach, and A Bradshaw. Brig Etiza, Thayer, 8 days from Savannah, with cotton and dry goods, to H Thomas. Pas. scngers, Messrs. Geo Hall, W Whit lock, jun.;. C D Maltbie, Edward Poweis, major U Hunt,, capt Lee, and 10 in the steerage. Portuguese brig Sophie, Gilbert, 54 day : Uio Janeiro, with hides, fur, ebony, coffee, tc. to G G ii S How land. Left brig Daphne, for Philad in a few days brig George, of Ronton, for Trieste, in 14 j ship Galatea, Towne, of and for do. uncer. Sailed in co. with a Norfolk ship for Havana. Five day since, ion 50 j Vtvpoke a sch from N York for St. K'tts. A gtj - 4e - umber of Patriot cruiser were off Rio. m. eaT Sell Prede &nThjy irutm Curri - tuck, with stavi tollAtr Si Robinson. Sch Caljso.iiurd, 7 day from Chade.' ton, with rice, nbusseas and honey, to Bocrt Si Kneeland, lliit, and L P De Lure. P4 - sengers, judge jlessasure, lady and daughter capt. Reed, lady nd Miss Reed, Mr. and MrN Fraser, and farvily, Mr. Bulkley, Mr S Bulk - ley and family 'Mrs. Stock and family, Mr. Foster and child Mr Hillard and famdr. Mr Collin, and chilL, M essra, Thooft, Robinson, Carter, Natt, Gii)bs, Rivers, Ravental, Vander Horst, Bulklry. j Butler, Dwyer, and master Uwson in all Wj. Five day ince, in lat 37 53, in 30 fatiihm water, spoke sch Gum Scott, 30 days f. ifn Lisbon for Norfolk. - ecli .Nancy, Keky, 4 days from Philadelphia, with com meal, Ifjr, slaves, tea, &c to L'Hora - medieu Si Brovf owners, and oilier. Sloop Henry, ' jlano, 4 days from New - Bedford, with platte ' to Uie master. Sloop Belle, t,eeler, 9 day from Charlev ton, with cotton, , tobacco, and stares, to sundries 8 passengers.. June 13, lat 45 19, long 7 46, spoke sell Henry, of Ilaliowcll, from Charleston for Baltimore. Sloop Packet, Ward, 8 days from Newbern, iM 1. Willi lumbal - liniiml In Npiv.Refltnrfl. Slocp Galen, Howes, 8 days from Boston, with fi.b, to B Blossom, and the master. Sloop Paragon, in 12 hour from N. Haven, with rum, to the master. .NOTICE. 03" This is to forbid all persons trusting the crew of the Portuguese brig Sophia, Lopes master, as no debts 01 their contracting will be paid by the captain or consignee. Je 24 for CtLiitLkSlVtV, To sail on Tuesday next, with what freight and f passengers may offer, v$il Th u ilug clir CALY P30, 113 - ea - .fjJLliard. master. Apply on board at Murray's wnarl, or to BOGERT& KNEELAND, 70 South - street. . Landing from said sthr A small quantity ol vety low j handsrme floor in; boards. Je 21 61 for HAVANA, j 1 he new coppered cn w a k it, iu it , .234 tout burthen, (built by Mr. N. Kruwu if this citv;l B. Richards, master. She will sail on the 10th of July nest, weather per - Biiltiu". For freitrLt or paa'c apply to ... JAMES D. WOLF, junior, 'Je 24 a ccnlh - tt. Sloop Brklgcpojrtj WcwdwarJ

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