The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 15, 1937 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 15, 1937
Page 10
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A' ',y iST 1 ** kwa.ta.-1 -.W! I- 1 1 \ ' 0 1?: Hi -\ V, !- TEN BE-GAZETTE SPORT MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 15 B 1937 BOSTON'S BEES CARRY STINGER Honey on Comb When Bos; Beekeepers Ai'e Happy Over New Prospect. (This is another of a scries of major . l e a g u e pennant prospects.) By PAUL MICKELSON ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., (£)-- Some of those National league baseball clubs are a cinch to get stung in that Boston Bee hive this year. On the shores of Tampa bay, the two big keepers of the Bees nudge each other when they talk about the 1937 prospects. And when General Manager B o b and Manager Bill McKechnie get happy for publication about baseball chances the honey is on the comb. · Messrs. Quinn and McKechnie, a pair of droll fellows, don't expect to sting the rest of the league for a pennant, but they feel quite confident that their club, a cellar tenant in 1935, has a great chance to slip into the first division. . "We asked waivers on the cellar last year and got them," said Quinn. "This year we're asking for waivers oh the second division and maybe we'll get what we want again. We don't like the accommodations in the second division," ' Darkest of Dark, · From a cold, calculating point of view, the Bees appear to be the darkest of dark horses of the National league pennant fight. A flock of "ifs" dot the roster, but it a few of them have the right answer, the Bees wiU'be tough--and no fooling.' ·' Since the dark cellar days of 1935, Quinn has pruned his bee hive thoroughly. Only four players--Wally Berger, Bill Urbanski, Bob Smith and Baxter Jordan-are leftovers. To fill the ranks he has combed the minors and made trades with a lot of ball players who are capable of pulling surprises. Pitching Is the big question mark. McKechnie has 17 pitchere on the Bee roster, but only the veteran, Danny MacFayden, is certain for regular mound duty. Best of all the prospects at this writing are Ira Hutchinson, who won'13, lost 8 for St. Paul in.'3B and Eill Weir, a 24 year old southpaw who copped four and lost three for the Bees last season. Lou Fette won 25 games for St. Paul in Local Bowling Scores -Sunday Results _l'Iaycrv Scnii . Decker Adms . . . . . . . Denier . . . . . . Actual Tins Handicap . OLD TIMERS 1st 2nd 3rd Tula! Av 13,1 iG7 IK: ici is ... J.1.5' ... 188 144 181 ... 131 IS1 133 . . . -396 131 112 £86 817 G3 03 SOS 513 480 559 03 810 GLJ TOTAL PINS,".. 851 04D 910 2710 003 MOOSE LODGE Flayers-- 1st Sad Srd Total Av. Ferrlas 210 223 217 . ........ Humphrey .. 171 101 335 Claustn ...... .. 105 113 1S7 Dunton ........ ISO 213 245 Morerta ....... 223 ISi 160 Actual Pins .. 958 924 914 Handicap · ---- 73 12 12 150 650 407 405 155 C17 216 507 183 213G 210 ·OTAL TINS ..1030 335 986 SOI2 GOLDEN GLOW Players-- Kailcllfle . . . . . tahible . . . . :rall Valsh . . . . . . . . V e b e r Actual rirtl Handicap _, . 1st 2nd ;ird Tola! Av. .'. ITU 127 177 174 158 .. Ifit Ififi 1KII 30?) J 7 U .. 1G3 IIS J.TO 453 1S4 .. 193 156 34!) J08 Ifin . . 1 5 1 171 187 50SI 170 .. 837 .. 53 784 8.12 243S 55 165 TOTAt TINS .. R92 8SD S87 5618 873 MAPLE INN Players-- 1st 2nd Sra Total AT. R ' a " 357 177 158 403 184 ... 243 1C9 172 083 '194 1C6 161 149 47G ... 170 185 174 529 ... 170 ISO 316 535 Matter .... Moris Actual Pin Handicap .. 914 872 869 2G55 . . . 72 12 , 72 210 192 885 TOTAL PINS .. SSS 014 941 2871 · 757 Players-H. Kaufman . B a n k e r " . . . . . . . tlpson Lindsay J. MacDonald Actual Fill! Handicap .. DECKER'S OFFICE 1st 2nd 3rd Total AT. . U S US. 169 456 152 . 170 J70 158 495 305 . 187 173 198 5o» 180 . 127 14D 106 442 147 . 188 101 134 484 101 . SIS 735 833 2430 . 102 102 102 30G TOTAL PINS '.. 920 837 925 2712 914 HEBHIAN50N DAIRY Players-- 1st 2nd 3rd Total Av. Krmnbholr .,·,.. 163 359 240 Bamber 145 174 212 Lcaman :.. 145 154 121 Gunderson Morphew 172 -149 568 531 420 516 190 177 103 Actual Pins .. 797 SOS 920 2o25 8l-» Handicap 115 315 115 343 113 TOTAL PINS . . 9 1 2 923 lolS 2870 ~S37 DECKER'S PLANT Plljcrs-- 1st 2ml :iril Total t°SSins I'JS llil! l»8 433 llinsnn 18!) 13Q 131 43(1 "·**· "0 1S1 »1 123 MtlJh 142 181 171 191 C. Kaufman .1. 157 177 130 521 Actual I'lns . . . H a n d i c a p . . . . 746 811 84 84 HEADPIN JHEADLINERS 268 TOTAL PINS . . 8 4 0 895 878 3GS3 TYLEK-RYAN PIay«rs-- 1st 2nd Srd Tolal Av. _''" 387 1CS 177 533 178 Robinson . . . . . . . 3G1 174 193 527 ,, sc 177 152 ISO 510 Sonilergaard ... 227 170 330 584 Johnson 3« 310 362 432 370 173 195 351 Actual Fins Handicap .. . 893 . 54 81(1 911 2614 54 51 162 TOTAL PINS .. 347 S61 965 2770 925 Players-- HUGH DAVEY 1st 2nd 3rd Total Av. Davey Collins 201 llil 2011 203 195 222 182 1.17 119 20.1 l i l t 181* 3S 11)0 a'JX .161 J513 oilT Actual Pin Handicap 9U!I 377 IS 15 H2 2888 35 43 TOTAL PINS . . 1 0 1 4 S92 927 2S3 978 COTTAGE GRILL-BLUE RIBBON Players-- 1st 2nd Srd Tolal Av. EauClalre ;. 208 111 173 558 380 Wofske . 3{!5 . ISO _ , . 3 4 8 . . . . . 216 Actual Pins .. B27 Handicap 73 1U5 163 160 178 837 73 120 33L 153 165 480 454 461 559 748 2512 73 210 TOTAL PINS ..1000 910 821 273L Players-B. Duncan J. Duncan F. Duncan Actua! Pins Handicap .. 3JOZY KOHNER 1st 2nd Srd Total Av. 179 193 143 614 371 .. 302 193 171! 140 170 200 . 206 187 156 372 100 170 331 522 510 508 859 . 59 915 850 59 59 87.1 59 TOTAL PINS . . 918 U74 909 2807 034 STODDARD'S ^ Players-- 1st 2nd 3rd Tolal Av. ;ecl Stevenson ..'" Kiley Snyder Kslick Actual Pins Handicap . . . 150 190 150 . 331 144 142 . 174 148 134 . 34D 165 1GS . 123 17.1 201 505 417 456 482 501 . . 735 822 801 2361 .-. 101 101 101 303 TOTAL P I N S . . . 836 923 805 2CG4 Alleys CITY LEAGUE SCHEDULE Monday Games. Hush 1-2--Tyler-Ryan Furniture vs. Davey and Son. -1--Sloildard'c vs. Decker's P l a n t . .-fi-- Hermanson Dairy vs. Old Timers. 7-8--Open. Tuesday Games. A l l e y s 3-'---Maple Inn v«; Blue' Ribbon. .1-1--Dicker's Oilier vs. Koiy Korner. ."-«--Moose Lodse vs. G o l d e n Glow. i-fi--Open. Moose Lodge, Kozy K o r n e r Hugh Davey and Son and Mapli Inn were the star outfits Sunda as Mason City's bowling team's took care of a full week's schedule in a single afternoon session.- The Old Timers, Stoddard's Pabst Blue Ribbon and Blumer's Golden Glow were shut out in the week-end contests. Tyler-Ryan and H e r m a n s o n Dairy won two games out o£ three from Decker's Plant and Decker's Office. Moose Lodge was the high team for the day with 3,012 pins, while J. B. Ferrias rattled.the sticks foe a 650 series and T. R. Krumbholtz cracked 24B for the best single, i Krumbholtz' single, adding up to 262 with his handicap, was gooc for the prize money, while the Moose Lodge also claimed the team award for the schedule. Ed Dunton's three game total and handicap, making a 689 figure was the prize series. '36 and is pretty sure to get a ful chance as a starting regular. Veteran With Boston. Others with a fine chance of making good are the veteran Guy Bush, ex-Cub and Pirate, who promised McKechnie he'd win 17 this year; Bill Pen-in, right bander from New Orleans; Truett Sewell rookie from Buffalo; vie Frasier, another Chicago White Sox castoff like Hutchinson, and Bill Harris, 3fi year old vet from Buffalo. Two new faces are expected iii OUR MARCH EYESIGHT . SALE NOW IN PROGRESS SAVE MONEY THIS MONTH the infield--Elbert Fletcher, a good looking first sacker who clouted .343 for Buffalo, and Vince Dimaggio, brother of the illustrious Yankee Joe, who looks like the third baseman. Vince can't hit with brother Joe but he's a fine'fielder. Jordan, a holdout expects to land first, but is going to have trouble removing Fletcher Tony Cuccinello, at second, and Hal Warstler, at short, will complete the. probable infield. Wally Berger and Eugene Moore are fixtures in the outfield with Frank McGowan, who hit .358 for Buffalo and won the most valuable player award of the International league almost a certain starter with them in the garden. Seeded RTIENTION to CHILDREN MICHIGAN HAS TRACK TITLES Wolverines Win Fourth of Championships in Big Ten Indoor Meet. C H A G 0 ' -- Michigan's NEW TIME SCHEDULE Effective Monday, March 15, 1937 LEAVE MASON CITY 7:25 A. HI. : . ' · 9:30 A. M. 11:00 A. M. 1:00 P. HI. 4:05 P. HI.. 5:10 P. M. (Dally except Sun.) 6:15 P. M. 8:35 P. M. (Saturday only) 9:05 P. HI. (Daily except Sat.) 9:35 P. HI. (Saturday only) 11:35 P. HI. LEAVE CLEAR LAKE 6:55 A. M. 7:55 A. M. 10:00 A. M. 12:00 Noon 2:00 P. M. ' 4:35 P. M. (Dally except Sun.) 5:40 P. M. 7:05 P. M. 8:05 P. M. (Saturday only) 10:35 P. M. 1:15 A. M. (Sunday only) Schedule of Fares One \Vay Adult . . . . . . ..' 25c One Way Half _ ' lgc Round Trip Adult '. !.."..'']'' 4Q C Round Trip Half ' 25c ABOVE GOOD ONE DAY AFTER DATE OF SALE Commutation 50 Ride Limited (not transferable) $$.25 50 Ride Unlimited , .......$8.75 25 Ride Unlimited ...... .5,1.50 After 5:30 P. M. on weekdays and throughout Sunday the excursion rate will be 25o for the round trip good to return same day or until next A. M. " at 3:00 o'clock. ' · MASON CITY AND CLEAR LAKE RAILROAD CO. spectacled Wisconsin runner,' provided the meet highlight by whipping the Indiana ace, Don Lash, in a bitterly fought mile duel. His time was 4 minutes, 12.9 seconds four-tenths of a second slower than the Big Ten mark set in 1332 by Henry Brocksmith of Indiana. Mel Walker of Ohio State leaped 6 feet 5% inches in the high jump to displace the oldest mark' in the Big Ten book--6 feet, 5 inches--by Chuck McGinnis o£ Wisconsin in Charles Beethman, who lelt a sick bed to compete, retained his half mile title with another of his flaming finishes, defeating John Graves of Iowa. Beetham's time was 1:56.5. , , ' -- a n s lease" on the Big Ten indoor track and field title will run for another year. The powerful Wolverines,' showing the balance that has marked their squads in the past three championship seasons, piled up 35 points Saturday night for a fourth consecutive title. Indiana placed second with 28 points, one more than Wisconsin's total, with Ohio State getting 23 for fourth. Iowa and Illinois tied for fifth with 13 points. ·Charles (Chuck) Fenske, be- DRAKE FOURTH SOUTH BEND, Ind., (/P)--Drake university finished fourth in-the eleventh annual central intercollegiate conference indoor track meet here Saturday with 18 points. Notre Dame won its eighth title with 28 points. CHAPPED SKIN I To quickly relieve chapping and routhnes*. apply soolhind. cooling Mentholattun BIG TEN DROPS TIP AT CENTER No More Pivot Job for New _ Season as Westerners Follow Coast Idea. CHICAGO, OT--Discarded by Big Ten basketball coaches, the center jump was the main topic for consideration Monday by the National Collegiate Coaches' association m a two day meeting here. Big Ten cage mentors voted unanimously, Sunday, night to abolish.the center;jump for a one year trial period. The action is effective at the start of the 1937-38 campaign. Permanent a d o p t i o n hinges upon the reaction of the coaches. · Dr. H. C. Carlson, president of the national coaches' group, said the center jump would receive se- nous consideration at the meeting. Coaches will view motion pictures of basketball games and hold a general discussion ot the rules with indication pointing to considerable debate on abolition of the center jump and 3 and 10 second rules. At the conclusion of their meeting, the coaches will make suggestions or definite recommendations to the national basketball rules committee, which will meet here Tuesday and Wednesday. Action taken by the Big Ten coaches calls for the center jump only at the beginning of the game, at the start of the second half, at the opening of overtime periods and after double and technical fouls. On all other occasions, the bill will be placed in play in the end zone of the team scored upon, the same procedure now in effect after a free throw scored on a personal foul. Action by the Big Ten follows that of the Pacific Coast conference which officially eliminated the jump last winter. CHURCH PLANS VICTORY EVENT Nora Springs Methodists to Begin Anniversary Celebration, NORA SPRINGS--The opening cvont in the seventieth anniversary celebration of the Norn Springs Methodist churah will be a 'Victory banquet" Wednesday night. This banquet will mark the completion of paying oft the debt for the construction of the new church which replaced the one destroyed by fire. · The toastraaster will be the pastor, the Rev. C. D. James, who has been instrumental in raising the funds for paying for the church. The main speaker will be Frank Willard Court of Waterloo superintendent of the Waterloo district of the M. E. church Dr Court, during the past 2.5 years has been pastor of two leading churches hi the conference in Waterloo and Cedar Rapids! He has taken two. trips, abroad, one in 1914 and in 1934 around the world. Included in .the program will be a song by Margaret Jean Rowley, numbers on the marimbaphone by Alta Spotts, violin solo by Jean Bitterman, vocal solo by Mrs. O L. Hanson, whistling solo by Mrs. Glenn Bishop and solo by Lorimer Olson. For a full week, that beginning March 21, the church will celebrate the seventieth anniversary with programs -on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, concluding with Easter Sunday services. Guests of honor at the victory dinner will be the Rev. and Mrs J. E. DeLong of Greene, who served the Nora Springs church at :he time the f o r m e r church burned and led in the planning and erection of the new building. Luverne to Be Site of Star Pro Tussle LUVERNE--Luverne basketball fans will see Soup Graves' Globe- Trotters tangle with the bearded House of David squad Monday night m a feature professional contest to be staged on the local high school court. The Globe-Trotters include two All-Americans in their lineup vhile the Deim brothers, former wea City and Esthervllle junior allege stars, are with the Davids s well as Stoelting, 6 foot 11 inch enter. MOVIE PARADE By O. B. K. White Sox Chuckers to Open Up Throttle P A S A D E N A , Cal.--Manager immy Dykes ordered the White ox pitchers to use speed and stuff Monday and outfielders and insiders were put through a long atting and fielding workout. iykes is after more speed on his iub. BOBCATS BEAT LOCAL CAGERS ( C o n t i n u e d From Sport Page) Keyser's long swisher as tiie third period ended. The fourth quarter produced little as Hunt scored after six pointless minutes, with Wayne Wood adding a goal near the end of the contest. It was the first district tournament defeat for Mason City since Aplington high school beat the Mohawks of 1931 in a meet at Waterloo. Tigers Miss on Try for Washington Ace LAKELAND, Fla.--A ' Detroit Tiger deal to get Pitcher Buck Nexvsom from Washington was reported to have met with failure Monday. Clark Griffith was said to have demanded Pitchers Elden Auker and Jake Wade, along with Outfielder Pete Fox, in return for the righthander star. Bakers Win Contest . With Rockford Team Diamond Bread of Mason City defeated Hoekford A. C. at Rockford Friday night, 38 to 25, in a basketball game;. THE BOXSCORE BAKKres--38 IROCKFOIID--25 rt pf| I K ft -t I l l r . a l v l n I Iferhtner ( Nordic [ Hoycr c S O l | B a e h n t f 1I»cnonaM t K 1 ^Graham f-c Isaacson i 3 0 IJTurner t RInek c Chestnut ftl TOTALS 18 I Score by quarters: DIAMOND BREAD . . . . I B JIOCKFOHD .......... « Officials: Palmer, Davlj. -j n 7 2 II 0 I) 0 n n n a i i o n o 1 0 3 10 S 5 IB r Augie Galan to Get Cub Leadoff Ticket AVALON, Cal.--Manager Char- he Grimm indicated Monday that Augie Galan, as left fielder, will be the Cub leadoff man, with Bill Herman batting second, Collins third and Demaree fourth. Terry Says Club Is Stronger Than Last HAVANA, Cuba--Bill Terry ' heading northward with his New · York Giants after three weeks of Cuban training, said Monday the club is stronger than 1936, and that Rookie Cliff Melton's speed ranks the Giants pitching staff with the best in the league. Yanks Return After Winning Two Fights ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.--The Yankees returned to training camp practice Monday to iron out the faults uncovered in their pair of slugging victories over the Boston Bees. The regular outfield will be completed with the expected arrival of Joe DiMaggio. TUESDAY--THE GALA DAY "THE VOICE OF BUGLE ANN" LIONEL BARHYMOBE MAUKEEN O'SULLIVAN MATINEE 2:110 Ends Monday "AFTER THE THIN MAN" ST. PATRICK'S D-A-N-C-E Wednesday, March 17 JIMMY SMITH And His Dixieland Band Men 60c. Ladles 26c, Tax Tncl. OLD TIME DANCE . FRIDAY La AVHIT CEDAR VALLEY HILL BILLIES LILY 1'ONS "SWINGS IT" IN I1KR NEWEST CINEMA Lily Pons not only displuys her worKl-fnmcd soprano voice in a melodic variety from "swing" tunes to grand opera in "That Girl F r o m I' a ri s," which o p e n s Tuesday at the Cecil, but also proves to be a captivating comedienne. C o - s t a r r e d with Miss Pons in the musical comedy are plat- i n u m- h a i r e d Gene Raymond and Jack Oakie. while in featured roles are east Frank Jcnks, Herman Bine, Mischa Aner and Lu- ciHe Ball. An aria by Rossini and Strauss' "Blue Danube Waltz" are among the selections given by Miss Pons in "That Girl From Paris." Jack Oakie sings "My Nephew From Nice" and "Moonface." * » * CECIL REVIEW Hitting a fast pace throughout,"Love Is News," best film of the double feature playing at the Cecil, Is an adaptation of the familiar rich girl--reporter plot, with some new wrinkles included. In "Love Is News," girl chases boy--yes, the rich girl is after the reporter, announcing that they are engaged, in her own sweet manner of gaining vengeance for stories he has written of her. During the almost farcical romance, a fortune-hunting, count blossoms into the picture and is jilted by Miss Rich Girl in a most unHutton-Iike style. On the whole "Love Is News" is a most amusing, entertaining picture. The reporters in the film don't ring true to life, seeming to spend very little o£ their time newspapering, being too busy "covering" the nearest barroom, but such slight discrepancies don't i n t e r f e re with the gay and airy tempo of Love Is News." Tyrone Power and Don Amc- che were never better than their newspaper reporter portrayals with Power getting the rich girl --Loretta Young:, who also helps make this a hit with her always clever characterization in a role resembling somewhat America's dime store heiress, Barbara Hutton. Victor McLaglen Is Victor McLaglen in "Sea Devils," second film on the screen menu. As officer of a coast guard crew BIcLaglcn is pictured in one of uu typlcal " tol 'g h guy" roles, although there is some deviation in. that McLasrlen has a screen daughter--Ida Luplno. Preston Foster-wants to marry the girl, McLasrlen doesn't like him because he thinks he's a villain but love conquers all obstacles --as it so often does on cellu- MOVIE MENU CECIL--"Love Is News" and "Sea Devils" eiid Monday. "Tliat Girl From Paris" starls Tuesday. PALACE--"Wlntersct" a n d "VVhen's Your B I r t h d a y?" through Tuesday. STATE -- "Dancing Pirate" and "Three Men On a Horse" through Tuesday., STRAND -- "Libeled Lady" and "The L o n g e s t N i g h I" through Tuesday. LAKE^-(Clear Lake)--"After the Thin Man" ends Monday. "The Voice of Bugle Ann" Tuesday. loid. Donald Woods and Helen Flint have lesser roles. MOVIE MEMORIES Very few of the entries--four in number--correctly i d e n t i f i e d Smtlh Baltew as the Mr. ??? of last 'week's Movie Memories, ivhicn left the majority of tickets for those few; William Kitsis, 28'Linden drive, won first place locally and with it a pair o£ tickets to each Mason City theater. Susanna Tliicl, 127 West State, .won second and with that spot one ticket to each show- house, and third went to Mafalda DiGregorio, 12% Second street northeast. Mrs. S. H. Bicry of Sheffield was the only out-of-town winner, being awarded two tickets to each Mason City theater for her success. Joice, Sheffield, Manly and Clear Lake were', represented in this division. 4 * * Palace ncvieiv. The Palace theater offered plenty of variety in its double feature program which played over the week-end and through Monday night. One picture is a really great and unusual play but nearly as depressing as it is dramatic and gripping. The other is the lightest of comedy but one of the funniest and cleverest Joe E. Brown ever opened his gargantuan mouth in. . ' . Maxwell Anderson's "Winterset" has as its theme the old story of a man unjustly convicted and executed for murder His' son, a child at the time grows up with a resolve to learn the true story of the crime for NMV Showing "3 MEN ON A HORSE" --with-FRANK McHUGH JOAN BLONDELL Guy Kibnee - Allen Jenkins Jl which his father died. The scene of the play Is mostly laid in the slums of New York; with the son's search for truth complicated by his falling in love with the sister of the man who could have saved his father but was afraid to talk. Members of the original New York stage cast carry the main roles in the picture, Burgess Meredith as the son, Margo as the girl, and Eduardo Cianncl- !i as the real killer, whose sinister influence threatens the son as it brought death to the father. Edward Ellis is cast as the judge whose haunting fear that he has condemned an innocent man unbalances his mind; Paul Guilfoyle is the man who could have saved Meredith's father; Maurice Mosco- v!tch plays Guilfoyle's and Marco's kindly father; and John Carradine is the man who died for Ciannelli's crime. TOien's Your Birthday" is funny enough to be enjoyed thoroughly even by those who are not particularly Joe E. Brown fans. Joe's chief supporters are Marian Marsh, Fred Keating- and Edgar Kennedy. * * * "The Voice ot Bugle Ann," a touching yarn o£ a 'man's love for a dog, will play Tuesday .only at the Lake theater at Clear Lake. Lionel Barrymore has the leading role. | CO-FEATURE I "THE LONGEST NIGHT" --with-: UOBERT YOUNG FLORENCE RICE TED HEALY BARGAIN PRICES Mat. 16c Eve. 21c Equipped with Mirrophonic Sound MAXWELL ANDERSON'S "WINTERSET" 2 FEATURES "DANCING PIRATE" --with-CHARLES COLLINS STEFFI DUNA FRANK MORGAN Wednesday: CASH NITE --and-- SCREENO HIS FUNNIEST ROLE F R E |E WED. - THUUS. TO OUR LADY PATRONS ROSES OF SHARON HOT OVEN DINNER WARE Home of Mirrophonic Sound ENDS J I 1- LORETTA YOUNG--"LOVE IS NEWS" MON. I | 2. V. MacLAGLEN--"SEA DEVILS" STARTS TIIF.SDAY HEART TROUBLE SET TO MUSK! 5 new songs: "Seal It With a Kiss," '"Call (o Arms,"- "Love Also Paramount News Events anfl Learn," "My Nephew From Nice," "Moonface'' STARTS NEXT SAT.-CAROLE LOMBARD and FRED MacMtJRRAY In "Swinp HI S h, Swins Low COMING SOON--"LLOYDS OP LONDON"--"THE GREEN T TPHT" "WHEN YOU'RE IN LOVE"--"MAY TIME"

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