The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 23, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1818
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STATE 0 BE. - tt. ? ntiriiiaasc of a decretal rovr ol ihi Jwliora - . court, bearing dntt - tUo s itee nth dnf of ihrlnLwi!t be told at public auction, ftl tie A.iin r:nfie lioute. in the city of NewYork Llrx lh direetvsa of lh ibecribet, a one of the matter of this cort, oa Wtinetdajr the maM day of January next, at twa o'clock, 4 boob mi t:in uiwifl ivu . U ... v. uuau vi i..ji w. - wi - led it the count rf Delaware, in the state of New - York, ami in e.vsni' 1'atent. and know by prist lot thirty Tour, end bounded as follow : be - einMngat a stake and beep of stone near a beech tree, marked No. 34 and 37 j being the aortheait comer 01 k iiuny seven ; inence aiong ine norm boond tbeseoT south eighty' nine degree, West one hundred and twenty eight chain ana ninny mi iibk to a oeecn uee marsea ajo. bu . 1 being the southeast center of lot (No. 33, eum - bei thirty three ; thence along tin east bounds therf, botIu three degrees . eat eighty one rl.auii anH tnixitw Haiti to a heeh free marked Nn.HI 31 ! thmra alnnir the tooth bcoadl of lot ino. 31) auifi)er thirty one, norm train" j degree, east the distance of one hundred and four chams, to a stake and neapoi iwr i outh thirty Bvechaini and twenty four link to a beech trea marked no. 0 i wtaorn iora is"r aiae decree, eut twenty chain to w we boimdoJlotUarty five thence along the arie . L. A.... ..!,.;. anil ainetv tlx link tO I JC i containing Bine hundred imi snrt nina acre and three iourttil of aa acre - hi i,f - Triih tiia anourtenames. And aho, all that ' ,..:...i.ll mrl nrniirttl of land, Wlua icruun viiiw i"t LI. . . , . . r : t.Ai. !.. touniv of Delaware, in the tute or vm.. v,t i. V.i. Patent, and known b wo by .a fol - great lot thirty eeo, ami i bounded C... ,.it.rinnins - at a hetnfock trea iicir - iviai ww - r . mark' cd Ko." S7 and - 40,' being the oortheart corner of lot No. (40) nuiuher forty S thence long (he north hound thereof, south, eighty mm degree. wet one hundred and thirty - Mir chain and ten links .to a beech sapling marked ffe. 36 b 37 4 thence north three degrees, eait tefenty eight chain to a Beech tree with (tone round it t thence on the south bounds of lot thirty feer north eighty nine degree, east on hundred and thirty chain to a Birch tree marked thirty - seven and thirty - eight t thence on the west bound ot lot thirty - eight, south seventy - eight chains to the place of beginning, containing one thousand and twenty - four acre and one f mrtb of aa acre of land with the appurtenances. Dated, December , IB17. ; JAA1ES A. HAMILTON, Dee 3 law4&dta - Master in Chancery. (iy Th ,al of the above projerty i pottpo - neato ttw eighteenth day of February next at the tame hour and phice. ' Dated Jan. 7, 1818. - JAMES A. HAMILTON ' jT Sawt' ' ' Matter in Chancery. The sale of the above property is potponed to the 13th day of May next, at the same hour and place. Dated Feb. 18, 1818. . JAMES A. HAMILTON, fehl8!awld Master in Choni erv. The tale of the above property U otponed to tl S3J day of June next, at the tame hour and pi&ce, Dated May 1, 1818. JAMES A. HAMILTON, in J f lawiua wiawci ill vum ei T. ' 1 - liS CHAACfcHY, AEvV - JfcKt - fcir. TtotwMn Gertrude Sin. ComiIain - " ant, and . rOnbill, &c. Birnabai Simeton. Eleanor Etler. : Henry Eler, John Enter. Peter r Order for Kuler, Jane Etiler, and John! publication Van Ordeo, Defendant. J ,.V. V. MAT , 1818. IT appearing to Die court, that pros of tu! picna to appear, hath iueil aeaintt the a - ItotedefendauU. and that Eleanor Elr. Hen ry Estler, John Esslr, feter Ettler, James Ess - lor and John Van Orden, lis of the defendants in thi suit, have not caused their appearance to be entered as. according to the rule of this court. the same ought to have been enteri, in caie och proretshad beea duly served ; and it alto " . IT - .l C .1 appearing oy amaavit to iuu lauiiniiiou oi we thanceltor, thitttbc aaid Eleanor Ettler, Henry Estler, John Estler feter Ettler. Jainc Eulcr, and John Van Olden, are out of this atat?, and ratida in the state of New York. Upon opening the matter this day to the court, on behalf of Theodore Freliochavten. solicitor of the com plainant, tb chaaceUor doth order and direct the said fcleanor r.fer, iit:nry usier, jonn uiier, l'etor Enler,Jumes Estler and John Van Ordeu, to appear, plead, answer or demur to the com - lainanta bill, on or before the firtt day of the next stated term of this court, and in cax thev ball fail so to do, the complainant's aid hill alkali be taken as conresred ngnintt them, oreith - rof ttiem so failing to appear, plead, antwer or demur at aforesaid, and tfaertupon tuch decree hall be made at the Chancellor thatl think equitable and just And it it further ordered, that a copy of thit order be pebltthed within twenty day from the date hereof in the Newark Met - - nger, a oewtpaper printed and published at Newark, in Ihi itate, for the space of lis w eek successively, once at least m each week, and also that a copy of thi order be posted up at the Court House of the county of Essex, and pullih - cd ie one of the newspapers printed in the city ol New - York, for four weeks, at least once in each week. A true copy. ISAAC H. WILLIAMSON, C. .Wat. HTSR.CI'k. Je6law4w To Carptnteri. tlaittrtr; Atone Culttr and Carrert. THE BUILDER'S ASSISTANT IS tnof t retpectfully addreised, and worthy the attention of every one, either interested or diructly concerned in building, as it contains the most useful matter in their respective purtuitt ; nch as dptignt for fclore Fronts, town and coun - rala, Architraves, Cornicbes, rnzes, Arches, Tombs. Steps, MarbleMantles, Centre Flowers with a number of elegant examples of Foliage, Greek and Roman Mouldings, plaiu and enriched with Working Drawings of the most beauti ful tneeimen of the order of Architecture, both Greek Roman ; together with a description of tne properties ot all ainai oi materials utcu in uie conitruclion of buildings ,ln ,ne proportions and test method of mi Xing Si working such as require ii be compounded, so as te render them dura ble. ' The strength, stress and best disposition of limber in framing of carpentry, demonstrated, hpecincationi of the tereral works with rule for estimating and measuring the tame. To facilitate the knowledge by these instructions the U - tter nreti will be accompanied with 1 30 cop - Der - tilates (60 of which are originhl designs) ac - infcUiod Ol coiitiruciioa, cnaracier anu unpuca - tioisiK9 ,ne ,,,t (utliority studied for their di - leCt use, Jiu maoe appucooie to ine pren - ni style of buiUJNrin tliii country , with plans, elevation! and secUNiS by John Haviland, architect, and engraved bfiliigh Bridport.artiot. H. BRIUPORT mott rtpectfull informs the nubliCi that he is on a vitit to thi city, for the purpose ofoliciting the imtronage of suhscribers for the above work. Tlie sanction of aod names of epwardi of ISO subscribers at Philadelphia will, lie feels auureoviuSicirnlly recommend the menu of the work as Nornv tt,e,r and that liberal encouragemeStwhich they have tu - itipd ia mrrit. hath io iti d,iK"n and the reasona ble terms of its completion, iWJch will be in 3 Volumes of lire numbeneach joriVnumber to be published monthly, - at one dollar per number, payable on delivery tt iiibscriberx: to non - iub - tenhers when completed, $18. , . 1 lie firtt number ii uow ready for (Hiyery, and may be seen, with the list of subscribers; ftt Messrs. Kirk and Mertein's itore. No. 12 Wall - Hreet, or it the residence of the proprietor, No. 60 Brofid street, Imn niam will he received irons those who ih te become lubscribers to Site above work. - je 18 - LLfcltiAMa Oil - A GRAT OroDorliono! the r TL Jane Maria, will he stored and told dy li e cvik. in auantitie to suit rnrchasert . Tt.u nil it is Nlieved it as pure aad burat as wtll a tnm. tt"'.raT.' sperm, oil, and it more valuable for the use oT vumert ana wool manufacturer Forialeby - J.BYERS, Jel7 89 Burling tljp. XVAXTEn to hire, iftw, ,,v St Enauire at 53 Jtudsoa tree. - . jo IT Jw . - : BOARD LOTXiiTJ, rilWO or three geBtlcneo maybe e?Cetno - try UweiiMK, wiui ineir aeuui, tionirvsKs Hav' - - ail'r Having Mouldingi, Doors, Windowi, Via noiii?. Rocfiiur. Flooring. Pnrtilioninz. Spi. - . the four the he io Late JL The from f i me with ive, ted idea be the J at ie the all and one at in nine in ty the side of in and half MAHOGASY SOFAS. ClfAlft"AND'CA81 - - NET e lHNI J urlt, " ' ' , . JCt. Ai BtKKMA.V STilRET. - ' " fflflE ubcribef beg leave to return bis stn - X: cere thanks to those iadier and gentlemen who have been, kind mourn to honor him with wnA i iainria them; and the ad mirer of handsome furniture in general, that he ha on band ome very elegant otaf coair, card, pembrnk and extending patent durw tablet, grand sideboard, inlaid with high policed ornamental brass - work and rote - wood, card tables to match, Grecian couches, ofas, chaise lounge, muric tool, chairs, tic. Also, a. li - brarv steochair. the utility of which be particu larly recommends. ' All furniture warranted of the best quality and workmanship, nd of the eeweit European msn - Orden executed to any part of the anion to nv drawmz. oa the most reatooabw tens and punctuality for carb. Ladies or eentlemes having fancy wood, may have them snanuiacxurea to any arucie v.ey wish, by applying at above. m my 3 m a. pi. iuiiywh, SiLI A bowse and farm on Thro;' Neck, ia town and county of Westchetter, fourteen mile from New - York. The farm contain a - bout one hundred acre of excellent land in rood fence, a large bam and other convenient outbuildings, a good house two stories bish, with rooms on each floor, elegantly situated on bank of tlie East River i the situation un commonly healthy; the neighbourhood the most retpeciaDie ; anunuance ot truit ol the oett selection ; tcale and shell 6b in great variety taken lore the noute. For further information apply me suDscrioeron me premises. my i zen srrriir, b. hoffman. C1TY COMMERCIAL SCHOOL, 3 BOOSBVBI.T - STRKKT, BY ISAAC f. BRAGG. teacherof penmanship in the Adelphi school. ri1HE apartments in this establishment are At - ted up with a tapenor decree of neatness. Young Ladici' Room, .completely distinct the other, it it believed will not merely be found commodious but comfortable and elegant. a It : V, . . t . . i . . ' n Liawiii); i - iaaier, oi eiumeoi quaimcaiions, recently from London.) is eneaced to rive in struction in that branch tw ice in the week. His elegant collection of specimen, in rare dowers, velvet paintings, landn apcs, &c. will gladly be exhibited to sucb a may be pleated to call. ne terms win De very moderate, and the ex ertions to render landscape drawine. Ac. inter esting, by the preparation of views expressly for cdooi, ana occasional practice irom Mature, clear illustrations of the rule of perspeit it is believed will inture encouragement. In arithmetic, tlie piincipal it determined to pare no pains to support the hish character men me receni examination ot hispupiitnsi given rite to. 1 he facility with which complica calculations were performed by many of hit piiu, in i.iB iuiuu, wiuioni any aiaio uie memory, however it may have iupreoted with the of" getting by1 rote.1' was the result of frequent practice alone, and proves that boy may taught all the facilities which are commonly retultof long practice in counting houses, before they le ave school. Applications for the admiuion of boys, will be received on or after the lit of June, agnintt which time iti intended to increate the accommodations, my 36 Im State of Stir York, it. IN pursuance of a decretal order of the bonora - ble the court of chancery of thit itate, bearing date tlie fifth day ef June, 1018. will beiold public auction, at the Tontine CotTre Hoote, the city of N. York, antier tlie direction of the tubscrilier, one of the masters of the taidcourt, on 3d day of July next, at 12 'clock at noon,' that certain dwelling house and lot of ground lituate, lying and being in the city of New York, which in a certain indenture made the second day of February, in the year of oor lord thousand eight hundred and nine, betneeu Richard llartshnrne, John Titus, William Harts - horne, Thomas Ustick, JaineiOnderdonk, Mary Titus William Uttick, Jane Hartshorne and Lbornh Onderdonk, .of the firtt part, and Edmund Eimendorf. of the scond part, is described follows, to wit : All that certain dwelling home and lot of ground, situate, lying and tains the second ward of the city of New York, anil known aod rlistineaihed bv the number sixtv William street ; which said lot is bounded front by William street, on the northwest side the house and lot oi ground now or lonneri; property of David Johnson, on the southeatl by the bouse and lot now or formerly Peter Robert ; containing in breadth io front twenty five feet, in the rear twenty eight fett ; neptn on tne soutn east side twenty one leet. on the south twenty seven feet lour and a inches, le the lame more or Its; together with all and lingular the hereditament and ap - nurtenance to the Mint belonging or in anv wise appertaining. Dated New York, June 9, 1IH. - . , .P. G. II1LDRETII, Matter in Chancery Je 9 dts dT TO LET, Xii2 . A pleamnt back room, at no. 56 Wall - street, tuitable for a lawyer's office. PojtestioD immediately. Apply in the frout office. Je4 THE FINE ARTS. A MONGST the present numerous exliibitions r. of thi city, M. PArF Hatters himself that tilt; lovers of genuine works of old masters, will hod hit UAL Lfc lit Urf ALVH.MjS, H Wall - trcet, worthy their attention, and preif nt ing them at the samllett expense with Uie most extensive gratificntion. N. B. Old paiotinxs repaired and restored to their original luitre, or purchased at their utmost value. ' - my z:i tt rfllllE subscriber for the belter sccommo - JL' dation of merchants and others, Ins thought proper to open a shop No. 99 Wash ingtoti - street, next door to the corner of Rec tor - street, where lie intends carrying; on tlie numbing llusinest in all its varum branches N. K. He still continue to carry on the bu sines at the old stand No. 342 Water - street All order left at cither place will be punctu ally attended to. je!2 2w CAI.F.B S. EROWF.R. IU blilLDEKS. Or those who may wish to erect three elegant building or factories. T OT3, 77 rtet hy 80, more or leu. with the M - l buildings thereon, in the centre of Vesey - it. can be purciieted separate or togetber ALSX. An elegant LOT, with the Building thereon, i LSoHxrv. 42 hy iia, more or Iris near Liiut ham - s'reet the whole on accommodating terms Apply at CJ Chatliam Row, near Beekman - it site duiciiisi:! iia iiiit.ii nuaii ,u, images w i'i . J - ;.., - 1 .... .11 . . I nit nse ot, one oi Ki.uuu, one oixiuuu, one :00, all In thit city. Je9 TV ONT - A LTA For SALE or to LET, W IV J. immediate imstesrion given, the beautiful place called Mont - Alta. seven milei from the City - Hall, ou the North River, adjoining Lord Courtenay'i. ' It contain! 20 arret of land - under improvement; with a large garden well stocked with vegetables a variety of fruit, with everv convenience for a family. For terms, which are vvr reasonable, and if sold a long credit gi veu if warned, pply to S. ii D. TALCOTT, 64 bouth - ttrecK Je 12 tCEIV FAXCt STORE, No. 7 Nassau - street. B ALLET Si MRS. GOCUET, keep afac tory of Artificial t'iowcrt, and store of Fan cy Gotdt, imported from the best factories of Lyons aod l aru. 1 hey hire alto a general M rtmtntoi the newest rant r AblllONS; con sisling of Ladies' while India masiin morning drtmes, elegantly worked Silk spencers, of the most fashionable colon, also beautifully worked Linen cambric pocket handkercliiefr, superb ly worncu ana ncniy emuronlerra Ana a lew txlre thread lace VEILS. All sf whscli i have been received by the latest arrivals from France, and are nowc - lTsred (together with uieir nuier cxieosive assortment of fancy atsi - ; ' t i U. . to tie to til i reuooabla U - .m. by apply ing at No? 21 Wacl) locjale to Ui public in jeatral, and pir - ttree - , Jtt'Jlw U the Wes. jt6 u.e WHEATO - VS ITCH OINTMENT. fTMIE long and ntcc nfii! ete o( tltif ointmeal X u a (uilicient recommendaUon, aa it nas been found te be a pleatnnt, safe and certain ', medy ft that disagreeable disease ia all it ita - 5es. H it for isle ia the city of New - York, bv . A. tl VT. R. Fost, No. 41 William - street; I. T. Clark, No. Bo MaideaLane ; H. 11. Schieffeliofc Co. No. 193 fcarl - itreet ; Lawrence ft Keese. No. 195 Pearl - street t Haft It Bowae, 148 Peari - ttrect ; K. L. Murray, 313 Fearl - itreet ; J. M. Cradbunt, 314 Fearl - ttreer ; Jolin feufbrd, No. 4 l'letcher - street ; Duryee b Foe, in Fearl - tUeet; John C. Morrison, 188 Greenwich lreet ; John P.. Fither, 10 Broadway ; Walter tt Seaman, cornel of Chamber - st. aaa Broadway, and also in Chatham - street ; and in short it may be procured at most of the Drug Store in thi citv Alio in Fhiradelohia. of S. Witherell it Sont ; George Harrell , North It Ro gers, and almost an the druggist io the principal town in the Doited State. LIBBWIiB, Wfl EATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may be had at tlie above places. - jan226m .. VALUABLE KEHL E3 FUR SALE, IM THK CITV OF SlW - VnX. 1?IVE lot of ground on the wet sideofGreen - . wicb - street, between Veitrr and Detbros - e - treeli, S5 by 80. . , Four do iu the rear of the above, fronting on ui mi utie oi trainingioa - ureet, so oy u. Eight do in the block oclow, txtween Wash' ington and Weit - street. - - " In Monteromerv Count v. . G000 acres of Land in Lawrence's purchase, near Eait Canada Creek, on the . not tb tideoi weojonawK. . Io Franklin Count v. 15,165 acreiof Land, in the towns of Mount morn ana uayton. m In Etsex County.' 783? acres of Land in the town of Barry more In the County of lie wit. - 1250 acrei of laod in Caiterland, Chananis rurchase. Ia Saratoga County. 2600 acrei in Palmer'! purchase. Enquire at the olBce of tlie subscriber, 31 Ce dar - itreet. DEV. ROBINSON. - mh 17 tf BEKCEN OKFllAMs CoUKl, Ol the Termof March, 1818. Catharine Schuyler, Adminittratrix, Ac r ol John A. Schuyler Rule, under StBtute.' deceared. l rPHE court order and direct, That Catharine L srliurler adminittratrix or the eoodt. chat tell and credits of John A. Schuyler, deceased, eive public notice to the creditors of the decedent to bring in their claims and demands agaimt the estate ol the laid dtcedent, on or before the first day of May, in the year tf our Lord eighteen hundred and nineteen, by putting up notice to thatellect in fave of the moil public places in the county of Bergen, for the space of two uinnmt, ana nuvenniog me same lor the like piice of time in a newspaper printed and published in the state of Ntw - Jenev, and in anews - p&IK - r printed and puhliihed in the city of New - or. A true transcript Trora the record. apg3 3m JOHN A. BO V D, Pur'gate. SANDER'S PATENT RAZOR &TKOP. You that with to shave with ease, Buy of Sav.vokas if you please ; His Razor Strop's, peculiar ur.h, That thitrpsthe Razor with a touch. G SAUNDERS r'ipect fully solicit thou . who have not got ( it Patent Kzr Strop, furnith themtelvei w ith hit new invented Razor Strop, aid Metallic Composition, tin gen man who once make trial of one of the Strop nuw miereu, win everiry any otliert;fcnd ucbi wir lormaucc, mat ever to much ute will not give the razors that roundnett which render i Uie bel of them Utelets. end which is well known al - wayi to lollow the application of all thote hi'lier - invented. The above itropt are in general use in New York, and are diotinguiihed from all othert. Barhen who have uted them sav more intlieir piaite than I can ruyielf. ii eiTfvnpna , 18 Wall - ilreet. Alto tor inlc. Razors. Soan. and everv uten - :or Shaving, of the Grit quality, with a upe - nor aMorimcni oi reriumery, itair - rowdcr.&c. from Smyth't, New Bond ttreet. London. , N. B. The mott liberal allowance made to dealer. biv 2J ' t inilP The elegant 3 torv house No. 7 Hud ton - itreet, which commands a pleatant ieu of ine ram ana river, rotsettion may be naa ui a few dny. Alto for tale, the furniture of taid house. 'It it of the belt quality ; well fitted, and tuitable to a genteel family. Apply at above. 1 my 1 1 tt ELICiiAXT PIAKO VURTHS. TOS. WILSON, 14 Maiden - Lnne, haijurtre ceived ny the Venut, a large anortuier.t ol excellent Piano Fortes, Patent Fluttt, Flageo let!, Kc. manufactured expreiMy for him hv de menti & Co. London. Alto, Piano Forte Strings in sets , new music, and every article in the mu tical line ; intrumentt taken in exchange, and uners provided. . my 90 tf MFD1CAL AID. TaR - CO!t. WELL, who is xJ a member of the Corporation of Surgeons of London, and whohai had much experience in the line of his profession f r n.ore than twenty years ha lately arrived in tins city, and l.einit well apprised of Ibe great r ntiL i .imi it eenerally take to introduce a medical gu tleman iuto practice in the ceiumoa reserved wsy. take thi method to inionn uie - ...Li: - .1... 1.. I ink.. Ik. .iLiftltnii. ' No. 273 WATER - STREET. . corner of Dover - trei t hit door in Dovev - ilrret his name on the door Ml sign, a Moriar where he will be found ready to wail oa loose that please to apply for his medical aid, ia the different branches of surgery, and the practice of Phytic grnerally. ' A. aln. in all cises ofimpoteocv. and a cer tain complaint, incident to both sex, ia which he nas nad great, very greai, tiinnmu iu r cure of thousands without one hour detention from hutineti, or change oi aiei, or a posuoie discovery hy tlie most intimate iriena. ivi AnH in n rases of confidence, the great est secrecy will be strictly observed. lie hat no shopman, or any person in partnership with him. - N. B. Attendance will he given to pauents from tun - rise until 9 o'clock in the evening. Jeft lm TO LEA St. OK r UK bALL, Sir IB Thatclcgaut moiUrnbailt house, titaate at the corner of Sands and Washington streets Brooklyn It tize ii thirty - one feet front by fitly feet deep, itt rooms so arranged ai to combine every convenience for a genteel residence. It will be sold with two or more ion oi ground, ai the option of the purchaser. Terms oae lourlli cash, the nA in tuch payments as will be most convenient to purchaser. Apply on the pre misct to BALL, may 23 tf CUKLZlt UAtH MAM'tAVlQKt, 76 ChaUiam - ttreeL TV II E suliscriber returns his thanks to the A public for their former patronage in tht line of hit prot - ssioH, and hopes (or their future support. - He likewise informs them that he has on hand a constant supply of curled hair, - manu facturcd expressly for matravee, on an improved principle ; and likewise guarantees the hV.r sold by hira to be free from any impure smell, being well scoured, boiled and baked, and being ma - ourar tared by machinery, has an adrantage over anv other hair manufactured in America it) very texture aod elasticity making it a saving twenty - five per cent to the purr h:ser. WILLIAM JACKSON. K. B. Merchants and the trade in gcnervl will find it to their advanlaj to call at arx,ve. 30 bale if hair in it lough state ; 8 bales long horse - tails ; StKsOlba of loo; hair drtwn 30 inches Cubbed : COO dozen hair Mere botloms For sale at above. my 5 2m PRIME BEEK. SlK barnls f.r Ktle by CAMBRELENOfc PEARSOM, Je 9 67 Siutb t'rert. '. r v. POST COACn Atrn STEAM - BOAT LINES, . FOR PHlLAlilLVUlA; r TIA rOfVLXV - HOOE & EI.I2ASHTBTOW fOIBT. , (TurougQiaunetJsy.j ; A NEW Line of Post Coaches with every con x. venience tor passengers and baggage, oa spring. - . , The Pott Coach will start from tlie Coach of fice. No. I Conrtland - street. near Broadway, N. Verk, every morning, ( Sunduyt excepted) at i v.i l. i. ni v . U' . i. n;i.uitii,wn. Bruoiwick. Princeton, Trenton ind Bristol, and srxive at Philadelphia the same aiternoon, at 4 o'clock. A second Line of new Pott Coache will start from New - York everv morning. (Sunday ex - n?rU at 10 o'clock in the Steam Boat Atalan fa, lodge at Trent, and arrive at Philadelphia, in a Steam Boat, uext morning at 10 o'clock. Fare fi ilnllnri. ....' P. 8. Patenger are requested to call and take their icatt at the cilice No. 1 Courtlaodt street. New - York. United Statei Mail Coach, for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington City, with every rw...... ........... frm anA riaf.lA OP - I III spriiigi. The U. S.'maii coach will itait from the cOHtboffice, No. 1 Courtlandt - tt. New - Vcrk, every day at S o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 0 o'clock. Only 6 passengers admitted. . ' For aeats in the above named Lines apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old estatdulied Ccath, aud Steam Boat otfice, No. .1 Court - landt - stiect, near tlie corner of Broadway. New - York ; or to A. T.GOODRICH 4: CO. No. 124 Broadway, comer of Cedar - street, New - York. ftr All goods and baggage at the risk of the oWntr. JOSEPH LYON, SONS & CO. N. B. Expresses tent to any part of the Continent, hy THOMAS WHITFIELD.. m y 30 SVVIFT.SUKE Al AIL COACHES, job FHii.anr.LPniA, rtj Leave ew - iork iJi eveiy inoinicg (Sunday'iex - cepicaj m uo'cioca, ana arrive in Philadelphia next day tu diuner. The puldick house are, good, and reasonable in their charges. The drivers, hnrtei and coaches are not inferior to any othert now running between these wo citiet. The beautiful country, and the exrt Hence of the ronds on thit rout, connected with the tafcty, comfort, and reasonable expencei, are beleived to be ttrong inducements to traveller in giving this line a decided prefer, ence. The snidest attention will be observed by tlie proprietor in giving general satisfaction. All lac'"a"e and nackactt will go at the risk of the owner unless iotuied und receipted fur by the clerk of said office. Stage (are only 5, with a generous allowance of baggage. Partiet wishing to travel at their leisure, may engage the Coach on reamnahk - lerms exclusively to themselves, by applying one day previous to itarting. For teati apply at Northern Hotel, No. 79 Courtlandt - itrcet, New - York. L1UA, eUiNf", uu. ap 2 Proprietors. FOR PHILADELPHIA. Twenty - live mile land carriage, via New - Brunswick andTientoo. - In new pott coachet $j Do good Itnge 4 SO Do lorecattle or deck passengers 3 60 Connected by the fleam boati olive branch and rm.ADELrniA. The steam - boat Olive rnnch will leave New York every day, fcun - day't excepted, from the north side of the Bat tery, al 1 1 o'clock, a. i. ratsengen win louge T.lnn onl . ir t l.a ,tBm hnnt I'hil f,,lil. nlna. io aitoarrive In Philadelohia at lOo'clock i ii; Hum n iiu m.c u v, .. ....... - . ' .iii. fi:. i:... Hie next morning, in nine iu iui me umuu - uic Baltimore steam boats. This line hai a connection with the belt boats on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk; at alto those of the North River and Sound ; and their tereral arrival are calculated to cause ut ile, if any delay. This is a tneedv and certainly the mott conve nient route, ai the passengers will leave New - York after the hanks cpen, and arrive in Philadelphia before the noun of husinets. without fatigue in travelling or want of sleep, tlie. land car nage being niucn lesi man oy an; uiuenumc w ween the two cities. For seats ia the above line apply to WILLIAM U. JAQUES, At the Union Line Steam Boat Office, in Mar ket field street, north side of the Battery, between Greenwich and Washington streets, or to The CAPTAIN on board, (fc All goodt and baggage at the risk of the "P NO I ICE.. For the furtlier accommo dation of the putilic. the de - larture ol the Jinny from jNrw - York and Newburgh will be in future on the following day : Leave New Vnrk on nionaay, vveanesnay and Saturday, at9 A.M. Leave Newburgh on Tuesday, Friday and sunaay at u a. ii. '1'he above arrangement will commence by the Firefly leaving Newburgh ou Sunday, the 24th May. ... . . The Western Stage leave Newburgh imme diately after the arrival ol the f treny . my is jfUUTH JUk Ui XT KAM - BOA TS. fi - On the 1 tu of at ay, the Boat will commence running four time a week, a followt : A boat will leave New - York on Tuesday, at 9 A. M i Wednesday, at 5 r. nl. ; r nday. at y A. M. and Saturday, ot 5 I . M. of each week ; and a boat will leave Albany on Monday, Wed nesday, Thursday, aod Saturday, at 9 A. M. The above arrangement win commence oy uie Chancellor' leaving Albany on Monday, the 11th Mav, at 9 A. M. and the Kithmnnd leaving New York on Tuesday, the 12th at 9 A.M. The Fire - Fly leave New - York on Tmsday, Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New burgh, and returns on nionaay, wcauctdav ami Friday, at 8 A. M. my 2 EASrO.t AKD BKTBLEHKM SEW LINK, VIA KKW - BRC3SWKE. r?tengert will leave .ew - YoiK every Monday j - O - ft' find Friday, ot 1 1 o'clock, wZSS!A, M. in Uie (team bonl Oiu Brai ch ; lodge at New Brunswick ; leave there early next morning, and arrive al Latton nt 4 o'clock in the afU - rncort. Returnirg. leave Eaitnn every Tuesday nnd 1 nday, at 5 o'clock, a. ri , lodge at .ew iiriiniwirk ; nTive at iew York at 10 o'clock next morning, in the steam boat Olive Branch. The itage conutcted with this line it a good tour - horse stai;e. ravsag lrc4n . Ilmnswick toLastnn, S3 aO from Easton to EethKhem, 75 centi. For seats in theahove Iii.e.nmdy to WM. B. JAtiUEfc.'at tlie fl.iladelphia Union Line steam - OlDce, aortli tide oi the battery. KUULKi LLIJU.n, l'ropnetor Jel3tf FOH tHlL.iUEl.PUIA, ELIZA BKTU'TOHX POlXT. Via l'Os'1 - COACH LINK Throvch in a day and by day - lie,hL T EAVES New - York in the tteaai - boat Ala A - A lanta, from the loot of 1 - street near lb Pattnry, at 5 o'clock, - A. M. Enquire at No. I Courtla - idt - strc' l and No. 53 White l.all - ftreet, at which placet sett may be taken Je'JU 11 f OA KD1NC Gentlemen and families, cari M3 be accommodated with genteel board, ai 166 Greenwich, corner of Dey - street, where every attention will be paid, and their situ UNION LINE - I IRl i - KjCii i. - tfl if. ,'.T .WLa'i'l ' - f itwn mute sgrtCiMe. .e 14 2 TJJE SOUJtD STEAM DO A T - LlKE, 1 he - proprietors, with view of accommodating the I public hy eitending we mi i(o Norwich, intend making the experiment with the Fulton, Capt. Law, and thi route (if found practicable) will he continued during the season. - - The line will in future be from New - York to Norwich, at follow t The Connecticut, Capt Banker, will leave New - York every Monday, Wtdiuiiay and Friday, at 8 o'clock, in the morning, (or New - Haven. The Fulton. Capt. Law, will leuveAuncicA, tt 6 o'clock in the morning of the same days, touch tXJfivc - Lotuton and depart from thence' for Jftw - Haten at B o'clock. The boat will meet at Jfcu - Haxm, and depart from thence every Monday, n tditn day and Friday, at 7 o'clock in the evening the Connecticut for vVwl'orlt, aod the Fulton for A'rvLmtdn and JVoiwicJt. mh 17 sSTEAM BOAT NAUTILUS. The iteatn boat NAUT1 LUSwill herealler run at Vj53 LLlf '""ow, except on buu woay. LKAVX NEW - TURK", At 6 o'clock in the forenoon, 8 ' do do r 11 do do ' 2 o'clock in the afternoon. S do do " LEAVE ITATF - .f I8I.ARD, At 1 - 2 patt 6 in tlie forenoon, I 2 past 9 do - 1 - 2 past 12 in the afternoon 3 o'clock do ' 1 - 2 patt C do OB SCXOATS LEAVE HKW - IoniT, At 5 o'clock iu tlie morning, 10 do do 1 o'clock in the afternoon, 4 do do LEA Vf ITATK.f 1&LAKD, At o'clock in the forenoon, 1 - 2 patt 1 1 o'clock do 1 - 2 past 2 o'clock in the afternoon, 7 o'clcck do Pawengers to the Narrows and Bath will, for me present, be taken down on eundnv morning. 4. the 10 o'clock boat, and be called for about half past i o'clock in Uie evening. 1 he tare tobtaten Island will be 25 cents, and to Bath and the Narrows 50 cents. Children half price. The NAUTILUS it anew boat of great speed in fine order, with good accommodation ; and it prepclled on the Livingston and Fulton plan. On account of the pleasantness of her tour, tiie advantage! of Sea Bathing at the places ihu visits, the variety and beauty nf the prospects they afford, the cheapness of the fare, and the excellence of the rclrt. - liinerits and accommodations on board, excursions in the Nautilus for pleasure or business, will he found expeditious agreeable and healthful. A she it titled for the transportation of Horses and Carriages, and the wharves and Hoots at New - York, Staten - l. - land and tlie Horse - Boat Ferry at the Blazing Star, prepared for safe and commodious embarking and lauding travellers in the Post Chaises, or in private carnages between New - York nnd Philadelphia, Tien ton, Princeton, New Uriiniwick, or Wood - bridge, will find the route hy the Nautilus and the Turnpike acroti r'tatcn - M.'Uid to New - Brunt wick, the shortest, cl.cai.est and most pleasant that ran he toterled. jujin DLrUHKSi, uni tain. Staten - lsland, S7lh May, 1818. niv 59 I m . t NXH HVHbH aild I MAIL - kiTAfcaV THREE TIME A WEEK. LEAVES Newburgh every Sunday, Tuesday, y iiid Ihursday mornings, at three o'clock, runs thrcugh Montgomery, Bloomingburgh, Moot h ello, by White Ike, Coshecton, Mount Ple.iiant, (r - at Bend, Chenango Point, Owega, Ithica, and Ge neva, toLanandaigun. Returning leaves Canandsigtia every Mon - day, Wednesday and Friday mornings at three o'clock, nnd arrives at Newburgh, the third day in time to take tjie Steam - boats which arrive in New - York the following1 moroing (0 nwy be txpeettd that at all timtiwhen the tram - boats alter tkeir daii of running, that thit line icill alter to at to mnl them. The whole route will be pcrfomed hi three days, from the first of May, until the first of November rand from the first ot November until the fifteenth of December, and from tlie fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four days and from the 15th Dt cembcr, until the fifteenth of March the same line will be continued to the city of New - York and nui from thence to Canandaigua in four days. Pazseneers travelling from New - York to Cananriaigua, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N. York m the evening it cam - bo its, and arrive in Canandaigua in three days a distance of three hundred miles. 1 he line is well turnixned itli eood, new carriages i Rood horses, and careful and experienced drivers Every atten tion will be paid to render the passage ot tne traveller safe, easy and expeditious ; and it i believed that the accommodations on this line are equal to any line in tlie state. CrT r Aitti from iNewourgn to ijaninuaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A branch of the tame line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owego Tioga Point, thence through Newtown and rauued Tost, to Bath, kc. . BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the owners. David Godfrey. Bloomingburgh, K. C St. John. M on nt Pleatant, I - L.&K. Manning, Chenango, t I'ropfie - Luther Gere, Ithica, tor. Samuel fireenlitf, Geneva, ' I . Oliver Phelps Lanting, J mhl4d6m EAS I ON MAIL STAGE, TI1ROUCH M 1 DAT. THBEE TIM IS AWKIK. ftT" i be proprietor ack nowledge with gialitude the ncouragement tliey have heretofore receired in thh lute aiei inereiure induced to expedite Uie travelling on this route ; aod in onler to accompliih it, have provided tbetnslve with four changes of horses which are placed ate nualdittancei on the route. It will leave White's Hotel, r.aon, every moimay, iveonesuny, and I nday. at 4 o'clock ui ibu mcming, arnve at Elizabeth Town Point in time to take the steam boat Atalanta. at 5 o'clock. Leave New York at & o'clock, every Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday, and arrive tit Eatton early in tht eieuing ; fare throuuh five dollars end a gene rous allowance of baggage, gratis. At thii itage pastes near the calebrated spring on Schooley't Mountain, patsengers taking this line will be carried to the springi without any extra charge 1'he proprietors pledge that nothing shall be wanting on their part lo make this a pleasant route. 1 he drivers are cnreful and accommodating. For scats, apply to James Pat'tn, Court - land ttreet, or ou board the Atilnnta, and WbiU'i Hotel, .dibin. . I. C. X J. UKAKL. Chester, June 20 Je20lm NOTICE. (T3 Stenm Boat Ouvi Bnaacn will tail every unday, at 1 1 o'clock round tfcstalrn Island, and occasion ally, ii Hie vviitJ and tide will permit, to the houk. This beautiful tail will contribute both to health and pleasure, and is ts cheap a re creation as can tie found. Parties who mean to partake of thia amusement will, if convenient give in their namn the day preceding, at the oU'ce in MarkitfieM ttreet, north tide u the Bat tery. Dinner on board, at tne usual pricti. Pattage lis children h - If price. . my IStf THV STE.iM BOAT ATA MXTA, FOR ELIZA BETHTOWN POINT, A I I EAVES N York each f. t a' Sundri)t except - I '"S ed. from the foot cf White, hail - street near the Battcrv, at 5 o'clock and 10 o'ekick A. M. and 2 o'clock P. M. ; leave Eliza - hethtbwn Point atK o'clock A. M. and half past 12 o'clock and half pa?t 4 o'clock P. M. Je SO tf . I " A tUsMniif BeWiekaoW ke tc ditiia elm i - - tweMrtiuDi tkMi tie . 'rsOCTORIlnHftr rA.j JJofUiemtyVoTa:' member of tba faculty of pL,u and turcerT there. dJ? tl'y,n Jjr to repeat smm imervationi lb abase of MERCURY a i rath, iiidiscriiuinate, and anoash fied w thereof, bus been prnd lands are annually mercurialized outrfeiTv " wee. 1 he dwease we have view owe. ItbT lai reUiU chieflT to thi, muh..;.."' - . IUI .ft y oung man, the hopes of hit couatry,1 i?J - . .j. e," - i" - ' hn cBioymenuofhr. by tlmconsueBtesofoiie sjapaVded momea,! aiid, by a disease not in iu owa nature fatal? aaJ which only prove o from neglect or iinproE! treatment." A eeotlemai.. 7i.t. n.""RrP Uent) now . perfectly hearty wd weB, had bee. under physician of generJ practice, si, ..? and repeatedly lahvat, d when recommended u Dr. H. (hy a geotleman of thi. city) hi bonl, were carious and his rieah dinr,if his fricndi declared he could not po4ibNn,r!5! ! twA rrsrvnfiiai linun. Tk,...J know with what Vae and Wet n, L? '. cate the severest cases aad confirm, the cruMts tution. - The Doctor's plan (advertmng) t ceary to guard the public against the aoase Ii - mercury, and other fatal delusions beW ' fersors, taerefore, having contracted a novate disorder, or Mipeoting - latent poison' Yr. aduionuhedoot to tamper with their coa'stita - ! tion, or conceal the disorder, till past recoT ry ; othershaviug the remain of an old caii or ither impuntie of the blood, aaweUuoth er complaint of a delicate nature, ia eilW tex. ihould remember posterity, And do kitica to their consciences, by making apphcatiol to Dr. H. at bis old and reipectaoleist?! liihment, No. 64 Water - street, four tootes w. ol Old - slip, to ohtajn that prompt astittancl , lone calculated f6 prevent disclosure. And lu - rl let me claim your serious attention RenenThsr a superbcial cure is eo core at all ? uri .u. . r sines, is radically done, you will trtaily ha!, he d.iordcr break out again with redoubled ml Hgnity, at some future period ? perhaps then w.U he too late fur remedy. Dvia't job X b 7" the streets miserable, mutilated beuurx Xl"t evenabitofooconttirface - TvuoirV beseech you. warnrng, Dr. H character for (kill and stubborn infe ' sri;y being umversally known in thi cj,,. Zjl 1804, guarantee to patient that Hfci - ., - 7' TJ crecy hitherto unknown, and having confined his !'" rii u i " """'veiy to me cure n ilnriuv of tlie blood tyitam. thev ui..rai,.' . rulato on the molt decided advantages in ce. lulling Dr. II. s . , V Gleets eradicated in (we or three weeks. Sliiclure removed without bouciesnranvnii.. er instrument ; and all ilebilitit; likewise all old ulcerations, fistula' tin, A nluralilv nf rrfirps arn nrnt - t.Lt' i . S" - ' "" - "i " ! ated that patient are not exposed toeach other' observation Open till half past 9 ia the evening. A I! persnnncnprenied are invited to be fre. hi luiuiik,.uihi sixaKin;; wuu UT.n. WDicfi is tree of cent. And here tiie Doctor cannot .raid th - expression of gratitude for innumerable recom biendations aud for the derided pri - ferrnref it is presumed with just came) locg given him" by a judicious public. .1.11. Auieucnmuaioepoitpaid. - Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 Lv WtA'Tilt.U HL jiLJijiHk ADA JMtOih 7O.V. TR. EVANS' superiti Jmethod ofcuriugact tain Disease, inowimivei - tally acknowledged in thi city ; hit mode of treatment u perfectly mild, safe, ei ptaiuoui. and hi cliargi reasonable. In every u. - itlnrs h trnrnnli A mm Sand will return the pay if he f Joei not perform agreeable tocontracL, . . j ' i . ..rL' urr W - .k - ....jt - There are many person! in this city and it vi cinity, laboring under various chronic tb.ataaa tuch a cancer, old inveterate ulcers, acrotuhs A or king evil, fistula, disease of the aw - Mca,' bladder and kidniet, old complicated ctwaptaiaij. ufa cvvsaio Mtwre, iaJoita and other Obstructions rheumatism, c which Ihey rootider incw rable, they can certainly be cured (in general) hy applying at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No. - n. Fetk - slin. having practited in extAsira hotpitali in Europe 12 yean, under tome of tb first Surgeon and Physician in the world, and made those obstinnte disease his constant study for 30 Tear. Oct 12 fTT" The ubfcriber having recently returned from England with an important improvement on tne amnciai rpring llo, ha takes this method of informing bit friends and the public, that all those w ho are so uniortunate as to be In want ot a leg, or arm, th.y can be accommodated hy f lying at No. 1 1 Barclay - street, New - York. " Jan 22 WM. TURVIF. ftF. W DRESSING ROOM. i AFRUMENTO, No. I Wall - street, Just re - . turned from Italy, hat the honour to inform l h gentlemen, that be cuts and dresses hair in the latest style, and in a manner so as to adopt it to tlie phisingnomy. He has for salea quantity of RAZORS of the first quality, if they do not please on trial, the pure Insert aie at liberty to return them, and receive tlie money, rtc na likewise procured every fine hone, aad engage, tn restore razor to a very keenedge and should thty not cut he will receive no recompetce. - wiib their patronage, may depend on Uie most particular and respeciiui attendance. Frumento ha iut received a few ett of the' celebrated Manguim Falte Back Razors war - ' ranted of Uamascus sieei ot a surror quality. Amateurs may shave themselves luxuriously. N. B. Gentlemen who subscribe by the quarter will bae their razors Ac. kept exclasiyery for themselves r. a. 'A good journcymaa wanted. Appry a above. '. ' " - 1 mh 6 tf AC OVIST AST supply of la . dies Beaver Hats fiesh from the rna - nufactoiy, euita - Ide for the outb - ern market, and backed at tbe shortest notice, ' - A". . i J. WILSON'S, 160 Broadway. jmajr 27 fTMIE bank notes ot ail, iha banks between X tt thiariiv nnd Albanv. received at our Ex change Office at 3 - 4 per cent discount ; of all tke banks above Albany 1 i - 4ducoonii aiio - - - nccticut nvter nl 4 per cent discount. .rA'GSTO.V & TRACT, 29 Wall - sL directly onder the Exchange Bank. Jell ! i . - ' ' NEW - YORK t PRI.YTED AifD fLBLlSHED BY : . . .'MICHAEL. BVRJfJIAM k CO No. 9 WttlJAM - STKJtBi OPToelTB - TBI bin Corrcs House. " .

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