The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 23, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1818
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a THEATRE ft r 1 . ' .i ana I. Will UC Ure - King tV' " ' ' '' "' ' JO"" KarTafRWH - . ; - J Robertson - Edgar - , ' - . " "' Mrs. Barnes ''NheprayMr. Barnes - will sing the 7. soos of Barney leave the gtrls alone i f0. Serwiii - dance the Brod Sword And, f , Hornpipe.. Te a ' KEU m ' TBE IE0 OF MOITTCATB. :M - Mr. Robertson CooDtTdwJ'f Fritchard. Wolt) . Jones C'T'r..,. Barnes Bras ie f i - ' Mn; Groshon Aleiw Dellicger CfSfere t0 omnence at half past seven. ?"' On Friday, Mrs. Baldwin's Benefit, Plit'taol AND Tl 1 K BEE HIVE. - fT ""BROAL) WAV CI RCU S. 1TWSKS HESTER ABD BROOMS STREETS. V THIS EVELG, June 13, 1818. The performance will commence with the Grsjid Military Eutry. Master Thomas will, on one horte, perform - anrwciHl.jrlnltii.UofHoitBHniliip. Akmsnds on two hones, by Mr. 1 atnell and uj Wfcelaod. Slack Rope, by Mr. Mayhe. t The elegant rwrse Othello will act the part of dwraestic. He will, at command, bricg a whip, jut, baket, handkerchief, H conclude by walk - iij, trolling and cantering. Jonsieur Cossin will make his 2d appearance jiew Vork. and will go through uiauy surpn - ting fcsts with a stick, which Lai never been in. tranced into this country. Muter Coty, the American nfro, will 6 throsyb all his elegant feats of horsemanship. Master M'Cam, Hie wonderful youth, only nine jwi old, will, on one horse, perform many feats, ud conclude by Leaping Four Ribbons. Msdanie Cossin, one of the first in her line, ud second only to Ihc celebrated Madame Sack - 3, will make her 2d appearance,and go through her wondesful fat n the Tight Rope. Mr. Tatnsll the flying horseman, will, on one horte, perform many wonder I ul feats, and leap ortr s board of Lights. The whole to conclude with Still Vaulting, by Msssn.Tauiell, Muhye, Garcia, Coty, M'Curn, Willis, Thomas, &c. Clown, Mr. Campbell. Seals U the boxes, $1 ; Pitt 75 cenU j Gallery Ticket! nmy be had at the circus, from 10 o'clock, A. M. to 1 P. M. and from 3 to 5. Doonwlll bs open at 7 o'clock, and the per - kmiact roinaiciice precisely at 8. Toe performance will take place every eve - liBg in tie week (Sundays excepted.) ffosmoaking allowed. Checks not tranifer - sbie. Gentlemen are requested not to enter the lit J for SAVAMAII, The regular packet ship COTTON , PLANT, M. Fath, master, to sail on toailay, S8lh Inst. For fraight or passage, ap - ply to II. K. TOLER Si CO. 113 Pearl - street, to the master on board, at Murray's wharf, mt liJe Co Acs House slip. Je 2 - 1 lw f'sr MA RSEILL ES, The elegant New - York built copper - JledthinCOKSAIR, will positirely sail m 6uuJay next. For parsage only, apply to cuit lackus, on board, or to G. G. Si S. HOWLAND, )t 23 67 Wafhinetnn it. ' For VRKUKHIVKSBUHU, The scbr THREE 613 TERS Pol - .lard, master ; will sail b a lev days For irtight or imuj, apply pa boru - J, at 1 u - itraet wharf, or to 'i '' ' i Jg3 ' 8f. Pine - st.' .' wHK The Tery fine brig StiTERB, Reeves, 4ita master; will meet with despatch, hair. iI a cun - idrralle part of her cargo engaged. For paisag, having handsome accommodations, or freight, apply ou buard, at pier No. 12, east Je Okl - elijs or U v POTT M'KINNE, Je23 56 Soulh - rtreet. freight for J'ew - Orieam, Equal to Five Hundred Ilsrrcls freight, may be had for New - Orlcans imiiieiiately,m application to CEO. DUMMF.R & Ca je 23 2t . . 112 OroH.lwty. for lf'tlmwgtoii,JY.C. Thestiuncb gtiod sloop FAME. Bar - . ton, mutcr; will sail on Sunday next. lor ireiht or passage, apply on board, at Fly - sum wnarl, or to A.L.GOMEZ, ' 163 Front - sircet. Now landing from said sloop, 150 bbli turpentine, and 39 do. all am. Ap - plyutbove.. Je23 5t PATENT SHOT & WHITE PAINT. 5 tons patent Shot, ( Assorted number for the season) . 400 (jr. cwt. kri White Lead, ground in oil. irora trie Manulactory of J. Walker, AlaJlhyl o. oi Liverpool, now landing from snip Lira' per, and for sale by TUCKER HURinV' ' Je 23 29 Sooth - street. 1 KO AS) EEL. 200 bnndl.i round Rods 1 80 do Rod Ircn 30 do Coacb - tpring Steel JO do German Steel. 200 do 1 loops, just Jet33w at 131 Water - street rtOMPAXY FLAG HUKFS. J Company Flag Ildkfa. of superior quality igrsaie ai iau croHoaray py J23 3t PUIUJKOOKii PETERS. rIA.MBRELENG & PEARSON, 67 South 130 ton wftlili Iron, principally waggon (ire 1UU uutv. niUUli . wm I ig Lil 116 bales prime I'pland Cotbw v. i.i.w. unue Deri 13 pipes Madeira Wise . W bolts English Canvas, No. 1 to 8 50 rmri Canton Silk, consisting of ivhite critne. I'lruniiiw.. r' ,, , 5. Dal ann oiowrea satins, cewings lslack and thaojeahle Sinchews Clack SartncU, Ribiyn Crope SLawIs Lesaniioe Shawls Chow Chows ',f,k andcron barr'd Hdkis. 4 - 4 & 7 8, en titled to debenture . awxj pt. Long Vtllow Nankeens t entitlrd to uw aa niua do S rletieMure, 14 DJIM r'KIm ... . "I Hi.. . I' - ounces oil of Rases 33 ouuees til of v - innaroon '. . . 5 jal' oaU or camePs If air ,. ,n.d'J lufkt y carpet Kugs 1U0 boict Hrrrin. 1,1 h,M r'h - Jni. . 4 eases du(, Slates - 10 bales refuse Hops lM CiMtn Mar - aux Claret t 1 - . :SfBn' Gam "f lasac anth, tc. a t ukiii loin ifiaui " vuron ana urange bwect - meats plitt. 'asas aMitea i.uitre ware ana lurmitu ."sorrnvni or apothecaries Olass C'iM inin i ,"uv,w irom lite Doi.oa Wok 7 ,a"d lr - "n the New York Iad ( . - - - i - ii3r s'taUty. SPlRITTURPENTiyE t ROSL"J, - 5 liLh iSpirip Turpentin". and 20 rlo Ko'in, suita ble foe iqJiD boiiern, for1 sale at 35 .perk - slip, by , je 23 R. k C. W. - DAVENPORT & CO. , BKANDY.&, lyblfMJ. - 20 pipes Gmy's Brandy, a supesior imitation of Cognac . ' f rnw ltnl. ami 10 whnl init lilf r.. roons Spanihb floumt Indigo, prime quality, for.saleby . ' JACKSON H. VVOLLEY, jens 73 w a s'.reet. I RO U AL.UW. 130 (oni SwediUi Iruii, prin - l cipally waggon tire, and 100 bbis Alum, landing from brig Julia, for sale by CAMBRELENG & PEARSON, Je 23 C7 South - street. OUGAK. 6u lihds iVluicovado bug&r, ol good quality, in store, and tor ssie by , GOODHUE&CO. .Je23 44 South - street. N G. G - . S. HOWL AMI, O. 67 Washington street. off;r for isle. 55 bales Calcutta Piece Goods, consisting ol Itaftai, Hurrahs, Mamnodics, Sannahs, Cociahs ' - Custah. Checks. Sir. ' 20 ceroons sweet and bitter Almonds, iliell'd 3MX) large Moadore uoat fckins . 100 bbls. Grouud Camwood, warranted 60 hhils. Quercitron Bark, first quality 23 chests Hyson, and 150 do Hvson Skin Tea 32 bags India Sugar, doub. boil'd 4li do da Orown Sugar 250 large Ind. Floor Mats, 500 smaller do 30 sacks Filberts, 10 do Madeira Nuts 350 Oval Demi i'dms 8 kegs Muscatel and Paforet Wines, 14 years 12 boxes Claret old 2 cases uermnn 1 oys 3 easesclegant French Clocks, assorted Writing, Printing and Wrapping Paper. Je 23 ii UM a MULASSES. - 2 hhds. W.I. Hum, and 6 do Molasses, for sale by CEBRA 8t CUMING. Je 23 76 Pearl - street. 31 FOR SALE. 4l A farm on the Hudson, about a mile from v u u . . : : . ?n ni which are Woodland, the rest is divided by good fence into a due proiicrtion of meadow, arable ami pasture laud. The buildings are partly new ; the house convenient for a unall family : its situation is equalled in beauty by lew on the river ; the advautages, from the'viciuity of a flourishing village, of public worship, society nnd good market, with the facility orcommuni - nlU.u with New Vork, render it a desirable residence for a gentleman. 4C00 dollars of the purchase money may remain on mortgage ; the payment of the rest will be made easy to the purchaser. Apply on the premises, to Je 23 tf 1. VERPEANCK. TO PARENTS. "N Monday, the 29th day f June, a new se - Vr minary will be opened on Staten Island, for the instruction of boarding and day scholars. The spacious and commodious building appropriated for the purpose, stands on the bank Of the bay of New York, in a situation whose numerous and unequalled local advantages are too well annwn to require nny euiogium. The seminary will be conducted bv Mr. Iron side, a graduate of Columbia College, formerly principal of Erasmus Hall, afterwards private secretary to the coventor of ier York, and lat terly private teacher of a select school on Ststen Island, consisting of the childien of the Vice President, and of I'hos. Lawrence and L. O. Burger r - sqrs. ; to whom, and to l eter w usnn, u. u. u. of Columbia College, parents are rt'spcctfulty referred for the character and competency of the teacher. The tuition of classical students will be $12 50, and of English students $6 25 per quarter, both payable quarterly in advance. Tlie terms for board will be 150 dollars per annum, also payable quatterly in advance. The instruction of the classical department will comprehend all that is necessary to prepare students for admission into any college in the United State. In the English department the studies will be so directed as to lay a good foundation preparatory to the commencement of the classics, and so as to render any of the students therein competent clerks tor a counting room ar store. The most eminent teachers of French, Spanish, Dancing, tto. will tie provided to attend the seminary. (ctWmea, desiring wore partimlar infrirta - lioo, are requested to call Ni Mr. GILLKY, 9i ttroadway, or on Mr. IRONSIDE, at the s mi nary. June 2.1 4t MELL13H'S new Map of the World on Rollers. Price lOdoilars Do Coiled States. 10 dollars Do Travelling Map and Directory. 3 dolls. Do Illinois Indiana. 1 50cts. Do Tcneis Ohio Shelton Si Kini(t larze Mao of the United States. 15 dollars. Carey's 2 and 4 Sheet Maps of Europe For sale by PRIOR ft DUNNING, Je23 2w - 111 Water - ttreeL T the bar will ba entitled to the capital prize of 35,000 dollars ; th earn lor which may be obtained at G. & R. WAITE'3 truly fortunate lottery and exchange offitje. No. 51 Maiden - lane, the moment it is Irswo, where a few warranted tickets and shares may be baa at me very lowest price. The only prize of 35,000 dollars ever drawn in this city, was lately obtained at Waita's olhca la shares ol ticket and immediately paid. Medical Science Lottery ticket., in whole and in shares may at ail tides be had at Wailes' office as cheap as at any other olnce in this city pre sent price 26 dollars, but if any should be offered less, the original price will be taken lor them. June 23 rHO - MUKROW AFTERNOON, the first X. drawn number in the Grand Road Lot terr, will be entitled to the Capital Prize of j.,,000 dollars. 1 ickets and hhares for sale by It WAIPE, Jim. 136 JJrosdway, who sold the first $5000, the first 1000. and last 500 dollar prize, drav n in Uiis Lottery. There are at present in the wheel.' prizes of 70.000, 35.000, 10,000, 6 of 1,000, 17 of 500. and 99 of 25100, and the Lottery will be completed in ten more days or drawing. je 23 35,000 To GRAtD LOTTERY. rf HIE lot due of the 1st drawn number to - X. morrow at 4 o'clock, w.ll be in posses siun of an amount not frequently within the compass ot lortuncs votaries. This grand and - d highest capita for many years offered in a New - York scheme, mav be purchased at GRVCIES 146 BROADWAY, Where are now rapidly sroinir chances certs in ly never more valuable or desirable, as the unsuccessful adventurer to - morrow has the pleasing prospect of not only realising on the 10th of July the highest grand capital fTO.000) ever drawn in this city, a floating prire of iu.ouj, ana many of 1000, fie. arc still to be drawn, These chances advance to - morrow morning. je 23 MEDICAL SCIENCC LOTTERY NO.S. " JILL commence drawinc io this city, on V V the first Taesdar in Auenst next. 600 DBmuers io oe arawn eacn cay. MtlWU - 1 prize of $100,000, 1 do 20,000, 1 do ,000, 45 do 1,000, I prize of KO.nno, 1 do 10.OO0. 2 do . 2,000, 52 do 100, And 53GJ of 30 Dollars, Ticki'l an J Shares, in a variety of numbers, for sale at th Ii jvk Store aud Lottery otika of So. 19 Perk - slip, corner of Water street. I nee of 1 ickets sad shares, AVhole I Q.iarters $6 50, Halves 13, I Eighths 3 25. Sixteenths 1 62. Jett ' statu or EW - Toair, ts. rNrmntnsnre of a decretal order of this honor' I I1 Miiirf. Irin2 ilalc the sixteenth dnT of October lastwill ba sold at puWic auction, at the routine i;onee flow, in the city oi ttew - ic.r, iiruUrll.priirrrlmn f thiiihicrilipY. as one of toe masters of this court, on Wtdnuday 4he menih day of January next, at twe've o'cioca, ai ww: all that certain lot. tract or narcelof land, situa ted in the county of Delaware, in the state of New - York, and In Evans' I'atent, ana known oy great lot thirty four, and bounded as follows : beginning at a stake and heap ol stones near a beech tree, marked No. 34 and 37 1 beinc the northeast corner of iotthirtv seven : thence alomr the north hound thereof south eighty nine degrees, west one hundred and twenty eight chains and ninety six links to a beech tree marked. No. 33 and 34 ; lu'innr the multicast comer of lot Y No. 33. nutn bcr thirty three t thence along the east bounds thereof, north three degrees, east .en;niy one chains and twenty links to a beech trea marked No. 31 nnd 34 : thence alone the south bounds ol I A Ol 1. ... t.nU Ifflit .ill. degrees, east the distance of one hundred and four chains, to a stake and heap of stones s thence south thirty five chains and twenty four links to a beech tree marked No. 6 ; thence north eighty nine degrees, east twenty chains to the Tt bound ol lot thirty five ; thence alorwr tlie same south forty four chains and ninet y six links to the nlAce of besrinnintr s containirz nine hundred and tortv nine acres and three fourths of an acre of land, with the appurtenances. And also, all that iTriuin other lot. tract, or parcel of land, situa ted in the county of Delaware, in the state of New - York, in Evar.s' fatrnt, and Known rn great lot thirty seven, and is bounded as fol lows i Beginning at a hemlock tree mark ed No. 37 and 40, being the northeast" corner of lot No. f40 number forty ; thence along the north bounds thereof, south, eigh fv nine decrees, west one hundred and thirty (Cur chains nnd ten links to a beech sapling marked No. 36 & 37 ; thence north three degrees, east seventy eight chains to a Beech tree with stones round it ; thence on ttie south bounds of lot thirty four north eighty eiae degrees, east one hundred and thirty chains to a birch tree marked thirty seven and thirty - eight ; thence on the west bounds ol lot thirty - eight, south seventy - eight chains to the place of beginning, containing one thousand and twenty - four acres and one fourth ol an acre ot lanu wim ine appuneiiaui - c Dated, December 2, 1817. r JAMES A. HAMILTON, Dec 3 law4&dts Master in Chancery. (y - The sale of the above property is postponed to the eighteenth day of February next at the same hour aud place. Dated Jan. , n.i t. JAMES A. HAMILTON, . .Inn 7 "awta Master in Chancery. The sale of the above property is potponed To the U'th day ol May next, at the same nour ana place. Dated ret). iui. ' JAMES A. HAMILTON, ff - h 1C lawtrls Master inChancerv. The sale of the above properly is pcittpnoed to the 23d day of June next, at lue same Hour ami place. Dated IVlay 17, mm. v JAMES A. HAMILTON, mv 14 Inwlds Master in Chancery. The sale of the above property is postponed to the 15th day of August next, at the same hour and place. uaiei June sua, iuiu. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Je23 1awtds Masb - r in Chancery. fur tlLiULfSlOX, S. C. The ship lir.LI.K, Henry Leslie, tmaster ; will sail in all next week. For freight or passage, apply on board, west side Fly - market - wharf, or to JOAES & MEG RATH, je 20 91 South - street. for Hair, freight or Cutrter, The Ship I HUM AS INEL,.U, just U arrived from New - Orleans she is a lull built, strong vessel, well found, burthen about 300 tons, can be sent to yea at a trifling expence she now lies at Brooklyn, where site may be examined. For terms, apply to B. W ROGERS Si CO. je 18 23j Pearl - street. M'anlid to Charter vSM A good SHIP, of about 300 tons, to Jgload io a southern port for Eugland. Apply la WALSH Si UALLAGI1E.R, Je 18 66 South - street. . l'ASSAGE tVR LOXDOX, kt,4i Six or seven paslcheers can"bf acconf Tsi 1 - r - mAllj' - 1 10 the cabin of the remarkably Cue Urilisb brig SKEEN, to rail lor London about uie Zbthinst r or terms, apply to capt. ftlason on board, at Jones' wharf, or to ROBERT GILLESPIE, June 13 H2Front - t. tor LIVERPOOL, The clegaut fast sailing couiiercd ship DrlArt.K, Wdliam Adams, mater; she is 291 tons burthen, only two years old, and will be dispatched immediately on discharging her mward cars;o. I or freight or parage, ap. ply to the master, on board, east tide of Fly - market wharf, or lo B. AV. ROGERS & Co. Je 16 235 Poarl - street r or LOJWOA; The substantial fast sailing British brig SKEEN, capt. J. Mason. Her cargo being nearly engaged, will have immediate dispatch. For trie remainder of freight, or passage, having elegant accommodations, apply on board, at Jones1 wharf, or to - S. DALGLIESH & Co. Je 19 10J Pearl - street. tor CHARLEyiW, The staunch echnoeer A RA BELLA T. Harwick, matter, will meet with immediate dispatch, having half her freight en gaged For the remainder or passage, apply on board, at Murray's wharf, east siJe Coffee - House slip, or to SAUL ALLEY, June 19 93 Pine - st. for SALE, V4A The good substantial ship WEST point burthen pcrregister316 69 95 tons i is in good order, and can be sent to sea with a very small outlii s her cables and an cliors of the fust quality and nearly new j Iter inventory is full in every other respect. This ship is well calculated to carry a cargo of to bacco or cotton, or wou'd be a good whaling ship, having suitable qualiucs tor that trade. she may be examined on application to the subscribers, who will shew the inventory, and make the terms known, which will be liberal J. & A STERLING & CO. je 19 lw 43 South - street For FREIGHT or CHARTER, The staunch ship ORRIS, U. A. Mu - zy, master, burthen 2j0 tons or 3000 bbls. She is well found in every respect and ready to receive a cargo - Apply to the mas ter on board at tlie foot of Carlisle - st. North River, or to J. & G. AV. LYNCH, je 19 4t 60 South street, "1ARPET1NU. 8 bales of Brussels and Kidderminster Carpeting and Hearth Rugs, all of superior quality, now landing from brig Henry Llay, from London, fur sale by i'ElEU Kt.MSEX K CO. je 20 26 South - street. UL'.Yl, CiN, fee tt puncheons Jam. Hum 2 hhds. and 20 barrels Cora Rum 25 barrels Country Gin 0 tierces prime Rice - 160 barrels prime Beef 40 half barrels Mess Beef 30 barrels prime and mess Pork 8 casks Hihhert's Brown Stout 400 lb first quality CI.ivps, for sale by PALMER & S .1DLER, JeSO 3t .104 Front street. iiOAUDi.NG. TTMVEor six gentlemen of steady habits, or two i.' small lamuies, ran be accommodated in a small family, Now 55 U iliiain str.el,oo tlie corner of line street. Also, gentlemen accommodated wi'h dinner. J 16 UA:C. VV. UtVEMOrlT ot CO. No. 35 . Peck slip, offrr for sale. 10 Lids. Muscova I'l ... . - I c ... :1 :.. . , - i - inNTAIlin lfl lnn fint.m l - tTinf. well I having most of her freicht enraged, wilt meet with inimediate dispatch. , For tlie remainder of freight or passarre,' having good accommodations, apply on board at pier no. 2, E It or - to . - , PE'I'ERS & HEURICK. je22 - . - 29 Coenties - stp." for LIVERPOOL, - , A regular Trader ) - . Wi The superior fast sailing ship CAR. JjlS&si OL1NE - ANN, built of live oak and cedar, having been new coppered and throughly repaired, is a first rate ship part of her cargo being engaged she will be dispatched without delay.. For freight or passage, having superior accommodations tor 20 passengers, apply tu captain Wm. I. ralmcr, on board, ut pier Mo. IS, E. H. or at 83 South - street, to je22 lw ROWLAND As RRAIXE. - iorZtutr, lo dote a concern. Jfcfl 'The very fast sailing coppered ship S&aLCHAl'.CKT". Il not sold by 1 o'clock IV fcdtlPMltty text, will then be offered by Messrs. Hoflinau Hi Glass, at auction. Apply to POTT & M'KINNE, : June 22 56 for BRISTOL. ILncland.) The elozant, fast sailing;, copiered and copper fasteucd ship ANDREW - JACK SUA, Morton, m after, can yet receive on freight 300 barrels, and will positively sail ou I nursttay uett, the 2jth inst. A few cabin passengers can be handsomely accommodated. A pply ou board at Dier No. 22. near Peck - Up, or to P. SCH ERM F.RHORN & SONS, or Jj. W. ROGERS & CO. Jc22 lw for Freight or Charter, The ship FOSTER, Muno, master ; 350 tons burllun ; is ta complete order, aud could proceed to a southern port immediately, if requirsd. For terms, apply to the mas ter, or Je 20 AT. Ic S. CRAIG Wanted to Charier, A staunch vessel, of about JM tons ilburthen, to load in James' River for Eoglaud. Apply to TKOKES, HAVIDSON 4 Co. Je20 lw 106 Frout - street for LIVERPOOL. The very superior coppered British ship DALMARNOCK, W. M. Robert - .oii, master, and will meet with every uispatcn, havio;half htr cargo engaged. or the remain dor of freight, or passage, bai ing elrgaut accoin modalious, apply on board, east side Fly - market wharf, or to S. DALGLIESH & Co. Je 19 103 Pearl - street. IRISH LINENS, SHEETINGS, DIAPER, tic. UEN RY M' VICKAR ic CO. have on hand a general assortment of 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 Linens ; 7 - 8 Lawns 5 - 4 Sheetings, in half pieces 3 - 4 Brown Linen, in half pieces 3 - 4 Diaper ; Damask Table Cloths, and Russia Duck, Which they offer for sale on reasonable terms, at Je 22 lw No. 57 Pine street. 1RGIMA HAMS. 500 Hums, olthe "first finality, will be landed to - morrow morninj from tlie Sea Lion,' at Coffee - house slip, and fur sale by WALSH Si GALLAGHER, Je 22 oo souin - sireer. CIOTTON 264 bales New - Orleans Cottou, J of first and stcond quality, for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by N. & D. TALCOTT, 64 South - street. Je 22 i CllOPPA ROXALS. J cases Choppa Romals, sup. quality, entitled to drawback, received and for sale by liz.u. w. lAi.pui, Je 20 - i 65 Pine - rL e 111NGLISH MUSTARD 10 boxes first qual hj it Knrli.h Mustard, in 1 - 4 In bottles land ins from ship Draper, from Liverpool, lor sale by " ' D1VIE BETH USE H W. ;'je2t " - " 9 Coffi'e - Honse - srip. IIAUT, SALTERJfE. t LYNCH, jun. (at No. 40 William - street) JM . has iuiMrted by the Illinois from Bordeaux, a few caes of claret ol the celebrated vintage ol 181 1, and Sauterne of 1802, whkh he offers for sale, and tan recommend them of the first qua lity. Je Ig. lw LIVERPOOL I'OAL. NOW landing from English brig Elizabeth, 100 chaldron Liverpool new pit coal, of a superior quality nnd large, aud will be sold low iu lots to suit purchasers, while afloat. Apply on board, pier No. 9, East River, or to LAl.W il KA9UUL.rH, Je17 6t 93Vesey - t. DOMESTIC GOOOS. 77"M. CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, effcrs for sale on reasonable terms, at his store 197 Pearl street, a fresh supply of the following goods, viz. 1600 pi. white milIinets,.handsotneiy biearb'd 120 do black do and Gnish'd 20 cases bleacb'd and nnbleach'd sheetings Ic shirtings i together with an assortment of flo knitting and sewing cotton. Je 16 PATENT BUG DESTROYING LIQUID, CERTAIN and never failing poison for bed XI buss. It will exterminate them at using. without staininz the furniture, .or being accoui named with that disagreeable smell usually at tending tlie application of other poisons. For sale io bottles, at 4. each, at r. DILKIL'S Aledicine fcfore, 395 Broadway, N. B. A Iaree assortment of genuine Drugs and warranted patent Medicines, for sale as a - tove. je i lis MNGL1SH HAMS, BACO.N, Ac. just im - lli oorted by the subscriber. Double Gloucester, Wlilllll win tlie i Cpra liurricivi o 11.1 j or quality ; Yorkshire and Wiltshire Hams;siles sod flitches of B aron, of a superior quality; English Lard, in bladders, and small firkins; Glass and Bri.tol Stone Ware ; large Bottles ; Pipes AnJ l: 1 "l ... .1. .nni.n. and Demijohns. ALsU. A general assortment ol Groceries, Firh Sau ces, Sic. for sale clieap, for cash, by lo7 Greenwich - street Best ITavaoa Srzars, in qr. boxes Jel61m CHE.VJ1CALS, COLORS, c Epsorh Salts, in cak of 2cwt Lump niiignesit, 111 cates Do do small squares Calcined do in phiais .RochrlleSnlif. Acid Tartar Citris Acid, Blue Vert'iterin firkins Patent yellow. King Yellow Reguiusof Antimony GUNS, BUTTONS, ftc. Fowlins Pisces, assort.'d, e''l fiirshed Do do in cases, liueiy finished with npptiiatus complete Duelling PtUol, incases Gold Epaulettes Naval and Military Sword Bells Ve - t Butt na Copperplates fr cngrtTeis Mathematical lntr.i.Tcuts Rolling Parole I Rulers Mariner - s, telescopes Opera glasses, n.icroscopes 3 setts splendid ch.vimen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea c.nli i Patent corkscrews, silver For sale by J. LA f BI?T, je 18 J Courtiant - street. A URSE fFA.VTED. WANTED, a repec:ab!e icidd'e :gM ivo man, who h;s ien accu.toa.ed tbe care of rhihlrrn aimiicaiiot to be mw" aey . . . . ' .0 - .n - u i houratUT iTO'clocHjHioivai street. To save Unable to ah parties, it l rt - quested hat none will apply wb" cannot P unexceptionable refereoce fcr ood cooduct nnd Jeti do Su - ar, 1st quality . Je 13 capability. 'eJl THEATKE WASHINGTON U A L L '. MR. MAFFEY, artist, mechanician, proprietor and inrentor of this erjnd repre. se&tation, will present . - : n - Oo 1U.UAK, JUr. Si, ' And every evening this week, bis brilliant repre sentations. "TO commence wun - i ' A variety of Dances and Allegorical Metamor phoses, accompanied with different crHnic scenery, and tlie extraordinary powers or Harlequin. Anioog tlie oietaoiorphoses will be particularly distinguished the table changed into a Flying Dragon. . ' - . - - Horleauin will transform himself five different times, iu pretence of the attendants He will nave nis neao cui on anu repiacea inrcc :pa,ic times. Thevariou - chances and metaniorpbo - H's will, no doubt, equal the most sanguine expectations. . '. For tlie first time, the superb view of St. Hele na, taken on the side of the city of St. James. The principal edifices will be seen, such as the churr.S, the goicrnor's palace, the caserne, the market ana the lort which commands Uie city, on the point of a rock. Six batteries, crossing each other every way, and defending the anchoring place. The Peak of Diana, Irora which they signal vessels at sea, will be seen in the horizon, at the distance of about 90 miles. Also, Napoleon Bonaparte, Mr. and Mrs. Uertrand, and several English Oltkers and Soldiers, will be distinguished, walking under the shades ot the trees that border the city of St. James. vessels ol all sizes will he seen sailing and saluting each other, as they pass, and will be an swered by the forts. A moot agreeable illusion. Mr. Miilley hopes that his representation will meet with the approbation of thepublir, as be will join to this the most interesting objects his theatre affords. He will perform every day this week, Sunday excepted, at half past 8 o'clock in the evening, in the Grand Saloon of Washington Hall. Persons who wish to procure, tickets will please apply at Whshiiiztou - Hall. First placet 1 dollar ; second places 50 cent ; children Vjcpiiis. ji w iw LADIES TWIST & ROLL TOUACCO. 48 half kegs " Labhy's" ladies twist, and 6 kegs and 19 half kegs " Ross's " 1 - 4 and 1 2 pound rolls, fur sale by je 22 4t CORNS. DUBOIS. 10HN HF.FFERNAN,31 fcoutu - strttt, offer J tor sale 51 ceroons Caraccas Flora Indign 278 bales London market Goat tkins 5 do. small do. 1 1 skins dates 21 bbls sweet fresh shelled almonds 32 ceroons bitter do. do. 76 do. cummin seed, 1 do fennel do. 1 do. can - away do. June 20 lm (i REEN COFFEE A few hhds very green VA Jamaica collee, lorsalo by K. GILLESPIE, Je20 112 Front - street. rMHL.Dk. HAROLD, the fourth Canto, of I. J Hmold's tiikriniaire. bv a,xA Bv - ron, with historical note, just received and for sa le by PETE R A. MESIER, Je 19 4t 28 Wall - street, BURGUNDY A small quantity of Cham - bertin and Romance, iu cases of 6 dozen each, tor sale by GULIAN LUDLOW, No. 15 Whitch dl - s t. Juno 17 lw ; TO MASONS. t JROrOSALS will be received at No. 152 Washington street, for building a house, a - greeahly with a plan there left, for a tavern, on the corner ol the Bowliug Ureen and state - street. Je 18 'S. PH. DE LUZE, 71 Washington street, offers for sale, 320 bbds. w. 200 cases! sS "u If) sraar - t RnrTiini - lir 1 - 10 do MuscateU ,ne Received per brig Leo, from Marseilles and entitled to debenture. ALSO, . 15 cases Glass Tumblers ' 25 do Olives 23 .'do - Copers. AND, Several invoices of French Silk Goods and li nen canViricks, received from Havre. Je 17 lm TVM'A COTlO.y, tc. 100 casks first J.1 quality nails, assorted, from 4d a 1 2d 26 bags prime Alabama cottou, and ' 15 do St. Domiugo coffee J ust received and for sale by S. k T. WHITTEMORE, Jel.1 lw 1l0Front - t. WANTED, a good second band Cubic, for best or small bower. A pply to JOHN Si GEO. AV. LYNCH, CO South - street je 22 3t GE.YTEEL HOAUMKG. A SMALL family, or two or three single gen fl tlemen, may now be accommodated Jtah board and pleasant ronmx, on reasonable terms, by applying at 43 Dty - street JCiM iw A YOUNG woman to do the house - work of a .V small family none need nnnlv hut nrh ms ui s'juu iiuaraticr, r.nuuire ai .o. il e . u .. l. i i . . . - . . uroao - street. Je 2 3t WIRU VOLUME Of CWTIPSPLEAV IXG. CJUPrLEMENT to a treat'e on pleading containing a copious collection of practical prtccdents 01 pleading and proceedings in per soual, real and mixed actions, by I. Cbilty. Esq, of the Middlo Temple, barrister at law With American Precedent, never before published. 7th, 8th and 9Ui rots. Cranrh's Reports. AVheatoo's Reports, 2 vols. Just received andforsaleby Dt ID BANKS, Corner of Nassau and Spruce - streets. June 22 the Five mile stage. (ty - With two eood hor - i v i . ... '",; 3jSs. unu an experienced drr ti N i T. - v'gf ver. starts every alttrnoon. ssaes i , ' frfim the corner of Broadway and Park - Pla' - c, for Mount Vernon Hotel, or such oUier place about the same distance, as the passengers may at any time desire, and return the same afternoon. This establishment affords the luxury of a cheap and pleasant afternoon's airing and gentle exercise, to an open and beautiful country. Fare, C2 1 - 2 cents out and in. Children under 10, half price. Out or in only 31 cents. JOHN FINK, Corner of Bowery and Bayard - street. Je22 lw flKl IO LKT, VjujJ Possession given immediately, acommo - t' HOUSE. StcMe and o'lt - htovct. witn a una cultivated G A ill) E.V, fruit trees, bbrubhe - rv. Ac. and pasture emui'd eieugh lor ahorse or cow iti plrasa'utiy ti'uated ontiei..nit of the INorth ttivcr, not quite two miles irom trie City Hall. The rent will be moderate. For particulars enquire at Je i.0 1 w No. 49 Wafei street A SPANISH tie.Ulemaii, who In stur.: lei l. sure hours in tlie day to dispute of; would L - f c - lad to rmnlor tlicm in tlie counting room uf ar.r merchant, who might have occasion fr his services, in his nabre language o - rreticii, of which be has a familiar knowledge. A line adressed to P. P and lift at this othec will be attended to, or by applying to je20 lw' S Sontli - atreet jWi PART OF A KUCSX TO LET. tT; Tnccond fljor. w:tl, two rooms in the O.ird s.or. . nd a dry cll..r kitchen, ofttiat blea - nut'v i '.'luted i'ouse 308 Gren'4kb streyit cor - nerofJay airert, will lie Vt to a su idl liieiiy at amodera ereuU This boeo i v. - e'd!&ted for the acromiuodation of two fcmilit, having a o sepnrah) kitrrtrns ar.d two entrriK to Uw dw Jii.ig: OM fnia iay and the other from Green - wicii - 'lreot. For further particulars ai " ;n Taier sirtsi. , . .. j BY NAT.lNlEL G. ISGRAHAM. V ',' Saturday, the 2"ith inst. . v At 10 o'clock at tie Auction - Itoomv a spiatrfK i ty of household furniture: r.ocsisli.i of bureaus, " chairs, tablet, c. &c. iiC. br wucf ot foe s ...;r . x. . . , v . ' ' ' - - - ' '; ' 0 1 . weduestay nexu , . At Kirk k Merceiu's ro. ui, No. f2 Wsll - stfcet, I cave double, uud single barrel Frencu f ports - man's giint; I case fowling pitces ; f trenk fancy plated wars ; t japaned ware,'. I cases plated ware : 1 do. gillaud bronzed can - dlesticks; 2boxes chandeliors, candlesticks broo - . on. I ttilt 9 fnwm. win 6'. - , ' , rit u , I.IUS. o.nuHrw. time pieces; 1 do gentlemen's dressing an4. la - dies' work boxes: 8 eWant work boxes t 2 do. wash stands ; 1 carved box of camwood ; 1 sett f3 in sett) wash basons; 20 do. waiters: 2 Wine coolers; 1 desert, tea, and coffee setts, cbraa ( 1 ' pier table, marble top ; chairs ; 1 case Frencbj paper hangings i 3 Chinese paintings. Also An nuoice ol tngiisn ana Italian prmis ta tin frames, Uc.Kc. At 11 o'clock m front of their aucUon atore. No 148 PearUtreet, at 4 months credit, 90 bales superior cotton bagging, 20 do brown . r t . sheetings, lUilo nessians, o ao iisxosuaourgs. ai l n,rinir a pisnn inrrpt. mniit nv ornfrfli assignees. , . Under the inspection of the wartlens of Uia port, for account of the underwriters, 2 cases gilt chandeliers and candlesticks, watch chains, seals and keys. . , . . Thursday, At their auction store. 148 Pearl - street, aril neial assortment of dry goods. , , BY M D1TM1S, . - .' Tomorrow, At 9 o'clock, aeeneral assortment of French and Fjirlish drvzonds, at 4 month credit. At I o'clock, a quantity of looking glasses and pk litre M.I tilt I. K Hilt htJII.lJJAii. mc. . Til E proprietors of Iks southern marble qual ries, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, aud are receiving, at the King! - Bridge Marble and Litne - iard, foot of Beach - street, on the Hudson river, au extensive stock of marble lor building, of the following tie. scriptions, viz : Ashlar Coping ' Foundation Stone Chimuey - Piecee Facings Columns AVatcrtabTe Steps Platforms Sills, Uutela Arches Al - o Lime of the best aualitr. rrT - ' A constant supply of the above materials may be calculated upon; and those desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb. II At the Yard. 'M SALT WATER BATH'S. J. HE New - York Suit Water Floating Bath, il now open at the foot of Barclay - street, (North - River,) for tlie accommodation of Ladies, and Gentlemen. ALSO. The Marine Swimming Bath is now open at Arden's wharf, near the Battery, for the accom modation ol Gentlemen only, ffj - FOR SALE. One law Vat or Cistern and a pair ol patent chain Pumps, apply at the Bath, or at 315 Broadway. Jfl 22 Avltce lo Cxly JVeaturirt, he. He. fr7 In pursuance of a resolution of the Com mou Council of the 15tu instant, all persons hol ding the appointment of City Weigher, Meas urers ol urain, ttc.Uuagef or Inspector or Lum ber, are directed to report their names and pla ces of residence, and occupations (if any distinct from the duties ol said oltice,) to the Clerk ot the Common Council, at his olhce, Wo. 7 City - Hall, on or before tlie 15th day of July next t and every person holding eiluer of said appoint ments, wno snail tan to make sur.n report by tne time above specified, snail be deemert to nave ' resigned bis commission, and shall therefrom cease to execute tlie duties thereof. By the Common Council. J, MORTON. . Je22 UyI5 A - .TUEMX BANK. - DIVIUF..VD oftnrtc pr.cent foriix months, rnding tlie 30 1 h instant, has been this day liM:hired payable to tlie stockholders on the first of July nex t. By order of tlie board ofcfi rectors. JI7 I in D. I. GKEENk, Cashier." C1IDER BRANDS'. 64 barrel Cider Bran - J dy, just received, (or sale by ANSON G. PHELPS, Ie22 111.1 Front street. J OHvN HEW I i'T still resides at No. 242 Water street, where he has a very haadsome and fashionable assortment of Cabinet Furniture on hand, which be will warrant to be of the first quality. He solicits his New York and southern friends to give biin a call, as be flatters himself they will not be iiisappomted. Orders executed at the shortest notice. Je 22 tf ROBERT ROBERTSON, Apothecary, from Scotland, begs leave respectfully to inform his friends and the public in general that he bas commobced business as Apothecary and Druggist in the ttore No. 82 Broadway, fourth door below Wall - street, where he will always make it his study to keep a general assortment of drugs and medicines of the best quality, and hopes by a constant attention to business to merit a share of the fublic patronage. ' '. Physician's prescriptions and family receipts dispensed with the utmost accuracy, neatness and precision. . .i American and English patent medicines; Doctor Scott's pectoral mixture for the hooping coogh in England and Scotland its balsamic virtues are held in the highest estimation as a safe aud effectual remedy for the hooping cough. June 22 lw WAITED IMMEDIATELY, AT WITTXltCERG'S OFFICE, 52 MAIDEST - LAHK, A GERMAN farmer, and his wile to work in the dairy, ic ! two French Journeymen Bakers ; a first rate man waiter, and his wife cook t a single, Dutch or Scotchman farmer ; a Lad to drive a horse and gig ; a middle aged woman, with ber daughter aud a son, to go upon a farm. 200 miles in the country ; 10 boys lor waiters, and a number oi wmte and coloured girls Mr house - work. . Travellers can get servants atone hours notice. Ladies and gentlemen wishing to became subscribers at WITfENCERG'S Of - fice, may be supplied with all sorts of servants, for one year, at only a doliar subscription. Fur sale, two Coloured Girls, according to law. Alsefor sale, a black lad. who isa complete coachman and a good waiter, about 16 yeais of see : has between 7 and 8 years to serve. En quire s above. - Je 22 at ty OAHL. A genteel privata lamily, residing D r.i a d li"htful sitmlion. about 15 minutes svaik from the Tontine Coffee - house, wish to ac - conimoilate one jrutlemau with board. The most fati. - f:ctcry references will l e given aadre qnire.1. Apply l "ice this paper. J2ilw y - '. - - ' ' .V OflAHCLHY OF A'ErV - JERSkr. hetween Jacob Abramse Fieri Facias on Complainant, and John P. f Decree for Sale Decatureaud wife and Eliaa (of Mortgaged Moiidinot, Defendants. ; - , - JHr rremise. KY i u tue of the above stated execution to me directed and delivered. I shall extxtse for sale, between the hours - of twelve and five o'clock in the afternoon of Saturday the 27tii of.lunsmst. at public e tuliJe. at tlhe.Coiir! House in Newark, lUsex county, - Uwrcy, Uist elegant HOUi - VVand LOT, btry - Crest - detice of Cci Jolm P lratcre4aringTS - - Church Coninion. ' The aborapiace?. esceeds for elegance of situatiuud cortveniaoce of out - buildings. rrrc1e7 fruit trers, ic - every other place nfwnx oT Newark, and will be soU no lday fbresaisJor - wcther . adioariKtieiit, by - ' N ATiiKSQUEB. Sheriff of ruJt"i iei - ar

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