The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 14, 1943 · Page 3
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 3

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1943
Page 3
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· -- ·" ^ "7 m m mm^mm w OF DUKE, HELD Hull Reveals Arrest Made in North Africa WASHINGTON, (U.R--Secretary of State Cordell Hull said Wednesday that Charles Bcdaux, friend of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor has been placed under arrest in French North Africa. Hull made his statement in response to a question at his press conference. He .said he did not know the details. It was riot clear whether he had been arrested by the allied military authorities or by the French civil authorities. No official information was available as to the charge. One report was that it was alleged he had traded with the enemy. Bedaux had been living in France. It was assumed that he had gone to Africa at the time the Germans went into previously unoccupied France.' Bedaux, in 1938, had attempted to arrange a tour of the United States for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Various labor elements were so critical of Bedaux, the inventor of a so-called labor efficiency system, that the tour never took place. Windsor did not visit the United States from the time of his abdication of the British throne until a year ago last fall, after he had been appointed governor of the Bahamas. BEOAUX, FRIEND High New York Court Frees nr nm/r ,«·. ,, Convicted Jehovah's Witness Held on Charge of Attempting to Sell Bibles and Tracts MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE 1 ' t "rrr j "Hirer ^r^nv_ ALBANY, N. Y.--New York State's highest tribunal, the Court of Appeals, freed a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses sect convicted on charges of attempting to sell Bibles and religious tracts without local license. Asserting its role of guardian of civil liberties under the state constitution, the court of appeals by a unanimous decision freed Carmen Barber, who had been convicted by lower court under an anti-peddling ordinance o£ the town qf Irondequoit, Monroe county. * * * Thei unanimous decision was seen in New York legal circles today as bound to carry heavy weight when cited as precedent in efforts now being made before the United States supreme court to obtain a rehearing of a similar case which was decided, with rout- justices vigorously dissenting, last June B. Legal opinion did not regard the New York decision as available for appeal to the supreme court, as no federal constitutional questions were involved. It was stressed, however, that it had definitely established safeguards in New York state against, use of Mother, Mix YourOwn Cough Syrup. It's Fine L f\ * . * -- ^~.--:"----···- ' "·"·· Quick, Comforting Relief. Sitves Money. Easily Mixed. 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Pinex is a special compound of proven taffredients. in concentrated form, well-known for its prompt action in coushs and bronchial irritations. Money refunded it it doesn't please you in every way, anti-peddling ordinances to prohibit dissemination of religious literature. The New York case had nroused sharp- interest and civil liberties groups; committees of. the New York State Bar association, the New York City association of the Bar and the New York County Lawyers' association having intervened or filed briefs. * * * In the Irondequoit case, Mr. Barber attempted to sell a Bible for 35 cents to a policeman at the latter's home. He was warned that he was violating a town ordinance and that if he tried to sell the Bible or other religious books at the house next door, he would be arrested. He did so and was convicted in special sessions, his conviction being affirmed by the Monroe county court. Chief Judge Irving Lehman, who wrote the court of appeal's reversing decision, ruled that the local ordinance certainly had not been passed "to furnish an instrument by which the right of any group to spread its religious belief, or even social opinions, could be curbed" and held that the ordinance should, therefore, not be so construed by the courts. * * * The supreme court's judgment had been that municipalities may constitutionally require licenses for peddlers distributing literature of religious sects for which contributions w e r e solicited. Judge Lehman stressed that the federal case Uid not \vholly coincide with the New York situation in that: (1) the statute reviewed by the supreme court clearly did include dissemination of religious literature within its prohibitions, while the local ordinance did not, and (2) two different constitutions, the federal and the state, were involved. 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In that bombing only one plane participated also. . * * * No aerial opposition, the navy said, was encountered by American bombers continuing their regular attacks on the Japanese airfield at Munda on New Georgia island. Anti-aircraft batteries were reported active, however. Results of the attack were not reported. All United States planes returned. Meantime, in ground action on Guadalcanal small scale offensives against enemy outposts were continued satisfactorily, the navy said, with several enemy positions surrounded. The text of the navy's com- munique, No. 250: ·'South Pacific (all dates are east longitude). "1. On Jan. II during the morning, an enemy plane dropped five bombs on United States positions in the area southwest of the airfield on Guadalcanal island. Casualties were one killed and several wounded. "2. On Jan. 13 a force of marauder m e d i u m bombers (Martin B-26) with airacobra (Bell O-59) a n d lightning (Lockheed F-33) escort bombed the Japanese airfield at lUunda on New Georgia island. No air opposition was encountered but anti-aircraft batteries were active. Results of the bombing were not reported. All United States planes returned. "3. Small scale offensive operations against the enemy outposts on Guadalcanal are progressing satisfactorily and several small enemy positions have been isolated," 23 ARE HELD IN LOTTERY RING One of Largest Numbers Pools Reported Cracked BOSTON, (JF)--Declaring they had cracked one of the nation's largest number pool lottery rings, reputed to have grossed $90 000 000 in the last eight years, 'slate police Wednesday held 20 men and and three women under heavy bail. Investigators f r o m Attorney General Robert T. Bushnell's office said federal authorities were investigating the possibility that ttie ring had defrauded the government of 51,500,000 in taxes on income amassed in that period in o p e r a t i o n s i n Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. The investigators added that they had evidence, backed' with motion pictures falcon by defectives who shadowed the ring since last June, indicating that it held federal rationing laws in disdain. These pictures, the investigators continued, showed "small-time" bookies as well as some "big shots" blossoming out in new automobiles and new tires. State police made the arresU m 12 simultaneous raids Tuesday. The 23 defendants were booked on charges of conspiracy to set up and promote a lottery. The aggregate bail exceeled $150,000 Courier to Garcia Dies Col. Andrew Rowan, above, who Rained immortal fame as the man who "carried the message to Garcia" during the Cuban war, is dead In San Francisco at the age of 86. On April 21, 1898, Rowan landed near Turquino peak in Cuba and made his way through enemy- infested territory to reach the Cuban general, Garcia, from whom he gained military in : formation of great value to American armed forces coming to the aid of the Cubans. THURSDAY, JANUARY 14, 1943 "Mrs. Miniver" Chosen as Best 1942 Movie NEW YORK, (/!)--"Mrs. Miniver, ' drama of war-time English family life, was selected as the best picture of J942 in a nation- wide poll of newspaper, magazine and radio film critics, the Film Daily, motion picture trade paper announced Wednesday. ' New Zealand's two islands have about the same area as Colorado; its population is about equal to that of Detroit. Real Estate Transfers Bishop, L o r a, Guardian to Evandeline Skarlis $3,350 M G° 75 feet L. l, B. 15 Parker's 3rd Add Mason City (Gdn. D.) 12-8-42. Hotchkiss, Harriet E., to Donna Kstelle Hotchkiss $1 L. 7, B. 13, Oakwood Park Add. Clear township (W. D.) 7-fi-38. 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