Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 3, 1944 · Page 10
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 3, 1944
Page 10
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E D I T O R I A L S -Ugly Duckling In Vital Pacific Role A M UGLY duckling of the navy's curious amphibious fleet--the LVT--was chiefly responsible for cracking the Jap citadel in the Marshalls--Kwajalein atoll. The official navy designation is LVT, which means "Landing Vessel Tracked," but the gobs long ago dubbed it the "water buffalo." The job of getting manpower ashore on enemy beaches has been one which has haunted strategists and amphibious specialists for centuries. It's as old as the Trojan war or the invasion of Britain by the Romans. In this war the navy has used a variety of landing craft. The barges and lighters which brought our troops in to the beaches o£ North Africa from transports were crude and conspicuous beside the fleet LST boats with which we stormed the shores of Sicily and Salerno. In the South Pacific and the Aleutians our beachhead drives relied on lantern-jawed LST ships, which could be rammed full speed into the shoals on Attu and New Britain. The LSTs simply moved in, under heavy naval barrage and air cover, to disgorge troops, equipment, tanks, and guns right onto the beaches. In the mid-Pacific atolls we had to cope .with coral reefs, which stalled cur landing craft, punctured rubber rafts, and generally kept invasion forces out miles from shore. This was the problem which the "water buffalo" solved. These are simply amphibian tanks, which move through surf and sand by means of cupped steel tracks. At Kwajalein we didn't repeat the tragedy of Tarawa. The LVTs take combat teams ashore in safety, with little more than a 2-foot projection above sea water for the pilot. Besides, they carry sufficient armament and have the firepower to fight their way inshore. The picked infantry which rode these water broncos into the beaches of Roi and Namur /mopped up the Japs in a matter of minutes. If the Marshalls had required an ordinary amphibious schedule, the tanks wouldn't have been ashore for hours, even days, because infantry, mortars, flame- throwing equipment, ammunition, and medical corps must move in before engineers and seabecs can unload guns and tanks in a pounding surf. Credit our Pacific commanders with developing from scratch new weapons to meet new conditions. What the LVTs can do in getting men ashore for the big push against Europe has been demonstrated soundly in the Marshalls. Did You Know? By Frederic J. Hoskin E D I T O R S NOTE -- Kead«ri availing themselves of Ibis service lor questions of fact--not counsel--ih»[4 aifn their f u l l name and addres* ani. lael»a« 3 cents for r e t u r n postage. Address: (·lobe.Gaielle Information B n r » a a, Frederic J. Ilaskin. Director. Washington. [, C. What is an endemic disease? OHO which is constantly present to a greater or less degree. How many'cuttle arc there on farms in the United States? 82,192,000. Where did the rhubarb plant originate? It is thought to be a native of southern Siberia. How deep does a. fishing worm dig? It may go down to a depth of 8 OBSERVING Speaking of War Brides -- was interested in the recently expressed view of a Stanford university psychologist that the war bride who takes a job because she wants to do her part is most likely to be successful iu her marriage. ' The story is this: Marriages f a i l primarily because the marriage partners are not emotionally grown-up. The length of pre-marital acquaintance is not an important factor. Physical growth should, but does not always bring feet. Did German submarines de- Look Out Below Hideki Tojo now has 5 separate and distinct posts in the Nip government. In versatility, he's the Japanese version of our own Harold Ickes. % * # Who ever thought there would be a day when the fight for the democratic vice presidential nomination would be bitter? a * * About the last thing you should assume concerning that new "revolution" in Argentina is that it's the real thing. The Forgotten Public A WASHINGTON official complains that every attempt toward good government and every projected step in the direction of the general welfare is met nowadays with organized pressure groups which maintain expensive, clever and powerful Washington lobbies to protect private or selfish group interests as against the greatest good for the greatest number. Another suggests that perhaps what the American public needs is a pressure group, a "people's lobby," of its own. There is nothing especially new in the complaint. The correlated suggestion is remarkable only in indicating how far our thought and our action in government has fallen away from the beam set for the safe conduct of the republic, and followed until we left it for a philosophy of government of g r o u p against group, bureau against bureau, of personal and political consideration above that of the great public welfare. A "people's lobby" in Washington? An organization to protect ' the peoples' rights against the pressure | of personal and selfishness? We have forgotten that that is ·--or was---the function of con- Too Wide of Mark P iEHE IS some justification for congressional irritation over the huge cost of the war depart- hugc pentagon building, Your Health By Logan Clendening, M. D. RICKETS EASILY PREVENTED OF THE TWO pre-eminently spring diseases of childhood-rheumatic fever and rickets--the story of rickets is fax- the more hopeful. We know its cause and prevention. We have been applying the prevention now for nearly 30 years and we know it works. If a child develops rickets it can be said with nearly 10 per cent accuracy that it is the parent's fault. It has now almost completely disappeared. Hickets is a softening of the bones. Softening of the bones occurs in adults, but the conditions are very rare. True rickets is a disease of infancy and childhood occurring between the ages of 4 months and 3 years. The defect is one of calcification of the bones, of the legs -- bowlegs, knock-knees, sabre shin--also of the ribs, the skull (the formation of a square, boxlike head) and the bones of the arms. In an infant swollen and sore wrists and ankles are a good sign. This defect of calcification is not due to lack of calcium in the diet, but lack of Vitamin D in the body. In some way Vitamin D is necessary in the body juices for the laying down of calcium in the bones. The baby is able to get Vitamin D in the food, or it is able to make its own Vitamin D. For the manufacture of Vitamin D the action of sunshine is required o n / t h e skin. That is why rickets is a spring disease. During the winter the baby is not exposed to sunshine so much. And it must be out of doors sunlight; ordinary window panes filter out" the rays that create Vitamin D in the skin. So after the winter is past rickets begins to manifest itself--the period of most frequent incidence is late winter. It is a disease, too, of the temperate zone. In the north the fish diet, and especially eating fish livers, prevents it; and the tropics the year round sunshine. But we do not depend on sun exposure exclusively to prevent rickets. We insist on the baby from the first weeks of life get- Pros and Cons Interesting 'Viewpoint From Our Exchanges Willkie's thtTHun Algona Advance: This column's choice for the last 4 years has been Willkie. The times and the political battle ahead call for a really big man who would make a great president, and in this writer's considered opinion Willkie is the only republican of that stature now in sight, not excepting even the governor of New York. The Right Kind of Peace Indianola Tribune: Mr. Willkie, only republican candidate who isn't afraid to speak right out, is probably right in saying that President Roosevelt would be stroy a lightship off the United States coast in the last war? Diamond Shoal Lightship off Cape Hatteras was sunk by guo- fire from an enemy submarine Aug. 8, 1918. What is lend-lease soup? It consists mainly of dried peas or beans with a proportion of soybean grits, milk powder and flavoring material. Where was St. l»Iark buried? Tradition says that the remains rest in St. Mark's cathedral Venice. When did the last wartime presidential election occur? In 1864 when Abraham Lincoln ran against Gen. George B. McClellan. What language is spoken in the Solomon Islands? Pidgin English, a trade language. How many congressional medals of honor have been awarded in the present war? The war department made 29, the navy department 44 awards as of Jan. 1. What is the largest profession? Teaching. Why do the baseball clubs wear white uniforms at home and colored uniforms when playing away from home? Custom has made it usual. What are the chief cnergy-pro- foods? Fats. Where is the headquarters of the international committee of the arrage of the capital. The air- raft approached their target rom many different directions at nee. The small formations that lis method made necessary were uiekly broken up and the tactic ailed. The Germans admitted the loss f 8 planes, which is over 13% of 0, a very high loss. As a matter f fact, the RAF claimed only fi nemy aircraft destroyed (which s still 10%). This is testimony to lie very scrupulous accounting of he RAF. It is quite possible t h a t ther enemy planes were lost on dually seen destroyed arc not claimed by the RAF. A Mason City Product find a special interest in the high school production, "Curtain Call," scheduled for next Tuesday night--an ntercst growing out of the fact :hat it was planned and is being produced by the high schoolers ihemselves, with artistic and musical help from Miss Ruth Behrens Carleton L. Stewart, Miss Marjorie The Day's Bouquet To THE UNIVERSITY OF lOWrf BOARD IN CONTROL, OF ATI] LETICS--for signing lip E. : (Slip) Madigan as head footba 1 coach for the coming year. Slin Madigan endeared himself to all who had contacts with him a;| Iowa City last fall. That was particularly true of the boys wht ' played for him. No finer successoi to Mason City's own Eddie Anderson could possibly be found. Mason City Globe-Gazette j An A. IV. LKt: NEWSPAPER ' Issued Every Week Day by Ihe Muon City Globe-Gazette Publishiuj Co. 121-123 East State Street Telephone 3300 Friday March 3, 1911 LEE P. LOOMIS - . . . Publisher Vi. EAKL HALL - - MannilJl Editor ENOCH A. NOKEM - - - City Editor LLOYD L. GEEK - Advertising Mfr. Entered as -second-class matter April 17. 1930. at the postoffice at Mason City. Iowa, under the act of March 3. 1G79, MEilBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republieation of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited En this paper and also tile local news published herein. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Mason City nild Clear Lake by year, 510 ason City and Clear Lake by week. H JQc Outside I'M) .Mile /one--Per year. S10: 6 months S5.50; 3 months S3; i monlii SI. City and Clear Lake and Within 10(1 .Miles of .Ma»on City *nd Outside of the Carrier Districts of Mason City md Clear Lake: Per year by carrier S10.0O Per week by carrier S J20 Per year by mail ...S 7.0O By mail G months ..$?.? By mall 3 months . ...S2.00 By mail 1 month .....S .70 ment's which lies across the Potomac from the national capital. Instead of an estimated 35 million dollars, the amount originally appropriated, the final cost will be nearer 75 millions, it is said. The experience is not new, however, to home builders. Original estimates have a way of growing greatly in size when building operations get under way. This is true even on a remodeling job. About this we happen to know. Nevertheless, the pentagon, the largest building in this country, cost a whale of a lot of money, and General Sornervell should be called upon to account for c ceeding the initial estimates. For G. O. P. Delegate B Y common agreement Clarence A. Knutson of Clear Lake is deserving of and qualified for designation as an Iowa delegate to the national republican convention. He has served long and well in his party. He knows the Iowa viewpoint, as a successful business man who has lived his life in an agricultural community. His experience in the legislature and in other positions of public trust is another of his assets. He could be counted on to speak the voice of this section of lo\va in a worthy ting Vitamin D in the form of cod liver oil or one of the fish oils, or their concentrated products. An easy dosage of cod liver oil to remember is 3 teaspoonsful a day. That is for n cod liver oil of average strength. The medical profession has had more experience with cod liver oil in the prevention of rickets than with any other product, and it is, therefore, safer to stick with! it. Cod liver oil is relished by babies, and has a pleasant fish fat taste, so there is no reason to spare the infant its proper protection on the basis of disagreeableness. A smaller dose is begun at the age of 2 to 3 weeks, and increased slowly to the dose of 3 teaspoons- ful a day. The minimum requirement for potency for cod liver oil is 8a units per gram: most contain 100 grams. There are 30 grams in a teaspoonful. so .'1 lea- spoonsful give 1.200 units a cuiy --the right requirement. The use of irradiated milk is nil right ns a supplement, but most irradiated milk contains only about 135 units of Vitamin D per quart, and babies do not drink more, or much more, than a quart a day. Experience has not yet certainly decided that this amount of Vitamin D will preclude rickets. frustrated in his attempt to get the right kind of a peace if he should be re-elected. Mr. Willkie might find that this would be true also if he were elected. Why Spangler Wasn't There Burlington Hawk-Eye Gazette: It isn't entirely fair to criticize Spangler for his absence at the Willkie gathering. He can't be everywhere at the same time and his duties as national chairman are arduous. The chances are he failed to show up at Des Moines because it wasn't convenient for him to do so. Best Way to Help the Boys Albert Lea Tribune: If you give twice as much to the Red Cross this coming drive, as you did last year you will be doing no more than your part in helping the soldiers win the war. Never before has this great organization needed so much money to carry on its humanitarian work in every part of the world. A Reminder of Harding; St. Ansgar Enterprise: We have on our desk a "Bricker for President" broadside, emanating from Columbus, Ohio. The eulogy for the favorite son of Ohio smacks of the attributes credited to another favorite son of almost quarter century ago, Warren G. Harding. ' ' Confusion in G. O. P. Ranks Decorah Journal: There seems to be so much confusion within republican ranks that Dewey, Willkie and Brickner may have to give way to a dark horse and we only hope that will not foist another Harding on America in these critical times. iMasArthur's Misfortune Knoxville Express: It's too bad that Gen. MacArthur isn't classified as a democrat. If he was, then there would be no effort on the part of most of his backers of today to spoil a good general by trying to make him a president. Is Dewey BeinK Coy? Boone News-Republican: Maybe Mr. Dewey is sincere in his declaration that he is not a candidate for the republican nomination, maybe is coy. If the republicans want him, however, they will proceed to draft him, whether or no. Champion Spender Marshalltown Times-Republican: Roosevelt has now run the national debt to more than 10 times much per capita as it was under Coolidge. Wilson was a piker when it came to war spending compared to Roosevelt. Red Cross? In Switzerland. REMEMBER? From Globe-Gazette Files FORTY YEARS AGO Misses Marie and Alice Lonergan have returned from a week at Chicago where they were purchasing a full stock of millinery. Decker and Sons will soon begin a f}ne improvement, adding a large warehouse and a large refrigerator plant, enabling them to quadruple their capacity. Spring has come. With the seeds. I.ENTEN REDUCING DIET Frldij--300 Olorits: Breakfast--2 tablespoons apple sauce.--no cream or sweetening. 1 nis'ic. No butter or substitute. I cup coffee--no cream or sugar. Luncheon--2 tablespoons fish salad -made of leftover fish--combine witn chopped celery, olive or leftover x-eceta- bles with mineral oil m.Tyor.naisc. 1 slice whole when* toast or 2 soda crackers. 1 cup tea--no cream or sugar. D i n n e r -- 1 broiled kidney. ,^vera£e lielp IIIR braided celery. 1 slice whole ulicat toast--1:0 butter or s-.ib.-tilutc. '2 table- »poons tapioca pudd:nR made with milk: I small cup cof'ce--no cream or sugar. 1 cup clear soup may be added if desired. Editorial of Day YOUTH, OUR SECRET WEAPON pEORGE C. HANSEN in Belmond ^J Independent: Com. Gene Tun- ncy, returning from a G months tour of the southwest Pacific, proclaimed American youth as the f i n e s t secret weapon that America possesses and adds this nation can be proud of its fighting youth who arc doing a splendid, uncomplaining job against a bitter and remorseless toe. Commander Tvmney. director of the navy's physical fitness program, clearly pointed out the fallacy of snatching our boys from an easy way of life and throwing them into a war. He also stated, "It is our job to make our men physically fit and to develop the warrior psychology. We are doing both to a remarkable degree." The source of substance and morale Commander Tunney lists in the following order: (1) Consciousness of a job well done: (2) Encouraging and cheerful letters from home--they slimild be cheerful and frequent; (3) movies and (4} athletics ability to respond to situations like marriage based on "--and anything fat or greaiy makes me iick!" emotional immaturity has 2 strikes against it from the moment the Boys who have gone to \yar German Propaganda will return as men, trained in roih- am amused by the report tary discipline, inured to combat. to the German public by Facing the raw realities of life and J o s e p h Goebbels, naz death, they will mature witn start- propaganda chief, that on a recen ling suddenness. And the wife who Sunday "several hundred German B. Smith and Warren A. Ruby. does not grow with them may find bombers attacked London so sue- that her man has returned a pre- The 8 persons behind the plans cessfully that Mr. Churchill or dered all streets leading to th occupied stranger. Holding the marriage together is held to be principally foreign journalists and diplomat from seeing the damage. job. She must make the major ad- Phyllis McClellan, Jeanne Meu- The truth is that only 50 or 6 juslments- And while her man is wissen, Martha Pauley and Leroy Spurgeon. The production will include some original numbers by Miss McClellan. The show should, and I hope will, play to a full house. away, if she will keep growing to coast, and of these only a handfu meet these adjustments, her marriage will grow, too. That s where reached London, causing the war job comes into the pic- casualties. The Germans tried new tactic to get through the grea MAYBE THERE 15.' THEgE IS / THgy ARE 60NNA HELP U9 ESCAPE/ QUICK/STRIP OFF VOOK OUTER CLOTHING AMP INSIGNIA/ HOPE THEY DIDN'T SPOT US/ f THEY GUAB US WHILE THEY'RE MAD ABOUT THE BOMBING WE'RE DEAD PUCKS / OH-OH.'HEKE COMES A ;? CUTTER THAT'S PICKING UP ] /" \-- SURVIVORS.' AND WE'RE NEXT/ IF THERE WAS ONLY SOME Wff WE COULD ESCAPE / FEARING ENTANGLEMENT IN THEIR CHUTES, THE BOYS PROP OUT SOME PISTANCE ABOVE THE WATEK... iq. MAKE -rue PROBLEM EASY- IM TUATS Too COMPULCATED, TuiseoxcrcuocoLATES-rueRE SK:EETER~ AULL WA-JETO ABE EISHTEEU P1EC6S-WJE vOAMV TAKE IT HOME. AU SPEC1-ATE SUE MIGHT MOT KNOW MEP ARITHMETIC-BUT SUE SUPE IA/AS FAST OM THAT LEND LEASE/ AU OES CttikrrerrTHHHAMS O'VOHMSTIC, TO DIOIDE IT UpEVEHiy/SO TUAT MUGGS AMD TOO AMD I SKU GET JARE-UOUMAUV SKEETER-AN TEACHEB SAYS \F l DOMT PEEK UP M rr, SUE AIKTT OONUA rass ME TUISTEBM IU. UELPYA.EFFtE M AE ~ WEU. STOP ef AT MY- NQ.'NO.'"l CAN'T po IT.'/ CAN'T DO IT! ) TVE 9LCW TO MY DIGNITY AMD PSIDE, A MAN OF MY CAUSER. BE1NS FORCED TO AOPt.V FOR V/OftK ir MADGE BUT KNEW ·WHAT THIS IS COSTING KT.I MY SELF -RESPECT, I'M M'J SUSg SHE'D NOT BE SO-T -AH- STERN: ushering in of the delighful harbinger, Congressman Haugen has remembered his numerous array of city farmers by sending out the usual spring edition of garden THIRTY YEARS AGO Mrs. Edward Fitzgerald entertained a company of 30 young women Saturday afternoon in lain who will be comedienne surrounded by an all act.s, will be the offering at the ~" BUT, NOW I'VE GOTTA SEES HEAR THAT, THE DUKE OF BOVIHAy-- ORL5? IF AND GET HIM TO f'THE DUKE 51GN5 SIGW A CONTRACT \ WE'LL HIT HIM. TO' FOR MORE BUTTER } HIGHAH WAGE5/ MILKMAIDS. I tf "i. CALL YO' WE UW3 WI5H TO -GOSH, GIRLS. THAWK5--' Cecil theater .this evening. afternoon performance was wit- 1WT1MATE THAT YO'lS.KINDA HAW50ME YD'5ELF/_ nessed by a large audience, and Miss Tanguay is v e r y generous with encores, singing and dancing DID YD' WEAK THAT, MILLIE/? pretty near out of Miss Ruby Johnson arrived today f r o m Hastings, JS'ebr., and has accepted a position as re-- - · Baldwin studio on South Main street. TWENTY YEAHS AGO The recent purchase of the Canning company by makes t h i s concern the largest WOULD YOU LIKE TO SAY WHERE ARE THE 80YS5- VfU. GET7HE PTJOGI2AM HEI3E- rrs on · -ANOTHER SOT FROM world, officials of Letts, Spencer, CHJI2 ARMED FOfZCES -" SEE AEADIO Smith and company, which is. af- filliated with the company, announced today. This company LETS GIVE HIM A HAND , FGUCS--f now has the capacity of cannin 400,000 cases of corn during the season of milkcorn. The regular meeting of the D. A. R. will be held Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Walter Walter. 18 Tenth street N. W. Mrs. George Winter will c h a r g e of the lesson on Fathers of the Constitution." Each member of the club is requested by Mrs. Winter to read the constitution of the U. S. before attend-. ing the club meeting. TEN YEARS AGO "America Self Contained," was the subject of S. L. Hugland, dean of the junior college, in an address Thursday evening to the Y's Men's club. Without voicing ERE WE ENTVER THE CITY,'TWILL Bt NECESSARY YOU THREE HAVE VEKY IMPRESSIVE NOBLE OR ROYAL TITLES.' WE'RE AMERICANS AND, NATURALLY, KNOW LITTLE ABOUT TITLES HO.'HO! I HAVE IT- 1 "AMERICAN 1 / YOU, MASTER BRADFORD, WILL -- HE \6 THE SHEIKH YLIE65AY-' AHH-' THE L, PRINCESS INDI -YANNA.' I WAS BORN IN NblANA -IF THAT WILL BEOF BECOME THE AMIR IKAN.' A5 OR WASTER SANBY - opinions on what policy he preferred. he discussed free trade, limited tariffs and complete trade The scries of flag mtro- Beach presenting that of Brazil. The story of Denmark was presented at the monthly meeting of the Cosmopolitan club. Rasmusscn and Mrs. Clover Couplets DICKIE Runs, A THOUGHT FLASHES By Ray Murray of Buffalo Center WIDER AVANTS Find me form field*, not city lot*. 1 sicken at suburban spot*. MIND FASTER THfirJ rJOPOS ---

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