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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, June 23, 1818
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JfF.'.V.XOlUC KtWJ.VG ruST. X TUESDAY, JU.Ml S3. ' Sweeping" t!u tirettt by the great. Vft entire - ; concur with A fpVisrn, ia V opinion, tliat, Tier satii'actory xperience,'it It now ascertain ed, (hat the present mod of i weeping, or rather of half swwpio j th streets, by a 0?. B gross, will not answer, and oaght uamedatcly to be discontinued.' . to th Srst place, the streets arc bat partially attempted to b wort the gutters ara not touched, and the t arface of the pavement only skimmed over. Cut, secondly , adc.KUn; that the work was ere r so thoroughly performed jet, by doing H with, tiich, a number of brooms, all in operation at the now time, inch a foj of dust itraised, notwithstanding the previ - cat sprinkling,' that the streets for the time being, h;K:U wrfW't nnMlnrr. ' TV OA to MtHm passing t woe to the house that happen to be left with win Jow and doors opeaj and wo to the furoitare mtide, whether wiodowi and doora are ' left open or not.' v.i!,' "' - '!' : W understand that the ladies whe are bouse - keepers, have already had tereral meeting! on . th uhiact. and that it was. at the last - Drooos - j p . - - i ed to draw up a petiuon to the corporation, to pit a stop to an evil which threatened inch detraction to their penoM and property ; which would bar' been carried at once, bad not a shrewd elderly lady in ipectaclei remarked, that the thought they ought not to make more haite than gooa speed, ana suggested, a a previous step, to ascertain, whether aome of the negroes employed as iweepen, were not owned by some nf (ha mmSn rtt thm hm f Mi lh. lore should more a postponement of the question to the next meet'iDg, which, however, she hoped woulJ not be long delayed, and that in the mean time a committee of three should be appointed to ascertain that fact Carried ncmine diucn - tienlt, y . ' y " ' Ft thejYcw - Yark Eoening Pott. ' ' Sir In conformity to your advice, the citizens bar patiently awaited the result of the new mode adopted by the corporation of cleaning the streets ; full and sufficient time has been given, to organise and carry it into operation, and the result is, that our city never was so filthy, and our street so offensive as at present. Either uie ijiius is ueiecuve, or uie contractors uni ty i DO matter which, it is high time tor the guar dians of the city to look to it. Would it not be wel) to compel each individual to sweep and clean the street ia front of his house as heretofore twice a wk? But it is not th corporation a - loo who are to blame j the citizens themselves do not pay that regard to the ordinances of the corporation that th season, their health, find their comfort requires. Bell - carts dai' go tt - .eir rounds, but get no custom ; and tbc r iil of the are cast into every street, tW to fester and breed disease. Do the citizens know that they are liable to a fine for so doing .' I presume they do, and can only account for it by supposing it to be their intention to feed the numerous herd of swine kept by the chimney sweeps and corporation ; from getting hungry and devouring the children, that mingle with them in their gambols through the streets. But setting aside the advantage that clean streets would be to the health and comfort of all, I feel mortified as a citizen of New - York that strangers should ? renounce it the filthiest place in this union. t me, through the medium ef your useful paper, advise every individual to direct bis atten tion to this necessary object, and not only do his duty, bnt tee that bis neighbor does his. Let fine be imposed on all tlios before whose doors offals are found. Let those whose duty it b visit the public bouses, and see that a due regard is r; J to cleanliness. ' Let the hogs be banished. Ltt th corporation do their duty. Let the police do theirs and let at, th citisens, do urs : or, perhaps, should the season prove unfavorable to health, the consequences may be very serious. . . , A CITIZEN. ' the Editor cf the feu - York Evening Pott : ' Ane Invtntim. In a visit to th navy - yard id Brooklio two days ago, I saw a model expla - eatery of the manner of working the guns of a sloop of war, which pleased me much, and not lets with the simplicity of the design than its utility. It consists in this : The fall (as tlie sailors call it) or rope by which the gun is run out, passed through the spar or upper deck, to the birth deck ; where the men are to be stationed during action. Three, or at most four men, are sufficient to serve the gun on deck, th remainder to be stationed below. Thus four men only are exposed to the fire of the enemy, when the usual number is nine ; that is, to a 32 lb, carronade. , This is an improvement worthy the attention of the honorable secretary, and the wis and enlightened navy - board. I sincerely hope it may b patronized by them. The model may be teen at the office of the naval store - keeper. . A CITIZEN. ' COMMUNICATION. To those who have a real " penchant" for rational amusement, the theatre, on Wednesday evening, affords a fine opportunity to indulge their taste. ' . We have witnessed the great exertions of Mr. PritcharJ in " Othello, " three nights since, but to - morrow evening he will, for the first time, play the arduous character of "King Lear," for the benefit of Mr. Jones. This piece has .1. inn ah I 4 Via mIwI. ftrnm tt th tomnt and roust form a great attraction to the leeitiastte friends of the drama. Besides the gratmcation (lie aumence win receive in witnessing use rmmm - ment of this celebrated tragedy, .it will aiford much pleasure to reflect, that they are at the sam time rewarding a deserving Amtriemn, whose faithful services and excellent moral cha racter entitle him to a fair proportion of A men can patronage. : X. - Bfundeix Anumhcrofourroott enterprising booksellers, aware of the Ividity of the public for the productions of Byroni Scott, Moore and of the author of Waver), make the most extraordinary exertions, as soon as acopy can be procured (rout England, to be the first in printing and offering for sale the American edition. Now this is certainly very veil : but is it not doing injustice both to the author and the reader, to be so vers; much in a hurry in this business, as to aiar the work by gross typographical errors, which in prose comuo - iUoa are surely bad enough, but which in poetry are not to be en - dored, nor excused ? In this city, no 1cm than three edition of Ch'dde Harold's Pilgrimage, Canto 4th, have appeared in one week from three different editors: and having jost finished reading a copy of one of them, I think it perfectly fMt to mention publicly the typographical errors , I have met with, in order that our editors may find it to be for their interest to print not merely rapidly, but correctly. , - The errors ar as follows, via : 71 stanza. line 4, thai for fum. , "2 last line, en to be struck out. " 11 Vjtr. 3d, to i do. : 135 line ft, lift omitted after life's. , 148 line 4, iJul!cd for initiated. I tuso met with a number of errors ia the Eog lish part of th notes, but did not mark them. . , CORRECTOR. firi at Bnxllyn In addlUoa to th circum - . I stances W motioned, yesterday, we rnu(iuai - small dwelling house, forming part el tb build ing consumed, was occupied by two lumiiies, consisting of from eight to ten persons, who nar rowly escaped destruction almost in a slat W akednes. They lost their little all, wliich, w are happy to find, i likely to b made op by the benevolence of tb inhabitants of Brooklyn, who Immediately seC on foot a tubscrlption for their relief. "", ' . y ''. ' .11 tract nt tchr CmsmV Lot Book.armtd Ihit forenn in 31 imftfnmSligo. June 1, at 4 A. M. ia lat 49 loa 46, found th air extremely cold, fell m with a number of very large islands of ice, on of them (5 miles In length and about 600 feet high ; stood to th south and eastward to escape then. Tb 3d, at 4 A. M a gentle brecee and thick fog,' discovered an island of ice (the vessel's feogth from us) under our lee bow ; tacked ship instantly, and uarrow Iv escaped, the main boom touchiosr tb island TbaTiay following, thick weather,, the air re maining uncommonly cold, fell in with a number of islands and cakes ; towards sun - set, were em bayed by them, and had to go back to th east ward to escape them. Th 5th and 6th, taw number more islands, accompanied with Jargs floating cakes Of ice. The 7th, at sun - rise, in lit 45 loo 50, discovered two small islands of ice oa soundings, in 40 fathoms water. ' Dublin, May 6 Sailed, Elizabeth, Thinkman for New - York, with passengers. To sail on the 30th, brig Belvidere, Joulinfor N. York, with passengers. Londonderry, May 6 To rail the first of May, ship Grand Turk, for New - York, with passen Belfast, May 7 Sailed, Mexico, Curtis, for Boston ; Diadem, Dodd, FhiladclplTia ; Mount Vernon, Rawson, Baltimore. To sail, brig Nymph, Smith, for New - York ship Thomas, Gelston, for Philadelphia, to sail the 20th ; brig Sailor Boy, Riddle, for Philadelphia ; ship Hes perus, Brown, for N. York ; all with passengers, Flaxseed, N. Y. bew, i j old, 4 6s. Ame. rican tar, 10s. Tot ashes, 57 6d. . ' LONDONDERRY, May 6. The following is a correct statement of the quantity of flaxseed exported from the U. 3. to the different port of Ireland in 1810) Derry, 8577 ; Belfast, 4347 ; Newry, 5537 ; Dublin, 5686 ; Cork, 1308 ; Limerick, 600 ; Sligo, 1418 ; Galway, 610 ; Westport, 706. Total 28,899. Of the above quantity for Derry 2562 have not arrived.' EDINBURGH, May 6. Remarkable approach of anulandof ice u our snores. We have been favored with an extract of a letter from Thurso, dated April 29tb, which assures us that an iceberg, or island of ice, has actually been stranded upon the Island of Fowla, the most western of the Thettaod Itlands. This iceberg is said to extend full six mile in length ; and of course it an object of terror to the na lives. Fowla, or Fula, in lat. 60, 8, N., long. 2, 1C, is supposed to be the Ultima Thult of the ancients. It is about 3 miles in length, and one and a half in breadth, situated nearly 20 miles distance from any, and to the westward of the clusters of Orkney and Shetland, to which last it is politically annexed, Stafford's excellent and extensive pasturage for sheep, and is inhabited by 26 or 27 families. In the Sligo Journal of May" 13, which we received by the brig - Adams, from Cork, the following notice is given. Passengert engag ed to go in the brig Draper, for New, York, to sail on 1st June, if the weather be fur, to be in Sligo and pay the passage on the 28th May Brig Expedition, to tail lOtli June ship Loyal Sam, lit July.' ; By the arrival this forenoon of the ship Is. lington, from New.Orleans, we have papers of that city to the 30th May inclusive. The ship Laguira had arrived at N.Orleans from New York, and srlir. Ann, Clark, from Charleston ; brig Gov. Brooks, from Uavre. Adverted Brig Clio, for Baltimore s schr Ann Maria, for N York ; sloop Gold Hunter, fordo ; ship Ajax, for Liverpool i Superior, fur do brig Mary, for Boston ; sen Jane, far New lork sbip Orleans, for Philadelphia ship Atala, for Havre brig Eliza, for Liverpool ship Union, from Havre ; brig Chatham,, for Liverpool ; ship Orion, fur do ; Grand Seignor, for N York sch Ann, for Boston j brig Triton, for do ship Jewell, fur Liverpool ; sch Milo, for N York i brtg - Mary, fordo brig Peter El lis, for Liverpool ; barque Emanuel, far Am' sterdam. Cleared ou the 23th May, sch Mary, Evans, for Baltimore. ? " A CARD. The passengers ; jna i,ri Arctium, present their respectful cnusideratious to rapt. Holmes eaJcoocoif ing it a compliment justly due to him, and interesting to the community of voyagers passinz and repassing from and to Charleston and New - York, that his accomplishment", V master of a packet, should be publicly and ge nerally known, embrace this opportunity to express the high sense they entertain of his skill, vigilance and activity, and of his unremitting attentions to conciliate th good will of bis passengers, ensure their safety, extend their comforts, and render, in every respect, the enls inseparable from a sea voyage as little irksome and intolerable as practicable. PAstEetns. Mrs. and Mis Cordes, Mr. and Mrs. Simons, Revd. Mr. M'Leod and daughter, Miss Legare, Mirs Lucas Doctor Holmes, Lieutenat Searsr, Messrs. Collie, Hamilton, Irigfall, As. and At. Gaillard, Johu and Jas. B. Harlstou, Brett, Glover, Miller, Olm - tead, Wright, M'Lean, Grice, Swift, Ross, and servanis. Extract of a letter from a gentleman on board the steam - boat Washington, dated near Washington, M. T. 25Ui May. " Since I left New - Orleans, I have heard of ilielofnoftwo steam - boat on the river. We passed the wreck of Uie steam boat Pike, TO mile below Natchez she left New - Orleans afcoul 3 Ws before w, for the JUd r.iver, amli was struck by a, sawyer she is left half above; water, and. her. cargo ij strewed on the shore. Sh was bad boat, being forraei ly si keel, and it eras intended to put her machinery into a, new boat now building, and which will now be done. The other, is the toss of the James Monroe, from New - Orleans to Louisville i the sailed about a week before us, and is new sunk near the mouth of the Arkansaw, having also struck upon a sawyer passengert, &c. safe. People say that she too was a bad boat. . The Telejrrapli was a poor rotten boat. Three steam boats lost in 5 months." A letter dated Gibraltar,. Mar 6, remarks - "It is said that Sdsio has ceded us the Florida ' A " The Russian fleet in tidis is coodrmnea as rotten, and the port is at this time beset by four patriot 'privateers, who make prize ol muca property in sight of the city ! ! One of thecruizers is said to he a corvette ol 22 guns. 41 Besides the original cost of the fleet, one itci in the Russian bill of disbursements at Cadiz, was 420,000 dollars for pilotage, and (be Ppa niards have had to send all the officers and men back to Russia in transports, hired at '3000 per month!!" From the Albany Daily Advertiier of Monday, The council of appointment, we understand, will close their sccsneu this cay. Appointments by the honorable the council of appointment, June 19 New - York Horace Holdeo, notary. David I. Daniels, auctioneer. David Crone, assistant sealer of weights and measures. James Man rice, guagcr offish oil, for Brooklyn. June 20. New - York Elijah Paine, jun. Henry A. Fay, Cyrus Barber, Gilbert L. Thompson, public notaries. James Hubbcll, assistantjusticeintheplaoaof beorge Wilcox, who declines. Sainuol Van Wyck, George WJlson, Daniel a. ornwolJ, Cornelius Hogart, Jonnu. Hamilton, Elbert Herring, John A. Graham, Patrick G. IlilJrelh, William T. M'Couo, Jacob Town - send, John G. Bogart, Herman Ruggles, Henry V. S. Vandenburgh, William Seaman, Thomas Harrison, White Matlick, Snmuel S. Gardner, Charles White, jun. Charles G. Ferris, Alexander Phoenix, William Keesc, Was. Bleocker, Natliau B. Graham, Harm an Westervelt, Ste phen P. Lemoine, Francis R. Tillou, Elijah T. riuckoey, commissioners to acknowledge deeds. From the P tier tbur lnltUiencer. Singntaritirt in nature.. The shark fish which swallows without distinction every thing that drops Irom a ship into the sea, abhors the flesh of fowl. When a dead fowl is thrown from a ship into the sea, the noise brings the shark to the spot, but on discovering it to b a fowl, he immediately retires without touching it, from which circumstance the sailor say, " the shark flies from the feather." 2. In the royal cabinet at Paris there are ar rows whose poiuts are impregnated with the juice of a plant so venemous, that though exposed to the air tor many years, they can with the slightest puncture destroy the most robust of animaU in a few minutes. The blood of the creature be the wound ever so trifline. instantly ceuseals. But if the patient, at the same instant b made to swallow a small quantity of sugar, th circula tion is immediately restored. Both the poison and the antidote were discovered by the savages' who inhabit the banks of th Amazon. 3. Although salt is employed to preserve ani mal food from putrefaction, yet a bottle or cask of sea water becomes putrid much sooner than a bottle or cask of freh water ; and sea - wrier, although salt to the taste, takes out salt, or de prives bodies of a saltish taste, much better than fresh wafer. This fact is well known to all sail ors, who always employ sea - water, in preference to fresh water, for th purpose of freshening inetr salt provision. 4. Tbefirins:orbuniin?offoresttiutbneLHi - boorhood ef the tea, or on larg riversi is said invariably to produce the effect of driving away the fi.di. Denis, in his natural history of North America, tells us that the cod which in shoals used to frequent the coast of the island of Miscoo, disappeared in 1669, because, in the year preceding, the forests had been destroyed by a conflagration, fie remarks that the same cause bad produced the same effect in diffcreot places. Declaration of a revolutionary officer if a torn in rrrmmt, vho applied or a pension. I, WILLIAM WATSON, of Poelteoey, in the county of Rutland, in Uie state of Vermont, in the 70th year of my age, depose, testify, and declare : That in the month of April, A. D. 177a, I was one of those called miuule men, in the county of Hampshire, then a province of Massachusetts; that a regiment of such minute men was regular ly formed in the towns of Northampton, Hatfield, and the adjacent plantations, near the bord. it of Connecticut river, and commanded by gen. Sctb Pomaroy : that I was eldest sergeant under capt. Israel Chapio, nf Hatfield, belonging to the said regiment ; and that on the morning of the said 20th ef April, 1775, about 2 o'clock, three alarm signals were given ; that th said minute compa ny was formed, equipped, and on their march before the sun arose, and arrived opposite Bo ton, a distance ot 102 miles, ou the morning ol the third day after. I further state, that I acted, and did the duty of a quarter - master of said regiment until some time in May following, when my regiment with another were incorporated under th command of col. John Fellows, in which I was commissioned a second lieutenant by the contiaenlal congress. Having served during the campaign, 1 was commissioned a lieutenant in theyear's service of 1776 with Wm. King in a Massachusetts rrtriment commanded by col. Jonathan Ward, ami had charge of said company (the captain be ing chiefly absent) at New - York, tang - Island, New - Jersey, &c. On the establishmeut of the army in 1777, for the duration of the war, 1 was appointed a lieutenant in the 9th Mass. re;t. Na - hum Ward captain, James Wesson colonel, and after the reform of the line commanded by col Henry Jackson. In the year 1778, 1 received a warrant as captain Irom the state or Massacho. setts, but was not commissioned as s h by con gress until the year 17fi0 ; although all the care, expeuse, and responsibility of a captsin ha I devolved on me for four years previous. At the rlofe of the year 1782, another reform taking place, I was transferred to the third ftlattachu - eettregt. coL Greatoo t from which I was ho norably dismissed, at the happy re turn of peace, on the24lbday of June, 17V3, having contaiitly served (excepting ts snort furloughs) eight years, two months ami four days. 1 I further slate that I led the roapany with good report throngh three sieges, seven pitched battles, and (being light infantry) above 50 skirmishes; that I was five times wntoded; was struck down by the explosion of a piece of artillery at the battle of Long Island, and iad a number of bones crushed by a drerate Ml when on duty that maj. Ptitmgil (the brave) being wounded, I cool maided and led oa the troos which stormed the German line nt UeaanV heights, near Saratoga, New. York, and seized col. Brahman, the commanding officer, which determined the (ate of Curgoyne. I further state that my constitution is so far debilitated, that aolbiog but the most powerful astringents have enabled me to be comfortaole, or to do an v labor for several years, and that un - avoidable misfortunes have reduced m to a state of indigence. Also, that I might bare been en rolled with invalids at the dose ofthererolu. tinear war. and continned 'Under oav till this I had I chosen it. That my name is to be . . r ; 4 - ' vs . .' found ca every roll and return clh above rpa - cifisd companies, reg ments, c. almost att w which are written, ccrunetj, ,and signea 10 my handwriting. - - - . - . I further declar that I am ia socn reaucea circumstances, as to need the assistance of my country, 4ic. ' 'f ' PeulUney, Vt. April 6, 1818. r From the Batavia Advocate. . The hm. Samuel M. Hopkint. Thaappoint - mentof this gentleman, as a judge of the county of Genesee is approbated by the eotire voice ol the county. No selection was ever more ar dently wished for than this, by the intelligent, appreciating and unprejudiced part of his fellow citizens. Gifted by nature, with a vigorous and penetrating mind, matured by years of study, application and reflection, and educated in the tame school with the most noted of our supreme court judges, he will be an ornament to our bench, and save much, in time and in money, oy his ready despatch of business and prompt dis pensation of justice. - From the Baltimore Federal tlepubliean Theatres - Mr. Philipps, we understand, takes bit final leav from our boarIs this evening ana we shall have to regret hearing the last of the mnt finished actio? singer of the day his oai lads and simple melodies ar unrivalled by any (as w hear) in Europe, to which quarter he re turns in the cnsuiog autumn. ' CHARLESTON. June 15 About eighty passengers sailed from this port yesterday lor New. York in th Drig Areuusa and schr Calypso. The former having 30, and the latter (being accommodated with births fore and aft) 50. Longevity There is now living in this city, a negro man at the advanced age of on hundred and eighteen years. One planter in the neighborhood of this place. (says the Georgetown lutelligeecer,) believes the depredations committed on hit rice during the last and present months by the Rati, will shorten his crop fifty tierces. Another estimates his probable loss at 40 tierces. We have heard as many as ten rats being killed by a tingle dis' charge of a musket. - SALEM, June 18. At the circuit court, held in this village, last week, by his honor Judge Van Ness, a verdict of $1200 was given against Archibald Lampbell,m behalf t( a young lady whom he had seduced, under promise of marriage, after more than two ) can eourtstup. The following persons were convicted and sen fenced to the state prison ; James Crawford, grand larceny, 7 years. Ebenezer Morrell and Charles Bradford, past' ing counterfeit money, each 10 years. Asa Bacon, forgery, 3 years and 1 day. The case of Bacon excited universal commis - seration. He was a young man whose general character had been good. The act for which he now suffers punishment, was effacing the words " three months after date," from a uote of hand ol about three dollars. NORFOLK. June 17. We team Irom Capt. Small, of the brig Eliza Reilly, arrived here vesteraav. in 62 davs from Marseilles and 37 from Gibraltar, that all kinds of American and West India produce were dull at the former place. When the Eliza Keilly sailed, there were 1,200,000 bushels of Wheat in store and afloat at Marseilles principally from the Blac k Sea. The United State Shin Watliinetnn. (74) Com. Chauncey, from Majorca, arrived at Gib - ralterthe Ulh of May, in 12 davs passaee, and was expected to tail on urn loth for New - lorn FROM OUR CORRESPOyOiCXT. Office of the Norfolk Herald, ) June 19. I rnosf eiBsuLTAX. . Our corrupondent, tmdtr date of May the Clh, semes s follow : " There is a great stir among the politicians to day. An utglish frigate and a sloop of war ar rived here yesterday from England, having sail ed in one hour after receiving their orders. - The frigate bad two sets of sealed orders ; one to be opened when the arrived off Cap St. Vincents, the other ou her arrival b a Certain part of the Mediterranean, for Which she sails to morrow. The sloop is ordered to keep in company with her. A great mystery truly ! A meeting of th u Holy Alliance" takes place soon Re member that ! I " The Spaniards hve imprisoned another of our countrymen in Cadis, Mr. James W. War - drop, who you may remember formerly lived in Norfolk with capt. P . He is in a com mon jad, and lately applied for Ubtrtii to go to the castle where M. Meade was confined: in reply, he was told to be quiet, and remain satis - fi J where he was ! "An Egyptian, a public vessel, arrived here yesterday, with runs sod shoU" Our corrcupondcnl, tn a utter ditfed the via of May, tays i " I send you a copy oi the order for Mr. Meade's .'el ease. It is evident that this step has been taken through fear, and not from any principle of liberality or justice. The application of our government having been presented by Mr. Krsing, ii terms too cogent to admit of further diplomatic shuttling, the king has yielded to the necessity of the case and discharged Mr. M. But he will now as freely imprison Jut. Al'Der - mot, or any other pcron having a legal claim to the money in depout, if they dare to ask for it." Here follows the royal order, as translated for, and published in, the New - York Evening Post, of June 17. froirt Gibraltar papert rtctittd at the Herald opiee. GIBRALTAR, Mav 2, 1318. The Cadis Dii - ry, of the 21st of last month, gives a roval decree of his catholic majesty, da - led the30lh of March, containing the regulations to be observed in four ports of opposite establish ed in the peninsula by a former decree of the 23d of January, viz. Santandcr, Corunna, Cadiz and Alicaot. We suljo:o an abstract of the most important of those regulations, in the preamble to which it is announced, that, if the establish mcnt of such depots prove as beneficial as is ex peeled, the same privilege will be exttuded to other ports. All goods, products and articles, of lawful trade, proceeding irom foreign ports, whether belonging to foreigners or natives, and all pro ducts of the SpaoiEli settlements in America, du ly registered, to Iw admitted into the depots, free of duties. Foreign proerty, thus deposited, to be onder the special protection of the laws, and never to be seized in time of war, except by way of reprisals, if Spanish property were not re spected. The diiosite to last a twelve month, if suitable to the owners ; and a decision of the minister of finance required to prolong this term in extraordinary cases. Two per cent on the value of the goods dcjiositcd to be paid by the owners namel, one per cent on their being bru't to the depot, and oa on their being taken out The stores to be near the custom - house, com pletely insulated and iu the best order, ilh three keys lodged in the bauds of three d'.ffi.reut officers. At the time of depositing the goods, a circumstantial statement of the same to be giveu in. if proceeding - from foreign couutries ; and, if! from Spanish America, a declaration of the master, together with the register, or authentic manifest, thereof. When brought into the dejw, the goods to be sealed wish two teak, viz. the owrer's and a government one, without penitg the biles, chests, boxes, Ac. While in the Je - pot, the goods to be allowed to be sold or tranv (erred by the osmers to others, without any additional duty, provided due notice thereof b given to th custom house ouurers Tht) xiortatioa of fbreitni rood frooiVtLeli depot to other countries to b permitted e - lore th expiration ot xne tweive - monuis, in which case the owners to be bound to state tbe quantity, quality, ship and destination; and, if it should appear, on tbe good being In spected, mat they are proniDiiea ones, oi bh - ferent from those mentioned in the statement, or undervalued, the whole to be confiscated in the first case, and an additional ten per cent, to be paid in the other two. If found correct, a bond to be entered into, with securities, that proof will be given, corroborated by the certificate of the Spanish consul at the place qf destination, of the goods having been landed there ; and, in case of non - compliance, the defaulter to pay, for the first offence, all the import duties on the said goods; for the second, one half of their value; and for a third, the whole nf the said value. And lastly, foreign goods, destined for the consumption of the kingdom previous to the expiration oi tne year, to be removed from thedepotto the customhouse in order to their being inspected, and the import duties paid, even if they were to be re - sliipped for another Spanish port. ' Jlrrivalt Jrom the 25fA April to Hue Ut Mity. American ship Juliana, T. L. Evans, 33 days from Wilmington, with cotton, rice, tobacco, tar, pitch and turpentine, for a market; Am ship Vigilant, W. Fosdii k, 39 days from New - Orleans, with tobacco, for Gibraltar; Am brig Boxer, T. Humphries, 47 days from from "New - York, and 7 days from Fayall, with tobacco, flour, wine, tea, kc. for Gibraltar and Smyrna ; English ship Wellington, G Maxwell, 129 days from Bengal and 75 from Cape of Good Hope, with salt - petre, and piece goods, for Gibraltar English ship Hebe. J. Sudgden, days from London, and 19 fiom the Downs, with balegoods, glass, ke. for Gibraltar English brig Virginia, W Reburn, 29 days from Trinidad, with cocoa, for Gibraltar ; English brig Alert, T Jones, 19 days from ljndon, with balegoods, irom, powder, kc. for Gibraltar and Marseilles. A fritnd hat favored the keeper of the Reading Room with Gibraltar Pric Current of May 2d, from which wo make th following quota - tione : Candles, American, lb. 5 8 a 9, last tale. Cotton, N Orleans, 40 dolt, asked for a parcel ar. i Fish, American, cwt. $2 9, none, and no de. herrings, per bbl $6 a 6 6, very dull ; salmon, 18 dols. last sale. Fruits, Almonds. Jot dan, cwt. 25 dolt, no de'd; Valencia, IS a 18, saleable ; hard thell 5,uo de'd.; toft 6, very s. , Raisins, Mute, box $3 3, bloom 2 3, season past small on h. Grain, wheat none and wantsd ; Indian Corn, f. ? a 4 8, large sale ; Rice, cwt. 7. Pitch, American, bbl. $3, dull. Provisions, Am. Beef, bbl. 14, dull; pork, none ; Bacon, cwt. 14 a 18; Flour, Phi. bbl. 11 al2; Bait. U3al148. Tar, Am. bbl. 3 a 3 3, wanted. Tobacco, Eeu. cwt. 10 a 10 C, Virg.9 a 9 6, tales in demand. Wines, Oporto, pipe, 220 a 260, plenty & dull; Sherry, butt, 130 a 180, do; Madeira, pipe 300 a 320, price asked. Bills on London, 60 days sight, a few at 53 3 - 4, Spanish pillared Dollars 1 1 - 2 per cent, and steady. Arrived, barque Mary, Stewart, from New - Orleam, and 18 days from tlie Balise, with a cargo of cotton, bound to Liverpool, but having sprung aleak on tbc 13th inst. put in here to repair. Sailed from the Bnlize 31st May, in co. with brig Alabama, Hamilton, for Baltimore, and a large number of other American vessels, mostly fur England.' Spoke tlie 30th inst. lat 31 30, long 77, tchr Carpenter, from Madeira bound to Charleston. 14th, lat 3330, long 75,brig Alexander, nf NewYork, from Mobile bound to Cowes. (Erie.) Capt. S. left the city of N Or leans oo the 22d vlt. at which time the markets were failing, particularly the articles of cotton and tobacco, ond that in consequence of the great influx of shipping, freights were gettinfdowin. About Go sail arrived mere in tlie month of May. Sloop Hannah, L'uit, 7 days from Newbert, (R.1) Sloop Antelope, Fitchett, C days from New - York. The city inspector reports the death of 53 persons, from tlie letbto the SOtti day of Juue, of tlie following diseases : ScaMcd, I. cholera morbus 1, consumption 14, convulsions 2, cramp in tlie stomach 1, drop 1, dropsy in the chest Z, do in the bead 2, drowned 3, Dyspepsia 1, fever, typhut 3, inflammation of the bowels 1, do chest 2, do liver I, jutauity I, intemperance 1, old age I, pleurisy I, still born 3, unknown 1, whooping cough 8, worms I, casualty I. GEORCE CUM1VG, City Injector. MARRIED, Last evining, ty the Rev. Mr. Spring, Mr. Wilson Taylor to Miss Susan M. Cunningham, both of this city. On Thursday evening, by the Rev. Dr. Rich ards, Wm. W. Miller, Eiq. of Morris county, to Miss Auna Maria Gifford, of Piewark. D1E1J. Yesterday afternoon. Sijsott P. Schermke - HORN, sonofCnpt. Lores. Scherineiliorij, eged . our Th frienrN unit rrtAtifuil nt lh imi - ly, are invited to attend his funeral, this afternoon at half - past 4 o'clock, from the. residence of hit father, 70 Gild - ttreet. . e - FEMNU POST MARUYE LIST. CLEARED, : Schr. Resolution, Allen, St. Thomas L'UommcJieu & Brown Aurora. Hall, Boston Independence, Ames, Providence, R. I. Nancy, Handy, Providence, It 1. Solon, Hill, Norfolk Sloop Mary Ann, Pine, Charhstoii Valiant, Stephens, Hartford Gen. Jackson, Shan - , Murfreshro, N. C AtiRtyEu rut rotiwuvy. . Sbip Zodiac,' Aymar, 50 days from Gotten - burg, with iron, to Jona Ogden. Left, brig , Graves, ofew York, from Copfnliatc, to mil IcrNew York in a few days. June oth, lat 41, 40, lor.g 54, spoke sbip Jane, Ferguson, from Liverpool, hound to fhiladelphia, parted company with her co the 9th, in lat 41 39, loa 53 45. istiip Islington, liublicll, 23 days from N.Or leans, with cotton and tobacco to Kipley, Center K Co. ownert, B Desobrv. C G Smcdburz and fnPifi Luiillard. Bosrart 22 Kneeland. D Ce tliune & Co. N fi D Talcott, M'Crea Slidell, G W Murray, Spencer & Gi'man. R Gillespie, and to order. Passengers, Mr. Hancock and Mr. febelden. Ltft sbip Eagle, for Liverpool, ready ; brig Mary, Hod;kie, for Gibraltar June 10 ; trig Mury, lor Ii lots, ready ; snip Sup rior, for Liverpool ready ; ship Orand seignor, for New York in 2 days ; ship C aipc, Cranston. 100 davs from Harantre, totail fordoin June. Juue 3, lat 2b, long ('!,' spoke brig Orleans, 23 days from Boston for N Oilrnns. Same time, on.: James Monroe, s diys imm uonon. bchr Uyane, Killunc, 37 days from a!io, in ballast to Robertson & K - lso. l'as;r:zc - rs, Wn.. M'Gowan, Jol.n Orr, Daniel Rork, and 25 in tbe steerage. Lelt bn Ibauies, White, to sail May 2jih,hrtg'inb, Goldsmith, of Pi York, left Gultvay, the 1 2th for tbao ; bot i bruis to re turn to New - Yorit with piS'ttaers. May 21, spoke nns Moists, of UiiFloi, irom t bil antl ndia , 2JJ, lat 49, French brig Le Moreau, for N Orleans ; June Clh, scl.r Rambler, of and for bostou with 20.000 nsli ; also Union, of Marble hi ad, with 5500 nsh ; found fih scurre ; saw tbr schr Margara of Boston. 20th, lat 40, 67, brig Auroraf ol nnd for S.deio, iro;n Demarara. 22d, c&'the Hock, spoke sch jouer Jrnus, for Port au trinre. Brig Ar;lhaa, Holmes, 6 diyt from diaries too, witli cotton, to Fitch, Goodivia k Co. Ship - niu Lord, H Brcvoort. Jr. Jones ami rtle - eralii, Pott 4: M'Kinne, Smith. Jr. W S Mil ler, A. G. t uolps. Sailed in co with scbr Calypso, Milliard ; sloop Belle, Whes'.er. for N Yoik : schr D .catur, for bullion re. Ytfterday, ofl Barnegat, passed brig Sea Island, bound to H a - vana, and brig llnzaid, from Havana for New - York, 14 daysoi;. British brig rlliia, Morrison. 22 days from Uemerara, with rum, sugar aud moisses toj. Vaudenlwuvel PaMCotrs, t'je Uoa. J.Vosde - heave!, Lady and ooe child, frith f jwryftabil air. xvca ana servant. ih brie George, Lewis, 60 days from Car. (Wales) wiltj slate, to Uie master; Pas. , Mr. Griffith. Mr. "Rowlands, and Sfri. British bri narvan, (We seugeis, air, Urithtn. nr. Kowtaads, and Sfri tlie steerage. . May 18, lat 46. lone 30. snnk. ship Cyrus, Mix, from Savannah bound to Havre. 2Udays out. May Vh, fat '43 56, long 15 37' co houod to Liverpool, 57 days cut. " 1 . ' ,v Brig Adams, Adams. 40 days from Cork, .. with slate and 63 passengers, to Hicks, Jenkins ft Co. Sailed May 15, spoke iilat.'41,' - long 51, ship John Dickinson, Baushi "21 days from Dublin, for Philadelphia, lat 46 39, long W, sen Aurora, 17 days from N York for Cu,r. racoa. OffS Shoals, brie Sarah It Maria. Cole. 3 days from Boston for Havana, who supplied U Me Tuvtne ll..m 1 11..1..' Kent, and capt. Jl Gaul, late of brig Active", of Philadelphia, lost. Left brig Superior,' for Philadelphia in 10 days; a ship from Alexan dria a New - York britr from N. Orleans, both i for orders. The British ship Alligator, sailed 12 days before from Waterfurd fur New - York, with 280 passengers. Sloop Fame, Bardon, 7 days from Wilmington, with nival stores, to the master. fclp Polly & Rachel, Gifford, 4 days from' Brandy wine, with corn meal, to S Penny & Son. AT QUARANTINE - Brig Hazard, from Havaua. A tliip nud brig unknown. The thin PhrpoiY - ttifite. tin nrrir.! fit T donderry, from New York. ARRIVED LJiST FVFJ'ISG, Elegant ship Braganza, Newcomb, 105 days from Calcutta, with 2100 bales cotton, 3100 - bags sugar, and saltpetre, to Archibald Gracie & Sons, owners. Sailed in co. ship Gentoo. Osgood, for Salem. . The brig Vyade, Pres - j ton, sailed 15 days before for Salem. Left," ships Essex Junior, Hinman, for N York in or 3 days Friendship, Pin el, for Salem, soon ; Nancy, ltathbone, of Providence, just arrived , brig Bramin, Batchelor, of Boston, do; ships Courier, Stanley, do do ; Eliza - Ann, Osgood, of Boston, do. Passed St. Helena May 12 saw several vessels, but not boarded. Passengers, Alex. Wright, esq. in the India Compa - ny's service, wife and servant Ship Columbia, Curtis, 42 day from Bristol, with tin plates, iron in sheets, bottles, dry goods, &c. toll C Rossetter, owner, Bolmor k schmeUel, J Mowatt, jr. F Jenkins, H - Vsn Wagenen, O Chance, T Uixoo, J Smitli, II & G Barclay, and N Blackwell. Passengers. W R Thomas, N Blackwell, Miss A Blackwd, Priscilla Blackwell, Paul Perrin, capt W Bqs - well and family, and 24 in the steerage. Tie ship Ellen, Rowland, and briar Britnnnis. both from N York, arrived May 10. May 30, lax 42 30, long 44 30, spoke French ship Atalan - ta, 28 days from N Orleans for Nantx. June 7, lat 41,' long 52 40, spoke ship Ontaria, 37 days from Dublin for N York. 13th, lat 42, long 62, spoke brig Minerva, 8 days from Bath for Madeira. 19th, lat 40, long 6i), spoke I brig TridAit, 3 days from New Bedford for i Lisbon. h Sch Advehn, Cambden, 9 days from Savsn - f nah, with cotton, lumber, &c. to Vande water. Wheeler k Co. T Phelps, and to order. Pas.' sengrrs, Mr. Clark and 3 children, Mrs. CbpeJ j Mrs. Davis and 4 children, Mrs. Ross and ser. ' vant, Messrs. Shaw, Sc udder and servant. On I Saturday, off Little Egg Harbor, spoke schr. 1 Susan, from Falmouth for Philadelphia. The brig Eliza, for N York, sailed in co but grounded in the river. Savaxnih, June 12. Arrived, British sch President, Richardson, from Jamaica, 12 days. Spoke on Tuesday last, brig Hope, of N York, tor Havana, Ion 75, lat 29. Cleared, French brig Deaux Freres, Hue, Rouen. June 13 Arrived, ship Wm Si Henry, cea - l bury, from Newport, R. 1. Ship Dryad, M'Cray, N York, 20 day, llnir Amelia, Mott, N York, 6 days. Scls Free - Mason, Brown, Norfolk, 13dr - I : Sloop Antelope.. Sleves, N York, Onktm - rxm, ieJ. Arrived, British ship Roger - Stewart, Cooper, Greenock 49 days. On the 29th April, fat 5 Jong 13, spoke thip Gospol t, from rhilsdclphia, bound to Gree - neck. n the 5th inst. lat 45, long 27, spoke brig Industrr, from Newry, (I.) bound to Hal - ids, N. S. with 150 passengers on board. Ou die 9lh inst. lat 32, long 55, spoke French tliip - Matilda, from Guadaloupe bound to Bordeaux. Sbip Samuel, Legcr, N Yoik 15 days. j Sloop Delight, Cooper, Savannah 18 hourtJ Ppoke hi &.iv.uuitdi river, SardUb sch Havanu from Amsterdam, prize to Uie revenue cuttes Dallas, capt Jackson. 1 Gr.oitttETnwN, S. C. June 13. Cleared, sck Franklin, G'ilibs. N York. PaiLsiixirHiA, June 22 Arrived sch Risinf Sun, Vickeiy, Savannah 6 days. " ". il Sch Only Daughter, Henderson, St. Auoret lOdays. Soli Decatur, Cushing, St. Andrews lOdayi Below, schrs Marccllus, Ijttle, St AndreeJ 10 days; Constellation, Spuiling, St.Atulrewj 11 davs Volant, Burton, St. Andrews lldnja PORT OF BALTIMORE, June 20. Attired, brig Decatur, Andrews, from Wi casset ' Britiih brig Ceres, Aday, 52 days from I - o don and 40 days from h - ad. Left thip Favorite, Kenard, of Charleston, tlie only Am. vessel ; My 2, lat 41 47 long 54, spoke aritisb thip Crown, Blackburn, from Jamaica for London, out tl days. 31st, lat 43 17, long 72, brie John U Maltha, from Richmond for Newfoundland. Jun 14 lat 37 50, long 72, schr Risiog Sun, of VarmouDs from St. Andrews for Alexandria. Passengers, Mr. F. Mullet and family, Miss Brown, Mr. G. 3, Oldfield, Capt. J. Harvey, Mr. I. Scbawe, 7 in the steerage. ' ' schr Koseway, Lane, J9dayfrom Hahfax. Ship PhiHp, Bolton, 36 day from Liverpool. Accounts not later than th Draper at NYark - Le' t besides those before reported, thip John tc Wr.odrop Sims, of Pbiiad. In the Irish C hanael, spoke brig Factor, of New - York, 25 dajtoet. Also, schr Dispatch Packet, Noms, from SMcm and tloop Fame, from Bostoo ; also brig Mary, Moore, from St. Andrews. , l,."" Nouroix, June 17 Arrivcil, brig Elixa - Reillv, Small, Maiseilles and Gibraltar, days from the tornicr, knd C7 from the laUer place owing to westwai dly winds, no vesst la had been able to pais through the Gut for 55 days. Spoke May 16, lat 34 55, long 23 SO, brig Orion, Nye, fVom Lisbon, bound to New - Bedford, out 6 days reported, that she left at Lisbon, ship Constitution. Seaward, of tlia port, just arrived ehip Pocahontas, do - civ - charging. The sch Gen Jackson, of and for Petersburg, sailed from Lisbon die day before the Orion. Spoke also, June 6th, lat jJ Ws long 60 23, ship Oscar, Foster, out 50 oaja fom Londonderry, bound to N York spoko also in the Gut. brie Planter, from Mala!. bound to Boaton. i W!vm A till J,J.nnn. Irons. N York lOdaW. ; III Eldrick, In Hampton Itoads, sen express, from N York, and 3 days from Sandy Hx bound to Richmond n.rDiMVUI'CI'IIU VW. Tl.!. mr.A ln.m.urnv tnOinS Uie 1" T1 um uana win iieriorm a vanuij - - - - i - iha Kent Buzle. by a yosis ...iiiLmii .r i h1 tit Je' s23tf iji iiiil'II.'Ii I il I . k to. ia.rEi5R3 1?JL their give notice that Uie late destruttsoi" their works, at Brooklyn, by uie torcu u. - darinj incendiary, will not prevent their - ing the public with a constant supply of invaluable article, as they have P'"rX ., . . ....... ....I ii,.;r.fniti. V. W. E4 llicr SIllKllinii ' - f - - - - - i MOKE & Co. have still a quantity on hn no. 9" Water - stieeU je2J 2 "" . I'll kl IS IT AUCTION. TOMORROW, et 12 o'clock, at tb IuK,lJdOivcgjTkUet. Je"'

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