The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 25, 1939 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 25, 1939
Page 14
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^r^^ IsiSi.i^iS 14 SATURDAY. MARCH 25, 1939 I · MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE - - . T. Hogs Weak to (Oc Lower in C h i c a o Trade QUOTABLE TOP PUT AT $7,70 Lots of Fresh Arrivals Small; 200 Cattle and - 4,000 Sheep Received CHICAGO, (ff)_ The Chicago hog market was weak to 10 cents lower Saturday on the few small lots of fresh arrivals. The quotable lop was $7.70, but there was nothing worthy of top prices. (U. S. Dept. Agr.)--Salable hogs 200; fresh arrivals weak to 10 lower than Friday's average; good 180 to 245 Ib. averages 57.40 to S7 60" 260 to 310 ]b. butchers S7.00 to $7.30; nothing here o£ value to t KAXSAS Cm LIVESTOCK (Saturday Market) KANSAS CITY, (f,-- (U. S. department of agnculluro-HOGS: None; market nominally steady; for t h e week. 240 Ibs and down, weak to 10 cents lower; "SO Ibs. and above, steady lo 5 cents higher; late ton 57.30. CATTLE: 100: calves 50: ior the week: Beef steers, yearlings and she stock. 25 to jo cents lower; vealers steady to 30 cents lower, stocker and iecder steers 23 cents lower: week's top choice 141 Ib , ·,, medium =nd good fed steers, S8.75 10: medium to choice stackers and feeders 57.75^9.73. SHEEP: None; ior the week: slaughter lambs. 25835 cents higher; aheep - j cents up; week's top fed lambs S930- sood lo choice led lots JSS9.25; clipped . - - - ----- SiTS-V s TM 5 «SB.i°: Texas sprJ n a ta m D , were quickly replaced by S^^^TS^-,'- S fron^r^lni^ WHEAT PRICES AVERAGE HIGHER Opening Slight Losses Are Quickly Replaced by Advance in Grain CHICAGO, I.Vi -- Wheat 'prices averaged fractionally higher most S O U T H ST. P.U'I. LIVESTOCK market service.i -command top"prices; quotable lop [«·«£""«!«£ sfwSf^k*%"%' Jms 57.70; shippers took none: esti- I ^'ff 1 *? 01 * lower cm Mien. mated holdover 500; compared """ " week ago; good and choice barrows, gilts and packing sows steady to 10 lower. ,««.! n- 'wet 0:1 r.euers. t-ou's mostly 2jf, extremes 50 cents o f f : bulls -i cents down: stackers and feeders " cutters Salable cattle 200; salable calves none; compared Friday last week; strictly good, choice, and prime medium weight and weighty steers steady to weak; comparable yearlings scarce, steady; all other steers and yearlings 25 cents lower wilh weekend undertone dull; top weighty steers S13.75; light steers of long yearling type $13.25; year- .lings $12.75; largely steer and " : heifer run; fed steers above S13 ££,,* and not many under §8.75; heifers 25 to 50 cents lower; cows steady: bulls 2o cents lo\vfr; light vealers 25 cents lower but'weighty vealers steady; best fed heifers Sll; late "top on sausage bulls $7: cutter cows closed $5.75 down to $4.25; approximately 10 per cent more cattle--^mainly steers--here tliis week than week earlier. Salable sheep 4,000; compared Friday last week; fat lambs 25 to 35 cents higher; sheep 25 to 40 cents up; yearlings and feeding lambs scarce; week's lamb top $10, highest on fed wooled lambs =ince 1Q37; closing top $9.90; bulk good to choice Iambs this week $9 to S10; weightier offerings early dov/nward to $8.75: closing bulk S9.5D to $9.75; good to choice summer and fall shorn lambs this week $9 to $9.35; recently shorn offerings $8.25 to $8.30; top fed western'ewes'35.75, equal to highest in 1938; bulk $4.50 to $5.65; choice shearing Iambs $3.90. , i. '?""'* long J'MrHngs S11.25: choice fed heifers S850«I965- '°P.«ws S7: low cutters and ' " - , .. -- -.. _ *.ULLC*± ^t'-ja.'jj; sausage bulls 6.23; top S6.7J; medium 1. crs and fcedins steers s; ?.??',. c °. mpa -« d TM=Y l«t ivcek: VcalcS good stock- era and fcedms steers S7.75S9. Calves 100 ccms Jowcr; practical top HOGS 600; steady with Friday's aver . age: leiv L-hoice to 210 Ibs. $7,25; good 250 l bs . nS'"' : ° hcr CI * ,°° ; « m e ar ^ Slaughter lambs 2o cents J9.65 year: 'o.yo-it'.la: sou's ££ca nominal, riday !as«. week: higher; slaugh- of the time Saturday in a veryl light trade. Opening slight losses- gains, up i,; ly s finish. i Other grains also displayed firm- 1 lies.--. May oats advancing as much i as ·"·; cent and com and rye as ] nuich as r '.s cent. I Wheat closed !s to '· cent high- j r, May and July 68 to 67; s c; corn! unchanged to cent up, M a v ' 47-;s'-, July 49-ic; oats ':, to ·"· cent up, May 29-s to 29^c; soybeans unchanged to 1 cent up. May I asjic; rye i to ^ s cent up, May 41',sc: lard unchanged to 3 cents higher. CHICAGO CASU GKAl.V 'Saturday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, ,'JV-No cash wheat w5°e" : "^°' ~ ' CIIOWl 4'tlWi: Xo- = ·° a!S: v "- - mixed. 31: No. 1 wiirt*. J-i'^: taniplc sradc wliite I'au. Barley, malting. 52a60 nom.: feed 33 Ti42 nom.: timothy seed. S2.8oTi^.lJ nom red cloi-er 5133 1C notn.; red top SO^li' 7- nom. Lar £~7? icri:e ?' $ s ' s -' loosc . s -- 7) ; bel- LIVESTOCK ESTIMATE Moson City Grain c^ C o?^i^l£l|~ ,£ MASON CITY-For Saturda^ ULKJ, caltJc, 111,000: sheep, 13 OOO' hoc m i ?»0. *I will to OS t ; "· ce "" s *"_!""*? »«*. "0.000. No . 3 yellow co n '.'''/. ^. Livestock Markets MID-WEST HOGS Local Livestock MASON CITY-For Saturday. Steady. HOGS Good light lights 140-150 So.80-5.SO - Priccs Good light lights 160-170 5670-6*1 aood light news no-iso sG9o-7'oo Good light butchers .. 180-200 S7.10-7.20 Good light butchers .. 200-220 S7.10-7 20 Good me. wt. butchers 220-250 SC.95-7.'o5 Good me. ivt_ butchers 250-270 Stj.80-C 90 Goad me. %vt. butchers 270-290 S6 CO-6 70 Good me. vrt. butchers 290-325 S6.-15-6 53 Good me. vet. butchers 325-330 S 5 30 -6 -50 Good heavy butchers .. 330-400 SS.15-625 Good packing EOU-S ... 2/5-350 Sr7IO-G*o Good sows 350-425 S6.00-G'lO Good SOU'S 425-500 S5.90-600 Good sows 500-550 55.90-6.00 (The above is a 10:31) truck hog market ior good and choice boss.)' CATTLE Choice to prime steers, Jieavv M0.00-1I.OO Good to choice steers, heavy S S.50- U 50 Medium to good steers 5 7.50- 850 5"air to mcdinm steers s 650- 750 Plain to fair steers s 4.00- e!oo Choice to prime yearlings s 900- 950 Good to choice yearlings ... s 8.00- 3\3 Medium to good ycarlinss ... s 6.50- 750 Good lo choice hciTei-s s 3.00- 300 Medium to good Heifers s 7.00- sjjo Fair to merlium heifers ... 5 G O O - 7*00 Plain to fair heifers s 4 ; 0 rj. 6 ' 00 Go"" to choice con s. heavy .. s j.73- G 2j Juedlum to good cows s 5.2j- *i 73 Fair, to medium cows s 4~75- 5 - 2o. ?"2 e f 3 C'- '·"·· s 3M - *M Good to choice hca\-y toils .. s 5.50- 6.2.'. Calves, good lo choice"i3M90 s 7.0ol s'oo I Cndcd a t S "- '«· Saturday V«lrc Calves, med. to Rood 130-190 s 6.50- -!oo ^?. pr , arcti w i l h 2 2 -=»o a week Calvu, tuler. to med. 130-130 s 2.50d'vn ' °-' DD a - VMr "So. i Rathe, · ,, SHEEP loading Genuine spring lambs, Rood Spring lamb=, good lo choice Spring lambs, medium to sood ,, · · , · · · · · - · · · "0-SD S 5.00- 530 aprlng lambs, common s 4 0 0 - 5 0 0 6 - 20 SnS V ?.TM W1St E °° a t0 Ch °' Ce S 1 ' 5 °- =·'" i ^-f^'^""^ £·«£'·£: w^g Ibs ' w-9-0; «6 WATERLOO, i.4j Hoss 10 -His ^$'-TM a ^*'*°TM^ a ^'ix?3o IBS., SO.SOa,; 270-200 lbs.. S6.75ia6.85: 200=2;_ lbs.. 5e.CO®6.70: 025-330 Ibl, S6«« ,"£'· ??cking sows. 27.J-3M lbs.. SK.lSr., yellow corn New ear corn ' .25-33C WHEAT-- SATCRDAV G R A I N CLOSE CHICAGO, ,,!._ ^,- ClOaC J u l y v'".".'.'.'" "" "" ' *"'" Sep CORK-May Hisll . S ,68 - -K3 5 ,S7'i ,G7' . .63-! .. July ... Sep. OATS-- Jlaj- ... July Scp SOY BE Itay . . July ... Oct. ... RYE-May ... July ... Scp. ... LAUD-Mar. ... May ... JuK- ... Sep. ... .19 "a .30!.; 6.^7 6.S5 .47''. .-is 1 . .50'. .83 .86'.: B.3-1 6.32 Business, Stock Prices and Excess Bank Reserves BDQ June. 1937=100 400 300 200 100 1937 m /ri Oow^e^.s iBctmf,,'.! 1938 1939 STOCK MARKET LEADERS LOWER Dip Fractions to Point in Selling Obstacles; Traders Cash Profits I NEW YORK, /P)-The rising ] trend in the stock market encountered selling obstacles Saturday and leaders dipped fractions to jnore than a point. i With Mussolini scheduled to | speak in Rome Sunday, possibly toudiins on a neiv European crisis, many traders cashed profits on Friday's run-up. Noted School Authorities Speak at Teachers Meeting Waldorf College Choir Presents Opening Numbers Prudence Cutright, assistant superintendent or the Minneapolis public schools, headed the list of school authorities to speak on an exceptionally full program of (lie north central division of the Iowa State Teachers association at the high school auditorium Friday evening. * ''What Conservatives Might Learn from Progressives" was the subject of her talk. On the same program were Dr. James Marshall world traveler. Sidney. Australia' speaking on "An' Australian's Appreciation of America." and G L Howorlli. district customer relations supervisor, Northvvestc Stock List 2;'.'; 3D ii»j Lambert Lib O f Gl Loews Mar-.h Field Midcont Pi-t Mont Ward 43 Nasli-Kelv 1 Nat Biscuit 27 Nat Cash Res 21 Nat Lairv Pr 1-s Nat Distill NEW V O R K STOCKS 1I5y The Associated I'res.s) S a t u r d a y Final Quotation* Air Reduct 54 : -- Krc^ce A t Cil 4- Dye 170 Allied Stores 9'i Am Can 39:.. Am : For I* 2~~» Am Loco 22*i Am Had i St 1-t Am Roll Mill 1G» Am Sm Ret 43-a Am stl Fdrs '8=, Am Sue Del 20'. Am Tel i T 138'4 Am Ton B M'^ Am Wilt VVKs ll'i Anaconda 27^ Armour III 4-. At T S F :C'.. All Refill vo'1 Bait «: Ohio «', Bam.-dall I j J , Bcndix Aviat 23', Belli Stei'I 67» 4 3oeins Airpl 20'-, Bordcn igt,, Bore-Warrior 21*', Bridgpt Br 12'..' Budd iMfu :,=; Can D G Ale le'j -an Pac 31. rater Tract Dealings, slow at the opening I Be " Telephone company DCS '"'"'' '" ·""'- -- ' '-Moines. demonstrating '-Modern Telephone Magic.' 1 Choirs Sing The Waldorf College choir Forest City, under the direction of Odvin Hagen, sang seven selec r ;| j . . ·- **l"-uiii. failed to pick up much momen- j turn during the remainder of the two-hour session. Transfers were around 400,000 shares. As one Wall street commentator put it: -Whether or not a first- class crisis now impends, the outlook for several months threatens sporadic incidents and heightening tension. Small cause for surprise, then, that the edge has been taken off the domestic spring re- ry in this country.-' Rail loans displayed selective I H "mboldt. improvement in a mixed bond de- " : a TM not all partment. Commodities even. , were un- - S , 5 k ? Illcll »ed to give ground included U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, Chrysler, General Motors Dougas Aircraft, Anaconda, Westing- It i^l l i - n I f C- r » - - i _ l _ _ . _ _ ** Nat Lead Nat PO\V i; L B 1 ^ N Y Cent l VINO- Amcr Avl 13?i North Ainer 22 ; ·· Nor Pacific 10'» Oliver Farm 2.1 Otis Elevator 10' \ Oils Steel n t a Owcils III Gl RH a Packard 3~* Parani Pict 9 ( *- Pcnick For 52 " Penney 30 i r . Peim Ity :0'" PIiifliDS Pet 37** Proct Gam /(;:. . house, U. s. Rubber and Central. N, y .49^a Ch« A; Ohio 33 a * " - , C K \V C M St P i: P 6.1'7 6.37 fi-'i-v 6.70 OMAHA H B A I X {Salurday M a r k e t ) Corn: Yellow. No. 2, 42',i:; Nol 3 413;mixed, Xo. 3, 42,CS. ~ ' -' 76 r'5 Chrysler Coca-Cola Col C i- E Coml Solv Cmii-lih i- sou Con Edison Con Oil Con Can Con Oil Del Corn Prod Cun-Wrislit Deere Co Donslas v Air duoPnt ]: El Pow i LI' 9 Fairbajik5~Mo 33 Firestone 22 Gen EJcc 33 Gen Foods *l Gen Mills RI Gen .Motors G i l l e t t e ' Good rich Good, Gt Nor 4«=i I?-* 20 = i :;ii- Barley: Xo. 2, Rye: None. KANSAS CITY G R A I X ( S a t u r d a y M a r k e t ) KANSAS CITY, .J-j-Wheat. US cars: cent lou-cr to ' » cent higher: No 2 dark: hard 72 * i'ji 74' be: No Z 631'- a Cattle steady. COMBINED HOG R E C E I P T S , f Komcita'..^ i Hudson \ H u p p Victors ' HI Cent lilt Harvest hit Nick Can I n t Tot L T Johns-Man v KenntL-ott Pullman Pure Oil Radio Rcni Rand Rcpub Steel Hey Toi) B Sears' Rocb Shell Union Simmons Socony Vac Sou Pacific Std Brands Std Oil Cal Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J Stew-Warner Sludcbaker Swift Co Tex Corp To:; Gulf Snl Transamerica Un Carbide 7Q- Union Pacific 8$ Unit Air Li 11^ Unit Air Cor 33 Unit Corp 2' Unit Drug fi-i U S Gypsum 35 U S Rubber 4-1' U S Steel SGf KaJgreen IS* Warner Pict Sr Wcit Uii Te! 2J West El ft: M 10^ Wilson : Co · 3' Woot worth 47 Yd Tr A. C l«i. Ytigyl Sh i: T 42 r 71 ii' p 21' in 19 30 Resistant were Sears Roebuck ·bperi-j-. Allied Chemical, clu Pom American Telephone, Western Union, Standard Oil of N. J and ' Chesapeake Ohio. Bond Market- NEW YOIIK. ..I-,-- Sufficient sellins appeared in the bond market Saturday ?o bring a,, :rre e ular trend ,',, most sroupi Rail liens made a sliow of slreiiglli in early aealmes'oa llic favorable February income of a number ot important roads. but a trickling ot of/crines whittled dovn Hie advances before Ino close. Active Wiucs ijicludcd J\'ev.. Vork Central 5s _. - - - , -- ..^.^.i l i i i - un. c(_iiuii ui 11,1 -- len M. Smith, sang a group of selections. The program was in charge of President Edwin E. Swanson, Ugned with the progressives," said Miss Cuti-ight "and though what 1 say "may be critical. I have faith in the American system of education. Fifty or sixty years ago the critics of education were saying about the same things that they are today.'' Miss Cutri£ht said that in general schools were criticized for their failure to provide courses of study to promote academic proficiency beyond the elementary grade and that the public and elementary schools were doing just as good a job as the colleges. Much Dead Wood? "We wonder whether the progressives are correct when they say we are giving Johnny too much dead wood. We pay little at- concentration yards a n d o Maize, nom. Kafir i9c. Rye. nom. 44fc4o Barley, nom. 3i^ Old soc to si.»D OMAIIA LIVESTOCK ( S a t u r d a y Market! OMAHA, «;-- .0. S . department ot a s - ncullurc)--Salable caltlc 100; compared Friday an week: Stau G hter sttcrs and she stock weak to 23 cents lower; bulls -oa^ cents owcr: vealers stcadv- stoch- ers. feeders steady to weak: For week!.00- ! compared Fri^ y cmls' a hl E her- 1C: if 14 " 611 " 7 ClaSSC5 "'^ g'S-^fo b S95o- fed vvoolcd ln TM b * TM^ « ^t^* »Q. sfjearing Iambs 58.75 f/ 3; bred ewes S3®5.«. ^Salable HOGS 100; nom I^SfSS^^i 5 Butchers unevenly steady "to ]~ 5 lower, rnostly oS^O cents o f f : sows «o 3 cents lower; stags steady. S I O I X CITY LIVtSTOtK (Salarday SIOUX CITY. u, °f afiricuHurc;-- -__ S. department Salable rc- c yesrlines lastoo cenb lower; S and choice off least.- fat she stock'li to most ' " slK:ke « »"" f«dir s 3IIX.VEAPOLIS G K A I S (Saturday M a r k t l ) MINNEAPOLIS. ,T, -- Wheat 1 3t"i01«: fanc" No. 1 hard Monger cent protein. VS's'UfiO'a: ^o. ird or No. Tliard Montana w i n - · -*U: hard amber cJunim, Xo. 1, i; Ko. 1 red diyum. Gl 3 » i ;r.33 3B Corn. Ko. 3 yellow. 42'/,(i«»,.- (Dota- tions » f t cent higher. Oats. Ko. 3 white, 2T';,·; 29. Barley. 3011.66. Public Utility cmd A. M. SCHA.VKE CO. Telephone 1300. Mason City Bid and Ajkcd Saturtiar Ceiit St E! 6 pet pf .525 sari '-*:. Continental Gas i Elec pf . '. SO * Mate Power 6 pct pf v. state Power 7 pct pf r, lo'.va Electric Co O^ pc t pf "9 Electric Co 7 pc! pf so la Flee Lt 5: Power fi pct pf la Elec Lt i Power K ^ i pct p! cc Lt Power 7 pct pf Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LA.MSON BROTHERS CO. Mason Cily Office in Baslcv- Beek Buildiiij;. Telephone Xo. 7 Xlost induElrial.; and utilities held close lo Fridays final levels. With minor Bams near the finish were Pacific Gas J .«. Annmir ·!«. and Columbia Gas Sj". Leaning oackward were Bethlehem Sleet --..=. Inlernalional Hydro Electric S 3 . and International Telephone 5s. U. S. governments n-erc quiet. Onlv four issues appeared on the tape in tiic firs, hour with mosl ot Ihe deals con- within small fractions cither way prciious day's close n dollar bonds were featured b% of more Mian * point in Itaiiau tention to how the children may use the things we teach them. " --· ''The conservatives still talk about discipline. They talk of the Don Beatty Has Bad Start on Ail-Event Records for A. B. C. CLEVELAND, U.R--One o£ the most potent programs of the current American Bo\\'ling Congress championships was carded Saturday with a battery of the outstanding lineups of country scheduled to perform. Don Beatty, Jackson, Mich, was out to retain his all-events crown after a disappointing score Friday night. He rolled 598 in the team competition, against his 709 team score of last year. He opened with games of 204 and 227 and then was stopped by four wide open splits and had a 167 finisher. Old Frankenmuth Beers, Detroit, moved into the top spot in the five-man event, blasting the pins for a sizzling 2.95S total to pass Cleveland's F. Ziehm's funeral homos, who had been in the lead with 2.924. Johnson Aquar- Tap, Chicago, clouted the j sticks place. for 2,884 to take fifth DR. JAMES MARSHALL vhieeo of Ihe Foreig a rise " n d I t ° " ' 1 Some Smith American Loans also reanlercol lower. gains. German - COVERX3IEXT BONDS ISalurrJaj- M a r k e t ) NEW YORK. If--V. S bonds closed Saturday: Sovernmert Federal Farm Mortgage 3 . is , el. 103 31! Home Owners Loan 2»; s . 4» 102. " ' Home Owners 1.0311 3s. S2 1085 Produce ' .rOXE'S A V E R A G E S InJs. HI. 33 33.73 24.0.'. Cioic Total Sates CfllCAf.O STOCKS EutlL-r Bros 8 March Field -VEW V O R K CL'RH Am Gas «: El 3.V. Ford of Enr A'" Cyan B 22'^ Lockheed MASON CITY--For Saturday (Quotations by Swift Co.) Heavy liens over 5 pounds He Heavy_ hens over 4 pounds, including 5 pounds 13,. Light and Leghorns .... 1U" Eggs, Specials " i«" Eggs, No. I '.','"loc Eggs, Under Grades ', n c Merchants Quotations ,, in trade .J2-14c* Eggs, casli i')_u,. Butter, Jo\vn State Brand Butter. Corn Country. Butter. Plymouth . . . . Butter. Very Best Butter. Clear Lake . . . . Butter, Brookfield Russet Potatoes, peck 30c .. ..28c social heritage as priceless, something that must be passed on at all costs. "The progressives outline the needs ancj interests ot pupils and stress activities that may be used in democratic life. Subject matter is selected on the basis of what the pupils need. Search for Needs 'The main difference is in the starting point. We have abandoned the notion of a fixed standard today. We let the needs determine the subject matter. We du not put ourselves in a position where we let the pupils' interest determine the curriculum, but we must make use of our talent to explore and discover material that will be more of a challenge to pupils. "Interest in hobbies shows to what extent a child will go if he is interested in his subject. Unless a pupil has a deep sense of value of the things learned he cannot learn well. Things which have no* apparent value stay on the surface and soon evaporate. The body of the material must have value to be interesting. ''The progressives have carried on experimental programs. They have made mistakes, but their contribution is to select subject matter that \viP ' live a good life. 30c Should Select Matter · - ^8c "That which is learned · · -° c cannot be used is soon forgotten -Be I The teacher should be free to G. L. HOWORTH Coast, Detroit Ace in Court Top Match NEW YORK, U.R--Dave Freeman of Pasadena, Cal., and Walter Kramer of Detroit met Saturday in the final of the National Badminton championship. Freeman. scored, a 15-8, 15-5 win over Ken Quigley of Cleveland and Kramer eliminated W. C Sikes, New York, 15-7, 15-10 in the semifinals. For the women's title Miss Mary Whittemore of Boston meets Mi=s Helen Gibson of Westport, Conn. Miss Whittemore won from Miss Zoe Smith of Seattle in the semifinal, 11-8, 11-3, while Miss Gibson triumphed over Mrs. Del Barkhuff of Seattle. Mrs. Barkhuff and Miss Smith reached the doubles final where they will meet Miss Gibson and her Westpori, Conn., teammate, Mrs. Roy Bergman. Cubs, Sox Ready to Open Spring Games LOS ANGELES, U.R--Chica- go's National league Cubs and American league White Sox opened a 10-game spring training series Saturday with the National leaguers holding a two-game advantage as result of earlier meetings. The Cubs wound up their spring series with the Pittsburgh Pirates at San Bernardino Friday with an 8 to 4 victory. Joe Marty, the Cubs world series sensation last fall, sparked the victory drive with a home run that scored two men ahead of him. The Sox completed their spring series with the L.OS Angeles Angels Friday, winning from the Pacific Coast league team 6 to 4. Hub to Face lowan in Cleveland Game · NEW ORLEANS, La., (U.R)--The New York Giants met the Cleveland Indians here Saturday in the first of their 11-game spring series. The Giants have won five out to earn a lot, ' ing four eames with thn' ^^,,-, you must get cut of the Aching delphi, ^££S profession. . System is Different "The educational system eir farmhands three. - . . . . . . l u i i i i i ^ J S L C E I I HI r Australia consists of a kindergar- Jersey City straight, in Hal Schumacher was expected \vlll help a child to '? n and elementary schools and a fe. f «.yc year high school course. Pu- J pi is must take seven courses for and ' [L v ° y f?' S - At thc end of "this"time i ! they take examinations for trance nt the universities Dr. Marshall con to start and Carl Hubbeli will be saved for Sunday when a resumption o( the Hubbell-Bob Feller act is anticipated. en- | Yanks, Cards Meet 61 63 :u 32 S2 · = e "' choice cutler grades to sood S5.7o37: lighter \v heavies S6.50a6.75: Vort Hides »»« F i f l b S t r r r t Soothrrejl "Oxhide, 80RSE »"'" From uTb?.^""" 11 ' 1 ""'" From 13 lbs.. down ' Bull hides u b l i c Service 7 pel pt 10H la Ko.ith Util 6 pct p! 6 la Soutli Ctil K' = pct pf 17 Soutl. Util 7 pel pf ...' 29 Minnesota P A; L fi pct v( .. 3n Minnesota P I. 7 pct Bf S3 Northern St Power 6 pet pf 64 Aorthem Si Power 7 pct pf 71 N W St Portland Cement com 23 Rath Packing j pel pf 102 i ?. 101 ; :; c "v Gas * EI - pct P t 03 tmted Lt Power class A 2 l;ni!cd Lt A: Power Class B Pi | United Lt Power pf 30 j Lnilcd Lt A; Rys 6 p c t P f 75 I l/nitcd Lt Rys 6.36 pct p! 79 ' United Lt i Rys 7 pct pf 571 i ucstcm Grocer pf 7^ Western Grocer com . '.'.'.".. 4 Briggs .llfg Co 24 Ccr tic Pa sco 40[ i Ches i Ohio 3.V» CMStPP pf .', Ciirl.Wr Co A l'4 :t Dist Cor Sea I B ' . EJce Auto Li 3.T» Eric U R Co l - i Frccport Tex 22 Gen Am Trail 52 Gliddcn Co 20 Gone! .T'. Ct Nor Ore 2.V, rou Oil -nciv/ 0=* Inspiration !r,'^ Kroscr 24- L « Lch Port Cr- 21 -'a Plymouth Hub Eer N J Pullman Pitritv Bak R K O Ilco Motors St Jos Lead ,":c ; ^ Simmon3 Co 2~--. So Cal Edison ZG 3 . Spcrn.' Corp 42'^ St G ~ E ;;'; Ti Wa As Oil 13'j Vanadium 24-s Un Oil Cal 1C- Vn Gas Ini 12'« Warren Bros .1 White Motors in Wortli P u m p in Lamson Brothers Market Letter S1OIJX CITY, tTV-fWtry unchanricd. Buttcri Creamery butter. and tellectual de\-elopment is highly cafe -- . important and it must occupy an Mr Howorth .iioic- important place in the school sy- ' u «"n», Manager of the an Mr. Howorth. delving into the Cards planned to start Paul n ,,- m ^-«r* S ri|=rK-=ri.-js- B E ffflss^rfttr juslW aasrwa fiitc.\r;o rnoDucc i S a t u r r l a v MarkeU tion to teaching skill and subjec! uS^S 0 ' ·*-**««· UKMK; Pn«« Eggs, 2B.82 unsettled; fresli K r 3 dcd iirrts. car.=. i G ' i : storage packed c^tr^s l^i; sloragc packed firsts, IT 1 -; other pnccs unchanged. ;- a v crawc CHICAGO--Wheac--TIicrc \vas a utllc firmness ID v.'hcat Saturday infiucnccd oy strcnctlr in Winnipeg \vhcpq there- was short covcrinp which activity was probably caiKcd by (he fact liiat ilus5t- l i r i i \vil] broadcast sn address Sunday. TJicrc "fl.s some ,in\Jcty a? to his a t t i - Itidtr in tlic European political situation Thcrr u-j»s not much in tlic action uf Liverpool. Tv\o A i i f t r a l i a u whoa' Xi:tY V O f t K PRO D U C K NT.VV YORK! U 5 l lElS! !e 33.23C. .veal--. ·Mixed colors: Extra fancy selection, IS-"* '·!22: ,slaiidarcl.. Io'.r18 ] 4 ; fir,-itc 17- m( .. diitn.s. 15: dirtier. N*o. 1, ] chee:^. 15: storage packed I Bvitlcr. 7C8.8B3. irregular. " Creamery: Hwihcr thr.n c:;tra. 23W,23' 4 : extra W score'. I ' 4 » i 1 r 2 » i : firsts 'C3-QU 23' 4 ^ 24' a: second? i B4-B7', 22Q22.3 \ Cticc^c. 111.734. steady. Stale w t i n j c iinik Mftts, currrnl tnakc.^. I4 3 ;til3. Other prndes unchanged. ion to leaching skill and subject company showed m4.w inT» " ' n n p M l "e Boston Bees .auer ,, that U ,vHl stay with the j ractf j^ S^*^^ ^^Se.^ijJL *?£ in reality a ! farmhands 8 to 3. "'".I*?: . . _, i enc e in what was \Ve must study programs and '· magic show sift out truths from experimental Demonstrates Telephone '· f 11 T- groups and take that which will He demonstrated cab"es in j Co W T Play an effective part in dcmoo i which there were 3600 .trands of i ^ l ' Kansas City CHICAGO, ir.--Bultcr luturcs. stora 3 c i »;in.ii mere were 3.600 strands of A K TN i i op-'th^h 0 £«£S£ TM1I! Meet at Dr ake U ·^-f^n^i^K-h^'A^eX'^ I Permalloy. He told association will hold a series nf lie* *»fff/»?n.-i«i. t . ^ j i, mr»«'t! t«^ -* n _ *-- . «*-i ic^ ui meetings at the Drake ve^ a D ^"°TM*: A ff» 's.and^ 5 al Interesting D:\ Marshall closed the eve- ! be carried ning's program with "An Aus- i steel, the effe. Italian's Appreciation o£ Amen- [ mission and ca,'' which proved to be one of · how telephone efficiency ha'd been the most interesting speeches ot j increased through scientific re- the convention, due to thc per- search and demonstrated the use sonalily he gave the land of thc I of vacuum tubes in '·upside down.' 1 ; of telephone calls He literally ncoDcrcd }ii^ in'!- \ oceans. ^ i « l - l % , i . . . . . luorn: iJlilns lOr T c l r n t with interesting facts about his! One of the most interesting! held here durine ihV counti-- which he said was a land i P al ' ts of '» s demonstration was thc| school sc«ion o' 350 hinds of native animals. s P cc( -'h scrambler that changes the ach species of which earned its I electrical frequency anil makes Bill Frey. ,, transmission j trainer and secretary of th across the i "afion, said Saturday i will make plans for r °"' a i , ° WOOT. S. dc FIGHT RESULTS !'·' The Associated Press MINNEAPOLIS--Paul Hartnek. 1 Ihis ycar\ American crop would be around 6.000.000 bushcl.s if yields on fn diratcd iicrcnsc src sliovil average. Tlie.v also cuimnlcd Ilic carryover J u l We would stlribinc raoH of t h c Urcnsth in Snlurri.iy'.-. «heat m a r k e t (o rA-cniriR U D of short contracts pending Ino foreign polilicjl developments over thc ·.vcctcend. Coin--Tlicrc 4 raore A c l i v i t v corn market. There _ "i !»c ,, little btivtne By cash houses. The amonnl on pasinoe (icurcs in com will probably increase Old crop A r g e n t i n e offers arc scarce b-it American parcels arc michanccd and t;-c demand is slow. LADIES AID MEETS K A ,V A W II A--The LutlK U-Hlics Aid society met Thursday afternoon at the chui-ch with Mrs . Thf As.tociated Bid and skccl. Corporate Trusts sli . . . Corp Tr 5h A A Mod Corp Tr SU Accum Scr Corp Tr S}) Accnm ."Mod Dividend Shares Maryland Fund Mass Invest Tr ] Xalionu-idc Sec Nationwide- Sec Voting .* New E n p l a n d Fund Xor Am Tr Shares lain . Nor Am Tr Shares 1535 , . Quarterly Income Shares Selected Am Sh Inc Super of Am Tr A . Trustee Std Oil Shares A Trustee Std Oil Shares E U S Elec I.I ,t Pow A . V S Elcc 1.1 Pow B . | U S Elec Tt Pow Vtc . 3.40 2.T.I =.29 2.13 1.24 3.20 30.70 3.63 1.27 2.33 Z.76 3.30 3.31 S.12 1.V873 , "You should appreciate what j cent ,j cf the telephones ; you have in America. If you don't j "' orld - j want to vote in America, you i I don't have lo. In Australia if you I T 135 d .°"' t votc you ave fin «3- Poli- ! · J.BS ' " c ians must make a deposit with i T 22.25 j the government before they may ·'-'^ Apfs. for Rent 1.42 13.56 run for office. This is done to keep nit-wits from running for office. It stops a number, but of course the system isn't perfect and you ' can't stop all of them. "We are indebted to you for You can't tru=t your .. i . i _ _ - , ·»""· and Mrs. hostesses. Sheldahl u ones. ay you as : one time they choose not To argue, i I--Lincoln Star. many things-- foremost of which are probably your ideas of education. In Australia, however, if you are a teacher you are on civil service. The state trains you and T I»Io U Little Has * C il r I in OOUth UOl GREENSBORU. N. Car fyp,_ Lawson Little, the former California amateur who is a newcomer to professional golf, entered the second round of thc 72-hoIe S5.000 Greensboro open Saturday with a four stroke lead over the reH of the brigade. He scored a 65. ! ATLANTA GIRL WINS .,_ . · I , -a ·· ··*"*-n j irivit3tion ', tontiol ( golf champmnship by beating M r = ' only to yo U ,-in, a plc^!S P W nIa rrK S ^ 3 a n d ',' DEAD LIVESTOCK Pojr for Phone Calls BL °y» Nighfs Phone 3758 P h o n e 3836 Lund Sales Stable and Rendering Co. MASON CITY

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