The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 28, 1931 · Page 1
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 1

Mason City, Iowa
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Saturday, March 28, 1931
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1 H A S L O N £ ft H I S M E U « A R T D E P T OF 10*4 O F S M O I N E S North Iowa's Edited for the Home "THE NEWSPAPER THAT MAKES AWL NORTH 1OWANS NEIGHBORS" HOME E D I T I O N CENTS PER COPY PRESS LEASED WIRE SERVICE MASON CITY, IOWA, SATURDAY, MARCH 28. 1931 UNITED PRESS AND INTERNATIONAL NEWS SUPPLEMENTAL. SERVICE NO. 147 Hill Tells Riot Cause Convicts of Higher Type Are Leaders, Stewart Learns SNOWSTORM BLOCKS HIGHWAYS . (Charles P. Stewart, touring America in order to scan the American, vista, stops off In | Joliet, Ilh, to get a first hand , a view of the prison situation.) ' «.,. · -· ·' · t By CHARLES P. STEWART ] OLIET, 111.,.March 28. (CPA)-Convicts of today simply will not *{endure the treatment that the tough Jold characters of the pre-war era -- s u b m i 11 e d to. They prefer to be killed. This is the conclusion I draw Boyd Defends Medical Funds Handling ASSERTS POLICY OF RESERVE IN BANK WAS WISE from talks with I 1 x i r · f folk best ac- Alcr« I jprpnrK Waivpi" or quainted w i t u | TM S 0 L'ereilUb VY dlVCI Ul Interest on Funds TAKING WRECK VICTIM TO RESCUE SHIP the recent', prison riots here and at State ville, a n d with the causes leading up to them. It fortifies the impression t already h a d Kept There. D ES MOINES, March 28. (JP)--W. R. Boyd, Cedar Rapids, chairman of the board of education fl- gathered f r a m I nance committee, today defended ·) -~Henry~C Hill.' 'persons to a pos- me handling of the Rockefeller \ ition best to understand outbreaks rae dical funds at-the University of ' in New York's, Colorado's and other j owa . I , states'penitentiaries, as"well as the Tes tifying before the legislative, : Columbus! O., insurrection and fire, m v e s t i t r a g committee, Boyd ex, resulting in the cremation in. their g!ied the belief that it was vase cells of several- hundred inmates ct ^ retain m j. he ^^ National bank the Buckeye institution some a( . Iowa Q.^ a por tion of the money |p months ago. , instead of investing the entire $4,- "· Penitentiary rebellions on a large UQQ.OOO in government bonds. He 1 scale are a new thing. Having ajso defende( j W aiver by the board started, however, there are plenty or 7g2 jntereHt on the funds left them. It is'impossible not to won- ^ fcank der, since they are so common now, ,. u the bank had been obligated why there were .none of them for- to interest on this trust fund," merly. . . Boyd said, "the bank should be en/ ' The obvious answer is that we * whatever the fund earned j , . _ _ _ ; 1.r«r? rt* rt/t*11Tl/»r . I __ . . * J1 IT-.-- l^n-nlp * 3 LAWS ON USE OF WEAPONS GO THRU IN HOUSE Machine Guns Barred by D Senator Lafe Hill's Measure. ,ES MOINES, March 28. Steps to tighten the laws re- Five Children Die in Storm as Bus Stalls Condition of 18 Thot Serious; Driver Missing HOLL1, Colo., March . 28. #"--Five children were frozen to death in a school bus stranded in a bllz zard 45 miles northeast of Lamar Eighteen other children, occupant of the bus, were In a serious condl tion today. The storm swept the re gion Thursday. News of the tragedy, which occurred late Thursday night, reached here this morning as the bodies were brot from the prairie country have a new kind of convict. i · - * * * ; T HEAR the same thing said at | 1 Joliet that I heard reported from the New York, Colorado and Colum- I bus prisons--namely, that the cap- 1 tives responsible for most of the ±nouble were the best type of human i-fflaterial; that is "to say, the better /educated, comparatively clean-cut ·k ;· -L -.-l-V*^.ii~-?-,,,fc -4VA"iWn"nftnpn-.QUi, Tflenhoto rushed from Horse Island, Newfoundland, to Boston iy airplane, , ,, - . , . , ,, , c* B o F i r s t p h TM o f VHdnr disaster, showing seamen carrying victim to the rescue ship Foundation Franklin" which is taking them to St. Johns. Newfoundland, garding the use and possession of deadly weapons were taken by the house today in the passage of three measures on the subject already ap- I proved by the senate. The bills introduced by Senator Lafe Hill, Floyd, prohibit the possession of machine guns except by I law enforcement officers, give peace. I officers legal right to carry loaded guns, rifles and other weapons in automobiles while on duty and permit the chief of th e state bureau of 1 investigation to issue permits to members of his force to carry con r cealed weapons. ' The house receives from the sen- tlicrtce telephoned to Chi- ate the combined income tax and Then the state would owe the bank.' No Secrecy In Acts. There was no secrecy and no conniving in. buying the government securities, Boyd testified, and he said the board had felt proud of the method-in which the transaction w a s handled. , , . , ,, * W. J. McChesney; bank president .-treasurer, acted-as i'oMi^t^sMaittn^ V* '* --T^J--*^-!'?-3T-^-»TM ~t*. I county assessor bill, passed last 1 Wednesday. No action was taken on. the bill which probably will be Lindy's Idea in Designing r" L. - HftDoran and Repre-. pass.'.for 'tolerably decent chaps :ir 1 they were 1 'at large; These spirited youngsters are not so easy to keep knocked over the nose as the Bill Sikes' were. The Bill Sikes'- were ugly and sullen, and yet they "were accustomed to being treated-like criminals and accepted such treatment accordingly. The (Turn lo Faco 12, Column 3). TURNERPLEADS FOR INCOME TAX! Hopes House Will Act Early to Give Senate Another Chance. holding part _.. Allen pressed reason for with- the Rockefeller institution; issuing: 1 thetSraffc · :ve'l9pea ; 'frtm x an.'ideapf suggested b'y':· Colonel Charles.-A. Lindbergh, will be'. completed here next week and'flown, to Detroit for its first public exhibition at the national air show. money, inasmuch as they said there jj ^ mee t s the expectations_ of en- was no immediate need for the g^ers, jt can cruise with six pas- funds. · ' sengers at a speed of between 190 "I had' nothing to do with the and 2 QO miles an hour, carrying a building program," Boyd remarked g ago une supply sufficient for a four repeatedly. "It is a question of nour flight and a reserve tank for judgment as to whether some of the ano ther half hour money " *~ I " 1 " "" f " ' 28. ' DES MOINES, March An appeal for passage bj senate 'of the state income tax -- . . made last night by Qov. Dan | judgment "Didn't you believe any loss from a decline in bond prices would ,be less than the interest account?" asked Dorau after Boyd had remarked that not all the fund was placed in securities because of possible drop in value. "We were concerned with cc serving the principal," the answered, pointing out that the board had decided against distributing the money in Iowa banks because of the unstable financial situation. He testified the portion withheld was left to McChesney's Changed landing Gear. : a low-wing Lockheed ROGERS 't**%/c* Leaders Fail to Agree on Tax Increase '^·^··:^'K^^^jf!'-^.^K'fsi^\i£''--'- ' ' ' brot up the first of next week. Several Ways Open Several ways of handling the bil are open to the house: It can con near Towner, Colo. The dead: Lucille Stonebraker; Orlo TJn- teiflt; Robert Brown; Kenneth Johnson and Mary Miller The children range in age from 8 to 14 years. Driver Not Found Carl Miller, driver of the bus anc father of one of the children, had not been found this morning. -His )us stalled in the snow. Miller lef in search of help and became lost in drifts which ranged from 10 to 12 feet. The 18 children who survived ar being cared for at farm homes. Parents of the 23 children alarmed at the failure of the schoo bus to arrive, organized a searc late Thursday but it was not untl late last night the bus was foun stalled in deep snow. Those who survived probably will recover. Roads were Impassable today, the sole survivor. See where .the republicans threatened to make an issue .out of the carryings on of Tammany hall. Tammany says: "Ye-eah; well you just start and when we open up on you!" Prominent men, or organiza- tione cannot get back at some enemy like they would like to, for their own nose is not clean. They claim business ia getting better, because there is fewer apples being sold on Wall street. Lord that only means it's getting worso. Yours, cur in senate amendments, refus to concur, or amend and concur. The house also passed today the Rigby bill Which would-make bank drafta s ;tsisued'jiupOivV deposit. of' quis which was purchased by Colonel Lindbergh, who flew it from Los Angeles to New York a year ago in 14 hours and 45 minutes. But in the year that has passed, engineers 9 i(tl, KcN.mM BjnJIc.t.. lot. a retractable landing gear have changed it so that only a general resemblance remains. - Going a step beyond the Idea of a retractable landing gear, engineers have made the tail wheel retractable without making it rigid,when it is in position for landing. .The tail statio WHO Boyd admitted that $35,000 was whe el disappears in the fuselage and a o declared that deposited in the American Trust the landlng gear into the wings by Savin ^ 3 bBnk at Cedar over radio WOT Tta «S ^°9; "H"* ^!? one of the ftatures of h?s ta.° revis on plat" of which he is a director He said, form however, an equal amount of gov- "As the matter now stands, the ernment bonds was ^ ^ d ^ The pilot, instead of being seated whole matter of tax revision 'is in the deposit was withdrawn when £ Qf th(j fuse , is placed jeopardy," Turner said. the state department objected to o behind the motor in a cov . The governor directed attention the university's being made a spe- I . J . .. , ------ . . _ _ ,, _ ^^ .. to the fact that the senate attached cial creditor. the assessor bill to the income tax Cannot Remember. bill when it passed it and that the | Attorney Denis Kelleher sought means of hydraulic pressure, controlled by a lever in the cockpit. PI need Behind Motor. ered cockpit, stream-lined a third of the distance along the top o£ the fuselage. The passenger, compart- Michigan Given First Chance at Notorious Burke JEFFERSON CITY^ Mo., March 28 (jTi--Extradition papers for the return of Fred Burke, notorious gunman and gangster, to Michigan,, were honored by Gov. Henry b. Caulfield today. Burke ia held at St. Joseph, Mo. Preparations deeper' into 'tKejp]ockets\ of its 'citizens to meet increasing expenditures and a prospective $700,000,000 deficit was the subject today of discussions in the capital. Legislators and organizations alike took part in the talks, but it was considered unlikely either major party would push a proposed tax increase at the next session of congress because of the nearness of the presidential election. While these discussions were under way, the treasury prepared to issue on Monday $100,000,000 in SO day bills to help counter-balance the deficit and pay veterans loans. Favor Increase, Aligned in favor of a tax increase were at least three progressive republicans-- Senator Norris of Nebraska and Borah of Idaho, and Representative Frear of Wisconsin. Senators Reed, republican, Pennsylvania, and Walsh, democrat, M o n t a n a , asserted they were against the proposal. Norris satd he believes money making the search for Millar difficult. Closes Dismissed. MlUerls bus stalli About KhSO io'clockS' - ' ' uui wiic^ «. *»·=--- .. . - u, ·,, i ment is behind the pilot. Visibility house had since rejected the asses- to fix the responsibility for the in- frQm th(J cockpit is increased by the SOT bill for a second time. troduction of the interest waiver use for tne £irst time of curved "It is my strong hope," Turner resolution at a board meeting in safety plate glass, said, "that the house will act on April, 1929. Boyd said he could not vVitb a 425 horsepower super- the bill and send it back to the sen- recall any of the details, and was char g e( j motor, the top speed of the ate without delay. Then the senate unable to say who first proposed SQip lg ea tinmted at 225 miles an will be definitely .obliged to decide for or against the Income tax--for or against a measure to reduce taxes on farms, homes, buildings · and general tangible property." (Turn to Pane 2, Column 8). hour.. AUNT HET By Kobert Quillen "Maybe 'Bill wasn't to blame,,even if he was guilty. His wife ia always so polite to him, he most likely for- 'got he was married." ALBERT LEA MAN AND WIFE HELD Arrested on Charge of Rum Extortion; Austin Man With Them. KANSAS CITY, March 28. William S. Doyle, 30, of Albert Lea, Minn., and his bride of a month, were held Vi the county jail here today while officers investigated complaints the man was attempting fo extort money from prespec- tlve liquor buyers. Several residents m cities near here reported Doyle had approached them with offers to sell Canadian liquor, but was asking a deposit of $12.50 a case. He had taken no orders. Officers said Doyle admitted he did not intend to deliver the liquor. Two traveling companions, Clifford Creegan, 24 y Austin, Minn., and Miss Julia Kline, 22, also were held. Creegan said he had been em- n 1n*.nsl « n T^fMil A ' B nVia llf filllT 1 DAISY OUT OF JAIL AT LAST Success Crowns Efforts of Clara Bow's Former Secretary. LOS 'ANGELES, March 28. UP)-Daisy De Boe, blond ex-secretary and former companion of Clara Bow, was at home today, success crowning her sixth attempt to gain release from jail on $5,000 bond. "And I won't, be back," she said. "We can't loae." The girl who promised to "tell all" about her former actress employer, from whom she was - convicted of stealing- $825, and stopped telling only when she was ordered to do so by the court, was elated at her release. "Gee, I feel like singing," she said. She had served more than 60 days of her 18 .months term. Her release was ordere'd by the district court of appeals on a habeas corpus were immediately beguiTby the Michigan authorities to return Burke to St. Joseph, Mich., where he is wanted for killing a policeman. Michigan has no death penalty, so the most Burke can be given is life imprisonment. An armored motorcar, equipped with machine guns, waiting at Macon, Mo., in the northeast section of the state, to .proceed to St. Joseph, in Northwestern Missouri, to return Burke to St. Joseph, Mich., was ordered to leave for St. Joseph, Mo., as soon as the extradition was ordered. To discourage the curious who wish to see the alleged killer, a blanket has been placed over the wire partition between the office of the police station and the cell block. Burke lolls in his cell, apparently I disinterested in outside happenings Ordered to Pay $300 in Suitfor $25,000 FORT DODGE, March 28. IW--A district court jury here has orderefi Michael J. Fodge, farmer near here, to pay John Feller, 15, 5300 as settlement for a §25,000 damage suit filed by the latter's father. Fodge is alleged to have fired at Feller with a shotgun last October, seriously wounding him. Fodge testified that Feller and two companions had been throwing atones at his hous« and that he fired one shot into the should be raised by increasing inheritance taxes and raising the levy on bigger Incomes. Frear said the government "should not be operated on borrowed money." Raises Obligations. "Every other governmental unit raises its obligations by taxation," Jie said yesterday. "We must do likewise." But Reed said that instead of increasing taxes congress should refuse "handouts to the soldiers an( farmers." He advocated abolition of the farm board. "The present tax rates will yiel enough for all ordinary expenses,' he asserted. "If congress will de velop the courage to say no it wil not need,to increase taxes." All-Indian Congress Committee Ratifies Gandhi-Irwin Truce KARACHI, India, March 28. OP) A resolution ratifying the Delhi truce between Mahatma Gandhi and Viceroy Irwin was adopted today by an overwhelming majority by the All-Indian Congress com- ·The McLelaria bill .permitting'un- incorporated towns to establish volunteer fire departments and exempting the members from poll tax and jury service was passed by the senate, with, opposition. Senator Lew MacDonald of Cherokee county opposed exempting the volunteer rrrcmen from jury service, but his motion was defeated. The bill provides for volunteer departments of 10 men with fire-fighting equipment purchased by public subscription. Copy of Nebraska. · The senate a:so approved the Stevens bill providing for service on the secretary of state on actions gainst non-resident motorists. Sentor Stevens said the bill was a copy f tha Nebraska law. Senator L. H. Doran, Boone, said hat under the present law lowu esidents were put to great expense n actions against motorists from other states in cases involving the tilling of rtiimals or personal injury. A'committee bill making it a mia- demeanuor to destroy identification marks on manufactured goods also vas approved. The upper house passed a house bill permitting fire- nen to use two trot lines having not more than 25 hooks each. The Hopkins bill adding the study of Iowa history to the curriculum of common schools was tense that classes'.': were'Dismissed at the-Towner school..Miller called for the pupils and started with 23 of them for their homes. At Pleasant Hill, 18 miles north of Holly, the bus stalled in. a 12 foot drift, with the snow coming down so thick it was impossible to see any distance ahead. Miller stayed with his child passengers all day Thursday and Thursday night. Friday morning he started afoot for help, telling the children he intended to find a. telephone. Miller never reached the telephone. The children played school games all day Friday, but last night the severe cold took its;toll. Five perished. Of the 18 survivors, nearly all are suffering from pneumonia and several have frozen hands, faces and feet. The small amount DRIFTS DEFYING ALL EFFORTS TO GET CARS THRU Bus M a r o o n e d Near Rudd;' Plows Are Working. ' N ORTH IOWA was caught ia thet grip of the worst snowstorm of the winter Friday night and Satur- ay morning. Continually drifting now came near paralyzing motor raffle, while all north and west- )ound trains were late. Fruitless efforts to clear the main highways out of the city were made Saturday morning by snowplows under the supervision of the lighway commission. Three plows mounted on trucks were put Into operation early In the morning, but the snow drifted back into the highways as fast as they were cleared. One plow, going east, became stuck in a huge drift near Nora Springs and was forced to return. Plans were made to send in a more powerful plow as soon as tho wind died down sufficiently so the openings would not be filled in immediately. Couldn't Get Thru. Scores of persons who daily maka the trip from Clear Lake to Mason. City found the highway impassable* Saturday morning. Several automobiles and trucks were said to bo in the ditch between Mason City and Clear Lake, as well as on other highways radiating from here. The east and west highways were in worse shape than the north and south roads, according to information from road supervlsprs, ,prpb- ' JB 'fact that th b, wind - Iftt'/ tKJ^iKaT«ipFin., The storm practically tleijUtSjtijo.., facilities of the JefferHOh' ; ,Trarii$oji:; Thuradayvmorning. . T h t -.ably dueitaLl h £ fa '' ' tatton company Friday night* and Saturday morning. The only bus to leave the local station Saturday- morning was one bound for Mlnne-' polls, which started out at 7 clock, with the understanding the river was to call back Jf he was forced to stop. As no word was re-, elved before noon indications were; hat the bus got thru. ' Bus Is Marooned. No attempt will be made to send jusea east or west until the situa- .ion clears, it was stated. The bus which le£t here Friday night for Vaterloo was marooned in a drift (Turn In THBO 2, Column 1). (Torn " 2, Column T). (Turn lo 2, Column 7). mittee. Doors of Only Bank at Rockwell Closed ROCKWELL, March 28.--Doors of the First National bank of Rockwell, only local bank, were closed today by order of the directors, ac- dark. Sheep Has Quadruplets. GLENVILLE, Minn., March 28.-James, Mllford and Milton Larson who live north of town are the own- ners of a ewe which gave birth to cording" to a statement signed oy W. A. Regan, examiner in-charge. W. F. McClelland Is president and F. C. Sleg, cashier. The bank was capitalized for ?25,000 and had been reorganized. MACNIDER HERE FOR ONE DAY Arrives on Crest of Storm to Look After His Business in City. · Again putting in his appearanqe on the crest of a storm, Col. Hanford MacNider arrived in Mason City Saturday morning to spend a day attending to his business interests here. His visit to the city was cut short two hours by the fact that his train from Chicago was late, having been slowed down by the snowstorm. He planned to leave again Saturday night. The colonel spent a large part? of the Say in his office in the North Federal building and with his associates at the First National bank. | He merely smiled and started talking about the weather when his attention was called to an item by a Washington correspondent in the Globe-Gazette Friday, stating tho Mason City man was being consid- 6 Are Burned to Death as Blaze Ravages Village MARSHFIELD r Wis., March 28 W)--Six persons, four of then members of one family, wer burned to death in a fire which de stroycd three business building and several residences early toda in the village of Loyal, 20 mile west of here. The dead are: ·· Mrs. Natt Bever, 30. Mrs. Joseph Shober, SO. Robert Christcnsen, 10. Marie Chrlstenscn, 4. Sirs. Frank Chrlstensen, 35, and Jane Chrlstensen, 5. Mrs. Christensen and her daughter Jane died at a hospital here. With their deaths all of the Christensen family with the exception of the father, became victims of the tragedy. a . g "our Robbers Fail in New York Bank Holdup NEW YORK, March 28. (Al--Ail attempt was made by four men with guns to hold up the Seventy-ninth street and Amsterdam avenuei branch of the National City bank today. The burglar alarm was set off by a clerk, and the robbers' fled, one of them being captured after a running gun pursuit dov/n^ Broadway. WEATHER 'ployed as "boyie's chauffeur. ' action brot by her attorney.- L',liU''EK-S.?:YXV;iiOTr,^^ Club Prepares Cantata. C O U L T E R , March 28.--An Easter cantata will be presented in the Lutheran church in Coulter Sunday afternoon by the girls glee ered as President Hoover's running mate in 1932. "You certainly have terri^e weather here in Iowa," he said. "In Canada we have had nothing like this." His attention was then called to the fact that his visits to Mason City this winter have as a rule been accompanied by severe storms and that between visits the atmosphere has been unusually amiable. don't affect the weather in club; sponsoredf by Misses Edel Jen- "I don't affect the weather son and Maude Beach. 1 Canada that way," he answered. ECONOMIC UNION FOR PROTECTION Austria and Germany Hat to Compete With U. S. and Russia. BERLIN, March 28. (VP)--Large national economic units, particular ly the United States and sovie Russia, were pictured today in re ports of an address of Dr. Kar Renner, former Austrian chancellor as having been made the projecte economic union of Austria and Ger many necessary. Dr. Renner, speaking before th Austro-German people's union, sai that the economic unity of th United States had long challenge the existence of disunited tariff rid den Europe, while recently sovie Russia has risen as a new grea nationalized and unified trad J force. Partly cloudy and colder Saturday night, Sunday generally fair, slowly'rising temperatures in west portions. LOCAL STATISTICS Globe-Gazette weather figures or 24 hour period ending at 8 · , .'clock Saturday morning: Maximum Friday 32 Above Minimum in Night 22 Above i At 8 A. M. Saturday 23 Above 1 Snowfall 4 Inches | Precipitation .40 of nn Inch i Snow Level at 8 A. M. 5 Inches j These figures above, plus a brisk wind out of the northwest, tell the ' story of Friday's weather. The storm continued In diminished in- ·. tensity Saturday morning but tha backbone of the blizzard, the first real one of the winter, appeared to have been broken. This bit of satire from Nate Miller appears to have been addressed to the weather: I recognize my dear old state. . . She is proving up at last, and how. I've been in doubt myself, of late But anyone would know her now. WEEK'S FORECAST Weather outlook for the period ot ' March 30 to April 4, 1931: For tho upper Mississippi and lower Missouri and the northern and ·' central great plains: Rains or snows near beginning and again toward end of week; temperatures mostly below normal first part, probably,: above towards end of week. -..' I ,

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