The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 22, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, June 22, 1818
Page 3
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' - Jt - BRISTOL. (JCnrfawf.) Y 'BDr"Md,h,P ANDREW - JA CK. ' rtf - toBuiMiter.ciiBjrtrdCwwoBfreigW B .. - Tand will positively saU on Thursday . bJJ. pear - elip, or to at pr y7CHERMERHQRN &SONS, " B.W. ROGERS Ca - JsJ r - ri c. I VI on nines r,nv'! m superior imitation of Cognac " RennL and 10 whole and half ce - Lrsnanish flotant Indigo, prime quality, roOn "I i inirzrws t. tvrss w w rfSSiMA HAMS. 500 Hams of the first V ihe Sea. Lion, at Coffee - house - slip, and for jitlf WALSH it GALLAGHER. 68 South - street (J of first and second Quality, for (ale in lots to purchasers, ny jj. & D. TALCOTT, j,x2 64 South - street, SPIRITS TURFENTlN B to ROSIN. - 5 bbls jj Spirits Turpentine, ana j oo ivoun, suua - hleforioap boilers, for sale at 35 peck - slip, by "VDEit DR.MUi - M oarrcis waer oraa Udr, just received, lor tale by ANSON G. PHELPS, 183 Front street. - J(22 T.lft'&LiaH MUSTARD 60 botes first qual Pj it Enerlish Mustard, in 1 - 4 !b bottles, land inc from ship Draer. from Liverpool, for tale y D1VTE BETHUNE ft CO. Je22 92 Coffae - Honse - slip, flf ANTED, a good second hand Cable, tor II best or small bower. Apply to JOHN ft GEO. W. LYNCH, 60 South - street. je 22 St GENTEEL BOARDING. A SMALL family, or two or three single gen' IX. tlemen. may now be accommodated .villi ' hoird and pleasant room, on reasonable terms, by applying at 49 Dej - street. jela iw WANTED. A YOUNG woman to do tlic house - work of a small family none need apply but such as are of good cnaracier. enquire at no. u Broad - street. Je 2t 3f BOARDING. ' T CRUTTEN DEN, Albany, still continues Li. his establishment in Mr. Gregory's building!, 3 doors north of the C&pitol, fronting the Dublic square, which, from its central and airy itustioa. its commanding view of the surrouud isgcosatry; the number and elegance of its a - Ptranniis, is oui cqusncu iur iMea.antiiesi auu cMveoiesceby any puliiic establishment in the city. II shall be kept in such style as to render its place of genteel and fashionable resort, both tor alliens ana travellers. The proprietor hopes, by tbe almost assiduity and attention, to merit sd receive the coiitiuued fsrvouisofhis friends asd the public. N. B. Good accommodation for horses, ftc. Travellers will please to observe that Crutteo den's wcigon will be at the wharf on the arri ? ot the oam - l)oat 1 1 take up their baggage to Kts oouse gratis. i Je tteod ?t J ter street, where tie has a very haadsome and fashionable assortment ol Cabinet Furniture on band, which he will warrant to be of the first quality, lie solicits his New l ork and southern Irieadstogive hiro a call, es be flutters bimscll thejr will not be disappointed. Orders executed st ihe shortest notice. Je It tf rp SALT - WATER BATH'S. 1 HE New - York Salt Water Floating Oath, is now open at the foot of Barclay - street. (North - River,) tot the accommodation of Ladies, and Gentlemen. ALSO. Tbe Marine Swimaiog Bath is now open at Arden's wharf, near the Battery, for the accom - KodMion m Gentlemen only. tef TOK SALE. One large Vat or Cistern and a pair ot patent chain Pumps, apply at the Bath, or at 315 Broadway. Je St AL'CTI0 - TRE a LAiVD OFFICE, No. ?S Geuessee street. Uttca. TflEhonoralJ tounrilof ppoinlinrut hav j.lnnhtHiKn.J Ik. anlMFih, ft, f,nt Hi the auctioneers for the county of Oneida, he offers his services to the mercjiants in .New - York, who nay be inclined to niaae trial cf.lhis oar ket, fur the dioposal, by public or private side, of such merchandise as is jrenerfjl y vended iu the western country. Account sales will be rendered and remittances promptly made, io cash, pot sad pearl ashes, or approved notes payable at tbe banks here and collectable through the banks is New York, aad strkt compliance with orders ia every rcapecL He alsq continues his land office, where every description of wild lands end improved farm are recorded and eibibited free of expense, and bo chtfge whatever made unless sales are effected. All communications (post paid) will be attended to ssd more particular information given as to either of the above objects, by addrewing P. BOURS,Utica. Ulica, May, 1818. JeSJIt ROBERT K03ER1SON, Apothecary, from .Scotland, begs leave respectfully to inform his friends and the public in general that he bar commenced bu'hieis as Apothecary and Drug gist in the store No. 82 Broadway, fourth door Ottow wall - street, where he will always make it his study to keep a general assortment of and medicines of the best quality, and hopes by a constant attention to biuiue to merit a share of tbe public patronage. Physician's prescriptions and family receipts dispeusod with the utmost accuracy, neatness and precision. American and English patent mcdicicrs ; Doctor Scott's Fpctor"' mixture for thj boopiog cou;h in EnUud and " - c.HLuiJ iff bulsamic nrtties are held in the highest estimation as a safe and e3k - remedy lor the hooping cough. June 22 Iw wanted immediately, at wtTTr.nai.RC'a orricE, 52 maidest - laiss, A GERM Am fpruier, and his wife to work ia . the dairy, ; two French Journey men bakers ; a first rate aan waiter, and his wife cook; a single, Dutch or Scotchman tanner a Lad to drive ahorse and gig; a middle lATed woman, with bet daughter and a son, to go u, - on a farm, 2d0 ttnles ia the couatry 1 10 boys for waiters, and a number of while and coloured girls for house - work. Travtilars ean got servants at erne hoars outiVe. Ladies and gentipmen wishing to becoma subscribers at WITTENBERG'S Of Jce, may be supplied with all sorts of servants, wrone year, at only a dollar su'ncriirtion. For We, two Coloured Girls, according to law. Abo for sale, a black lad, who is a complete coachman and a good waiter, about 16 vea - s of aw ; his between 7 and 8 years to serve. En - frre as above. Je22 3t fRUlD rOLUME OF CHITTTS PLEAD - C IMPLEMENT to a 'treatise on pleading; cootaining a copious collection of practical P'edeats of pleading aad proceedings in par jlt rsal and mixed action, by I. Chitty, Esq. "J lh Middle Temple, barrister at law With mtriean Preetdentt, nerer befora published. Ph, 8th and th vols. Cranch's Reports. whettoo's Reports, 2 vols Just receivaJ lorsaUby DAVID BANKS, Jirneta ntV0 Nassau aod Sproca - streeU. ' 1ri - 'crAJ WANTED. VyrED, a respectable middle aged Wo care of rOfc wf" D accustooBed to tbe bnor sJ T.. app'ication to be made ary atrt T,,0clo:snqon, at 165 Greenwlch - 1,Jted - hJ! Te 'ro,,Dle t0 " parties, it Is n - ""tcept PPf who cnnat prc.e tspibi - iti. e ttf - ireuc for good conduct and . uTs . ft tt 3t T OARD. A rente! Private femifr. residin? JD ia a uVdightiul situation, about 15 minutes wane I rota toe l ouiine Uoflce - bouse, wub to accommodate one gcutleman with board. The most satisfactory references will be given ar d ie quired. Apply at the olfice of this paiier. . JeSllw LY CHAXCERr OF NEW - JERSEY. Between Jacob Abramse, Fieri Facias on Complainant, and John P. (Decree for Sale Iiecature and wJe and Elias f of Mortgaged Boudinot, Defendants. tPiemises. BY virtue of the above atated execution to me directed and delivered. I shall expose for sale, between the hours of twelve and five o'clock in the afternoon of Saturday the 2rth of June insL at public vendue, at the Court House in Newark, Essex county, New - Jersey, that elegant HOUSE and LOT. late the resi dence of Col. John P Decature, fronting the Church Common. The above place exceeds for elegance of situation and convenience of out - Duuaings, garuens, iruu irees, ex. every other place in the town of Newark, and will be sold on the day aforesaid without further Til , i . adjournment, by NATtiAiv squirm, ilientl ot je 22 6t Essex County, N. Jersey. 35.000 DOLLARS PRIZE. - Ai lie drawn on Wednesday next, and if t v the fortunate number should be sold at ALLEN'S, Truly Luckv O.nce. No. 122 11 road way, it wili Df immediately, paid. I he Wheel Contains, 1 prire of $70,000, I 1 prize of J35,0O0, 1 do 10,000, I 6 do 1,000, 17 do 500. 99 do 100, And tbe whole to be drawn in three weeks, the gnin of the wheel is verjr considerable, the price of Tickets is not their real value. Adventurers are advised to ajply this day, as the pike will be advanced to - morrow, at Truly Lucky Office, No. 13?Rroariwuv.oDiK)sitsthe City Hotel Where N.i. 7771 a prize of 10,000, being the highest yet drawn,' and No. 5750 a prise of 1000 doilars, were both Sold, the Crtt in shit res, and nave been paid. J era THE FIVE MILE STAGE, Jjrai? UO" With two good bor " - r7r3ftiSes, und an experieuc - ddri' AVVVrer. starts everv afternoon. K5"''fr.iiii tlifrcornprcf llroadwnT and Park - Place, tor Mount Vernon Hotel, or such other place about the same distance, as the passengers may at any time desire, ond return the same afternoon. 1 his establishment altorus tbe luxury of a cheap and pleasant afternoon's airing and gentle exercise, in an open and beautiful ccuntrv. t are, tsz l - Z cents out ana in. inniircn unaer 10, half price. Out or in only 31 rents. jutiit r iiK, Corner of Bowery and Bayard - street. Je 22 lw HAUlM.iRG.lUX 4i SMUTERft f LYNCH, jun. (at No. 40 William - street) U . has imported by the Illinois from Bordeaux, few ol claret of the celebrated vintage of 1811, and haulerne of 1802, which tie oners lor sale, and can recommeud them of the first qua lity. Je 10 lw 9 Hii hides, cwnvN, Ac. ijf Spanish ox kvJe3,landing at Brooklyn In good order 40 bales prime cotton, mostly square bales 10 chests imperial tea, Huntress cargo 30 cases men's hats, imported lately from France, suitable for the New - Orleans market. Also, 20 barrels prune pork, for sale by HENRY COWING, 191 Frout corner of Fulton - street, lone 16 lw COGNAC BRANDY. 26 piis 4th proof Old Cognac Brandy, of superior flavor, oow landing from ship Illinois, from Bordeaux, and lor sale ny FREDERICK RK.1CHAKU, Jel51w 4 William - street. 4SEW1NU TWINE. , JAds sewing twine 6 do seiut aJ kerriu; do 4 domaoki.rel do Received per brig Henry Clay from London in srimt, Ir.m wire, No. 1 a 18 Whiting, copvera, &c. Cables, cordage. 4 c. made of first quality. ' JONES ft CLlNCil, Je 16 Iw Coffee Hoire 5'p. IRISH LINENS, DIAPERS, SriLrTI V(,S, 1 jL LARGE and various assortment of Die fol lowing goods just received by the latest r - i tivbU from Dublin and Belfast, are offered lb. - side oi; reasonable terms 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 linens in whole and demi pieces 7 - 8 and 4 - 4 do coarse half bleacbed,very strong 7 - 8 lawos, 4 - 4 sheetings, very strong and low priced 5 4 sheetings, 3 - 4 brown and black linen 3 - 4 diapers, 6 - 4 to 10 - 4 table diapers 3 - 4 Linen 4 - 4 linen remnants, 7 - 8 dowlas, long aud book fold First quality Irish sail duck 4 - 4 cotton shirtings. Colored threads, aFsortcd THOMAS SUFFERS, June 15 lw No. 6 Iepeytr - st. SIMILDE 11AKOL.1). the lourtn Canto, ol Vj Childe Harold's pi'sriniagt, hy Lrd By ron, with bisteriCAl notes, just received ana iur sale by l'ETER A. IViEMEtl, Je 19 44 23 Well - street. LIVERPOOL COAL. NOW landing from English brig Elizabeth, 100 chaldron Liverpool new pit coal, of a superior quality and hu ge, and will be sold low ia lots to suit purchasers, while afloat. Apply m board, pier No. 9, East River, or to LAING to RANDOLPH, Jel7 6t 98Vesry - st. TO MASONS. PROPOSALS will be received at No. 152 Washington street, forbmidtnga hoa't, a - greeably with a plan there left, for a tavern, on u vsmrer us too OOWIUK vi icru uuu k... street, .i' . J 18 IT VOS, 73 Washirgton - sueet, offers for xjl. tale 19 bales Georgia Upland Coltcn . iro demijohns of 5 gallons each A few dozen watch springs and chains. je ?6 lw ENGLISH GOODS. 50 packages, consist - tne of black and white Cambrics Super Tea ground aod Benral Fancies 7 - 8 Ginghams, Madras Hdkfs. 6 - 4 and 9 8 blue and gold end Cambrics flack, white, brown and yellow Pocket Hdkfs. Printed Pocket Hdkfs. Green printed Calicoes, Shirting Calicoes Damask Trble Cloths. Shirt Moulds Calico and Gingham umhrellas Plain Malabar Ffdkla. H .ir - cord Dimity Ce'too Shirtings, Sarsnet Cambrics Vf - n and women's super Cottoo Hose, white colored 3'iperfine Cloths assorted colors, for sale by PETER REM SEN ft CO. Jel8 26 Soulh - slreet. DOMESTIC GOODS. WM. CAMPBELL. Manofacturer, oflVrs for sale on reasonable terms, at his store 197 Prarl street, a fresh supply ot the following snoods, viz. 16t0 p.. white minineuHndsooiely bleath'd 12 - 3 do blark do (and finish'd 20 cases bleach'd and anbleach'd sheetings a shirtings ; together with aa assortment of So knitting and sewing cotton. J 16 BYRON childe Harold, the fourth and last Canto by Lord Byron, just received aad fj. - sale by W. B. CIIXEY, 92 Broadway. je 18 lw RUM 58 pons. St. Croix Kara, landinc from schr. Martha, west side C. H. sli p, tor sale at 57 South - street, by ' Je 18 fi00RMA5 4 JOHNSTON. cu . a , . For Frcixla r Charter, h5S The ship FOS'l E R. orao, master 350 tons burthen; is iu complete order, aad could proceed to a southern port immediately, if required. Yet terms, apply to the mas ter, or - JeZO W. k S. CRAIG. tor CUJIRLEsIX; The sloop M.I R I' - AM. J.J'. Pine clears this day, and sails first fair wind cut take a small quantity of freight, and accom modate 4 passengers, u immediate application is made on board, east side burlinj - tiip, or to ANSON G. PHKLI'ff, Je SO - street, Wanted to Charier, A staunch vessel, of about 350 tons ilburtheo, to load, in James' River tor Eu: land. Apply to TROKES, DAVIDSON k Co. Je SO lw 106 Front - street For CHARLESTON, S. C. The ship BELLE, Henry Leslie, master ; will sail in all next week. For freight or passage, apply on board, west side Fly - marfcct - witari, or to JONES tt MEGRATIf, je 20 91 South - street. For Sale, Freigla or Citarter, The ship THOMAS NELSON, just arrived from New - Orleans she is lull built, strong vessel, well found, burthen about 300 tons, can be sent to sea at a trifling expence she now lies at Brooklyn, where she may be examined. For terms, apply to D. W ROGERS to CO. je 18 235 Pearl - street. For FREDERICKSBURG, t The schr THREE SISTERS, Pol i&lard, master ; having the greater pari ol her cargo engaged, will sail in a lew days For remainder of freight or passage, apply on board, at Murray's wharf, or to HENDERSON & CAIRNS, J. 13 81 Pine - st. H anted to 'liarter, A good SHIP, of about 300 tons, to load in a southern port tor England. Apply to WALSH & GALLAGHER, Je 18 66 South - street. For LIVERPOOL, The ship INDEPENDENCE, captain Reirson, now loading at pier no 14. UK) bales of cotton or ligntlreiglit ol equal DulK will be taken at a reasonable rate. Thrco more passengers can be well accommojated. The ship will sail on or before Sunday the 23th inst Apply to utnni iaui uo. Je 17 4t 38 Mill - street. For Patsage only) to the Island of GRENADA, The staunch brig MALTA, Captain Hobbs, now loading at the Albany Basin, has ample accomodations for a few passengers, who will be comfortably provided lor by ap plying on board, or to flEAKY CAKV AI CU. je 17 4t 38 Mill - street. For MARSEILLES, The elegaut New - York built copper - cd ship CORSAIR, J. Barker, master, U sail in a week. Fcr frcigl.t or passage, apply to capt. B. on board, at pir No. 5, North River, or to G. C. & S. IIOVVLAND, Je15 67 Washington st. PASSAGE tOR LONDON, Six or seven passengers can be accom - Latnodatrd in the cabin of the remarkably fine british brig SKEEN, to sail lor London about (he 26th inst lor terms, apply to capt. Mason, on board, at Jones' wharf, or to , KOBfcKI .UlLLf.of IK, . June 13 U2Front - st. or LIVERPOOL. The elegant fast sailing coppered ship DRAPER, William Adams, master; she j 41 tons burthen, only two years old, asd will be dispatched immediately on discharging her inward cargo. I or freight or passage, ap ply to the master, on board, east side of Fly' market wharf, or to B. VV. ROGERS & Co. Je 1 235 Pearl - street. For LONDON, The substantial fast sailing British Vig SKEEN, capt. J. Mason. Her - .fo being neaily engaged, will have immcdi - l.e dispau.i. tor tne remainder ot ireignt, or Passage, h'tvii.g elegant accouimojatious, apply on board, a; J jaei wharf, or to b. UALGLiEcH &Co. J 10 10J Pearl street. For CU.ihLES JVN, T - l - u AD 1 ITT ff . iLttMuT. Ilarvvictt, master, will meet with immeJia'e di. - natch, having half her freight en - i;ed For Ilia remfinder or passage, apply on board, at Murray's wharf, east side Cottce - IIouse il,p, rrto SAUL ALLEY, - June 19 98 Pinc - st. For Aslt - FRPOUL, The very superior copper o J British ship DALMARNOCK, W. M. Robert - .vju, in:vster, aod will meet wi,b every dispatch, liariug half hev cargo eigaed. For the remainder ol freight, or pasage, haviog clrj - pnt accommodations, apply on board, cast siJe Fiy - market whirl, or to ' S. DALGLIESII&Co. Je 19 103 Pearl street. For SALE, i The good substantial ship WEST .POI.NT,burthenperregi9ter8l6 69 95 Urns ( is in good order, and can he sent to sea with a very small outfit ; her cables and anchors of the first quality and nearly new i her inventory is full in every other respect. This ship is well calculated to cam - a cargo of to bacco or cotton, or would be a good whaling ship, having suitable qualities for that trade. She msy be examined on application to the subscribers, who will shew Die inventory, and make the terms known, which will be liberal J. to W. STERLING to CO. - je 19 lw 4.1 South - street. fir FREIGHT or CHARTER. The staunch ship OUU1S. B. A. Mu rv. master, burthen 850 tons or 3000 bbls. She is well found, in every respect and ready to receive a cargo - Apply to ibe m - 1 i - . r . . . - tr. .!'.., . . .1. icroti uuaru aw uic mui ui uuiuic,. isur&u River, or to J. to G. W. LYNCH, je 19 4t 60 South - street. IMjURjAc 3u0 bbls fine aod superf. Rich - t. mono county r lour 329 do superf. Haxall'a sio 36 hhds prime Tobacco 45000 lbs. Green bbls and tierces Entitled to drawback, for sale by W. S3. CRAIG, Je 20 No. 84 Frcat street NOTICE is hereby given to all the creditors of Joseph Sistare, an insolvent debtor, that divisioa of the monies which have coma to the hands of the ausigoees, from hi estate, will he mada among bis creditors oa Monday, the 21st day of September next, at 10 o'clock io tbe for - aoon. at the store ol the subscriber, Daniel Lord, No. 77 Water - strest, New York ; and lite same will then and there be paid to the creditors, according to tbe provisions of the act for giving re lief in cases of insolreacy, passed April litis. 1813. Notice is also given, that a general meeting of all the said er Jitqrs wi.i oe held at tne place a - foresak', F4dsy, the 14tn day of Auruet oext, at to oMuck iu trie forewiosw for tbe par. Dos of exawiniog and ascextaioiiig she debts due to ah creditor, according to Cw provisinns of tbe said act. Dated ew i rc, June 17m. nja. 1A'IKL LORftl v. LUSHA ELY, 'i JTe - Jel?l.3a . ' R1C1LVOND tLOVR. r this superfine Richmond flour, braadV ' ed Virginia mills, Beat creek, sc.. . 30 do fine do; 18 do middlings Lauduig - from tlx brig Only Sou, from Rich' mood for sale by Je 20 . WALSH to GALLAGHER. JOHN HEFFERN AN, 31 South - street, offers for sale . 51 ceroons Car ar ess Flora Indigo 278 bales London market Goat fckins do. small do. 1 1 skins dates 21 bbls tweet fresh shelled almonds 32 ceroons hitter do. do. 76 do. cainmio seed, 1 do fennel do. - 1 do. can - away do. J one 20 1m fOUR pipes cognac Braody, Amiable Matil - 1? das cargo. Martells brand 6 pipes Rutenburg Gin, ree'd and for sale by GEO. W.TALBOT, Je 20 55 Pine - street. 40 1 I'OBACCO. hhds Kentucky tobacco, landing this day, aad 50 hhds Virginia tobacco, in store, for sale by K. lill.Lkai lt Je 20 ' 112 Front - stretL RUM, GIN, fcc. U puncheons Jam. Rum 2 hhds. and 20 barrels Corn Rum 2a barrels Country bin ' 20 tierces prime Rice 150 barrels prime Beef 40 half barrels Mess Beef 30 barrels prime and mess Pork 8 casks Hihbert's Brown Stout 400 llxfirst quality Cloves, for sale by PALMER to SA1ULER, Je20 3t 104 Front street. CARPETING 8 bales of Brussels and Kidderminster Carpeting and Hearth Rugs, all of superior quality, now landing from brig Henry Clay, from London, for sale by 1 El EU KtiMStM 41 CO., je 80 26 South - street. C CANTON GOODS. Just received, an J voice tonsisting of Striped and checked sarsnets 4 - 4 black fringed and twilled Ldkfs. Figured and coloured do Biack Florentiues Canton crapes, assorted colours ' Nauin crapes do also in STORK, Black, green and changeable sinchewt Clianeeable sarsnets . Coloured levantines, coloured sewing silks Embroidered crapeshawls, for sale ny PETER REM SEN to CO. Je 20 26 South street RF.EN COFFEE A few hhds very green VJT Jamaica coffee, for sale by . R. GILLESPIE. Je20 112 Front - street. I '3. PH. UK LUZE, 71 Waehingtuu street, Li oilers for sale, gStj Clare, Wine .8 cr asai w - Received per brig Leo, from Marseilles and en titled to debenture. ALSO, 15 cases Glass Tumblers 25 do Olives 25 do Capers. AND. Several invoices of French Silk Goods and li nen cambricks, received from Havre. Jel7 1m NAILS, CUTIVN, 4.e. 100 casks first quality nails, assorted, from 4d a 12d 26 bogs prime Alabama cotton, and 15 do St. Domingo coffee Just received and for sale by S. to T. WHITfEMORE, Je18 lw UOFront - st. INULIhil HAMS. BACON. Ac. lust no - ili ported Just reieived br the subscriber, Double Gloucester. Dolphin anil Piua Apple Cheese.of a very superior anality ; "Yorkshire aod ...... . rt . .1 . r . r vvnunini nsuii noes ana uucnei oi owun, ui a sapenor quality; English L.ard, la bladders, and small nrains ; lass and Bristol stone w are ; large BotUes t Pipes and Uemuohas ALSO, A gessasai aAsortisieat - oi urocejies, t an Qa.ii ces, toe. fot tele cheap, for cash, by , EDWARD BLACKFORD, 167 Greenwich - street. Best Havana Segars, in qr. boxes Jel6 lin T3URGUNDY A small quantity nf Cham nJ bertin and Romance, in cases of 6 dozen each, for sale by GULIAN LUDLOW, No. 15 VVhitehill - st. June 17 lw J - TOJif SALE, Vy JAMES P. JINDOE, No. 7, opposite the Park, Obexes Sitily LEMONS, in flue order, in lots to suit purchasers. Je 16 t lOliACCO 60 hhds prime Richmond to - A bacco, suitable (or the British or Irish mar ket. 41 hhds very prime Petersburg do. - 10 do middling qual. heavy Richmond do 10 do Kentucky do 1100 kegs manufactured do of various brands and qualities, some old and very superior. For sale hy Je 19 BOORJMAM to JOHNSTON. CHEMICALS, COLORS, Ac - Epsom Salts, in casks of ScwL Lump Magnesia, in cases Do do small squares Calcined do in phials Rochelle Salts, Acid Tartar Citri Acid, Blu'Vcrditerin firkins Patent yellow. Kings Yellow Regulus of Antimony GUNS, BUTTONS, tc. Fowling Pieces, assorted, well finished Do do in waincoat cases, finely finished with apparatus complete Duelling Pistols, in cases Gold Epaulettes Naval and Military Sword Belts Gilt Coat and Vest Buttons , Copperplates for engravers Mathematical Instruments Rolling Paralel Rulers Mariners compasses, telescopes Opera glasses, microscopes 3 setts splendid chessmen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cases. For sale by J. LA MBERT, je 18 3 Courtlandt - street I UST received by the latest arrivals from Ha' il vre de Grace, and for sale by the subscriber, on the most reasonable terms, the following t rencb tioods, viz : t boxes Uiread laces 2 cases chrysocal and silver watches 21 packages banging paper 1 case chip flat . 2 do linen cambrics 2 do bend necklaces 2 cases thulle lace shawls, aod embroidered narrow tiioiie lace 1 case bair net 2 rases prunelle shoes ; 2 do cologne water I do antiqiie oil and pomatum 1 do artificial flowers I do silk stockings and gloves I Hi smill clocks 1 do mock jewellery G. VENTROUX HERSAV. Je 16 lw - 42 William street. PA ItAI' BIUDt.aiROlNU ElOliiD. CERTAIN aad never foiling oiion lor bed Z V bugs. It wiileitermioate them at using, wiihool staining the furniture, or being accom nanied with that disagreeable smell asual'y at tendme the application of other ooisoos. For sale ia bottles, at 4s. eneh, at P. LKCKJL'S Mesliclne Store, SS Broadwsy. N. B. A latge assortment of geoume Drugs and warranted , patent Medicines, for ssie ns - btrs. J ' 9 CHOP PA R.OMALS. case Chin i Ituite. svo. quality, entitled td drAwbaxk, received awlfor sale by - . .,, ..... DnT - U Is. i'"""i Je20 MPinw - st. - . 380; HANDS. 0$ - STEPHEN B. MfJNN. No. 226 Pcarf. strert. New - York. Purchases Lands in the iltifl ois Territory, which has been set apart for the late Army, letters from the country giving a description of tbe patent and the price asked lor eacn lot, will be attended to, il rust paid, my 15 D&Ctf The subscriber off em for sale his reel dence in the town ol Fairfield, state of CouoecticuL' It is pleasantly situated, on the Boston road, about half a mile from LAng Island Sound, 65 miles from New York, and 20 from New Haven. The house and out - houses are in excellent repair. The Iruit yard is well stocked mm a variety oi peacnes, apricots, cuemcs, pears and strawberries. There are in the vicini ty academies for the education of youth of both seses. i rout one tosix acres ol excellent lanu, at the option of the purchaser, can be bad with me oouse, and tne purchase money, it destrca, can remain on interest. For terms apply to ISAAC M. ELY. Esq. 76 John street. N.York. or to the Hon. JONATHAN STURGES, Fair - neio, Connecticut. - my ld&ictl DAVID ELY, TO LET, Possession eiven immediately, a commo. dious HOUSE. Stable and out - houses, with a fine cultivated GARDEN, fruit trees, Shrubbe ry, c. and pasture ground enough for a horse or cow. It is plcasuutlv ntuated on the Bauk of the North River, not Quite two miles from the City Hail. The rent will be moderate. For particulars enquire at Jdwiw no. 4 water street. A SPANISH Gentleman, who has some lei xjl sure hours in the day to dispoe of, would be glad to employ them in the count intr room of uiiy merchant, who m'urht have occasion fr his services, in his native language or French, of which he lias a familiar knowledge. A Uf.e adressed to P. P und lift st this otlice will be attended to, or by applying to U. CARTMEL, je 20 lw 34 South - street. WANTED in a Watch Milker's Store, t lad wliocso be well.recomuicndcd. En quire at the ffice of this piipt'i. jew 3iawu I UKT published and lor rule by R. .V V. A sJ BARTOW, 351 Pearl street, corner ol Frankfort - street. THE TRIAL OF HC5RT B. IIAUHRMAN. FSOj. On an indictment for au Assault iid Battery, witn an intent to inurnor w in. Coleman, Esq. Editor of the New - York Evening Post. Lord Byron, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, can to the fourth, printed to match the other vols, of his works iEolian I larp, or songster's Cabinet, being a selection ol the most popular songs and recitn lions, in 2 vols. Young Ladies' Library. J 20 31" FOK. SALE. A NUMBER of elegant, carved, while free xi. stone Ma.itlesand Jambs ; lesnnd Jambs : mnv be seen at io. b'J Murray street. Je ZU tl PART OF A HOUSE TO LKT. The second floor, with two rooms in the third Ftnry, and a dry cellar kitchen, of that pk:a santlv situated house 308 Greenwich street, cor nerot' Jay street, will be let so a small family at a moderate rent. This hmise is weil calculated for the accommodation of two families, hiving two separate kitchens and I wo entrances to the dwelling, one from Jay and the other from Crecn - wich - street. for lurllier particulars rtppiv at 241 Water street. Je20 3t PriHK public is respectfully informed, that A ANDREWS to MEGAREY, of the cilies of London and New - York, m e appointed A - gents tor the sale of Itowlaml to Son's INCOM PARABLE MACASSAR OIL. the ereate&t discovery of the age; warranted to afford the greatest nourishment to the human hair, pre vents its being Injured by illness, accouctmient. travelling, change ot climate, sic. removes the scurf, harshness and dryness, renders it soft and glossy, prevents its falling on or turning gray, creates a thick growth in the ballttt placet, makes the hair strong in curl, which it keeps in damp weather, exercise, Sic. imparts a pleasant perfume, and produce whiskers, eye - brows, toe. The proprietor warrant its innocence, and lo improve the hair from Infan cy to the latest period of life. Its inestimable properties have gained it the patronage ot the principal nobility of Europe and as its great and deserved popularity has occasioned spurious imitations, composed of deleterious ingredients, injurious to tbe hair. not only in England, but in America also, it will, in consequence, be necrsary to observe that each genuine bottle is signed on the label, in red ink, A. Rowland 13 Son. Sold wholesale and retail, by the Agents, 20 Wall - street. je 20 3t EASTON MAIL STAGE, THROUGH IB I DAT. THRKE TIMES A WKEK. svfsf 1 1 (KT" ''he proprietors nek - J? - Lnowledge with gtalitude the icncouragement they have SStm'in - Ji..r..snfnr. received in this hue, au i am therefore induced to expedite the travelling on this route : and in order to accoropliih it, have provided themslves with lour changes of horses, which are placed ate - qual distances on the route. It will leave White's Hotel, kaston, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 4 o'clock in the morning, arrive at Elizabeth Town Point in time to take the team boat Atalanta, at 5 o'clock. Leave New York at 5 o'clock, every Tuesday, Thursday aod Saturday, and arrive at Eastou early in the evening; fare through five dollars, and a generous allowance of baggage, gratis. As this stage passes near the calebrated springs on Sclionley's Mountain, passengers taking this line will be carried to the springs without any extra charge. The proprietors pledge that nothing shall be wanting on their part to make this a pleasant route. The drivers are careful and accommodating. For seats, apply to James Patten, Court - land street, or on board the Atilanta, and White's Hotel, Easton. , ! 2. to . DRAKE. Chester, June 20 Je 20 m FOR PHILADELPHIA, Via ELIZABETH - TOWN POINT. POdi - COACII UNE, Through in a day end by day - light, LEAVES New - York in tha stcam - buat Atalanta, from the foot of WhitehaM - street, near the Battery, at 6 o'clock, A. M. ' Enquire at No. 1 Courtlandt - street and No. 53 While - hall - street, at wltich places seats may be taken. Je0 tf ; THE STEAM - BOAT ATALANTA, FOR ELIZA BETHTOWN POINT, w71 X EAVES N York each mi i f - t day, Somlays except' asssL isswL from the fool of White hall - street near the Battery, at S o'clock and 10 o'clock A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M. ; leaves Uiia - belhtown Point at 8 o'clock A. M. and half past 12 o'clock aod half past 4 o'clock P. M. Je 20 tf CHINESE IVORY - HANDLE PARASOLS. MARTINOT and ROE, umbrella aid parasol manufacturer, at their old es - tablisbed nore, Ne. 60 ntaidzn lane, have cmnpkted their assortment of mbrsJlaa aad pa - rx - o!: ot every desenp'saa end of the best quality, acseeof the latter with Chinese engraved ivry handles, whirb they wdl dispose of at such prices as they trust wiH eotrtre thesa a oontiouance of the liberal pabooage they nave oeea uvoreo. wiin. . - Country merchants are requested to can and view their susortmeat of tha above articlee. as they will be supplied oa liberal term. Umbrellas and narajoU neatly bound an 1 re - l?iwd. Je II PlOUCIvr ew J I - PU BLIC S ALES. BTKATAMEL G. INGRAUAM, - ' Saturday, f he 27lli inst. . . At lOo'clock at the Auction Kcom. a quantit ty ol household furniture, coosrsticgof bareaua. chairs, tables,' 4c. Kc. fcc. By order of tha anenu. - By MILLS, AIlNTONto CO. - Wedbesday next. . At Kirk lc Merceia's room, No. 2 WaU - street, t case double aod single barrel French sport - - mau's guns;' 1 case fowling pieces ; 1 trunk fan cy plated ware ; 1 do. do. tin and jauaned war ; 2 cases plated ware ; 1 do. gilt and bronzed can - . dloatkks ; Tholes chaudeliocs, candlesticks bron zed and gUt; 2 pnno forts ; 2 cases aiubasUr tune pieces; 1 do gciilleiueu'j dressing an 4 ladies' work boxes; 8 elegant work boxes; 2 do. wash stands; 1 carved box of uamwoodi 1 sett (3 in sett) wash batons ; 20 do. waiters ; 2 win coolers i 1 desert, tea, aad rollee setts, china ; 1 pier table, marble ton ; chairs ; 1 case t rcuca paper hangings ; 3 Chinese paintings. At 11 o clock in front ot their auction store. No 143 rearl - street, at 4 montna credit, 9Q bales superior cotton ba''inf, 20 do brown sueeuiigs, ii no ucs...ui , o ud huuiuhuui j. BY M DITMIS, . . - Wednesday. At 9 O'clock, alius store, No. 263 Petrl - st, corner of Fulton - street,' a general assortment of merchandise. MARBLE EUR BUILDING, Ac ' Til E proprietors of the southern m Jtle qual ries, near Kind's Cridtc, co'.ice, that they have on hand, and are rsceiving, at the Kmg't - ariJt Marble and Jsine - lo - rf, toot of Ueach - street, on the Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble lor building, of the following das script ion s, it : Aililar ' toping Foundation Stone Chinmry - Piecea f auinjs Columns Watortable Steps I'httli'rnis ' Sills, Lintels Arches Al o Lime of the best quality. rry' A r.outiant supply of rise above materials may be calculated uon ; and those, desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb II At the Yard. NOTICE. fX The Subscriber ha opened an establishment which he has entitled the BLOOMING GROVE GARDEN, about three quarters of a mile from the Brooklyn ferry - stairs, on tha Ja maica 1 urnpike road, opposite capt. L. 13 row er's, where he solicits the patronage of his friends and the public. He has laid in an assortment of the choicest Wiaos and Liquors that the New - York market affords. Also, at all times, at the shortest notice, he will furnish Chocolate, Coffee and Tea, Relishes, toe. The Garden is hand some and very shady, aud from the garden there is a beautiful prospoct of the Narrows, Staten - . Island, Ac. Juno 16 2w NUTIsJK, To otcnen of llackni y Carriages. The owners and drivers of llarkney Carriages are iol'ormed. that nnplicati"ns forli - censes are to be made, at the Mayor's otTivO, on isiowuy ren, ai r.ii iiuca. I he printer employed t.y me corporation will ulenseiutert this notice daily until Tuesday - next. Je II ICY - Next Sunday, at halt p..t 3 o'c ck in the ai'.crnoon, tl die vea'litr is laviuralr, the anniversary of the Krt: u s. tt on: O'pSat Asy luin will te eel l.:tnil 1 1 tl CutlieJrsl ot St. Patrick. A iLsrou. - se will be deliveied, strne chosen ai.thei is ure to be siir.g. and a collection is lo be made in favour of the orpins. , Jr. 1 2t The above is postponed till 23th Intt, , - Je20 4lMWKS 6E Of TICKETS. ' ( At 4 o'clock on Wednesday neit, the capital prize of 35,000 will be drawn iu tha Mil - ford and Owegb Road Lottery. Tickets will advance to $li after Monday tbe 22d instant ) previous to which, they may be had at $30 of BENJ. BUTLER, J 20 2t 27 Wall - street. - i ..... 1. .1...!.:.. I)U . PEti, are ii inrmed thut permission has been ob tained Imm (lie Collector, to send all coeds to the Public Store, for which permits are not sent on board in five drays time. Je Its rJ. W. KUUr.KS tl CO. NOTICE. . ft? - IF Richard Perry Savadge, son of Thom as and Elizabeth iiavade. formerlv of the citv ' of Philadelphia, ia living, or if dead, his legal representative win, ny applying to Dir. wra. Savadge, at St. John's Vquare, Clerkenwell, Uondon, bear of someimng to bis or theu advantage. ' The said Richard Ferry Savadge, who was a painter by trade, was iu England in Ihe year 1792, from whencf he returned to Prntadefphi in Uie year 1794 ; m the year 179 he is snrpot. ed to have resided at Mr. Robert Maxwell's, in Middletown, Delaware County, Maryland; and afterwards at Downing'sTown, from whence he is supposed to have removed to New - York. N. B. If any person will produce a legal certi - - fe ale of the death of the said Richard Savadge, he will, on producing the same, to Mr. Win. Savadge, receive from him 5 guineas, as a reward for his trouble. Any information respecting the above Darned person will be thankfully received by SMITH to GARNIS, Je 1R 1m 312 Pearl - street, New - York. PHKMX BANK. A DIVIDEND ol tr.rce pr.cent foriii months, ending the 'jOth instant, has been this day declared payable to the stockholders on the first of July next. By order of the board of directors. Je17 Ins O.J. C.KEENE, Cashier. WANTED, FROM 10 to 12,000 dollars, on real security, for which 7 per Cent, per annum will be gkj en. Apply to BLEECKER t LEFFERTS, Je17 1w ' 33 William street I'ASTUHE, F10 be let for the seson, ten acres excel - A lent Parture, situated ca the Eight Avenue, directly in tl rea - of tbe new stone chur - b on the ftix a. i". - dai road Ii is under gtiod f"!nte, an.t mosny nesf and "rru'fe clover, an - 1 Weil watered. For lei:i, kpply lo to CO. je 16 lw No. 48 WalUu New - ork. FdHlH OF JULY JUBILEE. B' 0OT' - - Place? for erecting of booth at ' the Battery, msv be biC, nntd Triday the trtitn io'tnnt, by application at the C yststTonthn i altery. Those persons who ercncied them last year w.ll have the pceterence by applying soon je lb ot juit.i ur.tJLt.w. JOCRTH JULY JltsflLF.E. nOOTHS. Places fnr eractssic Bio tie at 'the Park aad Bowling Green Uie 4th Jusriiext. will be assigned 00 't'nursday tbe IRth instant, at Uie city - hull, hetwetxi the hours of 8 and 10 in Uie forenoon. Tbosm persons wire o - xop - .rd oVsa last year will bare thcnreferenee, if applied for td Frirlay the 26U instant.' Jel6 0'tOLEN,froitfsrcks.nopjiiiebaFsy so. sO 7Prit.plac,aw1rbiraCAGi",itht'wo CANARY BIRDS, and a uest with three young it)et, kboBt HdaysolJ. llsenaaisa kyhtyel low,wUhalrp.kiit tbe mnle a bfowntjs rxsr. Whoever wiUlnrsgthecsre aad bird to the sv boveaddrers, skill resrer JIO. .. jot, CfODFtSH and MA t'K F K EI 1 . ;:: - r - I 200 qUis dry codi.'H JI9 3t . - Covbtset tap, ,

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