Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 23, 1936 · Page 22
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 22

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1936
Page 22
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TWENTY-TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, APRIL 23 H 1936 HEAVIER RUN WEAKENS HOG MARKET TOP PRICE STAYS AT $11,00 LEVEL Department of Agriculture Indicates Down Trend Through June. · CHICAGO, tiP)--Another slight bulge in hog receipts Thursday gave the market a weak tone and prices ruled steady to 10 cents lower. The top clung to the $11 level, however. The department of agriculture indicated that in view of expected increased marketings a downward trend in prices through June is probable Livestock men said .trade ex- pectations'of the increase in volume when the bulk of last fall's pigs begin to move to market is a restraining influence oa buyers. Receipts so far this week have ·been noticeably larger, today's run of 13,000 bringing the total to 56,000 compared with 45,000 for the same period last week and 43,000 for the corresponding period a year ago. With buyers attempting to force the cattle'market back on a basis comparable with Monday's level, which was the lowest since the fall of 1934, business in steers and yearlings was slow. Most sales were made on a weak to 25 cents lower market for better grades although commons and mediums were steady to weak. Sellers were holding some strictly good and choice steers at $10 and above but the best early bid was $9.75. Lambs were strong to 25.cents higher, with old crop offerings showing the advance. The early top for choice wooled lambs was $11.50. Mason City Livestock MASON CITY--For Thursday-HOGS Steady with packers 5 cents Good r n e d . w t . butch'E 220-250 . . Good rSed. wt. Dutch's 250-270 S 9.90-1020 Good med wt. outch's 270-2SO 5 9.80-10.10 Good heavy butchers . 290-325 5 9.60- 9.90 - - . . . Good heavy butchers . 325-350 5 9.50- B.Su Good heavy butchers . 350-400 Good packing sows .... 275-350 Good heavy sows ---- 350-425 Good bfe fly. sews . . 425-550 Good big by. sows 55-J and up $ 8.40- 8 70 (Tills ibovfc :s a 10:30 trucK hoe market rc-r good and choice bogs. The difference In price is for short and long haul noes.) OATTLK. Steers, soon to choice ...... Steers, medium to good ...... Steers, fair to medium -_.... Heifers, good to choice^ ...... Heifers, medium ' to good -... . Heifers, commwn to medium .. COWB. g.iod to ctn;ca '. ------ ~ Cows.- fair to pwd -- ........ Cows, ratten .......... ;.... Cows, .cannere ------ . ._-..-,«. Biilis. Heavy .. ........ ,, ..... Bulls light ................. Calves, med. to good 130-190 Calves med to good 130-150. Calves! infer, to com. 130-190 $ 9.20- 9.50 S 9.00- D.30 J 8.80- 9.10 S S.60- S.90 i T.=0- 8.50 S 6.00- i.50 S 450- 6.00 S 5.00- 8.50 S 1.75- 0.5U S 4.00- 1. 10 S 4.25- 6.00 * 3.75- 425 . .5 3.25- J.7S S 3.00- 3.25 | 4.50- 5-25 $ 4 . 0 0 - 4 5 0 $ 6.1.0- 7.00 . S 5.006.00 $ 5.00 down Hog Markets MIDWEST HOGS Hoff prices at midwest markets Thursday: CEDAJt KAl'IUS--Hogs unchanged. WATERLOO -- Hogs steady to 10 cents ilghcr Good to choice grades unchanged. Packing sows. 275-300 Ibs., S909.30: ?5025 Ibs., S8.80(3'9.10; 425-550 Ibs., $8.65® OTTUMWA -- Hog prices steady to 10 cents higher; 140-150 Ibs.. S9.106P9.40: 150100 Ibs., $9.40S9.7»: 1CO-1SO Ibs.. S9-SO® 10.10- 180-220 Ibs.. ?10.10®10.40; 220-250 bs. S1010.30; 250-270 Ibs.. S».90Sj)lo.20; 270-290 Ibs.. S9.80®10.10; 290-325 li'S.. S9.70B10: 325-350 Ins., S9.60@9.90; 350-41,0 bs . 5.40@9.70; packers. 275-350 Ibs., 59 (5.9.30; 350-425 Ibs., S8.SO®9.10; 425450 bs.. SS.60SP8.90. AUSTIN--HOIM steady; good to choice 180 o 220 Ibs. Jlb.15Q.10.45; 220 to 250 .Ibs. 51010@10.40; 250 to 290 Ibs. S9.85@10.15; 299 to 350 Ibs. 59.55®3.S5: packing sows good 275 to 550 Ibs. SS.65®9.30. COMBINED HOG RECEH'TS. 0ES MOINES. (,v--U. S department of agriculture-Combined hog receipts at 20 concentration yards and 9 packing plants located in interior owa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at S a. m. Thursday were 16,600 compared with 14,500 a week ago and 19.300 a year ago. Fairly active, mostly steady, spots heavy, butchers and sows 5c to lOc higher; loading indicated little changed. Quotations follow: Light lights 140 to 160 Ibs. good and choice S9.25@10.05; light weights 160 to 180 bs. S9.90®10.50: ISO to 200 Ibs $10,20^10.70; medium weights 200 to 220 Ibs. 510.20@10.70; 220 to 250 Ibs. $10.155810.70- heavy weights 250 to 290 Ibs S».S5®10.50; 290 to 350 Ibs. S9.60{B10.20 good and choice pigs 100 to 140 Ibs. unquoted- good packing sows 275 to 350 Ibs $9.05«l'9.55; 350 to 425 IbE. $8.85@9.35; 425 to 550 Ibs. $8.60@9.15. WEAKNESS SEEN IN WHEAT VALUES Market Drops as Result of Heavier Selling Pressure in Late Trade. CHICAGO, (JP--Weakness devel- ped anew in wheat values late Thursday as a result of enlarged elling pressure, with slackening of demand for at least the time being. July and September wheat especially were dominated by sugges- ions of liklihood of drought relief or domestic crops southwest and vest. Export business in Canadian vheat was much smaller compared with Thursday's big purchases for overseas. Wheat closed nervous, %@3 under Wednesday's finish, May , July 91%®%, corn un. $5.50 to S6; vealcrs. 58.50: few selects. 59 to $9.50. SHEEP--6,000; lambs strong, asking high/ er; $10.65 to 511, beat held above $11.25, SOCIH ST. 1'ATJL LIVESTOCK. (Thursday Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL, (/B--U. S. departnien QI agriculture-CATTLE 4,600: slaughter steers draggy weak; bulk salable around 56.50@7.50 ; gooc grades up to 58 or more; she stock slow opening steady to weak; medium to coo( heifers $5.75®7; common to medium cow 54.65(p5.35; few good up to 56; stockcrs am feeders slow good grade steers held aroun $6.75@7.25; calves 2.200; mostly steady good to choice vealcrs S78S: odd head $8.50 common to medium $5®6.50. HOGS 5,000; fairly active to all Interests steafly to lOc higher than Wednesday; 24 Ibs down showing advance: better 140 to 21 Ibs 510.35(5)10.50; top 510.50: 210 to 240 Ibs S10 15@110.35- 240 to 310 Ibs. 59.75(910.20 big weights down to S9-50: sows S9SS9.25 mostly 59.10@19.20; pigs scarce, few up tl 511; average cost Wednesday 59-96; weigh SHEEF 500; supply very slow, very iittl done on slaughter lambs: undertone strong to higher: sellers asking 25.C or more higher early sales slaughter ewes strong; fat wooled kinds S5@6; best 510.50. rooled Iambs Wednesday LAMBS. Lambs, good to choice . 70-90 S 9.50-10.00 Lambs, medium to good ------ 5 7.50- S.50 Lambs, fair to medium ....-- $ 0.75- 6.75 Common to fair ............ 5 5.15 down vearlinra, cood to choice 711-90 S 7.00- 9.00 Yearling?, med. to good 70-90 Yearlings, fair to medium ... Native ewes, goon to choice . Cull ewes * 5.00- 7.00 5 4.00- 5.00 5 4.00 down S 2.T5- 1.00 J i S o l l T O $1.00-2.50 S «-00- 7.00 « *-00- '-0° Wethers. 2 year, old _ Wetiam. poor to best Buck .arabs 51 les«. No dock on lamos. (juotatlons subject to marttet fluctuations. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (Thursday Market) CHICAGO, L¥--U. S. department of agrl- HOGS 13.000; including 4,500 · dirtct; steady to lOc lower than Wednesday's aver a»e- top 511; bulk 160 to 250 Ibs. 510.75® 10.90: 140 to 160 Ibs. Slfl.50iilO.75; 250 to 300 Ibs. S10.45S10.75; 300 tc 350 Ibs. 510.30 JflO.50: sows S9.25S9.75. '4TTLE 7.000; calves 2.000; little done on on "better grade fed steers and yearlings mostly v/eak to 25c lower: common and me dlum"grades steady to weak; largely stee run- buyers attempting to take off advanc scored last Tuesday and put prices bad- to a Mondav basis: several loads strict! ;cod and choice steers herd at S9.50@10 an tetter- best light cattle early around 59 bu 50.75 'bid on mediumweight longfed Colo rados- stockers and feeders a little mor active; all she stock steady; bulls steady t weak and vealers strong. 59 down: outsid on weighty sausage bulls S6.50, mostly S6.~ 'i640; light'heifers getting good action a 55.50S7.50 and better according to qualit and condition. SHEEF 10,000; active; strong to 25c high £·-- old crop Iambs mostly $15.25 up; ear! built choice wooled offerings Sll.25@ll.40 several loads 511.50 to packers and shippers less clippers S9.25g9.50; holding best abov S9.75; most wooled ewes 53.50^6.25: shor kinds' 54.755*5.25. OMAHA IJVESTOCK (Tnarsday Market) OMAHA. l»i-- (U. S. department ot asr culture)--HOGS--4,500; steady to 10 cent higher- 180-230 Ibs., 510.25 to 510.40; top 510 40- 230-260 Ibs.. S10.10 to 510.35: 26" 300 Ibs.. S9.80 to S10.15: 150-180 Jbs., $10.1 to SI0.30- 180-235 Its., S9.75 to $10.35 sows. 59.30 to 59.35; pigs strong to hlghc at S9.7S to 510.10. CATTLE -- 4,000: calves. 300; steady to 10 cents higher; steers and yearlings. 57.25 to S8.75; heifers. 56.25 to S7.50: cows, 54,75 to 55.75; cutters, 53.50 o 54.50: bulls. SIOUX CITV LIVESTOCK. (Thursday Market) SIOUX CITY, U)--U. S. department CTiculture-- CATTLE 2,500: beef steers and yearlings ow undertone weak: scattered medium rade light yearlings on shipping account lout steady;" butcher she stock fairly ac- ve. unchanged; stockers and feeders slow, iier; desirable heavy beeves held above 59; rge share salable 58.25 down; few good eifers 57.25; most beef cows 54.75®5.50; utter grades 53.7513)4.50; common and ran- urn stockers 56.73 down. HOGS 4.000; weights under 210 Ibs, steady strong to shippers; 170 to 210 Ib. weights 0.25(5110.35; early top 510.35; packers talk- g 510.25 down on heavier butchers; sows ostly S9.30W9.35: feeder pies up to 510.50. SHEEF 1.500, including 700 billed through; d wooled lambs opening strong to 10c high- r- two doubles 96 Ib. averages 511: few hers S10.40®10.50; fed clips held above 9.15. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO. (/PI--Official estimated receip! riday cattle 1.500: hogs 9,000; sheep 8.000. Representative (Thursday Market) CHICAGO, .T3--U. S. department ot agri culture--Representative sales: HOGS. Lights-10.25 31 172 10.S 10.50 11 180 10.8 10.60 39 192 10.9 10.75 44 196 10.9 Light Lights-- Heavy-3 348 298 282 256 Mediums-44 239 227 219 238 1050 1207 1212 1120 118! 106(1 1304 1040 10.85 23 10.90 27 10.95 19 11.00 CATTLE. Heifers- 10.15 20 10.00 26 9.25 21 S.60 IS S.35 20 7.70 Sows- 7.50 IS 7.25 19 .11 18 17 145 156 158 996 634 865 780 803 1272 1234 1210 1121 1024 . changed to %' down, May oats M: @ % off, and -provisions unchanged to 15 cents decline. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. (Thursday Market) CHICAGO, trP)--Cash wheat, no sale? reported. Corn, No. 4 mixed 64@65c; No. 5 mixed 65c; No. 1 yellow 67c; No. 2 yellow 66^4® 67V-c: No. 3 yellow 65 ] ,:!@66tec; No. 4 yellow" 64S65C; No. 5 yellow 63@63%c; No. : white 69c; No. 2 white 68%@69c; No. 3 white S7'.i®67SC; NO. 4-whltc 665S67C; NO white 63Kc: sample grade 40®61c. Oats, No. 2 white 31c: No. 3 white 29® 30He: No. 4 white 26®27%c: sample grade 23Si'28c. No rye. Soybeans. No. 2 yellow 8514C; No. 3 .vel low 83iJS-85c; No. 4 yellow 81S?S3iic. Barley, actual sales 53S?93c; feed 35®48c malting 50@93c. Timothy seed $2.70ft2.S5 cwt. Clover seed $14.50{i22 cwt. Lard tierces $10.95: loose 510.30; bellie $14.50. Mason City Grain MASON CITY -- For Thursday No. 3 yellow com No. 4 yellow corn Ear corn White oats, No. 3 Feeding barley . No. 2 yellow soybeans tHUKSUAV GRAIN CLOSE. CHICAGO, I-JV- 21c 25-40c WHEAT-Hay . July ;ept CORN-May uly ·ept OATS-lay uly ept ".YE-lay uly ept BARLEY-aay «ay uly ...... ept ct i-ELLIES-lay uly .92% .90% · 60?; .025, .61% .27 % .27; 5 .28 ?i -S3 -j. .54 «i -.10.92 ..10.95 ..10.75 .90Ts .89-i "53'' .53=; 10. S5 10.85 10.72 1.00% .91 .89 'A .64% .6211 .60=: .26=4 .27% .53'i .3311 .53-i .41 10.90 10.85 10. S5 10.72 14.25 14.50 Stock List NEW VORK STOCKS. (Thursday Fltml quotations) .Ir Reduction 09% .1 Chem Dye 186Ji Amu Can 122 Amn Sm Ret V5!i Amn Sugar Sl'A A T * T Amn Tob B Amn Wat Wks Anaconda Atchjson Auburn Aviat Corp B O 91 so fe 73 3811 5% Barnsdall Bend Avlat B'org Warn !an Dry G W C M S P P C E 1 P Chrysler Col G St E com Sotv Comwlth Sou Cons Oil Contl Can ContI oil Del Corn Prod Curt Wright Deere pfd Du Pont Gen Elec Gen Foods Gen Mot Gillette Goodyear 111 Cent lot Har Int Nick Can I T T Johns Mnnv Kennecott Kresge Lib 0 F 18 29 55% 2611 72 11 =i '.!-',, 157« 3 ',4 18 ii 2VJ 12% 77% 31-11 74=1 6',i 29 K, 140H 38 38 IS 65% 16 2- a 13T4 9S 37% 21% 51% Maytag lcKess Kob Mid Cont Pet Mont Ward Murray Corp Nash Natl Bis JMatl Cash Res Natl Dairy Natl Olst Natl Pow U N T Cent Nor Pac Oliver Farm J C Penney Penn R R Phillips Pet R C A Rep stl Key Tob B Sears Roe Shell Union Soc Vac So Pae Stan Brands S O Cal S O Ind S 0 N J Stew warn Stone Web studebaker Swift t Co Tex Corp Tex Gult Sul Tim Roll Bear . Un Garb Un Pac Unit Air Unit Corp Unit Drug U S Gypsum U S Rubber U S Steel Warner Fix 4-1% 16% 9*, 20 S 40% 17 H JS',1 33"! 23% 22 ii 29=4 10'.4 SOS 28 V4 45S 73',1 31'A ·14 ',: 11U 21 £: 51 a · 65 17 14'i 32?1 Jolt 21% 34% 34 i em 81H 118 22% 6% 12 9314 30% 65K 10 West El . Mfg 113«i Woolworth ~ " Wrigley · CHICAGO STOCK LIST (Thursday Final Quotations) Cities Sen-ice Dexter Hellmann Br Katz Drug LIbby McNeil Midwest UtII Natl Stand 5 13 Vi 13 38 Northwest Bane 10 Quaker Oatj 126 Swift and Co 21 Swift Jntl 331, Utility and Ind 1 Zenith 17 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS ANTJ CO. Mason City Office in Bajjley- Bech Bldg. Telephone No. 7 STOCKS DECLINE IN SELLING DRIVE Rails, Steels, Motors and Specialties Take Lead in Reversal. NEW YORK, · tffl -- Stocks slumped 1 to as much as 8 points Thursday in a selling drive that hit most of the leaders. Rails, steels, motors and specialties led the reversal. The ticker tape got behind floor tranactions for a while. Then the activity dwindled, but there were few rallying tendencies displayed near the approach of the final hour. Cloudiness of the French financial situation was blamed in some quarters for the relapse. Case and Union Pacific fell about 8 points each. Others, down 2 to 4, included Santa Pe, Southern Pacific, U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, General Motors, Chrysler, Deere, Westinghouse, Johns-Manville, American Can, Douglas Aircraft, Western Union and Anaconda. Some resistance was shown by the rubbers, oils and utilities. · The late tone was weak. Transfers approximated 2,000,000 shares. The French franc was slightly firmer in terms of the dollar. The continued run of good industrial news seemed to create little buying support. Curb Market DOW JO.VES AVERAGES Inds. JluIN ftl Close 151.10 44.80 30.69 Total sales 2,060,000 CHICAGO STOCKS Sutler BVos 9 Kalamazoo Stov 62 Corel Corp 5% Marshall Fields 15 NEW 1'OBK CUBE \.m Gas Elec 37 Ford Mo of Eng Cyanamld B 3314 Hud B U S Am Su Pow Co 21/s 6!i Ark Natl Gas A Asoc G El A Can Ind Alk Can Marconi Elsler Elec El Bd Share Humble Oil Co Lockheed Niag Hud Pow Niles-Bem-Pond Pennroad Corp S O Xy Co Un Gas Co 651k 7% 9 38V-: 1754 TTi MLVXEAl'OLIS GRAIN. I (Thursday Market) MINNEAPOLIS. !. : P.'--Wheat 109 cars; %c ' iwer; No. 1 heavy dark northern spring 60 bs. S1.16'/,,@1.3Ui; No. 1 dark northern 59 bs. S1.14isel.30',ii 58 Ibs. S1.1216®1.29y»: Mo 1 hard Montana 14 per cent protein eWCtSl-lS'A; to arrive S1.15',i®1.17!4: ;rade of No. 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana winter $1.00H®1.06Vs; to arrive £cfiilS1.05!; No. 1 hard amber durum c@$1.12^; No. 1 red durum 76%c; May S1.03II;; July 9S7sC; September 917sC. Corn, No. 3 yellow 61%S63VjC. Oats. No. 3 white 24%@27Hc. Ford Mo of Can 22ft Un Li Pow Co NEW YORK STOCKS Alaska Juneau 13 : !i Graham Paige Allegheny 25» Gt Nor pfd Am Bank Note 46-14 Am For Pow 7% Am Cry Sug Co 21',-J Am C Fy Co 32Vi 10 S 2S»i Am Pow £ Li Am Roll's Mills Am Metal Co Am Ra S Co Amer Tob Co as 10.5 10.6 10. S.6 8.50 S.OO 7.S5 7.50 B.73 6.25 6.00 5.50 4.90 KANSAS CITY GRAIN (Thursday Market) KANSAS CITY, dp) -- Wheat--53 cars; tone 1 cent lower to 1 cent higher; No. 2 dark hard nom., SI.03 to 51.16; No. 3 nom., SI 01 to S1.14; No 2 hard, 51.05; No. 3 nom , 51.01 to $1.14; No. 2 red nom., 51.04 to S1.08: No. 3, 51.05. Corn--24 cars; H cent lower to J 4. cent hicher; No. 2 white nom.. 71=i to 73ti: NO 3, 72 to 73: No. 2 yellow. 69; No. 3 nom., 63% to 68%; No. 2 mixed nom., 65vt to 67%; No. 3 nom., 63=1 to 65Vi. Oats--1 car; unchanged to \~ cent lower; No. 2 white nom., 281f to 30; No. 3 nom., 27 to 29%. SHEEP. Old Crop Wooled California Sprinc Lambs-- Lambs-11.50 937 70 10.10 11.10 Wooled Ewes-- 112 460 126 239 60 470 93 581 100 240 97 132 S3 121 79 Old Crop Clipped Lambs-81 9.50 87 9-40 85 9.25 11.25 15 11.15 12 11.00 25 10.75 ' 138 149 1SS 6.25 6.00 5.50 PRODUCE irCTCRES. (Thursday .Market) C H I C A G O . c/W-- Butter futures closed: torage standards. November 26--;c : April 'ESE futures: Storage packed' firsts, April 1 "Ac; refrigerator standards, October 2--AC. Webster City, Iowa -- Sale Every Saturday I have one of the largest and best equipped sales pavilions in the state. Have as good a livestock market as you can find. Have ample room to accommodate your needs and a lot of buyers to buy your livestock. Several packing house buyers attend this sale reg- 'ularly. This is a consignment auction, which makes a clean competitive market. Livestock of all lands bringing- good prices. Consign me your livestock--horses in good demand, have a good farmer trade--cattle market is strong for all kinds. I want your fat and stock catHe--hog market high, good call for brood sows and feeding hogs--sheep market is good, they want those bred ewes and lambs. Make my sale your headquarters on Saturdays. This week I will have a good run of livestock of all kinds and the same good sale as always. This is a long established livestock firm, recognized by livestock men from several states. I shall be glad to have you here at any time as a buyer, seller or as a visitor. Public address system used in this sales pavilion. This Sale Leads--Others Follow V. H. WEHRHEIM, Operator M. V. WEHRHEIM, Clerk Hides and Wool Quotations Furnisbefl by Wolf Bros., na, SOS Fifth Street Southwest. WOOL Clean bright . 26c Rejects aad western 22c Pulled wool and No. 2 rejects 18c Armour Co Armour Co pf Atl Ref Bel Hemingway Baldwin Loco Briggs Mfg Co · Bendijt Budd Mfg Co Burr Add Byers A M Co Caterpillar Trac Cerro de Pasco Ches Ohio CM Gt W pfd Coca Cola Co Com credit Com Solvents , Motor Cr of Wheat Cudahy Packing 3! Curt-wri Co A Dlst Corp Seag Douglas Airc Eastman 1(34 Satou Mfg Co 32 Elec Auto Lite 35 Elec Pow Li U Erie R R Co 12 Fira'ne Ti Ru 28 Coster-Wheeler 30 Freeport Tex Gen Am Trans Glidden CO Gobel S Gold Dust . 18 Gt North'n Ore 37 qorsehldei · S 3 "* ·GREEN BEEP HIDES Op to 25 IDs _.8fcc 25 to 45 Ibs. ~ M More than 60 Ibs. ..-. = c Bull Bides - - *= "Cured hides half cent more a pound. lOn above prices a cent higher to woole- sale dealers ID wholesale tots.) WOOL MARKET. (Thursday Market) BOSTON. i.1''--U. S. department of agri cuiture-- Western grown wools had a few calls In the Boston market, some 12 months Texas wools of average to good length staple soli' at 83-85 cents scoured basis. Twelve months wools that have not yet arrived in Boston were reported to nave been offered at 80-82 cents scoured basis, delivered east. Some interest was received in l-j blood combing territory wool. Average or French combing lengths new clip ^ blood territory wool was moved at 81-83 c?nts scoured basis. Owners of old clip strictly combing # blood territory wools were holding for around 85 cents scoured basis. Miscellaneous 3014 13 ~i 314 51% 29 25% 1ST! 7311 53 56% as4 55 181s 2 is 35 61 T ~ ',4 29 20% 22 1, i 30'i 23 Vi 15-% 29 h 4414 49 S Houston Oil Hudson Motor Hupp Motors Intl Carriers Indust Rayon Kelvinator Co I^ambert Co Liquid Carb CP Loriliard Mack Truck Hathieson Alk McLellan Stores Mex ScaVd Oil M K T Motor Products No Amer No Amer Avi Otis Steel Co Owen Hi Glass 145VL Packard Motor 101: Park Utah Cop 3% Plymouth 15 Proc Gam " 43 ja Pub Ser of N 3 4014 -Pullman 41% Pure' oil Co 20 V* Purity Bakery ll-'i E K 0 571 Reading Co Rem Rand Reo Motors Simmons Co So Calif Edison St G i E Tide Wa As Oil U S Ind Alch U S Smelter Util P Li A Vanadium Un Gas fi: Imp Warren Bros NEW YORK, UP)--A few manufacturing specialties and ordinarily Inactive utility preferreds vere strong features of a steady curb market Thursday. Gains of 1 to 2 or more points were registered by McWIlliams Dredging. National Gypsum "A." Pennsylvania Salt, Royal Typewriter, Standard Oil oj Ohio, Newmont and Mayflower Associates. Associated Gas Electric preferred rose more than a point and Eastern Gas Fuel 6 per cent preferred added better than 2. Pan-American A/nvaj-s, Gulf Oil, Creole and American Gas were slisntly higher. CortI, Electric Bond share. Aluminum Co.. and Montgomery Ward "A" dipped fractions to a point. ARGUMENTS TO JURY COMPLETED $2,500 Libel Suit Submitted in Cerro Gordo District Court. Attorneys completed their final arguments to the jury Thursday afternoon in the $2,500 libel suit brought against Elmer P. Floy by his sister-in-law, Mrs. Marcus Floy, who charges Floy with malicious intent in signing an information alleging her to be insane. The information was dismissed after being heard by the Cerro Gordo county board of insanity commissioners. The major portion of the defense testimony, heard Wednesday afternoon t dealt with incidents during which Mrs. Floy was said to have been in a state of violent temper described variously by witnesses as tantrums and hysterical insanity. Summoned Aid. Chief among these incidents was one alleged to have occurred the evening of Aug. 6, 1934, when her husband summoned aid from the sheriff's office.' Max Studer and John Deach, deputies at that time, answered the call to the Floy home, which is near Thornton. ·Called as witnesses by Defense Attorney J. E. Williams, the two men testified that they found Mrs. Floy cursing, raving and screaming threats upon the life of her husband. She attacked him twice while they were attempting to quiet her in the house, the former deputies said. She was taken to the county jail by the two men that night, and Elmer Floy testified that, after a talk with the deputies the following day, he swore out the information to tee insanity commissioners. Says He Was Struck. Elmer Floy also related from the stand that Mrs. Marcus Floy hac struck him twice in the face anc beat him with a tow rope earlier that year. L. R. Eoomhower, attorney for Mrs. Floy, attempted to show in cross examination that these condi- Bond Market NEW YORK, L^i--U. S. government issues^ ·ere higher and the corporate list was mixed in the bond market Thursday. The high spot of the corporate division was the runup ot more than a point in St. Louis- Southwestern First 4s of 1989 on more than 100 sales. Demand for the issue followed the order of Federal Judge C. D. Davis in St. Louis authorizing the trustee for the system .0 pay semi-annual Interest on the bonds on vlay 1, and Nov. 1, until further instruction from the court. The rest of the carrier group was irregular witb losses preponderant owing to the aeavy tone in rail equities. Liens down fractions Included St. Paul us, Northwestern 4KB. Erie 5s. Nickel Plate s and Southern Pacific 4VjS. on the other land there was a demand for Baltimore and Ohio 4%s. Missouri Pacific 5s and New York Central 5s. In the U. S. government division only a handful oC loans was traded. Treasuries up modest fractions were the 3s of 1951, the 2v«s and the 2%s. All the government guar- inteed obligations were up a little with the exception of Federal Tarm Mortgage S'/is. American Eolling Mill 4Vis were about a point lower, while Warner Brothers 6s of 1966 had a gain of over a point. Slight fractional gains ruled in the foreign group. GOVERN'MEST BOXDS (Thursday Market NEW YORK. I/PH^-U. S. bonds closed: Treasury 4U'». 47-52. 117.2S. · Treasury 4's. 44-54. 112.27. Treasury 3%'s, 43-47, 10S.S. Treasury 3S'S. 46-49. 105.26. Treasury 3's, 51-55, 104.14. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. Schanke ana Company, Telephone I SOU. Mason · City. Bid and Asked Thursday. Cent St El 6 pet pf (S25 par; IS 15 Cent St El 7 pet pi (J25 par) 14 16 Cent St P L 7 pet pf 1-11; 1.11 Champlin Rcf la i pet pf ... 75 Creamery Package com 25 \~ Jfi Hearst Cons A 23li 23-! Geo A Hormel A pf 103 Geo A Hormel B pf 103 Geo A Horrael com 18 H ly Interstate Power 6 pet pf ... 22% 2» Interstate Power 7 pet pf 26 27 Iowa Electric Co 6% pet pf . 60 82 Iowa Electric Co 7 pet pf . 61 63 la Elec Lt Pow 6 pet pf 69 71 la Elec Lt Pow Hi pet pf 70* 72K la Elec Lt Pow 7 pet p£ 72 74 la Power Light 6 pet pf .. 98 100 la Power Light 7 pet pf .. 102 li 104 li la Public Serv 6 pet pf ... 92 94 la Public Serv 6% pet pf ... 93 93 la Public Serv 7 pet pf ... 96 i»S la South Util 6 pet pf .... SO 55 la.South Util 6K pet pf 55 60 la South Util 7 pet pf 60 6n Minnesota P L 6 pet pf SO 82 Minnesota P 4 L 7 pet p£ . .. · 90 91 Northern St Power 6 pet pf . 78 Stl Northern Et Power 7 pet pf . 85 87 N IV Bell Tel 85 p« pf ... US 120 N W Portland Cement 2-1 25 Rath Packing 6 pet pf 90 101 Rath Packing 7 pet pf 100 102 Sioux City Gas El 7 pet pf SS ?0 United Lt Rys 6 pet pf 79 81 United Lt 4 Rys 6.36 pet pf SI 83 United Lt Rys 7 pet pf 87 fe S9 Western Grocer pf ...; S3 86 Western Grocer com 7% 5 39 20 50 4% 20 Western Union Yellow Truck Youngs S T 54 S Lam son Brothers Market Letter WHEAT--There was some uneasiness in the wheat market early Thursday on the forecast for showers in the southwest out later prices rallied somewhat in sympathy with tlic upturn in com and steadiness in Winnipeg. Rather heavy selling by large commission houses, however, materialized and prices declined until closing quotations. The forecast for the southwest Is for generally fair in Kansas and some unsettlement possibly for Nebraska. Foreign markets were steady. After a good export business in Canadian wheat there was a natural- letup In the demand and sales Thursday were estimated at about 400,00*1 bushels. The wheat market continues to be ven sensitive to weather conditions but realizing sales by commission houses the last days have been more than sufficient to off set buying by friendly traders as well as the continued dry condition existing in mos Of the, large wheat districts in the south suggests caution CORN--The corn market acain reflectet Produce . MASON CITY--For Thursday Cash Quotations by E. G- Morse Eggs, current receipts 16e Heavy bens, 4 Ibs anfi over Under 1 tts Cocks Merchants Quotations Sgrgs, in trade Eggs, fresh Butter, Iowa State Brand .. Butter, Corn Country Butter, Kenyon's Butter, Very Best AUNTHET By Robert Quillen "I'm sorry women have quit cryin'. A woman has got to relieve her spirit some way; and if she don't cry, she'll swear." tions of violent temper were induced by her husband's excessive use of intoxicants, and that this drinking was encouraged by Elmer i«ca and the Federal Land bank of Omaha holds the title for security PU Senneff!"Kiss and Senneff were attorneys for the McDonoughs Judge Kepler held in favor of Mr. Murray in the second action, ordering the title in a brick duplex apartment at 242 Fourteenth street southeast quieted in the plaintiff against Kelroy, Schriver and the defendant companies. Murray was represented by Attorneys M. C. Cougblon and F. A. Ontjes, and Senneff, Bliss and Sen- ness acted as defense counsel in the latter case. ' . Dell Chiton Dies Suddenly at Home Dell Chilson died suddenly at his home 1303 Delaware avenue southeast about 2:30 o'clock Thursday afternoon from heart disease, according to Dr. J. E. McDonald, coroner. DECISIONS FILED IN TWO ACTIONS Judge M. H. Kepler Decides Issues in Quieting of Title Cases. Judge M. H. Kepler filed decisions Thursday afternoon in two cases, one brought by the Federal Land bank of Omaha, a corporation, against Alice, Clement, Daniel, Joseph, Arlene, Frances, Kathryn and Mary McDonough, and the other brought by E. J.' Murray against John Kelroy, the Kelroy Fuel and Furnace company, Mason City Lumber company, Webster-Potter Lumber company, Builders' Supply company and George A. Schriver. In the Federal Land bank's case, in which the bank sought to have the court quiet title in its favor to a Cerro Gordo county farm held by the McDonoughs but allegedly owned by the bank under a lease, Judge Kepler held that the deed to the property given to the bank was given as security and not as a transfer of property. The decree further stated that the defendants' property rights to the premises in question are superior and paramount to any rights claimed by the Federal Land bank of Omaha, and the McDonoug-hs are the unqualified owners of the prem- \ViIl Go By Plane. NORA SPRINGS--Mrs. C. B. Carman who is visiting her son. Harry, at Fort Worth, Tex., will go by airplane Monday to Los Angeles. Cal., to visit her brother, Charles Shuckler and Dr. Carman's brother, Ora Carman and families for a week and then return to Fort Worth where she will stay for a few days longer before returning to her home here. Visitor From Minneapolis. POPBJOY--Alice Akers, who is employed in an office at the Anti- Saloon league headquarters at Minneapolis, is spending two days bere. LEGAL NOTICE VOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR STATE OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. 4785 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN', that the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as Executor of the estate ot Paul Suhumslie. Deceased, late of Cerro Gordo county. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment: and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated to the undersigned for allowance, and file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court. Msrvtn H. Wlcsman... Esecutor. Frank W. Senneff, Attorney- Dated April Sth, 1936. S. H McPEAK, Clerk District court. By--!£argaret Riiey, Deputy. ,17c* .16c* ,.37c ..36c ..36c ..37c Butteri Brookfield 36c Potatoes, peck 33c and 45c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained I by calling several grocery stores, j --. '· i CHICAGO PRODUCE. i (Thursday Market), CHICAGO, (^P)--Butter 9,725, steady; market unchanged. Eggs 30,970. easy; extra firsts local 19 a ,ic; cars 201ic; fresh graded firsts local 19^0; cars 19vic; current receipts 13^-ic; storage packed extras 21%c; storage packet! firsts 21 He. Poultry, live. 1 car, 1 due, 25 trucks, unsettled; hens 5 Ibs. and less 22%c, more than 5 Ibs. 19y.c; No. 2 hens 17c; Leghorn hens 20?c, springs Plymouth Ew* 29c; WltiU- Rock 29c; colored 27C; fryers, Plymouth Rock 271tc; White Rock 2"'.ic; colored 26c: broilers. Plymouth Rock 26c: White Rock 26c; colored 25c; barebacks 20®22c: Leghorn £3c; roosters 16c: hen turkeys 22c; young toms 20c; old toms 20c No. 2 turkeys JSc; heavy old ducks 17c: heavy young ducks 14c: Muskosee ducks 12c: scese 14c: clucked and swan geese 12c. XEW VORK rRODLXE (Thursday Market) NEW YORK. (.TV-Eggs--23.685. steady: underlying strength, particularly in the- May ! mixed colors unchanged. rOTAtO MARKET (Thursday Market) CHICAGO, LTi--Potatoes 110: on track 228; total U. S. shipments 751; old stock, supplies rather light, demand firm, market steady: sacked sales per carlot out weight and Invoice weight sacked per cwt. Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S. No. 1. S2.30ft2,45; fair quality $2.12tt(?2.25; Wisconsin Round Whites U. S. No. 1. SI.65; Colorado McClures U. S. No. 1, $2.30®2.40; North Dakota Cobblers U. S. No. 1. 51.75; Early Ohios 0. S. No. 1. $1.75; Minnesota Cobblers U. S. No. 1 partly graded $1.65@1.75; Early Ohios U. E. No. 1 partly graded 51.70 (?M.75; new stock, carlot sacked sales per 50 Ib. sack Texas Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1 mostly $1.85; Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 2. $1.35; sacked sales less than carlots. per 50 Ib. sack Texas Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. 1 mostly $1.55; fe\v fine quality washed nigh 52; U. S. N'o. 2. few sales SI.35; Louisiana Bll'ss Triumphs partly grailed. fair quality SI.35W1.40 future It Is reported that vessel room has been encaged for about 1.500.000 bushels of corn to be moved out of Chicago at the open- ins of navigation. These reports were in line with others. It i sthought by many stocks in Chicago will continue to decline to very small proportions. We understand feeders are supplies. finding it difficult to locate INVKSTME.NT TRUSTS. (By The Associated Press) Bid and asked Thursday: Corporate Tr Sh Corporate Tr Sh AA Mod Corporate Tr Sh Ac Scr Corporate Tr Ac Ser Mod Dividend Sh Maryland Fund *· Nationwide sec * Nationwide Sec Vtc .... Nor Amer Tr Sh Nor Amer Tr Sh 1955 ., Quarterly Inc Sh ..... Selected Am Sh UK Super Corp Am Tr A U S El L t P A U S El L P B ... U S El L T Vtc ... 2.6S ., 3.25 .. 2.57 .. 3.25 .. 1.63 ..1S.99 ., 4.23 .. 1.76 .. 2.41 .. 3.20 .. 1.55 .. 1.5" ., 3.52 ..1S.C2. .. 2.SO .. 1.07 1.75 20.51 4.32 1.90 1.71 1.67 19 12j 2 !IO 1.15 Butter--12.579. about steady; creamery firsts (90-91 scores). 29®29»i; centralized (90 score). 29®29%: other prices unchanged; extra (92 score), 29 3 i. Cheese--124.812. easy: prices unchanged. Live Poultry weak. By freight. Fowls. 20 1^22: ducks (all sections), llft'lS; other freight prices unchanged. MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN (Thursday Market) ! MINNEAPOLIS. (.Tl --Flour unchanged: i carload lots family patents. $6.80 to S7 a barrel in 9S pound cotton sacks. Shipments. 22.791. Pure bran. $17.50 to $18. Standard middlings, 517.50 to $18, NEW YORK Sl'GAK. (Thursday Market) NEW TOP.K. i.Ti-- Raw sugar unchanged. Futures 2 points higher to 2 points net lower. Refined unchanged. OMAHA GRAIN. (Thursday Market) O M A H A , .T.--Wheat, no quotes. Corn. No. 3 white 6Sc; No, 1 yellow 65c: No. 2 yellow 63'?64c; No. 3 yellow 60!i® (iSl-ic; No. 4 yellow 57^S60c; No. 3 mixed o'al.;. No. 3 wliitc 25C; No 1 white 21c. . New and Used Farm Machinery SATURDAY NOON, APRIL 25th At Clear Lake Grain Co. CLEAR LAKE, IOWA NO MATTER WHAT K I N D OF USED MACHINERY YOU'LL BE WANTING, WE'LL HAVE IT HERE! 35 Good Used 2 Row Cultivators. 20 Good Used Single Kow Cultivators. 25 Good Used Gang Plows. 10 Good Used Discs, Including 1 12-foot wide type almost new, and 1 2x8 foot Tandem Disc that's just like new. Several good used Mowers, Hay Rakes, one Side Delivery Rake, just like new. Several Grain Binders. Practically any make and type of Used Tractors, and both 2 and 3 Bottom Plows. We will also sell some. new machinery including manure spreader, mower, corn planter, etc. About 30 head of good work horses; 5 good brood Sows; some Cattle. Also 6 sets of Harness, one never having been used. We Are Really Going to Sell This Equipment For Whatever It Will Bring! Responsible parties who desire terms may make arrangements at our office before sale. AUCTIONEER: LOU MATERN Lodges and Societies I O 0 F. LODGE NO. 224 E. STATE PHONES S144W-SUW Meeting every Tuesday 7:30 P. H. J C F.OBINSON, N. O. Pa. 813 WAYMAN CLOSSON Rec. Sec'y. 3467. H. J. PINE, Fin. Sec'y. LOYAI. ORDER OP MOOSE MOOSE HALL--2ND 4SD S. FEDERAL Phone 1278 Meets first and third Tues- Jays of each month. Every 4th Tuesday Is family nleht. vV. P. CHAMBERL1N, Dictator. Phone 2549. WILLIAM GROTH, Sec'y. Phone 1278 BENF,VOI,KS'CE LODGE NO. 1W A. r. AND A. M.--7:30 t. Jl. Stated communication first Thursday of eacb month. O. 1. WOOD, W. M. C. P. SHIPLEY. Sec'y. HARDING LODGE NO. 6411 A. V. AND 4. M. 7:30 P. M. Stated meeting first Friday of each month. L. U RAYMOND, W. K. O. C. KALPHJDE, Sec'y. BOYAL NEIGHBORS OF AMEWCA MOOSE HAIX Camp meets 2nd and 4th Thursday, 7:30 P. M. Club meets 1st and 3rd Thursdays, 2 P. M. MAKGARET JOHNSON. Oracle. MAY BUDWORTH. Rec. Phone 1372W QDEEN BEBEKAH LODGE NO. 106 I. 0. O. F. HALL--8 r. M. Meetings every t""st and third Friday of month. HIS WAYMAJi- CLOKSON. N. G. 3467 MRS. WIN NUTTING, R. S. 590W. MRS R. E KOLWINSKA. F. S. H8SJ. Investment Securities SALESMEN Exceptional opportunity to develop a loyal clientele in and around Mason Citj. 719 SOUTHERN SURETY BUILDING DCS Moines, Iowa Livestock Auction Every Saturday at 1 P. M. Have the following: stock consigned for our sale this week. CATTLE: A lot of good, little light stock cattle ot the different breeds and different weights. Also a lot of butcher stuff. We sell all our cattle by weight, the modern way. Ke- member, we have buyers for all the cattle you care to consign, whether it is one or a carload, and guarantee to get full cash value. HOGS: Will have around 100 feeder pigs for Saturday and a few brood sows. Have a lot of calls for bred sows at each sale. Can sell all you want to consign. We solicit your' livestock for our Saturday sale. Send your stock into a market where" they know values. HORSE and MULE AUCTION EVERY TUESDAY Had 154 head of horses in our last sale. The quality was good and the trade active and strong. Top team, an outstanding pair of dapple grey geldings, brought $525 and went for shipment to Boston, Mass. Top single was a brown mare that sold for $232.50. Remember, we have a horse market here at- Webster City second to none in the stale.'You will find 150 to 175 head in 'our sale each week, with buyers for all classes of horses. Consign your livestock of any nature to our market for full value and a square deal. Marvel Sales Co. WEBSTER CITY, IOWA

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