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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, June 22, 1818
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,1 ! .. : W. t - : i . 1 t ' KZW - XQHX EFEJTWO POST. MONDAY, 1UN tt. Mr'nJaniiL, . it k to mea natter el considerable regret, h( ' vou should hart tanctioesd, by .an tusqtialified ' publication, lh communication in your paper of dkiuraaj. raiauT iost otaisstoo ci air. rnwi toeec in Bacon's report of Harerman'i trial. '. And frodi the plaia and Terr indelicate Inti snatioa ai to the toppotedmleriority efal tbe other tpeochet delivered by th various counsel a that occasion, it I da to Mr. Bacon to stats, that omtsstoa of Mr. Price's rpeec was ts eooteoasoea of tha with of that eaotlemaa an - tiactly expressed to th reporter. For tha cor - - ractooai of this statement I night veaturn to ap pesd to Mr. Prica bimtolf. r . A riUEflD TO JUSTICE. ' Monday morning, Jon 22, 1818. ' Anwim. .'. I insert tha above to put aa and at once to all further raauu - kiia (ait paper on tha ubjecL la publishing tha eemmmucaiioa abora referred to just a itcanatohaod, I did not mean to be nn - derstood a expressing my owa opinion that tba peech referred to wa superior to that of aay ;'" other counsel. Far from it. . K was not intend - ' ad by the speaker himself to be a com pleat ramming op of the merit of the cause, but rather joieral remarks, and ufrepel adme groundless assert ioos and insiaaation of the apposite collate!. At tuA it was certainly a tpeech both forcible and eloquent. A to the reaaoo assigned by the writer for tha aon - appearanca" of Mr. j Price speech, we matt be content V receive that gtvet) by Mr. Bacon himself in preference that cf any - aaoayaiou correspondent Mr. Griffin, who followed hiai in a tpeechj of an boar aad a half, went thoroughly into tha cauaa in detail, and, 1 renture to aay, pre one of tha finest rpecimen of tar eloquence that baa ererbeen beard OB a similar occasion. ' We hare only been restrained front a republication of it in this paper, from a With not to trespass on the right of & reporter perhaps it may hereafter appear. . - Firt.'r - This mdrning, about 1 o'clock, the brick factory lately fitted op by Messrs. Cooper, Houston & Co. at Brooklyn,, for purifying oil, was discovered to be on Are, and so rapid was the progress of the flames, that the premises were burnt to the (round before any assistance could be rendered. ., A large brick dwelling house adjoining the factory was several times on fire, but was saved by the exertions of the fire men from Brooklyn and New - York. . The loss is estimated at 5000. No part of the property wu insured. From the circumstance of there sot having been any fire, not even a lighted can dle, in the factory tinea last Thursday afternoon, there is every reason to believe it was the work of an incendiary. ' A reward of $100 will be given to any one wha will furnish the necessary proof to convict the villain. Fiyremlf Last Saturday tha constables, under the direction of the police office, scoured the city, and took up all the vagrants they could find lurking about the streets and alleys. On being Vxamined, fourteen were found to have no place of residence in the city or any visible meant of obtaining a livelihood, aod were sent, under the vagrant act, to tW pftmiUnliary. ' We tuvier - stand two days hi each week are fixed oo for Bartering these teterant, and disposing of then ae the taw directs. AVw Aoaet The number of new houses erect ing at this time la the city ofNew - York has been computed at fve thoiuani, and most of them art large and elegant; a much greater number than has been erected in aoy one season since it was a city. It is hoped this great increase of buildings will have the effect of bringing down rents, at present higher in New - York thau iu any place in the known world. ' What am I to understood by the article in Saturday's Columbian, purporting to be editorial ? I forbear for the present to notice it further j but if I am pressed, Mr. Spoooer may discover that Ainu ate tmpune lacesril is my motto. Mr. Falconer'' $ benefit We feel inclined to make a stronger appeal to thefiicads of the thea tre on this occasion than on almost any other, Without exception. Personally Mr. Falconer has the good wishes of every one who eaters the box office, for the amiable and obliging manners which, at all times and under all tircumstances, mark hit haunt He hat long been the faithful servant of the public, and the present u the only suitable occasion, which offers during' the theatrical year, to reward him for hit indefatigable attentions. His situation allbrdt him the best opportunity of teeing and hearing what playt best please an audience, and he has accordingly selected, as one of the most popular ths present season has produced, Tht Bridt of A by - dot, with tha highly interesting melo drama of! The Jtftitt etnd Magpie at an afterpiece, enlivened by tha sprightly dancing of Mr. and Mrs. Parker. We are sorry to observe that other amusements are offered this evening to attract from the tbtatro to the circus, and the puppet show ; but we hope it will be recollected, that those places may be visited at any aveniog hereafter, while Mr. Falconer's benefit night wuU not offer again JbUl another year comes round. The ship Liverpool - Trader, hat arrived at Boston from Liverpool with about 20 passengers, tome of whom having the small - pox, tha ship is ordered to perform Quarantine. The government paper has at length broke silence on the subject of the military execution, by gen. Jackson, of the two Briush officers, Arbuth - not and Ambristie. r A strong inclination manifests itself to justify tha act From th National Intelligencer ftfJurU t. No occurrence of modern date hat probably urswu mrui cruisjr variety of comment. IW.. the recent military esecutioat on the southern irouuer, Circamstaaiesso unusual is nr.a...JT. Constant ine. N. York, ur chair and table. try produce ao Utile equation, the greater from 0 their unfrequency. The freedom of our coast itotion nacassn ... poess the acts of If public oaken to a latitude or auimadversum unknown is. the governments from which we have derived the military with other arts. Htace, whilst oa tbe one hand we . sou ins conduct ol oor military eommuvVr laud aaisamaaturably, on the other w tutd itcoa desttatd uel one paper hat f tha length fi calling too tnuasacuoa 'BornuMk' jaai eacn of these partiat hat viewed the matter with a prejudiced eye, wt cannot doubt ; aad we shall be leesiiabU to err, if we avoid either extreme. Whilst wa acknowledge, nay, we assert, the popular right of freely investigating and Judging of military opwratseot ana muiiary coouuci, inseparable Iroea Urn ngm oi sunrage, vj those who bestow military rank are themselves clothed with the power to do so whilst we waald be the last to surrender that right, there it a respect due to the characters and feelings of men, who are responsible, even lor error, at we peril of life and honor, that should forbid a wanton apart with either. At least, before we pro - Doonce our opinions,' let ut know oo what grounds tbey rest, that, when pronounced, out opinions may be entitled to some respect; la renid to these executions, then, our infor mation extends only to the fact, that two Indians, the perpetual fbee of the .American rare, and who are mid to have violated every obligation of nature or oi law oy savage treacnery, were bung by gen. Jackson j and that two white persons were tried by a court martial, and punished with death, on chargea of treachery and deliberate in - atmentoitne savages to acts of barbarity. We have aot the official annunciation of these facts ; neither tbe proceedings of tbe court martial before whom tha latter were tried. But we have enough to certify to us, that these persons, if rail - ty of the offences aUedged against them, merited their fate and to induce us, if not to commend the act of mflictinff their punishment, certainly not to condemn it, without, taking the trouble to CIKJUCT USUI 1U JOSUCS. We can well conceive that a painful feeline migni oe awaseaea in we breasts or many, nay, of most of oar readers, oa hearing these circumstances. Tha feeling is natural. The miserable wretch, whose life it forfeited to the laws for the oBence of horse stealing or of highway robbery, is not tauncnea into eternity without commiseration. We would, at that moment, save him. i we could. But, in the highest excitement of that, feeling, woo ever censured the jury that decided, the judge who pronounced the law, or the officer of the court whose unfortunate duty it was to see we sentence executed r Yet the degree of the crime thus atoned bears no proportion to the e normity of that, of which he is guilty who edu catet a whole tribe to murder and rapine, puts we instruments into weir bands, and even beads the bands which have slaughtered our fathers, brothers, wives and helpless infants. Their crime was horrible, if proved, and the measure of justice was not overheaped. We are bound to presume that these facts were proved lor Arbuthnot and Amiirutie were tried before a court - martial, of which the discreet and gallant Gaines was president, and composed of officer of the highest character and standing. Tha sentence was approved by Jackson, whose humanity at well as his valor has been often tested ; from which character the en ergy which distinguishes his conduct surely cannot detract If we had known nothine of een. Jackson's character before, the generous indignation ha manifested at the unwarranted destruction of Cbehaw, interposes between him and the charge of cruelty. It has been said that general J. ought to have awaited the decision of the pre sident on the fata of his prisoners. On this head the law hat placed in the bands of gen. Jackson a discretionary power : and, if he believed it proper, and it murht hare been necessary, per haps to the safety of his army, it was hit dutv to carry into effect a sentence intended to operate more as an example, than a punishment. But, it tt whispered, these two men were Bn - tith $7iert,aad Britain will resent their fate. lotlus it u sufficient to reply, if they had been pnuw ouicers, iney wouia naruiy nave Men found whetting the tomahawk, and iaflaminz the murderous disposition of the Indians who arowled about our frontier in search of whom they should destroy, iney may indeed, once have been British officers; but, placed in that situation in which they were found, Britain can no longer acknowledge them, without becoming the patron of their crimes ) a light m which - wa do not wish to see bar, and much las can tha consent to view herself. If it should be otherwise, and she thinks i. proper to interfere, we can only point tier to ins law A nations, which subjects those persons kxiod in arms among a foreign people, to be classed with? them : and, for our submission to this unquestioned rule of public law, we can point nor to the shorn of Mexico, to the fields of Carracras, where have fallen victims to their thirst of renown, and to the Spanish policv. hun dreds of our gallant youth, many of whom lately held comaiissiooa in our army, but who, iu engaging in a foreign cause, lost in that chararti r tlie protection due to them as American citizeu. Whatever else may arise from this transaction, it is impossible that'tbe British government can undertake even to complain or it. We have, iu these few remarks, endeavored to deprecate opinions formed oa tbe crude materials now before the nation. Wftcn the official accounts are received, we hope they will be laiii before the public. We doubt not, it will then be founilthat nothinghas taken place inconsistent with tbe chivalrous character we claim for o ir army, nor with the humanity bv which we bora ever to se this people characterized. The following speculations on the capture of Pensacola by the United States's troops, are co pied from the Philadelphia Democratic Press of last Saturday. Pih!.cola. We understand that an express has arrived at Washington city, with dispatches from the commandanWat Peusacola, to the Spanish Embassy. It is rumored : tbe despatches advise the Minister of the enptore of tbe town and fort of Pensacola by Gen. Jacksot; that it was there presumed that War had been declared by the United States, against Spain, and in consequence oi wis presumption the commandant hat issued a Proclamation. 6iuce the exe cution of Arbuthoot, ic. particularly since the arrival or the express, the conferences between the Spanish and British embassies were more frequent and of longer duration than heretofore. It is believed that the return of tbe President of tbe United States, it in consequence of these cir cumstances and conjectures. weiookwiu anxiety for Vfficutl despatches from Geo. Jackson, in relation to the storming of Pensacola. We are the more anxious, as reports are iadustriontlv circulated of the Ameri can troops having suffered severely in the assault From the ffalional Intelligencer, June 20. The following is a list of the names, with their places ol abode, of the persons who made proposals for furnishing tbe Chamber of the house of Representative of tht United States. 2 w - o ft ft. A (I k 2 George Clark, Portland, 112 $26 A. ftl. fUvwood. N. York 436 18 27 Otto Jamtt. Philadelphia, 16 50 14 50 tt John Rea, Philadelphia, 28 $8 16 97 21 t m iStMt, Washington city, 14 it z4 James Barker, Boston, 15 35 Aston and Hy slop, n. xortc, 17 usvu Honory Lannuier, !f. York, 14 10 30 19 50 w. worttungtoo, washing - ton. 13 75 11 50 2 Wm. Mandeville, N. York, 17 12 50 17 H - V. Hill. Washington 14 11 20 O. Beall, Georgetown 14 9 21 . 0oart. I So it aDOetU - l thai Mf ot!m Inr W. VorV. will have the contract when he complies with the prcliminarr rnnil.iinn. i one win be thirty two mtmher seated at Straieht tables. Mr! l a i .. . t iim 1 1 ru will piatv a i circular. Turn m.imiv. Frew the Waifungim City Gatette. .... . . w u going the round in the p.ii.ers 1 ta be from ah Amcrtcaa ia eortfinrment at Havana, who represents himself at having been taken fighting tor tea Patriot cause in Mexico t We have got a clue to discover the authenticity of this epistle, and think it probable that we can prove it a fabrication. Such publications, the royal Spanish agent very well know, have a rwigious effect to prerent - ing adventurer from joining the Patriot standard More anon. - - ' ; - . ' B05TON, Juri'20. We were last evening favoured with London and Liverpool paper to May 13, and DuUiu to May 16, brought by the brig George, Extracts follow: The duke of Richmond look the oath at chief governor of the Canada on the 7th May. He wa to embark tor America at Portsmouth, in tha Iphigenia frigate. Another marriage is reported to be ia contemplation between the sovereign familiat of Russia aad Prussia; that of the grand duke Michel with the Prussian ptSncets Alexandrine, second daughter of the king. The lady it said to be of the most exquisite beauty. An article from Hamburg mention that the king of Spain has recalled his miniate r Don Onis, from the United States of America, and appointed the counsellor Serna to succeed him. Flaxseed was 4 20. a 4 15, very dull. Ports, Jlfqy 8 French 5 per cento 67 fr. 70c. Belfait, May 14 The sals of flaxseed it nearly closed for the season,, and price rapidly declining. At an auction of pot ashes, all sold at 62s 6d pr. cwt. Sugar rather depressed. The market forother article very dull. Prtccsaf Dublin, May 1G. Wheat 50s. to 60 oats, 17s. to 20s. ; Oaur, 28s. to 32s. for se conds ; naxsssd, vut. to Vi. lor n. ion. London wutrkeU, May 12 The cotton market has been exceedingly heavy. The total Import of cotton into Great Britain last mouth, amount - . ed to 42,557 bags. ' . Com txthanet, Ma 13 Uur wheat trade was exceedingly heavy this morning to effect sales, low prices were submitted to. Although wheat has been falling Tor several weeks, Hour has not experienced any alterationtin price. It has been from 75 to 80s. per sack from the beginning of this year. Stocki lleduced, 79 3 - H I - Z, consols, 8U 1 - 4 3 - 8, for acct. 80 3 - 8 1 - 2, 4 per cents, 96 7 - 8 97, omnium 1 7 - 8 prem. It is stated iu a London paper that an elope ment of a most disgraceful nature had recently taken place. The lady is the wife or a dignitary of the t hnrch, and allied to noble and distinguish ed families, and has gone off with a youth, a young nobleman, 17 or 18 years or age. It was sup posed that the young man was about to pay his addresses to one ot we dauenters. Tbe ship Triton, lfolcomb, hence at Liver pool 12th May, 22 days passage. 1 he ships Atlas, J r unison, from Alexandria ; Elizabeth, Bradford, from Savannah, arrived at Liverpool previous to may 13. Tho brig Phoenix, Law, was up at Liverpool 1 3th May, lor Boston, had just commenced load ing, and would meet with immediate despatch. LttirpooLJway 1 1 Arrived, the Dawson and Elizabeth, Bradford, of Boston, from Savannah ; Belvidere and Armenius, Baltimore; Brutus and Young Halliday, from Charleston ; Import er and financier, from Hew - York; Missouri, Wil mine - ton : Minerva, do : Richnsond. Koran. Philadelphia 1 North Star, dot Maryland, Sa vannah ; Jones, Goodday, New - Orleans ; Maria, from Alexandria ; Brothers, New - Orleans; Bel - videra, Baltimore Sailed, 11th, Jane, Fergu son, Philadelphia. GracetcntL Mag 12 Sailed, the Rockingham, Williams, for New - York. Up at Lwerpool, May 13 For City Point ship Indian Chiel, June 15th. I or Norfolk, Ac ship George Watson. Foster, 15th For Norfolk and Baltimore, ship George Washington, Alien For New - York, ship Martha. Sketchier, (late of the Minerva) 20th For Philadelphia, shii Andrew, Hathaway, 13lh i ship Dido. Maxwell, without delay or b alumore, ship tongreas,' King. London, May 12. A FMUmg Chavtt for merchant seamen was opened (or rather moored) In Bristol harbouroa Sunday last A flag, inscribed with the word "Ark" was displayed, to denote tbe purpose to which the vessel was henceforth to be devoted r and Divine Service wa performed oo board in tbecourseof the day before a numerous assemblage of people. a An article under date of Cassel, May 1, state that the Landgrave of Hesse, had given his con sent for the marriage of hi youngest daughter with the Uuko of Cambridge. Another letter same date states that the Intended marriage of the Duke of Clarence with the Princess Ade laide of iSaxe Meiningen, will not take place. BOSTON, June 20. Col. Henrv Sanrent. Aid - rie - Casnp to the CouinmoHcr - in - Chief, is appointed to accompany l.:eo. Miiln, to Eastpoit, to witness the surrender cf Monte Island, &c. to the U. State ciid this Commonwealth. Lt Allison, ot tbe U. is. army, accompanies the Commission at secretary. MILLEDGEVILLE, June 9. ilabama.K ceotieman in the Alabama ter - ritoiy informs us, that the Indians have asain be come, trouliietouie on the Federal road. A par ty of men frua. Kort Dale, in a skirmish on the 22d ult, killed two ioiiaui, belonging to a Party which had been .een Ireuueally sxuUtms about on the road, for tsvtra I day previous, and who, it is believed, from their menacing conduct, designed attac king tbe fort. Tbey have committed no murders yet but have plundered several plantations, and carried away a considerable number of cattle, hogs, Ate. kc. - The mail has been suspended until the danger be over, or some arrangement made for its sale conveyance. Governor Bibb hat gone to Fort Crawford, for the purpose of making stipulation! with the Indians who s urrendcrea themselves on the Kscarabia, and will thence proceed to the frontier to adopt measures for the better security of the exposed inhabitants. NiTcuiz, May 28. Yesterday George H. Harinan was tried, in the auperior court, now sitting in this city, for sUve stealing and found guilty punishment, death. " - BALTIMORE, June 19. Extract from the logbook of the schr. coL George Armistead, Francis Gatechair, master, from Baltimore to the Havana. June 4, 1818. At 2 P. M. descried two sail ahead, a ship and a pilot - boat built schr. ; the Hole In the Wall then bore' from us E. N. E. distant 4 leagues. At 3 P. M. came up with them when within pistol shot of the ship, she hoisted the Swedish flag, rounded to, and fired a broadside at us. I was then compelled to heave to, and when under their guns, they still continued firing musketry and large guns oh nt, which went through my sails and rigging. 1 was ordered to lower my boat and scud my papers on board. I sent my mate and two men with the register, and at tie boat proceeded to tbe ship, tbey still continued firing at bcr. When tbe boat arrived alongside, my mate got on the ship's deck and presented the register to the commander, who, at tbe same moment fired a pistol at him, which he fortunately escaped. He ordered my mate and men back into the boat but it had.started off with two of their men, who came on hoard the schooner and commenced plundering iu the cabin. I asked them under what Bag they were plundering. Tbey abused me and all hands, calliugus M Yankee rascals," although they were themselves Americans. Tbey struck mo a number of times, and once with a cutlass ia my left eye. The boat belonging to the ship wa lowered do wo, into which they put my mate and men, and a number of prisoner, and before the boat put off for the schooner, a volley wa fired among Usoee in it, which mortally wounded oo of we prisoners. Tlut wan W4 the Cirtain of tht ship above mentioned, and wat bound frem Com una to the Havana, but bad been captured that same morning. TBpanih captain died of his wound aflOiathe.eveoiog. My passenger, Mr. Wm. Bullet, was likewise abused and struck a knife wa put to hi throat, aad his money demanded, with which he was obliged to comply to preserve bis life. A box containing silver spoons, which bad been put under his care by the'Spanuh consul m Baltimore, was broken open and plundered After they had plundered all the cabin furniture, and cloatbing of the officers, tbey broke open we natcnes, threw overboard aad took with them a quantity of powder.' Tbey also cut open several bales ol dry goods, and at 6 P. M. left us, with 23 prisoner on board. The schooner's name as far as we could learn wat the Dolphin, commanded by capt. Barnes, 14 days from Savannah, and manned with 40 or 50 men, and mounting l gun on a pivot Fran. Gatechair, capt . James Flower David Ditter ; , James Ostrander James Etchberger Joseph Jackson Christopher O'Donnell Henry Hook. QUEBEC, June 8. - CuriouM faclt. During the late warm weather the St. Lawrence, at Cape Chat, was nearly closed up with ice, and the mountains and highlands in that quarter, on both side of the River, were covered with snow. Indian come in from a hauling excursion, only about 40 mile to the northward of Quebec, report that on the 1st inst. the Winter's snow wa still lying in the woods, and not a bud bad appeared on the tree, which in this neighbourhood, were in leaf ou the 20th May. ' CHARLESTON, June 15. Report of Actual Sales for Week pott. Cotton. Sea - Island, 73 a 75 cents per pound ; Santees, 8 a 60; Short Staple, 31 a 33 cents. Rice. Prime, $6 12 1 - 2 S;cotd quality, $5 Cottons Very little doing in Sea Islands, quotation about the same as last week. Uplands are moviog off pretty fast, and brine; from 31 to 34 rent ; one or two (ale only, however, at the last price, of very superior quality, and on favorable term Sale have been made at 32 and 32 l - 2ceats, to pick from large collections. Kice. Continues about the same a for the S preceding week. Sales, except of prime parcels, are heavy. Freights Continue at 1 1 - 4 a 1 l - 2d per lb. for cotton to England. APPOINTMENTS. By the honpurable Council of Appointment, June is. Westchester commissioners Philip G. Van Wyck, Thomas Strang, John Owens, Stephen Gilbert, Ezra Lockwocxl, Jeremiah D. Fowler, Etxoezer Scoaeld. William Odel. Juu. Richard M. Popham, Matson Smith, Herman G. Vos - burgh, Robert Reed, of East Chester, Daniel Delavan, Solomon Hawes, Henry Strang, of Rye, Jacob Bartow. Coroner Galen Miller, aad John Piockney. Inspector of turnpikes Aaron Brown, Stephen Ferris, Nathaniel Montrot, Itaac Vermi - Juttices Simeon Tiler, of Harrison ; Joseph Horton, of Whiteplains ; Caleb Wilder, of Greeoburch : Joshua Sillit. of New Rochelle : Daniel Robert, of Yonkers ; John G. Ferris, of rounanuge. Auctioneers. Charles Yoe and John Archer. Ward A. Howard. A complaint having been made to tbe council againtt him as a justice, the Secretary was directed to cite him to appear before the council at their next session, to answer the said complaint. , Robert M'Card, wat removed from the office of justice. . Suffolk Commissioners. Samuel R. Nicholl. jen. John Gardner, William Herrick, Samuel H. note. Nathaniel Miller, Asa rartridge, Hull Us - boro, Abraham Skinner. Coroners. Ira Cor - win and David Paine. Wreckmastert. Samuel Miller, Isaac Sweesey and Pbiuea Paiue. Auctioneers. Jotroh Mulford,juo. Rensselaer Horton, John L. Wells. Rockland. Gamaliel W. Cop. auctioneer. Putnam. David Dingee and BeuiaminDyck, mast, ascaoneert. New - York. Mathiat B. Edgar, Samuel Pal ton, Tobias V. Z. Mumord and Philo L. Mills auctioneers. MARRIED, OnTb amity evening last, by tbe Rev. Mr. McClellan, William Soath, to Miss SOia Bo - gart, both of this city. 1 DIED. Yesterday afternoon, about half past 3 o'clock, alter a teamus niitss, mr. Robert llvde. area 37 years. His friends and acquaintance are re quested to attend bis funeral this afternoon at 5 o'clock, irom nit late residence, Ho. 171 Hester street. At Albany, Mr. Jane Yates, mother of John V. N. Yates, Esq. e, FJVJVO POST MA RIME LIST. CLEARED. Ship Helen, Huguct, New - Orleans Joseph Boucbaud Ship Carrier, Hitchcock, Liverpool r Thompson . Warren, Mas. Brig Only 800, Robinson, Brigs Fredouia, Meek, New - Orlean J Packard Levant, Wood, Schr Margaret - Ann, Kingston, . Washington, Yellowly, RoLna, Sylvester, Susan, Davit. Savannah Norfolk Plymouth, NC Charleston Oporto E Burri'il & W Caboone &hr Sally, Mather, Port au Prince Smith U IlubbeU Juliet. Johnson. Petersburg Sloop Farmers Ingenuity, Seaming, Brandywine Sloop Mary - Ann, Jenny, New - Bedford Mechanic, Nye, W ilmington Adeline, oradlev, Charleston New - York, Church, Bristol Providence, Brown, Providence ARRIVED THIS FOREMOOM. British brig Fair Cambrian, Evans, 56 days irom rwiibiey. 1 waietj via tiamax, iu days, with slate and 93 passengers, to RobertKoberts Passengers in the cabin, Messrs. Williams and Thomas. Brig Cornelia, Gri'wold, 50 dav from Cadii. with brandy, quirk silver, salt lemmoni, &c. to NL.SU unswold, Haddock & Jenkins, J Mo - att,jr. andG J Trimble. Passenger, W. W. Simond. Left, ship S uppnrt, Adams, of N York, uncertain ; brig Spartan Cooper, of Richmond, for Lisbon in 7 da vt : bnr Marv. of Providence : schr Mary Ana, of Charleston. The brig Emetine, sailed in ro. for Buenos Ayres. June 9, fat 3 05, long CJ spoke brig economy, from Alexandria, out 10 days bound to Madeira. Slopp Atlatf, James, 7 davt from Charleston, with ashes, cotton, dry goods! &c to Saltus Son & Co. S Alley, T J D wight, J H Lawrence, W M'Uinch, Gaines, Flinn itCo.J Graham, H W r leid, the muter, and to order, raswngers, Messrs. Stanley, Lathrop, Wilmot Dwight, Harrison, White,' Crane, Harrison, jr. Fcnn, Thompson, Parker, Curtis, C. M. Dwight and Weller. ITie lig A rathuta, and schr New - Orleans, wat to sail next day. June 19, Iat38 30, long 73 10, spoke brig Elisa, Forrester, 18 days from Demerara, bound to n Yoik. UKLOW. Ship Bragaota, Newcomb, from Calcutta, lo A. Gracie C Sous. One ship unknown. Ship Highlander, of this port, has arrived at Bordeaux from New - Orleans. At New - Orleans, schr William, Bigelow, from N York, At Bremen, ship Wrier, fronvN York - At Havre, ship Remittance. Coffin, of this port, from Savannah. AllKlrEl) IJlsT EVFJlftQ Ship Elizabeth, Tinkham, 40 - days from Dublin, with coal and linen, to E Monrewood, owner, Kelly fc M'Bride, J & N llaight H Jsckson, and J Reynolds. Passengers, Messrs. O Despard, J Brown, R Shepherd, J Konaidt, RRathvell. Mrs. Drcpard and child, and 40 in the steerage. The ship Ontario, Gould, sailed 7 day before for N York. SLip John Dick - X errson. Causa, sailed tha dav belbr for rttila aeipnia. tjeii snips ucean, rooiej ncpiunc, I 1 ' . 1 n . . . . Field j brig Belvidere, Joeeiin, all Sr N York 30th June ; brig - George Smith, fcr Boston, 15th. fpoke, tsy K. off Bardscv's Island, brig Radius, 30 days from Charleston for Li verpool, lltn, ship Telegraph, 27 days from Philadelphia for Liverpool. - The Ring Tail bearing N. N E. distant 15 leagues, )iip O - cean, 26 days from N York for Bristol. Muy 31, lat 40, Ions 50 30, brijr Wilson, Corrv, from Dublin for N York. 18th, Sandy Hook bearing y n tv Qiaiani vt leagues, snip iicrcutcs, 10 hour from N York for Liverpool. , Brig Uetper, Mason, 35 diys from Havre, .with dry goods, plaster, tic. to rainier ti Hamilton, owners, V f 11 Sheldon & Co. Mairet & Son, Curtis & Lamb, Jane, Lane 1 Co. Cairn $z Rhodes, Tho Riddle, J Ferrier, J Laisne, De Rham & De Lesscrt, W Barthue, J Boucbaud, L.Eolier, Larue, Palmer & Co. S V Bouland, L Goudain, and Seriba tc Grave Passengers, Mr Barthue and lady, Mr, May and Udy, and Mr. Peurier. Sailed May 16. Met in the river, three American ships bound in Left ship Albert - Gallatin, to sail first wind for St. Petersburg ; (hip Bellona, for N York in 10 days ship America, Heth, of N York ; ship Repeater, of Baltimore 1 brig Factor, for N York in 5 day. Ship Arabella, sailed 5 days before for N York. June 4, lat 42, long 45, spoke ship Stranger, from Philadelphia fur Liverpool. Slrp Elizabeth, from N York, arrived at Havre 13th May and a New - York brig from Charleston or Savannah. Brig Julia, iJacy, 55 days from Gott'enburg, with iron, hemp and allum, to Cunningham Baylies. Sailed in company with brig Helen, Curtis, fur Boston. Left ship Zodiac, Aymar, for N York, the first ol Mayj ship Susan, fur Boston do. the only American vessels there - May 10, lat 46 10, long 41 36, spoke the sch. Enterprise, Pease, of llallowcll, 19 days from Wilmington, N C. for Liverpool. May 30, lat 42 30, long 47, spoke brig Abigail, of Portsmouth, 26 days New Orleans for Liverpool. June, lat. 4331, long 61 30 - , spoke brig Sarah - Ann, of Portsmouth, N H from Savannah for Liverpool. Brig Wm. Henry, West, 59 day from Amsterdam, wi'.h hardware, dry goods, iron, Sec. to K - rthaus, Reinicke k Co. Yasques, Meuron, & Cleeman, F Hammer, and R Gilmore Si Son. Passengers, Messrs. S Davis, and F W Kcu - chin. VeiieU left, same a reported by the Mcdford at Philadelphia. The Pactolua was to tail for India in 8 or 10 days. A Dutch ship was on fire in the New Diep when we sailed. June 16, lat 39 30, lung 68, spoke sell Peacock, 2 days from Bristol, R. I. for St Thomas. Sch. Independence, A met, 7 days from Charleston, with cotton and phtster, to J. Graham ti Co. and the master. Left brig Arethusa, for N. York, 14th ; sloop Atlas, do. ssme day ; sloop Good Intent, for Jo. in a day or two , sloop Bell, for do. 14th. Sailed in co. with schr. Commerce for Providence ; and schr. Fame, lor Bristol, R. I. Passengers, majr Frost and Lady, Capt. Harris, Mr. Vigur, Messrs. S fiutchings, i'lerce, Whipple, Biogham, Cook, Curtis and Hart Scbr.Naucy, Handy, 9 dajt from Savannah with cotton, to De Rham at De Lestert, Towns - end & White, M. J. D. Ditosway.S Wardell & Co. Providence, and tbe matter, 24 passengers. Lclt brig Georgia, and lo brigs, Eliza, all for New - York in 2 days. Spoke, June 16, lutJtt, 19, long. 75, brig Emerald, Rhodes, 7 days from Providence for Charleston. Schooner Lydia, Crowell, 14 days from Lubec with plaster to the master. Schr. sea - Liou, Butler, 7 days from Richmoud with riour and tobacco, to Boorinan Jc Johnston, M. Merritt U Son, E - C. Woudholl, J. L. Bowue Dakins U Bootwri&ht, and others. Met in the river, w hr. Native, Sally - Aun, and tirilliaut, all from NYork. Schr. Thatcher, Berrian, 7 days from Charier ton, with bulhst and moss. 8 passenger. CI 11 1 I " ...... i I)n. muda, with rum, sugar and coffee, to W. J Fuiman Si Co, Left sloop Antoinette, for New - London, 15 ; brig Margaret, for Philadelphia, 20th. Spoke, lat 39, long 74, brig ilammoud, 24 hours out fiom New - York. (The Wm. Henry has had light but fair winds, the whole passage.) The brig Charles Fawret cleared at Bermuda 6th inst. for A msterdam. Bocroa, June 19. Arrived brig Louisiana, Witherell, 40 day from NOr leant, sod 19 fiom the lialize. Spoke in the river, brig Gov. Brooks, Allen, of Boston, 55 days from Havre. Sch Columbia. Baker, from Alexandria. Sch Sylvia, Crowell, from NYoik. Sch Catharine, Cobb, from Philadelphia. Sch Liberty, Beers, 1 1 da; t from Alexandria. Sloop Boston, Rogers, from ti York. Sloop Maria, Page, from N York. Sloop Benevolence, Crowell, from N York Sloop Amazon, Kelly, from N York. Brig George, Smith, o0 days from Dublin. Left, May 18th, brig Belvidere, JocelUi, for N York 10 days 1 shin Ocean, Frost, do. do, 6 days; sell , of Hartford, from NYork just arrived 1 chip Sampson, Boyle, was momently expected from Liverpool, to take passengers to N York ; ship Ontario, and brig . Wilson, Come, for N York, sailed May 1st; ship John Dickerson, Bush, tailed 12 days before for Philadelphia. pake, May 28tu, lat 48, long 25 30, ship Lucy, Webb, "0 days irom savannah for Liverpool, all well. June 3d, in lat 42, 30, long 43, ship Thalia, 17 days from Bor deaux tor Philadelphia. 15th, lat 42 20, long 66 40, brig Joseph, Johnson, 3 day from Mar. biehead tor Martinique. luth, lat 42 50, long 57, brig Fawn, 47 day from Madeira for Bos ton. Passengers, 19 in the teerge. Arrived below, ship Liverpool Trader. Caot. Fenoo, 48 day from Liverpool. Spoke. J une 4. ship Arab, Patterson, of and from Hamburjrhlor new xorx, 3U day tour. June ij, scor Triumph, Bunker, 4 days from Bath. The Liverpool Trader has gone into quarantine, having on board a - bout 20 passengers, some of them bavine the small pox. AV45Na, June II. Arrived, ship Juliet Swiiibum, Bath, Maine 14 days. Brier Olvnthus, Sharp. Philadelphia. 15 days from the Capes. , fcch Ariadne, Pendleton, N York, 15 days. Cleared, brig Eliza, Thayer, N York ; schr Richmond, Evans, N York. Li yesterday' marine list the nassaire of tbe Shamrock was stated at 52 days. R now ap pears she had only 45. taiaiisma, June 13. Cleared, ship Geo j Porter, Foster, Liverpool britr Aretliusa. Holmes, N York; sloop Good Intent, Marsh, N York and Providence. June 14 Cleared. British britr 26th Octo ber 1812," Ramsay, Kingston, (Jam.) ; British sch John, Fortune, Barbsdoe ; ten Calypso, Milliard, N York t Joanna Si Mary - Ann, Mar - grat do ; sloop Belle, W heeler, N York ; At las, James, do. ' Went to tea on Saturday, sch Retrieve, Shi - verick, for Boston ; Independence, Ames, for N lor and Providence Thatcher, Buernan, N York ; Fame, Forrester, for do ; sloop Atlas, James, for do ; Rambler, Airs, for Boston. 1 he ship Samuel, 14 days from New York, took pilot yesterday to the northward of the bar - Noarotr, June 17 - Arrived sch. Decatur, Bell, 11 days from St Thomas, with specie. 1'he U. S. sloop of war Hornet, Capt Heed, with Mr. Erving on board, sailed in company with the D. supposed to be bound to Marga rita, The bng - Water - Witch, Uunce, o: Philadelphia, and sloop Triton, Treat of , had sailcc". tor Porto - Kice. tell sen. .Mary, Driver, for Norfolk i Laura, Robinson, of Savannah. Spoke, in lat 25, lonj 68, sch. William and Mary, from N York, lor Aux - Cayes, 12 days out, all well. - T ADIE3 TWIST Si ROLL TOBACCO i8 JLi half kegs " Labby's " ladies twist and 6 keg and 19 half kegs '" Ross's " 1 - 4 aiU 1 2 pound rolls, fjr sale by . , ; je 4; , xJiuuic. . THEATRE. r ' MR.: FALCOMEWS BKMEFIT. '. - , THIS' EVENING, Jata22, ...; ' Wdl ba presented, a tragitrplay callod th - JtRlDE OF ABYDOS.' . Giaffltr, - Mr. Rubertsca Selim, . ' . ' Pritcli. Zuleika, Mrs. Barau ' In the course of the play Mr. and Mrs, Parka, will introduce the Grand Tambourine Danctj At the end of th play, a hornpipe, in the tha. racter of a sailor, by Mr, Parker. To which will he added, the melodrama of . THE MAID Si MAGPIE! ' Martin, . . Mr! Barn Annette, Mrs. Dark. In act 1. a bftlUt. In which Mn T - lr. n introduce the much admired Skipping iUf 0 On Wednesday. Kin Lear. And tha n.u drama of Tekeli, for th benefit of Mr. JON E$. ricrtRKsavx, mkchasual a.wd mabitimx THEATRE WASHINGTON. - HA LL." MR. MAFFEY, artist, mechanician, proprietor and inventor of this graud reoie. sentation, will present On MUHUAX, JUNK 2?, And every e veiling this week, hi brilliant representations. To commence with A variety of Dances and AliceoricalMebinin. pliotts, accompanied with oitfertat comic scene, ry, and the extraordiuary power of Harlequin. Amoog the metamorphose will be particuJar. Iv distineuisbed the table chansred into a FIbui. Dragon. ... ? tlarlequin will transform bilSMlf fire diAVra times, in presence of the attendants He - will have Ids bead cut off and replaced three separate times. Tbevariou changes and metamorpbo. ses will, ao doubt equal the most sanguine expec - tation. For the first time, the superb view r Si h.u. na, taken oa tbe side of tbe city of St James The principal edifices wiii be seen, such as the church, the governor' palace, the caserne, tbe market and the fort which commands thecity on the point of a rock. Six batteries, crossing each other every way, and defending tht aacho - ' nug piac. inc icu 01 uian a, rroni wnscn tbey signal vessels at sea, will be seen is the horizon, at the distance of about 90 mile. Also, Na. poleon Bonaparte, Mr. and Mrs. bertrand, and several English Officer and Soldiers, will be distinguished, walking under tbe shade of tbe tree that border tlie city of St Jame. - - Vessels of all sites will be seen mailing aad saluting each other, at they pass, and will be a. swered by the forts. A raott agreeable illusion. Mr. Mafley hope tliat his re preservation will meet with the approbation of the puBlic, at be will join to this the most interesting object his theatre affords. He will perform every day this week, Sunday excepted, at half past 8 o'clock in the eve - ning, iu (he Grand Saloon of Washington Hall. Person who with to procure ticket wilt please apply at Washington - Hall. First place 1 dollar - .second placet 50 rent t children 25ceut. Je 22 lw BROADWAY CIRCUS BKTWKKS BKSTKR ASTD BROOME STRKJCTI. ' eoc oof (owos ftt - Mr. PEPIN, after an absence of many year from tha city of New York, bat the honor to announce w tne liberal and enlightened ciu - sen of this metropolis, that he ha returned, and at a very considerable expense, erected an airy, elegant convenieut circus, and will opea it THIS EVENING. June 22, 1818. The performance will commence with tba - Grand Military Entry. . J UUU1M - TIM, VII UW TTT, IO IUI MS ' mnjr wofcden'ul feats of Horseuaosliip. j Alemande on two horses, by Mr. Tatoell aadc Miss Whelaod. '. , '. , Slack Rope, by Mr. Maybe. .' . t - jA The elegant horse Othello will act the pari - M a domestic. He will, at command, briajr srtvhip, hat, b isket, handkerchief, Jaoonclude by walav - ,, ing, trotting and cantering. ' Monsieur Coisin will make hit first appearaacw in New York, and will go through many surprising feats with a stirk, which has never beeu iu - Irouuced into thit country. Master Coty, tbe American hero, will' go through all bi elegant feats of borsemaasbip. Master M'Carn, the wonderful youth, only nine year old, will, 00 one hortet perform maey feats, and vooclude by Leaping tour Ribbons. Madame Cossi j, one of the first in her line and second ouly to the celebrated Madame Sack - ey, will make her 1st apNarante,and go through ' ail her wonderful feats on the Tight Rope. Mr. Ta'nell the flying horseman, will, on oaw ' horse, perform many wonderful feats, and leap over a hoard of Lights. Still Vaulting, hy Messrs. Tatntll, Mahyr, Garria, Coty, M'Carn, Willis, Thomas, &c. Clown, Mr. Campbell. ' ' The whole to coaclude with the inviecibla ' borte Mentor, who is teen standing undaunted a - midst Fire' works. Seats iu the boxes. 1 : Pitt 75 cents : Callerr 50 cent. - Tickett may be had at the circus, from 1Q o'clock, A. M. to 1 P. M. and from 3 to 5. Doors will lie open at 7 o'clock, and tbe pert ' formance commence precisely at 8. 1 oe pe.riormanre wui taie Place every eve ning in the week (Sundays excepted.) No smoaking allowed. Check not transferable. Gentlemen are requested not to enter tht ring. jot Ji'otice to LUy Meaturtrt, hit. tie. ' frr In pursuance of a resolution of the Com1 mon Council of the 15th instant all persons hoi - ' ding tie appointment of City Weigher, Measurers of Grain, &c Guager or Inspector of Lumber, are directed to report their namet and pla cet of residence, and occupations (if any distinct irom the duties ol laid office,) to the t.iera 01 the Common Council, at hit ottice, No. 7 City - Hall, on or before the 15th day of July next ; . and every person holding either of said appoint - , inents, who shall fail to make toch report by the ' time above specified, shall be decratd to have resigned bis coministion, aad shall therefrom ceateto execute the duties thereof. By to Common Council. J.MORTON. , Je 22 IJy15 " . Fr BLAKELE T and MOBILE, 1tas aukftf antiil fit niItntT ttPihnnntr tYMOXTABIO. 100 tons, captain Lefling - ! well 1 havine - must of her freight engaged, , will meet with immediate dispatr.b. For the remainder of fi eig!itor passage, having good accommodations, apply on board at pier no. 2, E. R. or to PETERS k HERRICK. je23 29 Coenties - hp. For LIVERPOOL, A regular Trader) The superior fast sailing sliipCAR - ni ie.ann. built of live oak and ce dar, having been new coppered and throughly repaired, is a tirst rate snip ; pan 01 uercarw being cngr.ged she wCl be dispatched witliout delay. For freight or passage, having superior accommodations for 20 passengers, apply t ' 1 1 a n.i L 1 . . v. ia. K n. capiam tt in. a. raiiarr, oh uusiu, w s.v. - - - 13, E. K. or at oj soutn - ttreet, 10 je22 1w ROWLAND Sz BRAIMB - For Sale, lo cke a concern, The very fast sailing coppertd ahip C11AUNCEY. If not oUby 1 eHOoca: on - Vednesday text, wai wen oe oaereu v, Messrs. Hoffman Si Glass, at auction. Apply to POTT& M'KUSMV ; June 22 . 56 South - U IRISULINENS, SHEETINGS, DIAPER, fcc. HE.NRYM'VICKAK k CO. baveoo nana a . jfi neral arsortmtnt of . ... - ' ' 4 - 4 aod " - 8 Linens ; 7 - 8 Lawai 6 - 4 Sheetings, ia half pieces . , 3 - 4 Brown Ljoen. in half piece ; - 3 4 Diaper; Ouuiusk Table Clfitbs,yj Roftsia Duck, " . ; .,' Which tney offer far talc oa reasonable terms, at Je & isr No. 67 Pwe street. II

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