Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 13, 1943 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 13, 1943
Page 14
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Hog Top $15.10 in Chi 1 SWINE STEADY I TO 15G HIGHER -.] Small Run Provides 1 Stimulus to Trade I ;} CHICAGO, W -- Anothi. new j high for January since 1920 was ·scored on the hog market Wed- '··· nesday when prices advanced 10 i to 15 cents to a top of $15.10 in } early trading. Later sales, how- 3 ever, were only steady to about 3 10 cents higher than Tuesday. | The upturn was based upon the j small run, which totaled only 15,1 000 salable head against an of! ficial department of agriculture i estimate that 21,000 head would I · arrive Wednesday. On the same ·A day last year producers placed ! 17,591 head on sale here. ·j Chief factors in the failure o ] the run to expand as much a 5 was anticipated, market observer 1 asserted, were feeding to heavie i weights, difficulties in obtainin 4 adequate truck transportation an :.:! increased slaughtering on th ·' , farm. ; (U. S. D. A.)--Salable hogs 15, "| 000, total 20,000; opened 10 to 1 ;j cents higher; closed 5 to 10 cent ! lower than earlier; bulk good an '.} choice 190-330 !bs. $14.8o-$15 i few loads light and medium 1 weights early §15.05-10; to :'4 $15.10; good and choice 160-8 1 IDS. largely $14.50-60; sow 1 around 10 cents higher; most goo 360-550 Ib. sows SH.OD-35; fei · choice kinds to $14.50. : j Salable sheep 5,000, total 10, ii 000; late Tuesday: Fat larab around steady; bulk good an ] choice fed wooled lambs $15.6( J sparingly $15.75; top S15.90; goo j and choice clipped lambs wit j No. 1 and No. 2 skins S14.50 ;i S15.25; most food ewes firm a j $7.75; Wednesday's trade: Fe\ ', early sales fed lambs; general! J talking around steady or $15.50 ':)' tfa on good to choice wooled skins ) best held upward to $16; good tc ; choice yearlings with No. 1 skin 1 $13.50-$14.25; several loads strict i )y choice 132 Ib. slaughter ewe. i steady at $8.85. | Salable cattle 12,000, calve , SOD: Fed steers and 3'earling J steady to. 25 cents, mostly weak to 15 cents lower; strictly steer run with good and choice grades predominating; bulk $14-$1G early top $16.25; but $16.50 bic ' and refused; fed heifers fully steady; mostly S13-S14.50; best , around $15.60; with choice mixed offerings $16; cows moderate supply, steady; cutters $9.50 down strictly good fat cows to $13; ', heifery kind to S13.5D; bulls weak ! to a shade lower; practical top weighty sausage offerings $14.35- t vealers firm at $14-$16; stock cattle scarce. icago Midwest Livestock (WEDNESDAY'S PRICES) Trend Good Butchers-140-150 Ills. 150-160 Ibs ..... 160-170 Ibs ........ 170-180 Ibs ....... 180-200 Ibs. ... ....... 2W-2JO Ibs ........ 270-300 Ibs. ...... 300-330 Ibs ..... 3M-3GO Ibs ........ Good Packing Sou's 270-300 Ibs. 300-330 Ibs. ... ',' 330-360 Ibs ....... ' 360-400 lb~. ... 400-450 I b s 450-500 Ib--. ... Albert Lea" -Minn. lOc higher S12.40-12.45 $12.30-12.85 $13.20-1323 SI3.80-13.65 $1405-14.10 SI4.20-14.2i S14.20-14.25 SI4.20-H.25 S14.20-14.25 SI4.20-14.25 $14.10-14.15 lOc higher $13.90-13.95 $13.90-13.95 SI3.90-13.93 St3.80-13.35 $13.70-13.75 SI3.60-I3.G3 S13.50-13.55 Austin .Minn lOc higher $12.35-12.65 S12.80-13.10 S13.10-13.40 $13.40-13.70 S13.8u-14.15 S14.03-I4.3o S14.05-14.55 SI 4.05-14.35 SI 4.05-14.35 S14.03-14.35 SI3.S3-14.23 lOc hipher S13.S5-14.15 S13.85-14.t3 513.85-14.15 SI3.7o-14.03 SI 3.'65-13.!)5 513.05-13.05 Waterloo 20c higher ·$13.60-13.75 S14.00-14.13 S14.25-14.40 S14.40-14.30 $14.40-14.55 S14.40-14.55 S14.40-14.55 S14.30-14.45 514.20-14.35 15c hiRber S14.05-14.20 S14.03-14.20 S14.03-14.20 S13.SS-I4.10 S13.05-14.10 S13.95-14.IO Cedar Rapids 15c higher $13.63-13.75 S14.00-14.10 S14.25-14.3o $14.40-14. SU.40-J4.5 SI4.40-H.5C S14.40-14.5C SH.40-14.51 S14.30-J4.4C 20c higher S14.10-14.2 S14.10-14.2l SU.10-14.2i 514.00-14.11 S1X90-14.0C S13.90-14.IO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE ' · = -Charles City News GEORGE BYRNE RITES PLANNED '' I'" 85 ' ' ·?,' J*! an normal ""· delivered to Wilson Local Livestock HOGS MASON CITY-For Wednesday Mve lo 10 cents higher. -Good light lights 140-150 SI2.70 Good light lishls 150-1CO $13 "0 Good light lights 1GO-150 S13.70 Good light lights 170-180 SH 20 Good light lights 180-200 SI ' Good light butchers 200-220 SI455 . Good me. wt. butchers ... 220-240 sui55 Good me, wt. butchers ... 240-270 S14.55 Good me. wt. butchers ... 270-300 S 14.55 Good me. wt. butchers ... 300-330 SH.'iS Good me. wt. butchers ... 330-3GO SH 45 Good packing scn-s 270-300 SH 25 Good sows 300-330 SH.23 Good soivs. 330-360 SI4.25 Good sows 350-400 SH.1 Good sows 400-150 S14 1 Good sows 450-500 SH 15 CATTLE MASON CITY--For Wednesday Cbolce lo crime steers Good lo choice steers S12.50-13.50 Medium lo sood steers sn.5o-l2.50 Fair to medium steer* $10.00-1150 Plain lo fair steers j 8.00-10.00 Choice to orima yrlc. -tetrs Sl:f.50-!4.SO Good to choice vrlg. steers 512.50-1350 Medium lo Rood yearlings .. Sll.50-12.5a Fair to msdiurn vearlings .. 510.00-11.SO Common lo (air yearlings . . . s B.00-10.00 Choice to prime heifers. BOO Ibs- down SI3.Od-H.00 Good to choice hellers Sl2.00-I:ido Medium to'cocd helrera SU.OQ-I2UD Plato to fair hellers 510.00-1150 Common heifers 58.00-10,00 Good to choice cows, dry lei S10.00-li.00 Memum to fair cows s 9.00- 9 5 0 Fair to m e d i u m cows s 8.50- s'oo Cutters, heavy $1.25 Til, cutlers. Hj-ht ::: s s .^, ,; ra Carmen, heavr J 5 50- 6 00 £«ni«K. iish, ;:; 1 5 s. S Bulls, heavy .... . ,, , S 9 75-in-'3 BUMS, ugh! :.:::;: ,3^ a - 5a Fancy select calves S12.50-11CO Calves, good lo choice. ISO-ISO 511.50-12.50 Calves, fair lo cood. 130-190 S 9.00-n no Calves, common lo lair s 6.00- S.OO Calves, cull ... j e o o d - w n . MASON CITY--For Wednesday bpring lambs, goon to choice S1.1J5-I4.23 spring lambs, medium to £ood Slci-ixtill apnng lambs, good to fair ilo.50-ll.5l) spring Iambs, fair to medium S 900-1000 Spring lambs, common . s s.on. 7 M Native cwo. cood lo choice.. s 2,75- 3.1i, Ewes, cull , ,,,., j 7^ am = A i n . r ' · , n n o r m a · del plant at Albert Lea, will bring 5-15c over fore soing quotaiions.l GRAIN MARKET IS LESS WEAK Declines Limited From Fractions to One Cent CHICAGO, (/?}--The grain market still was depressed Wednesday by imposition of federal ceilings on corn but prices showed less weakness than Tuesday, declines being limited to fractions to a cent a bushel. Corn was weakest but this was due partly to hedging sales in connection with purchase of the largest quantity of grain to arrive here from country points in months. Enlarged mill buying, re- Ilecting flour business to some extent, helped to lift wheat about ', cent at times early in the session". Wheat.closed i to ij cent lower .¥_ a .y $1-37% to changed to Vi up; rye unchanged to % lower; soybeans ;a off to h.igher. CHICAGO CASH G R A I N (Wednesday Market) CHICAGO. HV--No cash wheal sample grade . . I0ft74c; No. 5 white Soc. Oats. No. 1 \vhitc 59Hc; No Field seed per hundred weight nominal: Timothy 4.75{f5: Alslke 18W2250' fancy red top 7S7.SO: red. clover IBS 22. BO, sivcet clover TS3. Mason City Groin MASON CITY-- For Tuesday No. 2 shelled corn ^o. 2 new oat New ear com ........ .. 72c No. 2 soybeans '.." SI 61 Barley .50-75c CHICAGO GRAI.V CLOSE (Wednesday Market) " '"""' VHEAT-- lay ... uty ... ; cpt. ... CORN-lay ·epl. ... OATS-- uly eot OYBEANS-- 1.3D .... 1.40 .BS'i .97!', .97 :i 1.39U .96'i .56'i, lay ... ulv .,, ent. ... LARD-- 1.8214 1.65 -73 r a .81 = 4 Hides STEEL STOCKS MAKE ADVANCE Fund Raising Reports Studied by Investors NEW YORK, f/P-- Small gaii._ were m the majority in the stock market Wednesday, with stools prominent in the upturn. Volume never got out of a sto jog and the tape idled at times through the day. Total turnov was around 600,000 shares. A few issues which lagged behind in early trading recovered their equilibrium in the afterpar o£ the session and scored advances in the final hour. Others which had been ahead most of the day, however, failed to work up a full head of steam. Tentative spurts were made bv golds, selected metals and a handful of utility leaders. Investors tended to study reports of government fund-raisin plans more than the tape as th, full import of a budget callin for more than 5100,000.000,000 in expenditures was realized. International . developments were about n standoff as a trend influence. Alaska Juneaii touched new high ground for 1D42-43 while Oliver Farm and Davison Chemical also levels. Exhibiting rising power were U. S. Steel. Bethlehem, Republic and Youngstown amon? t h e steels, Goodyear, Anaconda. Ken- necott, Homestake, Western Union, Consolidated Edison, Santa Fe. New York Central. Northern Pacific and Standard Oil (N. J.). Backward most of the day were Texas company, of which 56,724 shares were distributed- Tuesday in a special . offering, American Telephone, Montgomery Ward and Caterpillar, among others. BaiJroad issues staged a rally in the bond market. ventured into record Qootatfons tarnished bT W o l l Br 30X Firth street -ouib^e. oraehldK 'GREEN BEEF BIDES om 15 |bj. U D '"" rom 15 tbs. do- lull ujctes ·Cured hides Ic » ' t b ! ' h i g h e r Xi-'t, ,c . ^ higher (or green hides to wholesale ealcrs in wholesale suantn Produce (Merchant Quotations'^ (Cash Quotations by E. G'. Morse* MASON CITY--For Wednesday Sggs. current receipts 3Gc Capons. 8 Ibs. Band up 30c Heavy springs, a Ibs. and up 24c rleavy springs. 4 to 5 Ibs 22c rleavy springs. 3 to 4 Ibs 2flc 1-eghnrn springs ]7e rleavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over 22c -lens, 4-5 Ibs. 20c Hens, tinder 4 Ibs !!'l7c t Cocks, heavy j^ c no_|Cocks, Leghorns i\ c l \!1 No. 2 Poultry 4 cents less Miscellaneous CHICAGO POTATOES Wednesday Market) WV - (U ' S - 1=Partmen Potatoes. arrivals 1IG; on track 22; total · S. shipments 980: old stock: Supplies loderatc; demand for best q u a l i t y fal- larkct about steady; tor ordinarv stock emand slow, market dull a n d " TCcat; , : S llp P' ies "*' ^=TM Eleatl ldnho s , i li ' Burbanhi Colorado Red Me! · S2 ' 90; N*raska Bliss "Easiest Way" to Read Your Best Newspaper CLEVELAND, (UB_The easiest way to read this newspaper is to look at it at right angles to your line o£ vision, says Dr. Matthew Luckiesh, director of General Electrics lighting research laboratory here. The practice of laying a book or newspaper flat on a table and reading it at an angle may reduce the visibility of the type as much as a third. Dr. Luckiesh points out Visual '^ 0k ' " Readin S » «· IS AMONG XEWLYtt'EDS DES MOINES, (IP)~ One of the newlyweds in the Iowa legislature is 5. A. "Steve" Martin, 71, (R' He said he and Eliza- teacher in . ' .. --, f * - - V T *"t « \ t « V l t i ; L J,n Tfie Centerville schools, were married last Dec. 26 at Kirksvillc, Mo. RECEIVES PROMOTION Eggs, in cash Eggs, in trade . ..29-35c . ..32-35c Butter, Iowa State Brand.! " 5Jc Butler. Corn Country 5Qc Butter. Decker's lowotia 50e Butter. Br^okfield 50c CHICAGO PRODUCE IWcdnesdar Iarkett CHICAGO, (,r,-- Butter, receipts 446 490[irm: prices as quoted by the Chicazo r i»»un v. a. in(.vMt TAX,^ -Incomes to j Be Reported | NO. 9 ' In preparing a federal income tax return, income from whatever source, unless specifically exempt by statute, must be reported in the return. The types of income specifically exempt are listed in the instructions accompanyina the return form. In addition to salaries, wages, fees and commissions which must be reported, all bonuses, tips prizes and awards and other forms of compensation must be included. A minister of the gospel must report all fees he receives for funerals, for masses, for baptisms for marriages and for other like' person is paid in services. If a whole or in part for his services Jn anything other than money the fair market value of whatever v/as Longtime Resident of Charles City Succumbs CHARLES CITY -- George H Byrne, 56, resident of Charles City for 25 years, died Tuesday following a heart, attack. The Byrne home is in the Ridgeway addition to Charles City at the southwest edge of town While he has not been in the best of health the attack was unexpected. Born in Oregon, Wis., Jan. 26, 1886, a son of James and Catherine SPORTS Standings CEBEO CORDO CONFJEIE.fCK Standlars Jin. I*. I'M HIGH SCHOOL BOYS .. Ventura ,. * · Rockwell '" Thornton *" ·* Hock Falls ' .i" Z Meservey ~ Plymouth ... i HIGH SCHOOL GIBL5 o , . "'on' Tie Swaledalc 4 o Ventura 4 i Plymouth . . , * . *] i Meservey ;. J 0 Rockwell ,,. . 3 n Rock Falls i fl Thornton o o 'One Foot in Heaven" Rates Place in Film Daily Poll of Ten Best By MAGLOPH Mason Cityans who rejoiced in* the success o£ Capt. HartzeJl ipences book, "One Foot in Heaven,'" and found equal pleasure in the motion picture, will be flighted with the news that the 10-best choice of the Film Daily includes it. It placed seventh on the list , .» is h . eaded by "Mrs. Miniver." In spite of the fact that 490 of 524 press critics-and 65 out of MOVJE~MENU CECIL--"Somewhere You." Conference games this week ii - - ' -- t *-* . U . UL 111 V , Mrs. Gale Springer, Charles City; board and lodging furnished Find Honcock Relief Unit to Urge Legislators to Increase Levies GARNER--The Hancock County Soldiers Relief commission held i\s regular session at the courthouse here Tuesday afternoon. The commission passed a resolution requesting the Iowa legislature to increase the levy for soldier's relief purposes. T h e levy. now is one-quarter of a mill and the commission a=ked fliat it be raised to one-half mill nd Claims were allowed and cash al- i lowances made. part of an employe's compensation, where the board and lodging is not provided primarily for the convenience of the employer. Income must be reported whether received in hand or not if there is ''constructive receipt;" that is if it has been credited to the account of or set apart for a taxpayer without any substantial limitation or restriction and which may be drawn upon by him at any time. This applies " to interest credited to a savings account and subject lo withdrawal during the year, to dividend checks received during the year, whether cashed or not. to interest coupons maturing during the year whether cashed or not rimless the bond is in default and no funds are available to pay the interest coupons) and the like. f Interest accumulated or accrued during the year on war savings bonds may be treated by a taxpayer reporting his income on the cash basis either as income during the year or the accrual mav be deferred until the maturity of he bonds and reported as income men. However, a taxpayer on the casli basis who elects" to report such income as it accrues must adhere to that method in all subsequent returns. A farmer who trades or exchanges the produce of his farm lor goods or services must report as income the value of the goods or services received by such trade or exchange. Alimony and separate maintenance payments periodicallv received by a wife subsequent to decree of divorce or of separate maintenance must be reported as commissioned navy personnel. income. In the c'ase of non military and navj . ,, compensation for military or"riavai service to the extent of S250 for i single person and S300 in the case of a married person or liead ot family received during the vear may-be excluded in reporting ncome. Also the amounts con- nbuted by the government to the ·ervice man's "monthly family al- owance" arc in the nature of guts by the government and need not be included in income. and i James, Camp Warren, Wyo. U s' army; George, Hawaii. U S marines There are six grandchildren One brother, James Byrne Charles City, and one sister. Mrs Agnes Braun, Madison, Wis., ai^o survive. Funeral services will be conducted Thursday morning at 9 o clock, with the Rev T J Rooney. officiating and interment will be in Calvary cemetery games at Ventura will determine whether Swaledale is to continue undefeated at the top of the conference. BOWLING SCORES Industrial League I N D U S T B I A l T E A G C E H.C. T 294 2010 60 305 2537 /~"L 1 /"", t I T 1 j Lone Std. Sen'. 2 783 767 *· Charles City Woman's *i£ mcmrt V 569 ! TM "' ' Brother Badly Burned in Los Angeles Fire Armours Stars 3 Cer. Gord. Bar 0 Cutler na. 469 Phaten crners 159.5 SSS 1'JS 2481 617 70'i 330 2297 »Un Will Get You" lock Holmes." the "Boogie and "Sher- S?» ra , d !° commentators chose Mrs. Miniver," I still think "How Green Was My Valley" was far better and glady take my place with the intelligent minority How Green Was My Valley" placed second on the list, 50 votes behind "Mrs. Miniver." Third in line was-"Kings Row," with 231 than the third placers. Others in order ot their choice CHARLES CITY--Mrs. Carrie Palmer, 210 Ferguson street has received word that her brother fJr^jr'l.rtr- H.T:t i . _ * Charles Miles, was seriously burned u-hen the building which INDUSTRIAL BO1VL1.VG LEAGCE Stand in(s housed his drug store on Fifth and ' PhaT sl ?S dard Service Broadway i n Los Angeles, Cal.,'standard oil""" "".'" Armour's Ctry. Driv ' In order to save his i; Ie Miles ^;?" ^ ...:..": Cerro Gordo Barbers ,.[ s had to go through a wall of fire He was ..seriously burned from . . ,' " . " * « t « J l , ( _ l i I t / H i the head to the waist and is in the i Hi, hospital. His eyes were protested U" ·7i g u ses ' ph i' Eic ans stated that "" if he had worn the white jacket he usually wore he would have been burned to death Holland Furnnce U'Ot! . 20 . 20 . 17 . 14 . II . 10 7 How Green Was My Valley' is the only choice of mine that I'd really go to bat about, but frank. ly, some of the selections amaze .'COT ' m e - Maybe they will you too-.667: maybe they won't. After all it .jo? boils down to a matter of per=on- ·15! : al opinion. This was the first meeting of he year for the commission, lulus C. Welter ot Corwith is the year .Rufus _ _ ^, chairman, Chester Ri"ee~of" Garner" secretary, and Swan Rapp of Brut, is the third member. CORIVITH FARMERS MOVE CORWITH -- A number of moves are being made among the farmers around Corwith this week. Harvey Hankin's family is moving to the farm vacated by the Steve Devine family, who are moving to the farm they recently purchased from John Sloan Guy Gjerstedl and family of Harciv are coming to the place where Harvey Hanhins lived. Charley Gray, Charles Magne. and IUini Magne, who have farmed west "of Corwith over 40 years, are quit- ling the farm and moving into town. " Today South Africa serves as workshop for the armies fighting Rommel. Millions of replacement parts for tanks, planes, machines and guns used by the allied troops are made there and shipped or flown to the fronts. individual--Gene s individual--Ge. ne ·-33 i It has been discovered t h a t it an extremely high-pitched sound »i's';^"' "' gil "rf« m ««^!L B i.o S ns sla'd iT h » n S°T t S 0 ' MI L.* anit! b!!tw «n Standard » arirt Long Standard Service will tie laved Friday o [ Ihis .,veeh at "30. Hannah Young Dies H. and H. Duckpin After Extended Illness -ME.VS LEAGUE Won is ^directed at a rat, it will go into convulsions with a brain disturb-' ance similar to epilepsy. Feed the.i rat liberal amounts of B vitamins '' with a little calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, and the convul- j sions will be. much milder. after an extended illness. 'ire Damages Home of Mrs. Laura Ellingson price current arc uncharged. . cnanged- . receipts 12,681; easy, prices un- NEW YORK PROniTCE (Wednesday Market) NEW YORK. UV-EgKS 25 BOS; weak: 'tariff Pleads With Man to Make Will: Halts Suicide Attempt ROCK ISLAND, ill.. (U.P.)-- Art h u r Ferkcl. 48, Hillsdale. !l! owed his life to the persuasiveness of Sheriff Joe Schneider of Kock Island county. Ferhel chased his wife and eight children from their home and barricaded himself announcing that he was commit suicide. . h H ^ p °, inted a shotgun at his nead and pulled the trigger with nis big toe. just as the sheriff arrived in response to a call from Mrs. Ferkel. mtl h ?u Sh °', went wild and 'ore into the ceiling. Sheriff Schneider gained en- and mixoi colors: Fancj' lo c«ra fancv 431--,,' ·Wic; extras 43c: graded firsts z-ilf current receipts 3T 3 ic : mcdittms 34V-c- M«!'S",^°' L M!irti34 '' c: «ra B c checks Bliitcr' 511.806: scsrcc. (First hand ·.vlioIcMlc price levels) creamery. hi-hDr than 92 ?corc and premium twirks 47':.^ 4Bl.c: 03 score (cash m a r k e t ! 4iu4;:i c . Kl-SI .core 4C'1^4-'.ic. .t.*c. Cheese 45.0M: lirrn. Pric M unchanged. inside, going to i h i . c with Ferkel to make out a will, thus providing the officer with an opportunity to seize the gun After a while, the township su- rvisor was called to make out perv ou the papers. All afternoon and late ,°v, lh £ "!H. ht - *e two men talked Claude Merfeld, has been promoted to sergeant. He is located at Ft. George Wright, Wash. The promotion was made Jan. I 1043 ESTI.HATICD LIVESTOCK UECEIt-TS _,,, MVMtiesilay M a r X t f ) CHICAGO. ISV~Ofticial estimated sal- . !i. v Sl ock rcci;i P ts f"r Truirfdav- oBs 17.000: entile 5.000: sheep 7,000. Services Friday for Henry J. Matz, Once Mason City Resident Funeral services will be held Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Central Lutheran church for Henry John Matz, who died Tuesday at Rock Island. The Rev. Marvin O. Lee will be in charge of the service. Burial will be in Elmwood cemetery. Mr. Matz left here in September to work at the Rock Island arsenal. He died after a month's illness. He was married Jan. 21, 1925. to Gladys Foglesong at Guthrie Center. Also surviving are a daughter, Betty, and a son. Claude, both at home: a brother, Phillip. Redfield and three sisters, Mrs. Emma Mc- OSAGE-- A fire of unknown began in the kindling oom of the home tenanted by \Irs. Laura Ellingson, late Tues- aay afternoon. Considerable *moke damage occurred as well as the loormg damaged in the bath- ·oom. Mrs. Ellingson. proprietor ot the Midway cafe, was not home it the outbreak of the fire It ras discovered by her employe Wiss Angelme Nees. who went nlo the basement to obtain some oiveis that she had previously washed for the cafe. Billows of met her as she the basement, but the blaze not extensive. Lifelong Resident of Howard County Dies CHESTER--Roy F. Jones. 65 died at his home after an illness of two years. He has spent his entire life in Besides two daughters · she is survived by a brother, Charles R Warner of Waterloo: Hubert of Washington state: a sister, Mrs Jennie Pelton of Los Angeles. Cal The body was brought to Hauser funeral home in Charles City where funeral Services will be held Friday afternoon at 2'30 o clock with the Rev Wilbur L Sanford, Congregational minister of Ionia, officating and interment will be in Greenwood cemetery at Nashua. i Dr. Pepper LEAGUE W ? n _, H.C. Tnt . 3 o,J .,47 589 3 1710 Miss Dorothy Schilling Awaits Orders to Duty CHARLES CITY--Miss Dorothy Schilling, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Albert Schilling. 305 Fifteenth avenue, returned Mon- Bobek teg. si. GoIdfieJd Women's Club Names New Officers GOLDFIELD -- The Women's society of Christian service of th! Methodist church met recently at the church with the following enTuinf ye?r bejng "^ £ ° r th " .President, Mrs. Alfred Hansen; "_ Ce P re S'dent, Mrs. E. L. Bart- TO u . secretary, Mrs . treasurer. Mrs. nkham; correspondine Mrs. Lloyd Olson- K. G. Nolle. , . son- church activities chairman, Mrs - ,l tUCiy , mkham; secretary of ' rC. day night from DCS Moincs, where young women's' wn'r't ^-'"^ OI she was inducted into the Worn- k"se!l TecrtVv nf t-E eWC , y £!ll h AU * ili ;L iy Al ' my C ° rps - She uork Mrs Em[f Holm- ld '' CnS W i l l be in the "sismnt TM,-r, r ,,--I :- I «r -..'.._, - .."· TM? m where she will be stationed REVEAUOl PARATROOP TRIP Airdrome Captured in K500 Mile Flight SANTA MONICA, (U.R) _ The longest paratroop flight in history - f TM m A » ! ? United Kingdom to north Africa--was d e s c r i b e d Wednesday in a letter from Lieut. /-. _ , * - * - * % w i l a n i L J i j l l J l i l . Gen Henry H. Arnold, chief of is' of supplies. Mrs. Ethel Wei. rucdons as to secretary of literature and plies. Mrs. H. R. Crowi, and secretary of student work. Mrs. Harian Larson. Mrs- E. L. Bartley will be ho*t- ess to the next meeting, Wednesday, Jan. 20. NAMED REGIONAL HEAD WASHINGTON, -yp, -- C W Anderson of St. Pan! and Marshall, Minn., has been appointed federal works agency director for region six which embraces seven midwestern states including Iowa Nebraska, Kansas. Missouri Minnesota and tile Dakotas. FWA Administrator Fleming announced (he appointment. J ENDS WEDNESDAY "Kitty Foyle" Ginger Roeers "Mokey"--Dan Daily, Jr. 1VED. KITE IS FUNT-NITE. THURSDAY - FRIDAY Romance - Laughter -ANN SHERIDAN GEORGE BRENT "Honeymoon for Three* -- and -The Man With 28 Lives! /1L/IC WED. - THURS. 2 Super Thrillers for Cut Prices Mat. 2tc - Eve. 30c Plus Tax THE LIVING DEAD MIIMM1W TOMB -- and -Out of Nowhere Comes the LON C H A N E Y DICK Morgan Bela Lugosi Look--Starts Saturday^ ABBOTT COSTELLO "One Night in the Tropics" Plus--"Eyes in the Nieht" ] ar.d thr i . Tackin Company' Incorporated ELIZABETH. N. J.. (U.R)_l n corporation papers for the formation of the "Man-O-War Packing company," were filed here The firm will deal in " mc at of horses, cattle andsheep," the papers said. ,, J?1 E ? DRIVING TRUCK i Ul ?' tTed Kingdom," Arnold said. g f , ^ Parachute attack i n history 5 ! '.ad been nvcr more than a frac.-- th, the . ,' d ', ed at ^e wheel of truck he was driving on a downtown street here and the machine smashed into a car parked at the opposite curb. NAME 4-H OFFICERS ALLISON-- Wild Rose 4-H tion Ping · o -. --,... ... Iu fcu wi _ mutu nj the minute with the attacks made by bombers and fighters. Some of these planes, incidentally, had arrived but a short time before from America. "During the past year, the army air forces have assumed the offensive everywhere and in this offensive the C-47's are invaluable. A year ago we were weak; today we are strong. The transformation from weakness to strength came as a result of the loyalty and zeal of the men and women on the production lines." C L E A R U K E VfEIJSKSnAY - *«ls Karloff Peter Lorrr "BOOr.lE MAS TCIH. OET TOl-- 5NDTHR1LLEB f BM1 ··thkonr "SHEKLOCK HOLMES and Ilic VOICE OF TKKROR- .HAT. 1VED.NESDAT S:CM) IS CERTIFIED C H I C A G O . U.P.)_Thc United DANCE TONITE LYNN KERNS AND THE RHYTHM CLUB Also Regular Wed. Feature SCANDINAVIANS FRI. LATE BUS " ED FRI SAT. - Every Wed. and Fri. Are Fun Nites -- Be Here CECIL JtST ACROSS THE PARK NOW* Ends ***Jr WW · Thursday THEY'RE TERRIPICI -- and -THURSDAY NITE S.-30 OTIork HoUywood "Sneak" PREVUE COME - ENJOY 2 GREAT SHOWS A - BIG - PREVUE ATTRACTION! You'll Xot Be Disappointed! Starts Sat. F U N G A L O R E ! Ai.SOTHERM tti SKCLTON WHERE YOU SEE THE BIG- CER AND BETTER SHOWS?

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