The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 22, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
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Monday, June 22, 1818
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; DUMBER 4999 fur AMSTERDAM, 'crh hriir Ohio, ha commenced load - ; ior IhU day, and will b dispatched ' 4Ui iwt - living thrae fourths of her weed. Tor freight of the remainder or ai!Tri1f to Captain C ARMvi N, on board, J. C. ZIMMERMAN, 77 Washington - treet. vuti. '1' HE ISLE OF FRANCE. Th New York built thin AMERI - rt Hm - tKm JIMI tons, connered and SP - BVrt, " - i i ". r..iui.t . . master, will tail in about week. 'For freight of metxMudue or specie, jnd passage, having elegant accommodation, .Dy to the master on board, or to rune 9 CHA3. HALL, 1 Beaver - tt. tor BRISTOL, (England,) (A regular trader,) The elegant fast sailing coppered ship iTuREW JACKSON. Thomas T. Morton, - fiaster a considerable part of her cargo being engaged, will be dispatched without delay For rtightor passage, having excellent accommodations, apply oa board, at pier No. 22, near Peck - tiip.of PETER SCHERMERHORX & SONS, ; Or B. W. ROGERS & CO. Who offer for tale. , 10000 Storobridge Brick 60 cask patent Shot 20 do bar Lead 100 barrels Spanish Brown 30 casks Poller . Now landing from the Andrew Jackson. Je 1 TO HE LEASED, ON favorable terms, for a long; term of years, 4 lots of ground on Broadway, S00 feet Jeep, extending to Crosby - street, between Hester and Grand - strect. . 1 lots in Water - street, near Catharin a - markct. 1 lot in Water - street, between Fultou aud Burling slips. Alto, several other lots in the 6th, 6th, Clh and 10th wards. For particulars, enquire at No. SO, Chatham - street. may 8 I FRENCH GOODS. Just received yer . Manchester Packet and other late arrivals, 1 bat fringed taffeta and satin ribbons, lustrings aud garnitures 1 box silk shawls and hdkfi. 1 bps kid glves, black and colored ; buckskin glare t boi white tulle 4 - 4 1 do thread lace ' 1 do green and black florence for tale by FREDERICK RICHARD, 4 William - treet. Also Cologne and lavender - waters. Jell w HIBK tills BEST DOUBLE UHOWN STOUT. 80 casks, selected by a friend ii London, urrior to any in this market, lor sale by ' D. LYNCH. Junr. Je 1 1m No. 40 William street. srfW V - WHITE LEAD, Sic. Sic. J J kegs London White Lead in oil 30 barrels do Dry H Lite Lead 8 ton Red Lead 30 barrel Bristol Red Ochre . SO do Venetian Iced ; 2 tons tine Litharge - HO bogliead Whiting CO casks Paris White ; S liluls. erdigri , 50 tierces f renrh Yellow Ocbre , ft kegsVoiasillioa U 4 casks Prsssiaa Blue, 400Mr - ' - V c Cronie Yellow; Patent Yellow - Spanish Brown, , . , Vem.U.tu Red, " . ' . Yellow, H OIL. Black, Verdigris, J , ' Lanipolack ; Irory Black ; Purple Brown SoinU Turpentine ; Lintseed Oil 400 boxes Vindow Glass, assorted For sale no the lowest terms, for cash cr at shoM credit, by PETER SCHERMERHORV k SONS, n,T i 94.1 Water - street. DLV SCH, un. tat No. 40 ilUm - tretl,) . has on hand the 'following WINES and LIQUORS, selected wilh judgment by himself, which be olfers at wholesale and retail, war - anted pure, imported ihil'u i Madeira, from 3 to 18 Old Madeira, in bottles, from 3 to 20 years C'hampaigne, Burgundy, Claret and SauUrne, of very superior quality 7 pipes dry Libon, 7 years old 7 Jo Sherry, nine je ars old, and fret from ' Boractia taste Tort, in pipes and bottles Table wine, tor il quality, the cheapest iu ,. America Teurriffc, iu hhds. Old Is randy, do. Rum, do. Gin, not reduced 500 demijohns, containing fire gallons each 0 trore wine bottles N. B. Those in the trade, and country deal - en, will hod it to their account, to supply them - elves with wioci and liquor at the above eeta - butbment, as they will be certain to obtain arti cle of the first quality, at the lowest prices, aud pure as imported. my a zm RICHMOND TOBACCO. 100 hhds prime Richmond Tobacco, an entire parcel, for sate on low terms, ny WALsIl 8c GALLAGHER. Je 15 08 Suth - itreet 614. TOIiALCO. rkegs, ) Virginia manufactured tobuc - 53 half kegs, S co, of the best quality it brands, now landing ana ior a;e Dy Je 17 1 w CORNELIUS DU BOI5. K. TL J - tLW - OliLLAXS COITOS: JJ Rales lanJioj" from ship Thomas Nelson, Iuralety tLLIi r LECKNER, Who hare For Sale, Lignum vitx, a few tons F - ajIuh cordovan and soal leather Hosiery, a small neat assortment Laces, Veils, Lace f hawh, c. heet brass, of arious sizes Ruiashct - tin?s June IS 1" MILLINET'IS, ice A tjeneral assortntei.t of millinett, shirtings, sheetings, liass iaiiiiig anc sewing coitnn, lor sak low, tiy . WAL CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, Jel6 197 Pearl street HICE. 90 tierces Rice, landing Arabella, at Mm ray's wharf, loi from tchr. lor sale br CLARK, MOORE & CO. 41 Sosth - stret. ' Je17 HtMl'4tRON. - 70tous SL Petersen , clean Hemp, and 0 t..ns old Sable Iron, for sale in lots to suit rarchascii, by . . PETER RE.MSEN & CO. J 13 ft II UO6iOCA' GLUt tS, tie. Vtrunbinl Wii.i. i. l I in folors I Norway doe purse?, assorted colors . J'a Norwav doe leather, for waistcoats, l.Vtchei fcc. asmrtcJ wlute and yellow al,b, CL0. M. WILSON, , 130 Water sL jj uj SUGARS. 200 bags wtrttc, titled taaT""lt2do,he boiled white, en - ""J tao, lj ' " G.O.ftS.IIOWLAND, Who,,. ' " WMhington - street. v' - P! - rVt la,rt,,T tencrai assortment f la - 'c ivJi. ...... Je 15 HARDWARE, CUTLERY &c S casks Scotch spring Locks 5 casks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards . 1 do chest handles, tec. 1 do screw plates, scale beams, 4c. 1 do brass cock, &c. 1 do bell metal kettle and skillet 2 do tin'd pot and sauce pan t do tine padlocks 4 da Banbury locks, hinges, &c. 2 do hammers, pincers, locks, &e. !i do HL binges, &c. 4 do anvils 1 do hammers and sledges 2 do black L bright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do sham buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to 20d. Also, a large aud general assortment of goods open on the shelves, (or sale at the most reduced prices, by ADAMS & BLACK WELL, may 7 - S15 Fearl - et. I i C. McHOLa. iNo. ISZ 1'earl - street, have J . now lor sale it case white and striped Maruilles Quilting 1 do white and striped Jeans ii do black Sim - hews nod black Sartnets 2 do coloured Canton Crapes 1 do Cue black French do 2 do black and assort d sewing Silk 1 do assoittd Kid Gloves 1 do of mens and women' silk do 1 do 4 4 ami 6 - 4 Cambric Mnsliu 3 do 4 - 4 and 0 4 Book do 2 do J aconc - t do 2 do plain and seedt d Mull do 2 do 6 - 4 Irish Sheetings 1 do l.'wtn Diaper ' 3 do 4 - 4 Irish Linens, I do 7 - 8 lun Lawn fine 2 do brown do 2 do Cotton Platiltas 3 do striped and Carlisle Gingham 3 do Madras and Naval Victory llclkfs. 2 do liult.ition, Merino, & D:nnek Shawl 3 trunks Plate and suruue Calico 3 do Furniture ChiuU 2 bales black and assorted Bombuzett 2 do black and blue Broad Cloths 2 do red and white Flannel. Je23w GIUND STONL, BRISTOL W AKK, MOTTLE'S, Ac - COO small size Grindstones, assorted 20 large do do 5 to 14 cwt Weight, each tJO crates Hri - t )l Ware Gallon il half gallon Bottles for wine ChamPakn lull size Quart do London and wine Pint do. (in small sue Hamper) Galloo t half gallon Demijohns Looe tipped Pirx - s. fioiu 10 to 21 inched l.aree bowl Noiero do. and 1 cask Enzlish Shoe 1 bread, just teieived, and lor tale ny Je8 lm 164 Waler - strret. N AILS, ANVILS, it. - Si casks hue drawn Koeeii Clap Nails, assorted tizes 100 casks l)ri k fcpik. Irmu 4 to II inches 5 do bledxe and H ind Hammer il do Black aud Bright Vices Kit An. - .'! .om alitr ftpriiloa. I k Li I 11 - 3 I Ull 1 I ...(. 1 1 V. M j'l - l - '( .i.h.v, from Livtrpool, and will be sold in lot to suit purchasers, at Bl I'iue - street, by .a ii..tii.n.'i.i i . i l n i HAVANA SUGAR, TALLOW, vc. 50 boxen brown Havana Suar, entitled to drawback. 13i) t erooos South American Tallow 64 Roll Brimstone, and 13 cases Tumlileri. Landing and for sale by JAMES D'WOLF. Juur. my j - t Mn nret - f. PLAs 1' OF PAKla il. - iiMJr'AC I OH. At the loot of Harrison - Street, North - River. tit J HLKK manulactured i taster, torcorni - VV i es aud other puniotes. ma v be had, war ranted of the first quality, at one dollar and tut - It Jirt teittiptr buxtuL . - - i ne innnnlaciory is eonaaciea oy mr. jnnn Tucker, who has svrved a regular apprenticeship to the mason iuli ?i Juti.Ti h vr.ris. X 200 l - oxpi tin plates 28 cask Trace Bras Wire No. 9 60 casks Roman Cement, now landing, and lot alc by ANDERSON ti SHEARER, Ui wattr - dieti. WAo hate in ttore, Patent and comuiou Caroliua and Virginia Hoes Short Brass of all sites Brass and copper Win? London made pocket Book and Wallets Ladies woik Boxes ice. my 25 liO.vlfcS riCctt OTHER WARES. TH E subtcrilier keep constantly on hand an extensive assortment of the tolfowing poods, vis : Dutch and English Gunny Bags, Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Brooms Dustur. or Counter Brushes Bellows, fancy and Hearth Brushes, fan common cy uud common Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mats iikm no uo no Clutli do do do W'eaveis do Wl.iH; Wash do Huns A: Scrubbiiig do Paint Brushes bad Pails and 1 ul, Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whip of every de Sash Tools scription Clamus, 4, 7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines x Sash Cords, Trace Rones VVrouglit and Cut Nails and Brads Seine, sewing, wrap ping, baleing and ball Twine Fish Lines Shoe k Sadie rs Thread Dearborn's Dalian res, &c. Which they will sell wholesale or retail on liberal terms. CEBRA 4 CUMING, Je 2 76 Pearl - street. TAMES P. AN DOE has taken the store No, O 7 Park, recently occupied as Ladies Auction Room, where he intends establishing himself as a first - rate GROCER, and intends sellins for cash onlv. and at such price a will make it the interest of the cash purchasers to call as above, where he has tor sale a general assortment of Teas, late importation Pure oU cognac brandy, of snperior quality Jamaica snirits. Hollnnd ein. American do . Madeira, I.. P. Teneriffc, Old sherry, Port k other wines London and American parter, Boiled cider Sperm, oil and candles Vine old Holland and American cheese Well flavored raisins, Figs, Prunes, Almonds Spices Be - Spauih cigars. Draught perter iweet oil, fcc Onstant attendance will be J given, and all favor duly appreciated. Juno 12 tf 7 MADEIRA & PORT Wiy E. Or. csuk Madeira, and C hhds white port wine, for sals bv ROBERT GILLEJi iK, June 10 USFroot - st, SWEET OIL. - 80 chests Florence Oil, 30 bet - ties each, for sale by CHAS. L. OGUL - i, SL ABR. OGDEN, Je 10 53 Washington - street. C - lOT TON, Aid till bales riuie Upland. Cot - J ton. landing from ttli'r LlKV. from Savan - ntth, to: sale by SAl'U AIA.M, 9a Fine street. IN STORE. Si7 ba'es mostly prime and part iqoare, for sale in lots to suit purchaser. Je 1 iyir. BLUE. 20 boxes, manefactured at 1? Baltimore, and of superior oaihty. Baltimore, ond of superior qsnlity, jost re - ceiwd acd foi ude by G. XV. TALBOT, Jel5 55 Fue - ttrtet. MONDA Y, JUNE .22) J 8 1 8. : iN O. 1 9 WILLIA M - STK F.KTv BATH THE subscriber respectfully informs the citi - sens of New - York, travellers and invalids, that his bouse at BATH is now open for their re ception ; its situation is, probably unequalled on 1 1 1 i : i : 1 1 - 1 i j 7 1 urn cuBiiwai wiuiioa snori distance oi tneuiy and in view of Sandr Hook. It presents the fi nest prospect, and for salubrity of air and the advantages oi sea Bathing is pronatily, without a rival. lie uas erecita several bfw sauiing Houses, and a floating bridse to receive the steam - boat bis larder is well stocked with all the delicacies of the season. Travellers from the southward can be accommodated with Boarding and Lodging ou reasonable terms, and transient persons will find it a btalthy and agreeable re treat. JOHN COLEMAN. A CARD. ftr The subscriber respectfully notifies the public, that passengers for BATH and the NARROWS in the steam boat Nautilus will, on Sunday next, and until further notice, be taken from White - Hall at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, (instead of 5 o'clock in the morning) and will be cal led lor again anout halt past i in uie atiemoon. Pleasure boat cuu come up with safety to the bridge. JOHN COLEMAN. Jel21m , FOH SAJLK, 1 onaohnM Prnnsartv. fnnri vlnnhlso fhftfl real Kttate. That pleatant lituated Houit and way and Chuah - itreet, thirty years of the Lease valuation at the expiration of the term. Ground D i. hsf)w nniiniia rur annum for rmrf irillnrs ft VI. U 1 B I B S J UUIIII fJ.0 UUIIUIU B""" enquire of George lick, Cornelia - street, Green - wirn. u fcOAKDl.NG. tMVE or sis gentlemen of steady habits, or 1 two small faoiilies, can be accommodated in a small family. No. 6a William street, on the corner of Pine street. Alio, gentlemen arcoiu modated with dinner. Je 10 lw BOARDING. Gentlemen and families, can be accommodated with genteel board, at 166 Greenwich, corner of Dey - street, where every attention will be paid, and their siiu ation made aprecable je 14 2 buulturn Uutrtctoj'JYtw - l'ork, i. TIE it rememliered, that on the twenty ninth D day of A uKUst, in the forty st condylar of .a.. the lodepeniience oi ine uoiiea cnin I L. S.i ol America, Uanitl u. Arden, oi me (svw ' laid district, hath depoiited in this of' fice the title of a book, the right whereof he claims a proprie tory in the words and ugures lollowing, to wit ; Reading made easy ; or, a new guide to trailing and reading ; in tour part. it, containing various alphabet, mid nearly two hundred spelling nnd reading lessons, by regular gradations, trninthe most easy to the difficult, and in which the words are divided and accented, according to the purest pronunciation. 2d, a voca - bulury of words, nearly alike in sound, but different in spelling and signification. 3d, lessons in reading and reciting. 4th, outlines of geo graphy; a sketch of grammar ; abbreviations; arithmetical tames ; and prayers ior ine use ni schools. The whole rendered pleasing and im pressive by neat and appropriate cuts. By Wil liam Little, A. M. Incomornuty to the act oi congress oi me united States entitled ' an act for the encourage ment ol learning, by securing the copies of innps, charts and books to the authors and proprietors of such copies, duriug the time therein mentioned." and also to an acl entitled " an act supple mentary to an act. entitled, an act tor the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maim, chart ami book to the auUiors and pro prietor of such copies, during tne time uierein aieutioned. and esti - odiaa the benefit thereof to the arts of drtgnsnsj, engraving and etching hi - - loncai ana otnex prints. ROBERT FINN, Clerk of the toufnern district of New York. Je d4w A EW JUST published and for alo at WILLIAM DU 6016' pianoforte and music store, Nj. 126 Brr.adway, Thiue am I my faithful fair ; the soldier bride ; and from childhood's dawn to noon of youth as snug by .Mr. l'hilipps. Ah can I e'er forget llite love The celebrated echo song The inspiration, sacred melody The Saxon air, with variations, hy Cramer I ay du't celebrated conzonet," My mother bids me bind my hair, as a loudo Twenty - four sonatas, for young performers, by N. B. Challoucr The 6axe Cobourg waltz, wilh variations The Sophia Walts The storm rondo, by Steibelt Je 12 FOU IMMEDIATE SALE. fUll An decant country scat, situated in the viliageuf Jamaica, (tang - Island,) in the neighborhood of the lion. Rulus King, directly opposite the delightful situation of major Dit - mas, and the same estate occupied several years by captain f'cott. It is bordering on the turnpike, and consists of about 40 acres of the best of land, five or six of which is covered with wood, at a little distance from the disci ibed premises. In front of the dwelling - house is a number of large elegant button - wood and cherry trees. There is likewise a good barn, built'but a few years since, and a flourishing orchard. This estate, with some improvement, may be made one of the most delightful seats on the Island, and is probably the only one which will be offered for many years in that delightful place, within one boars ride of the city. For further particulars, apply to Messrs. JOSEPH T1TCOMB il CO. 162 Hearl street, or to ELISHA PAKKKs, who is duly authorised to dispose of said estate, at the house of Mrs. Brush, in the village of Jamaica, near the premises, where he will be found at any time within eight days. Terms liberal. je 19 ! KllAKll a i.Oi n.wti. TWO or three gentlemen may be accommodated with genteel board and lodging upon reasonable terms, by applying at No. SI Wail street. Je 19 lw The grand prise of 35,(100 dollar, will be drawn on Wednesday next. To draw the Grand Frise, in the Lottery of life Is of mortal, the rrincmal aim : Some to find it live single, und tome take a wife, And some light for honor and fame. - la Health or in learning, in Beauty or state, Some think Die Grand i'rise will be found ; And they trive for their wish, at a wonderful rale Though a blank is more like to corns round. For the bachelor mopes, and the husband is crott, And lor Fame with a Bullet we pay ; And Health is neglected and learning it lost, And Beauty and State fade away. But money's the prize, that will purchase them Learning, Honours, Health and Estate; as) If in famous Broadway, for the prise you eaJt, At the I'rise Selling office of WAITE. . ftT - TICKETS and SHARES, for sale by R. WAlTE,Junr. 136 Broadway, who sold and paid a few day since, 46 jO, a prise of 6000 dollar 3977, 1000 dollar ; 90d7, 500 dobars ; and several off 100. 4c. Jel9 3t THE - LADY'S POCKET LIBRARY." CONTAINING Miss .Moore's Essays Dr. Gregory's Legat y to his Daughters Ro - dinientt of Taste, by the Countess oi Carlisle. Mrs. Chnpone's Letter on the government of ti temper. swiit's seller to a young uauy aewlr married, and Moore' F able for the female sex. (rtice 1 bound,) is tnit day published by L&F. LOCKWOOU , Je 13 lr t'o. 110 Chattc street. HORSES mid C.i U Iji IIR. FOR SALE. - a pair of (tout family black HORSES, with or withont par RT ahp all in perfect order for a journey of any distance, the carriage having joet been paintsd, and the, hones warranted to ba frxh and uiun.1. no! Kk. ring been driven 100 ssUes during the last sit mouuu. ineyiina at MR. LOWLEYS stables, and the carriage at MR. LA WRENCE'S, coach - maker, John straeL The present owner having so little use for them, that he will dispose of til whole on very reasonable termi. Apply a noove j or, at 4 Barclay - street. J l I SHK1ZW ANCHORS. A CONSTANT supply of Anchor from Uie Iron - Work of Messrs. FnrhJk Adam, in i.anaaa, Connecticut,' made of Salisbury iron with or without iron (tacks, for sale br th mh scriber, agent for the manufacturer; and who are autliomed to warrant the anchors if required. 1 oi OAK I C.K, myJ9eodlnr 09 South street fX' Order for Europeau books, maps, iiauers. stationary and other articles, in all languages, are regularly taken at the European book store and depot, No. gOTTroalway, New - York. opi'O - site Triuity church yard, near Wall street, ou the plain and low termi mentioned in the prospectus, which may be seen in said book - store where there is always a large collection of European catalogues of bocks, with prires, In all languages, for the use pf ladies and gentlemen only. Orders - will also be taken on the same terms in every city, town and borough of the union. by all the merchants, booksellers, primers, and publishers ot nows - papers and magazine. L. D KCLWIt, Acrent N. B. The dwelling part of house No. 9fi Broadway to let. .!! 3iw3i - t OH S.iLh, A very profitable: FA P.M. of 1 10 acre. two thirds under cull ivatioUj the residue woodland, situate on the tea lofc, a qi.niler of aiuilt below Uie uarrw s, on the Stat I land side arid a short rub) from U. am boat terry landing It gives a lery extensive view of lit Lav and tu v irons of New - York, within the Narrows, a!V of sandy Hooii and ih" ocean - or prospect is riuaiicu "jr iiuiin. i iic ii i ii is iiiiiiieiiiofiHoie. Two third" of the purchase money may remain secured upon thu 'uad. Apply to . v. jj. Fuun - taiuon tii premises, orro W. A. KrXY.H: Greenwich - street. TO LET, a conveiiient new S story house. adjoining ihe above, with a garden and about an acre ol land, r or terms apply iu above, mh 3 eodtf NQTICE. WHEREAS in coiisequcuce of (lie past irregularities of asy wife, Jane Ami IM.v plaiuc, now in or near the city of New York, 1 am determined to apply immediately for a divorce from the bonds of matrimony. I hereby forbid all persons whatsoever from trusting In r for money or goodi of aiiy descnpiiou, as I will not discharge any debts which she may contract. J. LM.LArLAlNE. Philadelphia, May 20, 1C1Q. m: i9 eod3t f ER FUMES, tic. flHE tur - ttribers have JL just received from on of the rirkt perfume houses ia Paris, an invoice of rich I.. I .1... V. - ..1.. ...u fumts, which for clegauce u not to ue surpassed by any lfiTub cRy "auioii jtht) par - ' fumes they contain are ex tracts of vanilla, jessamine; rose, lie. Also, from Smyrna,ollo of roses (in small phial) in its pure stale. CIS HAND, Pomatums in pots aud bottles, antique oils, cold cream, milk ot rojes, almond pate, lip salve, almond paste and liquid (with rich perfumes) k useful article, honey and lavender wa ters, French und Euglikh cosmetic washballs, soap of all kinds, brushes' ol all kuids, Cologne water warranted genuine. Lspeban aud Kcgen - trice and Ninon waters, ladies' work boxes and dressing caos compleat and neatly furnished from three dollars to twenty dollars Oenlle - men's shaving cases ; ridicule clasps and bags; pocket books ; thread cases ; purses of all kinds ; britaunia metal an J mahogany shaving boxes : gloves : kid and si'k garters; tortoise shell and pearl combs, different patterns ; silver thimbles ; tweeters ; pencil cases ; gold and silver mounted boxes ; Maltese buttoi.s ; amulets and amulet ornaments ; otto of roses ; essence rieniierrcint, prepared by Mr. Juniper, of Lon don : court plaster : benrs oil. equal to any other kind for promoting the growth of the hair ; Ruspeni's dentifrice pomade divine and Jamaica: essence of soap; Naples shaving soap, in pots sod bv the pound ; pe n, pocket, fiuit and sportsmen's knives, and almost every other kind of perfumes and laniy articles ; to which they in vite the attention of the ladies aad gentlemen of this city. ANTHONY W. TRAPPAN & CO. At th'ir fnnry store and nerlume ware - house, No. 136 Broadway, sign of the natural rose, nearly opposite the tity Hotel. Je I9 3taw?w T ANDERSON, at his manufactory, 55 Mai l . den - lane, has on hand a 6no assortment of bi LGlACLLs, in gold, silver, plated, gilt, steel and toi toise shell frames, with convex, con cave, or green eyes. Also, pebbles, goggles for weaK eyes, opera, reading aud magniiying glasses, eye. glasses set with gold or silver for the short lighted, botaoal glutses, linen proven, and sectack cases in a variety. J. A. continues to manufacture Canes in every variety, and has on hand a very elegant assort ment of sword nod other Canes, mouuted to suit every taste, wholesale and retail discount liber al to wholesale dealers. 7 - CANES and SPECTACLES made and repaired to order new glasses fltti d to Aid frames, and every attention paid to those who apply tor spectacles. rny 30 Im LO J r'lO LEAsh AT THE NOllTM RIVER 4J1IUATE between Barclay and Murray. O streets, Chamber and Reed - streets, Jay and Harmon - streets, and ftortb Moore aud Beach streets, at a prvee very considerably less than in. terest on their value, and at ths expiration of the term the buildings to ba rainy valued and paid lor, or a naw lca. - e granted. Also, to let by the year at a low rate, several lo'.s or yards on the water, well calculated tor lumber, plaster of pans, Sc. Apply to PH. RUINEL.'NDER, 31 Tark, near ine I neatre. Several of the above lots will be sol J at a moderate price and on a liberal credit. A small portion of the money only will b required. . June 11 tf lULOBb'a. ONE pair London 18 inch Globe's (Cary's,) handsomely mounted, for tale at a reduced price, hy PETER A MESIER, JeI0 1w S8 Uall - ttrwt. LOUD BYIIO.Y. THIS day is publisl.ed snd for sale by KIRK it MKItCEIN. (22 Wall - street,) Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, Canto the Fourth, in a neat volume to match the ether volumes of his lordship's warks. l'ricc 75 cent in boards. je 18 61 r sri r TRAPS. THE newly invented patent Box Traps, for sale at 130 Water - street. J 13 ' tfOR bAl.E, Paper, P ble for Ban Box makers, at waifJaW The Qualitv and t'u. it the mama as tlio Ere 010' Post it printed on. Apply at (Jim office. Je Hi - f OR SALE, A farm of between sixty and seventy acres, ntuate on the wett bank ol Lake Otsego, and qne mile from the village of Cooperttuwn. On it are a new stone house 54 feet square ; a new inmi nou - e, oarn, c. ii lorms a desirable establishment for a gentleman wishing to retire iuto the country, a its situation, as to prospect, convenience to market, &c is not surpassed bv any in the interior or the state. It will he sold low for cash, on a credit, or exchanged lor property in this city, goods, . Apply to H. 1) at R. SEDGWICK, y tf Law Buildings. TAMMANY HALL. TIIEcopartiiertihip, heretofore' existing between (ABRAHAM B. MARTI, I NO and V L.LI AM B. COZZhNS, was dissolved ci. .Ire 1st of April lat, by ruulu .1 consent. The ettai. - hshment will lie continued by the subscriber . The ituHtion of TAMMANY HALL it pro bably unnvallod in thi crtv facing the Park and Uie Mly Hall, and within a minute's walk of the Theatre, Academy ol the Fine Art, Museum, K.C. It presents inducements for air, prospect, convenience uud' acconimodr - .tion, inb rior to none in this city. Travellers from the diffi r - ent states in the uuion, ami from tins state, will nnd at j auimany Hall a larder well stocked with all the delicacies of the season, choice Wines, airy Bed Chambers, and every conveiiienre that can be eiue - cted. uud cn the most moderate terms. ": Je 1 1 1m WM. B. OPZZFNS. ijj(Or exchanged tor property in thu city) A ueat country house in the vicinity of Eli zabclh - tuwn, (N. J.) beautifully situated 00 the poa - irad j at presold in the occupation of OocL Or. nt. I. contains eight rooms with a piazza in front and rear, a good kitchen, wash - boiiot, milk - room, andceller, there is also. roacli iioiwe, stable for two horses, and other convenient put budding, all in good repair, about an acre of land, laid out in a handsome gar' I en and orchard, which all'oi el a variet) of choice fruit, asparagus, K c. and a well of ex. 1 etlent water, wilh a .pump, 'terms will be made liberal. App' ro JAl kSOa K WtJULLt.X, Je 1 Im 75 Wall treet. OA' HA LA OR Lots in the 5. C. 8. and 10 Wards: uiuiit ol w hich are on reguliited andpeved streets. No money win ne required unutr ten years, n sold, interest excepted. - I1ULSL8.1 Several two and three story hou.c, no which a gn at urt .f the money remain on rru.rtgage. W.MHMi A 1 Kt - U IIMOK. An excellent stnnd lor bmints, with ten acres of laud, pleasantly situated, jth a wharf, stor - . - nouse and barn. COTTON und WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near iew - rlavcn, with 4iUcreol land, and never failing stream, upon w hich 20 mills may be erected, with a sutbticucy of water for each. Apply at no. 11 lireenwicb street, imi 13 if A LL orders received and attended to tor lay - XjL ing and repairing the Mauhattau lead pipe and cisterns or tor sink pipes or lead pumps, by 3AIUMi &I AKKKY, my 27 tf No. 13('hatnber - rtri t. . TO MlLLEIUs. - - - vv,. BCRR MILL STONE MaaCFACTVEiaO. THE subscriber ai quuints hi Iriends and the public thut he is ready toao ommodafe mil lers Willi mill - stones comosen 01 the nnt burr. He will attend in town r country, and furnish an materials, aud contract 10 any amount on terms that will be lound satisfactory in every respect, us bis experience in the profession hot neen long esiaonsiied in various parts ol the union. He nason hand a duaiitify of burr piece of the best kind, selected by himself in France. JIJO.V1A3 li tKbl 1, 70 William street. Letters, post paid, immediately attended to. Jel0 2w . FOR &AI.K, A LOT of Innd, containing bet ween sixteen 1 and twentv acres. Bdioininr the village ol Blooruinsdale, frnntinir on the Tenth Avenue and Hudson River, adioiuingouthetoulhthe country seat of Mr. John II.. Tuhnan. The terms will be reasonable, nnd two thirds of the purchase money may leniaiii secured by bond aud mort age. ALSO, two lot of ground, twenty five feet by one hundred each, situate on tlie east tide ol Forsyth street, about 150 to SOO feel north of LJe - taocy - street. If not disposed of at private sale, the above will he oflered for sale at auction, ou Wednesday, Uth July. r or lurther particulars, apply nt tue Aluiual Insurance Office, No. 52 Wall street. Je II Im COAL AFLOAT. ONE hundred chaldron Liverpool New Tit Coal of very superior quality and direct from Liverpool, now discharging fro n on board the ship Ganges lying at Dover - etreet - wharf. They will he sold on moderate terms in lots to suit purchasers. Application to be made on board, or at the subscribers Coal - Yard, 274 Front - street, who lias on hand a very extensive stock of Liverpool, Scotch and Virginia Coals, of prime quality, which he will disiMise of on accommodating terms, and flatters himself they will give ample satisfaction to those who make trial. je 18 6t ALEX'K. FRASF.Il. KAL EIJ Oo COl'ES. BV the great exertion of the manufacturer of these much admired articles, the sub scriber is now enabled to supply any number that may be ordered. The rapidity with which llity have solo, and the satisfaction experieiv ced by the purchasers, it is believed has never been equalled in tins citv. 1 he subscriber sells only those tnsnufacttired by the gentle. man who first made them in America. It is suggested to merchants and booksellers rdi din? at a distance that to procure them with all possible speed, will be a sure source of profit to themselves and of pleasure Xo their customers. A small number of large ones of remarkable beauty are now completed and for sale. Z, Git 1 3 WOLD; je 18 lw 96 Maiden - lane. TU lhO. MAZIER!, MEULiyiLS, EA - UI.VEERS, ace. AN active person, about 20 year of age, wants a situation Ms ha a general know - UU. of the steam cosine and all kinds of mills and forges, and most other machine has been much accustomed to design ; is well versed iu erectiuggass - lights cud iron bridges, &c Makes a fair drawing, and considers himself inferior tu few in the managing and manufacturing of iron. and perfectly understands miueio; of coal, lead, copper, ia, having had hs saauageaect of the largest iron works and colliery in Engl aud, to which h will iv reference as to character and abilities. Address, if by letter, post paid, to G. U No. 177, corner of Grand - street, Bowery, N. York. jone ly lw B RICK 50,01 - 0 hard hncks, for ssle by A.N?ON G. FHELPrf. Jane IT l3Frt st. t CO - The wrw i ERR 1? LOA i b :iur. 'no of Walnot street, ew Turk, to iht bK.t w Lil" tie street, Brooklyn, iietj ti Nsyy Yard, wiU iT.'ie'Z'.nt J? KrV - 'r ll,' . ' r" "J - ? frF U'6 crossing 19 KroKi.lvn frca, the beper lartol tire ci3, trill bn.i tl, dn'.esx.s shucls - bortened by utut thu. terry, - . ' - ' nut 14 . - AOIKI. (tt - The Riinp 8i.n bail hosts1, Nm,rnrieL. aifdlnduKtr) , l(oui 0 F.lisai - etb town Pcii.t, tor' Nef - Voik, sails f o Marivttiw Id ttrttti (Mine the S'.eam - tHist AtH.antu former1 tame to,) at 10 oVkjck, o rncrrrlay., P(iuiir. It I SienU. Euqi.ii e at Oip t team tx.rtt - VAMJEK) OOL4V J'tlll l IPS. my 81 it . - JUerrhant't Hur.h JJtvtHctid QjP Notice is hereby given to the Stockhol - - ders of the Merchant's Bank, that i Dividend of four per cent, cr two dolloi t on tien hurt tor six months, the first xr tieecniDcr last, w ill be paid at the Bank on Monday, tW first of June next. Ity order of the Board of Directors. my 39 4tn G II. VKOoM, CssVr. nit nix Bank. An election furf'Hirteen 1 liiectors of llii - I! uih will be held at U Bahkintt Home, oa IHirsday, the 7th July next, rH tweetr II and X o'r!o'k. The transler Books will tie closed on - the 2Mb inttant, and willfcof.tinSi rl'.sed until af - tet the election. By order cf the 'Board 'tDi - re. tors, U. I. GREEAE,Caihier. j s uy 7 Oj JOHN PKOCTOlt, Jv. 106 Libertyt.. oilers liberal anticipations on propeity consign rd to his friends in the Mediteiranean. ia: further iarticulars, apply as above, or to ABU HAM BELL, Je 6 tf corner of Chfl & Fulton - sts. ' btfttufyew - iorlc, ComptrolterUiJhee. (Or PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to - the l.i'ldeis ol the six and seven per cent stock of thl state, (hat the whole of the said stock,, with the exception of the six per - cent stock, created ny the a - .t, entitled "an art respecting, navigable communication' between the gret western and northetn lake and the Atlantic Ocean," passed April 15, 1817, will be paid off on the first day of July next, or at any tiniu then after when demanded. Payment will be made at the Manhattan bank in the city o( New - York, to the stock holders residing in the southern district of this slate and nut of this state ; and at the New - Yoik state bank, iu tho city of Albany, to all other stockholders. It is requited that the certificates issued for the stock shi uld he given up at the bank where such payments are made. The - interest on the said stock will cease after the said first !ay of July next. AKLil'U M in i Kfc, comptroller. Dated Alli ri) June 1, liitil. Je 9 Ijy I ' f Aiit W A l BA1HS. i To the Imi diet and (itiillmtn nf Aits - York. (r Ib - v i.nhlic are inloraied. that the bdf New - Yoik Suit Water Bath is now oin, at the I iot of Barclay - street, at the end of Mr. Rhine - lander's new duck, a little below Murray - street her old station, with good accommodations, and' the grttesi convenience and safety. . ' 1 be .Marine swimming um ior gentlemen on - ' J, will be opened en Saturday next, at Mr. Gib bons' long pier next tu the Battery, where (nr - manue bain was lormeriy stationed. Part of two days iu each week the Bath at: Barclay - street, will be exclusively devoted tor Ladies. t Rules and regulation at (he Bath.' TicktU' will admit to either. Ie3 . . J.RABINEAU. .. 0O The t'oiuniistioners of the Canal fond; will ia pursuance ol the act, entitled " an act respecting nangable communication between the great Western and Northern Lake, and the Atlantic Ocesii,"" receive sealed propositi until 3 o'clock. P. M. on Wednesday the 15th day of July next, for a loan to the state of two honored and fifty thousnnd dollars, to he paid to tr.e Com missioners 111 two equal instalments, the first, on the firttday of August next, and the oUier on the first day 01 October next. 'J he proposal mutt be addressed lo the Comptroller. 1 he rate ol interest is not lo exceed sib rr cent, per Annum, payable uarter yearly and the principal is to be reimbursable at the pleasure of the government, at any time after the first day of July, 1U37. 1 tie omcer appointed lor the purpose in the city of New - Yoia, will issue trail tier a hie certifi cates of stock tu the Lenders, and will attend to the transler ol stock, as the same may be requir - . ed. . The interest will be raid at tie Manhattan' Bank, in the city of New York, to the stockhol ders residing in the southern district of thi dale, and out of the state, and to all others at the New - YorVState Bank, in the city of Albany. The Board will meet at the tecrelarv's Offica on the said 15th day ot July ni xt, at 3 o'clock, P. M. to open and determine on the proposals that shall be made. By crier of the Board. JOHN TAYLKR, President. Albany. June K. 1813. Je 11 tiy 15 PUBLISHED THIS D.i )(, I PRACTICAL TKEA'i IsEon PERSPEC - X TIVE. adapted tor those who practice . landscape painting or drawing from nature. Also, THE I'ERSt'EClOGRAI'H, for tak - , mg news. We the unnersicned artists resident at New - York, bavins inspected Bushy' perrpectograph. are of opinion, that it is an ingeuious, useful and convenient invention, that will materially assist , all person desirous of making accurate perspec tive views irom nature. JNO. TRUMBULL, . AB. ROBERTSON, BAM U' L L. WALDO, JOHN RUBENS SMlTIX, " WILLIAM DUNLAP, J. H. JAKVIS. Tb above work are for sale by . J LAMUrJii 1 , Je3 Im 3 t'ourtlandt strwt. yf O T1CE Ail person having cmmit ag .intt1 1 the estate of 1 bourns Brady, late, ol (be city of New - York, deceased, are ieauted to pretent the same legally authenticated, and all thote indebted to the ai esbile are requested i lo make immediate pavate - Bt lo the sal scriber, - f who olfers for tale the prnjierly of tl deceased,, containing 4 lots tronting on the Bowery lb br 75 leet deep each, and one on blaoton - slrcet, 15 - br ItsO feet The whole premise are rented this year lor fii)0 and taxes. An indisputable tills; will be civen for the ame by Je4 Im .No. 3 South - street - PROSPECTUS - , . . for rcai.isnixc sit soRtcnirTtosT A MAP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA T 'II K publication ol t bis Map has been wnder - - tukeo W1U1 tlie im pressimi, that it will ex - - dibit iniormalion, highl y iutresting at ti.i eventful inns, snd the valuaW Maps which Uiu author has procured, dufio t his several tours through' .vieiico. m the years lt0, lot)., lor IB I a, lb!5, 1U18, and 1317. loduee him to U!etve tbat . the Map, witbeven ail its iruperie - criant, will be much the mosrpertvet lias appeared b fore tlx) public. )lt Map will contsia the latest and - rt in - formation from tle dircovrries aud j).ft ioos of the Ainerifcn, Bpanish,, British and r renc - D travellers arul navigators and rrpresew - ting Uie clainet of their vetJve 'KOverouienI oa th Nortii western stoasi f Aawtsce. " '' llie Map will issBldihst portioss f N" .. .nitrica, whuh he between fl - il"s oi tMs - ritu, and the 4Mb Wgr ol .rU from the Mitiusipps River westwardly lu U. Msp will be abour six ky nr teetr . 1 H wirtl be rrXted ou a Krate of 40 SbiVra t leea dollars each. :,, - v if . 1: ''. '. if in .' h' ? , I, I t n mi. 4i" ;y 7 il i i : i J V t ' i: - ' i

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