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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 20, 1818
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IB "V Rulenburg Gin, rcc'd and for sale by 6 pipe w TALBOT, - M 65 rine - atreet. rtultm.JuBl sjw. - ivi'.L nn in. gAyiv" . . , r : 1; voice coni iuus SUiped and checked sarsoet i ' 4.4 black fringed aud twilled bdkfs. floured and coloured do Black Florentine! ' t'snton crapes, assorted colours Haukiocrapet do ALSO llf STORE, fjisck, green and changeable sinchesvs - 'knireublei;ir8neta f 'nlnured levanlines, coloured sewing silks Bmbroidered crape ihawlr, for tubby PETER REM SEN & CO. ,.0 26 South street llbE.1 tur r cu a icw uiius very gtcuu 1 ' I.' 1 ' I ' . 1. 1. I . IT Jamaica couuc, lor sale by R. GILLESPIE, j.80 112 Front - street, ; 7ixOUR, 4.C. 300 hhls fiue and superf. Rich P reond county r lour Sitf do superf. Hasan's do ' 36 hhds prime Tobacco 45OOO Green ColTue, in bbls and tierces Entitled to drawback, for sale by , VV. to S. CRAIG, j. 20 No. 84 Frcut street. 1IDLR BRAiSDY. 4a barrels Cider Brau KJ djr. landing and for tale hj ANSON G. PUELPS, Je20 183 Front street. .. tUSE HATER. rjlIIE subscribers have just received a tupp'y X offresh double ditillcd KOSL wateh, which ou trial will ba found to be equal to any heretofore offered to Ilia public. It is for talc, wholesale or retail, at their fancy itore sftid per fiinie warehouse. No. 126 Broadway, nearly op. posits the City Hotel. ANTHONY W. TRAPPAX i CO. Perfumes essences, Maca's - tr oilman J all kinds ol perf jpqu or essences, wholesale or retail Jo 20 It FOIl SALE. NUMBER of elegar.t, carved, white free stone Mantles and Jarcbs ; may i.e seen at ISO. aa.ilurray sweet. Jeziu PART OF A HOCSE i"0 LET. The second fiaor, with two rooms in Hit turn story, and a dry cellar kitchen, ol that pica - int! muated homo jenwich street, cor aero? Jay street, will lie let to n small family at anicderaterent. This houe is well calcnlute - d for the jcrommndr.fion oftwo families, having two separate kitchens wid two entrances to the jay ana meoincr iroiu urteit - wich - itreet. For further particulars applv nt til Water slrecr. Jetfjyt - tWUR public is respectfully informed, that JL ANDRE" S & MKGAUEY, of the cities of London and New - York, are appointed A - ftnt for the sale rf Rowland & Son's INCOMPARABLE MACASS VR Oil, the greatest discovery of the age; war - anted to slh'ird the greatest nourishment to the human hair, prevails its being injured by illness, uccouchr.icnt, travel, irp, ciianjje iTclimute, &c. removes the seurf, lurslmcss and dryness, renders it soft aA glossy, prevents its Tallin; til' or turning gny, creates a thick growth in the bal!etpUi - eti, makes the hair suonp in curl, wliicli it keeps in damp weather, exercise. &c. inipj' ts aplearant perfume, and produces whiskers, eye - brows, ttc. The proprietors warrant its innocence, and to improve the hair from infancy to the latest period of life. Its inestimable properties hae gained it the pstmnage of the priuc.pal nobility of Europe sci as its great unci ile.scrvcd popularity l:ai ocruioneil (.pui ious imitations, composed of deleterious ingredients, injurious tothehuir, not only in England, but in America also, it wlU, in consequence, be ,nece?ary to observe t!t eich geiuiim bottle i signed on the label, in rod ink, A. Iloe!unI iS Sjn. Sold wholesale ad ril, - y rhe Agents, V3 Wall - street. je 20 St l.Ml). MAIL ai'AtiEt THAOPCH I! PAT THKF.R HSU AWEFK. ftr "I'lie proprietors ack - ,'iowiede with giatitudp the I '"iDt nl they hive l..?rtt"Iore received in this luiv, DttU ars itierct'orc mtluccl ;" tspeuite the travelling on this ronfe ; &nd in order to rcfompli'h it. have provided thcn.lvti witii 1'oar clmnscs of horjf:!, which are pLictd at e - qnaldutuncesoiiCe route. It will leave White's Hotel, Enston, every Mondj, Wc'uesday, and Fridnv. nt 'I o'clock in tlie morniaj, arrive at KlizaU'th Town I'oint in tiinu to take t.'ie team boRt Atnlanta, at 5 o'cloek. Leave New York tit 6 o'clock, tvery Tnesiiay, "1 burs - Jay and Saturday, and arrive nt Luton early in the tteair.B i lare t.'irouh fiteclollorj, ai.d a general sllowance of baggage, gratis. As this stnn p - utts near the calebrated springs on Se - hoile' iVloimUin, passengers taking this line wi l i - c earned to the rinl without any extra charge. The proprietors pledge that nothing snail tie w&olijg oo their part to make this a pleasant route. The drivers are cartful and accommodating. For seats, apply to James Patten, Court - laud tfrnit. or on board the AUlauta, and WhiteV Hotel, Eastoa. 1. Z. & J. DRAKE. Csejtcr, June 20 JeCOlm FOR PlUUiULLt'ili.i, Via F.LIZA RETH - IOIV.V POhVT. rUs i - COACH I.INr, Tlirtnich in a dav and in dan - liphL LEAVE' New - York in the Mtani - lx - at Ata - lanla, from the foot of Yhiteha)l - street, Mar the Battery, at 5 o'clock, A. M. F.nrpjire t 5a. 1 Courthodt - streel and No. 53 White - kill - street, at which places seats may be taken. Je20 tf THE STEAM - ROAT ATALAKTA, run tuusAiJtaujow.N roiNT, . " EAVES N. York each Jk day, Mondays except - jed, from the foot of White - taii - slrtet near the Battery, at 5 o'clock and 10 'clock A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M. ; leaves F.lira - htown Point at 8 o'clock A. M. and haLfi ast 1! o'clock and half past 4 o'clock Y. M. iiS it At a court of chancery held Tor the state of New York, at the citr ball r f tho ci ty of New York, on the liileenlh day of jut, in tneyearoi our Lrfrii one tbou sand eight hundred and eighteen : "tiUr, ' Tb honorable James Kent, Enquire, vuancenor. Hsry GauUer, 1 . IT appealing by affidnvit "" Gautier, I to tlie satisfaction of this that process ofsubpajna to oppear and an - wr u ttiis cause hath been resrularlv inetl a - pmit the above named defendant, Benjamin Jfr, but that Le.the said d. fet.dant, could tnJjr 0,l,Set" search and cmpury, made m - Jhite the teste and return ol Uie said tub - rt be found to be served therewith And it fciT"PPearing by the said aRidavit, that the citw'ta'88' r',iJc l I - wnt either in the HsIm" "11";'phia, in the state of Pennsylva - tZz. V9 t0WB of Boston, in tlie stateof Mas - t'niw r 8nd "ot w0joat the territories of the Sri 8'esof America. And on moiionof . 'un'c, ' - sq solicitor for the com - ""IT, It II prdnrorl lKn II,. ..!J e?J".G,l.,ier docsosehis appearance to M.iiK - 7 ower in inis cane o ne n - tr. r'j1?" "ftonOis from the date of this or - b"H of em. i ,nref that the complainant's Akrf M 'aken pro - cmdeiso against ttisordw Kl "fl;r,h'r ordered, that acoprof awirmZ.T. - . rB f more of the public jtorr.!. S'nied in this Itat. for riwht wkl A ConV leutfa ever, week. m . IS4AI - I. lfll Assistant Register, 7 - v TO LET, ' . Possession given imiuediafelv. a combo - dious iiOUSE. Stable and out - houses witu a one cultivated . aROEM, Iruit trees, Shrubbe ry, Ac. and pasture grouLd enettgh lor a horse or cow. It is pleas.nitly situated oo the Buk ol the Noi'tli Hivrr, aot quite two iiiiies from the City Hail. The rent will be moderate. For particulars enquire at JeiWlw No. H9 Water street. STOLEN, from the bark rtoop of the hou no. 27 Park - place, a wire bird CAGE, with two CANARY UIKD3, aada nest with three youog ones, about 12 days oid. The hen is a liht yellow, with a top - knot ; the male a browui&h color. Y hoever will bring the cage and birds to the a hove address, shall receive fit). . Je20 3t AS HA Mb H Gentleman, who has some leisure hours in the d - iv to dispose of, would be glad to employ.them in the counting room of anv merchant, who might have occasion for las services, his native language or French, of which he has a fain. liar knowledge. A line adressed to P. P and left at this office will be attended to, or by applying to 11. C ART MET, je 20 lw 34 Sontlitreet T TIT ANTED in a Watch Mak'TsioroT V V lad who can be well recommended. En quire at the office of this paper. if xv aiawu I UT published and lor tale by ti. A: VV. A J BARTOW, 351 Pearl street, comer ol Frank.'ort - street. THE TRIAL OF HEJCIIT B. HiCERHlS. F.51. On an imhetment for au Assault and Br.ttrry, w ith an intent to murder tin. I olrnian, Eq. Editor of the New - York Evening Post. Lord Byron. Chihle Harold's Pilgrimuse, can ( the fourth, printed to match the other vols, of nif worKs iEolirm Horn, or songster's Cabinet, being ft election ot the most popular solids au'i reiua - ti n, in 2 voln. Young Lidicv Library. Je "J Jt iiiMM DOLLARS. VV ILL be l.i the. firft drnwn num ber on WM'iesduv next in !;e Millorn A: 0(teo Rond I.bttery, and if sold at ALLEN'S will !c pnid inuiiKdiatrdr. There ii'e to he draw n nes ol 7t),lKH. J - ,r.;;i, lU.OOO, lUW, OJC. t or these prizes r;iy hi Truly Lucky l.'flire, No. 122Brcadv'Bi , 'piosit ihe City Hotel. W here Ihe hi;!. eft prizes ever drawn in Amer ica have been noid rui pnid. viz: 33'JO llJ,ti.( IH.VI5 25,(X!0 19506 3i),OOU L'titilt 2tl.0tsJ 1032J 3",D0:i 1"0.':5 2U,'0 12133 25,000. litrlO 15,000 And a number of others, amounting to more than have been told by uuy iilhec iu (hi! city. Je 13J :'.5,eHiO Ul'LLAKs. N WedneH ty next. Jure 21th, in the after K.J noon, the lirt drawn iiumher iu the Miifoid nd Owrgo RfMid Lottery, wiil I eontiiled totne eni!tal j.iizk ol jo.ihju dollars, r.nJ ! luur nn i. - r lwiniis tlie tirsl dr:.wi niimrcrwiii 0e enti.ieu to the anrnd prize ol TO.trtH) I he i.i:itui2 irizc of lO.Oe'O Dollars is yet in (lie1 wheel, an.) may be driwn on any '',V - A I" w riinre warrnnied unrtiawn 1 1; .fi t' r r Mc il Vt .11 1 r. 1 rui y r criu. - riie iiu - .;irj i.i'ii F - xehane Office, 5 - 1 Maid r - lane. beic the only prize ol 3j,0l0 ilclurs, ever Irmvn in thiritv, ws sold iu a Hail' and two tyj.iiU r, and soj - nar diawn. it - ' PA I E. T lll'G lii'MMi l.Uilll', A CERTAIN aud ni ver lai'i. pjiton lor b d hues. It willext.rminate thrw at usins. wtlliMii ttaiiuui; the lurniturc, or lein accoiu pained with tlmt dHarteable nuell MMial'y at tndiiig the applicetion cf olhet pjisons. Foi salu iu billies ut 4s: each, nt P. DICKtE'o .Medicine Store, 3l. liroHilwnv. N. B. A large assortment ot puiuiiiu Drugs and warranted patent Medicines, lor s ,le ns a - hove. Je 13 tin f iHEMlCALivCOL - t'tii1, r V.y r."psom Suits, in CafUs of 2cwt. Lump Maene - ii, in ch" s Do d sm ill squares Calcined do i.i ri.ia.s Rochelletalt. Acid lrpr Cith Acid, l!!u - Virrfiti rin fiikins Patent yellow. Kn.s Yellow hKiijs ot" Anti nenv GUNS, LUTTON:. kr. Fnw:ina - Pi. - cMi. ncstirli 1. ifr:l fimthpi! Do do in vsititc,...t cases, liucly fiaislied with apparatus ou.picle Duelling Pisto!, incases Gold f.purpttes Nnval and Military Sword Bt!ts Gill Coat anil V est Buttons CnpLtrplates lot Ma!heirr!i"hl I I'TUiinelitS Rollihs;, i t!.uh rs Mr.. - iiii ;!. ci Uipass s, telescopes Opera pvsi - 'Ot'. microscopes . 3 sett s;ileT.(!i'l rhef.smcn carvr.lin ivory Tortoise f;d turtlo she'll tea caddies I' - itir.t corkscrews, silver pencil cases. Fur s:.:e by J. LAMBERT, ie 18 3 Courtlandt - street. ILT reoeivi d ty the latet arrivals I'n - .m Havre its Crace, and for sale by the subscriber, r.n tre moit rivcunijc trms, tt,e tollowuig French GufN4, i : 2 boxes thread I ices 2 cases cl ryt'H'ai and silver watches 21 package. hanging paper ' 1 case ehip H .t 2 do iiccn cami'rics 2 do .bead Mckiares 2 ( ases thuile lure shaw Is, and embrcidercd narrow tbulle lace 1 case hair net 2 cases pruiiplle shoes ; t do cologne water 1 do antique el! and pnniatiim 1 do artificial llowcrs I do silk stockings and gloves I do small clocks 1 do mock jev. - f llcrv G. VENTROUX IIERSAN. Je 1C lw 42 William street. TO M AoONS. PROPOSALS will be received at No. 152 Washington street, for buiiding a house, a - grceably with a plan there lelt, lor a tavern, on the corner of the Bowling Green and State - street. Je 18 1J" VOS, 7J Washington - street, oilers for JLJL. sale - 19 bales Georgia Upland Cotton lrO demijohns of 5 gallons each A few dozen watch springs and chains. jelS lw LAND?. 03 - STEPHEN B. II CNN, No. S25 Pearl - tre t, New - York, purchases Lands in tiie Illinois Territory, which has been set apart for the late Array, l - et'ers from the country fivin a description of the patent and the price asked lor each M, will be attended to, if Post paid. . myliDAiCtf The subscriber offers for sale h?s resi 'i dence in the town of Fa'r&ld, state of Connecticut. It is pleasantly situated, nn the Boston road, about hall a mile from Long Island ?nund, 55 miles from New York, and 20 from New Haven. The house and out - houss are in excellent repair. The Iruit yard is well stocked with a variety of peaches, apricots, cherries, pears and strawberries There are in the vicinity academies for the, education of youth of both seies. From one tosii acres of excellent land, at the option of tlie purchaser, can be had with the house, and the porchasv money, if desired, can remain on interest. For terms apply to ISAAC M. ELY. Eo. 78 John Hirer. N. 1 ork. or to the II m. JONATHAN STURUES, Fair - ueld, Connecticut. dit 6 d&cti DAVID ELY. LORD HYRO.V. rlHS day is published and for sale by KIRK & AtF.RCEIN, (23 Wall - street,) Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, Canto the Fourth, m a neat volume to match Uie otner volumes of b;.s lordship' works. Price 75 eenU in boarsii. je 1? 5t i riHILnE HlROLD'S pikrimaee,' C&afo KJ the fourth, ty Lord Byron, fries 75 ceols. Just received and for sale by COLLLii it 1IANNAY, Je19 SJO fearl - strett, OH IVJISHI G JOA A". C. Theschr. MORNING STAR, Hun kins, master, lying east side Peck - clip, will tail on I nJay next, t or Ireighl or passage, apply on board, or to je !8 R.& C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. For Half. Freigld or Charter, Jt.$ The ship TI10.M AS NELSON.i XfciT4ia arrived fum New - Orleans she is lull built, strong vessel, well found, burthen about 300 tons, can be sent to sea at a trilling expence she now lies at Brooklyn, where she may be examined. For terms, apply to . B. W. ROGERS & CO. l'e 18 235 Pearl - street. for VHED&RtJKSRURb, vS The schr THREE BISTERS, Pol Aadfoltard. master ; having the greater part ul her cargo engaged, will tail iu a few days For remainder of freight or passage, apply on Doard, at Murray' wbart, or to HENDERSON &i CAIRNS, Je 18 . 81 Pine - it Wanted to harttr, A gocd Mil P, of about 300 tons, to load in a southern port for England. Apply to WALbll Si GALLAGHER, Je IU 66 eouth - street. tor LlULUtUOL, The fast sailing coppered thip CAN' JTON, capt. Rogers, (will positively sail on tlie 20th iitetaut.) For passage, having good accommodations, apply to the captain, on Loard at pier no. U, eaat river, or to Jel7 A.GRACIE& SONS. tor LH UiPOUL, The ship INDKl'EN DENCE, captain 53!aRe,rS0Di uow loading at pier no 14. KIU bales of cotton or light ft eight ofequi'.l bulk will be taken at a reasonable rate. Three more passengers cau be well accommodated. The hip u i.l tail on or brl'ore Sundav tho 23th iudt Apply to IIEMIY CAitY & Co. Jcl7 4t 38 Mi.l - jtrect. ' V Ti,.,i.,ri, MiiTi c lloblis, now loading at the Albany IUsin, hat ample accommolaliins for a few passenger1!, who will be comteirtahlv provided for byap plying on boat J, or to HKNUY GARY & CO. ie 17 4t :H Mill - street. t,r MARSEILLES, The c!orfnnt New - York built copper ,1 .1.:,. i 'I ll. i M I! I lir,,n - to uil in a week. For h eight or passage, npply to capt. II. ou bcaiU, at pier No. 5, JNorth Hi ver, or to G. G. & tf. IIOWLAND, Jo 15 (!7 Wvhinjton rt. i'AXS.1 (i I ', r Uii itU.llU.V, .Six or seven pa?itni;erfC!,ri b acrcm - li'ie tinli. - h t - i i oK I'.L.'V, to fail lorl.oiidou about ilw .'(jtliiuit For ternif, apply to capt. Maou, ou board, at June:' whan, or t ROBERT GILLESPIE, June 13 . 1 12 Froul - st. tur HHllUL, (Etiyind.) vfiAi The copperej thit ANDREW ixk: J A C Eb' O N .' Morton, master, havir.; umsl ol her caro ei:pged, will positively sail on I uesday 22 - 1 mst. Forirnght ol about 750 bub - or parsage having cscclluut u. - eojunchl.t'ioii?. apply on board al pcr io. 'Ji, near Peck - slip, to P. SCHERVLIUIORN SON: Jel6 B. W. ROGERSi A: CO. ' tor LlYEiitOOL, V hn elrg:int fait sailing coppered shii JU.lAI'fcll, ViIliau Adios, nia."rr; she I. - tou: burlhcc, only two y - ais old, and will bo ilt.jirttehed iuir.ic Jiat ) on dischnriing her mnv.r - .i earro. it Ircight it pnssg.;, a ply to the master, oj b,iid, c isl tide of Fly - luarket w harl, or to D. W. ROHER.S &, Co. Jo 16 . 2.?5 Pearl street. rri,i'.iiio.i, Lrts. cut - ,. - !... - ,! ; - ,i t.d .;i:,.n - i!;:i. . V .... l'M I 'i turn in.i, Tt.i.iti lii 111:11 - tIV?hrig SHEEN, rajsl. J. Mason. Her caio being nearly cnj;aid, will have immedi - atr uispatcii. - rorthu rcaiainur ol freight, or - as'Tije, having elnatil areosimodations, apply ou board, at, Joucs' wharf, or ta 5. DALGL1K.SJ1 RCo. Je 19 103 Ptarl - ftiert. tor IslLtRJ.KSM.V, Tne 'launch schooeor ARABELLA, ifJeT. Warwick, maHcr, vj'ul meet with immediate dispatch, haviug half her Ircight en - i'.ged For the remainder or parsa;e, apply on lioard, at Murray's wharf, eat side Coffee - lloute slip, or to SAUL ALLKY, Juiih IB 9:! I'ina - st tor J.lf LRPuOL, .ws The very superior coppered British .tfeA.shin DALMAKXOCK, W. M. Rolert sou, inaa'er, and will meet with every dispatrh. having hall her cargo engaged, for the ronnin - der of freight, or paxsage, having elegant accommodations, apply oa board, cast side Fly - market wharf, or to S. DALGLlESH&Oo. Je 19 103 Pearl - street. For SALE, The good substantial ship W EM I ui , ,,uiiiiiicn pci i iMtTaiu uy l' J tons ; is in good order, and can be sent to sea with a very small nultit i her cables and anchors of the first quality und nearly new , her inventory is lull in every other respect. This ship is well calculated to carry a cargo of tobacco or cotton, or wouid be a good whaling ship, bav mg suitable qualities tor that trade. She m.iy be examined on implication to the subscribers, who will shew the inventory, and make the terms known, which will be liberal J. & YV. STERLING & CO. je 19 lw 43 Pouth - street. For FRUOJTor CHARTER, 1l,..l,,,nrl, .; - , MIM?1 it A Vt.. VLJlzv. master, burthen 250 tons or 3000 bbU. Mic is well found in every respect and ready to icreivc a cargo - Apply to the mas - eeron ooaru e uie iuie or variisie - si. .vorvu River, or to J. & G. W. LYNCH, je 19 4t '60 South street. (J UlHcH and MACKLKEL. 200 quintals dry codfish 250 bbls. mackerel For sale br O. COBB, Je 19 St eCoentit - sslip. 4 St,'.tf.rfftt UA'J'S. xl FEW cases eeotlemeu's willow hats, suit able for the present season, just received and for sale by SAMUEL WILLIAMS, June 13 3t 123 Pearl st. CHINESE IVORY - HANDLE PARASOLS. M' ARTINOT nd ROE, umbrella and parasol manufacturers, at their old established store, No, 60 Maiden lane, hare completed their assortment of umbrellas and parasols of every description and of the best quality, some of the latter with Chinese engraved ivory handles, which they will dispose of al such prices as they trust will rnur . . - r i u - ,:i ... inem a COuuuuain. ui iu, uucioi ji,uvu uiwj have been favored with. Country merchants are rsqnestoJ to call and view their assortment of the above articles, as tber will be supplied on liberal terms. CnbreUas and parvols neatly bonnd and re - P0l. ft WJOUsCJvr 1 rMO be let for the season, ten acres txcel - X lent Pasture, situated on the Light Avenue, directly hi Uie rear of the new stone church on the Blooroingdale road. It is under gwd fence, and mostly ttU and vrAiVe clover, and well watered. For terms, apply to Cll AMBERS & CO. je 16 lw No. 43 WalUt. New - York. MXTAMOKFHObli, riCrOHJbfcWClt k MAKIT1MK THEATltE Washington hall. MR. MAFFEY, artist, mechanician, proprietor and inventor of this kind of spectacle, w ill perform every day this week, bun - day.csctpted, at half past 8 o'clock in the evening, in the Grand Saloon of tbe Washington Hall. The Cist representation will be Harlequin, Prince by Magic ; or, the baudsoine Brauda - niantc delivered of her eochautuients. A Fairy oniamented with all the lairy can produce, agreeably to strike the eyes, by elegancy of d resits. Many transformations and metamorphosis adapted to the subject. Harlequin, transioruicd to a I'riuee, will be seen eating, drinking, helping himself at table, lighting uud extiuguishing his candle like a living person. Those perioruya.v ces will be preceded by different dances and metamorphosis. Tbe mechanism of the spectacle is well worthy tlie attention of the connoisseurs. The decorations will present, The Grotto ol &t. Patrick, in Ireland, renown ed, as it is vulgarly said, lor the Wizards it con tains. An Ethereal Temple, descending from Ilea ven. A landscape in Switzerland near Geneva, em - b;'i?hid by the metamorphosis of the Milhr's ('art in a Mill, followed by duck dunlin., where will be seen the hunter lirini; hit sun, the hounds swimming in seaiihol, and briui;iiig the game to their master 1 Ins w ill lie preceded tiy a view oiuswnn, wind), by its natural motions is wor Ihv ofattentiou. - The spectacle will he ornamented by Psyche's Balltt, and au allegorii.ul luetam )iphosis in honor ol Washington, and will he terminated by a grand marine view or tlie r oil ol Messina, iu tnt - Mediterranean sta, lietween bicily nod Ca - lahria, a city celebrated lor its Hiitiuuitv. The small housi s of the pilots will be observed, pla ced by tne jsoverniuCiit to succour Ihe vessels that paestM straits so renowned lor its danger. Vessels ol all sizes wiU lie seen sailing and salu ting each other, as in a nuial comoat. bouie will appear to le sailiuj at the distance of uhoul W uuii s iu the horizon. The illusion will be coriiplete. I he Director will think himself rewarded for his pairs, if the public will deisn to saile at his ettJMs, and encourage hy their presence. He will ciuil notiiiijg in his power to deserve their favour. Persons' who wish to procure tickets will please I'l'ply at the office of the Wushington - llrll. lirst places 1 dollar ; second iilutes 50 rents ; children 2.irpnt. Jt 17 41 NEW TARIFF. 1 UST published, a new edition of the TorilTof uutics cl the united Mates, Willi ine.aJteia - tions made l. - y Congress the last session, alpha - eticahy r.rransMl, in n pamphlet lorin, with a c'.lerol insliucuoiis from the comptroller of ihe titasuiy to the rrilictorsoi'tlie customs, and se ver il interesting commercial remarus, lor sale by DAY it TV R.N Ell, printers unci stationers, No. 04 Watt r street, lunay also be obtained at the bnukstoro of Mesrs. Swords, 160 Pearl - strett, T A. Ronalds, IUK Pearl street, P. A. 'esicr, 211 all slrert, I . liurtsell, corner of Wnll und Broad street, and Prior & Dunning, 1 1 Water stsnet. - Je 171U '.S i ll. DE LUZK, 71 Washington street, J offers for sale, iti ret Wine 10 cases Burgundy .V! 10 do Musculel.l ! ine Received per brig Leo, from Marseilles and en' titled lo debenture. , ALSO, 15 cases Glnss Tumblers to do Olives 25 do Capers. AND, Stverd invoices of French Silk Goods audli - o - ?n emhrieks, received Troin Havre Je 17 I us NAILS, onalilj Ctll'JOA, He. IIXI casKslirst (iiWiiv nans, assorted, irnm 4d a 12d ii'i piimo Alabaini colton, and 15 do ! - 't. Douiin.M coffee Ju - t rcrcivs l and for snlo by S. if. T. Will PTEMORE, JelS lw 1l0Front - t. INliLU il HA.iis. Hit;u,, it:, lint mi ili i;crted - - Ju - t re, eiv - 'd by the suhjcrihi r. Uoiihle Vilourctr, l)o!lnn and l ine Appc Cheese,ol'a very superior duality ; Yorkshire and Wiltshire 11 ujis ; sides nnd 6itches of Bacon, cf a superior quality; English Lard, in bladdcis, and small nrkins; tilassnn' Bristol stone Ware. Inrsre Battles ; Piirs and Deiuyohn. ALSO. A general assortment of Groceries, Fish bau res, isc. fur sale cheap, for each, hv EDWARD BLACKFORD, 157 Greenwich - street. Best Havana Segars, in qr. boxes - Jelfilm s BURGUNDY A small quautity of Cham bertin aud Romanec, in cases of G dozen each, for sale by GULIAN LUDLOW, June 17 lw No. 15 Whttelull - st. OV EGO TICKETS T?ORsale at GILLESPIE'S ofCce, No. 114 L" liroaifway, as cheap as they cau he obtain ed at any office in tlj city. Je 18 3t COAL AFLOAT. . ONE hundred chaldron Liverpool New Pit Coal of very superior quality and direct from Liverpool, now discharging froi) on board the ship Ganges, lying at Dovcr - street - wharf. They will he sold on moderate terms in lots to suit purchasers. Application to be made on board, or at the subscribers Coal - Yard, 274 Front - street, wI,o has on hand a very extensive stork of Liverpool, Scotch and Virginia Coals, of pmne quality; which he will dispose of on accommodating terms, and flatters him self they will give ample satisfaction to those who make trial. je 18 6t ALEX'R. FRASER. KALEIROHCOPES. B' Y the great exertion of Uie manufacturer of these much admired articles, the sub scriber is now enabled to supply any number that may be ordered. The rapidity with which they have sold, and the satisfaction experienced by tlie purchasers, it is believed has never been equalled in this citv. The subscriber sells only those manufactured by the gentle man who hr&t made them in America. It is suggested to merchants and booksellers residing at a distance that to procure them with all possible speed, will be a sure source of profit to themselves and of pleasure to ihcir customers. A small number of large ones of remarkable beauty are now completed and for sale. 2. bKlsWULdJ, je 18 lw 96 Maiden - lane. FOR &.1LE, fry JA.VES F. AADOE, No. 7, opposite the Pari', A hoxes Sicily LEMONS, in fine order, in 11 lots to suit purcher. J In sr10eiAtCOt0 hhds prime Kit hoiond to - JL Lacco, suitable lor the British or Irish mar ket. 4 1 hh aJ very prime Petersburg di. It) do mi.ldlingqual. heavy Richmond do 10 do Kentucky d 100 kegs manufactured do of various hrsnej ami qoaliUcs, some old and very superior. 'For sale by , Je 19 BOOR.VAM & JOHNSTON. TWO or three sinrle frenllcmen, or a gentleman and his wile can be haud.omely accommodated with board and excellent rooms at No. 533 Broadway. Juoe 10 4l a eo. . - .'NOTICE. ID" The portrait o Miss O'Ncil will be raffled for at the Bank Coflea House, on Saturday evtniug, 20th instant, at 7 o'clock. Those who have subscribed arc requested to bt'rnd. P. S. A few shares remain unsold. J19 2 NO I ICE. trj" The public are cautioned Against trusting any of tlie crew of the French schooner SYLPIIK, capt. Bearnt, from Point Petre, as no eh bts of their contracting w ill be paid ei ther by the captain or consignee, je 19 2t NOTICE. dj William Dilworth and Abrm. Yoorhee having entered into co - partnership, their business will be conducted under the firm of DILWOKTH fc VOOUHEES, ' No. 190 Wklcr - bUtet. , THSV OFTtll Von SAl.B, 22 bales catuc s wool, 1st quality 4 cases French do. 1st do. Russia hare's wool, beaver, &c. je 15 lw 1IAUT MAROAL'X X SAblEHXE. D LYNCH, jun. (at No. 40 William - street) . ha; imported by the Illinois from Bordsaux, a few enfes of claret of the celebrated, vintage ol 1811, and Sautcrne of 1U02, wh'u h he offers for sale, and cau recommend them of the first quality. Je 18 lw 2G0 lllh i CUT! OA. Ie. Spanish ox hides,lauding at Brooklyn in good order 40 bales prime cotton, mostly square bales 10 thetti imperial tea, lluutren cargo 30 raacs mou's hats, imported lately from France, suitable for the New - Orleans market. Also, 20 barrels prime pork, for sale by HENRY COWING, 191 Front corner of FuKon - slrset. lune 16 lw iMOUAiAC Bi.AM)Y. 26 pipes 4tli proof S Uld Cognac itranily, or superior II wor, now landing liem ship llimois, from Uordc - aux, auu lor sale iv FREDERICK RF.ICHARD, JelSlw 4 Vi;iiain t!recf 4, &LMAU JHIAE. lib J? sewing twine ti do seine ami ktrriu do 4 do aiatkarcl do Received per brig Henry t - 'lay from London IN STORE, Iron wire, No. 1 a 18 Whiting, copperas, a - c. Cables, coidagc, 4 c. made of first q'laliiv. JONES i; CLINCH", Jo 16 lw CofT' - o House slip. llilall LLvENJi, DIAPERS, SUEETlNGb, A SiC - 1. LARGE and various assortment of tho fol lowing good just received by Ihe latest (in ivals from Dublin and Belfast, are offered for tale ou reasonable terms 4 - 4 and 7 - C linens in whole and demi pieces 7 - 8 :nd 4 - 4 d, i roarie half bleached, very strong 7 - 3 lawns, 4 - 4 sheetings, very strong and low pi ii ed 5 4 theoiingf, 3 - 4 brown and black linen 3 - 4 diaper j, 0 - 4 to 10 4 table diapers 3 - 4 Linen 4 - 4 litien remnants, 7 - 8 dowlas, long and book fold First quality lri.h sail duck 4 - 4 cotton shirtings, Colored threads, assorted THOMAS SUFFERN, Juno 15 lw No C Depeyster - st. C1II1LDL HAROLD, the fourth Canto, of J Clnhle Haloid's pilgrimage, by Lord Byron, with historical notes, just received and for sale by ( PETER A. MESIFR, Je 19 4t 2lt W nil - street. " RICK 50,000 bard bricks, for salu by JLJ ANSON G. PHF.LPrl, June 17 183 Front - st. lAVERVuOl, i - OAl.. TVroW" landing from English brig Elizabeth, .LM 100 chaldron Liverpool new pit coal, of a iiipenor quality nnd large, and will be sold low in lots to suit pur haseis, while afloat. Apply ou boara. pier4o. v. Mivcr, or to LAING ii RANDOLPH, J 17 fit 98Vcev - ft. EOH 1MMEUIATE SALE. iKi'An elegant country scat, situated h the, village of Jamaica, (lng Island,) in the neigh - borhootl of the lion. Rufus King, directly op posite the del.ghtlul situation or maior Dit - mas, and the same estate occupied several years by captain Scott. It is bordering on the iiinipnee, ami consists oi unoui hj acres oi uie i best of land, five or six of vt hich is covered with wood, at a little distance from the (lis ciibcd premises. In front of the dwellimr - liousc is a number of large elegant button woott ami cnerrv trees. I here is iiUe - wise a good barn, built but a few years since, and a nourishing orchard. 1 bis estate, with some improvement, may be made the Island, and is probably the only one which will be olilred for ii.any years in that eleliglit - ful place, within one hours ride of the city. I or lumber particulsrs, apply to Messrs. JO - SF.PH 1 ITCOMB K C3. 152 Pearl street, or toEUMlA PARKE5, who is duly authorised to disDoseof said estate, at the bouse of Mrs. Brush, in the village of Jamaica, near the pre - ... I mica i - lirA I, a u ,11 It A Ktiit,! .1 anu I m. within eighdays. Terms liberal. jc la Its BOAKU LOUUING. "P WO or three gentlemen maybe accomrno - l J. dated wi'h sriiteel hoard aud lodging upon reasonable turn.i, by ni nlyin at No. 21 W all street. Jel9 lw Ihe grand prize oi 35,tiU0dollais, will be drawn on Wednesday next. Todrwv the Grand Prize, in the Lottery of life Is of nrnriais, ihe principal aim ; Some to find it live single, nnd some take a wife, And some light lor honor and lame. In Health or in Learning, in Beauty or stale, Some think the Grand Prize will be found : And they stnve for their wish, at a wonderlul rate 1 hough a blank is more like to come rouod. For Ike bachelor mopes, and the husband iscrost, And for Fame with a Bullet we nav And Health is fieglcrted and learning is lost, And lieauty and elate lade away. But none v's the Drizc. that will DurJiae them Lenruinz. Honours. Heaith and F.sti.!e ; fill u in famous Uroadway, for tlie prizes yon tall. Al the 1 uzc Selling ciueeol M Al 1 1.. iV7 - TICKETS an I SHARES, for sale by R WaiTE. Junr. I3ti Bioadwnr. who sold and raid a few d iys since, 455(', npriz - of 5000 dol lars ; ., lojeioonari j woi, j ujujh . several .,fHW, 4c. J '' TO 1R0. MASTERS, MECUAAICS, EA - UIAEAKS. Ur. k N active peroo, alout 30 years ol age, 1 wants a lilii - ttiou He has a general know - led e of tlie rtcam engine and all kiul - oi nuns and forces, aud must oilier machines has beeu mnrl, rvrcmtoine l to d - - iu ; is well vcrs - d in erecting gnss ligtits and iron bridges, A c. M ikes Ciir drawing, aud considers himself iuferinr to few in the man.v. - inj and minul ununng ol iron. and perfectly understands nnueiog ol coal, leaJ, I rannrr. ic. bavin? hd the management of the I imI inm wsrln and rolLerv in Eiiirhtid. Is I will the the lust ibis V7 which be wiil rive reference as to ctiaracttr and diaienr oi 1 ry ihe Countess Carlu.'e. - - ..I.;.;.; . I Mrs. Chapooe's letter on lh aoseiaei.t of abilities. Address, if by letter, pot paid, to G. II No. 127, corner of Grand - street, BoweryL. - . York, June 19 lw . '' - WANTED, FROM 10 to 12.000 dollars, on real souiM . for which 7 pvr ceut. per a;.uq wilt be givl Apply to BLEECZER k LEFFERTS, Jel7 1w S3 WiUiiuDatrcet. PfJBLtC SAliES. . V. s. BY N ATA MEL G. IKGRAUA.M. Saturday, the 27tb ifst, . - At 10 o'clock ut HieAuction Room, a quantity ot household iurniture, coiisbtiug of bureaus, chnir. tables. 4c. tc. 4.C tiy order ol the Sheriu. . , Rg MILLS, MIXTOS & CO. Monday, At half psst 9 o'clock, kt their auction room, 20 Cases fresh imported. French goodb. con sisting of plain andfiguied satin and tuffeU ribbons, rihh fV'd do in gwrniiuies, 3 - 4 nicri - nor.luwls, while and black thule, embroidered thule lace, prunelle shoes, kid do. artificial flowers, prunelle for shots, chin ffais with bands, (Wences, taffetas, linen cambi - ics and cambric hdkfs. imitation merino shawls; levun. tine do. , - Also, a general assortment of goods, among which arc, 2 bales super and middling cloths, 1 do. csssin.ercs, 1 case cotton balls, J uo. ie noes and gauze, 1 do ivory stick fans, 1 du. huckaback towelling, 2 bales hearth rugs, 1 case cotton unmrellas, and a number of other articles. Wednesday next. At Kirk & Mercoiu's room, No. 22 Wall - street, 1 case double and single barrel French sports man's guns; 1 case fowling pieces ; 1 trunk fan cy plated ware ; 1 do. do. tin and japaned ware ; t cases plated ware ; 1 do. cut and fronted can dlesticks; 2 boxes chandeliers, candlesticks Iron - . zed uid gilt; 3 piano forts; 2 cases alabaster time pieces; 1 do gentlemen's dressing anil ladies' work boxes ; 8 elegant work boxes ; do. wash stands; 1 carved box or namwoou; 1 sett (3 in sett) wash basons; 20 do. waiters; 2 wine coolers ; 1 dosert, tea, and coffee setts, china ; I pier table, marble top ; chairs ; 1 case French paper hangings ; 3 Chinese paintiiifrs. MA RULE FOH RLILU1AU, .e. rjTI I E proprietors of tlie southern mnrblo qua JL ries, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, at the KuiU - Jjiidt Marble end Lime - lard, foot, of Br.ach - street, on the Hudson river, an titimive stock of marble lor building, of the following dc - scriplionf, viz : Ashlar Coping Fouudation Stone Chimuey - Piects Facings Columns at e i tab o S'.eps Platforms Sill', Lintels Arches Also Lime of the best quality. rrr - ' A constant supplr of the above materials may be calculated upon ; und thosn desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to LZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At the Yard. NOTICE. ftt - All persons huving claims M iiust the r s tuie of James Douglass, stone i utter, derensrd, nre repiisted to present them without delay to Horace Hidden, Esq. No. 131 Fulton street, for adiuitiuent Those who are indebted to said estate are informed, that immediate payuieut must be made to prevent rr seixtions. Jt)M olMllf.ll, 1 WILLIAM tHAKP, Executor!. sAML. N. SHARP, ) Je 13 lw AOTICE. XJ The Subscriber has opened an establish - meut which be has entitled the BLOOMING GROVE GARDEN, about three quarters of a mile Iromtho Brooklyn ferry - stairs, oo the Ja maica I uropike road, opposite capt. I., h rower's, where be solicits the patronage of his friends aud the public, lie lias laid In an assortment of the choicest Wines and Liquors that the New - York market affords. Also, at all times, al the shortest notice, he will furnish Chocolate, Coflte and Tea, Reh - h - s, fie. The Gnreleo is handsome nnd very shady, and from the garden there is a beautiful prospect of Uie Narrows, Slaten - Island, 4c. L.CAMBIE. June IG 2w . notice"! To owners of U atkney Carriages. i (t7 The n tt iiers and drners of Hncknrr Carnages nre informed. Ilia! applications lor If that apt censes are to he made atthe.Un nyor's office, on Monday next, itt l2o'clock. J he printers employed by the l.orporalinn will please insert tbisnutice daily until Tuesday next. Je 17 .. t wiHiriires nf Goods bv the ship DitA - i.nH irnn, il. :l! inr. m .11 rw..i. in i, i'u,ic &k, for which permits are not sent on board in live days time. Je 13 ti. W. ROGERS U CO. NOTICE. f,r IF Richard Perry Savadge. son of Thom as and Elizabeth Savadce. formerly ol the citr of Philadelphia, is living, cr if dead, his legal representative will, bv pnivinic to Air. Wui. .'javadge, at St. John's Square, Clerkenwcll, unnuon, near of somctning to ins or tficiradvan - inee. 1 he said Kirliard t rty bavadge, who was a painter by trade - , was iu England in the year 1792, (row whence he returned to Philadeh hia in the vear 1!M : in the vear I i9'i, he is surpos - .a i.. ;.i...t nr. n.. m... io. : iviiddletown, I Delaware County. Maryland : and n ir.i.u.'.i.l. . I If, r... I m l - nH.n I...... whtm - . H. is supposed to have removed to New - York. J f 1 t ..'! S I I Ml . " an7 l:5r""? lwl" r,'" c7" Ihe will, on producing the same, to Mr. Win. 6a - vadne, receive from him 5 guineas, as a reward "rM.oiii - i uiu ,nm i.ii.iibi,i it for his trouble. Any information respecting the above named person wul be thankfully received by fc.MITH G A R.MS. Je 13 1m 312 Pearl street, New - York. REMOVALS. Ut MACK1E, MILNE CO. have rrmo may 4 ved to No. 61 Pine - street. JOHN A BUM. W1LL1NK U CO. have removed from 75 to 79 Washington - street. PHEN1X HASH. A DIVIDEND of three pr.cent for six months, endinsr the 3Uth instant, has been this day declared payable to the stockholders on the first of July next. By order el lue ooarq oi oirrcior. Jel7 Ins U. f - GEFF.NE, Cashier. . - . , . . r l . fVL'RTU OF JULY JUBILEE. BOO THS Places for erecting or booths at the Battery, snay be bad, until Friday the Srtitb intaut, by application at tbe Oagstaffonlhs) Cattery. Tliose persons who occupied then last tear will have the preference by applying; soon. jx in ii ji'in . FOUK1 II JULY JUBILEE. lOOIH) Place for erecting Booths at the J Park and Bowling Gret a the 4th JslvnexL be as.iei.ed on ThursHay the 18tb instant, at t ilv - hrtit, between the hours of 8 and 10 in lorenron. Thos persons who occupied theiu year will have ths - y.reterence, if applied for iimii Friday the 2Gth instant. Je 16 WAsl'Kli VtlllTE WOMAN, to CtOKanddo the V stitcben work ot a small family. At.pty at oftre. or I " Je p TH K LADY's PeJCHt r UBHAIsY.' "tO i FAI.M.NG Mos Moore's Esssvs Or, Gsegory's Leracy to his Dnnshfen Rs th temivr i. wilt's Llerto yowor Ledy n - w!v m.mpd. mut Moore's Failles sW the r - male sex. (price Jl botnei. I m sn "J r - lisb by U & F. LOCH WOOD. Jo 18 lw . I "? CbaihasB sr,et. (;iOf.v. IT. 1 1 i ch ( rSE pair Lmsd - o I si .ch Globe's (C0's,l K.J hsad ppre, hy sadsorecly too""''' s at a r - tleceei hZ 1 FKTEa A. MLS! Eft, l 5b svaJl - sirteU Hi ..V - . t ' i, s ei: fx i . a r. r ' ' ' a ' . . r. i it - r " 1 6i: sit 'Si i: t i V . :: i i -

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