Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 13, 1937 · Page 16
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 13, 1937
Page 16
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, 0'.;;. ·· t .1 t \ ' i MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MAKCH 13 · 19'37 NEWS OF THE RADIO WORLD LIGHTandSERIOUSl PROGRAMS KGLO Mason City Globe-Gazette . Mason City, Iowa (1210 Kilocycles).; SUNDAY, MARCH 14 (TUNE IN ON KGLO, YOUR LOCAL STATION; AT 1210 KILOCYCLES) Miss Eva Scott, Smith and Marstori on Forum; ·7:00.News, M:-C. Fur Shoppe 7:05 The Sunshine Hour 8:00 County Council of Christian Education 8:30 Echoes of the Console" 8:45 Devotional Service w i t h Rabbi J. Katz 9:00 Sunday Morning M e l o d y Parade 12:00 The Sunday Concert 1:00 George' Hall's Orch. 1:30 For Mother and Dad 3:00 Sunday Mailbag . ' 3.00 The Afternoon Show . 4:00 Consolaires 4:30 Waldorf College Hour 5:00 Globe-Gazette News 5:05 Phil Levant's Orch. 5:30 Gems of Melody 6:00 News, P. G. and E. 6:05 Rudolph Friml, Jr.,'s Orch. 6:15 Sports .Review, Decker Bros. 6:30 Moments of Melody 7:00 News,.Currie-Van Ness 7:05 Hits and Bits 7:30 Concert Hall of the Air 7:45 Henry'King's Orch. 8:00 News, Marshall and Swift 8:05 North Iowa's Forum 8:15 Barry and Ralph 8:30 Radio Night Club 9:00 News, Highway Oil Co. 9:05 Green Bros; Orch. 9:15 Home, Sweet Home 9:30 Vagabond King Chorus 10:00 News, First National Bank 10:05 Melodeers · 10:15 The Melodeers 10:30 Jimmy Grier's Orch. '10:45 Segar Ellis' Orch. 11:00 News, Pritchard Motor Co 11:15 Slumber Hour 11:30 Goodnight MONDAY, MARCH 15 6:00 Home Folks Frolic 6:15 Sunup Serenade 7:00 News, Mason C i t y Fur · Shoppe 7:05 Hall's .Mystery Melody Time 7:20 Alarm.-Clock Hour 7:45 Merkel's Musical Clock 8:00 Lyon's Mu si cal Breakfast 8:15 Musical Clock and Program Resume 8:30 Mier Wolf Melody Time 9:00 Damon's Musical Clock 9:30 Jack Sprat Food Stores · ' . - · · . Time a n d Tunes ^9:45 Tyler-Ryan's Musical Clock 10:00 Opening Markets and News 10:15 On the Mall 10:30 Devotional Services 10:45 In the"Music Room. 11:00 North Iowa News, Skelgas 11:10 Belle and Martha, Mason City Baking Co. 11:15 This and That 11:45 Earl Hunt's Orch., McCormick Deering Dealers 12:15 Northwestern Distributing - Co. 12:30 Globe-Gazette News and Markets 12:45 Mid-day Revue cont. 12:50 Wolf Bros. Coal Co. 12:55 Chapman's Musical Miniatures 1:00 Mid-day Revue cont. 1:15 County Agents Talk · 1:30 Marianne at the Steinway for Vance Music Co. 1:45 Melody Matinee--Finks and the Hub 1:55 Club Calendar Z:00 Mailbag 3;00 Women's Page of the Air 4:00 Reading the Globe-Gazette 4:15 Rockwell: C o m m u n i t y Broadcast 4:30 Tea Time Tunes 4:45 Mason City Public Schools 5:00 Globe-Gazette News 5:05 New Records from Vance's 5:15 Junior Music Hall, Hermanson Bros. Dairy 3:30 Gems of Melody 5:55 Lundberg's Fashion News 6:00 News, People's Gas and Electric , v 6:05 Rudolph Frirril, Jr.'s Orch. 6:15 Sports Review, Decker Bros. 6:30 Dinner Hour : 6:45 Diamond City News 7:00 News, Currie-Van Ness 7:05 Mutual Benefit Health and Accident Assn. 7:10 Review of the .Markets 7:15 Dance Hour 7:30 Concert Hall of the Air 7:45 Hal Grayson's Orch. 8:00 News, Marshall and Swift 6:05 North Iowa's Forum 8:15 C. L. Pine Loan Co. presents Dick Leibert at the Organ 8:30 Radio Night Club 9:00 News, Highway Oil Co. 9:05 Green Bros; Orch. 9:15 American Family Robinson 5:30 Huck Shaffer's Orch. 10:00.News, First National Bank 10:05 The Dictators 10:15 Song Styles by the Melo- deers · . 10:30 Jimmy Grier's Orch. 10:45 Tom Doring's Orch. 11:00 News, Pritchard Motor Co. 11:15 The Slumber Hour 11:30 Good Night Suites Featured on KGLO Concert Hour To be featured on KGLO's Sunday afternoon, concert from 12 to 1 o'clock will be ' Tchaikowsky's "Nut Cracker' Suite"' and -the descriptive "Skyscraper Suite," by John Alden Carpenter. Although the whole world knows her as Kate Smith, Ted Collins, her manager, and all her other close friends call her Kathryn. Llos-d E. Smith, Waldorf colleg graduate and at present secretary to .State Senator Sam D. Goetsc' of Dacorah, will speak on th Townsend old age pension plan over.KGLO on the North Iowa forum at 8:05 Sunday night. Mr. Smith, who is from Dei Moines and a former instructor a the Forest City educational institution, has traveled more than 100,000 miles the past two years in giving'more than 500 speeches 'throughout.the state.' In his Sunday night address he will discuss the Tpwrisend plan and its future. Mr. Smith has spoken before Mason City audiences several times in the past. .Monday night at 8:05 on the North Iowa -forum over KGLO observance of the national Business Woman's Week will be made as J. H. Marston, president of the Lions club, and. Miss Eva Scott president of the .Business anc Professional Woman's club, take part in ah air interview. The national Business Woman's week is being observed nationally March 14 to 20. ;"The~ Business Woman as a Citizen" will be the topic of the interview. J. II. MARSTON- LLOYp R. SMITH Radio Program Time-Table WHO NEC Red Network Ues Itfoinea, Jowa Cenlril Standard Time (1000 Kilocycles) ,, ,,,, ,,. Sunday, March 14 9:00 Christian" Science Program 9:15 Seventh Day Adventists 3:30 Hour of Mirsic 10:00 Ward and Muzzy 10:15 Peerless Trio 10:30 The World Is Yours HlS-lMSSS,* 11 " 11 * 1 Servi " 12:30 Melody Matinee 1:00 The Golden Dragon · - ' }iTM S"PV ry Church of Hollywood 1:30 Thatcher Colt Mysteries 2:00 Mctropolium Opera Auditions -i:3D Grand Hotel 3:00 The Mansion o£ Dreams -3:lo The Mastersincers 3:30 WHO Playhouse 4:00 Marlon Tallcy 4;30 Smiling Ed McConncll 5:00 The Air Is Yours 5:30 Exploring America With Wells . . . 5:45 Headlines o£ the Week 5:00 Jack'Benny 6:30 Fireside Beeiial 6:4a. Jingle Program 1m ?r° T°V, Wimt Io Be an Aclo 8.00 Manhattan Mcrry-Go-Hound Carvclh 10:00 Dicfc Lcibort : : - io:is News 10:30 The Old Time-Religion' 10:4.i El Chico Spanish Revue U : S! Nctherlnnd Plaza Hotel Orchestra 11:30 Southern Tavern Orchestra _ , r ' · Monday, March 15 5:43 Mornmpr Devotional, the Rev MJ Lambert 6:00 Morning Music ' . · · · · · 0:15 Sing, NelRhbor, Sing. .' ' . 0:30 Farm News 6:45 Almanac o£ (lie Air 7:00 Musical Service 7:15 News 7:30 Musical Fashion Kates 8:00 Gene ana Glenn . B:15 News of Spring 8:30 Musical Clock 8:45 Household Hints 3:00 Morning Melodies 9:15 Hymns of AH Churches 3:30 Betty and Bob 9:45 Today's Children 10:00 David Harum . 10:15 Backstagc'Wife 10:30 Jifonticello Party Line !? : TM ?^ c Volc! o£ Expo-ience ' · '. 11:00 Kilty Kcenc. Inc. · · 11:15 Story of Mary Marlin 11:30 National Farm and Home Hour 12:30 Commercial Program · ' ' ''"··· 1:00 Mother Randal's Open House ' 1:15 muimba Rhythms .1:30 Market Report 1:45 Judy and Jane 2:00 Pepper Youns's Family 2:15 Ma Perkins 2:30 Vic and Sado · · -. 2:45 The O'Neill's . ' . . . _ ' 3:00 The Hour of Charm ' . ' · · ° ' 3:30 Way Down East ; 3:45 he Guiding Light. 4:00 New Tunes 4:15 Houseboat Hannah 4:30 Gene and Glenn 4:45 Adventures of Darl Dan ' 5:00 News 5:05 Revue 5:15 Junior Nurse Coirps 5:30 Jack Armstrong 5:43 The Four Dons 6:00 Amos T n' Andy 5 : !? Unc!c Ezra '« Kadio Station fi:30 News fi:45 Musical Moments 7:00 Fibber McGce and Molly 7:30 Marcaret Speaks n:00 "20.000 Years in Sinn Sing" HIS Fra^a'ck?' 31 J=WiSh SCmi " ary S : 52 J" 1 * D'mPseV. Idnl of Millions 9:45 Curt RoBosinskl. Pianist 10:00 Presenting Virginia-Dare 10:15 News . · 10:30 Strange Facts' 10:35 Rainbow Boom Orch. 11:00 Magnolia Blossoms 11:30 Hotel Hermitage Orch. * , , Heatter . Pinchhitting for Phillips Lord on the "We, thd People" program, uses a stand microphone during the entire broadcast. Lord stands up part of the time but sits down at a table |while interviewing.his guests. WMT NBC Blue Network Ceflar Banlds and Waterloo, l ow » Central Stnmlard Tlmi (600 Kilocycles) ., ,,,, , Sunday, March 14, 7:00 Melody Hour 7:30 Family Allar 8:00 Comics Church 2:45 Morning Matinee 10:30 Rehearsal }J : 5? ? rta j ty Lulheran 11:45 Sunday Serenade }?:?? S.' u "V or lhe Momi-nt 12.15 Five. Star Revue 12:30 Smoke Dreams " . ' 1:00 Magic Key ' · JOO HnlHgan's Demitassc · .2:15 Fireside. Phantasy c"aS OUS ' H ? mcs ' «. ra 2:45 Over the .Transom' ? : f? ? icnar1 Wilson, talk Amcri. , .The People' 4:30 Steopnaglc and Budd =:00 Music and Flowers ' n 7:30 Playbox Theater 8:00 Walter wincliell « , ^ e v e 8:45 Edwin C. Hill 3:15 WMT Band Wason 3:30 Rev. Cliarles E: Fuller 10:00 Judy and lhe Bunch 11:10 Your Security 10:15 Newstime c , _ ,. JI »naay, March IS. 5:30, Tall Corn Time : = : E' S"r, mlnc in tllc News- 6:00 Tall .Com Time B''IA J auI .. B »««f.' County Agent 6:30 Family Altar 7:00 Nowstlrhc 7:10 Musical Clock 8:00 Tim Brady and His Round-Up A : 35 E?J5S Voclh "- Organist ' * 8:4o Oddities in the News 8:50 Women in the News 8:55 Interlude 9:00 Morning Newscast 3:15 Scotty Views the News 0:30 Pepper Young's Famlly 9:45 Magic Kitchen 10:00 Markets 10:03 Pine Ridge Muslcmakers 10:15 Music Memory 10:30 Vic and Sadc 10:45 Edward MacHugl, 11:00 The Marriage Clinic ~ lf : TM J;?. 1 L v X5 bb at tnc Or 8 an 11:30 WMT German Band 11:45 Noonday Newscast 11:35 Cedar Valley Hillbillies 12:05 The Weather Master ' 12:10 Question Man 12:20 Voice of Iowa 12:30 Markets . 12:35 Cedar Valley Htllibillics 12:45 Joe Doakes I2:SO Aunt Fanny 12:33 Iowa Cornhuskers 1:05 Many. Happy Returns 1:10 Iowa Cornhuskers 1:15 WMT German Band 1:30 Bill Brown "The Movie Man" 1:45 Commercial Program 2:00 Izzy on the Air 2:05 Margaret Johnson at the Piano 2:la Rochester Civic Orchestra 3:00 Paul Marlin nnd His Music 3:15 Reporter of Odd Fads 3:20 Melody Lingers On 3:20 Jolmny O'Brien 3 MS Youne Hickory 4:00 Let's Talk It Over 4M5 The Old Homestead 5:00 U. S. Army Band 5:30 Frank Voelker, Organist a:45 Orphan Annie 6:00 Rick Roberts Orchestra 0:15 Life Savers 6:30 Interlude 6:30 Evening -Newscast B:45 Diamond City News , 7:00 Helen Hayes 7:30 Sweetest Love Songs Ever Sung 8:00 Public Forum 8:30 Good Time Society ' ' 0:00 Richard Hlmber 9:30 Evening Serenade 10:00 Dream Songs 10:15 Newstime * 10:30 Phil Levant ana Orchestra 11:00 The Zero Hour 11:30 Michael Zarin's Orchestra 12:00 Sign Off Vfastei-. Control Console at .Studio Important Factor at KGLO. · By KADIO RAMBLER And "silence it is, for Operator Jarl Olsen adjusts his master con- rol console,in 1 the KGLO control oom to put another program on he air. Just how it's done, and vhafc equipmehtJs used, is shovvn n tho.above picture o£ the KGLO ontrol room. . To the right o£ Operator Olsen s the speech imput rack. All am- Dlifiers are mounted on this rack p boost the volume of any remote ine (such as the Globe-Gazette news broadcasts from the newsroom)! and to boost.the volume'of he "mikes" in-th'e studios.- Those "holes" you see in the middle of the rack, better known o those of the radio world as the Silence, Please, We're on the Air! (Lock Fhoto, Kayenay Eneravinff) Control Room Is Pivot Point for All of KGLO's Programs Carl Olsen, Operator, Has patching strip, are for all lines coming into KGLO. Lines appear on this strip and can be "patched over" to any position on to the master control console for every operation. Operator Olsen is · surrounded by tiro turntables, each of which have two transcription pick-up arms for lateral and vertical cut transcriptions. The lateral cut transcription is similar to a phonograph record and has sidevvise vibrations. What are known as vertical, or hill and dale--up and down-^transcriptions resemble the · old fashioned Edison records. · · Whether it be a basketball game from Marshalltown or Webster City, or. a band concert from Britt or from the Wagner-Mozart music hall, every KGLO program is handled from, this concentration spot--the control room. Had Experience in Radio Operating Field. Carl Olsen, government licensed operator at .KGLO, came, to the local station a few weeks before It opened froin KFJB at Marshalltown, where he served in a similar capacity. Mr. Olsen was born at State Center Oct. 24, 1915, and attended the State Center schools. He later was employed on a farm, and after that took a course from the National Radio Institute at Washington, D. C. He began working with KFJB as an operator on June 10, 1935, as control room operator. Mr. Olsen's hobby is stamp collecting--he is a philatelist of the nth degree. \ Taxes Wrinkle Brows of Radio's Feudists Jack Benny has arrived in New York; Fred Allen has been there right along, but radio's greatest feudists found themselves more tangled with a third party this'week than with each .other. The furrowed brows on the left and right tell the story-the two ace comedians are trying to think up gags that will stall off. Uncle Sam and his income tax collectors. Benny, on the left, is honestly hard at work, not even thinking about how well he played "The.Bee" on his violin; Allen, on the right, is so horrified at the task before him he doesn't even care about "The Bee" or anything else. Just proving that all is not fun, even in the life of makers of laughs. JUNIOR MUSIC HAILONKGLO Children's Program Will Be Heard Over Loeal Station Six Days a Week. Beginning Monday ''Uncle Nick" Scheel's "Junior Music Hall" pro[ram willbe held Monday through Friday at. 5:15. and 'on Saturday mornings from 11:30 to 12. : The new series of ' Music Hall rpgrams are under the sponsor- hip of the Hermanson Bros..dairy, .This program is foi- boys and iris and by boys and girls'of ages anging-from 2 to 16. "Uncle ^ick," conductor of the Junior VTusic Hall, has had experience vith- this type of program before, avins had charge of children's rograms for five years at KROC t Rochester, Minn., and other sta- lons. · · . · . . VIrs. Jay Lorenz to Be Teacher of KGLO 'Religious Program Mrs. Jay Lorenz-will-be-teacher C the Cerro Goi'do County Coun- 1 of Christian Education pro- arn over KGLO Sunday morning t 8 o'clock. Mrs. Lorenz will pre- ent the lesson. Special music will e supplied by the Presbyterian oung peoples choir. The Rev. D. j. Kratz, president of the council, rill preside and will read scrip- ure lesson and prayer. Ed Wynn, "The Perfect Fool," nnounces that he will play his ccordion on one of his Saturday ight broadcasts soon. KGLO Sleuth Above . we have : none other than that well known -song Sherlock, Sigmund Spaeth, the "Tune -Detective," heard on KGLO at various times during the day's schedule. Volleyball Subject of Sunday Hobby Chat Emmet Ryan will be interviewed Sunday night at 6:15 on the Decker brothers' sports broadcast on the subject-"Volley Ball." This is one .of a series of hobby .chats sponsored by the Y. M. C. A.-Kiwanis boys' hobby show in co-op; eran'on with Decker Bros. Charles -Butterwprth is proudest these days of Cliff Arquette, radio actor whose work as his stooge on the Fred Astaire Tuesday night programs has attracted the attention of three morion picture companies. ·\ - . · ' . . . . . . ' . . . . ; . ' · EARL HUNT ON KGLOBROADCAST Well. Known Orchestra to Begin. Series on KGLO Starting Monday. A new program will be inaugurated over KGLO five days a week beginning Monday under the sponsorshrp of the McCormick- Deering dealers in the Mason City territory. , . .'.·,' ,, Earl Hunt's .orchestra, will be heard Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and -'on Tuesdays and Thursdays a variety program will be given. AH programs will be broadcast from 11:45 to 12:15 daily. ' ' . The seven piece Hunt organization is composed of piano, drums, accordion, ' saxophone, trumpet trombone and bass horn. Mr. Hunt, widely 'known in musical circles for his ability,.is-drummer of the orchestra. : The orchestra, which features both old-time and .modern music, has played throughout Iowa and Minnesota for the past 15 yearj and was once known as the Dragons. A variety of entertainment is furnished listeners to these happy- go-lucky revelers .of melody-land. Bits From Operetta "Vagabond King" to Be Heard on KGLO Bit? from the high school operetta, "Vagabond King," to be presented at the high school Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, will be given over KGLO at Q:30 Sunday night by members of the cast Man on the |TWO PUPILS OF COLLEGE APPEAR ON SUNDAY HOUR Street" to Be Heard Here Inquiring Announcer to Be Posted at Corner of State, Federal. Beginning Wednesday Mason City will have its own "Man on the Street" broadcast, when a KGLO announcer dally takes to the First National bank corner at the State street and Federal avenue intersection at 12:45 daily to interview passersby. On these daily broadcasts, which will bo sponsored by the Petersen Roofing company, the announcer will set in the nature of an inter- ·iewer, asking those about him .·arious questions dealing with a great variety of subjects. This type of broadcast has been made with great success by stations throughout the country, and Wednesday marks its inception in' Mason City. 'Home, Sweet Home' Story to Be Told on KGLO Sunday Night "Home, Sweet Home," was composed by John Howard Payne md first presented in the opening performance of the opera "Clari, the Maid of Milan." Just how that world famous song of the universal longing for home came to be written into musical history will be described over KGLO Sunday night at 3:15. RADIO AUDITION IS WON BY TRIO Mora Springs Girls Place First in Weekly Air Auditions. The Nora Springs girls' trio won KGLO's radio auditions last week, the winning group being, three 17 year old girls. Members of the trio are Maxine Morphew, Charlene Dinsmore and Elnora Reels, with Dorothy Dinsmore as accompanist at the piano. "Belle and Martha" New KGLO Program "Belle and Martha," newest of KGLO's programs, will begin Monday at 11:10. This daily program dealing with the lives of ev- 2ry day people is being sponsored by the Mason City Baking company, bakers of Diamond bread. IRISH PROGRAM WILL BE AIRED Larry Reardon and Ralph Geer Present St. Patrick Observance. Larry .Reardon and Ralph Geer in their weekly feature Sunday night at 8:15 over KGLO will present a special St. Patrick's day program. Mr. Reardon will sing solo numbers cnttiled "The Harp That Once Through Tara's Hall," "Molly Brannigan," "Wearin" O' the "The Thirty-Two treen," and Counties." Mr. Geer in a piano specialty will play a medley of Irish airs. Norma Cross to Play Several Selections; Lorrain Uglum to Give "King Lear." .Norma Cross of Forest .City, and Lprrviine Uglum of Adams, Minn., will appear on the Waldorf college hour Sunday 'afternoon at .4:30 over KGLO. - · . · . . Miss Uglum -will read parts from William Shakespeare's "King Lear." Miss Cross, a pianist, will play s e v e r a l selections, including "Rustle of'Spring," by Sindirig, a number by Edward Grieg, and the number "Claire de Luna." The following Sunday May Woodard Schoeld, soprano from Forest City, will appear on the Waldorf program. VOCAL QUARTET HEARD TUESDAY "Sons of the Pioneers" on KGLO Program Three Days Each Week. "Sons of the ' Pioneers," sponsored by the Ferris Nurseries o£ Hampton, will be heard on KGLO Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 12:15.- This group which has ,'gained wide renown for its inimitable presentation of old-time, western, southern, spiritual, hill-billy and novelty tunes, is one of the outstanding quartets of today. · Amcmg the outstanding numbers in the repertoire oE the Sons of the Pioneers are "Billy the Kid;" "Jesse James," "11 More Months and .30 More Days," "Swanee River/' "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot," and "Apple Blossom Time in Normandy." "Karney Case" to Be ' Heard Over KGLO on Monday Night Program "Karney Case" is the title of the first of a series of five minute programs to begin Monday night at 7:05 over KGLO. The programs are sponsored by the Mutual Benefit Health and Accident association, the branch office of which is managed by W. M. Huffman and L. H. Gilchrist. "Your Next Door Neighbors" DAILY K G L O 11:10 a. m. SPONSORED BY Diamond Bread Bakers Follow ROYAL CROWN COLA'S blow by blow description of Jack Dempsey's exciting ring career, from cowhand to heavyweight champion of the world. Hear him, surrounded by celebrities, just as you would in his New York restaurant, broadcast thrilling ievents from his colorful life. ' OVAL R O W N CD LA ???!^-^;^Hffffii^^

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