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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, June 20, 1818
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MRS. PAULEY '3 FAREWELL CENEFIT. Farewell ! tha form, 'wh - - arUe . grace Hath won what art trf vala snay trj ; '. t Where beau'y' earliest loveliness ; I rob'd ia matron linrity. 4 Farewell ! the voice, whose mellow tone Bralh'l forth the rUMG of the tieurtj A mile from sorrow uft bath won, , ' ' AaJ tooth'd the bosom' nuihliug smart. . , , Farewell ! the chaUe a 1 varying power, ( That true to nature, prov'd t sw, , ' Beguiled (MftiM ia dullast hour, Aud fade each gau'Jcr b'kiii i'ly. All, Ion - shall love to think, of tbe, Attired m every varyli:; charm, . . ' That gtuius lends to purity. Or beauty give to fancy warm. And thoc ! who la youth's fairest tide, TreadM with light itep the drama bjm ; Whose maida iodc, to modest pridt lU early premise Wight di.p!ay, Whether, g Euphrotrne, - Thoa tporu'i each changing meat ore Uiro' ; Or beart - foltseiujbiliiy, Beam lovely in thiue eye of blue, ' Whether thy harp to pity itrnojr, . With pensive anisic fraught awoke ; Or twept with magic hauJ hath rung, ' ' - " And into livelier measure broke, O light o'er earth' unequal ttage, - By laughing nymphs and grace led, May fate conduct ,thy pilgrim'igs, And be thy path with rose spread T May real woe demand no tear, Aave thote which virtue claims from all j' But miliug peace attend thee here, Until life1 clotioe curtain fall. PHILOKALOS. MIs Johnson. , NEW - YORK EVENING POST. SATURDAY, JUNE 19. Counterat biUtll will be recollected tliat a few evening siuce we stated, that a notorious counterfeiter had been detected by the vigilance ofonr police officer?, and a large quantity of bad bill had beea found opoa him to the amount of! about one, hundnd thousand dcllari. A tperi - men of these bill was afterwards exhibited at the coffee house for the inspection of the public, To eaable those at a distance, ho ever, to "iiard against thorn, we have obtained and bore ex Libit' ed the follow ini description of them, now in the hinds of the police. The percoti on whom they were found goes by the naaio of Jh Doc - fr, k Jaunt Stcuart. ' Billt. Doll.v 1046 5 VJoa tank of Maryland, Baltimore 1000 10 Gorman bank of Wnot'.er, Ohio S53 10 Bank of Columbia, Ge - nretowa J307 10 State bunk, Trenton, Newark, and Camden, New - Jersey 85 I0i Bank of North America, rhiladcl; hia 1877 5' Mechanic' bank in the city of N.York 6T2 600 500 5 Bank of Oranjo county 5 Marine ba.ik cf Baltimore 109 Farmer' bank f Buck' county, llumevtlle 3d Back of JVew - Cnmswirk, N. Jerrey 3s Fanner' banket the ttato cf Delaware SCO 1000 15C1 IOCS s 3 Tho At!c!i6nic,s baiik cf the city and county of rhn;.:!t)j ii;a 2s Newark Bauking and lusuroncc Company 10 Bank of Pittsburgh St U(morand batik of Pennsylvania Ontario bunk Bight before last the dairy of a gentleman at Coifuuu, (I.ons' Hand) wa broken open nnd about iity pounds ol frrsli butter stoh.n there - from. Information wa lmlgcd nl the police of fice in Brook'yn, and this morning about tws e'clock ono cf the watchmen at tliat place dU covered thr thieves, thrcainnumbiT, two blacks aad one white man, with their baoty, oo their vay to tl Ji tr.atkeU A bnttlo ensued, but the watchmja was overpowered after several severe blows bad passvl and the villain t scaped leaving the butter U. - !u:id. They are however known and h 21 no doubt bo secured and placed in fie baedtof j - jrtice in a few day. Od wftfd to Mr. Noah in answer to the com plaint in hi parajrapii of this morning, that 1 joined those who itnisted that the verdict agaiat him lav improper conduct respecting the Hat riu li J'dian k tter, was a just one. iIr. Noah is reminded that at that time 'some circumstan - cej in 'common with the plaintifTs arid myself, made it a common cause. But, r.otrri'.htand ing, let bi;n turnajaiti to my pat agtaph, and I Bin much mtr.aicen it ho will nnu any opinion given resiiccting the justice of tho verdict. ' COXWCSICATICX. Xt, Coleman The rrlitle ia yeterdaji Pest, relative to the despatch in priuting, by Mcf - n. Goodrich & (Vs. edition ot'the 4th canto of Lord Cyon' Child z HaroUr, would lead those ooacquainted with the whole facts, to suppose, that more despatch was used Li the oQces eio;ioj.d by Messn. Gocdrich & Co. than in Mr. Was. A. Merceiti'. It may, therefore, not be improper to state, that the edition of Meters Goodrich & Co. consi - tid of but 730 copus, and was executed in three different vjfictt; whereas. th:t published by Messrs. Kirk & Mrrccio, was printed in en "Jfirt, (W. A. .Merccia,) and con sisted of more than 1500 enpiri. x Tor the Lrtnmg; Pott. That there are in this city imioinerable places of resort fnr the abaudened and the sciou., no per on will prctto.l to dtr.y ; but that there are alo places aqually numerous fr the sedurlion of youth, Uiou;h m reality a iact, I preuui3 is ut yet so grn - irally kuuwn, ot ere this thty Would huve been dctr..ycu, and tho ke)ers or jiropnetor ot them coisnird to that putu - hiucnl Which their conduct sa ju - tlv tnet'it?. To tliose parentt l,c," uviortutatoly i;avt "" "" ; ri;re!wa ipo lurm vice to aumn oj a propamury ol their ever being rr.tricv - ed, if would be fully to say any Ihing 'on this sub - je, vi they are full auiuriuted wiihihri. gin J causes of the aU;Ta'iou ol ihwr children i o i sose, However, wholi e naver had thu mis lorMin, aua have oat jurt about entLriu" th - woiu, I Ueg leave In oiler a lew remark., in ih. boa that they uy in fca,e arrrt ttie dar - i ' thrcaVejiing theiowa peace and the welfare and , futur pn,p?c. of th - .ir chilJren. A lad at , tthvi.. of from Fourteen to sixteen vusri nf berotiies oecetrdv acnaainteJ m - ltS l. u - wi kUoaiHaad trom the huiaber generally selects a no' for us by it ft of of I i few of abont Li own age as play - feltew and eonipaniwis; not bavinjudfjmtnt aud discretion, ara rd lb molt or Mel vo latile duiioriuoti. - The piay - lillows, then, have tbeir aiuiuor.ent, meiiiiie, anu piatei m i - wt. TIiL i the time hen more than at auy other they require the protecting hand of their parents Jii ia the critical moment from whence it to be drawn ali their future good prospect If, however, no pareut mterpotes, then, unicf fcy om proridmtiid interference that could harJTy be boyed tr, uiey uiuoiaioiy rum mem' selvf and their ccmusnicoa. Alter thia acmiuiut. ftttce, aliTnwt one of their first place of retort i tf b;L'iard - rcvm here it i uiey rx;gia vim their dn and Jcnionade then tob.icca nnd punch then hUU.mli and brandy and uatcr . i .1 r : . ineu g7ioiifg, ao4 meuruiu. uinui:g a ui - ay Uib result ahtcpenoi: oommeuce yotio; their miu'ii not bring lufEciectly formed to retut its tccjptatioa. Here it if tbry contract vicious hal - its htre it i they lose all aeuie of shame sa J her it is tliat they, as it were, fit thr - iuscl ves tor the Dcxt stage of rice ; that tage which i on' sutnmaloa lie rum or the clmd ana the gne! oi Ui parent. These room are frfnacnted by persons of all ages and coDJi'.ioi.t, from toe boy of twelve to the mm of sixty. Here have I seen, morning, noon and night, lads (rom twelve to eighteen year of age,' neslc - ctiug their ttu.iie And i iuin - dering every tiling they can lay their hand on in the hnpe of money. In tome of thee place I have seen twenty and thirty at a timeoflbii leiiUer aga ; La m tact, in some of tbe billiard rooms, two - third of the company, if not all, arc these yoiin men, who are echoed by the own er, from lure, to visit there. It really appear surprising to me, that allho' we daily tea the evil elTects of tliose table in the hands of very injudicious people, and alee when we consider that they are prohibited by law, that itill they should be found in almost every ttrret la town, and kept alro by those who have licenses from the mayor to retail liquors. I am informed that every person, before they can ob tain a licentR, are compelled to enter into a bond unt to permit, under a certain penally, any gaming, or keep any billiard - table. Why are these penalties then not enforced, or is this bond like the law itself, a mere bmlvmfulmen. This keetii)g of billiard - tablet within a few years, ha become a rniirce of wealth to the proprietors, and i carried on by vholctale, some of those per son having somcthiDj like an half a dozen tablet in one house. This i one of tho greatest e - vils in the community, and calls loudly for re form : and uulet something i done immediate ly to put a stop to it, we shall realize individual My, at some future day, if we do not at present, the evil effects or it. In the hope that thrwo, whose duty it is, will look to that subject, and head of familie thke wanting, ere it be too late, I take leave of it lor 'ho ifc? n, though if there thould be any necessity lb? resuming it, those whose duty it is will htarfroia A PARENT. For the yew - York Evening Pott. Mr. Coleman, fir Atnoa as I fonnd Ha?erman's trial had if?ued b?ai the r res., 1 hastened to purchase one for alasoit tbe sole purpose of resiling Mr. Price's 'peecli : but what was mv chatrrin and disap - poii.tmerton tindirg that the 5teca was not there tlift the failhf'U Hqwter had e contrived things as hi lose, very exactly, that part of his - i. iow, sir, there is romethuig verv extra - orilhary in this mutter. I'o me it appears quite nmciruntabip.on tho scoreof riorirc merely; I cannot well conceive in what manner the .''9'7rrtvasiulhchaliitof entry inj his notes, so U lus e every word aud letter ui that speech, lar tlu best thiuz m the whole rciwrt, aud not ono word url - 'tlr r betides ! I am iucliued lo think v.'ould puzzle the ingenuity of even the Report - hijireirto account salislactorily for tins strange cirrnms'.nnfe. N.iw, Mr. l'.d'dor, hare not I, and the public, r there i a nuiverml rxiirestion of disappoint ment with rrspoct t. tlii thin - ',) aright to demand ttv ttrpnrhr a fnlfiiiceut of his promise? Doe not rcleuil th.u tie ba"ivcn a report, in detail the tr'i'je of t hat tri'.d ? and docs be di maud 50 cents fr his work, w'iich h.i haps nobody would tve, it liicy it a garhltd performance, and the mo - l '3 - jcnisl an t interestirg part lefi out, because, f, - lhc plodding lit porter hoi UioM - nint I.iImc it. Ou the wholu, sir, I beg leave, through your paper, to in:irtu Jiir. Ileportir, that the public arc m'icb dimppointedin hi. - not giving them Mr. rice's brilliant speech that Ihey are not with out (iis'i'tioiis as to the alleged Joss of the notes - anil that their advice lo him is, to find, as soon a nobble, the said note", and yet give that sperch to the i ul lie, at a suppltrntiot to his incomplete report. IIONESTUs. Jun(j10,l8l3. ,1 wither Caraceas affair. By the fnllowin, letter it rppear that again have a number ot Anuriccne fallen a sacrifice to their imprudent temerity, in engaging, without authority from lliRir own government, in a hostile expedition a - gainst thr.t of Spain. Let hot headed enterprising young men take warning by thrirlVc. From the A'a'imul InUlligt.icer. The following' is a copy of a letter from an American citizen, late a lieutenant in the army ot'the United States, who joined Mina'ti cue dition. How many uf our fellow citizens have bi en enticed from then' country, to ;it!cr simila.' fate, it is not easy to est mate : but the nuniher amounts to hundreds, if not. thousands, X LITTER TO A FIlIERO. HAVANA. Mnv 1. 1813. " Dear Sir : I now, fur the first lime since 1 hksv been a prisone. - , have had it in my power of nitunninir you of my miserable situation. 1 thought my aufi'erings were great before 1 Lndcd in Mexiio is soon as we landed I fuuod that we were all lost I then got permission In return home, uml was on boaul of a ship to return to the U States ; but, unfortunately for me, she was captured a few hours before .he was to have sailed. 1 made my escape to the shore, and went to Mini's furtilica'tion, uh c!. mounted 8 pieces if cannon the whole force to defend which, ani'iur.ted to 100 men. Mina entered the coun'ry with 600 men. The fort in which I was, was attacked on the 12th June, 1817; there wjs a cannonading between the royalists and the pnlrioU until the 15th, when the royalists, finding their f rce so much niie - ri'.r, came within ,rape ami musket shot with 13 pieces of cannon, and 25W men. The fort held oulfortcn hours. The Americans in the f"t, amounting to thirty, found they had to do all the Cghtinp; ; the remainder were Spaniards and Frenchmen, who proved cowards, although they declared they would blow up the furl he f irt they would be taken. The Americans, findimr thrTwcve cither to be tab n bv storm, and put to the sword, or be blown up, thought it best to prei'iit themselves 1 presented tr.v - helf. and Ike fort capitulated. The terms of capitulation were, that the lives ol the girri - ion should be ent to their respective countries.' They have ail been held as criminals, and loaded with irons. Those who presented llumselves wi'h me. Lad tlieir lioertv forten days passports were promised them, and as surances civen of being sent borne, e have, however, been d. Ui.icd as prisoner. I hve nm, ks y et.lud any ir. s on ine 1 was sent t - town called Aueimiilra, where 1 rcmainea tor two month. Host ll mv clothi i - , with the excepting nf those 1 Ind oil when 1 nresem - rt a i . . L m v.. j , mve seen nearly nattsd ever since, and ccvertd with vermin. From th'.a town I as sent, m company with fificen olRcers. like wi - e prisoners, through the country nearly to .vAiwo, iuu uicu on to era truz. The dia tance I travelkd was 300 If spies, the greater part of wh ich wus the worst road I ever travel Fed in my hfe, and over mountain which took us five and six day to cro. When got near R - Uxiea, we found a lovely country on to Vera Crux. Tbe road from Mexico to Vera Crux i the handsomest I ever saw. 1 remain ed in Vera Crux until the 5th April, almost starved, and neatly destitute of clothing, niy allowance wa four ounce of bread per day, with twelve, spoons of rice, three times a day ' From Vera Crux I wa scot to this place, and ince my detention here, have written to several Americans, but never found one that would say Here i a shirt or a dollar. No ; experience has taught me to know, that when a man be comes reduced, there are few that will cast to wards him a look, from whirba conclusion mght be drawn, that the heart felt sympathy ! In a short time, I shall be sent to Cadix, where I am doomed to be detained a a prisoner for 10 years, Many are the conjectures, at this place, relative to the probability of a war breaking out between Spin an J A merira. I wish you to state my case to your friends at the department, a I persuade myself my government will be prompt in demanding my liberation. Such i my misery, that I never could have believed it within the capa city ofmau to endure. Mioa's expedition is lost, Col. Young, late of the U. 3. army, and seventy Americans, all of whom were attached to the late United States' army, were taken ana snot, with two American officers, the inornin" after 1 presented myself. I have bad to smuggle this paper, together with the pen and ink, from ou board of an American vessel. You will give my love to mv brother and sister, and all of my friends. Farewell !" " N. B. The following are the names of some of tbe officers, attached to the late U. S. army. who entered in the xpe44in 0! Mina, and nave been shot : Col. Younr; cants. Cook and Gordon ;lieu!s. Lanay, Loking, Sutton, Webb, Ftone, Sterling, Crocker, Witinore, Beall, Robert and Wilsou. Lieut. VVm. Kigle, of the U. S. onlnance de partment, was made a prisoner, and died iu my presence at Vera Cruz. Also, cadet from W. Poiut. His name was llaviland. There was another cadet taken, who has been sLo', by Use name of Mackerson." From ltt JYalwna'. IntelHseneer. June 13. Tbe Preidenl of the United States reached his residence in this city yesterday, in the mining; having left the Nfinsurh thirty or forty iuile below, and come up the river, unattended, n - cept by the boat's crew whiih rowed him up. Thus ha the president terminated the tour of observation of the waters of UicChesptL'ake. which his official duty devolved upon him. The Nonsuch arrived at the navv van! in flip afternoon. OF THE INDIAN WAR. I SKMI - OFUCIAL. F rom tut .Xashrille Clarion. The following it an extract of a leiuir fmm ma jor general Andrew Jackson, to a geutleinun in tliit piuce, dated " Camp, before St. JTnrks, ) 9th April, 18!8. S "On the 2Cth ultimo. I marebvd riom Kort ndsden into the heart of the enemv's countrv. On the tirst instant I was reinlorcvd hy some friendly Indians and two bnttalinns of TDi:esrce voluntis under col. Lliiut, arriving witiiiu a mile aud a half of Muckasuki town. 1 discov ered the Indians posted on an advantageous point of land, with a hirtc pnd in their frjot, t.ud secured in the rear i;y woods nr.d swamps. '1 l.e spy", up orted L) the horte, were ordered forward, and a short and spirited ror.flict tneuta; me iniiiaiis tonn gave way and were pursued through their towns. The three sue ceedinn dny we employed in scouring their country, burning their towns, and mcurhig their rornuDu cuiue, oi wucn we luunfi grr - at abundance; upwards of three hundred houses have bt.xn consumed. have to n.rut llic h)ss of one man killed (Tucker) and four wounded, lironi iriinessee.) or tbe Indians ttmty were fciueunnu lour wreiuad prisoners t sixty men, women and children of th! w:ir party havr - surrendered. The great irar chirf of the Mucka - sukett is ainoni: the slain. " In the .Uurkasuky town, we discovered evi - dencct of hostility for many years; upwards of mree hiinured scalps were found ; about fifty were found suspended on a painted war pole on the square, fresh, and of ever? descrii tion, from the tender infant to the aged mother. ' Apprehending that therntmv miiht attempt to occupy At. Mark, learning tht ihsy were kindly received there, and ciscovrriug tht il would prove au advantagrousue)Ot !ir mv sop - plies, 1 marched for and rraclitd it i n the tth. ' Ou my arrival, several com niinicatious passed between myself and tho comniiuidaiit ; when, to bring matters to a close, deif.v bciiia' evidently designed, I ordered it he: i'ht companies (u advance and take pocstion, and cap'. - .v.n .vi't,ver lo assume a petition in tt.e; lulc general tiaines was inf tructcd to bald his bii - ade in readiness to n t, if rts'tax c rhouM be attempted: none, howc - vi.r, was Q.'.de, ami the l'ght companies Fiit'ivd, po.:earc Jtheuisr.i ol the fort, mid pulled Jinvn ihs flag. C - .pt. M'Lvt having lu.Uted Kugli - b r - .!f.nn Kurd his bca'j, I rancis fie prophet, Ilo - tmntrhriiino, and two otbers, were decor cJ on lo.w ; relieving hi in to be the proniued and d uly ex petted aid fiaiu N - w - Pi - ovidcnre, mi.lcr th? nmu: ial of Wood bine. 1 here hiiva been huu6'U - d. - .r, To - m row I march for Suwannee, where I hope to nut an en lti the war. I have n time V' do more lliaa lo give you a faint vi.w ol" thitg as tlu - y ;tre. i iiai t - neen v. rca tj tu(0mtcf finny pn vulions j but they hare bren tiiruioukted." Extract of a letter to theKditor of llic Charles - ton Times, dated Havana, June 1&18. " Nothing of mn.nent is stirriny - vtith us at present, 'i'imss beirin to prow lather dull, a. usual, at this season and markets continue most unfavourable f.r adventure; i. l'liiladel. phia flour, 13 1 - 2 a 19 diHls j liice 8 offers at tnose prices refuted. "The drought lw been excessive in the country, and tlieCo!;'eepla:itati ns h; ve sutler - ed extremely j a loss of one - third cf the com ing crop of codec must ensue by the failure of mm iu the last month. For the last three or four days we have had abundant falls uf rain, the commencement of our rainy season and sickness . several eac of fcver have occurreJ in me nhi'Doiir wini:i tiicsc tew ua bast. and the weather is extrenielv hot. " Nca: - lv 100'J slaves arrived in our harbour yesterday ; the celebrated ship called - Fuma ffuMirra." built in .N. Yori, for the house ol Messrs. Q icsta, Mdiiaiul i Brother, of this pluce, came ia yestii - day from Africa, with T2i blaves, a caro'0 worth doils. cash. Fron the Democratic Frrst. Cain de teuwjrcHZii. As tins heirs of thit person have, pending bel'ire roadless, a claim to a very lare amount,; , as. is jfcnerullv under.toot, by txirardirjarvcirctoistancct, the following account ol the pciirm and the origin ol his claim mrj r.c t e i - naccepi ihle. It it taken foul the firt vr.lunie, page 4i7, of the Memoirs of Alil.e t orn!, a wor of considerable interest, aiid anttiMitirity, pnh.ished ?t Pd'is so latw - ly at riunni the year 1 - 1 1?. What this paragraph iney hae on the claim is not even a matter of conjecture, inn'miich ii it mern arc al.not totally unknown ti the prs..n ttlccTin end tran' - l.' - .ting it for the prist. I.'ut it is ip - putod that ht cause nf riht n J justice t o which ever side it is to be fouud on tins occasion, will be proartcd by tiie pubiicuti, n of what Las recently appeared in print, in Frse - , from the pen of a coti - mporary, in tiie cor.fidtnce of the royal government oi liit country, with whose sanrtinu tm J u'i! the work in nte'tifla btscuuie to The extract is as foilow : " de U aumn bait was one uf the secret agents of wh'iio onr nniii.fry thni - ht nmptr to make oe fir furnishing Ine Amerteans with objects cf tNe urtt neteFiHy, r.l wb'cnuiy wre drpnved bv thiir rupture with tniland. This maa. fa mous for his profound immorality, who tvtnied crime, according to tie otigiuai expression of rt.muf. famous (orbit lawsuit aKuintt Kons - man the banker, bit essa) against tte Maupeuu parliameut, and hisIicentiou piece Figaro, was no stranger to the art of mtikins; - mouev He olTered himself at an egent between ranee, wlihirj to appear to remain paive, and the i revolted colonie. He ucceeded in persuadms Mr. de Maurepatand Mr. tie Verones, mat he could carry to tbe iasurgents vesktls loaded with every thing lit to ustaiu and spread tlie revolt i aud hi otters were accepted. Prnvitet with the authorisation of our co vernment, this frerbooler, and of a new sort, soon procured the funds necessary to realize his ooers. tlis inissico was execuiau wim ir.fv fvnri rmwnrd with complete SUC - cets. The trantiort vessels were conveyed by thips armed for war, constructed by hit orders, and afterwards sold to our military marine. I be apparent neutrality of France uvored theie clandestine expeditions. Beaumarciiais. who derived immense prant from Uiis clam'estinity, wculd have been vrry willing thit the court should remain neuter. Uount fllaurepas was oi tne same ajr '' iosj: bntthe cabinet of - Madid thought other wie, zc." , . . It is not tbe least curious part of this netr de - of the motives of the French inter position in the cause of the American rcvoluliou, that it ii ascribed to a Spanish urgency with the cabinet or Versailles, to seize the obvious opportunity for enfeebling the natural aud povmrlul enemy of the Bourbon family; which urgency on the part oi spam overcame, moun m out great dilliculty, the aversion of France to take up arms against a sea of troubles it being the wise maxim or old Alaurepas ana me uum nf th tniniitrv of Louis tiie 16th, tlien just advanced to the throne, tlut it was better to hear the ill Uiey bad IhauXo ny to ouiers uiey knewuotof. , From the Ualhmore TiUgraplu The editor of the Augusta Chronicle in endea voring to vindicate the gallant Georgians from the odious lniputauou ot ruins ineir iiueiiun m the cowardly assassination and conflagration at Chehaw villaze. is nw'u'iarlv severe on the tbe executive of that stute lor his ill - timed interll - rence with the duties of general Jackton. He peremptorily asserts that from the first of April, no act ol murder, theft or any thing of the kind, as committed r - y the Indians, and that the frontier was in a tate ot as perfect ttcurilu as ever it l ad been nt uny time previous, and consequently ould not he menaced with danger. Admitting thy were thria'.ened with danger from Hopo - nee's and Fcclineb' towns, what relief or tec u - nty did they rcceiie from the destruction of Che - haw, wlniiceiio danger could bi; apprehended, because there wire none there but old men, wo men ai. '. children, and we would not (continues the editor) dispai age the bravery of the Georgians so much us lo suppose that eenthe people of (lie frontier could cope willi women and children, though thty were ladiuiis. They could have been relieved from no other danger than that which proceeded from Chehaw, ns captain Wright took care to avoid going near either Ho pjiiee' or ftiflemre' towns, and left all tin i r warriors to commit any ravage they pleased, so he himself escaped them, and further left them with an assurance that their hostility wa their greKtert bulwark of dilenrc, since the more iriendiy the more certain their destruction. Coptaii; Wright allcdgts iu justification of hi? iiroccediuitt at tiie Chehaw, that he acted under tlie nu'hoiity of the state of Georgia, ei;d hot of. tnat cl tho United States. In reply to which, the Augusta (Gecrsia) Chronicle ol the S'.h iu - st mt, observe. : Ihe facts in regard to t right are simply these. He was elected to command a company of draft ed mill t in fnun Savannah, and tpecially enm - uiistioned for that command : hut he was left :i'k nt Savannah, and it was understood he had declined the expedition. A iter the ompany had reached iierhaiis fort Gadsden or St. Marks, un der thu command of his hist lieutenant who bud been promoted to captain, and was recognized astuch in service, w - nt on to Hartford, theme to Milledgville, and under the face or this very commission. rerr ented himsclt to he senior captain in tiie United States' service, obtained from the governor, under his orders of 14th nf April, tbe ccmiuand of the ever raernorshic expedition. This lufiun - nis transaction took place on the 2Ut April, whilo Wright drew rations as an erfi - (erin the United Staled' sorviee', and while he i - at generjnly roiitideatd as such, an - t at an evidence of hit own opinion be applied afterwards to 1 e iiiusterrd out nl service by ihe oilior who niuslerod General Glascock's command out of civics ; ii - jt was refuted on account of irregularity in Ins mu;er rullr, nnd at late as 7th May apolied to the p.iyinaitcr of one of tiie regiments for Hunks. We lefl for the character ofi.ur ttate, and we feel sensibly, because it is the pint e of our natality ; it is this which make us .pt ak frci ly. From tfe PkUudelphia Union. Theprt'ent fashion cf the ladies' bonnets irresistibly uresis to us the iJt - a ol a pretty face, tin lift i'lfo t ni" end of a hollow log, into the olhnr 'jiid cf wl:i h you mut loo!; if you would knw to wlmm tl; on e belongs. A lady, in a mshiwa - 'ile l - Geiiv', must tie literally and pretty eL.!j confronhit, in order to be teen. from the Ji'ttcark .Messenger. Mr. Ward, Sir The following it an extract of a letter now in my possession, received Iroro a retpecta - I ti gentleman in cw - Orlean, dated 10th May, V. and whirhyou are nt liberty to publish in your paper with such introductory remarks a you may think proper. " A b - w days ngo was seized in this pnrt by tl: c ffii ers of tbe cust - mis, tlie brig Mary Ann, W.hiam Lee, master, from Meiv - Ynik, via i'ertb Au.liin , for having on board thirty - six persons of color, witiiaut a. manifest, kr. according to Ian - . Theniimescf the Lhirkt are, Susan, Peter, Moses, Harry, James, Boh, George, Simon, Rosanna, Klmira. Closs, Betsy, Bust, Lydia ar.d l'atly. Clarissa and child Hue. cults, Hi' hell Ann and i hi'd Rosina, Flora and hild Susan, Jcnette (or Jam) Lydia Ann and child Harriet J ine, Hagur and 2 children Mary i - hd Charles, Chtistmiia and 2 children Diana ana D ircas, 1'i.iiij and t children Klias and Ko - hert, .Marnret Cowan, Sarah and child Diana. These blacks it is understood, w re brought from Amhny by a certain Charles Morgan, and put on hoard tiie brig after she - had got tu sea, and they appear by paj er exhibited by the par - tics claimant here, to have passed throngh certain formalities bef ire ou judge Van Wickle. I he list furnished by the captain disagrees grossly with the troth, as to th ir ages, borne, who from inspc - .i - ticn, are evidently not more than 14 or 15, beii.g put dowu as of 25." AitxiNnrtu, June 13. Kcttirn r,f the Pietidciit.Tl.e. U. S. schoo ner Non - ucn passed sir to Washington about 1 o cine vesterday attcrnoon. I be president of the United States had left the vessel at 7 in the morning, in her barge, for Washington city. Arrangement were made to pay the cus tomary salute but be passed unobserved. ANNAPOLIS, (T. D.) June 18. On Sunday evenm - last, a tree Negro was lodged in our, lor a rape ronjmit'cd on the body of a girl sed about feiirtc; n years. The offence was committed iu" of thatduv. about 9 miles trow this city, and is said to have been of a ery aggravated halure. lUtTiwoat, June 19. An unpleasant accident occurred to the I're - sidei.t of the U S. at the Dismal Swamp Canal, about fifteen mil - s from Norfolk. In viewing the. situation and progress of that usefulwork, the I'rcsidtnt had occasion to cross over the canal on a narrow bridge of loose logs one of which tuncil as l.e stepped on tt and threw him into the canal, he was quickly extricated, w ithout s'ltrtringany other inconvenience than the injury his clothes sustained from the sand. from oun connf:sroxnF..T. OtTe e of the Federal Gazette, BALTIMORE, J - j - e IX Arrived, scbr Mary Palmer, Hulk - it, 17 dayt from B - en. Scbr M iry, Evans. 19 d.iys from N. Orleans. Lett between 60 aud 70 tali, umes uot rrcollec - ted. taw none at the Balire. Spoke off Cuba, tiie Atrx'snder, Macombv from (xiss. Scbr Maoliui, Young, 7 day Irom llavanua. Sia - phtoo, Griffith, of Baltimore, to ai ueil morn - ing tor Europe i scbr Comet, Swain, nf do from ftortolk ; chricj. Ueo'ge Armisteaa, uaienun, fmm Baltimore. Anril 7th. after bavin: been olundered bv a nirate. who brat tbe captain, stripped him, his crew and passengers of all their clothes, then opened hi hatches and threw over a part of her cargo, and plundered part ; the tchr Margaret, Dooly, of and from Baltimore, arriv ed thu. The brig J - .usrne, inalumeau, hi oai - timore from Rio Grande arrived 10th. Uri; Mart Aon, Sellers, for 1'i.ilad. in 4 dav ; James I It , t T I r . HIV...U vab iouuer, nan, uo ia o ; uenry, ior i.s ium, dy to ail ; bip Hero, Cole, of Boston; brig A. bert. Prince: Cordelia. Fatman : Pordand, Mi - not, all of Portl&od : tchr Charles K Mallory.of Norlolk, arnveit lUth, (rem at. Jago ; snip Augustus, Ilanaden, of Salem sailed for Leghorn the 13th ; chip Augustus, Oliver, of Philadelphia, to rail in 10 days lor oenoa. June I Jin, ut ju, lor.g 7b' 30, tpoke brig Mount Pleatant, from Trinidad for Rhnde Island. Pasted in the Buy ship Philip, Roltoo, from Liverpool, and brig uocaiur ironi tviscasaet. Essex Register Office, ) Salem. June IS. S Arriveil, brip Alonzo, Holman, 7idays fi om Rio de Janeiro., left, thips Galatea, Towne, of Ihiston, v - iting cofl'ee i Camillus, Choate, Charleston, . J. , brii's Daphne, liausli, riu - ladclphia Edward, late captain Ross, do; George, Ualch, Boston. A few days before ttie Alonzo lett Kio Janeiro, our Minister, Mr. Sumpter,had received letters fi om the Ontario. Capt. H. ha despatches for Government. A - bout 12 dav ago was boarded by a Patriot pri vateer, treated politely, and cupplied with some stores. The !oop Patty ti Harriet, of Coldpring, on her passage from New - York, was capsized in a squall iu tbe HiirhlamK near Fort Montgomery, on Wednesday night hut, and tix women and one man were drowned. j. 1. Gas. eoxMi - wicATiosr. " 77iougA among the lust, not among the leant." , I hope it will be recollected that the pro. ceeds of the theatre this evening is awarded for the benefit cf V Piitchartl. Every one who attends this rational resort must acknowl edge that hii abilities as a Tragedian, are e qua), if not superior, to any other at present on our stage. For the admirers of tragedy Mr. Pi itchard has selected a rich treat in Shaks - pearc's celebrated play of Othello, which is universally allowed to be among the number of the poets best productions the partof Othello is to be sustained by himself. It may with truth be affirmed that the powers of this gentleman as a tragedian are of an excellent cast. Upon the present occasion therefore, Lis selection is judicious, there is ample scope in this charac - tcr.for the display of his best abilities, and we are fliiuly persuaded, that be will this evening convince his auditors, tliat he falls very little short of a Cooper or Cooke. We ardently hope that a crowded house w ill greet him on his en trance j an actor on his benefit n'glit, requires no greater incentive towards everting himself, but should " a beggarly account of empty boxes " buist full upon bis sight, it chills the ardor of his feelings, aud operates sensibly to Ins disadvantage for that evening. A CITIZF.V. MJHKIKO, Oa Thursday evening, by the Rev. Dr. Kuy. pen, Cornelius Dickinson, M. D. to - Vits Sarah Angelina Castle, daughter of William 6'. Castle, of th;t city. as? HFEfCUVG POST .V.IRLVii LIST. CLEARED,, :bip Comet, Hu',1, ' Havre . CiriiWuld ti Coate Schr Emeline, Merereau, ' Norfolk Keindeer, Crowell, ' Lubec, Ma.a. Union, Mersereau, Not folk iif.',1 roiuc, nun, arrcn, ui (.'I t" T I II. ... . . O Jler.ild, tteveart, Harliord Dart, Sued, BRtlol, HI. Telegraph, Ray, Hudson Lec.pard, Ugdi - n, ftoslon Concord, Uuckley, Roston 6;.! elite, Davis, HoSUm Orbit, Taber, New - Bedford .iRll'.i Kl THIS tX)REA(JO.V, Ship Gov. Griwold. Meader, 36 days from Liv - rpool, saiied cn the tltli and Jut the land on the 12th May, with V tons coal and IC'J do. salt, to Ripley, center h Co. owners. 1057 bar and bun Let imn to Joseph Lloyd, b'84 bundle iron and 0 i'. i. stetl to Anderson & Shearer, 60 cralt to Isaac V, ,it, 1 14 crates 75 hhds and 13 tier ces efcrtl c - nwdre to Tho. Thomley, titi crate 27 hhds and 7 tiurces eaiUienware oud 30 hides dry goods lo order, 1 hex wearing apparel to Richardson A: holton, 2 crate" t" A. Evans, 2 bbls ti I cola to master. Ship Atalanta, Rose 2!! days from Baltimore arrived at Liverpool on the 7th . , - .!.. i i. i v. I'lay , snip r.uwin uuinn, cjaruner, oi iesv - York, sailed fnr St. Petersburg on the 9th do. May 23d lat. 44, 19. lone. 22. 56. rnoke Rritish brig Mariner trom St. Tobago (or London. 25th lat. 44, 7, Ion? 33, 13, tpoke brig Temperance, 14 day trom ewnuryport lor Antwerp, ftlay 2!ith, latitude 43, longitude 43, 56, pasted the hull of a white bottomed schooner, nobody onboard. June 12th, lat 41, 43, long 63, 13, spoke tchr Cadmus, 45 dayt from Cape de Verci lhnrt, for Portswouth, N. H. 13th, Iat41, 45, long. C4, 21, spoke brig Essex, 3 dayt from Salem fur Amsterdam. 14th, lat 41, 50, lonsr 65. 40, spoke shin Fawn, 2 days from Boston for .M'Kha. 17th, soul b ward ol Aantucket. spoke ship Othello, Sne!l,t - '6 dayt from Newry for New York. 10th, southward of Mw.tauk point, spoke brie Julia, Macej',.53 days trom Gottc:t - burg, for N York. Scbr I'ncket Oscar, Allen, 7days frcm Wilmington, N. C. with rlunr, cotton, wheat, kc. to N. Rogers ti Sr.n, Shipmn ti LoH, Uroot & lloyt. Fitch, Goodwin? Co. I Bowen, Jr. II P Franklin, and Wm. II. Lippitt. Passengers, Messrs. Coffin, She idon, Waldn, Coley, Win 11 Lippitt, T U Lippitt, II Goodrich, G Goodrich, Williams, lwis, and Manning. Left sloop Little Sxrah, Child, for N Ynrk in 6 days; slorp Elizabeth, Thurnber, of NYork for Boton do. Parsed in the river, bound up, brig Union, I'oyu, of VV iscas'et, 14 days from Martinique; !uop liudton, Corey, from Port au Prince. BELOW, w a amp oeioiigmg 10 isir. t.. itioorcwood, ei ther the Kadius, irom London, or the Elizabeth, from Dublin. Also, brig Juliana, from Gottenburg, and 1 schooners. .1 URIVED LAST EVENING Ship Othello, Snell, from Liverpool, via Newry, with salt, coal and crates, to Karthaus, Rei - nicke Si Co. owners. Fish k Gnnnnll, T Wiles, and J Makin. Passengers, Alex. Mills, Esq. and daughter, and 54 in tlie steers," e. Left at Newry, May 10, ship Mirror, for N York, 1st June. Spoke, May 19, lat 46 45 Ion 22, a French brig 1 5 days out, bound to Newfoundland, fullol passenger. May 23d, lat 44 56, Ion. 30 28, brig Eliza, 15 dys from N York for Liverpool. 24th, Ion 33 55, hip. Newburyport, 19 day from Charleston, for London. June 5, lat 40 34, Ion. 69, 50, British brig Sisters, 45 dap from Dander, for Philadelphia, with passengers, all well. 16th, lat 40 16 lou7030hip Gov. Griswold, 34 days from Liverpool for NYoik. Schr Roebuck, Haskell, 15 days from St. Andrews, with plaster and grindstones, to Ward Si Bishop. Schr Leonidas, Turner, 5 days from Baltimore, with coffee. snrr. kr. tn WW T H Todd, .owner, .4 MacGregor, Jr. Hyerfc Ran - kin, G ii T Meyer, P H Schenck t Co. Gl '. P HSchenck Co. G Chance, Duracd k Bourdcl, G Rozat, J B Da - Sailed the evenuiff of the lOUi. Left, brl 1 rand ami others. Jnnalt.CapaHeiirTbM. - W. S. W. 20 ! Stewart, 15 oiilesdularit, rokebaroua Itl... C.a.av rr 1 . r a - "Vt . 1 having sprung aleak on the 13th, and was bcarl ing away for noriniK. Schr Harmony, Ferris, in SO hours from Barn - stable, with platter, to Ward St Bishop. Schr Reindeer, Crowd!, in 30 hours front Barm - table, with plaster, to ths captain. Schr Beilona, Iligins, in 9 days from St. Andrews, w ith plaster, aud 6 passengers, to Ward it Bishop. ' . Sloop Juno, Tripp, 2 day from Provident, with dry goods, Sic. lo Smith, M'Call 4 C. f & J 8 Crary, A Tappaa ii Co. P Remeen & Co. and others. " Sloop Comeli, Hemingway, 15 hour fromX Haven, with beef, 4 - c. SAVANNAH, June 10. Arrived. liipSlur. rock.M'h'owcn, Liverpool, 52 day. tMeared, brig Lydia, Nichols, Rordeaui. Cuaules row, June 12. Arrived, sch Tlan. ter, Osborn, Falmouth, Mass, 18 days. Sch Swiftsui e, Thomas. Boston, 20 days, Sch New - Orleans, Smith, N York 14 davs PHILADELPHIA, June 19. Arrivtd, Bii( - ih ship Thomas Gelston, trom Belfast, Capt. Strnchnn. Left, 14th May, brig Sailor, Riddlel of and for Philadelphia, 6 day ; ship Hesperus, Brown, for N York t brig Nymph, Smith, rf0 in a few days. Tlie ship Mirror, Gcr, from New. York, bad arrived at Newry, and was advertised nt Belfast, 11th May, to tail from Warren Point Tor New - York, first wind after the 28th. la the Thomas Gelston, came 73 putsengcrs. Ship Med lord, J. Meyer, irom Amttenfom, Left, ship Potomac, Gawn, for Batavia, to nil 5th May; ship William, Baker, from Batatiju uncertain; ship Pactolu, dodo; thip Puttertosv Green, for Batavia, to tail SUlli April; brie George, of Newbiirvpert, for Eh Pelcrthurg. 30th April ; (hip Milton, of Boston, from Rata - via, out 119 dayt, and brig Susan, of Port, uoulh, from Virginia, both lying at anchor hy Ihe southern buoy of the Hacks sand, waiting fV a wind to go into'the Texel roods. Spoke, April 21, lat 4334, 7 31, ship America, hound ta Hrv ede Grage, 3i day out; May 24, Lt40 30, long 60, brig Albert, bound to Boston, 4 days out ; May 27, lat 3J 50, loug 6i 30, briff Mary Doan, 6 d ays (rom Bath, for Fayal, all well. THEATRE. .VR. PlilTCU.IKU'S BENEFIT. ' THIS EVENING, June 20, Will be presented, the tragedy of OTHELLO. Othello, Mr. TritcWd (His first appearance in that character) Cavio, Robertsoa lago, (for that night only,) . llihoa Desilemona, Mr. Barue Between Oio play and ballet, tho Cobbler tad Goodc, by Mr. Buldwiu: Hard Time, or tU year IG'Z, by Mr. Barnes ; a song, ia the cha racter cf a yamtcc, by Mr. RobcrUou. To which will Tjc added, tho new ballet cf - DONALD OF DUNDEE. Donald, Mr. Tarktr Paltic, (with a son?,) Mrs. Parser fjy Performance to commence at half past 7 o'tlotk, precisely. On Monday, for the btntfd of .Vr. Falconer, tiie Uride of AbyJos, and Maid and Magpie. SAlpNG PARTY, ftjr The,S(cam, Beat Olive Branch will ttart for the lloott to - morrow," precisely at 1 1 o'clock. Je 20 . - . fjy - Next bcniday, ut hall past 3 o'clock to - the afternoon, il tlut weathe r it favurnblr, tlie anuiversnry of t! Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum will be crlt - braled in the Cu'diedral of St. Patrick. A Discourse will be delivered, seme those anthems arc to bo sung, and a tblltclivO. it to he made in favour cf the crpnns. ... Je 19 t - The above it postponed till t ssHu - "' Jc20 4tMWFS ' 4 iWw - YorU, June 20, 1U1U. fX7 Mr. Corlett returns liis most grateful thanks to capt. Thomas, of the brig Henry Clay, for his poiile Kttcotiuii nnd kisalnets to lvira due - ; ing the passage Iroai London to Ncw - Yoik. Je 20 It' 1 t war; uf iiCAAi. 0 r n o CSfK - fc on o cuucsuiij liem, cob ' - pital prize of $3.i,(K)0 will he drawn in the Milliard and Owrtfo Ko!d IntteTr.' Tickets will advance to :U after Monday the 22J instant';' previous to which, they ni - cv be had at ff'.IO of UE'NJ. lUITLER, . JpCrtlt 27 Wail - trct. For Frriuht ,vr lWer, The ship FOSTER, ,Vnran, master ; tons burthen ; is in complete order, and could proceed to a tonlhem port immedt ately, il required. 1 or termsj apply to the master, or Je SO ' - W. I S. CRAIG. tor'OA', The loop M.1 it Y - Ji AW, J.J. rine clear this day, and (ails first fair wind ; can take a small epiantity of freight, and accom modate 4 passengers, it immediate application it made on board, cast side llurling - slit , or to ANSON G. PHELPS, Je 20 Fron rear. H anted to Charter, . is4 A staunch vessel, of about 330 ton t , hirt - !Kiti Sa IoaiI in .TmcS t?;ri fr.r England. Apply to ' TROKES, DAVIDSON ic Co. Je 20 Iw 106 Front - slrecL For VI.WL ESTO.V, S. C. The shin HKLLE. Henrv Leslie. ,iimaster ; will sail in all next week. For freight or passage, apply on board, west. side Fly - market - wharf, or to JU.NES Si MEGRATH, je 20 "91 5outh - treefr. . 380, ditCUMOJKIt tLOUH. .. bbls superfine Richmond Hour, brand - ed irginia null", Bent crsck, tc. 30 do Cne do; 13 do middling Landing from the brig Only Sou, from Rich mond fur sale by Jo?0 WALSH & GALLAGHER. .J OHN HLFFEitNAN, 34 South - street, oflefl for tale 51 ceroons Caraceas Flora Indigo 273 halt Lnmlon market Croat tkics 5 do. small do. 1 1 skins dates 21 bhU tweet fresh tiiclUd almonds 32 ceroons hitter do. d - j. , 76 do. cummin seed, 1 do fennel do. 1 do. rarraway do. . June 20 Ira CHOFPA HUXALS. J case Choppa Uonials, sup. quality, cntiiled to drawback, received and lor sale by GEO. W. TALBOT, 65 Fine - tL Je eo Ag TOfS.JCCO. Lk. V3 hhds Kentucky tobacco, landing thi t and 50 hbds Virg'mia tobacco, in store, for sale by U. i.ilL.ICI I v Je 20 1 12 Front slieet. RUM. GIN, etc Hpum beonsJam. Rum 2 Ivhds. and i0 Imrrcls Corn Rum 25 barrels Country Gin tierce prime Rire 150 barrels prime Beef ' ; 40 half battel Mess Beef 30 barrels prime and mettPork: . 8 ca?ks Ilibbert's Brown Stout r 400 lb first quality Cloves, for sale hr ? PALMER & SA1DLLR, J. 20 3t 104 Kroot ttreet. - 4 iupvTIVo u r.f Itniuelfl and Kidderminster Carpeting and Hearth Rugs, all of suiierior quality, now landing fiota m I Jl Ikl ......v.. w - trig Henry CUj. from London, for sale by, rfcTEK KEJn&Ea w je 23 26 Souti - atxeet.

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