The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 23, 1936 · Page 17
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1936
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, APRIL 23 1930 f · It" .' c U, S, TANKS HOLD EDGE ON ITALIAN in Latest American Model Run of 1,075 Miles in 32 Hours. _ WASHINGTON, (-Pi--Neither in size, power nor armament can the high speed tanks used by Italy's flying columns in Ethiopia measure up to the American army's latest land "destroyers." This was revealed Thursday in a SEVENTEEN comparison of available data on the equipment employed by Italian forces in North Africa with the specifications of the light tank developed i by the Rock Island, III., arsenal. The latter has been adopted as the standard army machine. The latest American model, representing some improvements over others of its type, recently completed a record test run from Dallas, Tex., to Rock Island, using a Diesel engine for the first time. It covered the 1,075 miles in 32 hours. Against an average speed of 45 miles an hour attained by this machine on parts of its run, the top speed credited to Italian tanks in Ethiopia is 25 miles. The American tank is capable of a maximum speed of 00 miles. lowan Escapes From Bull; Loses Clothes JOLLEY, OP)--Although he was practically nude when he escaped from an enraged bull by tightly grasping the animal's nose. C. W. McLohn, farmer, suffered only minor injuries. The animal ripped McLohn's clothing from his body, and rolled him over and over until the farmer could crawl under a fence. Call, Governor Aspirant, Outlines Platform Here EVERY HOME OWNER Should Know About Actually THE AMAZING NEW HOUSE PAINT THAT HAS REVOLUTIONIZED PAINTING STANDARDS LOOKS LIKE ENAMEL WASHES LIKE GLASS WEARS LIKE IRON PROVED 46% BETTER BY OFFICIAL TEST T.T.O. MEANS THERMOLYZED TUNG OIL ... and Theimo- lyzed Tung Oil is the latest development in the paint industry ... a new "liquid part" for paint. Long ago. paint experts recognized the vastly superior waterproofing and preserving qualities of Chinese Tung Oil, but certain natural peculiarities permitted only a small use o[ it in their products. Even 1he finest of spar varnishes and marine enamels contained only small per-gallon quantities and Tung Oil was never used in house paint. Now. by their patented Thermolyzing {heat treating) process O'Brien chemists have modified Tung- Oil so that it offers an ideal vehicle ior varnishes and enamels, and, above all, house paintl T.T.O. Hciise Paint is one of the most improved products ever offered in the industry's history. It looks like enamel. It washe» like glass. It wears like iron. In a severe competitive test mada by (he nationally known Pittsburgh Testing laboratory T.T.O. Paint was judged 46% better than the- average of seven of the best known, best made house paints in the country. On thou- »anda of homes, in all parts of the land T.T.O. Paint is giving owners more painting satisfaction and painting economy than they aver before thought possible! BIRGE and IMPERIAL WALLPAPERS R A L P H S. S H E P H E R D 16 First St. S. E. PAINTS and WALLPAPER Opposite Chapman's Phone 1362 FREE--We will serve Hot Coffee and Ritz Crackers all Day Saturday. PRUNES,.. Large No. 10 can RAISINS, 2PoundPkg PEANUT BUTTER, Dye's, None A*f c Better, 2 Ibs ,, CLIMALENE, -| c lOc Size ·* With Purchase of 2 We PUgs. ONION SETS, Per Pound PRUNES, Medium Size, Ib. BUTTER, Creamery, Any Brand, With Order, Ib. CHICK FEEDS --We carry a large line of well known Feeds at money saving prices. Get our price before buying! GIRLS' ANKLETS, All Sizes and Colors, pair Full Fashioned HOSE, Ringless, Regular 59c Pair. Friday and Saturday Only t-| 2 Pairs J, CURTAINS, Cottage or Priscilla Style, pair Maxwell House COFFEE, Ib Special Sale of General Foods Products Saturday. Black Berries, No. 2 Can 10 ORANGES, Nice Size, doz 2 Dozen 28c PEACHES or PEARS, Sliced or Halves *f O Large No. 2 } / 2 can J.O MOTOR OIL, Cities Service, Light, Med., Heavy, 2 Gallon Can K. C. Baking- Powder, Regular -f fir 25c Size !tf L FLOUR "Our Special," Money Back Guarantee, $100 WORTH OF GROCERIES FREE Ask Our Clerks Men's and Boys' SOCKS, for Dress or Work, pair Reg. lOc a Pair 4 Pairs 29c Magic Washer -| c lOcpkg 1 With large pkgs. for 23c JELLO, Any Flavor, 6 boxes Vegetable Soup Tomato Soup Red Kidney Beans Lima Beans Sauerkraut Spaghetti Large Can Your Choice L-*VCIJL13 8 Enamel DISH PANS, 14 Quart Oft r size COFFEE, Our Famous Red Bag, Pound 3 Pounds 50c MEN'S WORK SHOES Guaranteed Good Wear Reg. $1.98 Shoe 49 MI Sizes BASEMENT SPECIAL TENNIS SHOES, for Men and Boys, Broken Lots Men's and Boys' Work SHIRTS, Blue or Gray. AH Sizes Only : AM RAIZES DEPARTMENT STORE 215 S. Federal Open Till 8:30 P. M. Store wide Specials Ritz Butter Crackers, Large Box POTATOES, ····/. Peck *"*' Necessity for Economy Is First Plank, Sioux Cityan Asesrts. George R. Call of Sioux City, republican aspirant for the governorship, was a visitor in Mason Cily Thursday. Son of George C. Call, he was bom at Algona 37 years ago but has lived in Sioux City since 1902. "My campaign," said Mr. Call, "bottoms on my deep-seated, conviction that government has become too expensive in Iowa, that taxes are too high and must be reduced if we are to have a real prosperity." Mr. Call, who has been active in the American Legion, made it clear that he was not seeking office at the instance of any group or any individual. It Was His O\vn Idea. "It was my own idea," he declared. "In my own personal business 1 have been severely affected by the mounting taxation. I know thousands of my neighbors have. I believe ^ something- can be done about it an ' I'm willing to make the attemp I'm not knpcking any other republi can candidate." In discussing his platform th Sioux City man, president of th Call Bond and Mortgage compan founded by his father, urged tha agriculture be placed on a parit with industry, advocated putting li quor under the control of a nor partisan commission, declared hi opposition to sales taxes except a a definite off-set to property taxes called for a drastic reduction of ve hide and gasoline taxes, expresse favor for a "sensible social securit law" and denounced "this phantom super-government which has it claws upon the throat of some of th officials of our state government. GEORGE R. CALL 20' Phone -134 Against Reckless Spending. "I do not approve of the presen trend of reckless expenditures b either the state or national govern ment, so greatly in excess of reve nues," he declared. "The expends tures of th state of Iowa must b cut to conform to the capacity o citizens to pay without confiscatior of property or destruction of in itiative. "Agriculture, nationally, must b placed on a parity with industry A tariff that protects industrj should also protect the farmer. Pro duction should nor. be restricted t the point where it becomes neces sary to import corn and beef ti meet the domestic demands. "I do not approve of the elimina tion of any property from a tai for the advantage of a favored few All forms of property, includin; houses, farms and city propert; must be equally saved from tax con fiscation by adequate statutory an constitutional protection. Local Option for Liquor. "I believe that intoxicating' Jig uors should be taken out of politic and controlled by a non-partisan commission, subject to the wish o: the people in the different commun. ities of the state. "I do not approve of any tax which has for its purposes the confiscation of any business. Those businesses which enjoy a special economic advantage, should be compelled to pay only a reasonable tax for that advantage. "I think the vehicle and gas taxes should be reduced. The high vehicle and gasoline taxes are restricting the normal, use of om highways. I do not think it is right to divert these taxes to ther than road improvements. The state should curtail unnecessary and extravagant improvements and center more of our attention to the secondary or farm to market roads. "I am in favor of a sensible old age pension or social security law for Iowa. Against "Supergovcrnntent." "And, lastly, I believe it is the function of government to protect all lives, property and the well being of its citizens. It must not invade or dominate private business. We must insist on honesty and integrity in our state 'government. "We must not stand by and see our state employes threatened by political hangerson, and paying toll for fear they will lose their jobs. "We must not see people who are in dire need of help compelled to sell their 'rights of franchise' before they are helped by being- put on relief projects. "This phantom, supergovernment, that has its claws upon the throat of some of the officials of our state government, and which is taking its toll from the distressed and needy, must be torn down by the people of Iowa. "It is time to clean house." Operates T\vo Farms, The Sioux Cityan is an operator of two farms, director of the Terminal Grain corporation, past presi- rent of the Sioux City Real Estate board, member of the Greater Sioux City committee, director of the Missouri River Navigation association and director of the Iowa Association of Real Estate boards. Mr. Call was commander of Monahan post of the American Legion in 1935. Before enlisting in the United States army for the World war, Mr. Call attended Morningside college in Sioux City and the University of Chicago. He was discharged from the army after being commissioned a second lieutenant in the signal corps. Crane Meets Death on High Tension Wire CRESTON, (.T)--A crane with a wingsprcad of more than six feet, met a violent death as it apparently flew through t h e dark into a high tension wire near here. SOCIETY Father and Son Banquet Given atl.O.O.RHall Three hundred fifty attended the program Wednesday night in the I. O. 0. F. lodge hall, sponsored by Mason City lodge No. 224, I. O. 0. F. following the father and son banquet in the dining room, served by Miss Nina Wheeler, assisted by other members of Queen Rebekah. lodge. Mrs. Roy A. Washburn had charge of the dining room and was assisted by Mesdames Wayman Closson, U. W. Davis, Earl Leaman, R. E. Kolwinska. G. G. Weida, Charles E. Cormvell. H. P. Quenrud. O. F. Repp. W. M. Huffman. J. C Robinson, 0 C. Gundlach. C. W. Seidel, Ted Lcaman, A. L. Ready, George Hubacher. Miss Dorathca Dicrcks and Miss Rena Lennan. The program with Charles R. Crumb presiding, opened with the audiences singing "America" and "The Iowa Corn Song" with Mrs. A. L. Ready at the piano. Numbers given by residents of the I. 0. 0. F. home included music by a trio by Miss Lorraine Edwards, Miss Lenora Masoline and Miss Dorothy Rose; cowboy songs by Frank Tibbitts, Hubert Duncan, Willis Custer, accompanied by David Bruce on the guitar and a reading by Willis Custer. Charles A. Knouse. Boy Scout executive, introduced Bud Lloyd Jones, Lewis Cummings, Edward Duke and Charles A. Knouse, Jr., who made fire by friction and by flint and steel; demonstrated cooking, first aid, and spoke about different programs of scouting. This was done as if on a hike and around a camp fire. Roy A. Washburn, chairman of arrangements for banquet and pro~ram, announced the names of busi- I SEE A BOWL OF WHEAT KRISPIES AND THEY STAY CRISP!" PUT Kellogg's Wheat Kris- pies in a bowl and add rnilk or cream. They actually hold on to their crunchy crispness --right down to the last flake. Thai's what blending does. Kellogg has found a way to blend the crisp goodness of rice with the tasty nourishment of whole wheat. Try Wheal Krispies. Buy a large, economical package from your grocer. Enjoy them often. Made hy Kellogg in Battle Creek. ness firms who donated supplies and decorations for the banquet and expressed thanks to them. The other members of the committee were George Girton and Jacob Ravcnstad. The program closed with an address by the Rev. Clarence E. Flynn, D. D. pastor of the First M. E. church, in which he depicted the boyhood of a number of men who had made a success of life. Centerville Teachers Given Salary Raise CENTERVILLE, (rt'l--Contracts tendered to local teachers Thursday contained salary increases of approximately 5 per cent it was revealed by Supt. E. W. Fannon. The salaries are now at approximately 70 per cer.t of the 1930 level. Contest Is Planned in Coon Rapids Election COON KAPIDS, (A")--Charging that unqualified persons were permitted to ballot in the recent municipal election, Paul 0. Alex, defeated mayoralty candidate and C. E. Coder, sixth man in the aldermanic race, have filed notices of their intention to contest the election. So- I up and told her That wife of mine is a swell person, but she's done nothing but experiment with cofiee for the last six months. She's fussed with this and she's fussed with that. I've seen her experiment with half a dozen different ways of measuring the coffee and water. She's tried all systems of making her coffee. She's hopped around from one brand to another. And we haven't gotten anywhere. So, last night, I up and told her: Let's get back to Hills Bros. Coffee--and stick with it. I don't know what it's got. They talk about Controlled Roasting, and ground right to taste right, and vacuum- packing--and a lot of other reasons why it'sbetter.Anyhow.Iknow we get a lot more pleasure out of drinking coffee when we use Hills Bros. SWING INTO HEALTH Vitamin D Bread wilt help them build strong bones, sound teeth, and healthy bodies. Ever tried Vitamin D Bread? If so, you know how good it tastes . . . know the familiar smooth texture . . . the soft freshness . . . the appetite-stimulating effect it always has. You don't have to read this ad! But to people who haven't yet tried Vitamin D we say: All this is true! Vitamin D does taste better . . . looks more inviting . . . makes you feel better! But what isn't quite so apparent is that Vitamin D is better for you! Richer in necessary vitamins ... because it's made of selected products!. VITAMIN D IS BETTER BREAD

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