The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 13, 1937 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 13, 1937
Page 14
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FOURTEEN -5 1 "· 1 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 13 · 1937 LIVESTOCK MARTS CALLED STEADY NOMINAL PEAK ON HOGS $10,35 Swine Pi-ices Show 10 to 15 Cent Loss for Week;" Cattle Higher. CHICAGO, (IP)--Livestock markets were nominally steady Saturday in the absence of business in most branches of the trade. The . few hogs brought §10 to $10.25 but the nominal peak was 510.35. Traders had · to look beyond supply figures for an explanation of the irregular movement of livestock prices during the week. Hogs lost 10 to 15 cents, With me- · dium kinds dropping as much as 25 cents in instances while toppy grades were off only 5 cents. At the same time, cattle advanced, considering the plain quality, with .some gains ranging up to 25 cents. Fat: lambs gained 50 to 75 cents, soaring to new nine months peaks arid to the · highest levels for March in eight years. ·Receipts of cattle were slightly larger than the previous week but .the swine arid lamb runs were lower, i . - The week's top .in cattle was $15, a 14 months peak. All grades of cattle except common and medium grade lights showed the full 25 cent advance but on a comparative basis there were few animals available to sell above $13.50. The week's lamb top was made at the close, being $12.65. Local Livestock MASON CITY--For Saturday. IIOGS Five cents higher. Good light lights ... 140-150 $ 7.45-7.75 Good light lights ... 150-1CO S 7.95- 3.15 Good lights .... . 160-170 S 8.IJ5- 8.95 Good lights ......... 170-100 S 0.10- 9.40 Good light * butchers 180-200 S 9.40-9.70 Good light butchers 200-220 s 0.00- 0.90 Good 'me. wl. butch. 220-250 S O.GO- 0.30 Good me. wt. butch. 250-270 S O.GO- 9,90 Good me. wl. butch. 270-290 5 O.GO- 0.30 Good heavy-butchers 230-325 S 9.50- 9.80 Good heavy butchers 325-350 S 9.40- 3.70 Good heavy butchers 350-100 S 9.25- 9.55 Good p,»cking sows . 275-350 S S.Ia- 3.45 Good heavy sows ... 350-425 s a.93- 9.25 Good big heavy sows 425-500 S 8.15- 9.05 Good big heavy sows 500-550 S 8.55- 8.Ca tThc above is a 10:30 truck bog market for good and choice hogs. The difference in price is for short . a n d long haul hogs.) CRUDE RUBBER PRICES AND CONSUMPTION THOUSANDS OF LONG TONS 6 60 IN UNITED STATES *»«'»TM'.*TM "EPBESENT AVERAOES Of OAU CENTS PER POUND 26 SOr- 1 45 --' '29 "BWorisir 1936- I F U A U J J A S O H O -1937- Hog Markets . , CATTLE : Choice to prime steers ..... Good -to choice steers ..... Fair to good steers ........ Low grade steers .......... Choice to prime yearlings .. Good;lo choice yearlings-... Fair to good ycarlinss .... Common to fair yearlings .. Good to choice heifers ..... "Fair to good heifers ..... . .. Common to fair heifers ---Choice to prime cows ..... Good to choice cows ...... ·Fair to j-ood cows ....... ... Fair to good cutters ....... ·Common to fair cutters .... Fair to good · canncrs ...... Common to fair canners .... ;Good to choice bulls ....... 'Light bulls .... ............. · Calves, gd. to choice 130-190 Calves, mod. to good 130-170 ' Calves, infer. to gd. 130-1DO LAMBS .Lambs, gd. to choice 70-90 S 7.75-11.00 Lambs, mcd. to good 70-90 58.75-0.75 Lambs, Cr., to medium 70-90 S 5.75- 8.75 ' . $10.00-11.50 . S 8.00-10.00 58.00-8.00 S 4.00- G.OO S 9.00-10.00 S 7.00- U.OO 'S 5.00- 7.00 s 4.00- 5.00 S 7.00- 9.00 S 5.00- 7.00 S 3.50- 5.00 S 5.00- G.OO S 4.50- 5.00 S 3.50- 4.25 S 3,50- 4.00 S 3.00- 3.50 S 2.75- 3.00 S'2.50-,2.75 S 4.50-5.50 S4.00 S 0.00- 7.00 S 3.50- G.QO 9 3.50 d'wn JIIDWEST IIOGS Hog prices at mjdwest markets Sa't- rday-- WATERLOO--Hogs 5 cents ' h i g h e r . _ood to choice 140-150 Ibs. S7.GOrti7 9050-ICO Ibs, 58.IOfi8.40; 160-lTO Ibs. S8.70® ; 170-180 Ibs. 59.25ffi9.55; 180-200 Ibs. $3.55 !'3.8o: 200-290 Ibs. $0.65(89.95; 290-325 Ibs 9.5580.83: '325-350 Ibs. S9.45eo.75; pack- ng sows 275-350. Ibs. S9.13IS.3.45; 350-425 bs. S9(S9.30; 423-550 Ibs. $8.8539.15 CEDAH RAPIDS--Good hoes 140-150 bs. S7.60ijJ7.00: 150-100 Ibs. SB.1088.40; GO-170 Ibs. 58.Boaa.90; 170-180 Ibs. S3 20 riO.SO; 1B0.200 Ibs. SD.S5E3.U5; 200-325 Ibs. 3.C=S9.9a; 325-350 Ibs. S9.5offi9.80; eood ackers 275-350 Ibs. S9.20S9.50; 350-425 bs. S8.95ffi9.25: 425-500 Ibs. S8.60S910- 00-550 Ibs. $8.65(28 85 ' OTTUMWA--Hogs unchanged. AUSiT*N--Hogs: Steady; good to choice SO to 200 Ib?. S9.55ffiO.85; 200 to 290 Ibs. 59.70M:10; 230 to 325 Ibs. SO.60ST9.aO- 325 , ., Lambs, common. . - . S 5.75 d'wn Lambs, common. ..... . ...... S . wn Yearlings. Bd. lo civ. 70-30 S =.00- 6.UO Yearlings, medium to good S 4.00- 5.00 'Yearlings, fair to medium 5 3.00- 4.00 Yearlings, culls ............ $2.00-2.50 Native ewes, g l o d to clioico S 2.00- 4.00 Culls, ewes ................. S 1.00- 1.50 Bucks ................ . ..... . S 1.00- 2.00 .Wethers. 2 year olds ........ S 5.00- 0.00 ; Wethers, old .. .............. S 3.00- 5.00 · Buck lambs 'SI lows. Mo doclE on Iambs. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (Saturday Market) - CHICAGO, tPj--U. S. department of agriculture-- '. · HOGS 4,500, Including 4.000 direct; market nominally steady; tew odd lots 'coed 210-280 Ibs. sioifiio.25; shippers took 100; estimated holdover 500; compared a vvcck ago most good and choice hogs 10 to 15 cents lower, medium kinds 10 *to 25 cents' lower,' top 5 cents lower; sows 10 to 15-cents lower. . CATTLE 200, calves 100; compared -Friday last week: Fed steers and year- }m{js strong to, 25 cenls higher; all c.v- ' c c p t ' common find medium grade light ·kinds showed full advance; largely steer run;-killing quality -very plain; .general Tnarkot at new high on crop, quality considered; extreme top SI5; next highest price S14.90; very llltlo above $13.50, best .yearlings $13.90; bulk steer crop sa.Sfl'a .12.50; all she stock firm to 25 cents .higher; both cutlery cows and common -and medium grade, heifers very nctivc; ·good to choice kinds also in active demand on shipper account; bulls firm; and vcalcrs 75 cents to SI hisher. weighty sausage bulls closing at $5.50(^6.65; selected vcalers $10, light kinds turning at COMBINED HOC RECEIPTS. .. DES MOINES. Ml--Combined hog receipts at 22 concentration yards ana S packing · plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. m. Saturday Were 65,700 compared wilii 10,700 a week ago and 24,500 a year ago. Fully sieady to 5c higher t h a n Friday's close, trade undertone strong; week-end loading indicated little changed from 23 500 a week ago. Light lights ,140 to 1GO Ib. good a n d cho.ce $3,057a.Q5; light wciglits 160 to 180 ID. good and choice $9^70.70; 180 to 200 Ib. good and choice $8.65jf 10: medium "-'-'·'- 2?0 io 220 _lb. good and choice 220 to 250 Ib, good and choice ,,..,,..,,, heavy weights 250 to 230 Ib good and choice $S.80Ji 10.15; 290 to 350 Ib. good and choice $3.70«10,0o- packing SOWS 275 to 350 Ib. good 59.30^9.60; 250 to 42= Ib. S9,l;,{J9.5o; 425 to 550 ]b. $895 WHEAT PRICES KEEP DROPPING Chicago Market Influenced by Moisture Predictions for Southwest. CHICAGO, (A)_Influenced by predictions of additional moisture over the week-end in domestic dry areas, wheat receded anew late. Saturday, and went under early bottom quotations. Downturns of wheat prices were in the face of prospects 01 smaller world shipments. This was expected to result in some reduction of stocks of wheat afloat for importing countries. . Con E(1 At the close, wheat was %-l% Icon on lower, compared with Friday'^ ~ " finish, May $1.341/4-%, July $1.17%-1.IB, corn %-!% up, May $1.08%-%, July S1.04%-Vi, oats Vft-"Ss off, and provisions unchanged to 12 cents up. Stock List StcK Rob Mid Cont Pet 34% NEW YORK STOCKS. {Saturday Final Quotations) - llj- The Associated Press Al Cll ic Dye 249 Am Can ' HMi Am Sm Be lOZ'.i Am Sugar Kef 49^ A T T 174Vi Am Tob B S4 Am Wot Wks i4"i Anaconda 67 A T S F 84 Aviation Corp 13 3 ,! 15 ii 22 Vi 31 Bait t Ohio 3G',i Banisdall 32V Bendix Aviat 20^ Beth Stl 101V 4 Bordetx 2.1V-2 Borg-Warner 82 Can D G Ale 35 Canad Pac 16 Case 158 Chi 4c N W S'i C M St P P E'.; C H I p 3t Chrysler 120 Col G El IfPi Com Sou Con Edison Montg Ward Nash Kelv Nat Biscuit Nat Cash R 3711 Nat Dairy Pr 25a Nat Distill 32'.; Nat Pow L Lt 11^ a N Y Central 5t',i Northern Pae 34V» Oliver Farm 64 Packard Mot ml Param Pict 3 40 '.: 102% 57 lit. 3.1V. 10 sa t 15 '.' 4,'!',i SHEEP 1,000, none direct; for week ending Friday 3,GOO directs; compared Friday, last week: Fat lamb supply nearly 75. per' cent from Colorado, and Ne- ·braska; very few clipped' lambs or fat ewes offered; fat lambs 50 to 75 cents 'liigher, spots showing more advance: fat ·sheep around 50 cenls higher, - tops for week made on closing session; best wool- skins 512.65, with late bulk 512.25(312.50, very few under $12,' throwouts closing .mostly $10.50 upward, but very scarce; , week's bulk wooled lambs Sll.';5'(Jl2.a5; -freshly shorn week's opening S9.75. sum- mrr shorn' late Sllrfill.SO; best fat ewes ·closine S7.50, week's bulk S6«j7, supply ·very limited; no shearing lambs sold. ·' · INo representative sales.) '', SIOUX CITi' LIVESTOCK i ( S a t u r d a y market) , StOUX CITY, (/P--U. S. department of agncultxire-- - · - CATTLE .100; market for tiie week: ·Beef steers and yearlings 25Q50c higher; '?t she stock fully"25c up; some cows SaeaOc higher; stackers and feeders firm; choice heavy beeves $13; load lots good long yearlings SI0.25; some held to Stl 40- .liberal quota short feds'$7.25®0.50; car lots medium · to good heifers , 900 Ibs r-°iT_? B ® 0 - 25 ' lc *v $10; bulk bee/ cows SofflS.,5; few. S7ffl7.50; cutter grades ·S3.1sR4.25; load lots fleshy 900 to 1000 _lb. stec-rs on - feeder account S3s?94o- ,choice stockcrs 58.65; few choice steer ..calves $8!f8.50; heifer calves up to sa . HOGS 300; mostly steady: practical lop .510; small package to city butchers $10.10; -most : good . a n d choice 130 to 2GO ]b' ·butchers. S3.83{elO; few 1(M lo 100 Ib' $9.359*9.75; odd head sows $0.50. SHEEP, none; today's trade nominally steady; choice fed wooled lambs quoted .to SI2.35; for the week: Ijimbs mostly .51 higher; ewes 50S75c up; week's lamb top $12,35; few reached season's high; JaM buH- fed Wdoled S1I.B5WI2.35; cotri _ mon to choice ewes late $4.25^7.25; few choice 70 Ib. feeder Iambs $10.25; plnin lielit weights S9. , ·V. SOUTH'ST.VPAUL LIVESTOCK ? (Saturday Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL, ffi-U. S. depart- mcni of agriculture-- · CATTLE DOO; compared with Friday of last week slaughter steers strong to unevenly higher; upper grades 25H4CJC u p she stock steady to 25c higher; bulls steady; stackers and feeders steady to lac higher; top fed steers SI4.35 for Prime 1,447 Ibs.: bulk medium and good S8?M2; good fed heifers $3.508 10; Sulk plain and medium 5680.23; medium and good beef cows $3.75^,7 mainly; choice lots $73.0fi8; plDin butchers down to S3 Si 1 -,,!? 151 Iow cutters and cutters ranged SS.oOS'c?.!; C00 d lo choice slocker or feeder steers $7©8.25: few selections morej common and medium stockers So '/}5.75. Calves 300; 50SS1 higher for Week; good and choice $7tg9; few ev- Ircmcs 50.50. TM HOGS-700; steady to oc or more lower than Friday; 200 to 300 Ibs. mostly S10' top $10,05 sparingly; ICO to 200 Ibs. largely _$9.7D«i'10: few 120 to 140 Ibs. $8.505} !J.2a: packing sows strong; good sows 59.00 down; average cost Friday $997- weight 213 Ifas. * ' SHEEP 500; compared with Friday last week: Slaughter lambs largely $1 lii fi her; ewes 7oc-$l higher: Friday's bulks: Good to choice lambs $31.755? 12,23; common and .medium SDSfll;. cood to choice ewes 5Gifi7.50; common and medium $4^ 5.50: good to choice GO to 75 lus. feeding lambs this week $9.50ei0.25; 86 Ib. shearing lambs $10.65. CHICAGO CASH ,,.. (Saturday JUrket) CHICAGO, m--Cash wheat. No. 3 mixed S1.37 1 /*. $1.0agi.O?S; 3 No X;d 3 ?I yelIow 0 ' slTlSj 5 . ii N °' * y . c! ! ow 51-08V4ai.llii; N o . $1.14U; No. 4 white Sl'.ll'.ii ' C Soyneans, No. 2 yellow S1.56Vi. ·· No ryi. - , - ^ - , . Barley, feed T3H87C nom.;" malting SI ii.,13 nom. ' Clover seed 528rga3 cwt Mason City Groin MASON CITY--For Saturday No. 3 yellow shelled com .. si Oi No. 4 yellow shelled corn Earn corn . White oats, No. 3 . q H r . Barley . . . c n n ^ Soybeans, No. 2 yeiio'w ' " SATURDAY GRAIN .CLOSE CHICAGO, W)_ 01 Vi 44 li Con Can Cont Oil Del Corn Prod . _ . ,, Curliss Wright 7'A Deere Co 131 D're Co pf 30Ts DuPont de N 170 Gen Elec 59!s Gen Foods 42V, Gen Mot G3=k Gillette IB Good'r T R 4G Hudson Mot 20?B Illinois Cent 35=1, Int Harvest 107',: Int Nick Can 71'A I T T 14 i'e Johns-Manv 143 KresgD 2G'/» Lib O F Gl 71 Penney Penn R R Phillips Fct Radio Key Tob B Sears Koeb Shell Vnion Soc Vacuum Sou Pac Std Brands Std Oil Col Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J 7.1?! Stewart Warn 20 Studcbaker 18% Swift Co 27V. Texas Corp 57Ti Tex Gulf Sul 39=i Timk Roll B COW "Un Carbide loa 1 ,^ Un Pac 144V, Unit Air Corp 3271 United Corp BVa Unit Drug loii U S Ind Alco 33'.i U S Rubber CG U S Steel 1221', Warner Pict 15H West Un Tel West El M Woolworth 75 147^1 53 Vi CHICAGO STOCKS. · (Saturday Final Quotations) Cities Service 4V'e| Quaker Oats 119 Heilmnnn Bre 10 ]Rath Packing 3d Katz Bnig 15V Kellogg Switch 11 Swift Sc Co Swirt Intl Midwest Corp 12»'«lUtility ic Ind Natl .Leather Hi] Zenith Northwest Ban la^al Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO., Mason City Otfice In Bagley-Beck Bldg. Tclcphono No. 7. WHEAT-May .. July . . . Sept CORN-May new u . v-.i^v-Jujv, (H .J_ HlBll .Low , Close O M A H A LIVESTOCK ( S a t u r d a y M a r k e t ) · OMAHA, c/Tj--U. S. department of agriculture-- CATTLE 250. calves 50; for Hie week: Steers and yearlings 25 to 50 cents higher, spots 15 cents up; heifers and cows mostly 25 cents hiohor. spots 50 cents up: bulb strong to 25 cents liigher; c.-ilves and vcalers strong to 50 cents up; stockers and feeders mostly 25 cents higher !°o p ,, S M' 75 on lwo loads p r l m c l -- RS 'o 1.243 Ibs. long fed steers, new season high; two loads prime 1,307 !bs. and 1.404 Ibs. S14.70 and 514.60 respectively; good and choice SI1«13. few $13.25SJ137s" rank and file $8T ( 10.75. common and m e d i u m SG.50lfl3.75; B0 od and choice heifers $8.50iJ10.25. few prime to SI1 75 common and medium S5.25ffiB.50; common and medium cows $5riiG.25 good arid choice $G.50fjS. cutters SU.505I5; vcalcrs I 3°' SC Jf cls lo S9 ' 50: blllk *'«« S6@ a.aO; medium bulls $5.25(R6.10; cood beof "(-- to $6.50; bulk slockers and feeders 0, few $9. lad fleshy 1,070 Ibs. with heifers S6.25«i7. 2.000. including direct- Dead Animals OF ALL KINDS REMOVED Mason City Rendering Co. May .old July new July old Sept OATS-May .. . July Sept SOYBEANS--' Slay . . July ..'."" RYE-May July ' Sept '. BARLEY--May LARD-Mar. ., 1.33 .. 1.18 .. 1.16 .. 1.0814 .. 1.0414 . 1.17V 1.151 1.07»: 1.341! 1.17T' .OSTi . 1.00 V Sept BELLIES-May July 13.20 13.45 l.OSVi .035, .0214 12. B2 13.0.1 13.27 1.5314 1.50 'A 1.0711 1,00 .79' 12.70 12.90 13. IS 13.35 16.85 17,00 MINNEAPOLIS G R A I N ( S a t u r d a y Market) w scarce; 0 ^ age cost Friday 55.85. weight 228 com- wrlsons for Ihe week, slaughter clSscs !.?piV^ n ^ h ^ ncr; nlas unehanpcd. SI EEP 1.000: bulk through and direct: for the week: La m b s mostly $1 higher^ KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK. (Saturday Market) IIOGS 100; m a r k e t nominally stcadv so» ? h vcch ;- ! L cd slearB '· 10 ° its- UP 25: Me higher; light weights nnd ycarlhvgs «^£ P ', C f c r s a " d mixc1 yrarlioM steady to strong: cows, steady lo £/· hiBher; vealcrs 50e higher; 3 ockers o'nd" S^r/r- ^TM££ i m ^Ln?S^^-^-^ 12. fall shorn p.SOffilO; few spring Iambs S ?;?'..TM a iU?" ^"Ghler cwcs down- f^^ftFSszssz |r d lL ^^^\^ dam ' b -' a "dur±: JjV, 1 ^*" 11 * ""·».««-SS; Oals, No. 3' \vhHc 46';ig4T?;c. KAKSAS CITY GRAIV, ( S a t u r d a y Market) I ' ^ t 1 AS 1 CITY r·Wl-Whcatr 53 cars; ail'v l?£ C ., J ?Y e £., N °- 2 dark llard no "^ : ally $l.30'/fll,385£: No. 3, $1.2?tt No · Hard nominally S1.3(HA©1.38^ No 3 nominally 51.26y^ 1 .35y J ; No. 2 red nominally ^I.34'A«"1.3B; No. 3 nominaffy « all next week; 80,000. . 2 mixed nominally $1.213 J TO- nominally si.i9i4fM.2fl4. ""»-'· Oats: 7 cars; '/«c to IA C | ower white .y=0^5a*e : N.?, OJJAI1A CHAIN. (Silunlay Market) ' 1 V WlCal: D '" k h a r d No : No - *· ' 1 2 : hari1 No. ' 1 , 1 * 1 - ' *'·:»%: NO. 3. SI. . , p l e northern sprins $1.20. Corn: Yellow No. 1, SUE). w o 3 5, 1 'tf\ n P"-*- ?I-IS'AWU7°A; whHe 5 No , $1.19',i: No. A, $1.18'4; No. S, Sl.H Oats: White No. 1, 55!ic; No. 3. SS'A 3 ' 53c; No. 3, , . . c; No. 4, 47c. MINNEAPOLIS Fr.oure MINNEAPOLIS, 'W-^four, . carloa( i lots, per barrel in ng pound cotton sucks- Patents, 10 cenU lower, S7.«4' * patcnts ' 5 ccnl3 Iowcr - . Shipments IQJ34. Pure hntn 5.13. Standard middlings ?3JQ.34.50. B O W J O N E S A V E R A G E S Iiuls. Kails U U I f f . Close 190.C2 62.05 S2.7 Total Sales ,, . . l 130 000 CHICAGO STOCKS 17 Butler Bros Cord Corp NEW Am Gas : El Se^i Am Cyan B 31»i Am Sxi Po Co 2/4 AtJc Na Cns A l l l k Can Ind Alk fi^a Cnn Marconi 2 Dist Cp Seas 2?'/ B El Bd .Sh Marsli'l Fields 23 rWiilgrccn Co 33 it cuitn Ford M of Eng7'/i Hi Walk Co 47Vfe Hud B M S 37A Niat! Hu Fow 13V« Fcnnroad Corp 55'a Un Gas Co 12Vi TJn Li PQ Co 8% Utll P U Co Alaska Jim 15 Am : For Po 12 Am Cr Sii Co irt-?i Am C F Co G7'A Am Pow Li 127« Am Roll Mills 42Va Amcr Tob Co 04 Armour Co J2'4 Arm fie Co pf QlB^ At! Rcf 35'A Baldwin L.OCO 19','* " 'KKsftltG Co SO'.i Bcndi«c 2G3* Butttl Mfg Co 12=3i Bycrs A M Co 30^4 Cat Tractor 07V* Ccr do P.-iHco" fllii Ches t Ohio G-l^i Chi Gl W pfd J(m CMStPP pfd ii!£t Coca Cola Co 152^ Com Solvents IB?« Cont Motor 3!'« Cud ally Pack 40^ Curt-\Vr Co A 31^ Dist Cp Scaff 27',B Douglas Airc fi5 Eastman HJG',i Eaton Mfjr Co 34!i El Auto Lite 42,4 El Pow i Li 23!i Erie Jl n Co 2Ui Fire T : Hll SOla Foster-Wheel 44',i r rceport Tex 28 Gen Am Tran 7,1 Gliddcn Co 47f* Gobel Eir a Jold Dust 14'Xi Graham Pafge 33i Gl Nor pfd 53 lahn De Stor 201·« Houston Oil IS^li NEW YORK STOCKS Hudson Motor 20=i Hupp Motors 2Va lull Carriers C'% Indust Rayon. 37!n Kelvinator Co Z2\'» Lambert Co 2Hi Liquid Cb Cp 5l!i Mack Truck 59/« Mathicson Al 39i McLctlon Sirs 17 Minn, Mol Im 13 4 M K T D Mo Pac 4^i Mot Products ;i^Ta No Amcr 28 No Amcr Avl 111 Otis Steel CO 22% Packard Mot llVa Park U f n h Cop fi=!i Plymouth 23^ Proc : Gam GO'/i Pub S Ol N J 43 1 /* Pullman f?fi?i Pure Oil Co 21% Purity Bakery 21U R K O (1% Rem Rarid 2RV · Hco Motors 3','* Simmons Co 5Wn So Cal Edison 27'; S perry Corp 2\ 3 .\ St G Sc E ]2 Tide W A Oil 20Ti U S Ind AIcll 39,k U S Smelter 99= a tllll P H A 3',5 Vanadium Wi*' s Un Gas A: Im 14',£ Western Un 15 Worth Pump 43 Yellow TnicTc 3-P/i Youngs S T 9G'/* PUT DAMPER ON STOCK MARKET Selling in Steels, Motoi Pushes Many Issues Backward. NEW YORK, (fl 1 )--Selling i steels arid motors put a damper 01 a stock market rally Saturday am many issues fell back fractions t 2 or more points. Although brokers said there wa nothing outstanding in the new to promote liquidation, it wa thought, in view of the week-enc trading forces were inclined t cash in profits rather than extem commitments. Extreme decline were reduced in some instances ii the final few minutes. Except for a lively opening, anc a moderate pickup near the close dealings were on the quiet side Transfers were around the 1,000,000-share mark. Sprrie Specialties Gain. Notwithstanding the lower drif of the list as' a whole, a number of specialties managed to run counter to the trend for substantial gains. The thought apparently was again present in the minds o: speculative .and investment forces that the administration, concernec over the recent boom in raw materials, might take steps to stem an undue inflationary movement m slocks and staples. Offerings of U.. S. government securities, heaviest since 1020 in yesterday's session, dried up appreciably and support appeared for other bonds. Commodities were uneven. U. S. Sfcel Loser. Among principal share losers most of the time were U. S. Steel Bethlehem, N a t i o n a l S t e e l " Youngstown Sheet Tube, Sloss- Shefficld, General Motors, Chrysler, Electric Auto-Lite, General Electric, Anaconda, American bmelting, Kennecott, St. Joseph Lead, Westinghouse, duPont, Allied Chemical, Southern Pacific Goodyear, Goodrich, Fajardo Sugar and Johns-Manville. In the resistant area were American Telephone, North American, Montgomery Ward, Sears Roebuck, Oliver Farm, Boeing Santa Fe, National Distillers, Erie Delaware Hudson, Cerro de Pasco, Canada Dy, McKesson Robbms and Air Reduction. Curb Market jSJpe^"---^^ S?v-nrt S ?,', urtla y- The SMcral list was SS S io"'? otaC E rtllta 1Cad " s «»«" rac- · ,rf lu TM,*f; un ? stons were, helped by re- rM AlirnT aSfnE dcnian ' J fo " lhe »»««- nni. Aluminum company of Amcrim Pn± d " P ' m eaHy lr " dins - while AU,m- ^Tarp'Tar^TM "" =' *"° Wi TM E Advances ranged from l to I'.*, t, Cooper-Bossmer, N jersey Zinc Pa n' T ,'h' S , PCdal ' and Scl °" Leather pS/5A tam 'SaS d 5 y .'SS! ld ^ u ^ TMnf S Un'iS'g;/'TM S -TM« S . ^Bond Market Hides Qtrotallona Far n (shed by Waff Btos« ic_ SOB Fifth Street Soatbneit. f l O R S E i r i P E S hldes S4 25 BEEF HIDES Up to 2.1 Ibs, ,., 5 ]bs. np Bull 9 C ·Cured hides half cent more n pound (On Above prices a ccnl and n half higher to wholesale drillers in wholesale 015.) WOOI, M A R K E T (Saturday Market) BOSTON, (av-U. S. 'department ol griculluic-- Sales volumno In spot domestic wools vas small in the Boston market (luring ho past week. Buyer Interest Increased little toward the end of the period nnd He ecneral tone of the market improved. Ohio and similar fleece wools were uoled at 44-46 cents In the drMse for »e Delaine nnd at 47-18 cents for 14- lootl combine. Medium grades of Ohio ·ools were 47-40 cenls. nominal, in the rcasc for 11-hlood combine and 46-48 cents for li-blood combing fleeces. pervndcd the bond 'nwr°liTt Ba Snt'urda5 Il! as government Joans bobbed liohtlv w i t h i n Sm Tr"d f eS's CI !r £I ' rld ?,r 5 '°TM" cd «'«" Traders said no selling pressure was evident In !h= federal list, attributing Ihe absence of offerings to r u m o r s o?|? cial support would bo Given long term fTM P .I"" """"ntectl aitcncy 00116^- tions In the event substantial fresh sun Pl£s were thrown on the market. P Quiet n Iso prevailed elsewhere In the st with speculative and low priced r^, cd «' n ff; ta « te and /orlh in narrow ranees. Hlsh crndo corporates save Ihe first s, B ns of resistance In man? days particularly the American Telephone 3V,s and Pacific Gas 3^3 each of which °' n TM a . major fraction. Pe 4s "flttlo' '"'' howcvcr ' tacked down Secondary domestic Corporale loans showed little disposition to move importantly, althounh widest swings were °"* i c ;"'- slllc - Erie 5s, Walworth 4s and Southern Railway 4s gained minor fractions to (4 point or so. Missouri Pa- cifU; Ss "F." however, ran Into some pressure and lost a major fraction Ken- York, Susqitellnnna Western ·h?m M Ss r S lctcd sharply on the possibility Ihe Erie, which operates the road, micht ask (or rcorcanlzation of the property if holders refused to deposit their bonds, under the proposed extension plan. Foreign bonds were very quiet and narrow, ^bome support was noted for South American Issues, particularly those ot Brazil and Colombia. AVERILLGETS HIS CONTRACT Indian Clouter Ends Long "Sit Down" Strike by Signing for Bonus. CLEVELAND, (.'P)--A choice between a 516,000 salary or a $15,000 contract with a $2,000 bonua clause ended Saturday a determined "sitdown" by Earl Averill, the Cleveland outfielder. Indians' clouting Averill, who between prolonged salary arguments with club offi- "- 1 - spent his time in an easy in his Cleveland Heights home while his teammates were toiling in training camp, agreed to sign formally arid start Sunday for New Orleans. "Earl readily agreed to a new offer," said President Alva Bradley. "It didn't take us 20 minutes." iatd Averill. FORGET ~ CHAPTER 44 WHEN JANET left [owa Team to Tour South on Long Trip IOWA CITY, (£)_ivjth 31 men still battling for positions, Coach JUo Vogel will begin the "weed- ng process" with his University ol Iowa baseball squad early next veek, preparatory hrough the south. to a swing . Seventeen men will be selected o make the two-weeks trip, the irst into the southland since 1930. Traveling by bus, the squad will eave here March 19, will play two lames each with Louisiana State Baton Rouge, Louisiana Tech at Huston, -and Mississippi college it Clinton, and will return to Iowa he first week in April. ..»«.., « 4 i i l J _ J . A G A l , X l d i l l C l Casey's luncheon, she telephoned her apartment and told her maid to ask Mr. Paynter to wait if he were in before she arrived. Then she got in a taxi and told the driver to break all speed limits getting to her apartment house across town; When she got there, she discovered that Joel had not even been at home. But she had a guest. Mrs. Kintzin'g was in the living room, Janet's maid told her. The last -person in the world that Janet wanted to see that day was Amelia Kintzing. She was a fluttery little thing that Janet had met somewhere at bridge and she had been bothering Janet for weeks to join her committees, to run over for tea." After weeks of telephone calls, she had assumed the air oJ an old friend. ''Guess what?" she said to Janet said cooly that she "I just had to tell you. Oh. darling, may I have a cup of tea? I've simply got to settle down over a cup and talk to you. Janet, I got off the boat--"and went Harriet straight to Reno. So I suppose now she'll marry Russell. He was simply mad about her the year that we came but but his father's and Janet couldn't. death and all! Jim. I always So she' married thought it wiv 3 ioneer Grid Squad to Have Early Work GRINNELL, (/P)_ Coach Guy ooknbaugh will open spring prac- ce for his Grinnell college foot- all sqund April 5, the day follow- ng resumption of class work after he spring recess. The Pioneer coach said he will onclude the drills with an inter- quad game May B. Most of the pring work will be devoted to undamentals, with plenty of con- act work, Lookabaugh said. Cleveland Gets Game Against New Orleans NEW ORLEANS, UP)--' , _ leveland Indians lined up against IB New Orleans farm club Satur- ay for the first taste of spring ompetition. Clarence Heise, Paul Cardow and Bill Zuber were to tart for the American leaguers. Produce MASON CITY--For Saturday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse ggs, current receipts 18c eavy hens, 5 Ibs. and over .. 12c nder 5 Ibs.' a c lags, 5 Ibs. and over .. ! ' lie tags, under 5 Ibs 7 C ocks !..;.!.Be All No. 2 poultry 4 cents'less Merchants Quotations Jgs, in trade 19-20c* ggs, cash 18-9C" utter, Iowa State Brand, . 41c utter, Corn Country 40c utter, Kenyon's 4o c utter, Very Best ~4i c utter, Brookfield 40c otatoes, russets, peck 75 C otatces, cobblers, peck. 57 C "EDITOR'S NOTE--These 'rep- esentative quotations were ob- ined by calling several grocery ores. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 1300. Mason City (Hid and A.skcd "Saturday) Cent St El 6 pet pfd (S25 p a r ) 10 Cent St El 7 pet ptd ($25.par! 11 Cent St P ft L 7 pet pfd I3»i Champlln Del In 7 pet ptd .. loo Creamery Package com 24 i^ Hearst Cons A 22',;i 23 Gco A Hormel A pfd 104' 107 Gen A Hormel com ina^ 21 Interstate Power 6 pet pfd . 13' 15 Interstate Power 7 pet pfd . 15 17 Iowa Electric Co e'A pet pfd SI 53 Iowa Electric Co 7 pet p f d . . 52 54 la El Lt A: Pow 6 pet pfd . 68 -30 l a SI ^ * Pow s '4 PC Pfd 09 71 la' El Lt Pow 7 pet pfd 72 74 In Power k IJght 6 pet pfd 103 la Power te Light 7 pet pfd 104 la Public Serv B pet pfd ... 96 la Public Serv BEa pet pfd . .17 la Public Serv 7 net pfd ... la South Util 6 pet pfd . r« south Ulil 6',i pet pfd la South U t i t 7 pet pfd Minnesota P L fi pet pfd ..... ... . ... u ., ^^. m vl ,,,, Minnesota P L 7 pet prd flfi Northern St Power fi pet pfd 86 Northern St Power 7 pet pfd "02 " XT W Bell Tel R'.i pet pfd Ifl.i ' St Portland Cement com 30 Hath Pncklmj'com 38!', Sioux City G El 7"p'c't"pfd 100 United Lt Rys 0 pet pfd ;. 82 United Lt-A: Rys 7 pet pfd .. 02 Western Grocer pftl jjfi Western Grocer com 13 x Called April IS. 105 JOS OS an 100 fin f7 72 01 tm 94 .12 i ra',1 102 84 04 100 21 GOVERNMENT BONDS. ( S a t u r d a y Quotation!) NEW YORK, W)_U. S. government bonds closed: Treasury 4',is 47-52 m ^ z Treasury 4s 41-54 1 P 2 B Treasury 3'/a 40-13 June '.'.'.'. |003 Treasury 31is 43-47 nn'ij Treasury 31i« 4(5-49 Treasury 3s 51-55 ". CHICAGO PRODUCE. (Saturday Market) CHICAGO, m--Butter, 7.715, steady Prices unchanged. Eggs. 17,003, steady, prices unchanged. NE\v VOHK NEW yORK. l OT-Bu'tter,"o,24G, steady to firm. Prices unchanged: extra (9-» score) 35^c. steady and unchanged. --,--. steady. Mixed colors wmtos, browns and duck eggs unchanged. Uvc poultry steady. Freight and express prices unchanged. . a n e , where did you get that divine hat? Oh, how I envy you being able to wear those high crowned things!" Janet found herself leading the way into her sitting room with her mouth drawn tightly over her teeth. She thought: Janet Paynter, you used to have a good disposition but you haven't any more. You snap and snarl and think jealous, mean things. But, oh what is a girl to do when she has to hear from another woman that that woman has met her husband through still another womari? Mrs Newbold? Well, she must be a new one. Janet couldn't ever remember having heard her name. Sooner or later it would come up. Joel would say casually, "If I'm not on time, don't worry. I'll be along directly. I've got to have some cocktails with Mrs. Newbold," And then Janet would know that this was the new woman. She would go out and buy a new frock and a new hat and come back to her beautiful home and Joel would come in later and she would find that she really didn't care as much as she would hav= once. And something that had onre been tender and sweet and breath-taking would be harder now. You could' drop it and it wouldn't break. You can only keep tender things tender by nurturing them The nutriment of love was more than words. It was a wordless thing that grew up between people when they had learned to keep the world out. rnonucE FUTUHES, ( S a t u r d a y m a r k e t ) CHICAGO, (/P)--Closed: Butter futures- Storage, standards March 33',-lc: November 31 Vac. Egg futures: Storage packed firsts ." r S h , 24I/ " c: Apr " 2t ''- c - refrigerator standards October 25^«c. Potato futures: Idaho Russels March grade A $3; April grade A $3.10. Miscellaneous CHICAGO POTATOES (Saturday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, an--U. S. dcparlment of agriculture-Potatoes, 188, on track 315, total U. s shipments 833; old stock, weafc. supplies moderate, demand very slow; sacked per owl.: Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S No 1 very few sales S3.20C3.65, according to size and quality, U. s. No. 2, $3.60; Colorado Hcd McClurcs U. S. No, 1. S3; Maine S'!;S!l,?5, 0 ,J I - nlains U ' S ' N °' '· few "'OS IT q M i wisconsln Kound Whites , ,!_%;?· J 1 .52.30^2,35: U. S. Commercial S2.0a: Michigan Russet Rurals U. S. ·* Z f ^ 2 ? : Minnesota Cobblers partly graded 52.50. New stock dull slightly weaker undertone, supplies moderate, demand very slow; no early sales reported. .*·,,,· ,,""·"· Y o n K SUGAR hSw ?t R S 1J -"'1^ Ba ^ S U S a r caslcr ·aturday nl 3.4o, 10 pomls below last Futures 2^ lo 6 points net higher. INVESTMENT TRUSTS. By The Associated Tresl Bid and asked Saturday: Corporate Tr Sh 3 12 Corporate Tr Sh A A Mod 3 88 Corporale Tr Sh Ac Scr 2.08 Corporate Tr Ac Ser Mod 3.88 Dividend Sh Maryland Fund Nationwide Sec Nationwide See Vtc Nor Amer Tr Sh ! Nor. Amer Tr Sh 1055 Quarterly Inc Sh .... Selccled Am Sh Inc . tyjpcr Corp Am Tr A u s EI t P B ;;;· U S El L r Vic . 2.17 ..10.72 .. 4.00 .. 2.33 '.'. 3.1B ..19.44 -.16.41 .. 4,4.7 .. S O S 103 2.32 11.72 5.00 2.49 21.30 17,83 10..175 3.0ft 1.1T Well, Janet and Joel had let the world in. They had been forced to- it was the world that had made them. It was the world that paid them great sums so that they could live in a big house and fill it with strangers. These strangers owned them. They said "We want you" and they smiled when they said it and you found yourself making dates with women other than your wife because the invitation was casual. If you were Janet, you made dates with other men. All perfectly above board and on-the-level dates with people that your hus- oand might know. You made engagements with them because your husband was at the theater every evening and you were no longer a bride who could while awav her lonely evening hours reading"travel books and dreaming oJ the wonderful things that you would see with your husband. In fact you seldom planned engagements, let alone journeys to fascinating lands with your husband, because if you planned to do something after the theater on Friday night, invariably you found that Friday night was the night your husband promised to Play poker with the boys or you '·~'-=ts for a show and you ipected to go' dancing somewhere later. You couldn't get out of the later date because the man who was your escort wouldn't have a girl. So you can see why you couldn't invite your husband to join you later, don't you? It was all very involved and Janet felt that she couldn't quite get a grasp on it all as she sat listening to Amelia's chatter that March afternoon. She had long given up any hope of getting a grasp on Amelia but heretofore her lack of orientation had been purely conversational. This afternoon it was physical. She had an illusion that Amelia kept receding from her view as though her chair were being pulled back and forth on a track. What she probably needed was sleep, she decided. She had really been working very hard. And playing hard. And being someone that she was not. She said "Really?" and "Of course" and a whole series of inconsequential things and then she realized that Amelia was talking abqut Russell. "My dear, she got off the boat" --Janet hadn't any idea who had funny that Russell never marrieA and now we luiow it was because he was in love with Althea all these years. At least that's what we think, don't you?" Janet said she didn't think anything about it. She was thinking: Russell Is going to marry someone else! Amelia left a few minutes later ' and Janet sat in her dusk filled room holding a cup of cold tea in her hand. She was going to lose Russell. She needed Russell. She had fitted him into a place where she had wanted Joel to be but she didn't know that. Suddenly she felt completely alone and lost. Weak (ears came into her eyes and spilled over to ' her cheeks. She felt their moisture on her cold hands without knowing that she was crying. Katie came in and lit the lamps Still Janet didn't move. "Will you want dinner, Mrs. Paynter?" Janet didn't answer her. "Mr. Paynter is dining at his club," Katie reminded.her. Janet got up. "No," she said vaguely, "I'm going out." She went to her room and put on her coat and hat. She knew that she should put on a warm coat but suddenly she was in a hurry and her suit coat was enough even though she felt cold l She was going to Chester--to Martha Colby. She shivered in her thin coat and sat huddled up in her seat in the accommodation train that made every stop on its slow progress to Connecticut and to Chester There were no taxis waiting at the small station, so she walked the short distance to Martha's house. She had walked that same path many times in years gone by. Snatches of those times came back to her, She remembered the time that she had won an award in the i secretarial school and proudly carried home the certificate rolled up under her arm. She felt her purse ' and half expected to find the roll mere, ^ She thought: Tonight might be the night that I am going to fhe Alpha Omega dance with Ernie Layton. Martha has made me a rose colored, taffeta dress for a birthday present. ' Her legs felt strangely light and her cheeks burned. She wiped away the tears that seemed to be , : falling without reason. She wiped them with the finger of her soft suede gloves. The finger tips felt 1 stiff. . ' At last she saw the familiar, vi friendly lights ,of Martha's .house. __!l She walked up the path she had * tread . hundreds of times. This time she did not see that the tulip j-j' fringe of the* walk was beginning K to break into brave colors. ® She stumbled a little on the worn steps and raised a heavy hand to open the door "Martha!" she said from the door. Then Martha's strong arms were around her and in the distance she heard Martha say, "Why Janet, You 11 help me, won't you? I'm afraid Martha. I'm scared to death." That was all she remembered. (To Be Continued) Bucs Get Work With Lights Amid Storms SAW BERNARDINO, Cal. (/P)-- °?i Ram sent the Pittsburgh Pirates # indoors for light exercises under *( electric lights. A second contingent 7 of Buccaneers will arrive in camp . [| Monday bringing the squad to its '*' full torce, except for holdout Paul 1 Waner. Card Hurlers to Get | Tilt With New York * HAVANA, Cuba, (#)-- Man- ^(,-j ager Frank Frisch and Cardinal fel officials awaited the first test of the Red Bird pitching staff--minus Dizzy Dean--in two games with the ftew York Giants. Lon Warneke will start and Paul Dean R C (S the call Sunday. Cubs Get Snappy Day of Work After Storm AVALON, Cal., (^--Elated over signing his star outfielder, Frank Demaree, Manager Grimm of the Cubs put the squad through a snappy drill Saturday to make up for a rainstorm that washed out Friday's practice. The outfield remains the big Bruin problem, however. Special News for Truckers, , Farmers and Iron Collectors net Ion E. 1. Goldstein, Charles City, Iowa, wants lo Buy: 500 tons country mixed. Iron at $9.00 lo 510.00 per net ton. N °' 1 mach£ncry and automobile cast at $11.00 per truck load lots deuverea price?" lnterestca in and rags at highest E. L. Goldstein, Charles City, Iowa Dealer in Hides, Furs, Wool, Iron and Melals PHONE 61G-W, CHAHLES CITY, IOWA ^^ ·

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