Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 1, 1934 · Page 8
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 1, 1934
Page 8
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I5IGHT MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MAY 1 1934 KNOXVILLE, May 1. OP)-- Two young men late last night held an oil station here, taking $50 fron. the cash register and ?8 from Wil lis Stittsworth, night attendant Stittsworth was driven two milci west of town and let out of the robbers' car. He walked back to town and reported the robbery. 4 AMENDMENTS TO TOBACCO ACT H o u s e Subgroup Reports Kerr Bill for Control of Production. ; WASHINGTON, May 1. UK-Four important amendments, one of ·which would in effect reopen the voluntary reduction program to to- hacco farmers, were adopted by a house agriculture subcommittee today in favorably reporting the Kerr bill for tobacco production control. The committee changed the flat tax rate of 25 per cent of the market value which would be levied on all tobacco sold outside of the voluntary reduction al'otmento ,to a flexible rate of 25 to 33 1-3 per cent. The exact rate would be fixed by Secretary Wallace. Two amendments are designed to take care of small farmers and those ineligible for the voluntary reduction plan. One of these would give Secretary Wallace authority to apportion live per cent of the total poundage covered in contracts to "persons engaged in the production of tobacco and to whom the secretary determines that no equitable allotment" 'of production is possible under the voluntary plan. The other provides that the secretary "may make regulations protecting the interests of share-croppers and tenants in the issuance of tax-payment warrants under this act." Butcher Workmen Open Office for Labor Information The Butcher Workmen's Union, Local No. 664, has opened an office at 5 Fifteenth street northeast ·where labor information will be available. George Johnson, business representative for the organization, is to be in charge of this service. He is now busy in procuring and posting bulletins. The names of union shops, where ·union made goods may be procured will be posted ana there will also be a list of unemployed union members 1 for those who wish to hire union labor. On account of the steady growth of the organization and the recent increases in membership, arrangements are also being made for larger quarters for meetings. The next regular meeting of the butcher workmen will be held at Eagles hall Wednesday and Vice President McCoy of St. Paul is. again expected to be present. Recital by Piano and Dancing Pupils Given .Pupils in dancing and piano were presented in a recital by Giovanna ,IJM. Pool at Nora Springs. Piano students presented were June Murray, Shirley Fingalsen, Donald Norby, Harriet Jane Ellis, Lolita Clifford, Sue Quinby, Buddy Palmer, Marjorie Dunde, Dorothy Norby, June Murray. Dancing students were Sue Quinby, Lolita Clifford, Shirley Fingalsen, Harriet Jane Ellis, Dorothy Yerkes, David Pool, Dorothy Norby and Buddy Palmer. Mrs. ·Murray was the accompanist. . STARTER GENERATOR and IGNITION SERVICE Central Battery Electric Company Wind Driven Battery Cbarger Is Claimed by Ray Haugland, Leland LELAND, May I. --Raymond Haugland, local amateur radio set builder and electrical experimenter, reports that the wind driven battery charger built by him some time ago is functioning satisfactorily. The unique feature of this outfit is that it was constructed almost entirely of odds and enda found lying around the farm. At present he is busy building a short wave radio set. URBES BOYCOTT AGAINST AUSTRIA Norman Thomas, Socialist Leader, Gives May Day Speech. NEW YORK, May I. UB--Nor- man Thomas, the socialist leader, today, in a May day speech, urged that Americans support an unofficial economic boycott against Austria hi protest against the fascist dictatorship of Chancellor Dollfuss. "Liberty loving Americans ought to demand that the Austrian trade commissioners, now in this country, be sent home empty-handed," he said. ."We ought to support an unofficial economic boycott against Austria as well as against Germany. We Ought to ask of our government diplomatic protest against the Austrian as well as against the German terror." Socialists, he said, had made Vienna the world's model municipality --"one of the world's greatest achievements, a beacon of hope for mankind." Thomas spoke of the fighting last winter between government forces and socialists, declaring it had been "directly and deliberately provoked by Dollfuss and his fascist supporters of whom the vice chancellor, Major Fey, was the worst," DAILY CROSSWORD PUZZLE 15 2.0 21 3O 3^T 25 32. IS- IE1 SO ~ 10 74 [37 Retail Rubber Tire and Battery Code Is Signed by President WASHINGTON, May 1. (.!)-President Roosevelt today signed the retail rubber tire and battery code. The code's outstanding provision permits establishment by NRA of minimum prices at "the lowest reasonable cost" in event of emergencies in the industry. Such an emergency will be declared before the code goes into effect May 14, to establish a control on prices to take the place of the existing 40 day truce which ended a serious price war. ACROSS 1--A doctrine 6--Oil of rose petals 12--Mentally sound 13--Contemptuous child 15--An eye (Scot) 17--A Welsh rabbit 19--Female parent 20--On one's dignity 22--A scombroid fish (pi.) 23--A rooflns material 24--Slight offenses "6--A holding 28--Pronoun 29--Old Latin (abbr.) 30--One who toots a horr 34--Cut-Ins (printing) 38--Boat implement 39--A gentleman (Sp.) 41--A vegetable ·42--Right (abbr.) 43--A bitter crystalline compound 45--Trinity term (abbr.) 46--Want 47--Diminutive ol Helen 49--Bends BO--Periods of time DOWN !--Suffix used to form the noun plural S--Near (prov. Ens.) 1--To decree 6--A round muscle C--Head of an abbey 7--In a jiffy S--To make tattinff 9--Near 11--Deprived of hearing 14--Concern X6--Note in Guide's seal* IS--Erbium (symbol 19--To disfigure 21--A morbid swelling 23--A flower 25--Allow 27--Negation 30--P-ippcd 31--Cereal grass 32--Town In Germany 33--Peruses r 34--Quite crazy (colloq.) 35--A town in France ' 36--A seine 37--To satisfy 40--Notes receivable (abbr.) 43--Combining form meaning motion 41-r-A note in Guide's scale 46--Letter in Greek .alphabet 48--Laurence (abbr.) Aiuwer to prsviouj puztle OFFERED WEALTH TO AID "RACKET" Chief of NRA Trade Group Tells of Promises by Association Heads. WASHINGTON, May 1. (/P)--Dr. Wilson Compton, chief of NRA's trade association division, told a group meeting of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States today that trade association executives had promised three times to make him rich if he would engage with them in some industry "racket." He made this statement to a meeting of the American Trade Association executives, a section of the Chamber of Commerce which is holding its annual convention. "In the short time," Compton said, "in which I have been serving in NRA as chief of trade associations or in connection with code authority organizations I have been on three separate occasions approached by men evidently connected with some associations and obviously ambitious for more who promised to make me 'rich' if I would engage with them in some industry organization 'racket' which would clearly have involved a betrayal of the faith and trusteeship without which no man has a right to accept a public office." Compton was explaining the future function of trade associations in NRA. He said the power of the association would be very much up to the organizations themselves. Will Give liny Friday. SCARVH.LE, May 1.--The senior class' play "Here Comes Charlie" will be given here Friday evening. R HISH HHR 8' W3 H HHSISH R! B1 Back Act to Cut Out Community Property Income Tax Returns WASHINGTON, May i. UB---The treasury department today favored the Treadway bill to abolish com- muity property income tax returns in the eight community property states. This is estimated to return an additional $50,000,000 a year to the federal government. Benjamin H. Barthlow, special assistant to Secretary Morgen- thau, appearing at hearings before a house ways and means subcommittee, gave the endorsement of the treasury for the bill. The change in tax law would affect Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Louisiana, California, Washington, Idaho and Nevada. Bites Tongue in Fall. B R I S T O W, May 1.--Harold Schriever, 11, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schriever, Jr., fell from the top of a boxcar, biting his tongue severely. Infection has set in the wound. Pure Lard NutOIeoZlbs.for..X9c Pig Feet . . . Neck Bones . Pork Steak . . u. 10c Baby Beef Roast ib. Meat Stew . . . Bacon Squares u. Bacon Sliced . . . Appeals in Behalf of Two Henry County Bankers Are Filed DES MOINES, May 1. tff--Ap- peals were filed in the state supreme court today in behalf of two Henry county bankers under district court sentences of prison terms. They were F. A. Morgan, former cashier of the Olds Saving bank at Olds, who was convicted of embezzlement, and Waldo E. Phelps, former assistant cashier of the State Trust and Savings bank of Mt. Pleasant, who was convicted on charges of exhibiting false papers in an effort to deceive a bank examiner. Supervisors Asked for Waiver by Nashua Bank NEW HAMPTON, May 1.--R. R. Waite, Nashua, assistant cashier of the First Nashua State bank, Monday asked the Chickasaw county board of supervisors to sign a waiver on the 520,563,38 on deposit in the bank that is now operating un- ·5er senate file 111. Fifty per cent of "the amount on deposit will be released as soon as sufficient waivers are signed. Carroll, Dillim Minger's Aide, Once Resided in Council Bluffs COUNCIL BLUFFS, May 1. UP)-Police here today were advised by a department of justice bulletin that Tommy Carroll, reputed lieutenant to John Dillinger, is a former Council Bluffs resident. An investigation disclosed he was sentenced here in 1922 to five years at Anamosa reformatory for auto theft and served 13 months of the term. He was once a cab driver and a hotel clerk here. Federal Corn Loan Program Is Closed DES MOINES, May 1. (S}--Today brought to a close the federal com loan program ivith approximately 58 million dollars worth of the yellow grain cribbed on Iowa farms. State Agricultural Secretary Ray Murray received a telegram from William S. Bradley, special assistant to the director of finance of the AAA that no more loans will be made. · Belmond Contractors Get Work at Hampton BELMOND, May 1.--Hildebrand and Kragh, contractors of Belmond, have been awarded a contract for the construction of a bridge over Squaw creek on highway number 65 in Hampton. The structure is to be of concrete and steel construction and includes a 34 foot roadway with a five foot sidewalk. The footings will be carried eight feet below the stream bed to solid rock. Small Son Buried. BELMOND, May 1.--The funeral and burial services for Leo Dean, 3, son of Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Tuttle, were held in the Methodist church and the Belmond cemetery Monday afternoon, the Rev. J. C. Buthman officiating. The boy's eye was removed and he had been failing rapidly since March. Mrs. Firkins President. DOWS, May 1.--The Liberty club m:t Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Wesley Damerow. Officers elected were: President, Mrs. Kenneth Firkins: vice president. Mrs. i W, G. Knox: secretary and treasur- | er, Mrs. T. L. Wenner. Mrs. Jasper Buckmaster Dies in Home at Aredale AREDALE, May 1.--Mrs. Jasper Buckmaster died at her home Monday afternoon after an illness of three days with pneumonia. She leaves her aged husband, three sons, Lee of Los Angeles, Cal., Clyde of New York Mills, Minn., and Vern of Seattle, Wash. There are also eight grandchildren. Mrs. Regel Hostess. CHARLES CITY, May 1.---The St. Charles club met last evening at the home of Mrs. A. E. Regel with Miss Emma Korinke and Mrs. Wendell Patten as hostesses. Mrs. Guy Martin and Miss Mary Montgomery had charge of the program which included a review. Dale Schneider played a cornet solo accompanied by Leo Schula. The final meeting of the club year will be held in two weeks with a club dinner at the Anderson tea room. STOP IGA FOOD MARKET gK TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY DECKER'S or HORMEL'S Hams -- 12 Haskin Unable to Accept Invitation to Services GARNER, May 1.---Edwin Haskin, 97, Civil war veteran, was forced to decline an invitation received from the Daughters of Union Veterans to a Memorial service to be held at Mason City Wednesday night. A major operation more than a year ago has weakened his vitality. His walk is more feeble «ach day and he rests and reads a great deal during the day. Mr. Haskin at- tended church services two weeks ago Sunday but became very tired. The only Civil war veteran living in the immediate vicinity he will be 98 years of age Nov. 16. Beer Permit Approved. CORWITH, May 1.--An application for a class B beer permit made by B. A. Anfinson of Buffalo Center was approved by the town council. Mr. Anfinson will operate the place now occupied by Mandas Christenson. . 2 Bandits Hold Up Knoxville Oil Station LICHTWIN' jtM«*.TM£ tAZf£$T MM IN WITS UP THE SC*MH$ WITHOUT 0£fN ASKED · -Y^A^S^^ ·*~~*. '^-T: -····" ,,-«*- \L*a»*^ tlOUO BUCKLE Oranges«»48 VEAL or HAM Patties "-'"· 25 FRESH 2 BUNCHES Asparagus 15' N OT "Lightnin 1 " ;; : but the artist who drew this somewhat exaggerated sketch: The most we intended to tell you, seriously, was this: If you're feeling sort of listless, and lacking in "git up and go," it may be that you have a sluggish intestine : : : due to lack of bulk in the diet. So why don't you eat Post's 40% Bran Hakes every morning? It contains bran to supply that bulk you need to help keep food wastes moving along the intestinal tract; ; : and to promote regular elimination: It also contains other parts of -wheat, to supply that appetizing flavor. Just try it! We know you'll enjoy it.;; and you may feel a whole lot better. You can buy it at all grocers. ;: and it costs so little! Post's 40% Bran Flakes With Other Pans Of Wheat is a product of General OG.F.Cotp.,ig;4 AT THE END of the R A I N B O W PACKING HOUSE 122 So. Fed. MARKETS I'll. 101 Better Meals . . . Lower Prices PRICES UNIFORMLY LOW LIVE BETTER--PAY LESS SPECIALS FOR WEDNESDAY Lean SPARE RIBS lb.7c BEEF STEAKS 3 Ibs.lGc SMALL WIENERS Ib.lOc VEAL CHOPS.. CHOICE COKN FED STEER R ROASTS Any Cut4c-6c-9clb. NONE SOLD FOR MORE BACON Squares..Ib.S^ Lean PORK CHOPS Ib.9c Baby Beef ROASTS lb.4c LUNCH M E A T . . Ib.lOc Summer Sausage Ib.l4c Lean SHORT RIBS lb.4c V I From Chicago Sally Gwynne's new job as secretary to a Florida millionaire looked like the proverbial "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow, a veritable vacation after months of tramping the streets looking for work. When she arrived she found the pot contained not gold but a s e e t h i n g conglomeration of racketeering, murder and mystery, enough to make any young girl turn back. Sally remains to find, in the midst of all the sordid mess, high romance. VACATION ESCAPADE A Serial to Please Your Summer Appetite By ARTHUR SHUMWAY Begins Monday, May 7th in The Globe-Gazette

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