The Evening Post from New York, New York on June 19, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, June 19, 1818
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1 - lie PHtA ot Mi. CTNeil be fat PC . TthTitnk t3e House, w Saturday feJ Jv instant, at 7 o'clock. Tlx, who cTi few hr remain unsold. , . Jl9 ' , ' ; no i ict. . - Tu public re cutiooed against trust - '' of the crew of the French chooner Arbttof their contncting will be paid ei - Zh the captain or consignee, jc iv - iCSTNeft Sunday, at half past 3 o'clock in the all"""""' , Ornhan A. v. J ,..hiad in the Cathedral of St, to jL a Discourse will be delivered, ome SoSST1 r 10 be ,UDS 80(1 co',ection (to OS S"11 10 'TUUI v uie vi - ??ADoUer fraud capital prize paid at AL - t rV9 truly lckf ffic Th t1"1 hkh t coital uriz of JiaO.OOOin the Surgical rj - r, of Baltiow, wa yesterday pteteoUd at 100 lurk office, and the cash promptly tofortduta bolder of the sm. Theprj - SnfjaOOO, 10,000, aud 5,000 have also beeo L attbaaaiM office. Aiace the lit el Jan. K. hare been paid at the time office, prize a - aZaUng to nearly g400,0O0, all of which were lJj fo the fortunate holder as won at they rt drawn, and preWoui to the completion ol tat lottery, beiuj a larger amount of prize than ttrt ver paid by anyotbor office in the United Sate. 1 h loriunai numiwn were ngjw, 00.000; 1,536, $50,000; 2,016, 50,000; b.3& f 30,000 s 10,053, $20,000; 462, 20 000; l?7L 10,000; 12,859, I0,000; 85, 10,000; jireralof $5,000, 2,000, 1,000, Sic. Ac. J out 19 . . forLOADOK, The luUitantial fait tailing British ,bii f KEEN, capt. J. Mason. Her T". " i i i..i: tt - j oeinj nearly mjijfou, wm iu nuuiu.u - tte'fepatch. For the reaiaiodi - r of freight, or p age, having elegant accommodations, apply as board, at Jon' wharf, or to 8. - 0. Je 19 103 Pearl - strceL f or CU.iKLESTOJf, The staunch ichnneer ARABELLA, T. Harwick. matter, will meet with tautiUte dipachf having half ber freight en - prtd - ror lli reaiaindcr or pasfa?, apply on board, at Murray wharf, t at tide Cofite - House board, at Murray lp, or to Jane 19 SAUL ALLEY, 9H Fine - rt. . for Ut HJWuOL, Tha rr f Ulterior conncreil British 'lifhiiPALMARNOCK. W. M. Kol.crt - no, waiter, and will meet Willi every unpatcn, Inrioelulf herceroenjAieJ. . for the remain - Vf of bright, or pa;i;e, havinjt!cj:int accom - buiationii, apply oa board, east aide Fly - niarket irtar or to . S.DALr.LlESH&Co. ' Jt 19 103 Pearl - itreet. far SJf.E, t The pood ubtantiid ehip F..yr FOIST, burthen per reenter 31 0 b'j vs Umu i u in (rood order, and can be tent to tea vith a very urnaU outfit ; her calilcs and an - tliori of the first quality and nearly new her inventory it full in every other respect. Thii hip it well calculated to carry a cargo of to - beco or cotton, or wou'rt be a good whaling Up, having tuiuble'qualiiiet fir that trade She mar be examined nn npnlicaiion to the tbteribers, who will thew Die inventory, and kike the term known, which will be liberal. J. & W. STERLING & CO. j lf Iw 43 South - atreet. For FHBWHT r QUARTER, Tbesttiuica ilup'OBKIS, B. A. Mu. sv, matter, burthen 230 tont or 8000 lie is well Tmnd In every respect and ready to receive a orgo - Apply to the master on board at the fool of Carlisle st. North River, or to ' J. & G. W. LYNCH, ' je 19 4t - i 60 South - street. Lv UT'l'UA. - JU rqar bales Mew - Orleaai Cotton, landed at Brooklyn, from brig Standard, for tale by ROGERS, W1NTHROP& CO. Jell It trj Pearl - street. Tt OUACLO CO hhdi prime Kiihnioinl to - JL bacco, suitable turtha British or Iran market 41 hhdi very prime Petersburg do. 10 do middling qua!, heavy Richmond do 10 do KenUrky do 1100 kegs manufactured do of various brands and qaalitiet, aomo old and very superior. Far tale by la 19 BOORJHAM ti JOHNSTON niCllMOAD FLOUMAAO Ittlsll BU 1' - tih bbla. tupf. Richmond flour - (0 kegi Iriab BiiMrr,tajd to be of excellent quality, latding, and for sale by J 19 Moorman t Johnston. CWrim and MACKEREL. 100 quintal dry cndfiih . tiO bbla. mackerel For tain hv . O. TORR. Je 19 St 6 Coentiet slip. "10f fO. ti DKEK tKI.NS lica New yt Orleans Cotton, and 10 bale Deer Skin "Ming rrombrig standard. IN STORE, 116 bale Geo. HnUn.l l,itnn. fnrml at fi? Soth street, by , ; CAMBRELENG Si PEARSON. BOARD Ai. LOi)t;iN(. TWO or three gentlemen maybe accom mo - dated with genteel board and lodging upon Mmnable term, by applying at No. 81 Wall "t. Jal9lw The grand prize ot 3S,W0 dollar, will be draa oa rvenaesday kxU To draw tha Grand Prise, ia tbo Lottery of life k of ttnrtal. taa principal aiat : fast to find it live ia'tc and acoie take a wife. aaa aowe ngni jor honor and larue. WBealth or in,:, in Beauty or taf, Snn; think tie Grand Prize will be found ; m thry strive for their wish, at a wonderful rate loougb. a blaak is more like to come round. fr the harhelor mines, and the liuiband is crest, iu ior r arae wiin a Duuei we pay ; 1 Halth is ntetected and learnin ii lost. J Bcanty and State fade away. , 'j' monev'l th rri. thtt will nnrrhaMt them learning, Hoeour, Health and Estate ; fall IW tauouft Rmarlivaw - ftw IK itpitn. wam call i we rnae atiiing oiiicew haul. TIPir PTa - lcu,nra r i.. Lt "Mrt,Junr. I W Bread wa)', wlro told and I P JfJ cava fince, 46i0, a prite of 5000 dot - 5 3377, 1000 dollar ; 9087, 600 dollar ; and !!floff 100, ic. Je19 3t - . ULY&tLKS, &e: la active pwion, about 30 year of ag, a waats a aitualion He haa a caneral know - Ot Uu itma .nn.. ..t .11 l:.u f 'le, and mot other machines has beeo accusiamod tn . :. .ii 4T5 lihts ami iron bridges, u - Make ,f arawiajj, and coniider bimialf inferior to m:uia.n; and manufacturing of iron, t0 uudentand mioeiog of coal, lead, liirrt ' BVU,J BJ 'be management of tht oo worlu) and coUiery b England, to tli!ift? Wl" reference a to character and 1'f byletUr, port paid, to G. H No. 0j. , . GLObfc'ti. anSIf,,doo,3i,,ch G,ob,, (CaryH,) face Tr001 moimterl. fat sale at a r - daced Jtlii - ' PETER A. ME31ER, " Wall - itreet. a r Q' fiOR totMADtATK SALE. An elegant country aeat, situated w the villape of Jamaica, (Long - Island,) in the le?gh. borhood of the hon. Kufua King, directly opposite the delightful situation of major Dit - mas, and the same ettate occupied tcvcral y ears by captain Scott It it bordering on the turnpike, ana consutt oi about 40 acrei or the best wf land, hre or tiz or which is covered with wood, at a little distance from the dis cribed premises. In front of the dwelling - house it a number of large elegant button - wood and cherry tree. There u likewise a good barn, built but a few years since, and a nourishing orcnara. 'J'hU estate, with tome improvement, - may be made one of the most delightful teats on the Island, and is probably the only one which will be offered for many year in that delightful place, within one hoars ride of the city. For further particulars, apply to Messrs. JOSEPH TITCOMB 4: CO. 152 Pearl - ttreet, or to EU4H A PARKEo, who is duly authorised to dispose of said estate, at the house of Mrs. Brush, in the village of Jamaica, near the premises, where lie u ill be found - at any time within eight days, i erms liberal. " - ja 19 lw PATKiVT UUtilJiiSTKOYIWti L1QU1U, ACKRTAIN and never failing mio for bed bui. It willciWriitinate them at uiing, without itaiiiing thu furniiuie, or being accompanied with that diHiigrcf able tmcll usually at tending the application nf other poisout. - For sale in bottles, at 4. each, at P. DICKIE'S .Medicine Store, , 05 Lroadway. N. B. A large atiorlment ot genuine Drug find w arranted patent Medicines, for tai as a - bore. Je 19 lru 1UILDK HAUOLl, the fourth Canto, of J ChilJe flaiol.J'i pilcriiiiace, bv Lord Br - on, with historical notca, just received and for sale by FETErl A. MEalfcR, Je 19 4t - XU n aii - struet. LVn OutJ t'Oti HALE. Or Exchange far a Seat on (hit Jiland. jCTt This elegant country establishment is Mjll for tale in very accommodating terms. '1 he house is built of stone, and finished throughout in the Diot substantial and tattel'ul ityl, containing thirteen rooms, betides pan (nn, clorets ancTollarn. On trie larra is a convenient farm - house, lodge. ice hnue, (tilled) and all the oflices usually UP - penaaiii to a genteel country enamuhment. itcooiiitsot iuo acres ol land, well watered about one third is in wood, and the residue con ns s of arable and meadow - land, under bign cultivation. Ou the farm it a laree apple orchard and a profu'ionof the ordinary small fruits. it u ueiijiiiiiuiiy initiation tne east Dan it or nuuon n.iver,eMnui&nuineauneproiDectoitne river, of IlieCatikill and Blue Mountain, and ol an extensive and nth tract or intervale. It is about two miles south of the eleirant resi dence of Geo. Lewis, and four lui'es north ot Hyde Park, in Dutchess county. There it i lost office within a ruilu, and several public land ires, cliurchet and schools within four miles. J lie steam - noats attord great laci!itie, and nasi (lie premises at the nwit cotvenient houn With attention, this eita.e will pay 14 per ct. per annnm on me sum aiueu lot u - Mr. wool dreddire, at tha Lodc, will shew the premises. Application may be innrfp to A. s. I r.L.1,, 601 Broadway. New York. 1 iUe uillfrotable and luimeniate possession given. je i.i lawew C1AFTAIN PAKTKIDOE r - ?s leave to J inform th viumrentlemea of trie citv. anc vicinity of New - Y ork, that he pronoset npenins on tho tint Monday in July next, a Military fechool, for the purpose of instructing a select class, tu be composed of young gentlemen, who are between thirteen and eighteen year or age, in the (ereral department! of military science. irie course oi matrucuon (compietej will em brace the lollowins braiichet. vis : elcaaentary school of the aoldier, theacheol of the company, and also that of the oattaliow. - S. A urtrrse of AHWIt ij sawlrectiW salfe.cag the Artillery drill, tod also a general exposition of the principles oi gunnery. 3. A courie of lectures on fortification, which will contain a full ifcvrloprmeut ot the principles oi perroanrni loruiii aiioos, ooin regular ana ir - rttular. aad also pi field works renerally, toeeth - c - r with a particular deicription of all the parts of a complete fortification, and a minute explanation ol'tlif technical terms used in that art. '1'his course of lectures will likewise eu. brace a description of the dillerent moves of attacking and deirndinc foitified ptact - s: also, a eeneral exposition of Uie rincipl) of ancient and modem tactics ; and will conclude with a description of some of the rnot celebrated battles, both o: ancient and modern tinier. . In order to render the lecture on fortification perfectly intelligible, drawings will be provided, in tv hid) all the parts ef the works will be distinctly rvpreseqted on a large tcala. Id toe course of inientry mrtructioo, the rules and regulations establiihed for the discipline of the U. 8. infantry, and recommended hy the lee - iibtureofNew - f orlc tobeobterved by the mili tary corps or una state, will tie strictly auncrea to. The parade and drills for instruction will be attended to at the City Arsenal, where there ii every convenience for the purpose. The lecture will be delivered io the large room at Tammany Hall. The terms for attending the foregoing course, complete, will be six dollars, one half payable at the ctmmencement of the wit ruction, nod the remainder when it i cornphted. All thoie young gentlemen who are disposed to avail themselves of this opportunity to acquire a specie of knowledge, at present to little diffused in our country, but yet so necessary, and in Uie acquirement of whir hall the advantage arising from the military exercise, which doubtless, more than any others, conduct to health, vigour aad maelineu of deportment, caa . b fully enjoyed, are requested, with the consent of their parent! or guardian, to call at Ti rum any ilall, and eater their name accordingly. The hour ol instruction trill be to arranged a to interfere the least peesiblt with the other occa - patioesof the pipils. Je 19 It TlRFUMES, tie. THE lubssribara lav jnst received from on of the first perfume house in Pari, an invoice of rich cat glass bottle with perfume, which for elegance H not to be lurpassad by any In this city amoag the per - fames tney contain tu - ex tract of vanilla, jessamine, rose, etc. Alto, from 8myrna,otto of rose fin small phials) in it pur stale. on HAWD, Pomatums ia pots and bottles, antique oils, cold cream, milk ef roes almond paste, Up salve, almond paste and liquid (with rich perfume) a useful article, hooey and lavender water, French and Eoliih cpiroctic wath balls, snap of all kinds, brothes of all kinds, Cologne water warranted geaninn. Cspehan and Regen - trice aud Ninon waters, ladies work box and dressui; caes compleat and neatly furnUiad from thrte dollar to twenty dollars Gentlemen's shavit case ridicule clasps and bags; pocket books ; thread c ; purse of all kinds s britannia metal and mahogany (having boxes; gloves; kid and silk garh - r; tortoise shell and pearl combs, different patterns : silver Uiimble ; tweeters ; pencil cases ; gold and silver mounted boxes ; Maltese buttons j amulets and emulet ore straits; otto of rose t essence peppermint, prepared by Mr. Jeniper. of Loa don t court plaster t bear oil, equal to any other kind for promoting the growth of the hair ; Ruspeni's dentifrice pomade divine and Jamaica ; essence of opi Naple tbavtrg Map, pots and by the pound ; pen, pocket, fruit aad ports rnea'i kaite, and alraoct every othrr kind of perfasne and raw y artic lea ; to which tliey ie - vite the atteaboa of th ladie and gentleiBea of thu city. ANTHONT W. TRAPPAN it CO. At their fancy store and perfume ware - boase, No. 136 Broadway, viga of the aataral roa, nearly opposite the City Hotel. Je I9 3uw?w riniLDF. HAROLD'S R1his, Caato KJ the lourtti, by lord Br roa. f rice 75 cents, Jusfrreccittd aud for tale by . COLLLX3 it 1IANNAY, JelD " . E Pearl - street. f or Suit, tretelti or Charier, The subetaulial well built tchr. AR - 4 - BELLA. T. Jlardwick. master, built in Charleston 2 years since of the best materials, and by a faithful workman is well found, and carries BW barrel. For term?, apply on board, at Murray's wharf, J, II. slip, or to 5AUL ALLEY, June 18 98 Pine - st XK WASHI KGTOJf, A". C. Theschr. MORNING STAR, Hun kins, master, bring east tide Peck - slip, will sail on Friday nesL For freight or passage, apply on board, or to je 18 R. k. C. W. DAVENPORT k CO. For Sale, Freight ttr Charter, The shrp THOMAS NELSON, just tarrived from new - urieant ; she is lull built, strong vessel, well found, burthen about 300 tons, can be tent to tea at a trifling expence she now lies at lirooklyn, where the may be examined. For terms, apply to B. W ROGERS Si CO. jel3 23s Pearl - street. iW libit) ERICKSBURU, The schr THREE SISTERS. Pol lard, matter ; having the ereater part oi ner cargo engageii, will sail lu a lew days For remainder of freight or passage, apply on Doaru, at wurrsy'i wharl, or to f HENUERSON.Ai CAIRNS, Je 10 ' . 81 Pine - st. h'anttd to ( 'tutrler. A good SHIP, of about 300 Ions, to load in a southern port for En?l:nJ. Apply to WALSH li GALLAGHER, Je 18 C6 South - itreet. for LirbtifiJOL, Tho fait tailing coppered ship C AN - I OS, capt. Rogers, (will powUvely sail on the 20th instant.) For passage, having good accommodations, apply to the captain, ou board, at pier no. 8, east river, or to Jel7 A. GRACIF. & hOSS. For LIVKHPUOL, Tlie ihipINDEPENDFNCE, captain Reirson, now loading at pier nn 14. 100 bales of cotton or light freight of equal bulk will be taken at a reasonable rate. Three more passenger can be well accommodated. The ahip will sail oa or before .Sunday the 23th iust. Apply to HENRY CARY Si Co. Je 17 4t 3d Mill - itrcet. (For Fanage only) to tlte Itlarnl of GRENADA, The staunch brig MALTA, Cap'.ain Uubbs, now loadings the Albany Basin, has ample accoinrrK - - ,(H;i.'.t's for a few patsengc - rs, who will I e t'.iiiihViiibly pruvi led for byap - plyinp - n u.'WJ, or t't HCARY CART & CO. tel" 4t 33 Miil - street. For .VAJiSrJI.LtS, The elegant New - York built copper ed chip IsOKaAIll, J. Barker, master, lo tail tu a week. For freight or passage, apply to capt. B. ou board, at pier io. 5, North River, or lo G. G. Si S. HOWLAND. Je 15 67 Washington st. PASSAGE tOH LOXUOX, ZLmodattd in the cabiu of the remarkably fine British brig cKEEN, losail for London about lie 26lhinst For terms, apply to capt. Mason, oa board, at Jones' wharf, or to ROBERT GILLESPIE, June 13 11tFroot - st. For BRISTOL, (A'nf bud.) The coppered ship ANDREW JACKSON. Morton, waster, having most of hercsirgassBgagedt essU pwis4y suil on Tuesday S2'l inst. For freight of about 750 bbls or paaaag having excelUut accommodations, apply oa board at pir No. tz, near Peck - ltp, to P. SCHF.RMERIIORN & SONS, or Je 16 B. W. ROGEPJi K CO. p V A first rale coppered and coper fantrn - ed SHIP.about 250 tont Apply at the oihceol P. A.SCHERMERHORN4CO. 93 Wafhington - street, or HENRY GOIT. Jane 16 If 91 Sooth street. i - or UVURFOOL, The elegant fast sailing coppered ship DRAPER, William Adaux. master; she is 291 tons burthen, only two years old, and will be dispatched immediately on discharging her inward cargo, i or freight or paosase, ap ply to the master, on board, east sid of Fly - marktt wharf, or to B. W. ROGERS & Co. Jo IfJ 235 Pearl trert. C CHEMICAL, COLORS. lc - J Epsom Salt, in caikt of 2cwt. Lump ilarnei m caie Do . do small square Calcined do in phials Rorhelle Salt. Acid Tartar Ciiri Acid, Blue Vrnliterin firkin Patent yelle. Kings Yellow Regulus of Antimony GUNS, BUTTONS, &c. Fowlinc Piece, assorted, well finished Do do in waiutceat cases, finely finished with apparatus complete Duelling Pistols, incases Cold Epaulette Naval and Military Sword Belt Gilt Coat and Vest Buttons . , Copperplate for engraver Mathematical Instrument. Rolling Paralel Ruler Mariner compassrs, telescopes Opera glasses, microscopes 3 etts splendid chessmen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddie Patent corkscrew. ilver pencil case. , For ale by J. LAMBERT, je 18 3 CourUandt street J UST received by Uie latest arrivals from Havre de Grace, and for sale by the subscriber. on the most reasonable terms, ine following r rencb bonds vis : 2 boxes thread lacet 2 cases chrytocal and silver watches 21 package hanging paper 1 case chip flat 2 do linen - cambric 2 do bead necklace 2 cae thulle lace shawls, and embroidered narrow thulle lace 1 case hair net 2 rates pmnelle (hoc ; 2 do cologne water I do antique oil and pomatum 1 do artificial flower I do silk stockings and gloves I do small clocks 1 do mock jewellery G. VENTROUX HERSAN. Jel61w 42 William strret. HORSLSmtd CARRIAGE. FOR SALE, a pair of stout family black HO as Ed. withorwithoutaCARRIAGE. all ia perfect order for a journey of any distance, ikamrniira havin? it been oainted. and th horses warrauted to be frsb and sound, not ha ving been driven lw mue aonng toe last six months. They stand at MR. SLOWLEY'9 rta - hi. .nHlhrrri at MR. LAWRENCE'S. coach - maker, John - Creel. The present owner barm; so blue ase ior inem, ui ne wiu uiipose of the whole on very reasonable term. Apply at aoove ; or, mi oaruiay - suxci. J 17 0d2W Ht,MP ft IKON 30 too bC FeteraoMrgb cleaa Hemp, and 70 ton old Sable Iron, for tale ia lot to vdt pwrchajej, by fjm REMSXN Sz CO. JC 18 . S0th - tr8et. b V 4 . ittrwo tmxz. bhdstewiog twin . ' . . 9 do seme and hairing do ' 4 doeiackarel , do';' " " - ' Received per brig Henry Oay from Lcadoa ; - IN STORE, Iroa wire, No. 1 a 18 , , ,. Whiting, copperas, Ac' CaMts, cordag, 4c mad of first quality. ' JONES b CLINCH, Je 18 Iw 1 Coffee House slip. FOR SALE. A NUMBER of elegant, carved, white free stone Mam let aadJaaibs i may be te n at oa wnrray urees. Je lu II . TO MASON6. PRurosALa will be received at No. 152 Waahiueton street, for bulletin hnuu. . rceauij wiui a pian inere leii, ior a tavern, on the corner of the Bowhog Green and State - i. 1.. ... . . L. I . I . . P . ' ircei. - - j - Je 1H BURGUNDY A tmail quantity of Cham - bortin and Romance, in cases of 0 duet a eaco, ior sale by " CULIAN LUDLOW, June 17 Iw ' No. 15 Whiteh U - it. NOW landing fron English brig Elirabeth, 100 chaldron Ijvernnnl nw lUt rnul .f superior quality and large, and will be sold low in lots tn suit pnrchaserr, while afloat. Apply od uoaru, pier no. v, bast Kiver, or to L,AIAU el KASUULt'tl, Je 17 6t 98Vesey - t, IT V03, 7J Wshuigton - ueet, offer for M.M.. sale 19 bale Georgia Upland Cotton 170 demijohns of 5 gallons each A few dozen watch springs and chain. je!6 Iw rr - Oi KtAMA Royal Printing Paper J. OU 26 do fine Writine Demy 20 reama thick Folio Post paer for sale by COLLINS & HANNAY, J one 15 Iw 230 Pearl - strret. A&UMM&K HATS. FEW cases gentlemen's willow hats, suit al'le for the present season, just received and for sale by SAMUEL WILLIAMS, June 1.1 3t 123 Pearl - st. VTA N TED to hire, a Pew, in Jt. John's V V Chapel. Enquire at No. 58 Hudson - street, je 17 lw LORD BY ROM. rrtWS day is published and for cale by X KIRK U MFJtCEIN, (22 WalUtreet,) Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, Canto the Fourth, in a neat volume tu match the other volumes ofh'.s lordship's Works. Price 75 cents in board. je 18 CI THE ' LADY'S POCKET LIBRARY." CONTAINING Mi Moore' Essays Dr. tJregory't Legacy to hi Daughter Rudiments of Taste, by Uie Countess of Carlisle. Mr. Clinpone's Letter on the government of the temper. twiil'i Letter to a young, L.ady newly married, and Moore' Fable for the female sex. (price if I bound,) is this day pub - liihed by L.&F. LOCKWOOD. Je 18 lw No. 1 10 Chatham - street. f I1HE 4th canto of Childe Harold's pilgrim - JL ngc, with other poems, by Lord Byron. Trial of Henry B. Hagerman, Esq. on an in dictment for an assault and battery, with intent to murder; committed on William Colemao, Esq. editor of the New - York Evening Post; taken in short - hand, by David Bacon, Esq. attor ney at law just received and far sale by Je 18 corner of Nartf k Spruce - its. UWEliO 'PICKETS FOR tale at GlLLE.ll lE'S office. No. 114 Broadway, at cheap at they can be obtain ed at any office in ltd city. Je 18 3t COAL AFL0.9T. QNE hundred chaldron Liverpool New Pit from Liverpool, now uisfjliarguigfro ii orTbPird tne tmp bange, lymg at lMvcr - ttrcet - wharf. They will be told on moderate terms in lot to tuit purchaser. Application to be made nn board, or at the sub.cribers Coal - Yard, 274 Front - street, who has on hand a very exten sire stock ot Liverpool, Scotch and Virginia Couls, of prime quality, which he will dispose of on accommodating terms, ami flatters him self they will give ample satisfaction to those who make trial, je 13 6t , ALF.X'R. FRASER. KALEIDOSCOPES. BY the great exertion of the manufacturer of these much admired article, the subscriber if - now enabled to supply any number that may be ordered. The rapidity with which they have told, and the tatisfuction experienced by the purchasers, it is believed hat never been equalled in this city. The subscriber sell only those manufactured by the gentleman who first made them in America. It is suggested to merchants and booksellers residing at a distance that to procure them with all possible speed, will be a ure source of profit to themselves and of pleasure to their customer. A small number of large one of remarkable beauty are now completed ami for sale. Z. GRISWOLD, je 18 lw 96 Maiden - lane. To Canttntert, Flatterer; Stmt Cutters and Careen. THE BUILDER'S ASSISTANT f S most respectiully addressed, and worthy the 1 attention of every one, either interested or directly concerned in building, as it contains the most useful matter in their respective pursuita ; auch aa deaigua lor Store Front, town and country Dwelling, with their detail, a Stair Cases. flam - am, iuiKirgiou;nng, uoori, vtiouowf. Flaming, Roofiiiit, Flooring, Partitioning, Spi rals, Architraves, domicili i, r ntet, yircne. Tomb, btepo, Marble Alaolle, Lentre r lower, with a anmlierofelegaat examples of Foliage, (.r k and Roman Mouldinzs, plain aad enrich - d with Workinsi Drawinet el' tbe most beauti lul iDecsmen of the order or Architecture, bxtui Grestjt k Roma I together with a description ol tne prnpertie oiaii sina oi miuenni uiea io uie onstmctionof buildinits, with (he P'O.wrtioni an - st pielhod of mixuig Ct working ch at requir io be comnouuded. to a to render tnem dura hie. The strength, ttrest and best disposition of timber id framiox ol carpentry, demoasirated. sbecinration of the tereral work, with rules for estimating and measuring the tame. To fa cilitate the knowledge by theae instructions, the letter press will be accompanied with ISO cop ner - nlates f60 of which are original desiens) ac companied with definition of the most approved method of construction, character and applica tion, from tbe best authority studied for their di rect use, ann mace appucauic io ine prearoi strle of building in this country, with plans, el - lions ana seciioo, uy jmn iinvimini, tect anderurraved hy Himh Brirlport.artwt. 11. KKiurUKi most respecnuiiy mionnsine nnhlic. that be i on a visit to this city, for tiie purpose Ol soliciting ujt imiruiiac w ,u,'rv iinrir for the above work. Tbe sanction of and namea of toward of 150 subscribers at Philadelphia will, ne ireis assurea. auaicirnii j recoaimenu ine merits of the work ai worthy their attention and that liberal eocoaraceroeet wblcB they Have stu tid to merit, both ia its deshrn and the reason. ble term of it completion, wlucn win be in 3 olmeif Ore number each tone nam ner io ne published monthly, at one dollar per number, rwrab!e on delivery to subscriber ; to aoa - sab - scrihers, when completed, $18. Tbe first number is now rdy for delivery, and may be seen, with the list of subscribers, at Messr. Kirk and Mercein's store. No. 22 treet, or at the residence of the proprietor, No. 60 Broad street, where name will be received from those who wiiia to bocouso FOR S ALE, 30 warns ol Lasia rp - r, ble for Ban Box maker, or wrar Baker. The onality and site is trie am as the Ertaing Pot i piiakd co. Ajfty at this omce. Je 18 al PASTVRH,: m FflO be let for the season, ten acre excel JL; lent Pa - lure, situated on the Fight Avenue, directly in the 'rear of. the new (tone church S the Bloomincdaleroad. It is under goed fence, and toostly red and vhite clover, and well watered. , tor terms, apply to , V 'CHAMBERS fc CO..". jelS lw - No. 48 WaU - st. New - York. , NOTICE. WHEREAS in consequence of the past irregularities of my wif,' Jan Anu Dela - plaint, now in or near the city of New - York, 1 am determined, to apply immediately for a divorce from the bonds of matrimony. I hereby forbid all persons whatsoever from trusting her lor money or good of any description, as I will not disclsiu - ge any debts which she may contract ' J. DELAPLAINE. Philadelphia, May f3, 1818. ' . ; may 29 eod3t ' ' - UAUT MARGAUX Si SA UTERJVE, D LYNCH, jun. (at No. 40 Willism - strt) . ha imported by the Illinois from Bordeaux, a few cases of claret ol the celebrated vintage of 181 1, and Sauterne of 1G02. which be offers for ale, and can recommend them of the first quality. Je 18 lw 260 SP. HIDKS. COTTOJV, Ac. anish ox hides.lauding at Brooklvn in goou oruer - 40 bales prime cotton, mostly square bale 10 chests imperial tea, Huntress cargo 30 cases men's bats, imported lately from France, suitable for th Ncw - Orlean market. Also, 20 barrel: prim pork, for sale by HENRY COWING, 191 Front corner of Fulton - street. Tune 16 lw RICE. 10 tierce Rue, lauding Iroru schr. Arabella, at Muiray'i wlmri. ior sale by CLARK, MOORE & CO. ' Je 17 41 South - street. Y TAN TED, a COOK ; the beat recommen V V dalions will be rcouired. Annlv at No. V linage street. , Je 16 rit 614 roBAcco. kegs, Virginia manufactured tobac 53 half kegs, co, of the best quality k brands, now landing ana lor eale by - J 17 lw CORNELIUS DU BOIS, WANTED. FROM 10 tn 12,000 dollars, nn real security, for which 7 pur cent, per annum will be giv en. Apply lo BLEF.CKER LEFFERTS, Je17 1w 35 William street. COGNAC BRANDY. s!rj pipes 4th proof J Old Coenac 15 randy, of superior flavor. now landing Irom ship Illiuois, fom Bordeaux, ana ior tale iy FREDERICK REICHARD, Jel.Slw 4 William - street. IRlall LINEN Si, DIAPERS, M1EET1NG8, A sic, S. LARGE and various usortmrat of the following goods just received by the latest arrivals from Dublin and Belfast, are offered for sal, on reasonable terms 4 - 4 and 7 - 8 linen in whole and demi pieces 7 - 8 and 4 - 4 do coarse half bleached, very strong 7 - 8 lawns, 4 - 4 sheetings, very strong and low priced 5 4 sheetings, 3 - 4 brown and black linen 3 - 4 diapers, 6 - 4 to 10 - 4 table diaper 3 - 4 Linen 4 - 4 linen remnants, 7 - 8 dowlas, long and book fold First quality Irish sail duck 4 - 4 cotton shirtings, Colored threads, assorted THOMAS 5UFFERN, , June 15 1 w No. 6 Depeyster - t. FOR SALE, by JAMES F. jljSDuE, No. 7, opposit tho Park, .boxes Sicily LEMONS, in fine order, In 40 lots to suit purcnaners. 1 lo INULlaii HAMS. BACON. 4c. just Wi lli ported Just received by tbe subscriber. tfrnibte lKwKeiUrf - De4hia aad - Xuk. - Apple Cheese,of a very superior eirality i Yorkshire and Wiltshire Hams; side and Ncbe ol Bacon, ol a superior quality? icnglisb Lard, in blunders, and small firkin; Glass and Briitol Stone Ware; lanre Bottle ; ripe aad Demijohns. ALSO. A general assortment oi urocerw, f nn Bau, ces. Sic. for sale cheap, for cash, by EDWARD BLACKFORD. 157 Greenwich - street. Best Havana Began, in qr. boxes Je 16 lru ELEPHAN TS OIL. 4 GRAT Dronortionof tho cam of the brill Jane Maria, wiH be stored and qW by tbe I cask, in quantities to suit purchaser . Tbit oil I it i believed i a pure aad burnt as wtn aa tuns - 1 Carriage are informed, that application tor timer itrained uierm. oiU and i more valuable I ceoaea are to be made at the Mayor's office, oa ior ine use oi curriers and wool manuiacturer. For sale by V UVl - DQ je ii 89 Burling a lip. 20 THE PUBLIC. FOR sale an excellent (London made) patent Mangle Thit article being of a different construction to the generality of Mangle, it worked with a deal less labour, is not liable to get out of repair, nor do tbe works require to be taken to pieces to clean Warranted in per fect order require at So Jobn - strett. June 16 lw f 11 WO or thre single gentlemen, or a roll JL man and his wife can be handsomely ac I commodatcd witb board and excellent rooms at . 239 Broadway. June 10 4f TO PRINlfcRS. rpHREE or FOUR pressmen will find imms - X diate aud constant employment, by apply. ,nS 10 lUr 'n r No. 20 Sloat - lahe. N. B. None but good and steady workmen need apply. A turvr - roy al Press for tale at the above place Je n 3t ANOTHER ASTONISHING WONDER. A GREAT Natural Curiosity may be seen for twoday.onlv. at th AMERICAN MU - SEUM. A very large SWORD F19H, which wa token on WednMday last, about 30 taiKr south of Sandy Hook, by captain Cosswork, of the smack Uvid rorier, win do ea - imiiee ior two day only, in consequence of tbe hot weath er, at Scudder't American museum, witnout any additional charge. Thia remarkable Fish, and tb onlv one ever in the Museum, is between 1 1 and 12 feet long. The Sword (many of which have been known to pierce through tlie Sides of vesaclsi is 4 fcet lone, the lamest part of the bo - dy about 5 fcet in girt ; ha very extraordinary eyes, V inches in circemierence, ann weigns i bout 300 pounds. This fiib will positively be removed fmm the Museum, after two days rxni - hition, until be can be properly prepared to be returned, when it will then become Dermaoent inhabitant, erasing the many other coriositirs of this valuable Institution. Je 18 a vimnt.r. AHF.D WOVIAN. A RESPECTABLE middl - gd woman, of j. ;. kahitil. with riod rcomeodV I tions, who could make herself w eful in a lam.iy in taking charg of children, a wing and attna - in totting charge of cb.JOren, logtotlsechsmtmaybearcarr r by anrlyin? at this office. June 18 3t A STEAM or Tem bot f Wwited. builder of, Steam and Team boats, are invited to make written proposition to the Phtmix Boat Company. No, 212 Marketetreet, Philadelphia, for constructing goat, a small draft of water, light built. itru deer enmil ou leei long, ami prujwrini - beam The Boat i designed to ruaecros the river from Philadelphia to Camden'.' Pro - position are alto wanted for constructing aa Knirine. ami also Machinery for horses. In or der to select the plan which the Company may approve, it is desirable thaf the prapeeaU be particular as to detail, and that the shortest time be stated at vhich th work will be completed. , , - j ii t PDULIC SALEt 7?" Nr BY NATAMEL G. iNfJRAHAM. 1 tMilunlav. llv.Sifl. inst. . At 10 o'clock at tl Auction Room, a quanfl ty of houfehold furniture, cmuiitin of bureaus. J chairs, tables, Ac. kc. tic Bj order, of tt OUeriB..,; ...... . :.V. . By MILLS, MlTOS k CO. ' Monday, . .';, , A general assertmnt ot Dry Goods. - - V ' Taesdajnext, '. - ' : : At Kirk A MercemHoom, No. tt Wa11 - treet 1 case double and single barrel French sport' man's guusj 1 case fowling pieces ; trunk fan; cy plated ware 1 do. do. tiaand japaned war), i cases plated war ; 1 do. gill aud bronxed caa ' ' dlcsiick, ; 2 boxes chaddehsr, candlesticks bron sed and gilt) 2 piano fort; case alabaster tima piece - I do gentlemen's dressing an4 ! dies' work boxes ) 8 elpgant work box r 2 d. warn a lands ; 1 carved box of uamwood ; 1 srtt (3 in sett) wash basons: 20 do." waiterai 2wm cool en ; 1 desert, tea, and coffee sett, china ; I pier table, snarble top; chairs; 1 case FreticsV paper hangings ; 3 Cniue paintings. , ' " MARMLF. FOR BUlLI)lMit kt. . THE proprietors of the southero marble qua ries, pear Kins' - Bridge, eri eotice, that they have on baud, and are receiving, at the Atng's - ifriag Mat bin end lAtne - Jerst, loot ot ' Bach - trt, on the Hudson riven an extensive stock of marble lor building, of the tallowing dv acrintions, yii ; '. Aahlar Coping 1 .. Foundation Eton. Chimney - Piece ' Facing - - Column - j Watertabl . Stop i . Platform SiUs, Lintel Arches Also Lime of the nest quality. 37 A constant supply 'of the above materials may be calculated upon; 'and those deriroe ti purchasing, or making angagemeais will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, . Feb 11 . , . , At ti e Yard. STORE Tu LET Uf RltOAUWjtt. , ELIAS VALENTINE intending to relinquish the bookselling buaine, oflers to let the store 104 Broadway j it is a first rate stand for retail tor, 1 ELIAS VALENTINE having taken hit brother SAMUEL into partnership, the COPPERPLATE PRINTING business wilt in future be conducted under the firm of Eliat ti Batoael Valentine. Office 34 Spruce - street. ELIAS VALENTINE, V 8AMUEL VALENTINE. . Order from buy part of tlie union, executed with neatnen ami despatch, and on the most ret - . snnahle terms. Je 18 NOTICE. . (tfr All persons having claims aninst the es tate of James Douelas. stonecutter, deceased. are requested to present them without delay to Horace Holden, Esq. No. 131 Fulton street, for adjustment. Those who are indebted to laid estate ee informed, that immediate payment must be made lo prevent prosecutions. . JOHN M Ex HER, i WILLIAM bit A RP, Executor. SAML. N. SHARP. ) Jl31w . - NOTICE. - (Tj William Dilwortli and Abrtn. Voorbee having entered into co - partnership, their business will beconducted under tbe firm of DILWORTH fc VOORBEES, No. 190 Water - street. , - Tnsv orrta von lb, - S3 bale csme'.t wool, lit quality ' ' 4 esse French do. 1st do. Russia hare wool, beaver, to. je 15 lw " - ; VOJiCA;. . TJ The Subscriber has opened an establklt - meot which he has entitled the BLOOMING GROVE GARDEN, about three ouarten of a a1.!18,0? he Brooklra ferry - itair. on the Ja - maica Tumplk road, oppcwlt capt." postte cpi. It. BTSW patronage ofhlt friands J ers, wnere be solicits the patronage ol and the public lie has laid in an assortment of the choicest Wiacs and Liquor that th New - York market afford. Also, at aD times, at tbe shortest notice, he will furnish Chocolate, Coffee and Tea, Kelishe. Sic. Th Garden M band soma and very shady, aad from the garden there it a beautiful prospect of th Narrow, Btalehr Island, Ac JL.CAMBIE. Jun 16" 2 w NOTICE. To trxtntri of Hatknrv Carriage. to" Tbe owner and driver of Hackney Monday next, at lxo'cioca The nrintert emntoved trv the Corporation will please insert this notice daily antil Tuesday next. Je IT Consignees of Goods by the ship PER, are iiiiorroed that Demission ha been ob tained from the Collector, to tend all goods to tbe Public more, ior which permits we not ton on board io five days time. Je lis b, Wiituijmgsw, NOTICE. ffr IF Richard Perry Savadre. son ef Thom as and Elisabeth 8avadtj;e, formerly of the city of Philadelphia, is living, or if dead, hi legal representativ will, by applying to Mr. Wa. Savadge, at St. John' Square, Clerkenwell, liondon, near or tomeuung so oi or weir aavan painter by trade, wa ia England in the year j7s, iroca whence he returaed to PbUadefphia in the year 1794 1 io the year I79. he is suppce - ed to have resided at Mr. Robert Maxwell', ia Middlatown, Delaware Coonty, Maryland t and afterward at Downing' Town, from whence he i luppoaed to have removed to New - York. N. B. Ifanr Denon will produce a letai ceru - Ceateof the death of tha eid Richard Savadge, BB 7 r" ... .1 1 ! 'ro - W" 6 "" M rewMd tar hi tmahle. Aay information respecting the above aaiaed person will be thankfully received by w DMiira as uaiki'iiJi J 18 las 312 Pearl - streat, New - York. REMOVALS;;' tit MACKJE, MILNE JC CO. bve rra Ted to N. 61 Pine - street. may 4 - . . i,,HN ABItM. WILUNK Si CO. have rtlnOTeti from yi to 79 Whirujc - atreet. . . . y . m f.Silt HANK. - ADIv I DEN U OA tnrt pr.coni ror aia sratuir, h suth iosUnt, hat been this daw declared payable tu the ttockholder on the first ofJ.lyaextt - rj , r ; B Order Ol in ooru m nimim, , Jel7 Im D. I. GEV.ENP, Cashier. . FOURTH OF JULY JUBlLEtL .nm - ua - c. - . - - k .1.. . Battery, may be bad, unttlFrWay tho . .ppsjcijio, & a,. flgff oa tbe 26th instant, by applicaUc BalurT. Thiepirwwt wJ n whODOcwpied tnlat rreaoby applying ooo. J1A &t - :. ...I.. : JOHN dfx;lew. FOUR IH JULY JUBILEE. BOOTHS Place for erecting Booth at tba Park and Bewling Grew the th July next, will be asignd on Thursday th ICth instant, at tn ciVj - hill, between the hours ot and IU 10 the forenono. Those persons who occupied tben last year wiU have thrtpreference, if appked for til Friday tbe Cth instant. Jel6 a w a I r. i. WASTED, a waiter, who can prodirc goodl reccommeadations 5 noeAber ed apply. Enquire at 21 Park Place, or 243 Water - stf - . Jl64t - wrirrr. WOMAN. iVcOOK aad do the A. kitchea werk of a H aily. A thuotfc. r - 1 1 V ', . ' 1 : 1 " 1 1 , 1 . r. '( ft t '1 . - i s - '.. '.S ' '.A I i

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