The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 13, 1937 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 13, 1937
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

TWELVE MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 13 · 1937 -j sf ?, j ' SETTING OF NEW HOUSE ADDS TO ITS APPEARANCE Individuality of Placing o .Homes Improves Neighborhood. The location o£ a house on the lot is often blindly determined bj a building line which has been established either by restriction or custom. Where such a line is established by regulation, the house SHEPHERDS IPAj.NT WALLPAPER 16 FIRST STREET S . E . For .New Home OR. REMODELING ' CALL 3194'. R. P. HANSEN GENERAL CONTRACTOR Financial arrangements can be made for responsible parties. Effects · RUGS · DRAPES · CURTAINS ·FURNITURE C a n , B e Carefully Cleaned and Color Restored. SEND YOURS NOVV PHONE 788 cannot, of course, project in fron of it, but there is ho reason why must toe the line. Seek Individuality. Many of our suburbs, parlicu larly the developments that hav been laid out and built by one or ganization, carry out this regimen tation o£ houses so that the stree present the appearance of a com pany of soldiers with slightly dif ferent uniforms. How much better it would te t break up these serried ranks an give each-house its individualit of setting that will place it on th right spot on its lot, regardless o whether or not its front line is few feet in front of or behind it neighbors! Not only would this be better'fo each house from a lot-use ang] but by staggering the houses th light, and ventilation .of ail woul be improved. . , ; : . - . - Porches Moved. In the days of the front porch when the street . sides of ou houses were dressed up like sho\ windows for the benefit of the pas ser-by, this lining up of fronts per haps had some merit, but this ex cuse has vanished now that th public definitely prefers privac and has moved the porch from th front to the back in order to tak advantage of the backyard as living area. Houses built with a view to ob taining Federal Housing Adminis tration insured mortgages shoul be carefuHy placed on the lot so a to make the most of the spac available in order to receive a hig rating. THOMAS MACHINE CO. WE DO ALL KINDS OF MACHINE WORK ALL WOKK GUARANTEED Phone 2503 3D3 2nfl S. W. Mason City, la. It's not too eariy to think of spring planting--we have a complete line of lawn seeds, shrubs, fertilizers and landscape needs. LET US HELP YOU Kemble's Greenhouse PHONE 55 -- A Perfect Setting-. . . for Your Windows! How fine your Curtains and Drapes will look when we have skillfully Dry Cleaned them. House cleaning cares vanish when you let us take charge of them. LYONS LYONS PHONE 600 CLEANERS -- LAUNDERERS-- FURRIERS NEW · MODERN Different Walls and Ceilings · Here's a material that gives your walls and ceilings a new-kind of'beauty--plus insulation value and noise- quieting.-Nu-Wood Irilerior Finish Treatment is dislinc- · live--has a uniq-je texture--is furnished in a range of glowing, blending colors. ' Nil-Wood is for old wills and ceilings--new ones, loo, It is easy to clean--permanent--tosts no more than other materials. See Nu-Wood ia use. See us--no obligation, of course. FULLERTON LUMBER Co. Frank Mclius, Manager 15 Fourth Street S. W. Phone 3838 No Needier Old Eyes to Suffer While Youth Is Served A single lamp placed at th* end of divan represents improper IfdMina ai well ai unbalanced fur-' nilure, arrangement. Note how well both parties' are served when the right lamps are placed on end: tablet at each side. By JEAN PRENTICE "Youth will be served," says -a well-known adage. But most fair- minded people will agree that old eyes need not be sacrificed in the process. For with a little common sense in the arrangement of lamps and furniture, proper provision may be'made for old eyes as well as young. Watch Eye-Comfort Zones. L ' In the upper left illustration, the tell-tale line of light shows the end of the eye-comfort zone as clearly as a river banlc shows where the water ends. It reveals that while little Betty has ample illumination, poor old "Granny" !ias very little, not nearly enough for- eyes that have become dulled by age and abuse. Of course, Granny knows that she isn't get- ting enough light, but then, -age is tolerant of youth's demands, isn't it? . Too often we "go on the basis that just enough light to see by is enough for our needs. That is one reason why. eye defects are so prevalent today. We sometimes overlook the fact that our eyes, in order to see clearly, need an abundance of glareless light, far more than we usually give them. T\vo Lamps Give. Balance. Jt is unreasonable to expect one lone lamp to provide enough light for,-two people seated on a divan, unless that piece of furniture is placed a~way from the wall-alongside a fireplace, for example --in which case it should be placed at the rear center. Any other position, besides being wrong from a lighting standpoint, makes for unbalanced arrangement. Light Shades Help.' A really sensible way to light a. divan situated against a wall is shown in the upper right illustration. Here we have two end tables with lamps of proper height, each equipped with two 60-watt bulbs. (Smaller bulbs cannot be expected to give the required amount of- light). These lamps are not of the "dinky" decorative type, but really do a good job of providing illumination. Note, too, that the shades are quite light in color, permitting the light to come through, and are open at the top, letting some of the light escape to the ceiling 1 , where it helps to illuminate the entire room, and provides a soft, smoothing" effect, appreciated by ill. Built-in Dressing Unit Is Convenient A modern bedroom has a dress- ng unit, comprising two closets, wo chests of drawers, and a dress- ng table' built into one end of the room. A large window is located over the dressing table, and mir- ors of the same height are set in he corner over the 'chests, be- ween the window and the edge )f the closets. The closet doors lave full-length mirrors which nay be opened to give a full- ength view. Built-in equipment may be included in homes built under the Insured Mortgage sys- em of the Federal Housing administration. ' Electric Motor Repairing- By Experienced Men New and Used Motors Bought and Sold Zack Bros. ELECTRIC CO. 305 2nd S. IV. Phone 977 Mortgages Started in Seventeentlv Century Present Day Instrument* 7 : -- ' Was Evolved From Earliest Document. WASHINGTON, modern mortgage, t). C.--The as it is -used today, is evolved from the seventeenth century, when a written document first became obligatory in a property transaction, Fleming A. Waters states in an article in the,current issue o£ the Insured Mortgage Portfolio of the Federal Housing administration. Before that time, he says, a feudal system existed whereby all lands were believed rightfully to belong to the king, who gave them to the lords with certain incidental obligations. These lords in turn, parceled out the land tc the tenants for obligations of the same nature as those which they owed the king. When ' a lord transferred property to another nobleman, much pomp . and ceremony was connected with the transaction, with attendant publicity," but there was no written document. No Set Pattern. At present, as from the first, no set pattern is required in a mort- KEL VINA TOR YEAR AROUND AIR CONDITIONING HOME OFFICE STORE Appliance C®. NEXT TO WESTERN UNION PHONE 514 LET US ESTIMATE . . . . Any Plumbing, Heating, or Sheet Metal Improvements You : Plan On. Keiroy Fuel 8 Furnace Co. 137 Fourth Street S. W. Phone 441 Plan Your Spring Remodeling NOW . Buy your Millwork products today, while prices are still very reasonable. MASON CITY MILLWORK CO. Our Craftsmen Are Skilled in Making "EVERYTHING OF WOOD" Phone 155 Corner 4th and Monroe S. W. gage, but certain provisions are demanded. The document must describe the parlies with reasonable accuracy, and such parties must be qualified to make the contract. The premises must be described with equal accuracy, and the nature and limits of the estate conveyed must be made clear. The debt which is secured must also be cited. Frequently various covenants are included in this instrument, and some states have enacted statutes establishing statutory forms. In most eases the use of this form is optional but is generally used. Third Party Paper. Besides the mortgage in wblch property is conveyed from one person to another, another popular form oC conveyance is the deed of trust. Here the conveyance is made to a third party, called a trustee, and takes effect only upon failure to pay the debt. The trustee can be divested or his limited title upon payment of the debt at any time before the property Is sold to satisfy the terms of the deed of trust. This deed, given to secure the payment of a debt, should not'be confused with a deed which conveys t o ' a third party in trust to hold for some other purpose. In the latter case the trustee is the legal owner of the property, holding for the beneficiary tc protect his interest, while" in the former case the so-called trustee holds for the benefit of the mortgagee; and while legal title technically passes to him, such title is bereft of every element of ownership except a bare power to divest the grantor of his title and vest it in another after default. Recording Emphasizes. · The final present-day requirement for the .culmination ol a mortgage transaction is the signing, sealing, acknowledging and delivering of the instrument. While the mortgage does not have to be recorded to be valid, these recording laws have to do with the transactions on subsequent purchases. The recording of a mortgage has the effect of putting all persons on notice t h a t ' the property is so encumbered. Staggered Shelves for Shallow Closet Shallow closets have always aeen a problem, and the modern lousewite has tried many meth- qds of converting them to a logical use. Book shelves may be auilt in stagger formation, with a ;all vase or statue helping to fill m vacant space. Lighting may be concealed in the top of the closet. When you buy a home undor the nsurcd mortgage system of the federal housing administration and want to change the house to suit your needs, this suggestion might be helpful- LIGHT PROBLEMS OF HOME, SHOP SOLVED EASILY Modern Engineers Correct . Lighting Effecic in Planning. Lighting engineers a r e c o n fronted \vith many problems in the planning of correct lighting effects for various types of establishments. · . '. ' In store lighting, the merchandise must be attractively displayed and every means that may contribute to sales appeal must be utilized. Light is an able and efficien salesman, cheerfully working 24 hours a day if required. Consider Lifflit. To display wares successfully the psychological effect on possible customers as well as the advantageous and adequate lighting of ,surroundings must be considered. In food shops, it is generally cpncedeo^that cleanliness is essential; they must look inviting, anc commodities must be presented in a bright, appetizing manner. A barber shop must be and look sanitary, and the work done there demands sufficient light from at angles. Subdued Atmosphere. Women's apparel shops require a quiet, subdued atmosphere, with special spotlights that may be centered on particular offerings displayed in attractive, cases and satisfactory illumination for mirrors Department stores need brilliant lighting for certain sections and less stimulating effects for others Meat markets,' shops, ~ clothing stores, vegetable markets, drug stores, laundries, candy shops--all have their particular requirements. · Judiciously chosen fixtures are of valuable assistance in augment- There Is a Paint for every purpose Sherwin Williams PAINT Headquarters L.A.MOORE LUMBER CO. 829 South Federal Phone 119 PHONE 989 For Dependable Plumbing- and Heating Service J. C. Puth Company 202i/j North Federal Ave. Just Arrived-Big New Stock Latest Lighting Fixtures. SEE THEM NOW ECONOMY ELECTRIC W. T. GLENN 23 1st S. E. -Phone 504 Lightolier Distributor WALLPAPER SALE Buy Now-Save! CLOSING OUT ALL 1!)3B PATTERNS AT HALF PRICE Sec our 1937 Papers-hundreds to choose from --ranging from 4c to 51.90 per roll. StarWallpaper and Paint Co, Opposite Post Office ing lighting effects, in adding to the beauty and artistic atmosphere of surroundings, and in forming the perfect complements to correcl display. Many on Market. ) Many satisfactory and useful lighting fixtures and arrangements have been placed on the market during the past year, and operators or owners of stores will find it advantageous to give consideration to a possible installation of new fixtures. Of particular interest are the artificial day-lighting developments that have proved of great assistance in many stores. The proper lighting of private homes is becoming a more scientific matter in modern houses. When a home is built under the Insured Mortgage System of the Federal Housing Administration, adequate lighting is provided for. Focal Point Guides Decoration of Room Before a room can properly be decorated the owner must decide on a point of focal interest. If there is a fireplace, this is a logical choir"; but, lacking this feature, a window, particularly a large one, will do. If you are building a homo, this spot should be decided on when the architect is drawing his plans. The Federal Housing administration insures mortgages for the construction of homes up to 80 per cent of the appraised value of the property. WHEN YOU Use · BUILD · REPAIR · REMODEL 'NORTHWESTERN" Portland Cement · For Beauty · Permanence : · · Satisfaction Northwestern States Portland Cement Go. General Offices, 6th Floor First National Bank Bids. Spending of Building _ Dollar Now Analyzed According to Building Trades Employers association of New York City, in its News and Opinion, the building dollar of. 1936 is distributed in percentages as follows: Carpentry, 43.3; masonry, 16.3; heating, 7.7; plastering, 6; plumbing, 4.9; painting, 4.2; concrete, 4.4; sheet metal, 3.6; overhead, 3.2; hand grading and miscellaneous, 2.3; forms, 1.7; electrical, 1.7; excavation, 0.7. ZORIC Dry Cleaning Leaves NO Odor! ZORIC Ideal American Laundry AND Zoric Dry Cleaners IT'S PHONE '2Z New Fairbanks-Morse W A S H E R S New type agitator moves ou»- fourtli moro water per miutile. Washes faster. Washes fcelter. · _Yet saifes wear on clothes. Pyer-r- BLZO porcelain tub, large KeaTy".*' duty wringer. Operates so quietly you'd say it wasn't running. See this marvelous new waster today. CHAPIN-O'NEIL INCORPORATED 302 S. MONROE PHONE 1606 NATURAL GAS WATER HEATING . . Perfect Supply . . Lower Cost Be done with the nuisances of your furnace coil; forget stair-climbing, dirt, ashes, soot and srime. And at the same lime, save actual cash by installing- the Ruud DC Sato Automatic Water Heater and its perfect hot water supply: A 60 day free trial in your home will convince you. Phone us for details. PEOPLE'S GAS AND ELECTRIC COMB\NY 60 Days' Free Money Down . Trial . . . . N o . . $1.25 a Month HOT WATER OUTLET)-, r[COLD WATER INLET [TEMPERATURE OF WATER -(GOING TOTANK VARIES [ACCORDING TO AMOUNT OF FIRE HEATED WATER IN TANK COOLS QUICKLY AND MUST BE HEATED OVER AND OVER AGAIN [WATER ABSORBS -HEAT THOS ROBBING ITHE HO USE OF HEAT COLD WATER GOINGlj WATER COIL INTERFERES WlTHl INTO FURNACE COILJ COMBUSTION-WASTES FUELJ THIS IS HOW THE FURNACE-COIL WASTES YOUR MONEY One shovel of coal in every five is the charge your furnace coil makes for an inferior hot' water supply. 20% of your entire coal nile Change to natural gas anil Instant liol water at the turn of the faucet "Si i If '· i I m

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