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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, June 19, 1818
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J Free a lata London paper, , . LANCASTER LUNT ASSIZE: IUfttft la on. 'fir Juha - Bayley. luiight, and a v , tpecial jury. . , Breach of vmu o auurae. ' , ,V V ! Oat - oa. f - CoiJt, Eqo - Concluded from ear paper of Wednesday. ' To this Utter answer wu written, bat for that answer the jury muit wait till it should be the pleasure of alt learned friend to produce it - Bat be would state the sabstanco of the letter. It would be observed,, that the invitation te come te Kirkland u not addressed to her Mother, but to herself alone. The lady, with a degree of delicacy which did her honor, and shewed the eoodnett ol every part of her conduct. suggested to hi a ai aa excuse, that the had a variety of unrigs to attend te., Tne lovitabots on in part ' of the defendant, was tuscoriliii jty raoewed, end another letter - wat written tjain, proline; mr tteudaoce at Kirkland UalL The fetter watt this effect t ... ... - . - - ', . - .a .1 a w t i. - . ; t .... wj 4i oar wary I una morning rwoTu ' you letter, and for many reaeoat I honestly coo - Cm I aa extremely eorry that you appear to bare a variety of una rotdabJe concern at this yourself. With regard to your dresses, and viucr waaruif approi, uwse image, I presume, are not to be execaled by yourself, bat by such persons are termed millinen and drew makers and when once they hare procured a pattern, little more is required. But pnt this argument aside, and suppose the ftrst lady of Uie land was on the eve of marriage, the milliners mast wait for the lady, and not the lady lor the milliners. Aay other weighty concerns, I am at a lorn to know what they can be. .' However, I must now turn on a more doleful . euHect: Mr. Crumbleholm is so dreadfully ill. that she may now, from the turn of her com - ' plaint, lire to see through a week or two. or but Uie any day. The treat intimacy which sub sisted between her and my uncle calls juponue to show every Irroprieiy of oeeduct, and every respect i due toe valuable a woosaa. It hat bee desired bjAIrt. Crotubleliolme herself that I avtAiiLt mwaeveiii - at ,4 iL. L 1 family, it ft only correct that I should pay her umatant attention j indeed, it would be unfeeling raumuoucateii i uij not. I uau a wish, on ma - ay accounts, that you would have been introdu ced torn v aunt; the is at the head of ths familv. , therefore respect aaj etiquette is due to her. By tbe request of my mother,. I voce more repeat our invitation, assuring; you how delighted and happy we should be to see you, truttiug that the v none oy proxy or on your retaro. If you will .do as toe honor of paying use visit, we shall be - siiost happy to recti re you to a four o'clock din ner on t rviay neat I nave purchased Ji T ateby staii, ana given j.Jt,uuo." . . . ' Tbe bargain for the purchase nf the estate had been ooocludod, bat the contract for the Warruge bad never been carried into effect, lie took it for granted Mis Orford returned an answer to this letter. The aext letter was dated tbe Eta of May, and began - "My dearest lovV (the lover had rot a lit . lie warmer ia bis expressions)" I this awning received your auecuonate letter. I have now given you two invitations, neither of which yon have accepted, either from the remarks of the world, or tome other thing. I think it right to say, mat owing u a circumstance, Mrs. Clarke will not be here at the time appointed: and! think it right also to say , that I am getting pretty well, and can ride, ami can get about a little ; but, however, I will leave it to vour own iudr - Bteat and discretion whether you will yet com or not. My mother Kid me say, that she will be . - very happy to see you and Mrs. Orford here, ant of these days you may please to atiDoiot t if von - will come, I shall certainly tay the earlier the day the better." ; - - The letter concluded with saying that he fas affectionately her's. , 1 ' la consequence of this invitation, Mim and Mt$. urkMti went to htrkland - ilall, where Uty were received at before, aod treated with e7ery posiible degree of kinducss. She was received ' tf the defendant at hi intended wife, and by his moUer as her future deughter - M - b v. They remained there till the 6th May, everything being then cootidereit as approaching rapidly to the coatummatioa that had been looked Jo for tome time. Mr. Orford, the brother, had been informed of the djcu meats having been submitted to the defendant's solicitor, and that gentleman with the adection of a brother, expressed . his readiness to concur in any act that could gwe immediate possession of tbe property to which ' his titter was entitled. Mist Orford and her mo ther reached Liverpool about the Sttth Jtfay, and the next letter they received was dated tbe lit 1 of June, and wu at follows : " My dear Mary Ton will, I have no doubt, . think me very loo ia writing to you ; but believe mo, I have been much engaged. . The un fortunate bntiuem existing between my uecle. ' AlexanJar Butler, and bis wife, it not yet tet - ' tied; of course, you mutt be well assured such - must require tome time before it can be finished to the satisfaction, of all parties. Unpleasant as this bostneit it, I am necessitated to go to Bur - ,. tliaa again on Tuesday morning, and, for my part, I with to roounett the whole thing was set tied. - The moment I have concluded this affair, depend opon it, you will tee me, for I long for tbe pleasure of your company, lou must ex - case the brevity of this letter,' as I have ouly time to dress for dinner, and have company to - cay. All here oeg tneir nest regards. . , t x. B. COLE." Would the jury believe that this was the last , letter this ardent lover had ever written to the olijectof hit affections Would it be credited, . that he bal immediately afterwards altogether . withdrawn himself from the family ( that he had closed his correspondence with this letter, and had never subsequently wntteo a single line, or ever been seeia by the lady or her friends .' He eaw the jury express their astonishment. Of . what materials could such a man as the defend ant, have been moulded ? . How could he, so late at tbe tSth of May, have stated to this lady, tnat she was the dearest object of his affections, and the mistrers of Kirkland - Iiall, and then have closed his correepoodence by that cold, unfeeling and unmannerly ep Ue he had just read. .It was naturil to suppose, that the diHress of the ramily would be excessive. . The lady knew not what had become of the man who bad professed himself her lover: the bad written a letter to bim wUch he called upon bit learned friend to produre. Nothing afterward was Heard M turn until the event winch concluded the butmetsv - Oe the 90th nf Aurut. to the astonishment of V the tamilf, and more particularly 'of the lady, it was permciy anoouoed, that tint trentteman naa entered into the mirme state with a lady, of whom he should say toothing further, than that mtrm w u.e uatiner or Mr. Urimthaw, an at torney of Proton. Bach were th. ces ef the prwenl ca,e, and he thought they pre. seated a very extraordinary one. The letters were then read, and au proved to nave oeen m use nami - writiug or the defend sot ; bat Mr. Scarlett 0'ijected to them, and submit. ted. that it they were intended to be put m as ' evideore of a contract of marriage, they ought 14 nave Deca prcnouKy iiatnpeu. It was jt' - tetapted to be shewn by cross - exami ' nation of the plainlifft birthr, who proved the tfckndanl't hand - writing, thnt his rister, the plarattfT, kept copies of the aiuwen she had writ ten. ' . Thomas OrfofiL (he brother, deposed to a this at m hie ku tbe the stated was not bad that been aa heard to wrote tnat seph was red - tees, and had high ' lor to ever and tna , $tmd easily uoors Tea not had io - the terms of friendship ou wliich the families had lived, and to the familiar visits which the defendant wat in the habit of making previous to, and at the period when the contract in question wat entered into. Ue stated, wai sa coo or taUcB with tbe defendant, they haa reicrrcu w projected joarney to Eyre, Mn O. had pressed bis delermmatioa w go - i wtuchthe defendant said ft wu too early now would hit sister like that? It would Dot do. for newly - married man to leave hie wife to woo was on the 53d ol April. The tame witnese itateO, that the defendant had visited b mother Liverpool, aod had been uniformly received the character of her futnra eoa - ia law. The witnese stated he had treated Mr. Cole k;. r,.tnr hrotherJn - law : he taid, that at bit deaire, be had banded over to him the wills of father and grandJawer, wius sww w arrangement of the property oo the marriage cl miMmr. nd dial the defendant had laid tiiem before hit father's solid tort, Wilton and ou, of ISoltoo. Tbe witnem taid he bad never heard! defendant alledge any reason for breaking off match. Upon his croet - examinauoo, no that the defendant's accession of fortune rather unexpected, and he believed he bad received an education quit suitable to his fortune : he bad been at school at frescot, and left it in 18 IS. . The wit nets ttated that the adding wat considered to be so near at hand hit lister's wedding clothes were purchased. Witness admitted that upon the match having broken oil be had autborited hit couzin, captain Wilson, to call opea the defendant for explanation m bit conduct, tint toe precise character of the message' conveyed by captain Wilson did not appear. J be witness bad cover that captain Wilson had paid his addresses hit sister. He believed hit sitter, when the letters, wrote a copy tint for the fake ef quickness and correctness j he had seen a copy of sort which toe had preserved. . t he certiucate of the marriage between Uie defendant and Mist Grimthaw, by the Rev. Jo ttowley, ofhciatiDg minister of Lancaster, proved by Mr. Jeffries, clerk to Messrs. Or - and Brook, of Liverpool. Iltouat jJuncan, the defendant's steward proved that the defendant's rentals amounted to XSrWU a year. James Croiiper. of Liverpool. one of Uie trus under the will of Jlfiss OHord't father, deposed to the mat resuectabditv of the family. gave a very high character oi the lady he ever considered her as exemplary in a very degree. Both the plaintiff and tho family associated with the flftf people of Liverpool. lcaac Blackburn, Esq. brother to the member tbe county, tore tbe moat explicit testimony the character of the plaintiff and her family. With regard to the plaintiff; he had alwayt considered bor at the most artless girl th it he had teen in hit hie. fie described her as a very beautiful woman, and a woman of good sonse discretion. Her conduct throughout life he believed to be uniformly correct, Mr. Scarlett addressed (he jury, on behalf of l, at considerable length. Mr. Juitice Bayley summed up the evidence. The jury retired, and returning into court in about a quarter of an hour, pronounced their verdict i or we piaiotur. Uumagct, term tViou poundi. j This trial had been the subject of general con versation throughout the county of Lancaster for several monint past, and persons of all ranks ap peared to be interested in the result. We do not remember any former occasion when the public curiosity was more excited. It may, therefore, be imagined what an immense concourse ol auditors would be presume for admitUmo Crowds were collected at every avenue, and the were scarcely thrown open, than the court. spacious at it is, aud capable of containing t.OOD parsons, was instantly lined. 1 be ladies were conspicuous in all pails of the court, having bra - every aanger lo oDiain admittance. The verdict, which bestowed so considerable an ad. ditton of fortune on the suitor, was hailed with universal satuiaction. Oo the " subsequent morninsr. Mr. Scarlett moved for a rule to show caute why a new trial should not be granted. He submitted bit. applicant on two grounds : 1st That th) letters containing the contract of marriage bad not been duly stamped, as he' contended on the trial they oognt io nave been. And eecondry, on the ground of excess of damtgi. It svas upon the latter ground be princieily 'relied. He observed, that it was the first instance in any similar wmcn damages to such an enormous a - mount bail been given. Mr. Justice Bayley was of opinion, that the objection cf the learued counsel, as to the letter containing the contract requiring a stamp, h l the least validity. Upon the question of excessive damages, he was likewise of opinion there not l) - et sufficient grounds laid bcloro the court to disturb tho verdict. Taking all the circumstances of (he case into consideration, he was not prepared to say, that if it had been put mo option oi me young iu; to have received inn ucioiinnnt as her bushiind in preference of 7000 which bad been awardsd her, she would not have choseu to have accepted him rather than the damages to that or any other amount. tie inanaeu vioa me constitution of tbe country ft.i1 nl..i , k ... . i . - . had where it wat. Upon the whole, he thonzht he ought not to disturb a verdict dispassionately sir eo, in a case where, if ho had been one of the jury, be might himself have been inclined to have warded even larger damages. The rule for a trial was accordingly refused. JVEJr - YOUK brEXLNG POST. FftlDAT, JUNE 19. tmtacola taken i by sformWe perceive by the National Intelligencer, that letters have been received at Washington from Georgia, which shite that certain demands having been made by eneral Jackson ef tbe inhabitants of I'ensacola, and refused, ha had proceeded to attack the place and actually carried the fortress by storm. It war theo declared between at and any other nation t Tbe president hat been tent for haste to Waihiogton. More it meant than mteli the ear. The United States' schooner Nonsuch, havin; on hoard the president of the United otates and suite, was spoke last Sunday off Swan Point, oo his way from Norfolk to the seat of government. The Noil lk Herald stales that he had receiv ed letters from Washington requiring his speedy return, . Aota engagement. The Mexican armed schr General Fielma, capt. John Deveie, bar arrived at Wilmincton. fN. C.l from a cruise. and furnishes tbe following account of an en gagement the had with two brigs and a felucca. under Spanish colon : " May 10, lat. Is, 13, S. long. 6", W. at 2 r. M. taw three tan io me southward, and stood for them At half past 3, two leagues distant, hoisted our colon and Ared gun. They proved U be two brigs and a felucca, and hoisted Spanish colon. At 4 r. M. com' meoced a fire upoa Iham, which wat returned m a very spirited manner. Finding to obstina' la resistance, we determined te board them; and in the attempt, ran fool of the commodore's vet tel, our bowsprit being locked within hit main ngging and mainmast A constant fire was kept up by thoenctny, by heaving combustible bot ties, grenades, &c. sutd every possible means used to prevent our bearding when she blew up, carrying away our bowsprit, sprang her foremast, tct tiro to her gibs, rigging, fcc The grape te We sible, that hired 4th in ever fire of has was man, xent His jor hut us so, 1 port injs his the anu aid tne the other brig bora down to assist her j but cur two long tstne being to well tuppVied with round and shot, caused Use, fat a very disabled ttate, haul hie wind, and leave his brave commodore. bauled oft, repaired damage! at well as pos and aent our boats to tave the - Spaniard remained on the wreck; and the next day a Dutch fLhermaa la land them at Cur - racoa." , . F.xtroordinary itipalch Tt was mentioned under this head in yesterday's paper, that .Messrs. Kirk Mercein had got oat lord Byron's canto with a degree of despatch unequalled this country and greater than probably wu known. ' But we are just informed that Messrs. Goodrich St Co. began the same work hour after Kirk & Mercein, and got tt out before, them this ought to be entitled motf ex - Inordinary dctialck. . Candor of Mr. JVeei The conductor of tbe National Advocate of this mornio,for tbe purpose throwing discredit and ridicule on the editor, quoted part of the testimony of a man, who indeed a witnem in the late trial of Htgei but whose assertions Mr. Noah forgot to mention, a number of our most respectable citi - swore they would not believe on oath. statement, in this instance, wat wholly untrue, at my family can testify. Tliit it just tuch treatment at long and close observation of Mr. Noah's conduct bad taught me to expect. An article wat lately extracted from tome Philadelphia paper, and credit given for it to the Democratic Press, in which was ascribod to ma - general Jackson, an irascibility of temper, a note from the editor of that paper asurrs that it was a mistake, and we presume it wat although we cannot discover, after a laborious search, the paper from which that extract was made. HURRICANE AT ISLE OFFR.1.VCE. ausl itud for the Salem Register, from the Ga sctte of Mauritius, printed at Fort Louis. ' Our distressed colony has probably suffered more in the late storm than in the fire of the 27th Sept. ltlltf. The storm which happened on the 28th ol February and 1st of March, has spared nothing by land or water. All the vessels in the were lost or damaged in some degree, and many lives have been Kt. Many houses io tho town are ruined. Un ...e plantation, the build have tuflered as much as the fields. Manv plautcrs haveMost their alL and the distress is general. It it impossible, while every one is busy to sea what it left to him, nther than lo tell losses, to obtain an exact ac ount of the losses colony has sustained. We beg our friend me tnnanilanls sit r en oral to five us ci - ery in a general tutemont, for which they shall nave our mankt. Ihe barometer tiinU lowci than was ever known, and most of those who observed it were unable at first to accoaut for the notices it gave in so extraordiuary a armorr. it appesrs that the ino.t violent blasta were fro - n m. t.. out wild a lorce vcrv uorumuI, ve could see small vessels stand it, while clherr of greatest strength were destioycd at a small distance from them. Many persons ol served mat me ram water was salt, and on lb - . any ef ter tho storm the water which flows near the town wat found brackish Liil ef the veutlt in Port l.mjit durhtg the I'orm of win eeo.and ut.varen. Ship Ceres, capt. HerJ, ashore, having lost mast, and olherwiie injured. Ifii'Mr, LcoigTteur, little inureJ. Lc Velocitere, Larut, ashore, daaiaged. Uo B.ucher, Kirr. entirely dismasted. Le Zopbir, Vital, stern and wast injured. Lo Jeonn, Adrlphe, ashore, lost her rudder. La Mioerve, Mai come, ashore, dismasted. . Li Cflcetiue, ashore. L'ACricaiue, damaged. : F.njf Didphin, Coucher, dVmastcd. La Petite Fille, Macquet, entirety lost on the rocks. Ia Clelic, Floris, bilged, bowsprit and rudder gone. La Carmele, Ueirnaud. little hurt. La Fanui, CeaugearJ, mainma.t and lowrpiit SMie. La Contanre, ashore, full of water, Lewi in. William, Wictb, sunk. - Wellington, Mace, bilged on the roclo. Three Brothers, Mallard, ashore, dismailcd. La Philomela, sunk nn the rocks. ' In the Troii fanfaron. ' r The French friratc, Maiicicn, capL. PurvW, ashore and sunk. Ship Melauth), Eckley, athore, having lost er bowsprit. rrinte Uezcnt, White, bawsnrit broKea and tide m. Eugenia, ashore, lost a mvt and moch hurt. Palias, Aveua), ashore, i.ot mil' h hurt Julia Martha, Bertrand. lost two anchors and cablet. Henry, Ray, hnref but little hurt. Paix, Chovclaure, ashore snu'c, $12,000 loet. Julia, Luco, ashore, almost dry. Laura, Lacroix, lost her bowsprit. A Hamburg vcsel ashore with her cargo ou board. Ocean, Feakes, ashore, lost her bowsprit. An Arabian vessel, ashore, mnintopuia.t gone. Brig Caroline, Leramus, Ralph, Duronvray, much injured. Gnlfin, Rasruin, up dry, Willi loss of masts, and bottom injured. , I .i 1 1 v, purochcr, injured, drove ashore, but got oil. , l tox, Lcoel, tost every thwjj by the botrd. Ilenrp, 1 Croix, ashore, lost lur bowsprit and mast. Java Packet, Laumcau, high and dry. , Maria, Ilolln, ashore, lott her masts. " Tne American brio; Jason. Bric jt. (of Salem) drove anj injured against Other vesielt. . 1 he Gen. 1 ether, ashore, lost bowtnrit and rudder. The Revenant, ashore high and dry. fhe cutter Lucky Oills. ashore. 1 he Oolette Jeune Lnulic, ahore not much hurt. The Ari'.e, tome hurt but afloat. Tho Modette, asliore,drove Die whole looeth or ti,e port. The Amelina, dismasted and asliore. The I' hulk, sunk. The French Colette Ueux Ami), tunlrl all pcriMlieil but Uiree, 1 he Jeune Olympe, sunk. . r . Tbe Prosperity, ashore. i. Tbe Furey, bilged. Twenty small craft, from 10 lo 50 tons, Wg ed or damaged in port. The French vessel L'Esperance, was realy f r tea, but not to be seen in ihe miming. It must have gone our - in the right. The captain and part nf the crew ere on tltore. On Uie 13th of February, at 7 in the mlrn inp tlie Baronvoter wat at 23, at 6 in the even ing at 87. at 5 next mominff at 25.6. The Thcrroonvter. French 22. At 6 the winl a baled, and frtjra N. R. pissed Northerly, and at y srai S. W, and began to abate, had lessened much at 11. and at 6 in the evening wat pleasant breeze at S. W. the Biromctrr then t 97. 9' A letter from the Isle of France, received in this town, mentions that the loss by the hurricaae, in the shipping aone, wat found ' ... of - ded the not the of wat .rul of our or by be " tn iT to exceedOM dollam y att actual appraise ment, ; ( r. - ' V . " - .v . , i'rets BtpvMit Chromck ofthit mmng. Colonel Jhmteri JrVetmeis. The third Regiment of New - Tork bute Artillery, belonging ,i. IW Lricrade. paraded Yesterday, OB the Collect, at three o'clock proceeded to. the Park, where an elegant atanuara was prcm - t them bv the Mavor. in belialf of tlie city corporation accompanied with the following 1 IHIDL'Ca ' . Ri.Tlie rcDreaenUtivet of vour fellow ci - tiaent in Common Council of thia city, have made me their organ to present you the ttand oolourt which you will now receive. The fathers of our political institutions foun tbem on the principal that freemen were best protectors ot ineir own uuerue richts, and all Uiote whom we venerate u tailed to enjoin upon u the necessity of a well nmnixeil. and well diaciniincd militia. We live not been without experience ui advantage and competency of this kind force. The revolution, at it very Dirui, bathed in the blood of our citizen soldier, nnr fnes were tauelit at Hunker's Mill, Fort Montgomery and Saratoga, how far the spirit of freemen enabled tliem to conieou wm ilikrinlined mercenaries. We have ot late teen wun wnai aiacruy wic wm nf oiir toil will rallv round the standard ' . . . , . , .... . t. their country when the it threatened. The gloriout contest at Chippewa, ruitourgn ana New Orleans, will never tie lorgoucn, uu while thev live in the memory of man, it will also be remembered that he heroe of those achievements were American yeomanry, assembled at the post of danger by the first war cryof their enemv. Though his lastdesperate attempt to invade our toil wne made beyond reach, our country acknowledge! me rea diness with winch we prepared to meet mm when it wat thought hit migtity Host wat ue lined to our shores. Among the band of citizens who put them - sclvet in arrav on that occasion, none was mure conspicuous than the regiment you commanu. The remembrance of their alacrity on that occasion, the promptness which they have al f . .1 ways shown, when their assistance has been asked to preserve the peace of the community to support the laws of our country, their constant sokl'.er - like appearance and deport, ment. have rendered tliem worthy the lunior able testimony of approbation which I shall now present ami wuh it you will please to receive assurances that the f ithers of the city, in whose behalf I act, entertnin a perfect cuofi dence that this standard, while U is cuarded von, and such as you command, will never deserted in disgrace. On receiving the standard from the Mayor, Colonel Hunter replied in the loilowini ttrais It is, sir, with no common feelings of pride. aiM plr; sure, that we thi dav receive the ttand. arl veiled In us hy the Honorable the Isonunou Council ol this city ; the proud cmineuce oo wliioli this city is plnceil, by the patriotism and Mgh - niinded liberality of its Magistrate?, give tins testimony ol its esteem a value and iri portanre, which will ever make it at ence (he - fniive, itud we rich reward ni devotion tome wihhr. trood. We are vroil convinced or Ihe ouiidiicss of the rr nciple advanced by tl. i..ii UTS of our lie puulic, that Freemen are the t prorecturs of their own rights and prinies t ti.e tpitndid ifcttanres w hich you cile of tlw proofs siveii hy ur gallant countrymen, of the in ol thPt principle, while they nil our hearts ith hones', pride, will alio awaken our arobi in to lotiow in the path of clory which they trod before us. The alacrity with which our coun rymcn, nenne the late war, di.w to ineir c imtry's slandaid, wet honorable to them at ntun. ami wat evincive of the rtroos bold which our ftepublican Institutions have in the eductions oi'the people. Tbe flatteriiis: notice you are pleased to take of the conduct or onr corps on that occasion, is htzhlv cratifVlntr. nnd be assured, Sir, it adds much to tbe interest of tlie present moment, that this standard it presented to us by tne hand of one who stood foremost in that hour of danzer to breast the storm whicl theo threatened our beloved country. Be assur ed. Sir. we consider this Standard, now present ed, as bindine us by ever v tie of honor, aiid of patriotism, more closely to our duty; and we trut that if at the rail of our country, it shall he hereafter displayed in defenrenf its ritrlitt. it's supporters wili not be unmindful of "hat they owe to their ciiiMry as Cificrni, aod their own honor at Soldiers " Te appearance of (he regiment, on this occa sion, was truly elegant. The mnrchine salute, and other evolutions were performed with accuracy, and the whrie proceeding! conducted in the true military ttyie. Alter the parade, the oncen ot ine reeiment. agreealdy to previous arrangement, partook o: ar elrijant dinner, prepared lor the orcaion by Mr. M'liuyre, aiVathinxtnn - llall, to w!nrh the m - mbers cl tt e Corporation, ond several other gc - i.tlemen of distinction, were invited. from lite .Vaf Intelligencer of June 17. Ve 'ii.1ersttd that the president leit Norfolk on SV.jeday lat, after hreakfuft, on his ret im to Itiu city, intending to cull at Cinnoy UlnnJ, Hampton, and Old Point Comfort - lie may, therefore, be expected here daily. Private lttrs from Georgia, received in tlii city yesterday, state that on the 2Ht of May gen. J.icIcmw took possession of Peiracola ( having mado certain requisitions whirls had not been compiled with, he carried the fortress hy storm. It will be perceived that cant. Obrd right, who commanded the militia who attacked Che - hiW, had been arrested by gen. Jar&on; but, laving been icleased from custody on a wntol habeas corpus. wr arrested by the povemorof CJeorjia. Tbis unfortunnte affair will lead, we fear, to many unpleasant consequences : we can not conceive, however, that the character of the itste of Georgia will be tliirmatrzed ty this trans action, at one of the papers of that state appre - ber.di. It is not possible that the popple of Georgia cart be blamed lor what they have depreca ted ai strongly as the cilizcnt of auy other ttate a the union. the Charletton Patriot ef June 9 - One hundred r.nd forty free necroes an i tlnves heloniiiito ths African church, were taken up vestercriy Hiitrnonn by the city ruuro and Imls d in the ju.irdhoue. Tlie ity council tins mrniinc sentenced hve ot them, rcoittins or a ijisriop an.l lour tuinitters, to one month's impris oniaent, or lo give security to leave the ttnte. r.ichl othr inmisirrs were also sentencen, tep - arreiy, io roceive uo taiiiet, or pay a Hoe eatl of five d'lllurs. From the tame Pcper, of June 10. We are authorized and we deem it our dote to give a fuller statement of the facta, than tbt contained in our paper nf Monday last, in rela tion to the free people of colour and flares, who were taken np nn Sunday, whilst holding an un. lawful meetinz in the form of a distinct con;rez lion ; at from the histy maimer in which tbe paragraph was drawn up, erroneous imprecision may eo abroad. It it well known thit ia even church in Charleston, and throughout the slate, accoaunod - iiwDt are provided tor sut.h of the na rroetand Ire people of colour, as choose lo at tend divine service, and that lae numbers of ll em are communicants, by smdry acts of the lesulature, it is notitivcly io. - .dden thut slaves, or free people of colour, should ass emblo " for the purpose M mental ius'.ruction,n unless a ma i wity ot the assembly be composed of white per on. I his law ha been in urce siuce uie year I "TOO, and. uutd lately, has been to far observ ed, tSat the public authorities haJ no occasion to take airfares unilet it. A few weeks since, omeWrcks constituted as biopt and preiichcrt in uce of the not - thera cities nut '.Kre,and eodra vjirl toboU meelinrof Mru:k conzrefraConi y vlnsircly ; turd oo of the! rconere Client wss'a - ItenupandcM iofd, aid the nextdoy difnied pertuiiJ'y by the city magUtrates,'ito explain of as as of .A tli !. 4n ikfrru an2 Simnnislied them tn drfidually to abstain from a repetition of a like breach of the law. ,The black priett after ward endeavored to get the city council to grant a dispensation and allow them to hold their meetings in thw way they wished. It wat fully explained again to them, that the law tlie slate wat obligatory on the city council, who not only, without the pretence oi a tingie lute person, could not aispente wwi m pro vision!, but were also oisposcu o essential a part of the policy ot tne state, xvoi - withstanding all these lenient measuret, the tame preachers, in open violation of the law, and in defiance as it were both f the ttate and city authorities, last Sunday held in a house in the suburbs of the city a large and unlawful assemblage of free people of colour and slaves, they had done before. Thia assembly wat taken up by the city guard, and although every individual was liable, by law, both to imprisonment and corporal chastisement, yet the penalty was mitigated, and inflicted only on a fer of the ring leaders. Frees the Jim - Bniruvich Timet, June 18. At a Circuit Court field in this city last week. Chif Justice Kirk Patrick prtsidiir, Lemons, the black man mentioned in our last havitiir stolen a trunk, wu tried, ronvicted, and sentenced to seven years' confinement in the ttate prison This tiromnt execution ot justice, and the certainty of detection, should, we think, be tulhcicnt to induce others to de sist from such practicet, even where other con - ideratiuns do not prevail. George Smith was also convicted ot stealing horse, aud sentenced to the ttate prison lur one vear. Mtflanctol'v.On Saturday evenine lait, a young man hy the nume of Segang, a resident Staten Island, unfortunately fell from the bow of a vessel, lying near the steam boat wharf in this city, and before assistance could be rendered him. wa too far mine to be resu - ciLited. althoui - li the meant were used for that purpose. PROVIDENCE. (R. 1.1 June 16. Fire. On Suudav mruaius last, toon after Ihe several religious societies had assembled fur worship, thii town wat atarmed oy tne cry or fire. A larso column of smoke in tne direction of the gin dittillery in CrauMon, about three unlet from towu, ownod by John n. oiame, Ksq. indicated that there mutt ba tne scene oi dojolMicn. Many Cilizcnt an 1 two engines im mediately repaired to the tpot, but not in sca - vm lo preveui ioe enure ueJirui.uuu ui una huh - able disVUcry and malt House, and tneir couieuis. H e understand the fire originated from the hurt ing of a still. 'I his it the second tune that s like catamite has hanrened at this place, a dis tdlery bavmg been tour yean tioce uesiroyeu, widen was owned y ouriorraerrespecieu bwus man,' John Colli, Esq. ' Appointments by the Hon. tlie Council of Ap Dotnrmeni. June u aoni iw, ioii. Ak - Fort. Isaac Adiianc aud Ralph Ja cobs, public notaries. , From the Norfolk IleralL June 15. he President havinz rcceied letters from Washington reqtiirin Ine tpcedy return, wat der the nccestitv of dofcrinsT further enniin;i lion ni'lhe coentry in the vicinity of this pl, nnd look his departure in the Nonsuch, on butuni.iy mnrriing, intnains to touch at Haiiptonand Old Point Comfort, tu his way down Elizabeth Riv er he landtdatCianry Isluud, and inspec.Ud that important fr.rtrss, memorable as the guardian post whic h hrcasted'lhe shock of battle, nnd tav - eri our town from the ravaces of a powenul and vindictive fue. The ISor.sucli bavins a prepiliout breeze tirxe her rlrpartu'e, the President w ill piobnbly lie in Washington to - morrow. . Prices Current at Kington, (Jam.) MavSt. Imports. Flour siipernue, per barrel I'SbO l.": shin bread 0: mess bef !. - ; ditto porit. Irish ?4 : tor 6 - . pitch 1 50 ; roac:i.aicl, (Tally 10 50 : ! fsprinsV 7 .10 ; alewives 0 ; herrins 76 a 7 50 ; smoked do per box 1 20 ; salmon per tierce S3 a S7 ; do per bid. 16 ; rod fish per lOOIbs. 6; l.unp oil per cnl. 1, tcarce1; white pinehnnrdt per M. 34 50 a 3.5 1 cedar shingles 12 ; staves, t?h and beach; ; do red nasi ttu uo white on it ana Dcnuioz Oi noeps :iiou nars no sale..' - fx ports. Romper gal. S? a 66 cts ; shrub $ I lime mice o i - c ris ; conee per iuuius. au 18: snar750a 1050: pimento 12. Hills on lnd n 7 1 - 2 per ceut premium dot Inrs 3 percent do.' 'Arrived, schr Sal! v, Crawford. lUdavtimm A;u'Ji!l, (I'crto R.iro). Ilt, sloop Howard Si James. Carrnwav. ef and for Norfolk in 20 dart; r our passecgert were brought in hv the a. who Monsrd to Rnssien thip from l'hilad. hund to Uuttenliurg, which wat catt away about the SOilt ult. at Turk Is' ind. Schr Alph, Lpthur, 10 dayt from N York. Bid'' w, ship Aon Alexander, Huwland, Irom Sew Bedford. Rnstnn Patriot OfRce, ) June 17 noon. $ Arrived at quarantine, brig Rover, Stephen son, in days from Havana, tpoxe. lat iv, I0115 74, sc'h Union, 4 days from N York for Havana t also, off the Moro, brig Cleopatra, 17 lays from Newport tor Havana. Office of the t'nirm, 7 Philadelphia, June 18 noon. 5 Arrived, thin Thomas Scattcrpood, War rington, from Canton, via N York, 6 days. Arrived at the Lazaretto, liniisii snip 1 no mas bclston. Mracnan, irom Liverpool via Heif .st. Sailed from the latter port 13th May 73 passengers. - fcch Thomas & barali, Coose, 17 days Irom St. Andrews. Helou", 2 ships and 2 brigs, names unknown. roLICr. - OFFICE,Jnnc 17. In coneqoenceof the great perfection in imi tation of recent imues of f.irgt d notes on banks, the notes of which are current in thit city, the justices nf the police have thought it a necessary prrrautiou to exhibit for the inspection of the citizeus. a duplicate of each issue, at the Tontine Coffee - house. Duplicates miy also be teen in ths register of the police - office. Dy the request of Mr. Jacob Barker, we pub - lidi the fnlbwing letter from the Bank of Troy totl.e Washington and Warren Bank, at Sandy - Hill, ttate ol New - York. (corr.) Bonifc rf Trou, June 15,'A. 1318. Dear Sir. I he Hanks in I roy and Lansinsbweh bave commenced taking vour note from their re spective customers at par, and will pretcnt tbem at tour t?aaa lorpayrocow 1 am, veiy respectiiniy, Your mint obed't terv't. (Signed) Altlt - DOUGLASS, Cath'r. lloht. Abhatt. Ksq. President, tcr.. MARRIED. On Thandav. 18th msU at the teat of Mr. Baisicy. I'rotiiect Hid near Flat - Bush, L. I.' by the Rev. Mr. gchoonmnker. Jamet Baisley, Esq. son of Mr. Francis Ban ley, to Mist Sarah Coles, lormeny 01 ainginr. On Tuesday 16th intt. by tlie Rev. Mr. Mil nor. Mr. tioerl r. svarne, . to miss t,aza Marsh, only daughter of r. Joseph Marsh, ail ofthiscitv. At Albanv,on 1 aesday evening, loin tost, ny the R"V. Dr. Bradford, Mr. Robert James, sou of William James, Ksq. to Miss Gertrude Lush, voimiistrtaeEhter of Stephen Lash, Esquire. And oa. Wednesday, James King, Esq. to Mis Elten James, daughter of William Jamer, Esq late ot the snid place. . . Ull'.l), In Templeion, on the 9th ultimo, Mrs. Mary Stow, wife of Mr. Windsor Stow, aged 34. In Lo.idcn,' on - the 27th April last, after a de Si A few days lUness, iotn . tfsrker Churchy Eq. late a respectable inhabitant of this city. - HyEJYlHQ POST MARINE LIST. . CLfcAtifclJ, , ; Ship Canton, Rogers, " - laverpool ; A Gracie tZ Son , ; Liverpoi4 Saltua, 8oo Si Co.. - SU Amirewf Ward k tfsbop . : Providence ; Justina, Tombt, Brig John, Wilson Dover, Esdall Wm. bmitlu M'Lelland, . Portland' G G ft S Ilowlaud) Sea Island, Wheeler, - ' llavaas Strong tt Havens.. . Schr - Vomiag - Star, Ilaukias . Washington , James, Taber, Madvira E. Fisher. - Edeutoa, NC. Bermuda , Charle Weed - Marniflcence, Ashbee, Sloop bucccs?, Briggt Fancy - Packet, Wait , Boston ARRlf JCIJ THIS FORENOON. Sch Andrew Jackson, Cillctt, 13 dayt from ' Bermuda, vitN London, in ballast, to M ester - ' UFLOW - 1 schooner. ARR.IVF.U JtsT EVENING, Britt Alfred Kingsbury, 40 day from Havre Grace, with dry good's specie, plasUr of pa, ris, Sc. lo Kaunmun K paKtr, owners, i vy My. land, C C. medburg, 1 Remscn Si Co. Manhall, Ea - tburn & Co. E Cbappais, Carcicr, Ravistia ; Co. Vint mux llenau, B Desobry, J B Craves, ' P Uelctze. St. Victor, t V Jtiviere, L, Uou - dain, 8 Satl., De Rham tz De Lestert, Larut, rainier a uo. sue tiaras, iayior it io. a lime, Henderson le Cairns, J Trulock, N & 8 Delongucmare, Camis U Rtuxles, Marsh Si. Brooks, J Lane t Co. J B Durand, II Columbel, Lambert, J J tabouisse, D Busby, J Baptist and to order. Left, May 9, ship Sophia, of Sa lem, from Batavia s Gen. Lingan, for Alexin. dris, to tail May 16; brig Factor, tor NYorr, and brig Volant, Cooti, tor St. IJomingo next ' day. The schr Weymouth had railed for Rouen ; brig Caihariue, Gay, uncertain ; brig Het - r ,7 I. ft 1 . , C . .U! Tlf I . per, lor it 101 w; 1 wip iinuam, roray, uncertain : .William tl Henry, Black well, do 1 Isabella, for N York next day t Repealer, Allen, for Baltimore; brig David Mofl'at, Davie, both unc; brig tiector, bhelden 1 etiipt Cyrus. Curtis, of Boston, fur Gottenburg May 15 ; Alb. Gallatin, Clark, lor Bt. 1'etersburg the 15th America, unc V Bcllona, Holdndge, just amt cd with the toss of her mainmast. Passat - gert, Charles E. Montcnac and lady, Mrs. F. Plcsartt, C T jviarciiai, miss ue t ebvre, tit; Aletnbert. G A Cmitha, L 1 ulum, A Souchier, A Baumert and ludy, P Schartc and lady, and Mi Bomart. " Brbt Helen, Frost, 46 dnyt from txmdonderry, with brickt, and ?9 passengers ia the iteeraxc, lo J. Agnew il Son. Left, Grand Turk, for .V York in 14 dayt brig Mew loo, of S. York, - discharging, damaged on her passage out hy the ice. sspoue, aiay lai. 41, , ions. ""h Mary, Stewart, 14 dayt fiom N. ork lor Unt - tol. Lat. 40, Ions;. Hi, bris Julia, Macy, 44 days from Gottenuurj; for K. York. Lat. 40, long. 67, schr. Mechanic, Yi days Hum St. Lucie fur Boston. Schr. Kliaia, Stockcr, 7 days rrom Boston, with plaster, tn the mstcr. FROVlDFJSCf June 16 Arrived at this port, ou Friday Inst, brig James Monroe, liuil, in 6 days from Charleston, with 32 passeogers. Brig Urn. Jarkson. rearce, 1 nays iron ca vannnh, with 22 passengers. Arrived on Saturday last, htlg Gov. ' Tompkins, Farr, 8 dayt from Savannah, with 5 patten - Ken. ' HOSTO, June 17. Arrived British brig Acadia, GeLlon, 26 days irom Trinidad. Lett May SO, hrtfc Mary it tal'y, Hyde for I! 01 tat or Portland in uOdayt ; alto, no F.nglith httg from London, just arrived bound to tho Oronoke, with 6U oncers m 10m ir.e j.tunoi aroiy. ALEXANDRIA, June 17 Arrived, tckr Tt.i luabetu, tnow, 17 days rrom Hoeton, Schr. Sally il Polly," Trott, 8 dayt from ew - York. ' ''' ' ' Schr. Merino, Calvert, 10 dayt from Newport. Brig Miio, Merrill. 10 davt from i'ortlaod. fc'loop Ocean. Mithlleton, 50 bourt from Nor. folk. On Sunday, off Swarm Point, passed tl U. 6. schr. Nonmch. having on botad the President of the United States, and tuite, bound up. ; QUEUKC, Jono4 Arrived, brig Lord Nid - ry, Kichnrdson, 42 days from Portsmouth. Ship Fretta, Stodard, 41dayt from London. ' Hrig William, Ridley, 54 dayt from London, 1 , Juue 5. Ship Roihicmairhus, Walton, 38 days frtVi Leith, with 90 passengers. June 6. Brig Aries, Troulbeck, 46 dayt from Liverpool. . Brig Eagle, W. Gallcbe, 34 days from Shieldt. Schr Harriet, Norway, 50 days from Gam Buz Northumberland, Pucholson, sailed xuta April from London. June 7. chip friends, Goodhead, 44 dan . firm Lpndn. , Ship Doncailer, Marshall, 30 dayt from New castle. 15 settlers. ' Brig Juno, Henderson, 45dayt fromDurtdet. Brig Aon, Walker, tailed 2d April from Lot. don. . '. i ' i'liip Tdetsing, Watcn, 40 dayt from Leith. Ship Concord, Ncssfields, 7 weeks from Livtr - pool. CO settlers. ' hlp Albion, Henderson, 44 dap Irom ixouos, limip Calypso, Cliatcs, 40 days from Shields. Brit? Prince Cobeurg, Hutcheson, 50 dart fi - om Cork, via Boston. Passengers 15 settlers, taken to Boston by force, by the passengers. June 8 Ship Majestic, Darper, 48 atyt from Sunderland. Passenger 32 settlers. - Ship Hardvs, Hundy, tailed 28th April from Shields. ..''; Brig John, Robinson, sailed 28th Aprd from Shields. Shin Brotliert, Jentinson, 49 dayt from urn don. '..' - Br'g Ann, Rrown, 49 dayt from London. Bri John & Mary, Fawens, 40 dayt from Shields. .' Brie Jolly Bachekr, Cavenhead, 45 ay from Sunderland. June 9 Brie Cleopatra, Broderick, 44 day from Relfast J settlers. Brig Renown, Watt, 42 days trom Leitn , 7 settler. PoaTLAin, June 14. Arrived, m ig riero, C.reely, 17 day from Point Petre. Ltflthero Mav 28, sch Eliata K M.xry, I otto, 01 uaroi - na,'fur N York in 3 days ; britf Ititam, Slier - man, of Newport, R. I. just arrived. . : THEATRE. MR. ROBERTSON'S BENEFIT. On FRIDAY EVENING,' June 19, Will be presented, THE SURRENDER OF CALAIS'. Eustace de St. Pierre, Mr. be juii - Xn' p r '.Jfter which, the fivoritc ballet dance, caUed THE STATUE, ' . Or, Cupid's Hiding Place. At the end of the ballet, Mr. RoberVson Wu sin - , in the rbaraclor or a negro tailor, a ue - scription of the battle fCh plain aod l"s. bUrTo" conclude with the melo - drama of the WOODMAN'S HUT. . . Vhimnt M' - rntcliard ZV.i ' Barnes E performance to commence at nail pasi o'clock, precisely. On Saturday, Mr. PritcJKtnl'e benefit - OthnH and tho comic ba?M of Uaald of Dundse, other eatertaiamentt. .

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