The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 2, 1944 · Page 22
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 22

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 2, 1944
Page 22
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22 Thursday, March 2, 1S44 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. PALACE * END FRIDAY · Mat. 21c - *ve. 30c GAIN IN ASSETS SHOWN IN 1943 American Mutual Life Income in War Bonds A gain in admitted assets of the American Mutual Life Insurance company, Des Moines, to a new ligh of $32,046,542.81, and an increase in business in force to a POWER "-FAYI »~AMECHE --DONIEVY total of $91,115,557 was announced by President E. B. Mountain in his annual report for 1943, made public here Wednesday. The 'report showed gains in es'ery department of the company's business during the past year. "Of the more than $32,000,000 in assets, $6,087,080.40 is in cash and government bonds, and $17,679,919.56 in state, county, and municipal bonds," President Mountain's report stated. "This means that 72.2 per cent of all assets are immediately liquid, one of the strongest records of liquidity in the history of this -or any other company. "In addition to the $28,609,103.84 policy reserves provided by law, the company during the past year increased its surplus account of $2,000,190.22 including the voluntary contingency reserve as an added protection for its policy- owners. American Mutual Life's entire income from premiums during the past year was invested in United States government bonds, bringing total holdings in these 'certificates of victory' to $5,- Hog Prices Weak and Slow 732,502. Invested assets during 1943 PALACE START SATURDAY Martha O'Oriiiill Paint Kniwlts' Edgar Ktnncdp Franklin Pongborn PLUS OFFICIAL-AUTHENTIC! yielded' a net interest return of 3.7S per cent. Mortality improved 4.34 per cent. Payments to policy- S| owners and beneficiaries during the year totaled §2,342,252." The effect of the war was reflected in the report, which showed that 541,039.82 had been paid during the past year in death claims on war casualties. W. H. Tate, Mason City general agent for the company with offices at 23 1st S. E., was awarded membership in the company's Pioneer club in xecognition of outstanding performance in 1043. Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. SOME CATTLE 25 GENTS HIGHER Heavier Receipts of Swine Are Reported Chicago, (rP) -- Activity in the hog market slackened Thursday on heavier receipts. Trading in the cattle market was very active and as much as 25 cents higher on all grades and weights. Bidding on lambs was about equal with Wednesday's market, but very lew sales were recorded. The salable receipts of 19,000 hogs Thursday were heavier than expected and packers had stocked their slaughter supply with 15,000 head bought at outside loading points. Indications were that a holdover of 6,000 head would result. Prices were lower than Wednesday, the top ol $13.85 was not paid freely. Most good and choice 200 to 330 pound butchers sold for $13.75 to 513.85. A)-- Salable 34,000; slow, _0-240 Ibs. 40-270 !bs. '0-300 Ibs. 300-330 Ibs. total hogs weak 19,000; on all SENSATIONAL CLOSE-UP SCENES OF THE BLOODIEST BATTLE IN MARINE CORPS HISTORY "MARINES AT TARAWA" FILMED UNDER FIRE IN TECHNICOLOR CECIL The - Season's - Best - Bet Now - Playing Full . of . Real - Thrills DANCE RUDD, IOWA Friday, March 3 MUSIC by EARL HUNT AND HIS oAND ERROL fLTNN OUVIA fc HAVIIUND , weights; sows steady; good and choice 200-330 Ibs. $13.75-13.80 top $13.85; good and choice 170190 Ibs. $12.75-13.65; medium to good 160-190 Ibs. $11-$13; good and choice 350-550 Ib. sows $13.1013.35, choice l i g h t e r weights slightly higher; approximately 6,000 unsold. Salable cattle 5,000; salable calves 800; very active market on all classes and grades; strong to 25 cents up, mostly 10-15 cent higher all through list; clearanci good; medium grade steers am heifers predominated; n o t h i n 0 strictly thoice here; few load good to low-choice steers $15.75 16.40; latter price top; both loca and outside demand broad at med ium steers selling at $13-514; bes heifers $15.25, bulk $12.50-$14 cutler cows $8 down with stron weights at S8.25; beef cows ver active at $8.75-11.50; weighty sau sage bulls to $11.85, scarcit weighty bulls continued; vealci firm at $15 down; stock cattle com paratively scarce, but slow. Salable sheep 8,000; total 8,500 very few early sales, askin stronger or around $16.35-16.50 for most good and choice fed western lambs, most packer bids $16 on good and choice lambs or in line with bids Wednesday; deck good but not choice lambs sold S16; deck common to medium light burry lambs $13.50; nothing done on sheep. Midwest Livestock (THURSDAY'S PRICES) Albert Lea Minn rend Sleady lo ood Butchers-- lOc higher 40-150 Ibs S S.'Jo aO-160 Ibs SI0.85 CO-170 Ibs S l l - 2 5 0-180 Ibs $11.85 80-200 Ibs SI2.35 00-220 Ibs 51:1.10 913.40 St:i.40 SU.40 $13.40 , 512 Si 30-360 Ibs ood Packing Sows-- iO-3»a Ibs 312.00 00-330 Ibs. S12.00 30-3CO Ibs Sl-'.OH 60-400 Ibs SI1.90 00-450 Ibs S11.80 50-500 Ibs SU.70 00-350 Ibs. S11.6Q Austin M i n n . Steady 10 JOc hiEhcr S 9.60 510.60 311.10 $11.60 S12.20 S13.40 $13.40 S13.40 S13.40 S13.40 $12.90 $12.00 SI 2.00 $12.00 Sll.WP Waterloo Steady $11.65 · 912.15 SIS.95 $13.45 $1345 513.45 513 43 SI 3.45 $13.00 S12.10 S12.10 S12.IO S12.00 SI 1.30 $11.80 Cedar Rapids Steady to lOc higher $11.50 SH.90 512.95 5I3.1J S13.45 £1345 $13.45 S13.4D SI2.90 $12.00 S12.00 $12.00 $11.90 S11.60 S11.70 ALL GRAINS CONTINUE GAINS Rye Advances as Much as Cent at Times Chicago, (VP)--All grains continued their slow climb Thursday under the leadership of rye, which advanced as much as a cent at limes. Dealings continued light and most of the activity was provided by local traders, although there was a little mill buying in wheat shortly after the opening. Buying of rye appeared based on hopes the war food administration would succeed in its efforts to have some of this grain used in industrial alcohol production. There were reports of some wheat Hour sales to the family trade. Oats lagged at the start but came ahead with other grains toward the close. Corn bookings expanded from the comparatively low level of preceding days this week. Closing prices were at the day's highs. Wheat finished : is to ^i higher, May $1.71 Va, oats were up \'n to I 1 /!, May Rye was ahead ^i to I 1 /!. May $1.28% to SI.29, and deferred deliveries of barley were Vi to =a higher, July CO-HIT SHE HAS WHAT IT TAKES ENDS T I I U R S . "THIS IS THE ARMY" FRIDAY - SATURDAY KII.l.IAM BOVI "LEATHER BURNERS". .MIDI- C A N O V A "SLEEPY LAGOON" MATINEE SATURDAY 11:00 I*. M. Local Livestock nor.s MASON CITY--For Thursday Steady to 10 cents higher. 140-150 S 8.30 150-160 S 9.90 160-170 SI0.90 170-180 SJ1.90 180-200 S12.90 200-220 SI3.41) 220-240 913.40 240-270 S13.40 270-300 SI:MO . 300-3M SU.40 , :V30-360 S 12.90 CHICAGO CASH G R A I N T h u r s i U y M a r k f t ) Chicago, f ^ ' j -- W h e a t , sample MANY STOCKS MAKE ADVANCE Report Demand for Rails, Specialties New York, (!P--Selective demand for rails, liquors, amusements and specialties gave the stock market a general recovery tinge Thursday and assorted favorites climbed a point or more to peaks for the year or longer. Dealings slackened after a steady opening but picked up at intervals as the session proceeded. While steels, motors, rubbers and other pivotals failed to do much on the upside, they mostly recorded modest plus marks. Gains elsewhere were well maintained in the majority of cases near the close. Transfers were around 700,000 shares. At new 1944 highs were Western Union "A" and "B," Delaware and Hudson, Engineers Public Service, Interlake Iron, Continental Bakeries, General Outdoor Advertising "A" and Common, Foster Wheeler and Brewing corp. In front were Paramount, Locw's Schcnley, American Distilling. Distillers Corp., Texas Company, Atlantic Coast Line and Union Pacific. Reorganization r a i l b o n d s turned upward. Tj. 8. PEAR MOM- *""·""··" " 1 THINK. THE *RGE. Ifc JEALOliS OF MV ttlUW-TCDAY HE S««3 I WE, ONE. OF THESE. CJUVS WO COUU) PBOBiy ttlAY A A UMF HOUR. ID ^W 1WA.1S . . Corn, sample ' grade I.llHi. B.irley. malting feed nominal. grade yellow S1.10S nominal: . . . Field teed per 100 Ibs.: Timothy S6.75fl R nominal: red top S14'J7I5 nominal: red cEovcr S31.50 nominal; sweet clover §10.50 nominal. Wild Nfqhts . . of sheer delights' Burning Days ·of reckless adventure] wondrous Spectacle .. . o f the mystic East! Ait RAVA ANB T1VC fORTY THIEVES ANDY DEVINE FORTUNIO BOHANOVA FRANK PDGL1A RAMSAY AMES MORONI OLSEN KURT KATCH and Thousands in Thrilling SpecUd««| It's a Picture of 1,000 Thrills -- and at (he same time Beauty at Us Best! FOLLOW CROWDS These Strenuous Days Demand Enlivening Recreation -- SO -DANCE and KEEP FIT MALEK'S BA\ 7 D FRI. CHUCK HALL SAT. LYNN KERNS SUN. Members of Armed Forces, in uniform, arc admitted free at the Surf and Tcrp except for "name" hands. LATE BUS WED.. FBI.. SAT.. SUN. BALL, BOOM AUSTIN MINI Scandinavian Accordion EEa Fri.--Don Erickson Sat. Chuck Hall Sun. Good light HSt* -Good light lights .. Good light lights Good lipht lights Good light lights Good light lights Good med. wt. butchers Good med. wt. bulchers Good med wt. butc h ers Go od me d. w t. b u t c h ers Good med wt, butchers Good packing sows ....... 270-300 S12.00 Gocd sows ................ 300-330 512.00 Good sows ................ 3.10-360 512.00 Good sows .... ............ 3(iO-400 S12.00 Goort snws ................ -100-450 Sll-90 Good sows ................ -;50-500 SU.80 D u e to excessive r u n o! hog*, please call the p l a n t before d e l i v e r i n g a n y hog*. JACOB E. D E C K E R SONS. CATTLE 1UASON CITY-- For Thursday Choice steers and hcircrs .. SH.00-15.00 Good steers and tieifers ---- S12.50-13.50 Med, steers nnd heifers .... Sl(toO- 11.50 Com- steers and helfets .... S B.OQ- 3.50 Cows, dry fed ............. . S 8.50- 9.00 Com. cows .............. .... S 7.50- 8.00 Butcher bulls .............. S 9.00-10.00 Bologna bulls ' Bolopna bulls, light Cutters Canners. hwivy ... . Canners, light ............ ... S 4-00- 5.00 Fancy select calves . ., ..... 512.00-13.00 Calves, ftd, to choice 130-190 SU.IHM2.00 Calves, fair to good 130-190 S 9.00-10.00 Calves, common to (air ---- 9 7.30- 8.50 Calves, cull . . . . ...... S 4.00 d'wn SHEEP MASON CITY-- For Thursday Genuine sp. lambs. gi. to ch. SH.Z5-15.25 G e n u i n e sp. Inrnbs. pd. to ch. SI 3. 50-14.00 Fed ewes, good to choice .. S 5.00- 6.00 i Common ewes ___ ........... S 1.0(1- 2.00 I Bucks ...... ,, ....... ....... S .75- 1.50 Mason City Grain MASON CITY-- For Thursday No. 2 %vhite oats ........... 70c No. 2 shelled corn 15'/i% moisture) . . . . .......... $1.02 No. 2 ear corn (15% moisture) .............. 98c No. 2 soybeans ........... Sl-80 Barley .................. 75c-Sl Produce (Merchant Quotations) (Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse) MASON CITY--For Thursday Eggs, current receipts 29c Springs, heavy breeds . . 24c Leghorn springs, 2 Ibs. over 21c Heavy hens 21c Hens, under 4 Ibs 18c Cocks, heavy 17c Cocks. Leghorns lac All No. 2 Poultry 4 cents less Eggs, at retail .. .38c Butter. Iowa State Brand . . . . 4 9 c Butter, Corn Country 48c PREPARE PLANS FOR CHEMISTRY Addition May Be Made to Take Care of Influx Iowa City--Plans already are being made at the University of Iowa for the anticipated influx of chemistry students after the war. Prof, George Glockler, head of the department of chemistry, said that consideration is being given to an additional west wing of the chemistry building. In his annual report to alumni, he said the employment situation, judging from the number of requests received, must be remarkable. "Firms request chemists and chemical engineers of all descriptions, men or women, with or without degrees. Anyone wishing to.get a job now or to change jobs should have a f i n e chance, for the demand is unprecedented," Professor Glockler said. The draft situation in relation to graduate students is a difficult problem, he said. Although direc- ives from selective service headquarters advise draft boards that men in chemical training are to be carefully considered for deferment, the local boards are paying ess and less attention to these statements. The department's "basic thought of operation is to carry on and do everything asked in" order to help the war effort," declared Professor Glockler. Much of the teaching during the past year has been concerned with the cadets of the army specialized training program, involving more than 500 Call Manly Operator., to Cedar Rapids Task Furman, 2nd the Rock Island here, left Tuesday for Cedar · M a n l y -- H . F. trick operator for Rapids where he w o r k a trick in the dispatcher's office for 10 days. G a r t h Lindsey of Rowan, relieved Mr. Furman here. Goodell--Maurice Conwell returned home from Dubuque where he has finished 2 years of college work at Loras. He left Monday for Minot, N. Dak., where he has been assigned for navy training. Butter. Brookfield .49c Chicago. May J u l y Sept 1 Dec OATS-May J u l v Sept Dec RYE-May July Sop!. CHICAGO GRAIN CLOSE (Thursday Market) . . S 7.00- 8.00 S 6.00- 7.00 S 5.00- G.OO Hides Ic a Ib. hipher. Also Ic a hides lo wholesale 1.6BU 1.66V. ,73 7 i .~4',i 1.23 1.2.1 1.23!; 1.7M1 1.63 1.56'i ( T h u r s d a y M a r k e t ) Chicago. '"*·'--Butter. f i r m ; le 477,636; market unchanged. Egps. receipts 14,925; unsettled; ket unchanged. C H I C A G O I'OUI.TRY ( T h u r s d a y Market) Chtcajto. OPj--Poultry, live, firm; cars, 6 trucks: market unchanged. May ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS ( T h u r s d a y M a r k e t ] Criicaco. - T i -- O f f i c i a l l y estimated snlablc livestock receipts for Friday: Hops, i2,- 000; cattle. 2,000; sheep. 3,000. SPECIAL Noon Luncheon 40c Every Day Except Sunday · Home Made Pastry · Home Made ICE CREAM FREDA'S Ice Cream Shop 217 No. Federal i Quotation! furnished by Wolf Broj.. :ln» F i f t h Street Southwest Horschides . . . . ' G R E E N BEEF HIDES Bull hides From 15 Ibs. up lie From 15 Ibs. dou-n 12c ·Cured hides Ib h l R h c r for dealers In-wholesale quantities. Miscellaneous C H I C A G O POTATOES ( T h u r s d a y M a r k e t } Chi raze. (,r -- 'W. F. A . I -- Potatoes* a r r i v a l s 10H. on track 217: lot*] U, S. shipments E64: supplies moderate: for western slock demand moderate, market f i r m for best q u a l i t y ; for northern stock demand very slow, m a r k e t dull and iveak: Ida ho H i .ssct Tl urb;i nks U. S. No. I. S3,l(Ki3.4;; Wyominc Bibs Triumphs U. S. N'o. I. «3.49; Minnesota and N'orth Dakota Cobblers Commercials 52^; 2.15; K a r l y Ohio? Commercials 52.60^1 2,70: W i s c n n ? i n Chippew^s Commrrcials 52.25: Florida Bliss Triumphs U. S. No 1. S^fiS.W per 30 3h. jnck. S3.15^3.2: per bu?hcl crate. Empona Foundation in Memory of William Allen White Planned Emporia, Kans., (/P)--A foundation to commemorate the life oE the late William Allen White,' Emporia editor, soon will be established here, it was announcer]. An organization is being formed among White's fellow townsmen to raise funds for the foundation, which will promote educational and cultural projects, public health, publication, social welfare, recreation and make grants N E W Y O R K P R O D U C E ( T h u r s d a y M a r k e t ) New Y o r k , OTj-- ECGS 31.359: irregular. C u r r e n t Rcncrnl wholesale? ,=cUirm prices follow: Mixed colors, special No. I No. ·!. -17 Ibs. and over 36Vaiff 37 ( ,ic: 45 Ibs. avcraRC SS'b'f'iaSc: cxtrn No. 1 to No. 2. 47 IhF. n n r f over 3.VbT/36c; 4o Ibs. average SVaft35c; medium 40 Ibs. average SIKJ^Ic: cxlra p u l l e t s 35 to 37 Ibs.. 2Tc; c u r r e n t receipt?; -in Ibs. average 331, 33'ic: dirties 43 Ibs. 32'b^i 32 1 ic: checks l'~«i31?ic. Butter 506.213; £irm. Prices unchanged at c c i l i n p . Cheese 275.97-i: nominal, no quotations. for buildings or other memorials, rines. SHOWS SALESMANSHIP Portland, Ore., U.R--Miss Helen Morris is such a super salesman that she could sell the Women's Army Corps to a woman whose daughter is a marine. Miss Morris, who is a sergeant in the marines and now stationed at Raleigh, N. Car., did just that. She induced her mother, Mrs. Nina Morris of Portland to enroll in the \VAC, being beyond the age limit for the ma- Auction Sale As I am m o v i n g away, I will sell all my personal property in the village of Portland, on · TUESDAY, MARCH 7th Starling: at 1:00 p. m. 2 cows. 140 Leghorn chickens, banded and tested for hatchery. 16 White Rock chickens. 1 brooder house 8 by 1". Brooder house 8 by 8. Brooder house 8 1 /: by 10. One Jamesway brooder stove. Watercrs and feeders for chickens. One Miller incubator, 400 eg« capacity. BALED HAY AND STRAW, CORN FODDER GROUND FEED 1 Waterloo Risoline engine. 8 H. P. One Ctlshmaii cas engine. 1 International feed grinder. 1 small ensilage cutter. 2 hand corn shellers. 1 saw frame with 20-inch saw. 4 small buzz saws. One 6-foot cross-cut saw. 2 WALKING PLOWS. BUNCH OF TOOLS. 1 SIIARFLES CREAM SEPARATOR. One 12-foot extension ladder. 1 "walnut table. 54-inch twin table, round. 1 buffet, chairs. 4 complete beds. 3 congoleum rugs. Dresser, commode, wardrobe. One Faultless cook stove. 1 Quaker oil burner. Circulating heater. 3-burncr oil s(ovc. 2 small wood heaters. Canned fruit, fruit jars. Several crockery .jars. 14 BUSHELS POTATOES. 7 OIL BARRELS. kitchen utensils. Many other articles too numerous to Some utensils. Many other articles mention. TER.MS: Cash, or m a k p a r r a n g e m e n t s i-ttn I h e clerk b e f o r e the sale. I will also o T f r r for sale the h o m e a n r t 7 a r r r * of l a n d w i t h c o m p l e t e set of building*. This is I h c plare for a r e t i r e d f a r m e r . One-half cash, balance 1c suit purchaser. MRS. GEO. MORRIS, Owner J. M. R o b e r t s o n , And. -- U n i t e d Home Bank Trust Co.. Mason City, Clerk BOARD AND ROOM By GENE AHERN Max Bernstein Pays $339 to Settle OPA Suit on Meat Sales Res Moines. f/P)--Walter D. Kline, acting director o£ the Des Moines district of the office of p r i c e administration, reported Thursday that lUnx Bernstein, Mason City, had paid S339.3D as settlement of a treble damage action for allegedly selling 24,454 pounds of beef carcasses and wholesale cu!s at above-ceiling prices. The alleged overcharges were made between June 14, and Dec- 13, 1H43. ONCE A COLLKCTOR Fort Dcvcns, Mass.. (U.P.)--Form- er deputy tax collector Gerard E. Croleau of Manchester. N. H., \yils wrong in thinking his collecting days ended with induction. Seeing Pvt. Crotcau in the mess-hall here, another Manchester soldier -THE NEIGHBORHOOD Y HAD A SAW FOR A\E TO BORROW, SO OUR BUTCHER. f LOANED MS V. OLD MEAT SAW/ 5 A30-JT A LlrJH Or HOLES E\.-= V. 1 IT H "TH' TCP Or TH' F=WCc, ~TK = M CUT ALOr^G 'EM ? BUT DRAT IT, AINSLEY, LOOK I CANT MAKE THE BLASTED CUT STRAIGHT / IT MAY BE OM ACCOUNT Or AM UPPER MAGNETIC PUL.L./ CRYPTOQUOTE--A ciyptogram quotation M R K Y Z R Y H P G Y M I V C M Q P S Q X, M Q P S Q X, R A Y Y T K Z D P.Z O A P H T P K Z C C P T P K Z C -- C Y Z Z X M P Z . Yesterday's Cryptoquote: FOND MEMORY BRINGS THE LIGHT OF OTHER DAYS AROUND ME--MOORR Closing Out Sale The undersigned will sell at Public Auction on the acreage al the edee of Manly. Iowa, on Murray Hill, one block west of Highway 65, on SATURDAY, MARCH 4 Commencing at 2 o'clock sharp the following described property: 8'/4 acres of land, well tiled. One lot and a 5 roam house with good basement, well, electric lights and drain. Natural gas at lot line. T Chicken House, 1 Brooder House, 1 Acre Martha Washington Rust Resistant Asparagus, V* Acre of Concord Grapes, 7 Varieties of Apples, Latham Red Raspberries, Currants, Gooseberries, Strawberries, Boysenberries. Several Choice Plum Trees. 5 acres of good tillable land. This will make a good home for someone interested in a nice income. 1 iron bed and springs. 1 day bed. 1 sanitary cot, 1 kitchen cabinet. 1 buffet. 3 rocking chairs. 6 kitchen chairs, 1 center table, some seasoned walnut and cherry lumber, 7 bundles cedar shinnies. 1 electric iron, 1 oil heater. 1 3-burncr oil stove, 1 lawn mower almost new, 1 steel kitchen range. And other articles to numerous to mention. TERMS: Cash for personal property and Sl.OOO down payment on the real estate on day of sale and balance on March 15, 1944 on delivery of deed. No property to be removed until settled for. Immediate possession. Mrs. Layton Rowe, Owner B. A. Recmtsma, Aurt. Manly State Bank, Clerk

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