The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 25, 1939 · Page 4
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 25, 1939
Page 4
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b SATURDAY, MARCH 25, 1939 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE ,?*_£·,,"'· ".* NElVSPAPEtt MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTB LEE P. LOOMIS - - - ---- Publisher that belore " Go "e With the the screen, Vivien Leigh English eii-1 ca . rle «. v-' : " be so southeYA that is a A V * . A. NOREM - - --- City Editor LLOYD L. GEER - . Advertising Manager MEMBEB ASSOCIATED PBESS-- The Auoclated Plot d R t I S e . d '? °" 5 U5e for B"W"«*£ of "l aetS UtKi «o It or not olherwisa credited In thli the lc " al news Published h.reln. ? 1 ? WIRE SERVICE BY UNITED PRESS IOWA DAILY PRES S ASSOCIATION, with news and businc-j olllces at 405 Shops Buildios! SUBSCRIPTION KATES OUTSIDE MASON CIS! AND CLEAR. LAKB AND WITBLX 100 MILES Of IASOS ClTT? Per year by carrier ... .S 7.00 By mall 6 months s -.79 PET week by carrier...s .15 By mail 3 months 515(1 F«year by msil $ 5.00 By mall l monlh .'.'.'..'.I M OUTSIDE 100 MILE ZONE LN IOWA AND MINNESOTA Per year... $6.00 Six months...53,23 Three roonthi.. .51.75 LS ALL STATES OTHEB THA.V I01VA AND MINNESOTA Feryr...33.00 6 months..T1.50 3 montfaj..S2.5iJ 1 month..S1.00 British About Face fpHE negotiations between soviet Russia, Great A Britain and France concerning a method o£ stopping Hitler may not be immediately productive of results, but they indicate forcefully that the British policy o£ "appeasement" is dead. In their long range significance they may be of vast importance. For one of the postulates of the Chamberlain policy toward the dictators has been an implicit fear, distrust and dislike of soviet Russia. Anything, the British lories have felt, was better than admitting Stalin's Russia into western Europe. If possible, it was felt, a conflict between Russia and Germany might be arranged which would weaken both powers. And in any event nazi domination of eastern Europe would supply an insulation for the western side of the continent against the Russian infection. That Britain and Russia are in a deal to check Hitler thus signifies a right-about-face. The reasons for this reversal are not far to seek- Hitler was supposed to be tethered by the Munich agreement and his public promises to an Same fellow who once remarked that taxes are P K ld * b J the s. we at o' the brow now is worried about the 45 billion debUimit for United States The old family album contains nothing more humorous tnan can be seen on Fifth a v e n u e t o day--or maybe even Federal avenue. The Chicago Jvews remarks that the only thing jeiiersoman about the national administration is tne new nickel, f . After a11 t." 31 Chamberlain umbrella was more Ciitrctivc 3§3inst rsin. thsri the laptip n ever was. "iue u be It's all right for justice she shouldn't wink so often. By Scott EYE to be blind--but PROS and CONS Some Interesting Viewpoints Gleaned From Our Exchange* U. S. Buffer Purchases Stopped POUKD OF ALUMJMUM WIRE WOULD RE AROUND -THE EARTH, IF MADE BU I/{0,000 , OF AK INCrt -fHfCK By A, NEW PR.A.WIN3 PROCESS --THIS WIRE IS USEP IN ADDED SEVEM MILES --·---·»»" u uu-i. 440.1. uuv CinmCU t butter recently has been stopped. 'Butter" prices .jidvei been maintained for many months by the sar-As.r^sss. weis ^SiSSS^SKH, 1 ^ 2 greater food value a dollar a° pound thmrf aTM other food. We. are heartily in favor of the go"eminent raaratajning the price of butter as high as possible r and o£ an advertising campaign on l^tt baSiS to enccur ^ the greater of Is Sales Tax to Become Permanent? Tc^ffif^J??^?.!*??'' "* ^atest force in pursuing »«,m = uujcuuv ister Chamberlain accepted the promises of the German chancellor at their face value. He believed that if Britain and France would make concessions there need be no struggle with Germany and Italy-and if Russia got hurt as 4e w no - _-^... a iiiL1=J . i l u l u apprenension of in- too " Ce western Europe, that was all right, cvnfrl "j" 61 ", 1135 brokB " aU h« Promises with cynical effrontery and no attempt at palliation ^if^ CU T' He has exhlbitei1 "Pen reliance upon sr.^isiTSTEjsj'sr: sKMSKffssa-s-E t.s. «sz "Lfir. "*" "° ai "» --c,-- -- able to the benefit ot thi ..... .MU. ,, T ery Solid Any I\rore ung today to^a ^ eemai ?- Journal: " is hardly tar," The old rock is not as solid as it used to^e" the-.airplanes having made it hard to defend. It mnnv ?h ° ut between Italy and Get- ° n *r? ° ne ^ an ^ an d France and Great on the other, Gibraltar would be hard tn British hands. Hurrah for Beautiful Spring! iv- ( ? arl * Houd f? i: (Kodak) in Hockford Register- Xfciftilt ?XCep ^ SPring is P fobab ly toe moft d": is it too TMM ^ ft 3 *' 11 isn ' t to ° hot - neither rh=TM · 4 ' and there is a certain irresistible dr a rrj n j^ etas ^ he chan § es h£ r Sarb from the orao of winter to the verdure ot the spring time ' feassiiTM" 1 "' 1 ="""' * A TM »«·' REMEMBER? From Globe-Gazette Files THIRTY YEARS AGO-April 26 is on the schedule of the local Odd i ellows organization as one of the big days in Ma- Cltl i Ml °l North lmva and ^"thern Minnt and a part of South Dakota have been in- n f ° " aU reports Mason GOOD HEALTH By Logan Gendering, M, D. VITAMINS IN REDUCING DIET lion One is - Bended for havc recently come to my atten- 1 X^f e , J i U " ne ^ !h an TM ve »ary of "the organization of Udofellowship m America and is bound to be a keynoter in many respects. A change of site and plans for the new garage TM±n S £ h 4£ (Ul L ihe Maxwell and Beo autosls announced. The site of the building will be at the lear of the Commercial bank and not on Washington avenue as formerly announced, accordinsr firm" 6 statement ° L t* 10 ^ interested in the new Snn^ rS '» F *£ nk i?! 1 ii l1 enter tained this afternoon in honor of the birthday of her little daughter \ number ot girl friends were invited. TWENTY YEABS AGO-- "The . k" r---·"- Dieting, by Dr. William ° £ ? awaii turned to her hostess majest^thaTro^refatef tV?ou^ OU ^ y ° Ur Victoria. oo °° K ' interesting to see ?2as-s£:-*?w-a£ what the price will be. Uugh on the Dictators headquarters of the U. S. army air ·siw. W'S-f? Cltl \ e n: It seems like indulging de- slstent on t°h° t" 1 1 *- l ° f have the President so insistent on that "private yacht" canal in Florida RpnnT* °? 5200 ' OD0 . 000 -00 to American taxpayers Reports of every government agency which has investigated the project have been against; it oanor rranknn still insists the canal ~' '"' Highway Patrol Popular iln, Neb 1 * .^in*.. safety ,-,,!,;. j"*" ~"-"~e iJiduiicu uy the Mason jobbers and manufacturers is attracting the wetf MrT-£ 0 ?-? e £ d , a i! me " al1 over the TMi ddl * west. Mrs. R. w. Hulburt, special representative of the.Diamond Rubber company of Chicago ar- S, e ^i "^ the £ity today, to be the guest of L L btpddard on the trip Wednesday and Thursday o£ Tms Is the only authentic information that wa seem to have as to the fate of Captain Cook v.'ho proved that scurvy could be prevented on long voyages by the use of orange,-lemon and lime juice. Cook was killed in the Hawaiian islands but I did not realize that he was eaten there. The voyage had another dietetic connotation because he named one group the Sandwich islands after his patron, Lord Sandwich, who made himself famous in a London club by been now . C. army air corps, which has in --c.-- on the \ji . Mussolini, and Japan necessary, the voice vote being ov-envhelrning. 11 If We Really Ate Butter in America YEARS Glob e-Gazette apartments. PS are only good fo'rToo t730o"mil7s an houT In squadron combat a few of the U TM army's new fet^C!»^V^^^ The army · - ~ y Mitdiel fiefrf ., i".iu u..vv.i a iJiifiiomena flight cruised at 425 miles an hour defense at best. second line * * v Low Price on Liberty |JP TO this time the world, particularly this part That has been thp vioi,TM;^ ,,* .u ; _ ''""'J- One Argument for Hie Seizure Dubuque Telegraph-Herald: There wil! bp one advantage in Czecho-Slovakian separation Ai two nations, the spelling problem will be easieF. Her , ald: The Chicago court went for instance there would have been no bV «fresh SmI ^f! Ing and E ° dal hourTvere"foliowed tne per capita consumption in this coun- ?? -R ??H; was_only 16.6 pounds as comoared wfth 33 g in thJ h H -. F ,^P? tri *, who has often visited rill ?ivp^ e f S ? ^Amana colony near Iowa City Mint ^f »S °'V the Uves and historical standpoint as weu as from her personal experiences at the concluding meeting of the current department at the Y. W. C. A. Wednesday" ilus meeting will conclude a two-year ex' h v e de g art ment o£ which Mrs. H. J. has been chairman. ABOUTBOOKS By John Selby -,, . . . . . , »- ~~ Some no vcls, and not a saga, among them-By Lou Mallory Luke T-VTC^^ of Hampton F h Book: Naomi Jacob was an actress before ... .^. was a novelist, and some say a good one T)0 YOU like gray days? The world doesn't fte Md^tt?!!? t S fin *;? ler "mbininglood the! Y seem so very big when it is bathed in mist Tf she- r^il "S y S ° d T tlhns in her Iatest . which I walked a little way across a field I'm^fr* r TMhn S , tra v ' s in Amber -' It's about a couple "" Vagrant Thoughts in the 'no- T',.» i , gu5t wnat 1S out there t£ a t h mys?erioV^r yS lfl 5S!l t i break through «ihr. C -"»" "i iunuer. ivs aoout a couple Srimlv e S?t^ mg if a ' ih ^ other in SChco1 ' and k ^'- tt^b,^. ^'though each reached some success on wh/ ,\. ^ Jacob ^ uite obviously knows whereof she writes. (Macmillan;. $2.50.) ,.. .?fS°f I l? oflk: 1Th ^ a .d "f Scarlet" i« R n t , 7- v«=w F uim 01 mis newspaper °£ir^TM*"^'STM°^ ^Asstsiwsa-- The Germans goose-stepped to the command in defeat' D^V" W * ^ That w « ^ in defeat Defeat in a war has always involved wlTtl/^ S T e Mnt ln the case °£ *e Worid ss ois^r 11 ^ was no more severe ; sTMi,i 55-%^= g »"·«" ;^STM=I; ^'^S^T^S told Mr. Patterson he wanted S25 for it After much argument Mr. Patterson agreed to give h m Sa_at a time for five wceks-to be naid^' ' After that war there was a tasfp nf V trnment and a voluntary retuTM o the *K»'TO It r i , s0 , about " a »i«cKei and her people have !or°ott * ^^ ^ ^'^ TM° St Ame "' embargo, and after a couple of years the formerlv foT£^%r opIe ,o verc ran ^ know, h- M aUUl £ r J f Bn Ames Willia ms, who $".50) England. (Houghton Mifflin; suc^lifh"^' Jos ?P hine «erbst thas had some success with the reviewers, and not as much as she ^L?^T' e WIt S Ule P ublic - " R °P e °£ Gold" is designed to remedy that condition; it's "torn from £!krt Sl h5t° I -t* me ''£ an 1 l fe " accordin « 'o the d2X rfa^Snr li, ,1 ? m ^ fine "^"gh most of its abf e ? A^ T V at " A b o u t c Wefly. four insepar- Brace.-s^o.) 4 "" a Cap " al " L " H; «°urt, aulVs°"fh-st B nn k: r Pr °? liSe Of Love " is Mar y Ren - auus first novel, and rather a good one The eve'rv.h- a h - os P ita '- The lovers work the«{n, and noffak nf h Sn J°° th Until toe Tl decides * he £ ouf, £5rM er ,,£ v ? r an y thta e exciting from the ?on An^vf ( ^'f ' s ^^ thotJ S h U doesnlt ^und so!) Anyway, she tries and experiments, and there is confusion for a time. An old formula, gracious- Dr. - _ Doctor Engel's book is a very sound exposition or wellrbalanced dieting for the purpos» o£ reducing. He emphasizes the value ol vitamins and minerals in a well-balanced diet and points out particularly that these should be included in any diet which is meant for reducing. Some of his epigrams, to which I do not entirely subscribe, are as follows: "Cream gives you bright eyes" 'Raw carrots freshen your skin" "Steaks make beautiful legs and shapely arms " ·Starches and sugars keep fats happy at their work." * "*vu* a' meir "Cheese soothes the nerves.'' Celery builds the bones." "Eggs prevent brittle nails." Another book is called Oh, Doctor! My Feet! by Dr. Dudley J. Morton. This contains what seem? to me some very good advice, which is not entirely the same as that found in other books on the feet especially the question of fallan metatarsal archeo.' For many years it has been thought that such an arch extends across the foot'between the first front ends of the first and fifth long bones of the Doctor Morton breaks with this idea and has a number ot interesting things to say about arch supports, shoemen and shoes, which I will take un in articles later. v tion, fay Dr. J. F. Montague. Doctor Montague nas written a number of books on this subject o£ the mosi; sensible things that he says is nm^iWr'j^ 6 * 3 ,'- 1 existin S systems of diet into one gigantic dietetic experiment on yourself." And he also says "Don't combine the work or irritations of the day with the pleasure of the mealI " we makes the rather remarkable suggestion that overeating sometimes causes constipation I can recommend all of these books heartily. EDITOR'S NOTE: Seven pamphlets by Dr ^i-jiaening can now be obtainprf hv can^irxr in cents in coin, for each, and a self-addnSfed envelope stamped with a three-cent stamp, to Dr. in care of this paper. The TVostTM ^ -·"-·.-. F , eedine '' lnslr uctions foi -!ho r= r Diabetes," "Feminine Hygiene" The Care of the Hair and Skin. 1 ' MEADOW and By Ray Murray of Buffalo Center SNAKE BITE very much. . . , Can you and you think of a rp?f : reason why the United ~ ' ' ,, . --TM. V,, c iioiot;!- possessed. Goose- stepping and regimented lives were the price paid for a promise of security. ·^^^t t*iu peo-- bet your bot- price as tha, -.,,.» in Manhattan," which =nr» Trion7 n - ls ^7 g iale o£ wha ' happened to Juan frtvllSft i, C - V Y0rk " Juan and Elena were layllically happy m their Mexican village, where Juan played his guitar, and Elena loved 'him as she had since childhood. But Miss Crane, one of Texas is a dam hot state, ^ Of that there is no doubt, F * \ here ^e wagons run around . With tongues a-hanging out. One day, such a protruding tongue Was bitten by a snake, Who sank his fangs into the wood Like it was chocolate cake; So Poisonous was that snake's bite The tongue began to swell And turned as black as any crow 'Tis but the truth I tell. ' For later when we sawed it up For it was doomed to die, ' Jt cut up into forty cords Of wood, or else I lie. Unfriendly Deed "love my friends too much to send them a letter with a threat in it to the effect that if they do not send out five letters immediately they will lose all they have," writes Mrs. I. C. Hodin of Chicago. Within a week she had received five identical letters along that line. "I£ more people," she concluded, "have me on their sucker list, they may just as well save their postage, because I can't be bothered." Mrs. Rodin throws a new light on the friendship angle Involved This much can be said: Nobody who is a true friend and average intelligent at the same time would be guilty of such an inconsiderate act as passing along a chain letter. The appeal of the chain letter Idea, of course, is primarily to those who are ruled by ignorant superstition. The Courteous Driver ^ a m obliged to Lee Bailey sfor a little safety preachment, out. of which the following is drawn: "The courteous driver is the better driver. He invariably shows his driving ability by adopting good road habits. "" e . always gets into position well before turning. If he plans to make a right turn, he pulls over into the lane nearest the right curb or roadside and signals well in advance. He approaches tne turn slowly and makes if sharply. "JdivKs it "When approaching a left turn, he pulls ,nto the lane nearest the center of the road and gives the proper signal before he reaches the corner. "He respects the rights of other motorists, keeping over on the right-hand side of the road and always leaving plenty of room lor oncoming and passing traffic. Before overtaking a car- he makes sure that he has plenty o£ room to pull out of line and to get Back again with ease and safety He gives warning signals with his horn but never uses it unnecessarily. "When traveling at 40 miles an h £ ur .°" the open road he keeps about five car lengths behind the vehicles ahead--and more when traveling faster. "He realizes that coasting is dangerous and that passing another vehicle on a curve or hill is attempLed only by extremely poor drivers. the r u!es ot J 0( J d^vungtMomef jvnown m the community as well as the reckless driver." OBSERVING Scotty's Disgust ^^^ lind it quite easy to under- I^HE stand and to sympathize %B^ with Death Valley Scotty's disgust. He's a tough hombre in his battles with hard nature. The nas^ tier nature is, the better he likes it. His idea ot a perfect time has been sitting out in the sun in a temperature of 120, with the only possible shade the flapping wings of the vultures hungrily circling overhead. But let Scotty tell his own story of torment and misery: '·Death Valley's gone to hell. It didn't uster give you no grace. I wolved out its traps. I fought the devil with, fire, and fire, water. Snakes bit and Injuns shot me. But them days is gone. It's a government park now. They wheel in there with baby carriages. You cain't sit down in the rocks without a ranger at your elbow. They even taught the Injuns to use powder puffs." Tough on Scotty, inured to hardship, out in the open in wind and sun, joyously holding his rendezvous with snakes and injuns the pesky old critter finds himself with a castle on his hands in Death Valley, a castle which cost 2% million dollars, which he wants to sell. The government has made life too soft for him. --o-In Appreciation ; suspect there are a good many others--in fact I've seen proof of it--who feel toward Fred Shaffer's weekly bird feature exactly as the writer of the following note: '·Bird Editor: "I am interested in your articles and I wish you would continue them I am a Girl Scout and your articles help me in my work very "Evelyn Auspin." IFF Days BoiiOjuet To THE STUDENTS OF JOUR NALISM AT IOWA STATE COLLEGE--for a bang-up job o£ getting out the Iowa Falls Citizen and the Eagle Grove Eagle this week mere was a conspicuous living up to the high journalistic standards set for these papers by their res- ular editors, Tom B. Purcell and Ward Barnes. College journalism gets an enormous boost in the eves of those in the newspaper profes^ sion every time a group ot stu- «rp SL^*Md of getting out an issue. _ J "" "^ s e '""g out an issue ANSWERS to QUESTIONS By Frederic J. Hwkin t is the orijin of the porler- honse steak? M. B. Its origin has been disputed but some authorities claim that'this particular cut of beef was made popular by the proprietor of a New York porterhouse. Another story is that it derived its name li-om a small hotel in Sandusky, Ohio, called the Porter House. company, $4.233,271; Chrysler cor- IJOrannvi co on** rir*n. TM . . _ a o because the manuscript was lost? J.. The ~V" TV"~~~ -- * ^"^"0 IS ,, visited this hotel and was so pleased with the steak served that Revolution rowed. which he had bor- XI. S. .. H » w many Jews in our forces in the World war? H. B. More than 200,000. What was the result of recording the heart action of the criminal who was shot to death In some Western Prison? J. \v. While John W. Deering, a convicted slayer, stood before a firing squad in Salt Lake City, his heart action was recorded by an electro- cardograph film. The heart beat jumped from a normal of 72 to 180 and maintained that during the several minutes required to complete preliminaries for the execution. When Deering was asked for a last statement, his heart beat fluttered wildly, then calmed after he spoke until bullets ended his life. The heart beat stopped 15 6 seconds after the latal bullet was fired, but Deering was not pronounced dead until 2'.i minutes after the shots. Define chemurgy. C. B. The word is derived from the Greek words "chemi" meaning chemistry and "ergon" meaning work. The two words are com~ bined into the new word "che- murgy" which means "putting chemistry to work for the farmer." What is meant by the statement that hosiery cm now be made out of coal, air, and water? J. S. It doubtless refers to Nylon, the new plastic made from coal, air and water, which is more elastic than any natural fiber and used in making sheet stockings. How did Harry Lehr become the arbiter of New York society? J. P. ,,.H hl ' b ecame secretary to Mrs. \Vimam Astor and later director of the lavish entertainments of j.Irs. Stuyvesant Fish. He was witty, original, and audacious and was a leading figure in planning social entertainments of the nine- Wnat are caryatides? J. G. Sculptured female figures which in some classical and Renaissance buildings serve as supports, taking the place of columns or pilasters. Give the amounts spent by the ten largest advertisers in magazines and on the radio In 1938. X* K. Leading advertisers for that year are: Proctor and Gamble company, 58,114,949; G e n e r a l F o o d s corporation, 36,802,996- American Tobacco company S4 848,222; General Motors corporation, S-3,735,329; Liggett and Myers Tobacco company, $4,546,231- Lever Brothers company S4 342 -' 299; R. J. Reynolds Tobacco company, $4,242,903; Campbell Soup An.Italian dish, At what age do the largest l ber of people marry? D f, ^s ffthet r s th° e " 4 ,' and2e - "Drake's df urn" wa s f ' C e c n d champions for England if T^-V 1 SJSSf, S'T'o- *·«% K^^j^^S^ Tromp, H?^ on* 6 .""-^ Van Jell c n n JGJIICO in and once war. Philadelphia? E D Nearly 13,000. TAKE THE DRUDGERY OUT OF SPRING. CLEANING Get voi3rspTf ^ ^««^ _ * f!T T i House- sst ISCi f SF-"i"V"S '·'""" s^Hs 5 ** «= handling. --USE THIS COUPON-- The Globe-Gazette, information Bureau Frederic J. Haskin, Director Washington, D. C. Irec:or ' cost and Name Street or Rural Route City State (Mail to Washington, D. C .)' -- ._..j_.

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