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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, June 19, 1818
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- - - r a , , - : E YJEMNG BE FTi! - - - ,Ntf AlBER. - 4997 FRIDAY, iUNE 9f.!SjC. NO. 49 WILLIAM STJREET ' - ' - fr. AMSTERDAM,'' '' tftif - Tb brig Ohio, hai commenced load - Y"Tyi this day, nnJ will be dispatched a - 24th intN having three fourth of her nfl. Fdr freight of th wrnarader or iiaMftfC. w - atpr. j.'io 77 Washington - street. i riM. l'H E IdLk 4)F FH.ANCE. Tha New Vork built thin AMER1 - LCA. bartho 490 tonk coppered .and l!rfatad, tinailer, vrijl tail ia about asks. For freight of merchandize of pecic, id pas?, haviu elegant accomodations, , - bI. to the BMlf beard, or to. ' VLLo CM AS. HALL, 1 Bearer - . 1 lfA A good Vessel, bound lo Madeira, may f5hara about COO barrel on freight from - ROBERT GILLESPIE. tor JiKlii'WL, itnglund,) i. - i A regular trader.) A - . Tka alrant fst miliar cornered ship . AMKLW JAUKiU.x, l nomas i uion, n.tnr n rnniianta n.rt of her care - o bcine pc - iv - - , n j r - ,r.fl. will ha dknatched without delay For freight or passage, having tsceJlctitaecoeuaova liooi, apply on beard, at pier x o. zz. Dear ec HIP, VI W PETER SCHERMERHORN ft BONS, Ve is. w, uuumu uv. - ft'ho cftrfor lalt. 1000O Btom bridge Brick '. - ... 69 eatk patent Shot . ': . 20 do bar l - ad ' 100 bcrrtls Spanish Brown . 20 casks Toiler Ifow Ise.dingfroui the Andrew Jackson. Js I ' .for AMSTERDAM. The rrirular tradinir brie OHIO. E. y - a o , ;w MTcrwian. mMift i ui nan urher rarro c 1 - Lit. . For freight or passage, (having rery good aeCOCimodlUonsj apply iu uw luasicr uii bonl, at pier no. 5 north river, or lo J. C. Z1MMKKMAN, mT 2? tf ' No. 77 Waahington - st , TO ML liKjtSKli,.;. . OS fa vera bit term, fur a long term of yean, 4 lot of ground on Broadway, 200 feet deep, exUaJIng to Croiby - ilreet, between IIci - ' tor and Orand - tlreeU. . . S kU in Water - ttreet, near Catharine - market. I lot ia Water - itreet, botweea FaUon aad BurJiogiiipt. . : Alio, Mreral other loll in the 5th, 6th, 8th and 10th wardi. For particular, enquire, at tio. 30, ChalliMU itreet. may 8 MOSEY TO LOAN OS MORTGAGE. A Offer! DOLLARS are to be badonunin !fl:VUcuDl)ered property in the city. Inquire of ANUW. STOCKHOLM, ' Slock and Exchange Broker, myJ8tf Nn. 88 Wiiliam itreet. KfcNTUCKV TOUACCO 14 hiida prime Keutacky Tobacco, landing from tchr. . Feoeion, weat vide liurliog eJip, fur aale at 53 . Waihinetoo it. CI1AS. L. OGOEN & my if . A BR. OGDEM. FRK.VCH GOOiW Jut received per Manchester Packet and other late arrirali, 1 box fringed taffeta and aatia ribbons, lua - tringi and garniture 1 ' 1 boa eilk ahawk and hdkfi. : 44KludgIove( black, and colored i buckikinj I boawhila tulle 4 - 4 . . - 1 do thrtad lace 1 do green and black flormre for iale by FREDERICK RICHARD, 4 Wniiaa - ttreeL Alio Cologne and lavender - wateri. JellJw rlBBhRTS Bbbl' UOVbHC BROWN STOUT. 80 cask, aelecteel ny a ineno ndon. auDeiior to anr in this market, lor tale bv 7 D. LYNCH. Jnnr. Je 1 lm No. 40 William atreet SUPKR COM PAN X. FLAG HUKFS. Elegant pat tr nil, for tale by my3U - MARCH ft LOW, tlO Broadway. plfA WHITE LEAD, &c. He. O J KJ kept London White Lead in oil 30 barrets do Dry White Lead 8 toot Red Lead 30 barrel! Bristol Red Ochre tt Ao Venetian Red ; t tool fine Litharge 80 hotshead Whiting 60 ctiki Parii White ; 8 hhd. Verdigris 60 tierces f reocb Yellow Ochre 5 kegs Venniltion . 14 tasks Prussian Blae, 4001b. Crane Yellow Patent Yellow epanisli Brown, Venetian Ued, Yellov iS OIL. Black, Verdirris. . . Lampblack ; Ivory Black ; Purple Brown opiius i urpeniine ; iinucri uu 400 boxes Window Glass, assorted For sale on the lowest terms, for cash or at short rredit, by PETER SCHERMERIIOR3 at SONS, my 1 . 843 Water - street. 'MOT i ON. 40 bates Uplaml Cotton, laiuimg L from ship Corsair, at Brooklyo. for sale by HENRY COWING, Je II 191 Front, comer of Fulton - street. ALEX ANURIA FLOUR. 46 barrels, for aale by ROBERT GILLESPIE, Je5 112 Front - atreeL DLVNCH, on.(atNo. 40 William - street,) . has on hand the following WINES and LIQUORS, selected with jadement by himtclf. which he offers at wholesale and retail, trar - jawfit pwe, a wrtpored IWhhdT ' i Madeira, from 3 to 18 ) ' . years in wood. Old Madeira, in bottles, from 5 to 20 rears Champaign, B urgundy, Claret and Sauterne, oi very superior quality 7 pipesdrr Lisbon, 7 years old 7 do Sherry, nine years old, aad free from Uoracha taste Port, in pipes and bottles Table wine, for its quality, the cheapest in America TencT'iCe, In hhds. Oil Bnndr, do. Rum, do. Cm, not reduced &uu uemiphns, containing fire gallons each 50 1, we wine bottles N. B. Those in the trade, and conn try dtal en, will find it to their arcoont, to supply them' stives with wines and liquors at the above esta - Itiiament. astbev Will ha certain la obtain art! desofthsftwt quality, at the lowest prices, and r' m unponea. my 9 zm CURET and MADEIRA WINE, tic IJ case do of tapenor quality, eatiUed to ueueniure . 50 do di miHc'liae ouaKt S pipe old India Madeira, high flarour'd w. LOW pr;cjd do. for sale by ISAAC F. ROE, Jttlw gg Wall - street L'lU BLL'E 9lk linisi. man. f .r - f nrvwl at BM'amor?, and of superior qaality, just ra "dfo'iale by ti. W. TALBOT, 55 Piae - etrcet i't'7,i ticrt, fi't qaaiity Rice, landing - j,Kr a: t,y 'H 4.NS05G. PHELPS. - - 1W Front street. HARDWARE, CUTLERY Sc. S casks Scotch spring Locks ' 6 casks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards 1 do chest handles. He. I do screw plate, scale beams, &c. I do - brais cocksy toe. 1 do bell metal kettles and skillets ' 2 do tin'd pfttpand sauce pans 2 do tine padlocks 4 do Banbury locks, hinges, &c. 2 do hammers, pincers, lock, &e. 2 do I1L binges, Vc. 4 do anvils ... 1 do liathmer and sledges 2 do blackfc Sfightvice, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade kuites 4 do cham buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons . inn tin cnt nails and brack, from 3d. to 90dl Also, a large and geoeral assortment of goodiM open on the shelves, lor sale at the moat reduced prices, by ADAMS Si BLACK WELL, may 7 S15 Pearl - sL I AMK8 !' WOLF, Junr. has removed from 57 J Front - street to 54 South - street, and offers for sale - fit ceroons south American Tallow. ' 13 ton clean St. l'ttt - rilmrgb Hemp, few . . bolts first quality Russia Duck; Tcr - man Steel in boxes, entitled to - bacK. ififJOO lbs. Green Coffee do ' .is boxes China table sett 172 pleceieacli )0 Lbds pare tpint t csMllatiiia. . my a I J. JtlCUViLa, No. IJH l'earl - treet, have J bow for salt - , j i . 11 case white and itriiied Marsrilles Qudling . 1 do white and striped jean 2 do black Sinchew and black Sarancts 2 do coloured Canton Crapes " " 1 do One black French . do 2 do black and assorted sewing Silk 1 do assorted Kid Gloves 1 do o men and women silktJo 1 do 4 - 4 aad 6 - 4 Cambnc Muslin 3 do 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 Book do t do Jaconet do - ' S do plain and reeded Mull do , 2 do 5 - 4 Irish Sheeting 1 do Linen Diaper 3 do 4 - 4 Irish Liiicos, I do 7 - 0 Ions; Low a fine 2 do browa do 2 do .Cotton Platillas 3 da striped and Carlisle Gingham 3 do Madras and Naval Victory Hdkfs. 2 do Imitation, Merino, & Damask Shawls 3 trunks Plate and superfine Calico 3 do Furniture Chiuts 2 bales black and assorted Bombaxett 2 do black and blue Broad Cloth 2 do red and white Flannel. Je23w G RIND STONES, HtUSToL WAKE, UOT - f TLE' - S, Ac 600 small site Grindstone, sssorted 20 large do do 5 to 14 cu t Weight, each 80 crates Bristol Ware Gallon & half rtillon Bottles for wine Champaign full size Quart do London and wine Pint do. (in small size Hampers) Gallon Si half gallon Demijohn Lobc? tipped Pipes, from 16 to 21 inches Laree bowl Necro do. and 1 cask Enelisb Shoe Thread, just received, and for sale by VVILiUIAAl V(JVVLC.I, Je8 lm - 164 Water - trret. NAILS, ANVILS, to 21 cask tine drawa Rose ft Clasp Nails, assorted sizes 100 casks Deck Spikes,, from 4 to 8 incite " 5 do Sledge and Hand Hammer 2 do Black and Bright Vice 50 Anvils - iust received per hln Hercules, from Liverpool, aad will be sold in loll to sail purcbuert, l 1 rine - streel, rty Je It ENOERSO.N A - CAIRNS. HAVANA feUGAtt, TAMA), ta. 50" boxes brown Havana Sugar, entitled to drawback. 1C0 rerooas South American Tallow 54 boxes Roll Brimstone, and 18 cases Tumhl'rt. Landing and for tale by JAMES D'WOLr. Junr. my 12 54 South street. PLASTER OF rAR.4 MANUFACTORY, At the foot of Harmon - street, North - River. (XTHERE manufactured Plaster, lorcorni - VV ,e and other purpose, mar be had, war ranted of tbe first Quality, at ont dollar mnd teen - If Are calliper Inuhel. . Tucker, who baa served a resvlar apprentice ship to the mason business. mhZI JOHi oi r.tvS. 200 botes tin plates 28 casks Traces , Brass Wire No. 9 CO casks Roman Cement, now landing, and for sale by ANDERSON ft SHEARER, 131 Water - street. , . Who hate in store. Patent and common Carolina and Virginia Hoe Sheet Brass of all tire Bras and copper Wire London made pocket Book and Wallet Ladie work Boxes ftc. my 25 DOMESTIC ft OTHER WARES. Til E salwcllber keep constantly on band an extensive assortment of the .oifowing goods, vit Dutch and Enelish Gunny Bags, Popes Heads Crumb Brushes Bellows, fancy aad common Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mat Pails and Tubs Wbeel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whip of every description . Seine, sewing, wrapping, baleing aod ball Twine Fish Lines Shoe k Sadler Thread Dearborn's Ballan - cei, ftc Broom Duiter, or Counter Brvshes Hearth Brashes, fan cy and common . a . - nead ao do ao Cloth do Uo do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe ft Scrabhibg do Paint Brusites and Sash Tools Clamps, 4.7,8 row . Furniture Brashes Hone do Bed Cord, Clollies Line Sash Cords, Trace Rope Wrought and Cut Nhiti ami Brads Which they will sell wholesale or retail on liberal terms. CEBRA It CUMING, Je 2 76 Pearl - strtet. JAMES P. ANDOE has taken the store No. 7 Park, recently occupied as a Ladies' Auction Rao si, where he intend establishing himself a a ftrst - rat GROCER, and intend selling for cash only, and at inch prices a will make it the interest of the cash purchasers to call a above, where he has for Je a general assortment of Tea, late importation Pur old cognac brandy, of uprior quality Jamaica spirits, Holland gin, American do Madeira, L. P. Teneriffe, Old iberry, Port Si , other wine LooUoo aoJ American perter, Boded ciJer Sperm, oil and candle Fin old Holland and American cheese - Well flavored raisin, Fig, Prune, Almonds Spice, Best Spanish cigar, Draught porter Sweat oil, tc Constant attendance wilt be given, tmd aU laron duly appreciated. June It tf 7 MADEIRA it PORTiritfE. Qr. cask Madeira, and 6 hhds white port w ine, for sale by June 10 ROBERT GILLESPIE, . ll2Front - L SWEET OIL SO cheat Florence Oil, 30 bet. ties each, for sale br . . CHAS.L.OGDES, ABR - OGDLN, ; 10 53 Wasbintoo - ttretU SCYTHES. 33 dozen, for sale by J. D'WOLF, Jr. " my 14 64 South - ) reet. ffUOtmjVCK ULVYtJi, tie. U trunk of Woodstock glove, drawn aeajnt, assorted color j 1 - . '' 10 dozen Norway doe partes, assorted color 20 dozen Norway doe leather, for waistcoats, '. breeches, ftc. assorted white and yellow For sale by , GEO. M. WILSON, Je 13 130 Water - st. NDIA BAG SUGARS. 2U0 bag white, 50 do brown. 22 do double boiled white, ea - tUtorf to debenture, and for nkilfnii4 tor in a day or two, by v V w a m . a a - T rv 67 Washington - street. Who Lave ia store a general assortment of India Piece Good. Je 15 ' RICHMOND TOBACCO. 100 hhds prime Richmond Tobacco, ao entire parcel, for sale on low terms, by WALcIIh GALLAGHER. ' ' Je 15 66 9mith - treet. COTTON, ftc 60 bale prime Upland, Cotton, lauding from acb'r Lucy, from Saran nan, tor aie cy SACL ALLEY, 93 Pine street. IN STORE. 227 bales mostly prime and part square, for rate in lots to sun purchasers. j r LANDS. flT - STEPHEN B. MUNN. No. 220 Pearl street, e w - Vork, purchase Land ia tbe Jllin - oi Territory, which has been set apart for the late Army. Letter from the country giving a description r( the patent and the price asked for each lot, will be attended to, if f ost paid, my 15 D&Clf BATH. nnilE ubcriber respectfally inform the citi - J sen of New - York, travellers and invalid, that hi bouse at BATH is now open for their re ception ; it situation is, probably unequalled on the continent within a iliort distance of trie city and in view of Snndy Hook. It presents the finest prospect, and lor salubrity of air and the advantase of Sea Batiiine i probably, without a rival. He ba erecttd ceveral new Battling House, and a floating - bridge to receive the (team - boat hi larder is well stocked with all the delicacies of the season. Travellers from the souUiward can lie accommodated with Boarding and Lodging on reasonable terms, and transient person will find it a healthy end agreeable re treat - JOHN COLEMAN. A CARD. Iff The subscriber reiectfolly notifies the puhhc, that passertgers lor Lt I u ana we iah ROWS ia the stvnra boat Nautilus will, on Sun day next, and until further notice, be taken from White - Hall at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, (instead of 5 o'clot kin the morning) and will be cal led lor again about hair past 5 in the aiternoon. Pleasure boat can come up with s nfely to the bndge. JUUN UULtWAA, Je is lm 'NEW - TURK BOTAAIC GARDKR, MICHAEL DENMSON, CURATOR. HIS establishment is situated at Rose Hill, near the juiKtion of the Bloomingdale and tiaerlcm Roads. It comprehends altout live acres of excellent land capable of the highest improvements. The proprietor of this beautiful spot ha obtain ed a lease ol tbe land lor the term of thirty year. He has (beside ttie enclosure, uruuit.ry, ana other imcrovemenLo) erected one of the lareest aod moat convenient creea house in the United State. He solicits the citizen to patronize mi pect, by a inrHletesJea)eji F.athiirn ft He propose that each contributor of five doHCo - 'JfT??r.14 reHM lar shall be entitled to receive the value in seeds, flowers, plant, fruit, or any other produce of tbe garden. By such ao accommodation to him on the Dart of the public, be will be enabled to procure the greatest variety of foreign and domestic vegetables, and to gratify tbe taste and expectations of hi friend. Person inclining to enter their name as en - ccuragcr of the design, are invited to call at the garden, where the fullest information will be given. ' my21 1m fXJR SALE, Leasehold Property, more valuable than real L,siaie. 1 nai pieasani inuaieo novae ana Academy No. 39 White - street, between Broad - war and Church - street, thirty year oltee Lease un - expired ; all improvements to be paid for, by valuation at the expiration oi uie term, urouoo Rent thirty pounds per annum, for particulars enquire of George Pick, Cornelia - street, Green - icii. iu JJKAh' AAD DUMB. JAME3 HUNTER, teacher of the deaf and dumb, (from Scotland) rcspectftilly in form the inhabitants of Brooklyn and its vicinity, that he has taken tbe room formerly occupied as a school by Mr. Devenne, where he will commence on Monday the 22u mst to teach those in the above situation to articulate, read, write and cast accounts ; he will also teach reading, English grammar, writing, arithmetic, book - keeping, geometry, land surveying, ftc. He can produce ample certificates of his abilities as a teacher and moral character. .He can accommodate a few children with board on reasonable term. N. B. All orders for Mr. Hunter will be re - ceived at GRANT THORBURNS seed store, je 17 4t 20 Nassau - street. A CHORISTER WANTED, IN one of the Episcopal Churches in this city. Any person wishing to engage as such will please make application to J. M. HOYT. Je 17 4t No. 125 Front street. bOARULNG. MYE or six gentlemen ol steady habits, or two small families, can be accommodated ia a small family. No. 55 William street, on the corner of Pine street. Alto, gentlemen accom modated with dinner. Je 16 Iw" BOARDING. Gentlemen and families, can be accommodated with genteel board, at 166 Greenwich, corner of Dey - street, where every attention will be paid, and their situation made agreeable. je 14 2w S5.U00 DOLLAR PRIZE. ON Wednesday next, the first drawn number in the Milford and Oweeo Road Lot tery, will be entitled to the capital prize ot 35,000 dollars. Those who wish tor a chance of this great prize, may obtain it at G. and R, WAITFJ?, Truly Fortunate Lottery and Exchange Office, No 54 Maiden - lane, on the very lowest terms, a they are determined to setl tickets in thin and in the ensuing Medical Sci ence Lottery, at least as cheap as at any other office in this city. The only prize of 35,000 dollars ever drawn in this city, was obtained at Waites office hi a half, quarter and two eighths part. JC 17 3t EM f LO Y M E.I T WAN'l ED, riTl roan r man. wbo i enraced at present ia a u ffw uuivci ntiivu umi vvn.'icv wis . his time (could devote the other ballol bis time to tbe besines of another raw office; or would undertake writing or engrossing of anr description, by tbe folio or otherwise : or would take charge ot a act of bonk, or confine bimlf entirely to the beside of a clerk u gear! m any orace, eiiner - ie law or mercantile, wbere constant employ ment would offer ; can give the most respeitan: references and good security, or a deposit, for the faithful discharge and safety of aar thing committed to his car. Any nantleman wishine. or wanting a person ia that capacity will ptease apply, ny letter or otherwise, to n u. s. ai io flk of the Evening fosL . . Je 1 1 ,jriy.oRLKAfs corro.v. JJ Bale landinr from (hip Thomas Nelson, forsaleby. ELLIS FLECKXER, 'A hare For See, . a few ton . ' English cordovan and toal Uatber Hosiery, a small neat assortment - Laces, Veils, Lacs fbawls, kc. ' Sliest bras, of variovo sixes Russia sheeting June 18 It? "PS, arc A geoeral aisortment of mnUuettt, shirtings, sbentingr, floss knltiiag and aewing cottou, lor sale low, by WM. CAMPBELL, Manufacturer, Je ' . 197 Pearl street. ; TU lil'ILDLRo, Or those who may wish to erect three elcgtnt building or factories. . LOTS, ii feet by 80, more or leu, with the buildinei thereon, In tlie centre of Vesey - st. can be purchased separate or together. - AI.SO. An etegftot LOT, with the Buildings thereon, 11 Bowery, 42 by 125, more or less, near Chatham - street the whole on accommodating terms Apply at 33 Chatham Row, near Beekman - st The advertiser be three small mortsaee to dispose of, one of 13.000, one of $1000, one of yi.aju, an to ton city. Je a tjATTlNLTT WARi'b, made ol &ea Island KJ Cotton and 4ized in the chain, for tale by WM. CAMPBELL Je5 197 Pearl - street. W ONT - AL'1'A For SALE or to LEI', an - t immediate possession civcn, Uic bcnutiiul piaffe called Mont - Alta, seven miles from the City - Hall, on tbe North River, adioininz Lord Courteaaj's. It contain 20 acres of land under im prove ruerrt, with a large garden well stocked with vegetables a variety of fruit, with every convenience for a family. For terms, which are very reasonable, and if told a lone credit ei ven if waited, ipply to N. ft O. TALCOTT, 64 bouth - flreel. Je 12 JVE W PAXCX M ORE, No. 7 Naisau - strrct. TJALLET ft MRS. GOGUET, keep afac - MJ tory of A rhficiai t loweri, and store of r on cu OoodM. imported from the best factories of Lyons and Paris. They have also a general as sortment of the newest ran r ASJilONSj con sistinirof ' Ladies1 white India muslin moruibg dresses, elegantly worked ' Silk rpeucers, nf the most fashionable colors, also beautifully worked Linen cambric pocket handkerchief", sapcrb - ly worked and r.hly embroidered And a few etfra thread lac VEILS. All of which hare been received by the latest arrivals from France', and are now offered (together with their other extensive assortment of fancy arti cles) for tale to the public in geucral, and particularly to the uaV. Je6 141 THE ART OF 6WIMM1NU. A SERIES of Practical instructions, on an original and progressive plan, by which the art of swimmine may be readily attained, with every advantage of power in the water i accompanied with twelve copperplate engravings, com - prising: twenty six nnnromiate fisurcs. correctly exhibiting and elucidating the action and attitude in every branch of that invaluable art. . " The exercise of twimmins is one of the most healthy sxd agreeable in the world." - . i TKAKKMH. Br J. FKOST, many rear Teacher of the Art at Nsttiosham, Ehfclaad. ' To whihisadded.DR. FRANKLIN'S TRE ATISE I also, tome Anecdote respecting Swim mine. - .. . wa vay ; . B. uould, If road way ; U. L - ongworth, 1 1 Park ; L. k F. Lockwood. 1 10 Cbathnm - st; 1 1 fark ; J. C. rotten, V Bowery i Uodice k bayre. wall' L : Kirk ft Mercein, iit Wall - st. i ?nork Dun ning, ill Water - st. j Collin ft Co. ICQ Pearl - at. ; 8. Wood ft Sons, 261 Pearl - st. and by the publisher. r. W. UALLAUDET, 49 i ulton - strcet. Price one Dollar. Je 15 Iw rROSPECTUS ron rcBMsniRo bt uPBgrnirrtoir A MAP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. aMIE publication of this Map has been undertaken with the impression, that it will ex hibit information, highly interesting at this eventful crisis , and the valuable Maps which the author has procured, durinc his several tours throuxh ... t - - . 1 - n1i - IDA, ..o.dh. . n i . 'iieaico, in uie yenra low, ioui, ioiz, ioij, 1815, 1816. and 1817. induce him to beluive that the Map, with even all its imperfection, will be much tbe most perfect which has appeared before the public. This Map will contain the latest and best information from tbe discoveries and possessions of the American, Spanish, Russian, British and r rtocT. traveller and navigator and represen - lint the claims of their retpective Governments on the Northwestern coast of America. The Map will include that portion of North America, which lies between the Isthmus of Da - rien, and the 4Clh degree of North Latitude, and from tbe Mississippi River westwardly to the Pacific Ocean. In size the Map will be about six bv five feet, and will be projected on a scale of 40 miles to the inch, to be delivered to the subscribers at fif teen dollar och. Natchen, March 7, 1818. ap7tAu1 HEW MUSIC. JUST published and for tale at WILLIAM DU BOIS' pianoforte and music store, No. 120 Broadway, Thine am I my faithful fair : the soldier's bride ; and from childhood's dawn to noon of youth as sun; by Mr. Philipps. Ah can ! e'er forget thee love The celebrated echo song The inspiration, sacred melody ' The Saxon air, with variation, hy Cramer Haydn's celebrated conzonet, My mother bids me hind my hair, as a i ondo Twenty - four sonata, for young performers, by N. B. Challoner The 5axe Cobourg waltz, with variations The Sophia Wall The storm rondo, by Steibelt Je 12 A GOV coil Idren, under ten years, and to assist in family sewing; a person in years would be preferred. Reference of respectability will be re quired. A disposition to render herself useful, and moderate terms, will insure a respectable and comfortable situation to a person properly qualified. A pplication by letter, with reference and terms, to be lent to the printer of this paper, adJrested to Mr. B. will, if satisfactory, produce a reply. Je 13 lw T ANDERSON, at his manufactory. 55 Mai - J . den - lane, h on hand a fine assortment of SPEC I ACL.r.9, in eold, ilrer, platen, pii, taal and tortoise shell frame, with convex, coo - cave, orgreen eyes. Also, pebble, ;g?le for weak eyes, opera, retains: ana mi;niijr.i' e, eye glasses Kt with gold or silver for Uie short sighted, botanical glasses, uoeo yrinc.., spectacle case ia a variety. - J. A.contwae iomaaiacirewji . j variety, and ba on hand a vry eleaaat assortment of word and other Canes, mouuted to salt every laste, wholesale and retail discouot liber - . a! to wholes eoeaier.. , 0 . (Or CANt.3 aud srt - - i repaired to order new niae mica so oio frame, and every attention paid to those who tpply forSpectack. . . cyaMo ftr The Commissioneri of the Canal fund will in pursuance of the act, entitled " ao act respecting navigable communication between uie great western and northern leaker, and me Atlantic Ocean." receive sealed nronosals until 3 o'clock, P.M. oa Wednesday Uie 15th day of uiy next, lor a loan to the state ol two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, to be paid to tbe Com missioners ia two equal instalment, me nrst, on the first dav ol Auiruit nect. nut live other on tbe first day ol October next. Tbe proposal must oe addressed to the Comptroller. The rate of interest i not to exceed six per cent, per Annum, payable quarter yearly and tbe principal is to be reimbursable at the pleasure of tbe government, at any time after the first day of July, 1837. . i he omcer appointed for the purpose in the city of New - York, will issae transferable certifi cate of stock to the Lenders, and will attend to the transfer of stock, at the same may be required. The interest will lie paid at tte Manhattan Bank, in the rity of New - York, to the stockholder residing in the southern district of this state, and out of the state, and to all other at the New - York State Baak, in the city of Albany. The Board will meet at the Secretary's Office on the said 15th day of July next, at S o'clock, P. M. to open and determine on the proposals that shall be made. By order of the Board. . .JOHN TAYLER, President. Albany. June 8. 1010. Je 11 tiy 15 .. FOR SALE. (Or exclienged for property in this city) A neat country house ui the vicinity of. Lb - labcth - town. (N. J.) beautifully situated en the post - road ; at present in the occupation - of Doct Grant . It containa eight - room with a piazza in front and rear, a good kitchpn, wash house, milk - room, and eeller , there i also, i coach - house, stable for two horses, and other convenient out buildings, all in good repair, about an acre ofjand, laid out in a handsome garden and orchard, which afford a variety of choice fruit, asparagus, ftc. and a well ot excellent water, with a pump. Terms will be made liberal. Apply to JACKSON ft WOOLLEf, ' Je 1 1m 1 75 Wall itreet. f tUR HALE OR 'JO LEA&E, jjiifj Lots in the 5, 6, 8, and 10 WaArs ; many of winch are on reeulated and paved street. No money will be required under ten years, if sold, interest e ice pica. HOUSES. Several two and three story houses, on which a (treat pari oi tne money remain on mortgage.' LANDING AT RED HOOK. Ad excellent stand for busia, with ten acre ol land, pleasantly situated, with a wnari, siore bouse and barn. .' COTTON tnd WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acre of laud, and a never failing strtam, upon which zU mills mar be . V. or ' f . . r . . erected, who a suiuciency oi water loreacn. Apply at JNO. a ureeawicu stret. Jan 13 tf 4 LL orders received and, attended to for lay - XjL in and repairing tbe Mauhaltao lead pipes and cutcrns or lor sink pipes or lead pomps, by B A MULL, B TAKKET, my 27 tf No. 13 Chamber - street. LO I bTO LEAse. ATI iiENOK'l JiiUVER. O ITU ATE between Barclay and Murray 3 streets, Chamber and Reed - streets, Joy and llarriioo - ttrcets, and North Moore and Beacii streets, at a price very considerably tees than in terest on lueir value, and at the expiration of the term the building te be fairly rained and paid lor, or a new lease granted. - . - . . i - Alto, to let by the year at a low rate, scrertj lot or yard en tha water, well calculated itr lumber, nlaster of nans, iic - , - armi - . IJIIr.HlXJil.ANnirR. .11 Fart Hinrlsti'lTtaialpi Several of th abore loti wit! UoU itanol derate price and on a liberal credit. A small portion of the money only will be required, June 1 1 u TO MILLERS. BURR MILL - STOHK M ABCFACTCRIBC. rjJlE (ubscriber acquaints his irieads and the JL public that he i ready to accommodate mil ler with mill - stone comimsed of the best burr. I tie will atteod in town or country, and furnish all material, and contract lo any amount oa term that will be found atisfactory in every respect, at bit experience in the proletsion ha been long established ia various parts of the union. - . He hat on hand a quantity of burr pieces of the best kind, selected by himself in France. itlUMAB liAltbl I, , 70 William street. Letters, pnst paid, immediately attended to. Jel0 2w ' I M1E Rnleidoscope, a philoso))hical amuse X ment for young: people, invented by Or Brewster, of Edinburgh, lor sate at tbe Minerva Circulating Library and Book and Stationary store, Tt3 Broadway, opposite me museum. Je v FOR bALfc. A LOT of land, containing between sixteen and twenty acre, adjoining the village ol Bloomingdale, fronting on the Tenth Avenue and Hudson River, adjoining oa the tooth the country eat of Mr. John 11. Talmon. .The term will he reasonable, and two third of the purchase) money may remain secured by bond and mortgage. ALSO, two lot of ground, twenty five feet by one hundred each, - situate on the east side of Forarth itreet, about 150 to 200 feet north of Delancy - ctreet. Ifnot disposed of at private sale, tlie above will be offered for ale at auction, on Wednesday, 8th July. For further particulars, apply at the Mutual insurance umce, ito. oz wan sueei. Jell 1m ' - fXIHE public are cautioned against purcha - JL inc five ticket in tlifcaf Srienc Lef - fery, 5lb class, of the followm number, via 12,011, 12,012, 12,013, 12,014 and 12,015, as they have absented themselves without leave from the olBce of the subscriber. Arrangements have been made with the managers to stop tbe payment of any prize which either of them may draw. A suitable reward will bo given for their recovery. yiM. SAflTH, Jane 9 170 Broadway. i , MALT WATER BATH'S. X HE New - York Salt Water Floating Bath, is now open at the foot xf Barclay - street, (Norin - River,) for the accommodation of Ladies, aod Gentlemvn. ALSO. The Marine Swimming Bath is bow open at Arden's wharf, near the Battery, for the accommodation of Gentlemen only. ftT FOR SALE. One large Vat or Cittern gBda pair of pateat chain Pump, apply he Bath, or at 315 Broadway. Je 1 PUBLISHED THIS DA Y, A PRACTICAL TREATlSEon PERSPECTIVE, adapted for those wbo practice landscape painting or drawiox from nature. . Also, THE PERS PEC TOOR A PH, for tak - ins view. . .,. - iVa i h andersmed artists, resident at New - Vnrk. harioziaooectrd Busby penrtocrapb. .r. r oninion. that it i ao inerolou. nsehd and rnnvenif - nt inrrnti - n, that will materially assist all person duiroes of makinc accurate perspec tive view irons rarer - . AB. ROBlCRTtfON, s , fAMirt:!, u Waldo, JOHN RUB F.NS SMITH, WILLIAM UNLAP, '. J. 11. JARVIS. The abora work are for rale br - J. LAMBERT, Je 3 m : 5 CoufJamit rtrett. - 4 76 fTr - The new FERRY BOATS from the foot of Walnut street, New York, to the foot of Lit - . tie itreet, Brooklyn, near the Navr Yard, will commence running oa Sunday, thelltbiost. ' rertons crossing to Brooklyn from the tipper part of the city, w ill find the distance - much shortened Ay using this forty.. - - . . . ' royj4 . . . . . : NO'llCE. frV TheRUioe Sun Sail Boats. Nnnrtariel. and Industry, from tlie Elisabeth - town l'otat, for. New - York, tail frc - m Mnrketfield - street, ( here? the Steam - boat Atalanta formetly rtrne to,) at 10 o'clock, ol each day. Patet;e II 1 - 2 cent., Esquiie atUie Steasa - boat HotelLof uuba imiiuiro.,1 i my 21 tf 'rTi - '.Th bank note of all the batik Ixrtweeo this city and Albany received at our office at discount of 3 - 4 per. cent, in so mi over $50. ' k UVlNUoTOlN 11 J RALri, x v aii - ru , , The Jighest price gi ven. tor Dollar. . may 27' - , , . : ' - '! , w Merchant' Jiai.t JUividend - " ff7 Notice i liersby riven to the Stockltol' ders of the Mercban.' Bank, Jhat a Dividend ot joar per cent, or iwo oouar on racn snare tor aix month a, trom the first or uecemner . last, will be paid at the Bank on Monday, - the firat uf June next. - ; By order of the Board of Director. nrygg lm O. B. VROQM, Casli'r. : ... 7Jv - CW VfSURAXVE COMPANY, " - ' Office No. 66 Wall - street, - y . fjy Will recefve applications for marine ritks, aod for hsur&nce on live, annuities, fte. he. tweea the hoar of 10 A. M. nod 3 P. M. iVdy, ' SAMUEL A. LAWRENCF,'preident. " WM. J. VAN WAGENEN, i - ccritary. DIRECTDRI. Jeho Oothout I James Booman ' Isaac G. Pearson, jr. I John Rirhnud If cary Major . fVharle Kbind ' Henry I noma Samuel A. Lawrence Chariot King Robert Benson, Jan. ' James Boyd. jua. Jamos Ktnwick P. Scbemrhorn,'JntT. John Janet Joseph Smith James Strong " 1 .' BaithaterP.Melicfe my 19 lm I'IH'myrim; ' Oir An election for fourteen Director of Uii Bank will be (relet at the Baoking House, no Tuesday, the 7th Jely nelfe between 1 1 and 2 o'clock The transfer Book will be closed nu Uie 25th instant, and willlcontiire rioted until after theelcctioo. By enter ol the Board of Hi nders, . i. I. GREENE, C ashler. jet uy - . erf JOHN FKx;TOH. Jtf. 106 Libertyt. ofTer liberal anticipations on property eon i tru ed to his fnenda in the Mediterranean, rw further particular, apply as above, or to 1 All It AIIAM KcXiL, Je6 tf comer of Cliff Ai Fulton - eta. ' Statr. of JVetr - F ftrk. Cimplrulter't t ijffut. , ftr PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to Uie holder of tlie six and seven per cent stock of Uii state, that the w hole of the said itork, with the exception of the six per cent atock. created by tbe act, entitled aa act rrspcctir - K navigable communicauon Deiween me creel western and nonnem leaves aim ine aiiumic Ocean,' passed April 15, 1817, will be paid off on tlie first day of July next, or at any time thereaiter When oemtnaen. Payment will be made at the Manhattan, bank lathe city of New - York, to the stork holder residing in - the southern district of tiiis date and ont of this state ; and at the NW - Yotk title batik, in Uie city of Albany, to all other etock - holders. . - . : . . i 1 it is required Umt the certificate issued for the i(ock hould be given up at the bank where rucb .sM ene,. sa the inUreM on rVwSrtrlirtf.K tSUi rra said first dav of Jnlv next. ' ARCH'OM'INTr RE, Comptroller. Dated Albany June I, iei8. Je 9 t Jy 1 ; SALT WA J JR BA'JKo. To the Ladin and Oenlemrn ofAew - rork. ffr The public re informed, (hat the old i.e. wi a. iiulci jiaiu I. nun vrii. pi in.7 T V...I. 6.1 t ... . D - .U .'. . hu.m .. ... - foot.of Barclay - street, at tbe end of Mr. Rhine - lander's new dock, a little below. Murray - street, her old station, with good accommodation, asd the greatest convenience and safety. The Marine Swimming Bath for gentlemen only, will be opened oa Saturday next, at Mr. Gibbon1 long pier next to the Battery, where tbe Marine Bath wa formerly stationed. ' Part of two days in each week the Bath at Barclay - atreet, will be exclusively devoted to Ladies.. - s - Rule and regulation at the Balks. .Ticket will admit to either. Je3. J.RABINEAU. For England, rta Halifax, (JV. a.) fr letters for hi Britannic Majesty's packet Lady Mary Pelham, will be recti red at the Post Office till Wednesday ailernoon, the 1st day of July. . T. W, JVIOORE, Agent. Je 10 i'AAlM AJS t HALL. THE copartnership, heretofore eifsting between ABRAHAM B. MARTLING and W ILLIAM B. COZZENS, was dissolved on the 1st of April last, by mala .1 content. Tbe estnl - hshmcnt will be continued hy the subscriber. The situation of TAMMANY HALL i pro - bably unrivalled an (hi city facing tlte Park and the City Hall, and within a minute' walk, of Uie Theatre, Academy of the Fine Art, Mu - eum, ftc. It presents inducement for air, prospect, convenience and accommodation. inRrior to none in this city. Travellers from the different states in the auion, and from this state, will find at Tamroaoy Hall alarder well docked with all the delicacie of the season, choice Winer, airy Bed Chamber, and every convenience that can be expected, aod on the most moderate . term. Je 11 1m - WM. B. COZZF.N3. OCT If Mr. JAMES SBABURN, late wiper - cargo of the schooner Vigilant, of Wilminr - ton, N. C. 1 now in New - York, he i requeued to call on ROBERT GILLP.SPIB. ;e 11 . 1 12 Front - trcr. 1VT O f ICfc. Ait persons hevmg claim asrainst lM (be estate of Tbomat Brady, late of the city of New - York, deceased, are requested to pretent the same legally authenticated, and all those indebted to the taid estate are requested tomake immediate payment to the rbcriber, who offers for sale the property of tbe deceased, rontaininc4 lot fronting on the Bowery 25 by " feet deep each, aad one on Stanton - etreet, 25 by 100 feet . The whole premises are rented tin year for $ 690 aad taxe. An indisputable title will oe kivea tor ine same ny iami'c OAUft air - - - - - Je4 lm - No. aSotitb - etreet. - The subscriber offers for sale his residence in the towa of Fairfield, state of Connecticut. It it pleatantly situated, on the Boston road, about ball a mile from Long Island Sound, 55 mile Irom New York, ard 20 from New Uaven, 1 be hoas aad out - houte are la excellent repair. Tbe fruit yard i well etocked ms a variety oi peacnee, apricot, cnernes pears and strawberries. Torre are hi tbe rkiai - ty acadea'tr for the education of youth ol both sexes. . From one to six acre oi excelloet land, at the option of the pen hater, can be had with IheuoaM - , and the purchase money, if desired, ran remain on interest. For lrm rpty lo ISAAC M. TXT. Fjq. 7f5 John .rvfet, N. o.k, or to tbe Hon. JONATHAN STlKUi - S. I u - field, Connecticut. . ' r.iTTtriY ny - )dSctl J3AVTP Fl.T. WA STED to purchase a three etory boueo inlheKeM..rtrfthcl. A line ad - dre to P. P - isnUtng .tMtit aadpnre. 2nd kft t No. 5 b'rodr - r. ? ill ee aUeaiW ta. , Je at 1 j : - - : v : ' t t ,. . . t :' A r ' - 'I i Up . p.. i if ; . i : i . i . V

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