The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 13, 1943 · Page 4
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 13, 1943
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Nazis Are Increasing Sub Total By JOHN M. IUGHTOWER WASHINGTON, (fl)--The German navy, it was learned on high authority Wednesday, is turning out submarines faster than the sea and air forces of the united nations can destroy them. This despite the heavy bombing of German factories from British and American bases in England. * * * At the same time, the united nations are building cargo and transport ships faster lhan they are being sunk. They also are building escort and patrol vessels--destroyers, corvettes and subchasers--at about top speed. * * * The number of enemy submarines operating in the Atlantic at any one time is more than 100, yrhich represents possibly from one-third to one-fourth of their actual sub strength. The rest of the axis undersea craft are either operating in other waters or are at home for repairs and crew relief. These were described by qualified authorities, v/ho cannot be identified by name, as being among the reasons why the U-boat is considered by the navy to be, in the words of Admiral Harold R. Stark, its "first enemy." They are reasons, too, why united nations shipping losses still are, Weary Feet Perk Up With Ice-Mint Treat When Icet bum, callouso »t!ni »ud every ·tep 19 torture, don't juat groan «nri do nothing. Rub on a. littja Ice-Mint. Froity white. cream-likR. in coolinz .oothlne com. lett fcejps drive the (ire «nd rain rirtt out V^t'i^fT,^" "*," in zTM" 1 "! «"='· A world of dHTuenca In s. few mfnults. Sea J»w Tce-JImt nebs «oft«n UD coma «nd **"· S*' f !°* b *»w totoi. '·*« -way. Your drureUt hu Ice-Jtint. in Stark's opinion, "something to be mighty uncomfortable about." * * # Other naval authorities are known to take an equally serious view at the situation. It is considered much better now than it was at the height of submarine operations in American waters last summer, yet it Is still so grave that many thousands of tons of war materials dispatched to overseas war zones find their way instead to the bottom of the ocean. * * * The U-boats became a real headache for the American high command just 'a year ago this week when they began sinking ships off the American east coast. As their naval strength increased, the allies have been slowly winning the battle of the supply lines--but, it is said, so slowly that the sub remains the "first enemy." Much of what is officially known about U-boat operations and our own anti-submarine warfare is restricted information--for instance, the amount of shipping tonnage which the allied nations are now losing each month and the number of enemy submarines which allied craft are sinking. Chickasaw Supervisors Begin Year's Business NEW HAMPTON--The N e w Hampton Tribune, New Hampton American, Nashua Reporter and Fredericksburg News have been named official papers for Chickasaw county. The Tribune will receive full compensation and the Reporter, News and American will each receive two-thirds compensation. The boards of supervisors designated the First National bank and Security State banks of New Hampton as depositories with a maximum of $150,000 each- First Nashua State bank, Alta Vista State bank, Ionia Savings bank and State bank of Lawler, $75,000 each. The First National bank has been named depository for auditor, $7,500; sheriff, $20,000; clerk of the district court, 525,000; recorder, 55,000; Security State, clerk of the district court, $25,000 and auditor, $5,000. can co-operate with the cops, and save tires in wartime, by "stepping easy'.' The patriotic speed limit is 35.. .but 20 or 25 saves nearly twice as much rubber! --plus gasoline. invite you into my Conoco ONCE-A-WEEK CLUB ... all free... worth heaps to your car. Regularly-- weekly-any day you select--I'll re-pressure your tires and hunt for nails, glass and cuts, with an eagle eye. I'll fill your battery, test your anti-freeze-tell you if the engine or chassis needs lubricant; Then if you say so, I'll OIL-PLATE your engine's insides with Conoco Nth motor oil--patented-popular-priced. Come in today and join. M O T O R OIL LOST 5 SONS BUT KEEPS 'CHIN UP' Will Go Ahead With Plan to Christian Tug WATERLOO, (U.R--Mrs. Thomas Sullivan kept her "chin up" Wednesday despite the loss of live sons listed by the navy as missing in action. Mrs. Sullivan, 49 year old housewife, received her last letter from the boys Nov. 8 before the south Pacific naval battle in which the cruiser Juneau was sunk. Her sons, who were members of the Juneau crew, told her in that letter to "keep her chin up." "They couldn't say much about what they'd seen or done, but they told enough to let me know they had seen, action and had done something toward getting even for Bill," Mrs. Sullivan said. "Bill" was William Ball of nearby Fredericksburg, a friend who was killed in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. "They asked to be sent to the same ship and the navy was kind enough to do it," their mother said. "People ask me if I'm not sorry they were all on the same boat now that this has happened but that's the way the boys wanted itiand I'm glad they were together.'' Mrs. Sullivan was at h o m e with her husband and her daughter, Genevieve, when a delegation from the naval recruiting station at Des Moines came to tell them how the Juneau was lost. Then Sullivan, a conductor on the Illinois Central railroad, left I for his run from Waterloo to Du- ' buque, Iowa. Mrs. Sullivan hasn't given up hope that her sons will return. '·If-one is saved, I know the others will come through all right," she said. "The boj's have always stuck together and I know if I hear that one is saved, the others will not be far away from him." She said she would proceed with plans to christen a navy tug at Portland, Ore., Feb. 12. "The boys would want me to go ahead with the plans," she said. Explain Used Farm Machine Price Control DES MOINES, Wj--The Iowa of-ice of price administration issued an explanation of the new ! federal price control order effect- I ive on sales of five critical used ' farm machines. * * * The order puts under price control all sales of the five specified types when the sales are made by individuals or auctioneers, OPA officials said. Sales of all used farm equipment when made by dealers hive been under price control since May II, 1912 | * * * I Used farm machinery covered i by the new regulation are farm i tractors, combines, corn pickers, ' corn binders and hay balers, motor or tractor operated. In isuing the new order, OPA pointed out that so lucrative has been the used farm equipment j market that many farmers have! been offering their equipment for I sale to take advantage of quick profits, only to find they could not make replacements and consequently were left without machinery necessary to their farming operations. "This situation threatened seriously to interfere with the new i n c r e a s e d production soals," OFA officials said. The price ceilings imposed on used farm machinery are designed to encourage reconditioning of farm equipment and to limit the advantage taken of farmers who are forced to buy certain of the most essential farm machines in j used condition at inflated prices ' in order to increase production. It is also designed to help rationing of nciv farm equipment. Maximum prices on the (ive used machines when sold by farmers or auctioneers lias been fixed at 85 per cent of the base price, which is the manufacturer's suggested retail price, F. B. B. factory, if the item is sold within one year after its sale as new. If the sale occurs after more than one year, the maximum price is 70 per cent of the base price. Used crawler tractors, when sold by individuals or auctioneers, are not affected by the new price control order, but sa'lcs of such · tractors by dealers continue to be under price control. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13, 1943 Osoge Groups Sponsor New Ice Skating Rink OSAGE--Plans are under wriv and very nearly completed for the I opening of the new skating rink in Osage- to be located on the seminary gymnasium grounds. The Municipal Light Power plant is furnishing the electricity, the firemen are flooding the area, the Commercial club is responsible for one-third of the cost, the Osage school is furnishing the grounds and much volunteer help will assist in the supervision of the grounds. The areas is 175 feet square. H is hoped that the rink will be open this week. PLAN" LAMB SHOW SPENCER, UP)--Two thousand lambs from six northeast Iowa counties will be entered in the seventh annual limb show and sale schedule here Feb. 5 and 6, show officials said Wednesday. Buy War Savings Bonds and Sumps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. ' SAVE 40% ABOUT WARDS MONTHLY PAYMENT - FAMOUS "DARIEN/' "BRANDON/' "BRENT" and "VARICK HOUSE" SUITS OVERCOATS Gigantic clearance of woolen suits and overcoats! This sale will not be repeated' Newest stvles in Winter's smartest colors. Cut 40% below Wards regular low price! * SAVE ON THESE SUITS "DARIEN" SUITS Famous for quality at lowest cost! "BRANDON" SUITS Finer detail . . . Better tailoring! "BRENT" SUITS Outstanding values even at regular price! "VARICK HOUSE" SUITS Wards finest. Best fabrics and tailoring! "CORTLAND" SUITS High School and College men prefer "Corlland!" Not all sizes in every group but in one or more of these groups every man can be fitted! Large Selections 200 SUITS · 50 OVERCOATS Nice Run of Colors Re*. Frice 19" 24" 28 95 Sale Price 11" 14" 17" 20 17 10" You Save 7" 9 s8 11" " SAVE ON OVERCOATS Eesr. Price " Sale Price 19" II 97 You Save "DARIEN" O'COATS Plenty'of warmth and style! "BRANDON" O'COATS Every one a super value! "BRENT" O'COATS Finer fabrics! 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