Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 17, 1945 · Page 8
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 17, 1945
Page 8
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11, 1945 at Quito Meetim MissWright atLibrary : "The nice thing about art is th^at there is no bureau of standards and ho reason why anyone can't enjoy what he likes," Miss Helen Wright of Wartburg college, Waverly, told members of the Woman's club fine arts -department at a meeting Tuesday afternoon in the library auditorium. . An exhibit of art treasures from Mason City homes had been ar. ranged for the meeting and Miss Wright-commented on the paintings and articles on display. Discussing art for the home Miss Wright said that pictures in the. home present an entirely different aspect than pictures for a gallery, pointing out that while pictures'for a gallery are chosen for their own merits and not in relation to anything else, pictures for the home are chosen with their purpose in the home to be considered. "To have Rubens daily voluptuous in your living room would be enough to give you a warped ego," Miss Wright said. Miss Wright discussed various fundamentals important in choosing a -painting for-.the home, suggesting that a painting should express a complete idea and one that is suitable to paint. "Be sure the idea is an honest one and agreeable to you and don't expect to hold fast and good forever," she said. "One of the choices is subject matter," she said. "If the picture tells a story, he careful that the story is suitable to paint. If it is the record type, be sure the picture-does better than a photograph." Miss Wright said the philosophical type of painting is not popular for the home: Commenting on the physical aspects, she said the.iartist should have skill,, that, the medium should look like what it is, that the frame should compliment and not overshadow the painting. Following'·· the program' 'which was in charge of the art depart- .ment, with -Mrs: -T. G. Peterson presiding, the drama department served tea and the music department provided rhiisic during the tea hour. Miss Marjbrie Smith's ensemble from the high school played. - · ' - - . A painting by MJS. William B Hathorn provided the motif for the tea table centerpiece which was especially praised by Miss Wright. H elping the omemaker By CHARLOTTE ADAMS Simple Rabbit Recipe Rabbit Saute Browned Rice Green Salad Italian Bread Swedish Dessert (Recipes serve 4) Babbit Saute "1 rabbit, cut up 3 tablespoons margarine ; % Ib. salt pork, diced 8 small onions J4 clove garlic 1 clove Vi teaspoon pepper 1 cup \yater ; Melt margarine in skillet. Add rabbit and brown on all sides. Remove rabbit from pan. Add salt pork to margarine left in skillet. Add whole onions. Brown pork and onions thoroughly. Add rabbit, garlic, clove and pepper. Pour water over all and cook over slow fire, for 2 hours. Remove garlic and clove. Serve. "»-· Swedish Dessert " Place on the table a bowl of sour cream.sprinkled with cinnamon, a bowl of corn flakes and a bowl of stewed apricots. Each person may help himself to the desired quantity of corn flakes, on which the apricots are placed'and the whole topped by sour cream. Try. serving soup with French bread which has,been heated in the oven and spread with margarine and garlic salt. League of Business Girls Meets at Y. Business Girls league met at the Y. W. C: A, Tuesday evening for classes in handicraft, bridge and book chats. . Mrs. Curtis Friesner had charge of the book chats, discussing mystery stores and reviewing "It's My Own Funeral" by Dana Lyon The handicraft group worked oh purse-pulls, hat pins and bracelets and bridge was played by the card group. · ' ' . . . ' . . Announcement was made of the annual..Y. W. C. A. dinner-meeting to be held Jan, 25 at 6:30. Reservations will .be taken at the Y W., phone 570,,before Tuesday. RicevUle-^Pvt. and Mrs. Melvin Sing are the parents of a son Dbrn Jan. 5 at the 'home of Mrs. Sing's parents in Austin. Pvt King is in a camp in Texas. He is" a grandson of Mrs. Susie Johnson of this place. · · ' . Grandma Switches Millions of Mothers To Her Mutton Suet Idea For Chest Colds N««r Relief For CbiUmV CpU' Cou»f«, BnmcMal IrataHdn amf Chest Mincle TijhtwM Being Hailed Erarywhor*. Pioneer- grandma liked to "rub" her children's colds with a "home rub" containing.mutton suet Such a rub was ter "old reliable" for relieving chest muscle tightness, soothing bronchial irritation, loos- enmg phlegm, checking- coughing, easing- sting; of chapped lips,and nostrils. Today science has modernized this principle with Penetro, the salve with, a base containing this same old fashioned, mutton suet, plus S active ingredients--so now Grandma's old idea is switching millions to this newer relief. Your children Trill like Penetro the first time they feel it spread smoothly oa chest, throat, back- its mutton suet makes it melt instantly, vanish quickly. It gets to work 3 ways at once to make your youngsters more comfortable--II) Penetro relieves colds' pain as its mutton suet helps carry medication to nerve ends in the skin. (2) Relieves muscular tightness and congestion through counter-irritation (increased blood flow). (3) Loosens phlegm, eases coughing through pleasant inhalation of instantly released vapors Your child \rill feel relief so quickly-- as painful misery eases as coughing- is lessened, phlegm '- " lest soothed. y~***a,v*_ tuesfc rawness soothed. Naturally iell rest more comfortably and give nature'a chance to restore vitality to-his little body, i hats, why so many mothers ;are thanking Grandma', for. her idea-1 are praising science for perfecting it--are going to · druggists, everywhere to buy Penetro. Relieve yonr chest cold miseries as millions are doing--today get your jar of white, easy-to-use, economical -Penetro SCARVILLE BRIDE-^Mrs. Paul Hawkinson has resumed her teaching at Scarville following her marriage Dec. 23 at Immanuel Lutheran church in Scarville. She was Marlys L. Wagner before her marriage. In the spring, Mr. and Mrs. Hawkinson will make their home on a farm near Hanlontown. Miss Martin, Norman Foss ows Latimer -- Miss Helen Jeanetfe Martin and Master Sgt. Norman W.-Foss were married at the home of the bride's parents, Dr. and Mrs._Johri F. Martin of Latimer Jan. 11. · . ' ' · · · Preceding the ceremony, Mrs. Harlen Reid and Mrs. Roy Stover sang, accompanied by Miss Iva Klusmeier, who played "The Bridal Chorus" from "Lohengrin," as the bride descended the stairs and was escorted by her father to the flower decked fireplace where she joined her maid of honor, Miss Jean Hansen and the bridegroom and his attendant, Owen A. Foss. The single ring ceremony was read by the Hev. Will ard: Cunningham, pastor ^of the Methodist church. Following the ceremony a reception was held. Mrs. Owen Foss poured. After the ceremony the couple left for San Antonio, Texas where he is stationed.' Mrs. Foss is a graduate of the college of fine arts of Drake university and is a, member of the Delta Gamma sorority. Sgt. Foss, son of Mr. E.-J. Foss is a graduate of St. Olaf college of Worthfield, Minn. - . 'A 'fault of one-millionth of an nch in one of the tiny balls in he 1 ball bearing in the bombsight ilting device in a B-17 Flying 'ortress would cause the bom- ardier to miss his- target by several .hundred yards from 20 000 eet at 200 miles an hour. ' ' fwHY THOUSANDS OF DOCTORS^ ORDERED THIS FOR CMDKM'f 8ADCOI/6HS (CAUSED BVCOIDS) ' Fertussin -- a famous herbal 1 congh remedy -- .scientifically preparedTf not only acts at once to relieve cough. ^,^%.. bllt .^. loosens suStt · · Phlegm and mates s**o mm tVfBY C J V i O W PKtCfS 4.Couples Honored \ by Shrine _ Members of Alchor shrine married 50 years or more were honored at the meeting Tuesday evening at-Jhe Masonic temple with Mrs. J. C. Dickinson presiding at the session. . Couples honored were Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Halphide.Mr. and Mrs E. W. Reid, Mr. and Mrs. F.. J. Riley and Mr. and Mrs. William Herlkel. Mrs. Roger Kirk sang "Sliver Threads Among the Gold" and Miss Lurana Warner read a group of poems. Flowers were pinned on the honorees by Mrs: Leona Schmaehl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henkel. Mrs. Artie Paxton, worthy matron and Mrs. Schmaehl, associate conductress of Unity Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, both'past worthy high priestesses of Alchor Shrine, were honored. Mrs. Pearl Harbor, worthy matron-elect of Heather chapter of Manly was introduced. Three candidates,. Mr. and Mrs. Maynard "Wolter and Miss Lois Sharp, were initiated into the order and Mrs. Josephine Higgins, past · worthy high . priestess of Mount Olivet shrine in Des Moines, was affiliated. Members were present from Northwood, Manly, Nora Springs and Clear Lake. Refreshments were served at, the close of the meeting. Past officers will be honored at the February meeting and Mrs. Evelyn Marshall will be dinner chairman. --o-- Pfc. Joseph Cinder Weds Rachel Hubbard Osage--Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Ginder, Lyle, Minn., have now received word concerning the wedding of their son, Pfc. Joseph Ginder, and Rachel Hubbard, performed Dec. 23, at a nuptial mass at St. Mary's church, Opelika Ala.,, by the Rev. James J. Halpin C.M. The bride was given in marriage by her. father, T,. H. Hubbard. Attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cotter. Sister Mary Joe played nuptial music and Joyal Cotter ^sang "Ave Marie." Following the double ring ceremony, a breakfast was served to 50 at the bride's home. The couple then left, on a short wedding trip to Atlanta, Ga. Pfc. Ginder'is a driver oh a truck, as well as serving as a member of the military police in a prisoner of war camp. He has been in service for about 3 years. HOLY FAMILY CIRCLE CONDUCTS SESSION Holy Family circle 4 met with Mrs. Frank Enbusk, 210 Taylor S W., Mrs. John Gallagher and Mrs. Don Hussell being assisting hostesses. After the business session cards were played with prizes going to Mrs. Gerald West and Mrs Lloyd Barrett in contract, and to Mrs. Roy J. Everts in auction. The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Larry Mason 228 10th N. W. Jumpers for a fresh approach lo the season. Now you wear them with warm sweaters, jerseys, later with crisp white, blouses, gay prints. No. 3408 is cut in sizes 12, 14, 16 18, 20, 40, 42, 44, 46 aind 48. Size 36 requires V/ s yards 54-inch fabric for the jumper; 1% yards 39- inch fabric for the blouse. j Send ISc for Pattern, which in-' eludes complete sewing guide Print your name, address and style number.plainly. Be sure to state size you wish. Include postal unit or zone number in your address. Just out, the Spring Fashion Book, containing 175 pattern designs of smart clothes for all ages, all Occasions, all sizes'; beautifully illustrated in color. Price 15c a copy. Address PATTERN DEPARTMENT, Globe-Gazette, 121 W 19th St., New York 11 N. Y ENGAGED TO WED--Mr, and Mrs. L. M. Ostrem, 953 East State, announce the engagement : of their daughter, Elaine Yvonne, to Lt. Robert L. Pope, son of Mr, and Mrs. Ivan Pope, 2027 Caro- -lina N. E. LL Pope-has returned' to Luke field, Ariz;, after a 10 day furlough. No date has been set for the wedding. Roosevelt Students Pack Boxes The 15 home rooms of Roosevelt junior high school are packing gift boxes this week, to be sent to children in the liberated' countries. These boxes are filled with school and health materials purchased by home room committees or donated by individual'pupils. Each room assumes the responsibility of filling one -box, which will contain a card with the name of each student who contributed to it. · In addition to this activity, there are other Junior Red Cross projects carried on in Roosevelt junior high school. The 8th grade sewing classes have made 40 utility bags under the supervision of Miss Mary Louise Shakespeare. Miss Rosanna Leland accepted a quota for the art department, which consists of making nut cups and" favors for special occasions and holidays. ·' The project of making an afghan from squares of woolen cloth was accepted for the school by Miss Evelyn Oliver. The shop classes under the direction 'of A. L' Bartsch, have made 25 lap boards for use in army and veteran hosJ pitals and at present are working on. Chinese checkers game boards. · . - · * ' The pupils of-Roosevelt junior high school are 100 per cent enrolled in the Junior Red Cross and pay weekly dues in their home rooms, providing a working fund .which, is used to finance these various activities. --o-- ' . . In 1900 66 per cent of a tree was considered as "waste." In line with scientific practices which insure a continuous crop of trees, new processes now utilize 97 per cent of each tree in wood products, making each tree go almost 3 times as far as its 1900 .predecessor. StJoseph ASPIRIN JOOWBIEIS *» WORIDS LARGEST SELLER AT I0t Dishes wash themselves? Coming wonder for housewives is this new General Electric Dishwasher. It Joes away forever with *sawa»hing and dish drying by hand! · t ,_^ cam »" about it by tuning in Ilic G-E House Party," one' of the most entertaining programs ever broadcast for faomemaker*. Quizzes -- games -- laughs . . . make this new show great fun. Plus exciting, atlcance information about new electrical marvel; you'll want in your home after the war. A new and different kind of radio show! Tune in with Art LinM*tt*r, Master of C«rmoni« Monday rhiough Friday STATION KGLO -- 3 P. M. I Music Week Observance Is Planned Matinee Musicale met Tuesday at 2 o'clock in the sanctuary of the Wesley Methodist church for a program, by Miss June Dudgeon, soprano ,and Mrs. George Marolf and Mrs. lloy Servison pianists. The club is planning to present a program during music week' in May at the First Methodist church. This will be open to all Mason Cityans and friends from surrounding towns. The .program was opened with "AUeluja" by Mozart and ','O, Di,vine Redeemer" by Gounod, sung by Miss Dudgeon with Mrs. Ser- vison providing organ accompaniment. Mrs. Servison and Mrs. Marolf played a piano duo, "Concerto in G Minor" by Mendelssohn and the program was concluded with 2 solos by Miss Dudgeon who sang "Shadow Song" (Dinorah) by Meyerbeer and "When I Bring You Colour'd Toys" by Carpenter. Tea was served after the program in the home of Mrs. Paul Peterson. The committee In charge included Mrs. Scott Smith, Miss Marjorie Smith, Mrs. Philip Jacobson and Mrs. Kermit Larson. ZUBKOD-BLA.VCUARD . Nashua--Miss Wilma Blanchard, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. H; Blanchard, and Lloyd Zubrod, son ot Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zubrod of Ionia, were married at Charles City, Jan. 6. Miss Velma Johnson, Charles City and Orville Zubrod, a cousin of the bridegroom, were the attendants. The bride was graduated from the Nashua high school and since then has been teaching in the rural schools of Floyd county. The bridegroom is engaged in farming, and they will make their home on-his farm six miles northeast of Ionia. Golden Anniversary of Art Hurigerfords to Be Marked Jan. 18 Osage--Mr. and Mrs. Art Hun- gerfgrd will observe their golden wedding anniversary Jan. 18, at their home in Osage. , Letitia Charlesworth, and Art Huhgerford were married Jan; 18, 1895, ' at the ' parental ' Charlesworth home in Osage. The couple spent a few years on a farm near Little Cedar and the remainder of the time In Osage except for 2 years, in Colorado.. Mr. Hungerford served as sheriff of Mitchell .county for 14 years. At present, he maintains an office in his home,- where he serves as justice of peace. . The couple has 2 children, Lecita, now Mrs. Chet Rice, Osage, and Merle, at Roseburg, Ore. There are 6. grandchildren, with all 4 grandsons serving their country. Dinner Party Held by Retiring Officer Officers of the 'Encampment auxiliary . w e r e .guests of Mrs. Charles Gooeh; retiring chief matriarch at a' 6:30 dinner\ at the Cerro Gordo hotel Tuesday evening. . · . . Table 'decorations were in the traditional purple and gold of the order. Following dinner, gifts from the auxiliary were presented to Mrs. Gooch by Mrs. Chauncey Viall. Mrs. Gooch acknowledged the gifts and thanked the officers for their co-operation during her term. The group went to the.lodge parlors where court whist was played with prizes going to Mrs. O. C. Gundlach and Mrs. Elmer Martin. · Mrs. Gooch was assisted by Mrs. Frank Brookings. Activities ;; Reported at Meeting Reports on holiday activities p£- the American Legion Auxiliary and on the. welfare work carried on regularly by the organization were presented at the meeting Tuesday afternoon in the Legion hall. . · - . - . . · Plans were discussed for the next meeting on Feb. 20 to which all patriotic societies - will be invited and at which gold star mothers will be special guests! It was announced that there will be no convention this summer and that the spring conference in Des Moines has been postponed from I£eb. to March. --o-Roosevelt Junior High P. T. to Meet Roosevelt Junior High P. T. A. will meet Friday evening at 8 o'clock at the school and after a short business session, the parents will be invited to attend the Roosevelt junior high party in the gym. The parents may join, the students in dancing or may look on. There will be a floor show given by the students. After the show, the parents will go to the cafeteria for refreshments. RUTH JANE BAKER ^ WILL BE MARRIED Belmond--Mr. and Mrs. Guy Baker "announce the engagement of their daughter Ruth Jean, to Robert J. Ericksoh. son of A. B; ; Erickson of Kanawha. WHEN HEAD COLDS STRIKE 2 drop* in ead. no«Jril work swiftly to help you breaUio {rearafaio. C»u- bon:Trseonlya« directed. KKTM MSEDIors January Clearance DRASTIC REDUCTIONS in our Children's Department One and Two-Piece Styles Heavy Woolens or Gabardines Full Warm Linings Others $6.95 to $11.95 Girls' Coats Fitted or Boxy Styles Fur Trimmed, Velvet-Trimmed and Self-Trimmed \ Heavy Woolens, Fleeces or Tweeds Up to $12.95 See These Tremendous Values--Now 26-28 East State St.

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