The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 13, 1937 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 13, 1937
Page 10
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.,', f - *." V Jc -il TEN MASON. CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 13 · 1937 · Legal Notice NOTICE OF INCORPORATION 'JTu Whom 11 May Concern · ' · NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned' have associated themselves together under and by virtue of Chapter 384 and Chapter 385-C 1 Title 19 of the 1935 Code of Iowa and laws amendatory thereto, - as 4 a - corporation, and ·have adopted Articles, of Incorporation which provide as follows, · to-wil: (1) The name or tne corporation is "The -Mason- City Motor Coach Company", and its principal place of busi- 'ness ' is JMasoih : cily T Iowa. : . . (2) The general nature oJ the business to be transacted by such corporation is owning *md .operating motor busses, motor vehicles and automobiles for hire for the purpose of transporting passengers and the public generally over and through the streets o£ Mason City. Iowa and lo furnish Individuals and parties conveyances for business, pleasure or trips in, through and,about said ci ly, and fro m city to other nearby towns, and cities, ,and to any and all places where an individual, person, party or group of parties and the public desire to go and to be transported and to carry and transport mall, papers and packages. To purchase, · oxvn or lease iriotor busses and motor coaches, automobiles and motor vehicles with power to sell, exchange or dispose of the same and to purchase or lease snow plows and- operate the same in connection Avith the aforesaid business and to purchase, o\vn, lease or otherwise acquire all necessary equipment and personal P'operty incident- to Hie aforesaid business. To purchase, own, improve, lease, . sell, exchange, convey or transfer real estate. Tc purchase, erect or construct a garage or garages- To lease or own , garages and to nurchase, lease or otherwise acquire oil stations, bulk stations and'filling stations. To borrow money and to mortgage - or otherwise Hen or 'pledge any or all c£ the company's properly; to acquire from the State of Iowa or from any town-' or municipality or ·from: any corpora lion or individual any concessions, grants, rights or franchises, .powers and' privileees within the State of Iowa which may seem to the company capable of being turned into account in carrying out Its business, and to exercise the same, and \yith power Ho sell or dispose b£ - the same. To "borrow money and contract indebtedness without limit as to amount for any "of the purposes of the corporation. To draw or make, accept, ertdorse, discount, execute, Issue, sell or otherwise dispose G£ promissory notes, drafts and bills ot exchange, warrants, bonds, debentures and negotiable or non-he«oUablc instruments and to secure the payment thereof with interest thereon by mortgage, pledge, conveyance or assignment of the whole or* any part of the property to the corporation at the time owned, or thereafter acquired. To purchase, hold, sell and transfer the shares of its capital stock. To give and to execute, either " a s principal or surety, surety, indemnity or liability bonds in connection with the 'operation of the aforesaid business and to 'purchase and. acquire such surety · indemnity and liability bonds and to purchase, acquire and contract for Insurance policies and indemnity policies 'insuring- against any or all hazards connected with -the aforesaid .business To enter Into and make and perform contracts of every kind for any Jaw- .iul purpose with any person, firm, association or corporation, town, city county, body politic, state or Unitct States Government. To have one or more-office and to conduct any or al ot Its operations, and business and pro. .mole its business within the State of Iowa. . To buy, hold, sell and convey personal property and such real property as may be. necessary and convenient lor the proper conduct of the affairs o£ the corporation. (3) The authorized number of shares oE capital stock of this corporation are Three Hundred Fifty (350) shares, oJ -which Twa Hundred Fifty. (250) shares arc common stock without par value, and one hundred shares (100) are preferred , stock, of the par value of One Hundred Dollars (S1QO.OOJ per share. All slock is to be paid-in on date of issue without condition. Said Preferred Stock shall entitle the .holders thereof to rc- 'cclve.Slx (§6.00) _JDollars per share por . annum from the surplus - or net profits "·of! the" corporation payable at such,times as the Board r of Directors may determine', before any dividends shall be "set 'apart for or paid on the Common Stock, and the Preferred Stock shall not par- ticipatc , in nor receive any additional "earnings, profits : or dividends. The said dividends on the Preferred Stock , shall be cumulative, so that if full dividends at the aforesaid rate for any past dividend period shall not have .been set apart for or paid on £ a j d ~ Preferred Stock, the d ef lei ency shall be 'fully paid or provided for before any dividend Is declared or paid on th,e Common Stock. ·- ,. The holders of Preferred Stock shall In case of. liquidation or dissolution ol the company be entitled -to be paid in full out of the assets of the corporation including its capital, the amount o£ their Preferred Stock at One Hundred (SIOO.OO) Dollars per, share and an amount cqim "to the sum of all dividends unpaid thereon, and in lieu of such, dividends, before any amount shall be paid to the holders of common stock, and the remaining assets shall then be distributed among the holders of common stock' exclu sively, in proportion to .their holdings. Said Preferred- Stock shall be siibjcc to redemption in whole or In part, a One Hundred ($100.00). Dollars per share ·and an'amount equal to the sum of al dividends unpaid thereon, and in lieu of such dividends, at such time and in such manner as the Board of Directors shall determine, after two years from thi issue thereof. : .That each stockholder, either preferred or common, shall be entitled to one vote for each share held by him or her, a all stockholders 1 meetings. That the authorized capital stock o this corporation or any part thereof may be issued from time to time for sud consideration, and upon such terms ant conditions as may be -fixed by resolu tion passed by the. stockholders of thi corporation, at any annual mcetin thereof, or at any special meeting 1 there of called for that purpose, or by th Board of Directors acting under author ily of such, stockholders given in Ilk manner. The capital stock authorizec may be increased by a majority vot of the voting slock issued and outstand ing, by. the adoption of an amendmen to thcso Articles, which increased cnpi tal shares may be created with or with out par value and 1 may be cither com mo or preferred, with such privileges a may be determined at such meeting When the outstanding capital is in creased,-the additional shares shall firs be offered to existing stockholders pro portionately to their holdings. (4) The business and corporate perlo of this corporation shall, begin on th , date the Secretary of State Issues cer tificate of incorporation, and contlnu for twenty (20) years unless Eooner dts solved, with the right of renewal.(5) The affairs of this corporation sha be managed by a Board of Directors o not less than'three, nor more than fiv directors, who shall elect n presiden . vice-president, secretary and treasure and such other officers, including. a executive committee as they may sc fit, or as may bo provided by the by Jaws ot, thfs corporation. The annm election shall be held on the sccon Tuesday of January of each year. Unt the first election, which shall be hcl on January, II, 103S, the following name persons shall be dlrec tors: Jam es E .Osborne. Mason City, Iowa; Rose Os 'borne, Mason City, Iowa, and Dee Os burn,' of Albert Lea,' Minnesota, An .the following named -persona shall b officers: -President, 'James E. Osbomc Vice-President, Dee Osburh; Secretary and Treasurer, Rose Osborne. All officer of this corporation shall hold office fo one year or until their successors ar elected and qualified. Every dirccto shall be a stockholder. The Board Directors' 'may llll all vacancies occurrtn in its membership between annual clc ttons by appointment oC qualified pc sons, who will hold-office for the T matador, of the term. -Special meetin of the stockholders may be called at an time by the President giving ten ( days notice, in person or in writing the ctockholders, and shall be called b him at any time upon request of-stocl holders representing 23# of the . ou standing stock. And In case ot his ne Jcct or refusal to call such meeting th parties owning stock lo the amount 25SJ outstanding may Jotn in a call the stockholders, which meeting sha be the samo as it called by the Frcs dent. At all meetings of the stockhold crs each stockholder shall be entitled ono veto tor-' each share o( stock he' ,by him, which vote may be cast person or by proxy. . ' (ARTICLE VIU) (6) The private properly of the slock holders shall be exempt from the deb said corporation. This Article shall at be changed except by the unanimous nsent of all stockholders in interest. [7) Tiie corporation may make and ler by-Jaws and may authorize the oard of Directors lo dp so. · (8) Amendments to these Articles, ex- pt Article VIII, may he made.'at any nual meeting of the stockholders, or at specla'. meeting called for -that purse, two-thirds of all stock fn Interest ting for such amendments. Dated this 24th day of February, 1937. INCORPORATORS ADDRESS James E. Osborne, Mason City, Iowa. Dee Osburn, Albert Lea;: Minnesota. . Rose Qrborne, Mason City, Iowa." _NOTICE OF SHEIUFF'5 SALE TATE OF IOWA, Ccrro Gordo County, ss. Eva LanU, and to whom It may concern; · You arc hereby" notified that by virtue a special execution, to -me directed, d issued out of the office of the Clerk the District Court of the State of wa. within and for Cerro Gordo ounty," upon a Judgment rendered in id Court in favor oi Hattie B. Irwin, .d against Eva Lantz for the sum- of ven hundred Thirty-five and 32-lM ollars, debt, and Twenty-otie and 27-100 ollars, costs, and Forty-two and 05-100 ollars, attorney's fetv I have levied ion the following described real es- te to-wit: Lots No*. 3 and -1, and the South alf SU) of Lots Nos. L and 2, in Block No. 23. in the Village of North ^ m o u t h , Iowa, according to the rear tied plat thereof, d that on the 29th day of March, 1931. 2 o'clock P." M.. at the front dOOr'oE __ Court House In Mason City, Cerro ordo County, Iowa, I will proceed sell ihc. same in satisfaction of said .xcculion, together with all legal costs crulng. , ' Dated at the Sheriff's office in Mason Clear Lake Globe-Gazette OFFICE PHONE 239 ; LUCIA A. O'NEIU, News Editor LEE DEWIGGINS, Circulation and Advertising Residence Phone 296-J · , . ^ Residence Phone 67 Ity. Iowa, this 26tl 37. day of February, TIM R- PHALKN, Sheriff of Ccrro Gordo County. Iowa. By -- Elsie [arty Butler, . . Hamsey, Deputy Sheriff. Attorney's. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE TATE OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo County, ss. o Guy V. Oneil, and Eailli M. Oncll, and to whom it may concern: You nre hereby notified that by virtue NAME BENEFIT PARTY WINNERS Mrs. Shirley Kimball Takes First in Auction Bridge. CLEAR .LAKE -- Mrs. Shirley KimbalTwas awarded first prize in auction bridge, Friday evening at the benefit card party held by the American Legion Auxiliary at the Legion clubrooms. Mrs. Art Giles won second high, Jack Hughes third and Mrs. Albert J. Kruck fourth. In contract R. j. Aurdal was winner of high score and C. F. Crane took second high. Mrs. Richard Casperson won. the prize i n pinochle. . , - · ' " ' The committee in charge of arrangements was made up of Mrs. C. .A; Comstock, Mrs. Arvig kel- son, Mrs. Porde Lee and Mrs.' Jens Wind. At the close of the evening Mrs. Clarence Patterson, Mrs. Joe Powell and Mrs. Arthur Choate served refreshments, using a .St. Patrick's color . scheme in the menu and table-appointments. Mrs. Joe Powell, president of the Auxiliary, states' that the women are well pleased with the turnout at the party and patronage given them. . . -, - . * * » MRS. FRED CONWELI, SURPRISED ON BIRTHDAY A group of 22 relatives surprised Mrs. Fred Conwell, 201 South Oak street, at her home Friday evening, the occasion being her. birthday. They brought a fine picnic lunch which was served during the evening. In the afternoon 14 women friends surprised Mrs^ Conwell, bringing a picnic supper and several nice gifts. Mr..and Mrs. Hobert Enabnit were guests at the Conwell home Thursday evening. * a a CLUB WOMEN READ RECIPES Mrs. J.'J. Julsen entertained the Linger Longer club Friday afternoon. A diversion much enjoyed was the reading of recipes by Mrs. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE Mal -'y Bolsinger. Light refreshments were served. Mrs. L. O. Kimball will be hostess March 26. St, Patrick's Theme Less Popular as Easter Nears Coming Religious r Festival* ^~~ '~~- y vi dire E a ' special execution, to me directed, nd issued out' of the office of the lerk of the District Court of the State E Iowa, within and for Cerro Gordo ounty, u p o n ' a judgment rendered in Tkl Court in favor of VInnie Shanks and gainst Guy V. Qnell and Edith M. Oneil or the sum of Ten thousand clghtihun- red forty-three and 41-100 Dollars, cbt, and Twenty-four and 05-100 Dolars, costs, and One hundred forty-eight nd 36-100 Dollars, attorney*s fee, I liayc evied upon the following described real state to-wit:'" South One-Half of Oic Northeast Quarter. Section 1!4, Township 07, 20, West of the 5lh T. M.. Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, nd that on the 29th day of March. 1937, ,t 2 o'clock P. M., at the front door of he Court House in. Mason City, Ccrro Gordo County. Iowa, I will proceed to oil the same in satisfaction of said ixeculion, together with all legal costs iccruing. Dated at the Sheriff's office In Mason City, Iowa, this 27th day oE February, 937. TIM R. PHALEN, Sheriff of Cerro Gordo County. Iowa. By--Elsie Ra msey, Deputy Sh eriff. V. A. Wcstfall, Attorney. TATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. 9 A. I\I. Gilpln and Cora Gil pin, and to ivhom It may concern: You arc hereby notified that- by virtue E a special execution, to me directed, nd issued out of the office ol the Clerk f the District. Court of the State of. owa.'within, and for Cerro Gordo Coun- y, 'upon a "judgment; rendered .in "said- Court in favor -· If The: First National! 'ompany and against A. M. Gilpfn and 'ora Gilpin for the sum of Seventy-' Ight hundred forty-six and 39-100 Dolars, debt, and .Twenty-five and .80-100 ollars. costs, and One hundred elgh- een, and no-100 Dollars, attorney's fees have levied upon the- following de- cribed real estate to-wit: f The W«t Sixty-five (G.1) feet of the North Slxly fiQ Feet of Lot No. One (1) In IIlock No, One (1) o[ Benjamin Randall's Addition to .1 to son city, Iowa, also described as Lot Three (3), Auditor's Flat. Block One 1) in Benjamin Randall's Addition to Mason City, Iowa, nd that en the 29th day 'of March J937. t 2 o'clock P. M,, at the front door of he Court House in Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, I will proceed to eU the same in satisfaction of said exe- :ution. together with nil legal costs BC- :rulnB, Dated at the Sheriff's office in Mason :ity, Iowa, this 26th day of February, 937. TIM R. PHALEN, Sheriff of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. By--Elsie Ramsey, Deputy Sheriff. B. Shaffer, Attorney. OELWEINHIGH DEBATERS WIN Defeats Illinois Team in Finals; Mount Ayr Is Class B Victor. DES MOINES, W-- The Oelwein high school debate team Saturday won the A division; and the Mount Ayr team won the B class championship of the fifteenth annual debate tournament at Drake university. Oelwein defeated West Aurora, Hi., and Mount Ayr won over Carroll. Iowa City won the consolation division. v The debate question was: "Resolved: That all electric utilities should be governmentally owned and operated." Both the winning teams took the affirmative side of the question. More than 120 high school students representing 31 high schools in Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Illinois competed. DEBORAH CIRCLE ENJOYS PROGRAM Mrs! T. A. Hein was hostess to Deborah circle of the Zion Lutheran aid.Friday - afternoon' with Mrs.' Frank Giles assisting.: Mrs. Peter Anderson led the devotions and Mrs. Lee Erickson the lesson. Mrs. E. A. Folkman, accompanied by Mrs. Erickson, sang "The Psalms" and later the two women played "Adoration" and "Venetian Love Song" as duets and Miss. Sunne Hein read "The First Student." ' Refreshments were served 13 members and 10 guests. Mrs. Fred Rogers will be the April hostess with Mrs, B. C. Myhr assisting. . s ^ « MRS. C. TEGTMEYER JUNIOR FEDERATION CLUB MEETS Members of the Junior Federation club enjoyed a social session at the home of Miss Anita Chizek Thursday evening. A St. Patrick's theme was carried out in the menu. Election of officers,will be held at the next meeting which falls on April 1. 3 * 3 MRS. C. TEGMEYER ENTERTAINS LAF-A-LOTS Mrs. Carl Tegtmeyer entertained Laf-a-Lot club Friday at a social afternoon of sewing and visiting, after which lunch was served. Mrs. Tegtmeyer received some nice gifts in token of her birthday. Mrs. Leonard Cash will entertain the club on March 26. » M * STAR CLUB MEETS AT HOWARD HANSEN HOME Mrs. Ned Blackmore and Mrs. Frank Hall were in charge of the program for Star club which met Iowa Peace Officers' Training School to Be Staged in July MARSHALLTO\VN,, (/P)--Plans for a peace officers' ' t r a i n i n g school, to be held the third week in July under the auspices of the Iowa Sheriffs association and the University of Iowa summer school, were announced Saturday by Sheriff C. E. Wicklund, head of the state sheriffs' group. University faculty members will conduct courses in criminal law, gathering evidence and related topics, Sheriff Wicklund said'. The school will be open to any Iowa peace officer without fee. at the home of Hansen Friday. Mrs. -Howard A number of poems were read and roll call response was jokes. A green and white color scheme was carried out in the refreshments served 15 members present. Mrs. Hansen was assisted by Mrs. Tom Nelson. If mention of man's duty to set a good example causes him to sneer wrathfully, it means he is setting a bad one.--Kewaneo Star- Courier. Mrs. S. S. Sorenson Dies in Minneapolis CLEAR LAKE--H. N. Halvorson reecived news Saturday of the death of his sister, Mrs. S, S. Sorensen, at Minneapolis early Saturday morning following a long illness. Mrs. Sorensen, who was Miss Andrine Halvorson before her marriage, was born at Lyle, Minn., and came to Clear Lake with her parent when quite young. She clerked for some time in the store owned by her father, John Halvorson, and later taught school at Dows. Mr. and Mrs, R. J. Aurdal and Mr. and Mrs. Halvorson, Clear Lake, and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Halvoison of St. Ansgar plan to attend the funeral which will bo held in Minneapolis Monday afternoon. Group to Meet. CLEAR LAKE--Group No. 2 of the Congregational aid will meet Tuesday at 1:30 p. m. for a dessert luncheon at the home of Mrs. A. A. Joslyn, East Main street, instead of .at the Clark Branson home as previously announed. Members will bring sewing appliances and pieces of material to begin work Qn a new quilt. Influence Reflected : in Calendar. - CLEAR LAKE--The St. Patrick's theme still holds good for color scheme and entertainment for the coming week although hints of Easter mingle with the older pattern. Social activities are not quite so numerous either, though the calendar is far from bare. Several impbrtant meetings are scheduled which are not purely social in nature, too. Progress club will meet Monday at the horiie of Mrs. L. E. Ashland with Mrs. Mary Bowman leading the lesson on Mussolini. A social evening and guest night is on the program for the Wa-Tan-Ye club which meets at the Palm Garden Monday evening for dinner- D. U. V. will meet at the ; Legion clubrooms Monday evening. Refreshments will'be served. Will Hold Shower. Odd Fellows will hold lodge at I. O. O. F. hall Monday evening. Boy Scouts will meet Monday evening as usual. Mrs. T. L. King will entertain Priscilla club at her home on East Main street Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Fox will entertain Townsend club at their home Tuesday evening. A fresh fruit shower is a feature of the evening. P. E. O. will meet Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. J. C. Davenport with Mrs. H. J. Aurdal leading the lesson. Mrs. A. A. Joslyn will entertain group No. 2 of the Congregational aid Tuesday afternoon at a 1:30 dessert luncheon. Work will begin on a new quilt. Circle No. 5 of the Methodist aid will meet -at the home of Mrs. William J. Kruggel Tuesday afternoon. Plan Picnic. On Wednesday the Lions club will meet at the Legion clubrooms for luncheon; F. P. Walker is in charge of the program. Mrs. Jens Wind will be hostess to the O. D. O. club Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Oscar Thompson and Mrs. Irene Chase are the program committee. Pilgrim group'No. 5 of the Congregational aid will hold a St. Patrick's party at the home of Mrs. A. B. Phillips Wednesday evening. Husbands will be guests at a 6:30 picnic supper. W. C. T. U. will meet at the City hall Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Orren Porter in charge' of the program. Mrs. Frank Zirbel will entertain Do Your Bit club Wednesday at an all day meeting. Friendship Chain club will meet Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Harve Hayes, North Clausen street. Lodges to Meet. The C. L. C. Bridge club will be entertained at the home of Mrs. Albert J. Kruck Wednesday afternoon. ' Mrs. N. B. Rice will be hostess to group No. 3 of the Congregational aid at her home in the Moyer apartments Wednesday afternoon. Eastern Stars will meet at Masonic Temple for a 6:30 dinner Wednesday evening. A social hour wil! be held after lodge. Pythian Sisters will meet at I. O. O. F. hall Thursday evening for a 6:30 dinner -which will be fplloxved by the regular lodge session. Rotary club will hold its noonday luncheon at I. O. O. F. hall Thursday . with Leland Patterson arranging the pi'ogram. ' Mrs. S. C. Schumacher will entertain Sorosis club Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Will Barlow and Mrs. George Brooks leading the lesson on "Highway Safety." Mrs. George Bennett and her mother, Mrs. Earl E. Oakes, will entertain St. Margaret's Guild at their home Thursday afternoon. WH1 Lead Lesson. Mrs. H. H. Crane will be hostess to the Twentieth Century club Thursday afternoon with Mrs. C. A. Knutson leading the lesson on "War." Dorcas circle of the Zion Lutheran aid will meet Thursday at the rural home of Mrs. Carl Christenson. Mrs. A. B. Knutson will be lesson leader and an Easier offering will be taken. Mrs. Carl Ashland will entertain members of Priscilla circle of the Zion Lutheran aid Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Ed Swanson in charge of the Biblical questions. · Cerro Gordo Hural W. C. T. U. will meet at the F. W. Lee home Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Lawrence Lee as hostess. This is Union Signal day and the program will be derived from that publication. Aid Circles Meet. Circle No. 1 of the Methodist aid will be entertained Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. L. O. Kimball. Mrs. Phillip Hoffman will lead devotions. Mrs. Harold Cone will be hostess at a-1:30 dessert luncheon for circle No. 2 of the Methodist aid Friday afternoon. Mrs. Chris .Johnston and Mrs. E. B. Stillman 6 CLEAR LAKERS RANK SUPERIOR 3 Rate Excellent; Groups Place in Britt' Contest. CLEAR LAKE--Adolph Luker placed in the superior class with his tuba solo at the 'Britt sub- district contest in music Saturday morning. Miss Nami Pine also ranked superior In a baritone solo. Clear Lake students ranking superior up to Saturday morning included Jeanne Beckner, oboe solo; Patricia Hushaw, trombone solo; Roger Davis, clarinet solo; Clare McCdrmick, controlto solo; and the brass sextet. Those who rated excellent were Betty King, ; flute solo; Helen Lomen, soprano solo; Bill Kennedv, bass-solo; the girls' sextet; the boys' small vocal group and the boys' glee club. The mixed small vocal group was rated good. Those ranking superior are eligible to enter the district contest to be held at Nevada BROTHER TO VISIT NIELS ANDERSON Family Separated Many - Years Will Be Reunited. CLKAR,LAKE--Neils Anderson, farmer residing near Clear Lake, Saturday, learned the ;\vhere- abouts of his brother, M. K. Anderson, from whom he had not heard in more than 20 years. M. K., who is an automobile salesman in Kirksville, Mo., learned of the Clear Lake brother by accident, i Another brother, Ejner Anderson, Sioux Falls, S. Dak., wes also discovered as'well as a daughter, Miss Sylvia Anderson, 27 year old Des Moines mirse. M. K. Anderson came to America .from Denmark more than 30 years ago. He and Neils .Worked together as blacksmiths at Palmer, Hold Library Open Sunday Afternoons : CLEAR LAKE--The public library will be open Sunday after- nqn from 2:30 until 4:30 o'clock with Mrs. Harold Aitchison in charge. This is a new venture being tried out by the Library Reading club in the interests of greater library service to the community arid as a convenience'for those who cannot spend -time in the library on other days; No books will be taken in or loaned out but the facilities of the reading room will be available for those who wish to use them. A different member oJ the club will bo in charge each Sunday, : Clear Lake Calendar Monday--Progress club, Mrs. L. E. Ashland, 405 North Fourth street, 2:30 p. m. 4 Wa-tan-ye club, Palm Garden, 6:30 p. m. D. li. V., Legion clubrooms,7:30 p. m. Odd Fellows lodge, I. O.'O. F. hall, 8 p. m. Boy Scouts. Tuesday--Priscilla club, Mrs. T. L. King, East Main street. Tovvnsend club, W. W. 200 West Stale street, 7:30 p. m. P. E. O., Mrs. J. C. Davenport, North Fourth street. . Group Wo. 2, Congregational aid, Mrs. A. A. Joslyn, : East Main street. Circle No. 5, Methodist aid, Mrs. William J. Krqggel, 511 East Main street, 2:30 p. m. · \Vediies fl ay --Lions i club, Legion clubrbbms', 12:15' r p. rn'- " ' O. D. O. club, Mrs. Jens Wind 208 Burden street. Pilgrim group No. 5, Congregational aid, Mrs. A. B. Phillips, South Fourth street, 7:30 p. m. W. C. T. U., City hall, 2:15 p, m. Do Your Bit club, Mrs. Frank Zirhel, all day. .Friendship Chain club, Mrs. Harve Hayes, North Clausen street. C. L. C. Bridge club, Mrs. Albert J. Kruck, 310 North Second street. Group No. 3, Congregational aid, Mrs. N. B. Rice, 303 North Elm Iowa. M. K. daughter was was married and his born at Palmer. Later the couple separated and Anderson left Iowa. He went back to Denmark several times but had not been over since 1915 and did not know his brother Ejner was in the United States. . A few days ago Anderson met a stranger from P a l m e r and through him learned of his friend, Nils Simonson. The stranger told Simonson of the meeting later and Simonson reported the incident to the daughter who wrote to her father. Anderson plans to take a vacation in the spring and will visit his daughter and the two brothers. Neighbors Surprise Morrises, Nelsons CLEAR LAKE--Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Norris and Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Nelson were honorees of a surprise party at their home Thursday when a group of neighbors came with well-filled lunch baskets «nd spent the day with them visiting and getting acquainted. Dinner was served cafeteria style to 35 persons at noon. The 1 Nor- rises and Nelsons moved last Jan 7 to the John Ferguson farm which they have purchased. Clear Lake Briefs State Tuberculosis Association Elect: DES MOINES, (/P)--The Iowa Tuberculosis association electee Warren Ferguson of Ottumvva president, and Dr. J. F. Edwards o Ames, vice president. Re-electee were Mrs. F. E. Whitley, of Webster City, second vice president Miss Adah Hershey of Des Moines secretary, and James Hart of De: Moines, treasurer. Elected to thi executive committee were Dr. J. C Painter of Dubuque, and Mrs. R M. Moehri o£ Carroll. He-elected t the executive committee were Dr M. E. Barnes of Iowa City, Mrs Pearl Baumeister of Counci Shifts, Dr. G. W. Doolen of Dav enport and Mrs. M. L. Sears o Sioux City. street. Eastern Star, 6:30 p. m. Masonic temple, Thursday--Pythian Sisters, I. O. O. F. hall, 6:30 p. m. Rotary club, I. O. O. F hall 12-15 p. m. Sorosis club,' Mrs. S. C. Schumacher, 321 North Second street, 2:30 p. m. St. Margaret's Guild, Mrs. George Bennett, 800 SouBi Third street, 2 p. m. Twentieth Century club, Mrs. H. H. Crane, 221 North Second street, 3 p. m. Dorcas circle, Zion Lutheran aid, Mrs. Carl Christenson. Priscilla circle, Zion Lutheran aid, Mrs. Carl Ashland. Cerro Gordo Rural W. C. T. U., Mrs. Lawrence Lee, afternoon. Commercial club, city hall, fi:30 p. m. Friday--Circle No. 1, Methodist aid, Mrs. L. O. .Kimball, 612 West Division street, 2:30 p. m. Circle No. 2, Methodist aid, Mrs. Harold Cone, 700 street, 1:30 p. m. West North Circle No. 4, Methodist aid, Mrs. Oscar street. Peterson, North Elm U. Y. B. club, Mrs. Will Barlow, .North East street: )Group No. 4, Congregational aid. American Girls' club, Miss Adelaido Anderson, 405 North Fifth street. Rebekah circle, I/O. O. F. hall, 4 p. m. Past Noble Grands club, I. O. O. F. hall, 8 p. m. Illustrated service, Church of Christ, high school auditorium. will assist. Circle No. 4 of the Methodist Aid will meet Friday afternoon at the home o£ Mrs. Oscar Peterson in a meeting set ahead a week because it would ordinarily fall upon Good Friday. Mrs. Will Barlow will entertain U. Y. B. club at her home Friday evening. The American Girls Federated club will be entertained at the home of Miss Adelaide Anderson Friday evening. Art Illustrated. Mi*s| Carl Joha'nneson is chairman o£ the committee arranging for dinner for the Rebekah circle meeting at I. O. O. F. hall Friday, afternoon. Mrs. Olinger will assist her. Past-Noble Grand club svill meet at I. O. O. F. hall Friday evening \vith Mrs. J. C. Norris and Mrs. Mona Jackman in charge of the lesson and Mrs. Jens Wind and her committee serving the lunch. The Rev. David L. Kratz of the Church of Christ will present an illustrated service, "The Life of Christ as Told -by the Great Artists" at the high school auditorium Friday evening. Other pro- gr£m features will also appear. Modern furnished apartment, adults. 509 S. 3rd St. A new daughter, Irlargot Gay, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lezama in Chicago last Sunday. Mrs. Lezama will be remembered in Clear Lake as Miss Viva Liggett. New Sprins Suits and Topcoats are ready! Open a budget charge account . . . no extra charge . . . Abel Son, Inc. . . . Mason City. Bob Stuart, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Stuart, 500 North Third street, vwho is employed by the Kinney Shoe company, was transferred the:lirst of the week .from Lincoln, Nebr., to Ft. ! Dodge.- For Sale: Mixed hay. E. S. Kellog. Ph. 2F 31 or 407-W. Mr. and Mrs. K. D. Steenhard and nephew, Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Steenhard and children, Sheffield, visited the elder Mr. Steenhard's sister, Mrs. William Proctor, and family, East Division street, Friday. Mod. apt. for rent, heated. $27.50 furn. or $25 unfurn. E. E. Butz. Robert Garlock, second grade pupil at the junior high school building, is ill at the' home of his parents, Mr. and Mrsl .Ernest Garlock, Clara street. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Howe, Mr. and Mrs. Charles. Hemm and daughter, Helen and Miss Thelma Peterson, all of Chapin, spent Friday with Mrs. Ollie Peterson and other Clear Lake friends and relatives. Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Green returned to Clear Lake Friday after spending six weeks on a trip east which included Chicago, Detroit and points in Indiana. Mr. Green is proprietor of Willow Inn on the north shore. Miss Doris Hucy returned Friday to her work in the state hospital in Mt. Pleasant after spending a few days at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Huey, while recuperating from a major operation. Ned O'Ncil! returned Thursday night from a business trip to Nebraska. Miss Carol Bell is at Waterloo at the Pitz School of Beauty. Culture of which she is a graduate. She plans to go 1 from Waterloo to Des Moines where she will attend the beauty culture convention next week. Miss Bell has accepted a position with Mrs. Charles Luick as operator at the Beauty Nook. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Knutson and Emily Mae and Mrs. Cora Vedeler returned Friday morning from a short stay in Chicago. Miss Maxine Fox, student at Grinnell college, is spending the week-end at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fox, West Main street. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Benson, 610 North Sixtli street, arrived Saturday from Excelsior Springs, Mo., where they have been for several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Hill and son Waukon Payment to Fire Department Is House DES MOINES, W--Two mor legalizing acts received approva Friday of the Iowa house of rep resentatives' committee on judi ciary. One would put legislativ approval on a Des Moines count levy to raise $2,966 for school pur poses in the Concordia distric The other sanctions the paymen of ?500 by the city of Waukon t the city fire .department.- Giants Begin Job of Battling With Card HAVANA, Cuba, (/P)--The Ne\ York Giants began the task c tangling with one of their mos dangerous National league riva this season--the St. Louis Card nais. Manager Bill Terry thre\ Hall Schumacher, Cliff Melton an Clyde Castleman against the Ga House gang. F. R. FOR KING, STUDENT'S IDEA 'reclamation in Yale Daily News Asks Coronation of 'Franklin. I.' v . NEW HAVEN, Conn.--A group £ Yale undergraduates sought new , members for a "Roosevelt-for- One club" which they organized i advocate establishment of a icnarchy in the United States ith the coronation of the presi- . ent as Franklin I. .' The students published this reclamation in the Yale Daily Tews: 'Know we all men by these resents: 'Whereas Franklin D e l a n o loosevelt now holds the high of- ice of president of the United tates by virtue of the will of the najority of the people, and , Controls Government. "Whereas, This same Franklin Delano "Roosevelt now controls the xecutive, the legislative, and is oon to control the judiciary/ all o-called branches of the government of these .United States, and "Whereas, This same .Franklin Delano Roosevelt has proved him- elf to be a man of the century, he greatest statesman, humanist, economist, politician and magician his fair land has ever had to guide t, and .'. "Whereas, This same Franklin Delano Roosevelt has already pro- ided a succesion of heirs unto a third generation, rich in mind, health and right royal dignity, and Devotion to Officialdom. "Whereas, The American people have long exhibited a burning desire for a less simple form ol government through undying devotion to the pomp and pageantry of minor officialdom, and "Whereas, The intense interest of the American public in the af- iairs of the British monarchy .for :he last six months betrays an. in- libited longing for royal rule.: "Be it resolved: That Franklin Delano Roosevelt become king in name as well as in fact, duly coro- nated with the beloved Queen Eleanor at appropriate .ceremonies in the national capital, which city will at the same time be renamed Roosevelt, D. C. VPalie Island's Emperor.·' 'That his majesty's title be Franklin I by the grace of God and the democratic organization, king of the United States, the Virgin islands, ' the Panama Canal zone, and the American dominions beyond the seas, defender of the budget and emperor of Wake island. "That Inasmuch as the old supreme court is already scheduled to be stuffed, it be placed in the Smithsonian'Institute for the edi: - fication and amazement of pos- - terity, leaving the new supreme court building free for conversion into a fitting palace for the royal family. "That the press be abolished, and the people informed only of what is good for them through fireside chats by his imperial majesty," Founders of the club said they hoped the membership would extend to Princeton and Harvard. Three Rooks Get Job With Yanks in Sera ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., (fP}~ Manager Joe McCarthy named a trio ot rookie hurlers to pitch for the Yankees in a "grapefruit league" opener against the Boston Bees. Steve Sundra opened the battle, with Kemp Wicker and Jim Tobin following up. and Mr. and Mrs. Milton Olson and son, Des Moihes, .will arrive Sunday morning to spend 'the day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. J. King, 301 South Second street. They will be accompanied by'Mrs. C. P. McVickers, mother of Mrs. Olson who has be_en spending a week with her daughter in Des Moines. Mr. Hill is general agent of the Minneapolis and St. Louis railroad at Des Moines. Organize Monday. CLEAR LAKE--The board of education of Clear Lake Independent school district will meet Monday evening to close up. the old business for the year and to organize with the ;new member, Harry Freeman; taking the position to which he was elected last Monday. He fills the place of Sam Kennedy who was not a candidate for re-election. NEW TIME SCHEDULE Effective Monday, March 15, 1937 LEAVE MASON CITY 7:25 A. M. 9:30 A. M. . 11:00 A. M. ·1:00 P. M. 4:05 P. M. 5:10 P. M, (Daily except Sun.) 6:15 P. M. 8:35 P. M. (Saturday only) 9:05 P. M. (Daily except Sat.) 9:35 P. M. (Saturday only) 11:35 T. M. LEAVE CLEAR LAKE 6:55 A . M . 7:55 A. M. 10:00 A. M. 1Z:00 Noon 2:00 P. M. . / 4:35 P. M, (Daily except Sun.) 5:40 P. M. 7:05 P. M. 9:05 P. HI. (Saturday only) 10:35 P. M. 1:15 A. M. (Sunday only) Schedule of Fores ' One Way Adult .25c One Way Half is c Round Trip Adult 40c Round Trip Half 25c ABOVE GOOD ONE DAY AFTER DATE OF SALE Commutation 50 Ride Limited (not transferable) $6.25 50 Ride Unlimited , $8.75 25 Ride Unlimited $4.50 After 5:30 P. M. on weekdays and throughout Sunday the excursion rate will be 25o for the round trip good to return same day or until next A. M. at 2:00 o'clock. MASON CITY AND CLEAR LAKE RAILROAD CO.

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