Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 23, 1936 · Page 11
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 11

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 23, 1936
Page 11
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, APRIL 23 1936 ELEVEN Norman Baker Under Federal Indictment on Radio Broadcasts LAREDO, Tex., UP--Norman Baker of Muscatine, Iowa, E. R. Rood and Roy Richardson are under federal indictment on charges of violating the United States communications act of 1934 in connection with alleged manufacture of records for broadcast from radio station XENT at Niisvo Lareda, Mexico. The indictment alleges the men conspired to maintain and use apparatus to make records for broadcast from the station, so located that its programs could be received in the United States, without- first obtaining a permit from the federal communications commission. Baker operates XENT and Rood and Richardson are associated with him. Mrs. Flora Tyrrell, 77, Is Buried at Woolstock EAGLE GROVE--Mrs. Flora Tyrrell, 77, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Martin Hirt, in Webster City, Tuesday. Funeral services were held at the Methodist church in Woolstock, Thursday in charge ot the Rev. William Baddeley. F I N K ' S L U C K Y P U R C H A S E SALE of Lovely New COATS SUITS Our buyer just returned from the markets with a wonderful assortment of the season's' best Suit and Coat styles . . . bought so favor, ably that we are able to offer them to you at almost half what they-should sell for. Short, medium, three quarter lengths . . . popular swaggers, fitted, strictly tailored and other modes..See them! All Sizes AIL Colors $ All Styles V REDUCED TO 587 CANDIDATES TO SEEK JOBS IN OWA'S PRIMARY )emocratic, Farmer-Labor, Republican Aspirants in Record Field. DES MOINES, (.T)--A record ield of 587 candidates is qualified or intra-party races in Iowa's 'une 1 state primary elections. That number of democratic, re- mblican and farmer-labor aspirants lad thoir papers on file in the of- iccs of the secretary of state. The Jiling period closed Wednesday night but some additional mailed lapers, postmarked as of April 22.. ,-ere accepted Thursday. Republicans led in the number of candidates for nominations to the various state, congressional and egislative offices with 293, while .here were 227 democratic entrants and the farmer-labor party, in its ;irst entry into an Iowa primary, \ad 67 nomination seekers. New High Mark. Mrs. Alex Miller, secretary of state, said the total number quali- :ied sets a new high mark for an Iowa primary. The number of filings by parties AMAZING D R E S S WASHABLE SILKS VALUES Here are Dress Values that simply can't be matched! They're the styles that nine out of ten women have been selecting all season, offered in a variety of colors. Every size--exceptional values at only Values to $5.00 15 S. FEDERAL was: tate offices Congress State senate , State house D 20 21 42 144 R 32 25 58 ISO F-L 10 43 All of the announced candidates for major nominations got their papers "in under the wire. Clair COMING To End R U P T U R E T r o u b l e s Representatives of \Vm. S. Rice. Adam?, N. 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You owe it to your own personal comfort and safety not to miss the Rreat free demonstration, it is a real opportunity to learn how you may be done with chaffing trusses and the danger, suffering and trouble your rupture has caused. The hours nrrc S to 12 n, m., 2 to ,f p, rn. and evening 7 to H. Rrmcmljnr (he dnfps iind place, Ccrro Gordo Hotel. Mn.ion City, Imva. Hamilton, assistant attorney general who decided only Wednesday morning to seek the democratic nomination for attorney genera!, won an eight hour race with tin:e. Hamilton's papers went into the office before the deadline after 'riends over the state had obtained ;he necessary signatures and hurried the petitions to Des Moines Wednesday afternoon. 11 Out for Senate. The final entry list left the num- aer of candidates for nominations to the United States senate at 11. The democratic race has three entrants .the republican six and the farmer-labor two. In the · respective races for the gubernatorial nominations the democrats have two entrants and the republicans three. Wallace Ivl. Short of Sioux City is unopposed for the farmer-labor choice for governor. Outside of the contest for nomination for United States senator the farmer-labor candidates are unopposed in their own party. State Treasurer Leo J. Wegman has no opposition in seeking renom- ination on the democratic ticket for a third term, and there are no contests in the other parties for their nominations to the treasurership. Frank L. Williams (R) of Cedar Rapids and John Drogswold (F-L) of Scarville are unopposed. Candidates Are Ustrtj. The candidates for nominations to the United States senate and to state offices; " United States Senator: Clyde L. Herring (D) Des Moines; Hubert Utterback (D) Des Moines; Sam D. Whiting (D) Iowa City; George A. Chancy (R) Des Moines; L. J. Dickinson (R) Algona; Edwin C. Manning (R) Ottumwa; Norman T. Baker (R) Muscatine; Guy P. Linville (R) Cedar Rapids; Smith W. Brookhart (R) Washington; George F. Buresh (F-L) Cedar Rapids; Francis G. Cutler (F-L) Boone. Governor: Nelson G. Kraschel (O) Harlan; Richard F. Mitchell (D) Fort Dodge; George R. Call ( R i Sioux City; John M. Grimes (R) Osceola; George A. Wilson (R) Des Moines; Wallace M. Short (F-Li Sioux City. Lieutenant Governor--Vincent F. Harrington (D) Sioux City: Charles Hanna (D) Jefferson; H. L. Irwin D) DeWitt; Robert R. McBirnie R) Boone; G. J. Van Buren (R) REPORTS SHERIFF SEEKING TO SAVE BREEDING'S LIFE Maley Discloses Attempt to Halt Hanging of Iowa Wife Slayer. DES MOINES, UP)--Walter Maley, assistant attorney general, disclosed Thursday, an attempt to save Arch Breeding from ths gallows, which, he said, apparently involves the Montgomery county sheriff, who must plunge Breeding to his death. Breeding, a former Red Oak marshal, is due to be hanged Monday for the murder of his wife. Oct. 5, a supreme court appeal halted the execution. After Governor Herring decreed that Breeding must hang, Sheriff Conkel declared he "hated the task of springing the trap," but said he would do "his duty as the law required." Maley declared he had not learned whether the sheriff informed official witnesses of the hanging three days prior to the execution as required by law. He said he did not know what effect failure to comply with this requirement might have. SHERIFF DENIES TRYING TO AVOID HANGING JOB RED OAK, (/Pi--Sheriff John Conkel. informed Thursday afternoon that various sources declared he was unwilling to spring the trap that win second place in the annual fraternity song fest held there April 13. Robert B. Bergland, who is a member of Sigma Nu fraternity at the university, also took part in the event. William Schreckengost Dies Following Illness William Schreckengost died at the home of his sister-in-law, Mrs. B. B. Snell, 302 Fourteenth street northwest, about 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon following an illness of nearly two years. He is survived bf his wife and daughter, Mrs. Gilmer Bcckjordan, 1210 Sixth street southwest. will send Arch Breeding- to his death | Funeral arrangements had not on Monday, loudly declared: "It's a damn lie. It's my duty as sheriff, and I'll do it." been completed Thursday. The body was taken to the Patterson funeral home.- Burned Auto Found in Ditch Is Not One Bank Robbers Used SIOUX CITY, (/PI--Sheriff Will- Ham R. Tice said the burned automobile found near Sioux Falls, S. Dak., was not the car in which four robbers escaped after robbing the Morningside State bank here of ; K',292, but he expressed the opinion the gunmen may have changed cars to elude pursuit. ANOTHER MASON CITY WOMAN Mrs. Violet Goeders, 1011 3rd Street S. W. 1 POSED BY .MODEL t "AND I GET WHITER WASHES, TOO," WITH THESE RICHER, SAFER SUDS "HPHATS the wonderful thing about it! 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Secretary of State: Mrs. Alex Miller (D) Washington; Leslie 0. Hoss (D) Sidney: John G. Devine R) Humboldt; Paul L. Hindley (R) ^enterville; B. Mohnssen (R) Muscatine; Olive Johnson (R) Cedar lapids; Mrs. Henry Wood (R) Moville; Rachel Revell (F-L) Guthrie Center. Auditor of State: C. W. Storms (D) Fort Madison; George H. Bartels (D) Clearfield; Frank M. Hanson (R) Garner; H. A. Jackson (R) Grinnell; Ernest R. Quick (F-L) Des Moines. Treasurer of State: Leo J. Wegman (D) Carroll; Frank L. Williams (R) Cedar Rapids; John Drug- swold (F-L) Scarville. Attorney General: John H. Mitchell (D) Fort Dodge; Matt D. Cooney (D) Dubuque; William P. Welch (D) Logan; Clair E. Hamilton (D) Winterset; H. E. Davidson (R) Clarinda; Robert J. Shaw (R) Sigonrney; H. L. Fisher (R) Muscatine; U. A. Screechfield (F-L) Davenport. Secretary of Agriculture: H. C. Aaberg (D) Des Moines; T. L. Curran (D) Ottumwa; Seth S. Silver (R) Cantril; C. A. Benson (R) Elkader; Jess Sickler (F-L) Ogden. Railroad Commissioner: M. P. Conway (D) Atlantic; L. H. Childs (R) Fort Madison; L. W. Evans (R) Lake City; George L. McCaughan (R) Ankeny; John Pazour (R) Marion; Harry C. Paulson (R) Clinton; John Hamilton Cruickshank (R) Sioux City; W. G. Remington (F-L) Waterloo. 1934. "Lester L. Orsborn, Montgomery county atorney. wrote me." Maley said, "that Sheriff John Conkel had not received a death warrant from Gov. Clyde L. Herring and that the sheriff, as a consequence, could not send notices to official witnesses and make other arrangements for the execution as required by law. Finds Carbon Copy. "I checked the governor's records and found a carbon copy of the death warrant. I also found it had been delivered to the sheriff by registered mail. "When I called County Attorney Orsborn, be informed me he had just learned Sheriff Conkel had received the warrant, that the sheriff apparently was unwilling to go ahead with the execution and was connected with a movement to reopen Breeding's case." Governor Herring also disclosed Thursday that a delegation of Red Oak residents called upon him last week and asked that he commute Eroding's sentence to life imprisonment or grant a stay order for the execution so the case might be reopened. Herring Refuses tn Act. "I told them," the governor said, "that I wouldn't act unless they submitted written statements from the judge who sentenced Breeding and the county attorney who prosecuted him in which they agreed that sufficient new evidence was available to warrant further consideration." Governor Herring refused to grant Breeding executive clemency after the Iowa supreme court twice upheld his death sentence. "If, under the law," the governor then said, "this is not a deliberate, cold blooded, premeditated murder of one whom he had sworn to defend, I cannot conceive of first degree murder under any conditions." The governor fixed the date for execution after talking with Breeding's 19 year old daughter, Bernice. He said the girl, who witnessed the shooting, refused to intercede for her father and "maintained a neutral position." Admits Shooting: Wife. Breeding pleaded guilty of shooting- his wife during an argument over whether she would continue divorce proceedings against him. He claimed that he was intoxicated at tlie time and "did not know" what he wag doing. District Judge H. J. Mantz sentenced him to die Oct. 29, 1935, but Mason Cityans Take Part in Song Fest Robert T. Pearce of Mason City, who is attending the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis, helped his fraternity. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 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Juliette Redfern, Des Moines, corresponding secretary'; Mrs. S. V. Shonka, . Cedar Rapids, treasurer; Mrs. H. O. Johnson, Eagle Grove, auditor, and Mrs. E. A. Hanske of Bellevue, parliamentarian. Slated for election as directors are Mrs. Robert Luscombe of Des Moines, publicity; Mrs. Maude Wheedon Smith, Iowa City, education; Mrs. F. M. Humphrey, Mason City, American Music; Mrs. H. O. Greon, Spencer, finance; Mrs. C. O. Van Winkle of Hillsboro, historian; Miss Agnes Flanney of Des Moines, Iowa music, and Mrs. Helen Kacena Stark of Cedar Rapids, choral. Davenport has entered an invitation for the 1937 convention. PARTY IS HELD AT It. BIRCH HOME Friends gathered at the Ralph Birch home on President avenue northwest, Wednesday evening for a 6 o'clock dinner. Five hundred was played at three tables with Now Able to Walk Again, Feels Fine Gly-Cas' Action Almost Miraculous in Restoring Mr. Crow to Health; Stomach and Bowels Regulated Too-"Never a Medicine Like It," He Says. 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